LadyMum’ss BeeLuvved KATSS

Coffeetable Cat

This is Nylablue “Sweet Feet” who came to me in June 2006 at 5 yrs of age. We joined here over 2 1/2 yrs ago & you welcomed us into your hearts. After 8 1/2 wonderful years Nylablue made her her final journey to join Mingflower & all my ‘furbabies’.Mingflower 1987-2006

Diz waz MINGFLOWER DA MERCILESS. She waz a Bluepoint Siamese Mum rescued back in 1988 when Mingy waz 5 monthz old. Dey lived together fer 18 1/2 yearz. Mingflower got Kidney Disease when she waz 16 1/2 n Mum n da Vet Uncle Dave kept Mingy alive fer 2 yearz. Me Mum sayz Mingy led her to me so me callz diz kitteh Aunti out of respect. Born Aug. 17th, 1987-Died Mar. 23rd, 2006.Sage -Smudge April 2006Den dere iz SageSmudge dat Mum fostered fer a month b4 me came to her. Diz waz in April 2006. She iz a Himmylayan Siamese kitteh who found her furever home a month later.Mojo so precious 2011MoJo who waz a foster kitteh of ourz in January 2010. She waz eatin bird seed on da patio n it waz a brutal cold Winter. Da Mum made a shelter fer her in da tote n we took care of her fer a week til she could go to Shelter. She got bery sick but wif lub n attenshun she pulled thru n iz in her furever home now. Shalley Shalimar Nov. '12Diz iz our latest rescue Shalley Shalimar. He iz about 4 yearz old n waz abandoned near our place. Me Mum took care of him for  3 months diz past Summer (2012) til there waz a place fer him in da Shelter….he spent 3 monthz dere n Mum went to bizit Shalley n he wuud dance on tippy toez when she came into da room!!! He iz now in a furever home n me missez him ALOT!!!Lincoln 2009 R.I.P.Diz iz Luxor Lincoln who Mum sponsored in 2009. He waz 300 milez away frum us but Mum sent money fer food n meddycashun. Da poor boy had bad injuriez n he died b4 surgery n we are still sad about dat…rest in peace pretty Luxor!Leia R.I.P Nov. 2011Precious Leia from 2011. Me Mum saw her on da Pride Rescue site in Hamilton where she used to live n she sponsored diz Meezer too. Mum waz tryin to get purrmission to bring Leia here to us fer da teefiez to be removed n Mum n me were gonna let her live here wif us…..but Leia took a bad turn n she waz put to sleep. Me Mum cried n cried….rest in peace sweet Leia. 

Sherriellen & Pyewacket 1982

Diz iz me Mum’z Kitteh Pyewacket what onlee lived to bee 6 yeerz old. It is a sad storey n she got Distempur n Mum had to have her put to sleep!

Mum'z parttime kitteh Silky-Auburn

Mum’z parttime kitteh Silky-Auburn

Diz waz Silky-Auburn da kitteh who ran away frum home n came across da road to me Mum’z house back in 1975. Mum did not nose she had a home n named her Auburn. Da kitteh waz guud furendz wif Rebecca da Foxhound too. Auburn wuud ask to go out n Mum wuud let her…she never knew where she went…til one day Auburn waz sittin in da middle of da street. It waz a one way street (Phank KATGOD!) n Mum went out n called ‘Auburn, Auburn’ n da gurl across da road waz on her porch callin ‘Silky, Silky’….dere waz a car comin n dey both ran fer da kitteh who went back to me Mum. Well an arguemint happened n den Mum n Cathy da other gurl reealized da kitteh waz livin wif both of dem n dey all beecame furendz. Funny fing: diz kitteh answered to both namez altho Cathy HAD to call her Silky n me Mum had to call her Auburn or she wuud not pay attention. Silky-Auburn lived to be 20 yearz old n went to da Bridge peacefully in her sleep….


Diz iz Muffin who waz Mum’z 2nd kitteh! She waz born in da tow truck yard to her Mum Princess n dere were 6 kitz total. Mum n her hubby had Muffin fer a month n she got BERY sick. Dey took her to da Vet n he told dem Muffin had Bowel Cancer. Wif sadness dey had Muffin put to sleep. Den dey went to get Princess n her 5 kitz n it turned out dey ALL had Bowel Cancer n were so sick so Mum n hubby paid fer dem all to put to sleep to not suffer anymore!! Mum never furgot her baby girl n she still getz leaky eyez when we talk about Muffin.

Simpson 1969-89

Here iz a pic of da kitty dat started it all: Simpson.  Mum got her in 1969 which iz a bery long time ago. Simpson was found in a big cold steel warehouse starvin!!! Diz kitteh was a golden brown tabby wif some Abbysinnian n her n da minty green eyez me Mum told me. Turned out Mum waz BERY allergic to da Simpson but wuud not give her up! Simpson lived to be 20 yearz old n Mum used ALOT of Beenydrill she told me, MOL. Rest in peace n FANKZ fer teachin diz Hu’man all about catz n how to lub dem!!! We owez it all to you Simpson! 1969-1989.


16 comments on “LadyMum’ss BeeLuvved KATSS

  • Sherri-Ellen, We and our mom had never read this post before. You have had a lot of kitties, and we loved finding out about each of them. XOCK, Janet, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Hello Janet, Lily O & Kitties Blue…I am so glad you got to read about all my fur babies! I HAVE had many cats & 2 dogs share my journey with me & I loved each of them. They live on in my heart….
      Thank you for reading this page….brought a smile to my lips…..
      Love Sherri-Ellen ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Thank you Binky & Grannie. I have to add Nylablue on to this age…I agree with Grannie!! Life w/out a cat is so bland & dull…..
    I sure have had a range of cats (even with allergies).
    Wishing you both sweet dreams…
    Love Sherri-Ellen ❤ ❤

  • Angel Nylablue and Angel Mingflower are so much alike, dear Sherri-Ellen and all you other kitties were so lovely too. Granny says she can’t imagine a life without cats. Her life would be incomplete without me…us 😀 We’re of to bed now. Pawkisses for a Good Night 🙂 ❤

  • Iz okayz Winterl…many of dem kittehz had a long life. Sum were too sick to bee saved butt at leest Mum tried to help. Dere are many more resckuez butt Mum did not hab a cammyra all dem yeerz ago….Mum haz neber bin wifout a kitteh ince she waz 12 1/2 yeerz old….alot of memoreez fer her 😉
    ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Wowwzers! It is always good to meets the cats who came before and whose shared your people’s lives! Mes sure wishes mes gots to meets some of the ones that lived with my Mommy! THey sounds like fun!

    • Phankz Nellie!! Mum sayz she had many more kittehz she fostered n placed in furever homez. She did not have cammyra many yearz ago so dey iz in her head. Me LUBZ to see da pix of kittiez frum her past…she sayz she iz gonna take pix of da photoz sum day n den post more on da page!!
      Mum seemz to have da most of pix of ME!!!! MOL…
      Lub Nylablue xo

    • Yow Bailey: Fankz fer stoppin by n checkin out da kittehz. Funny how da Mum goez fer dem stripey kittehz n us Meezer typez n striped Meezerz….me seez a recurrin theme in all diz!!!! Mum also rescued many other kittehz & took them to Shelterz…she just purrferz kittehz like us!!!
      Aren’t ALL we kittehz PURRFECT??? Yow, yow!!!
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • mow mow mow hiyoooow my name is Goddess Freya, or Frey Frey if I am gud gurl and Frey bags if I is a bad gurl, I has herd all bout ewe from my mummee eevee, but woz too shy to right to ewe.
    I luffs your bloggy here bout all the other catties and thee bunny.
    they is all bootiful but I think me and ewe is the prittyest cats : ) I am a Goddess but ewe can jus call me Freya, my mummee is a witch and is traynin me up to bee the “familiar” I likes candles and trifle with the straw an berrys in it, I luffs de owlz apart from when mummee abandunds me to go an “wit woo” at them all day, I haz lots of toy owlz ,the fat round one iz my faves but one of vem haffs big eyebrowns and make me scared so I almost widdle on mummees bed (then she call me “bitch bag” but she does luffs me too much so I am not upset) we share effreyfing togever even dis funny man with cat fur on his face called Beardie,
    I would luffs to be yur pen pal (pawpal) cos we iz both very posh catties wiv very pritty faces and lobely long wiskas.
    there iz two boy cats in dis house, I likes Jasper (pee pee) he iz handsome wiv big muscles but Chili looks like de cat vershun of liberace so he scare me wiv his big flufty mane round hiz neck
    they dus not ewes the catputer at all cos they iz stoopid an cannot tipe, so I bees glad to communicay wiv ewe Nylablue.
    oh, I iz a bit scared to see Mojo, he look a bit like flufty Chili !!!! but I sure he be very nise cattie

    lots of luffs
    I haz to go to bed with mummee now coz she cannot sleep wiffout strokin my ears, I likes it, I dribbles on her pillow
    have fun, CATch ewe soon

    yours sincerely
    Goddess Freya of Warboys

    • Eeeooww Goddess Freya~ It iz lubly to finally meow wif you here!! Me Hu’Mum haz told me all about you n me waz shy too….but our Mumz are so close dere iz no reason we can’t be fur-endz too!!!
      Me iz happy you enjoyed the blog about da past kittehz n Trinket bunny! She was so bery speshell to me. She went to da Spirit World 3 yearz ago n her Hu’manz got more bunnehz n dey moved away so me haz no bunny fur-end anymore…..*wipez paw across eyez*
      Me wuud LUB to be pawpalz wif you fer shure!
      Oh dat Beardie iz SO bery furry izn’t he?? Me Hu’Man Dad livez a half hour away n now he haz a new girlfur-end n 2 kittehz n neber comez to bizit…me missez Jon alot!!! But dat iz another story 😦
      MOL>>> Chili remindz you of da Liberace…diz iz funny!!! Jasper iz quite sumfing me finkz!!!
      Oh MoJo was a teeny girl kitteh that showed up January of 2010 eatin birdseed n starvin. She waz only 4 poundz til she got to the Shelter n sent time dere…she waz quite fluffy but bery sweet n nice!
      Me finkz you make a purrfect ‘familiar’. Me lubz lookin at yer Owl pix also. Me Mum iz ‘spirit walker’ which iz sumfing like bein a witch me finkz….all me knowz iz we hab speshell Hu’manz to lub us now n dat iz all dat matterz 😉
      You droolz too?? Me doez when Mum strokez me…Mum finkz it is cute…..
      me hopez yer Hu’Mum iz feeling better today n you had a lubly day!
      CATch you later, yow, yow.
      Nylablue Sweet Feet. xo

    • Fankz Aunti Toby!!! Me landed on me pawz when we found each other….I bemember when Mum told me she wanted to give me at least 5 yearz of happyness cause me had 5 yearz of bein a Momma kitteh!!Now is haz bin 6 1/2 yearzwif her n me iz a bery happy kitteh!!! Bless you too Aunti…you iz one of me fave Hu’Manz!!! ~Nylablue.

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