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Rappin uppy mee 4th Birthday!!!!

Published July 14, 2018 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an greetinss frum Thee Purrfect Pad!! What a furabuluss Birthday week mee has had!! Mee wantss to mee-yow a BIG ‘Fank You’ to efurryone who came to visit on mee bloggie an on FB an thru thee mail an inn purrson. Yur all so pawsum an this Burmese boy iss one humbull mankat! Such luv iss wunderfull. All tho mee iss humbull (well sorta) mee wantss to show off youss’ mee kewl cardss!! 

Ferst uppy iss littul Binky’ss:

Seckond iss frum Pipo an Dalton:

Third is frum Murli, Sonic an Samantha:

Fourth iss frum Mistur Niall who livess next door an callss mee ‘KID’ an iss so nice to mee:

An furinallee thee card an giftss frum Aunty Ellen an ‘angel’ Purrincess Phoebe:Aunty Ellen made mee a  croyshayed silvervine toast an sent sum powder an thee kewl card an ‘angel’ Phoebe picked out a foto of her with her Valentine’ss card frum mee back inn 2015. It sure brott a tear to mee eye! Then mee gotted down to playin an havin fun an once mee was so-o high on the vine worn out, mee crashed on LadyMum’ss bed: Mew mew mew mee doess look zonked!!! Youss’ ALL made mee day so berry speshell an mee will nevurr furget mee 4th Birthday.

Let’ss jump uppy one more time ok?May thee Eye of Buudha Kat bee upon efurryone. Mee LUVSS all of you! Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


JUMP UPPY!! MEE TERNSS 4 YEARSS OLD with Birthday Selfie!

Published July 8, 2018 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an greetinss frum Thee Purrfect Pad. Today iss a speshell day!! Well July 9th iss ackshully mee Birthday butt mee cellybratinn earlee so mee can do Sunday Selfiess combined with mee 4th Birthday!!!  WOO HOO!!!! Mee iss mee-yowin an singin an dancin!!  Ternin 4 iss purrty furabuluss. LadyMum sayss shee has NO idea where thee time went, mew mew mew….. 

It has been a wild rollycoaster ride of a year with thee I-Bee-Dee an Pancreatitis an thee overgroomin an LadyMum’ss health issuess. Butt thru it all, youss’ have been here fur us mee  us an mee iss so fankfull. Inn fact mee iss so-o happy mee just wantss to jumpy uppy fur joy!!

Wee needss sum musick to get our pawss movin. Take it away Kriss Kross an thee gang:

Woo Hoo!!! Mee gettin reddy:

An here mee goess: Pawsum!! Fankss Kriss Kross!

Let’ss jump uppy sum more!!

Fankss to thee Reggae Reevolution fur that furabuluss song! 

Mee wantss to mee-yow a speshell FANK YOU to Mumma Mary-Ellen. This wunderfull lady has stucked to mee an LadyMum fur thee past 3 1/2 yeerss an sue-pported mee us inn efurry way. Mee iss blessed to have her still inn mee life. Shee even takess mee on walks to find Chewy or Chasey!An to mee LadyMum who wurriess an caress fur mee 24/7 yur thee BEST. Mee knowss mee iss high maintenance, mew mew mew…. Pawss crossed thee next year will go easier fur us both.

As it iss Sunday Selfie mee iss goin to join Kittiess Blue:

With mee  4th BDay Portrait an Sunday Selfie:

What do youss’ fink?? Mee reelly likess this Portrait. (It hidess all thee bald spotss, mew mew mew….)

Stay a while an hang out with mee an let mee know yur faverite memoree of mee….. mee finkss this wood be fun!

May thee Eye of Buudha Kat bee upon all of youss’!

Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=