“High-Jacked” or How to prepare fur an Emergencee…

Published January 27, 2018 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an greetinss  frum Thee Purrfect Pad…..Mee  wee missed youss’ so-o much! 2 weekss ago LadyMum cott thee Flu an mee was ‘on duty’ fur 4 dayss an nitess! Fankfullee mee tendur care gotted her better quiklee. Which was a good fing fur what happened last weekend an this week. Mee will let LadyMum tell you “Jack’ss Story”. Take it away LadyMum:

Hello Everyone…..As most of you know we had a situation here that put my friend’s cat Jack in danger. He’s a venerable old boy approx. 16 years old. Meet Jack: This is a ‘look-alike’ photo as I’ve no actual pix of Jack (but you get the idea right?) Long story short: my friend had a breakdown & I called the Police & Ambulance last Saturday. I feared my friend might hurt himself. He was taken away midafternoon & I was so relieved. I thought there was a plan in place for Jack’s care. Until Sunday when I took a missing ashtray back to CK’s patio. One of the doors was open so I got my neighbor to witness me opening all doors. I closed them & called CK’s Mother & got permission to enter & secure the place. Neighbor & I went in only to find we could not find Jack. We secured the patio & after 10 minutes we found Jack wedged between wall & headboard. He would not come out. I cleaned litter; put out 2 bowls of kibble & water & a bowl of Blue Tuna. Promised him I’d be back. That night I had apartment door locked only to be told Monday I was not allowed back in!?!? I was pretty hysterical upset & I spent from Monday to Thursday on the phone for hours trying to find help. No,  Housing could NOT let me in as they were not allowed either. SPCA very understaffed so never did see anyone from that agency. Finally CK’s Mother called me Thursday noon & told me she had a Foster Mom for Jack. I went to the door & spoke to the poor cat telling him to hold on. I’d cried myself to sleep nightly & thought Jack was dead….

Finally @ 5 p.m. Foster Mom arrived & we have met before. I went with her & Security person to apartment. Stayed in hallway with door open directing them. In the end, I was allowed in to find Jack’s carrier & to give Foster Mom kibble & tuna Mary-Ellen & I bought for Jack. I an SO relieved that Jack is safe now. I spoke to Foster Mom that night & she told me Jack is blind which confirmed my suspicion that he was living in the bedroom & could not see properly. No wonder he was so terrified; he couldn’t see what his owner was doing when he broke things & trashed the place. Very sad…..

What I’ve learned from this painful week is to have a proper plan in place! I’ve always had a Permission to keep Pet form on fridge. I got new forms yesterday & will appoint a second guardian for Siddhartha Henry. And both Guardians are getting an apartment key so they can get into my place easier. They each will have a copy of the Pet form to show proof that they are allowed in. I NEVER want my ‘littul man’ go thru what poor old Jack did. I was so worked up I broke down crying in front of Custodian & a few tenants  Thursday saying, “If anything happens to Jack, I’ll never forgive myself!” Thankfully Jack is doing well. CK is safe in Hospital & I can sleep once again. Many thanks for all the emails, FB comments & prayers. You all kept me going when I thought I was going to break down also. OK Siddhartha Henry, back to you Sir! Mee you wasn’t that sum story deer furendss??? Mee iss so happy that Jack kat iss safe. Hee iss a nice old mankat an did not deeserve to bee left all alone, butt fingss DO happen. Mee now knowss LadyMum luvss mee ALOT as shee addin a seckond guardian AN shee ree-did her Emergency contact list…there are now 3 peepull: Auntiess’ Sheila , Mary-Ellen an Reeni. That way mee will not bee alone berry long if sumfing happenss….Mee figures efurryone all ready has a plan inn place butt if not, PLEEZE consider makin a plan an gettin it inn writin an  havin xtra keyss given to yur appointed guardianss. 

So that’ss thee entire saga an mee iss toe-tallee worn out frum 2 weekss of ‘purr-amedic’ duty. Once mee has 87 nappies mee will come visit all of youss’! May thee Eye of Buudha Kat bee upon efurryone an may Peece fill yur heartss. Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


72 comments on ““High-Jacked” or How to prepare fur an Emergencee…

    • Mee-you Lady Annie wee herd last nite CK will bee inn Hospital quite a while longer….butt hee ISS safe an that iss impawtent. An Jack Kat iss safe all so. Wee do miss them both. mee iss purrayin fur them both!
      **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xxx

  • So glad this worked out as it should have sooner. We do have a plan
    Thanks Henry and Mom for the support when Mr Buttons had to go over the Bridge. It was very sudden and he was a big part of our family. He was our families official greeter and never met a stranger only new friends. We wish you all could have met him.
    Purrs dear friends
    Timmy, Dad Pete and Family

    • Mee-you Mistur Pete an Timmy an thee gang wee iss still sad that Mistur Buttonss had to go to Pure Land…..hee iss at leest pain free an lookin down on all of youss’ with Luv! Ann thru yur bloggie wee feeled like wee new Mistur Buttonss like hee was face two face….
      An yes Jack Kat iss much safer now an wee werked hard to get him inn to a foster home!
      ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  • We are so relieved, Siddhartha-Henry. So good to have people around that really care! Now you and your LadyMum take some rest from this adventure, you’ll need it ❤ Extra Pawkisses to you and your sweet LadyMum for a Peaceful Day 🙂 ❤ ❤

    • Wee are all so littul Binky.
      All tho’ thee foster mum called LadyMum aftur midnite last nite to just ‘chat’! LadyMum was NOT amused an thee call not last long. Wee thott sumfing BAD had happened! **shakess head** Sum Hu’manss reelly confuse mee Binky.
      An wee are restin today like champs! Mew mew mew…
      dubbull ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx an lotss of ❤ LUV ❤

  • Hi Siddhartha Henry,
    We are glad the CK and Mr Jack are both where they should be. And that was definitely not a good experience for Lady Mom! A long time ago my Mom had a experience similar to your Lady Mom’s that scared my Mom so now she is prepared.
    Because we live alone, Mommy has a card in her wallet that says she lived alone and has a Tabby Cat named Marvelous. That I am afraid of strangers. In case of emergency to contact my Aunt L and it has her telephone number. If she cant be reached to call My Aunt J. The card even says where my carrier is! We even have a 3rd backup – just in case.
    My Mom has arranged that they contact my Dad if anything really bad happened to my Mom and I would go and live with Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon.
    Thanks for stopping by and saying HI!!!
    Have a Marvelous Week!

    • Mee-you Marv yur Mumma iss toe-tallee purrpared! How pawsum! An mee knows Kozmo, Jo Jo an cinnamon a bit an they are luvely an wood well come you to their place fur sure. LadyMum sayss thee wallet card iss sumfing shee not fink of an shee iss goin to do that all so. LadyMum has a meddycayshun record inn her wallet an mee fotoss….but a few contact names/numburrss iss a FAB idea!
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~
      Pee S: it iss wunderfull to see you here all so 🙂

    • Lady Melissa an Mudpie wee were so wurried about Jack kat. LadyMum was cryin efurry nite! An mee wood snuggull her to comfort her. Shee said shee was a failure an mee wood ramp uppy thee purrss. Shee reelly iss purrsistent an carin….
      Wee gotted an uppydate on Jack an hee iss eatin an drikin an usin litter good AN hee iss purrin when Lady shelley strokess him!!
      Wee are still purrayinf fur Jack’ss Pappaw to get well soon.
      Fankss fur stoppin bye, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    • Mee-you Noodle thee kat wee are so happy that Jack Kat iss safe inn foster care now. An wee keep purrayin fur his Pappaw! An LadyMum iss still a bit sick butt better than shee was… 😉
      Fankss fur stoppin bye; mee bee rite over!
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

    • Mee-you DaisyMae an Lady Crystal our furendss furamillee are over 300 miless away an NO ONE came uppy all last week. LadyMum’ss furamillee are 350 miless away an mee nevurr met them an mee been here 3 yearss…..So YES a plan should bee in place fur peepull who can not ree-lye on their furamilless. If Lady Shelley had not gotten Jack when shee did it wood NOT have been a ‘happy endin’!!! An thee fact old Jack iss blind made fingss much werse.
      An mee hopess efurryone has a plan fur their 4 leggedss if sumfing happenss to them.
      **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  • hello siddhartha henry its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay yore poor frend jack he must hav ben so skayrd their all by himself for so long!!! i am glad jack and his hyooman ar both sayf they ar lukky to hav yore mama to help luk owt for them!!! ok bye

    • Mee-you Dennis sum peepull thott LadyMum stucked her nose inn our furend’ss busyness. Well if wee do not help our furendss what doess that say about us?? An LadyMum told mee Jack was terrified! Hee iss better now. LadyMum spoke to his Foster Mum today an shee said hee iss actin normal an purrin once again. Wee not inn touch with Jack’ss Pappaw yet…Hee needss to rest an get better.
      LadyMum sayss ‘Fankss” an then shee blushed!!
      Bee seein you, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  • Hi Siddhartha! We’re so glad LadyMum was so persistent and determined, and that Jack is okay! We are also happy that there is a plan in place moving forward.

    And good job taking such god care of her when she had the flu.

    • Mee-you Mistur Kevin Meowmeowman mee hopess mee commint came thru on yur bloggie today! mee DID leeve a commint. As fur Jack, hee iss calmer today. (LadyMum mee-yowed to Jack’s Foster Mum.)
      As fur there beein any more of a plan fur Jack there iss nun an wee can not inntyfere with that. Jack will not bee here till his Pappaw iss abull to care fur him.
      As fur mee, there has all wayss been a plan butt LadyMum dee-cided mee havin 2 Guardianss wood ensure mee not left alone long if sumfin happened to LadyMum!!!
      Fankss fur stoppin bye mee furend… Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    • Fankss Phenny an lady Katty fur thee kind werdss. Youss’ KNOW LadyMum wood NOT let this go! Shee just mee-yowed to Lady Shelley an Jack iss doin a bit better…findin his way around his new room. He has calmed down an eatin well.
      An LadyMum said thee same quote Lady Katty! Shee was purrty uppyset about thee situation…. 😉
      ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • Poor Jack – I can only imagine how frightened he must have been! I’m so glad he is safe now. Who knows what would have happened to him if you hadn’t stepped in and made a big deal out of it (which it WAS a big deal!). You are right, it’s so important to make plans for us kitties in case something happens to any of our humans.

    • Mee-you Summer mee figures you heard LadyMum frum where you are! Shee was tennashus mee can tell you!! Shee wood not give uppy! An wee are so-o reelieved that Jack iss safe an cared for.
      It seems our nayburrss furamillee DOES NOT fink a scared, blind, could-be-starvin kat was of littul impawtence! Sum Hu’manss they are!!!! Wee should them!!!!!!!
      ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xXXx

  • We are so glad that LadyMum was purrsistant and that dear Jack finally got someone to take care of him. Yes, everyone needs a plan and we’re working on a new one since our #1 and #2 appointed caretakers both died recently. That’s a bit of a dilemma for us. Great job LadyMum.

    • Mee-you Brian mee has nevurr seen LadyMum so purrsistant!! Shee iss amazin an a bit scarey! Oh mee iss berry sorry yur #1 an #2 have gone to Pure Land. Do youss’ have kat sitterss at all? Or know sumone frum a Shelter who wood step uppy if need bee??
      Mee sure hopess you find new Guardianss soon. And LadyMum said “Fankss” an shee blushed, mew mew mew….
      ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxx

  • OMC Henry – you and LadyMum have had a time – and did such a good job for LadyMum’s friend and Jack. Purrs for strength and healing for everyone !

    • Fankss Lady Mary fur thee **purrsss** because wee sure need them!! LadyMum wood not let her furend hert himself an shee wood not let Jack Kat starve to death. Shee was teenashuss gettin help fur both of them! 😉
      ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx

    • Hello Mimi it was some ordeal. Poor Jack was terrified. And now we know he is blind that makes it worse. He would not have known where to hide! And I hope everyone will take the time to make a plan for their pet(s).
      I think I still have the Flue (sore throat & feeling sinusey; but nothing serious).
      Purrince Siddhartha Henry is on his 4th nap tonite….this 87 naps might take a while, lol 🙂
      Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  • We were worried that we hadn’t heard from you for awhile. We are glad you got through having that flu (mostly). We are also so impressed at the lengths your mommy went through for Jack and his daddy. This really is an important message about having a plan and/or a will in place for people who live without other people (I didn’t want to say “live alone” because when we have pets we don’t live alone).

    But whether it involves kids or fur kids a plan should be made. Kudos to your mommy for trying so hard and being tennyashus to get Jack and his daddy help!
    Luvs and thankfulness to you both for being so caring about others. Patzy and Miss Juliea

    • Sorry wee worried you Purrincess Patzy an Lady Juliea. Fingss went so haywire here an LadyMum was purrty uppyset about her furend an Jack Kat. An mee was all so. you know wee did not even know if Jack was alive beecause wee not see him since Septemburr. Guess hee was stayin inn because of his lack of site! An pur message iss to make sure there iss a plan of care fur all 4 leggedss an birdss an such.
      An seein LadyMum so tennyashuss was sort ah-innspirin! Shee wood not stop callin peepull an buggin them….
      And LadyMum says our furend iss still like a littul brofur to her an shee wood hope if shee was inn trubbull sumone wood help her an mee.
      **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xXXx

      • I am very impressed with your mum’s tenaciousness. Not a lot of people would step up for her neighbor like she did. Who knows what would have happened? You and LadyMum are great neighbors and great beings all the way around. We think you did a wonderful thing trying to help Jack and his human. We are very glad we are friends with you! Can you move a little closer? Just kidding. Although we would like it you have your own connections there as we has family here. Luvz and kisses, Patzy and Miss Juliea

        • Mee-you that iss mee LadyMum Lady Juliea an Patzy Purrincess! Tennyashuss till thee end!! Shee will not let sumfin go till fingss are weked out. Shee NEW fingss wre not food fur thee nayburr an shee stepped rite uppy to help. Will bee quite a while befur Mistur CK an Jack kat ree-tern butt they are both safe an cared fur.
          An LadyMum laffed about you askin fur us to move….wee luv this quirkee old town a lot so LadyMum not goin anywhere. An with mee Auntiess an Feral Kat group peepull an sum good furendss wee are A-OK!
          ***nose kissesss*** an ❤ LUV ❤ Siddhartha Henry xXx

  • Poor Jack! We’re glad he finally was taken care of. You bring up an excellent point about having a plan in place in case something happens. The mom needs to get on this.

    • EEKKK youss not have a plan Wally, Ernie an Zoey?? Keep buggin yur Mumma to get a plan an to appoint ‘guardians’ fur youss an give them a key to yur place. Ladymum all so labelled mee food an med cupberd so mee Auntiess know where mee fingss are 😉
      An wee iss relieved fur mee our furend Jack!
      **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

    • Mee-you Lady Sue an thee Sensational Six iss grate to see youss’ here. An wee are so happy wee keeped buggin peepull til Jack gotted fostered. An LadyMum made sure Jack’ss Hu’man gotted help all so!
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  • Oh my! What an awful situation to find poor Jack in, and to find yourself and mom in. I am so glad that it ended well for you all. I am also pleased that there is something in place should the need arise.
    Toodle pips and purrs

    • Mee-you ERin Purrincess both mee an LadyMum were so diss-trot over Jack beein locked inn an not much food an water. LadyMum has all ways had a plan inn place fur all her katss….but not efurryone knowss to do this. Wee sure hope this nevurr happenss again…
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

    • LadyMum just keeped buggin peepull till sumone did sumfing Aunty Toby….shee was tennashuss mee can tell you. An if thee G-D furbid happenss here mee will have mee 2 Auntiess to look aftur mee!
      **nose rubsss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xXx

  • What a relief. And an eye opener about having an emergency plan in place. We did at one time, but have moved since then. Will have to get this done very soon. Thanks for this vital reminder.

    • 😉 Lady amy mee was hopin mee post wood bee seen as a vye-tall ree-minder. Peepull get busy an furget an then fingss go KA-POW an it can end uppy badlee.
      **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xXXx

    • Mee-you lady Jackie an Mistur Ivor mee new LadyMum wood not rest till shee gotted Jack sumwhere safelee. Shee sure iss a “Guardian Angel” issn’t shee??
      Ladymum iss ok all tho still berry tired frum thee wurry.
      ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXXx

    • Jean I have seen a lot in my Life but this was one of the scariest situations I’ve ever been in. I prayed non-stop Jack would hold on til help came. And to think it took 5 whole days to get someone in…..would they let a Human be left like that for that many days??
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

  • Your mum was a good Samaritan, Prince and so were you taking care of her when she was sick. Thanks for the suggestion of emergency plans-good idea. We hope you both have a rejuvenating weekend of rest and peace and hope all good things for your neighbor and his Jack.
    Your fur-iends from the Ranch,
    Monika, Sam & Elsa 🐾

    • Mee-you Lady Monika an Sam an Elsa wee both bee-lieve doin thee rite fing iss propurr an that wee should help when otherss do not. Mee has had 4 out of mee 87 napss, mew mew mew…
      LadyMum had to do bankin an grocereess today butt wee had a grate snuggull afterwerdss 😉
      An a good plan iss a good fing fur sure!
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  • That is Frightening for everyone!! We are glad that it is safely resolved. It’s been a bit hectic here but we can chat tomorrow all about it as planned if you’re still up to it. xx Rachel xx

    • Hi Rachel it would be lovely to chat tomorrow. Hopefully there is no static on the line like last Sunday!
      And this was one of the MOST frightening situations I’ve been in!
      {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

  • I’m so glad that Jack’s owner got the help he needed too. You’ve given me some good ideas for ways I can handle emergency contacts here. Good job helping with Jack; you’re a good friend to them both.

    • Mee-you Karel an River an thee gang iss wunderfull to see youss’ here! LadyMum called thee Poe-lice an Ambulance ferst as shee new thee man was inn trubbull. Mee iss purrayin efurry nite fur a good ree-covurry. An wee are so happy Jack kat iss with a Foster Mum!
      ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

  • It certainly has been a difficult two weeks. So scary for Jack kitty. It’s a good thing LadyMum was able to get some noms to him before she got shut out totally. We were so happy to read the e-mail last night that he had been rescued and was safe. Mom and Dad do have a plan in place for us and the person in charge has a key as does Chris. She knows how to take good care of us. You and LadyMum get a good rest. You look adorable napping in your box. Love and many hugs and prayers for you both from your aunty Janet and angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer 💜💗💖💕

    • Mee-you this past two weekss were RUFF; no doubt about that Aunty Janet! An mee knows LadyMum’ss Flu iss still with her….butt shee iss goin to do bankin an grocereess soon. Once shee getss back mee put mee paw down an shee iss stayin inn an restin fur a while…..
      An it was so unfair LadyMum gotted shut out. Butt shee purrservered 😉
      Now wee both rest easy knowin old Jack kat iss safe…
      ~~~head rubsss~~ an **nose bumpsss** to all~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  • Everyone who has a pet or pets should have a plan that’s for sure – we never know when something might happen to us and someone would need to take care of our pets until we could do that ourselves OR even find a new home for them should that be needed. So happy Jack is now safe……had to be terrifying to be blind and not know what was happening in his world. You literally were Jack’s life saver Sherri-Ellen……….!

    Love, Pam (and Teddy too)

    • Hi Pam & Teddy…I am so glad I am persistent & stubborn & obnoxious…..lol…. I was determined to get jack sorted out. And I found out the Permission form I have always THOUGHT I was supposed to have is NOT mandatory! I was gobsmacked to say the least. I spoke to our Community Relations person & made a PLEA for this to be made mandatory for anyone in Housing with a pet. Fingers crossed they will here my plea.
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXXx

  • That was a very sad situation and you are right, it is quite a reminder that we all need a plan in place for our beloved kitties. I am sure glad it worked out for Jack, but how awful for him to have to be so scared. And how awful for you to have the added stress. You are a wonderful person to be so concerned. And Siddhartha, you look so cute in your sweater. XO

    • Hello Ellen! All I can say is I learned a valuable lesson about having a plan for our beloved 4 leggeds. I can only imagine how frightened Jack was when his owner was trashing his place. Broken everything so I was worried Jack would cut his paws. As he can not see he stayed in bedroom so avoided injury…..thanks for your support. Love Sherri-Ellen ❤
      Aunty Ellen mee iss xhausted butt berry happy! An fankss fur thee compleemint. Amazin mee can look cute aftur all thee ate nitess, mew mew mew…
      ~~head rubsss~~ an *nose kissesss* neffkitty Siddhartha Henry~~

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