‘BLUE’ an Siddhartha Henry’ss Sunday Selfiess

Published May 27, 2018 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an greetinss frum Thee Purrfect Pad! Mee-yow it has been a berry l-o-n-g week here even without any drama. Mee been out inn Condo fur hourss at a time watchin Chipmunkss an Birdss.  LadyMum been walkin mee 1-2 timess a day despite thee fact shee been icky sicky all week. Ferst shee had a Rota tummy virus; then shee went inn to a Skeletal Hyperostosis Flare-uppy. An earlee Katurday mornin shee was sick frum thee Rota virus again? Food poisonin? All mee knowss iss shee threw uppy ALOT an well you know…thee ‘other’….Poor LadyMum….

Once wee got outside yesterday morning 3 peepull came to tell her about a inn-jured Pigeon. An sure enuff there was a Dark Wing Pigeon on thee grass across frum our patio. Sick as LadyMum was shee rescued thee pigeon wee named ‘BLUE’ as hee looked so sad an blue. LadyMum rapped him inn a small towel an put him inn thee milk crate shee usess fur bird rescue. Aftur a flurrie of fone callss shee showered an dressed an Mumma Mary-Ellen showed uppy an Blue was put inn thee car an they were gone! Mee was inside wunderin ‘What thee Kat happened’?? An worried about LadyMum as shee was not 100% purr cent. They went uppy to a place called Olly-fant to Mistur Al thee Birdman. Sadlee once they arrived Blue went to Pure Land…..ternss out hee had a Back-terial Inn-fection that iss goin around inn thee Pigeonss here. Mistur Al has buried Blue inn his Bird Cemetary.  An Mistur Al sayss there iss no meddysin to save thee Pigeonss; wee can onlee keep a sick Pigeon comfertabull an warm till they go to Pure Land.

Mee deddycatess Sunday Selfiess to ‘Blue’ today:May you fly free inn Pure Land mee furend. …..

Mee did a purrayer full Selfie all so:

One day mee furend wee will meet again!! Wee are joinin Kittiess Blue fur Sunday Selfiess: 

Wishin efurryone a sunny an peecefull week….Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=



Sue-purr Good Week an Sue-purr Cute Siddhartha Henry Selfie

Published May 20, 2018 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an salutayshunss frum Thee Purrfect Pad! Guess what mee has to ree-port this week?? As Judge Mablean sayss: “NUTHIN!!”  Fur reel!!!LadyMum an mee had a PURRFECT week. Lotss of sunshine an condo time an walkss an cuddlin an tuna….PURRFECTION mee can tell youss’!!! LadyMum iss healin better inn her mouth. Mee iss feelin fine. No drama. Mumma Mary-Ellen came to visit us. AH this ISS thee Life!

Yesterday when LadyMum was walkin mee,  2 teenage gurlss were walkin neer mee. They both giggulled an stopped an looked at mee with a rapt xpression on their facess. Mee not sure what to fink. Then inn unnyson they squeeled “Oh hee’ss sue-purr cute!” LadyMum said Fankss an mee pranced proudlee. Now mee KNOWSS a Buudhist iss not supposed to bee proud an hotty. It just was so luvley to ree-ceive a nice compleemint!So that nite mee an LadyMum tooked fotoss fur Sunday Selfiess. Mee chose this one as mee ‘Bashfull Cute ‘pre-selfie! Do youss’ like it?

Wee tooked more fotoss an mee chose mee new Sunday Selfie.

Befur mee shows youss’ mee will put thee Kittiess Blue Badge:

An now mee show you mee Sue-purr Cute Sunday Selfie:Mee was makin ‘luvey eyess’ at LadyMum thee cammyra, mew mew mew……

Mee wantss to send a MEE-YOW out to Purrincess Lucy Loo an Chloe two luvely tabby gurlss who are mee ‘inn town’ Cuss-innss. Lucy Loo has Idiopathic Cystitis (like Nylablue had) so pleeze say a purrayer fur her to get well soon. An a purrayer fur Chloe an Aunty Honey fur strength to help Lucy Loo ree-covurr. Many fankss.

Here iss a foto of mee deer Cuss-innss: Get well soon Lucy Loo! May the Eye of Buudha Kat watch over both Lucy Loo an Chloe an Aunty Honey an all our furendss an furamillee. Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


Siddhartha Henry’ss Mumma Day’ss Sunday Selfie

Published May 13, 2018 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an greetinss frum Thee Purrfect Pad! What a week it has been. Mee not goin to boar efurryone with dee-tailss. So mee do a daily diary style. Hope youss’ like it!

Monday: LadyMum was inn trubbull here. Shee tried to sort miss-understandin out. Ran away with Mumma Mary-Ellen (shoppin). Came back to more trubbull. Mee threw uppy. Mee not take meddysin. Mee an LadyMum fott. Mee tooked meddysin. LadyMum had a ‘whoppurr seizey’! 1/2 hour. Shee spent all Monday nite inn bed.

Tuesday mee spent all most all day out inn Condo or walkin with LadyMum. Shee was berry quiet. An it was a warm sunny day.

Wednesday LadyMum mee-yowed with a nice man frum thee office who helped her sort bad stuff out. An mee spent all day an inn-to thee evenin out inn Condo plus 2 walkss; thee PURRFECT day! .

Fursday LadyMum fixed mee Kat tree! An thee Plummer DID show uppy an wee have ‘purrfect’ drainss an pipess! Was there any doubt? Hee was berry nice to us an hee said mee was hansum ^^blushie earsss^^

Furiday mee threw uppy again. Butt mee let LadyMum give mee meddysin without a fite. Shee went yt Counsellin appointmint an did EMDR session an came home HAPPY!! Wee even went fur a walk tho it was freezin out! Shee said mee mite see thee Vet man tomorrow…

Katurday LadyMum said mee not need to see Vet man( whew) so wee hung out together an red bloggiess an watched lotss of British Drama’ss; another ‘purrfect’ day!

Today iss Sunday an thee Sun iss shinin butt thee wind makess it freezin again so wee snugglin inn-side. An it iss Mumma’ss Day! WOO HOO! So mee made a speshell Selfie to honor LadyMum, Mumma Mary-Ellen, Mumma Tori (Birth Mumma) an ALL MUMMA’SS inn Blogville.

An mee joinin Kittiess Blue fur Sunday Selfiess:

An here iss mee Mumma’ss Day Selfie:Fank you LadyMum an Mumma Mary-Ellen an Aunty Sheila fur been thee best ‘Mumma’ss’ efurr an fur luvvin mee no matter what wee been thru’.  ***paw kissesss*** yur ‘little man”…….

May thee Eye of Buudha Kat watch over efurryone this comin week. Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Siddhartha Henry’ss Laundry Selfie!

Published May 7, 2018 by NylabluesMum

Namaste deerest furendss of Thee Purrfect Pad. Mee apawlogizess fur beein  late postin. Mee has been helpin LadyMum all day with choress an lookin fur toyss an packin fingss frum under thee kitchen an bathroom sinkss an laundry! Mee iss xhausted mee can tell you.  Why youss’ askin are wee packin sum stuff?? This week Plummerss are comin to ‘blow thee pipess’ out inn all our placess, so wee had to empty under both sinkss. Wee reddy Plummerss!! Mew mew mew……mee finished uppy with ree-furrin thee laundry an this iss where thee selfie happened:

What do you finkss of mee ree-furrin skillss an mee selfie?? LadyMum said mee iss thee cutest littul man shee has efurr seen! ^^blushie earsss^^ Fankss LadyMum…..

Oh here iss mee badge to join Kittiess Blue:

When mee has sum time mee will bloggie about LadyMum an her ree-covurry. Suffice it to say; it iss a berry s-l-o-w reecuvurry! May thee Eye of Buddha Kat watch over all of youss’.

Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Siddhartha Henry’ss ZEN Sunday Selfie (deespite thee ruff week wee had!)

Published April 29, 2018 by NylabluesMum

Namaste deer furendss an followerss of Thee Purrfect Pad! Mee wantss to mee-yow mee humbull an purr-found FANKSS to all of youss’ who have purrayed an leeved good werdss here an on FB fur LadyMum. Yur sue-pport has REELLY helped. When shee reeded all thee commintss today shee was teery eyed inn a good way! Mee iss caw-shusslee hopefull LadyMum iss furinallee on thee mend. Shee iss a bit briter an not complanin. Shee showed mee her gum an it iss not brite red or icky lookin like it was. Still inn sum pain butt NOT like it has been. So mee keep takin care of her an make sure shee icess her jaw an does her Peridex Rinse twice dailee an restin propurrlee. It will bee at leest another 2 weekss befur shee iss all better; mee will stay ‘on duty’ till LadyMum sayss mee iss ‘off duty’. Shee told mee that mee iss a loyal an kind mankat even when mee was notty this week. (Yess mee was quite notty; sorry LadyMum). Shee wood just say “See-dhartha Dharth Vader Henry ENUFF” an go back to bed. So was mee notty or just makin sure shee gotted good rest; youss’ bee thee judge, mew mew mew….

Mee iss  joinin Kittiess Blue fur Sunday Selfiess:

All tho’ mee furgot what day it was:

Mee set uppy thee cammyra an got mee Selfie with one foto:Wishin efurryone a peecefull an painfree week. An may it bee pain free here fur LadyMum (a mankat can hope rite?)

May thee Eye of Buudha Kat bee upon efurryone. 

Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=



Published April 28, 2018 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an salutayshunss f rum Thee Purrfect Pad. What a week! PHOOEY! Mee iss so diss-trot mee not know where to start.

As youss’ know LadyMum had another cracked moe-lar; thee last of thee 4 bottom oness. Reememburr Dr. Moosiefarrie did not want her waitin a month to see him an hee reefurred her to a call-eegue inn thee practice?? LadyMum tooked thee offer as shee was inn a werld of hert! So Wednesday shee went to Clinick an met Dr. Mazzerati  an as nice as hee was, fingss went weerd frum that point on! It was all ‘hurry hurry’ an befur LadyMum could ask him to stitch her gum like Dr. Moosiefarrie had, this Dentist put thee IV inn her arm an then gave her Midazolam an shee was o-u-t! When shee woke uppy, they hurried her to get outta thee chair an her kneess gave out. Shee all most fell forward butt fell back innto dental chair. Then a wheelchair was brott inn an shee was wheeled to another room an innstructionss given to Mumma Mary-Ellen rapid-fire. An then they were out thee door! Mumma tooked good care of LadyMum. Butt thee gum keeped bleedin. LadyMum could not understand why. Furinallee shee used a damp teabag an it slowed thee bleedin down! Mumma leeved an LadyMum tried to nappy with mee….shee was so restless! Then shee tried to eat sum mashy potatoess an sum went inn to thee open gum! LadyMum called Clinick all panicky an they told her to come in quiklee so shee went uppy inn her PJay’ss an jackit  inn a taxi an another Dentist Docktur C (a nice lady) cleaned out thee food an said since thee blood clot has stayed inn place no stitchin could bee dun.  Shee showed LadyMum a foto of her gum an LadyMum said it iss a red raw moon crater!  LadyMum was scared shee wood get innfeckshun…Dr. C reassured her fingss wood bee OK if shee followed thee innstructionss given an LadyMum came home inn a taxi. Thee past 2 dayss have been simple pawfull fur us both. LadyMum iss still in agony! Shee has to use Peridex Rinse twice a day  to cleen her mouth an gum propurrley. Shee iss on Aunty-bye-otickss fur another week plus Codeene when needed. Bwtween thee pain an her feer LadyMum has cried alot an  even had a ‘seizey’ today.

Yesterday shee  did call Clinick an asked fur a reeview which shee gotted. Shee NOT bad mouthin anyone. Shee iss just not happy with thee open gum as shee has had trubble with this procedure 2 other timess. (Inn fact, out of thee 4 bottom moe-larss onlee numburr #3 dun by Dr. Moosiefarrie was thee easiest fur her!)

Mee sat in Condo today purrayin:Poor LadyMum. Shee iss one cranky mash potato-soup eatin Hu’man. Pleeze send a purrayer uppy fur her. Mee iss not doin so grate on Purr-amedic duty mee can tell you. ***sighsss***

May thee Eye of Buudha Kat bee upon efurryone.

An fankss fur sue-pportin us thru thiss diffycult time!

Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Siddhartha Henry’ss Polka Dot Selfiess!!

Published April 22, 2018 by NylabluesMum

Namaste frum Thee Purrfect Pad! Even tho’ LadyMum iss not 100% purr cent shee wanted mee to pawticipate inn Sunday Selfiess. Fankss LadyMum!

So mee joinin Kittiess Blue:An LadyMum went out last week to buy mee new cellyphane!! Now mee not usuallee innto pink butt mee likes thee color now.

Without further ADEW check out mee Polka Dot selfiess:Can youss’ see mee eyess?? Mee peekin out frum thee cellyphane, mew mew mew……

Then mee tooked a seereuss selfie:An look; mee iss nekked!! No sweater, no vest; just mee inn mee furss, mew mew mew…. Mee furgot what mee looked like “OH Naturelle”!

Many heart felt fankss to all of youss’ who have visited us here an on FB an thru email an sayin purrayerss fur LadyMum. Yur all so sweet an mee can tell you LadyMum appurrciatess thee sue-pport an luv.

May thee Eye of Buudha Kat keep efurryone healthee an blessed. Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=