Monkey on my back…..

Published October 4, 2017 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an greetinss frum Thee Purrfect Pad. Mee iss berry poorly with not onlee itchy an scratchin trubbull butt all so a URI (Respurratory Innfeckshun). Mee berry weak an sleepy so mee iss goin to have LadyMum tell you ’bout thee latest bad fing what happened to us this past Katurday an mee icky sicky state…..take it away LadyMum…..

Hello Everyone…so as we enter the Jewish New Year 5578 nothing has changed. In fact things are worse! I will keep this as brief as I can. Saturday morning 7 a.m. Siddhartha Henry & I were awoken to sound of a female tenant pounding on patio door & screaming death threats at me…this went on for 5-10 minutes & stopped. A few minutes, later she was at my neighbor’s apartment door & woke him up & repeated the threats & he closed the door in her face. She then started hammering on my door & screaming ” Let me  in you F’ing *itch, I’ll kill you Sherri-Ellen!” I called 911. I had a seizure. I made no sense when Police arrived. They said it was a ‘tenant dispute’ They left! Spent all of Saturday cowering inside in fear. Siddhartha Henry was already sick & this put him over the edge. Sunday morning I called the Sargeant & he was lovely & said Officer S. would come by within an hour with NO TRESPASS ORDER on the woman & that happened. Officer S. & I apologized to each other for our mutual ‘failure to communicate’.  After a 25 minute chat he served the woman. Thank you Officer S.  Housing Manager came by yesterday to speak with me & then went to woman (hopefully to tell her to leave me alone!) I am still VERY shaky & feeling unwell. And I actually had 2 seizures Saturday.

Siddhartha Henry & I went back to Vet Tuesday & he was given Convenia shot. So far not much of anything positive happening. I’m syringing water into him & hand feeding him wet food. And he will eat treats. Since June when Siddhartha Henry had UTI until now he has lost 2 pounds. I’m very concerned. This is the ‘littul Purrince’ :He feels as bad as he looks I can tell you! Sneezing & sniffling & eyes running.

In fact, he feels so badly he refuses to take his brother Tyerrone’s sweater off:As he’s lost that 2 pounds I wonder if this is to help him feel warmer? Last night I was absolutely terrified he was dying (I KNOW, I’m an idiot!) but his breathing was so shallow. I brought Chunkey Monkey to Siddhartha Henry for comfort (he does that for me):Poor ‘littul man’ he has a ‘monkey on his back’!! 

Later that evening I got a 2nd photo of the 2 of them:I’ve never seen the ‘littul Purrince’ this listless or lethargic. I am asking for all prayers; POTP; white light of healing & anything else ‘pawsitive’ for Siddhartha Henry! I can’t imagine my Life without my  P SH in it! I will try & visit as many of you as possible but if I don’t get to you please understand. Siddhartha Henry is my #1 priority for now! Oh P SH wants to say a few more things…go for it Siddhartha Henry: 

Mee-you mee just wantss to say FANKSS to Aunty Sheila fur her help last week an fur Mumma Mary-Ellen’ss help both weekss. Yur thee BESTEST an keep LadyMum frum losin her tiny wurried mind! An to all mee furendss an followerss mee has tooked Purrincess Phoebe’ss leevin HARD an that iss part of thee reason mee iss so icky sicky! Mee iss tryin to fight to stay here….mee could go butt LadyMum needss mee… No matter what happenss mee will all wayss LUV all of youss’!

May thee Eye of Buudha Kat bee upon efurryone.

Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


96 comments on “Monkey on my back…..

  • hello siddhartha henry its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am verry sorry to heer that yoo hav got crayzy naybors banging on yore door and skayring yoo and yore mama that wood not be gud for my helth eether!!! i hope that yoo feel better soon and that all the crayzy naybors leev yoo alone frum now on!!! ok bye

    • Mee-you Dennis it has been PAWFULL!! Beetween peepull hollerin at mee inn thee backyard; then LadyMum’ss BIG seizey end of August; then more nasty peepull scarin mee on west side of buildin. Then all wayss watchin fur ‘crazy man’ an furinallee thee nasty woman pondin on thee doors was thee last straw. Mee iss so-o sick.
      At leest efurryone iss leevin us alone now. Thee Poe-lice an LadyMum putted a NO TRESPASS order on nasty woman. Wee not foolin around anymore.
      Fankss fur comin to visit.
      ~head rubsss~ Siddhartha Henry~

  • We are so sorry that you are feeling so icky, Prince Siddhartha. We are crossing all our paws and hooves that you start feeling better soonest.

    As for your crazy neighbour, that sounds super scary. All we can say is we hope she doesn’t have a gun

    Healing purrs,
    The Chans

    • ***hangss head*** Chan Kittiess an Vee Horsiess an Tommy doggie an Numburr #1 mee apawlogizess fur not visitin….mee gotted so icky sicky mee not even abull to walk! Mee will start Baytrill tonite fingss are THAT seereus! Fankss fur all yur crossed partss…mee iss so gratefull!
      An no thee crazy woman doess NOT have a gun! LadyMum sayss shee iss finkin of armin herself butt onlee as a last ree-sort!
      ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxXxxXxx

  • My sweet furriends, we have put you into the piramide immediately for healing, when we read your message a few days earlier, but we couldn’t respond, because we couldn’t make the internet connection…it’s time for positive vibrations…this year was very unstable for everyone and we know that you, my little furriend, absorb all this energy that is around you and it’s to much to bear, when you’re not steady…well…we know how it feels..sigh…but better times are coming! Be sure of that, have faith. We keep sending Healing Pawkisses and Positive vibes your way and your LadyMum’s way and purray that you feel better real soon ❤ ❤ ❤
    PS please let me know how you feel. We ❤ you 🙂 ❤

    • ❤ Mee deerst littul Binky ❤ yur so sweet an kind an wise. Fank you fur thee *purrsss* an purrayerss an pawsitive energee! It all helps mee so-o much. mee iss keepin thee faith Binky.
      Mee will start Baytrill med tonite an hopefullee that will cleer thee infeckshun uppy an make mee better.
      Mee Luvss you an yur Granny so-o much. Tripull **paw kissesss** an ❤
      ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  • We are so sorry that all of this is happening, Siddhartha and LadyMum. So much crazy, stressful and sad stuff all at once. We are sending our fervent purrs and prayers, and all good thoughts for you both. Love and hugs, too.

    • Thank you Kevin & Tracey! I’ve never seen Siddhartha Henry THIS sick & it is frightening. Mary-Ellen is bringing the Baytril soon. I will start him on it after he eats supper. Fingers crossed, I can get it down him!
      And all the stress & fear has taken a HUGE toll on the ‘Littul Purrince’. I doubt we will ever go for long walks again. (Not with the vicious trolls who live here!)
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & *paw patsss* Siddhartha Henry xXx

  • OMC:(
    We are so behind, we had no idea. Furgive us.
    Pipo and the rest of the gang here are purring and pawyering as hard as we can for you to get better, Sid-Henry. You gotta, you just gotta. Fur your LadyMum and fur all of us, too.

    And we are praying that your LadyMum will stop with those icky seizure things and feel much better, too. I cannot imagine what kind of fear and anxiety living in a place like that would bring on. There sure are a lot of crazy peeps in your world…(not to mention the rest of the whole world)…

    May you have peace and serenity; tranquility and healing.
    (((((((((( ♥ ))))))))))

    • Hello Ingrid & Jack & Pipo an Angel Minko: It seems this world has taken a universal turn for the worst! The Property Manager seems to think it is ‘a part of Life’ to be threatened & I should not ‘worry’….REALLY?
      And the seizures are terrifying. I am exhausted from them & being subjected to the whims of mentally ill people. And now to have a very sick cat….I have no patience for anyone left. Thank you for your purrs & prayers; Siddhartha Henry needs them badly!
      (((hugs))) & ❤ Sherri-Ellen ❤ & *paw patsss* Siddhartha Henry xxXx

    • Hello Bacon! Sherri-Ellen here. Your neffkitty is too ill to reply to all comments. I’ve never seen him so ill & all I can do is take care of him & hope he pulls thru’, As for me, I had 2 seizures last Saturday & the toll is immense. Plus I am nervous that there will be a repeat episode. Mind you the woman WILL be CHARGED if she pulls another stunt like this!!
      WE both need a much deserved break from insanity….
      ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & *paw patsss* neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxx

    • Hello Zulu & Frodo & Amarula & ‘Mum’: I feel like I’m in a bad Western waiting for the end. Housing suggested moving us to a 8 floor/180 unit building that is full of mentally unhinged people plus alcohol & drug abusers….thanks I just stay where I am…at least it is only 2 floors/56 units. I can keep track of the ‘crazies’ here to a certain extent!
      All love & prayers & good wishes accepted! Siddhartha henry is no better today 😦
      He starts oral antibiotic tomorrow…
      Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry ❤ ❤

    • Thank you Annie! Siddhartha Henry has eaten more than before but is still weak & I have to syringe water into him. He is so sick! His anti-biotic pills arrive tomorrow so he will start a new med. Thank you for the prayers. Very much appreciated! (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & *paw patsss* Siddhartha Henry xxx

  • Oh, darling Purrince S. H. We are purring so loudly for both you and your LadyMum, We are sure you must be able to hear Us, all the way across the ocean!
    We are sure Angel Phoebe wants you to get better quickly too. We know you miss her terribly but it is NOT yet time for you to join her. You have impawtant work to do still here on earth, not least of which is purrtecting your LadyMum from from all the Crazy Neighbours you seem to have.
    Pawpats and Kitty Kisses from
    Us – Trixie, Caspurr and Shimshi.
    And hugs from Mummy Shimona

    • Mee-you Trixie an Caspurr an Shimshi what a way to start a Mew year rite?
      Wee CAN hear youss’ purrin…it helpss mee sleep well. Mee iss turribullee sick with Respurratory innfeckshun an mee have no energee to do anyfing. LadyMum has nevurr seen anyfing like this so shee iss terrified mee goin to leeve. Angel Phoebe comess to mee inn mee dreemss an shee told mee to stay with LadyMum an bee her companeeon. So mee iss tryin…
      An thee 2 crazy peepull have both been told bye Poe-lice to leeve us alone. PERIOD! Pawss crossed they will lissen. LadyMum iss at her brakin point now….(an movin iss not an opshun!)
      Fankss fur comin over; it meenss a lot to mee!
      Sinseerlee, Siddhartha Henry **sniffullsss** *sneezesss* **sighsss**

  • Oh my word, Prince Siddhartha Henry. You need to get well, you do, to honour Phoebe and rejoice in life. Sending purrs and prayers for you and Lady mom too, that ALL things get better for you both. If the Palace can help just say.
    Gentle and healing purrs and prayers

    • Buudha Kat bless you ERin Purrincess! Yur so wise mee furend. Mee iss berry icky sicky butt mee iss fightin to get better. Yur rite mee has to honor Purrincess Phoebe….mee will do mee best to reecovurr.
      **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  • Lots of prayers and good wishes for Siddhartha. I know you’re so sad to lose your princess but you need to eat up and get better for your mum. She needs you to be around very much.

    • Thanks Carol for stopping by. I have told Siddhartha Henry his Purrincess does not want him to join her yet….
      He is so traumatized by what happened here Saturday it is like he’s given up. Spoke to the Vet today & he agreed Siddhartha Henry needs oral antibiotic. They will arrive tomorrow & he will start them. I just keep praying. Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen

  • I am sorry you are both going through so much turmoil. Siddhartha, you have to eat. phoebe wanted you to continue on and have a wonderful life and even find love again even though her love is forever. XO and love to you both.

    • Hi Ellen: I read your comment to Siddhartha Henry & he then ate his snack. He is very ill tho’. He starts oral antibiotics tomorrow. I’m so worried.
      My Life is a mess. I have support but I am so worn out I can barely function. I just want a quiet life with my beautiful Burmese boy. Is that too much to ask for???
      ❤ LOVE ❤ Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  • I’m am purring lots for you to get better very, very soon, Siddhartha! You look so sad, lying there in your sweater. (Okay, Tyrrone’s sweater, I mean!) It’s so hard for us kitties to eat through URI’s, we can’t smell anything…

    • Mee-you fankss fur tellin LadyMum about thee not smellin thee food propurrley Summer. Iss true! Mee iss eatin food when LadyMum brings it to mee. Still beein syringed with water. Still so sick mee can barelee walk.
      Mee starts oral aunty-byeotick tomorrow. Fankss fur thee purrss! Meenss a lot to mee.
      ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXxXx

    • Many thanks Jackie. This ‘council housing’ lark is getting old. If I could find an affordable market value place I’d be out of here. Alas that is not possible. Thank you for the support. Now to get Purrince Siddhartha Henry better!
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen ❤

  • Prince Henry, don’t you dare leave !You and your Mama need each other, and your friends are all sending you purrayers and POTP ! We know you miss Phoebe, but she loves you and is with you, and you know how hard she fought ! Purrs .

    • Mee iss tryin to get better Lady Mary! Mee feelss like mee did when mee was sick as a kitt an that was turribull. LadyMum iss takin grate care of mee an mee can feel thee POTP an purrayerss! Yur all so wunderfull to care about mee a humbull Burmese mankat….An mee knowss how much Phoebe fott to stay here…how mee misses her….
      ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx

    • LOL we can hear you from here Wally, Ernie & Zoey!!! Siddhartha Henry ate is supper on his own tonight….hopefully this continues. I’m still syringing water into him tho’. He’s pretty weak.
      And I can’t believe I’m going thru this either! Not the way I envisioned my life as a Senior!!
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen ❤

    • Mee-you Brian buddy mee iss fightin…mee even eated sup-purr on mee own tonite….Mee doess not want to go….
      Fankss fur thee *purrss** an purrayerss an ❤ LUV ❤
      **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxx

    • We sure can use all the POTP Monika & Sam & Elsa. I’ve never seen Siddhartha Henry so sick. I’m going to stick by him until he is all better…the ‘littul Purrince’ needs me.
      (((hugs))) sherri-Ellen

    • Thank you Pixie & Zorro for the *healing purrs*. Every purr & prayer helps. I am syringing water into him & hand feeding him when he won’t eat on his own!! I’m ‘on duty’ just as Siddhartha Henry has been ‘on duty’ for me so much.
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

  • We love you little man! Stay warm, take your meds and the food and water your mama gives you. You rest up! Keeping the Power of the Paw going for you little man!! xx Aunty Rachel and Speedy xx

    • Mee iss tryin Aunty Rachel an Speedy! LadyMum syringed mee when shee gotted back frum her appointmint an mee eated mee sup-purr all bye meeself. Mee still feelss pawfullbutt seein LadyMum smile when mee eated on me own was werth thee effort!
      ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry yur icky sicky furend =^,.^=

        • That iss all mee can take Speedy! Mee iss purrty weak! Mumma Mary-Ellen iss goin to bring anti-biotic pillss tomorrow an mee start on them….mee still feelss BERRY sick.
          😦 Sad Siddhartha Henry

              • thats what I take when I need to take antibiotics but in liquid form,Mummy said with her first bunny Caramel she would have the pills and would have to crush them to powder and then mix with water to syringe feed them because they didn’t do it in liquid form back then and they always worked for Caramel,and the liquid has always worked for me,I had Covenia shot once and it made me poorly so mum says if I ever need antibiotics again she will stick to Baytrill,keeping you in my prayers dude,xx Speedy

                • Mee-you Speedy LadyMum NEW about Baytrill fur Bunniess as she had a furend with many bunniess. So shee was sorta sirprized that katss can take it all so.
                  Thee Vet said thee liquid form wood bee xpensive an mee need to take a lot inn 1 dose so thee tabletss were better fur mee. Mee tooked thee 1/2 tab like a champ an syringed water after. An LadyMum sayss mee can have treetss after thee Baytrill…
                  Now thee Baytrill made mee a bit loopy butt mee went fur a short walk with LadyMum last nite so that was nice. An mee feelss a bit more alert this mornin. It will bee a long reecovurry butt mee finkss mee can make it!!
                  An LadyMum told mee shee not sure shee wantss mee usin Convenia as it mite bee too harsh fur mee system an sum katss shee new died frum it! So mee goinn to do mee best to take oral medss 😉
                  ***paw patsss*** yur furend, Siddhartha Henry xXx

                    • Mee-you mee not loopy tonite after Baytrill Speedy. Mee did walk a bit. Butt mee ‘ouchie’ eye iss weeping an irritated an tryin to close. So Aunty Shelia tooked LadyMum to Chemist to get fancy Aunty-bye-otick ointment with Lidocane inn it. Shee iss worried mee mite lose mee eye. An shee iss wurrind mee Thyroid iss actin weerd. Poor LadyMum…mee not feel rite either….

                    • Your ouchie eye might be playing up because you’re poorly but the baytrill and your ointment should help you feel better. If the worse comes to worse and you have to loose the eye you will adjust after all if Speedy can do it so can you…..Just might mean your mum might have to make sure anything breakable is moved so you can’t knock it over. Remember you’re poorly and your system is out of wack a bit so once you’re feeling better everything should settle down. Just you and your mum take things easy and take care of each other; forget about everything else!
                      Lots of ❤ love ❤ Aunty Rachel & Speedy ❤

                    • Aunty Rachel an Speedy if mee eye getss THAT bad mee will not have surgery. Mee not want to mee-yow about that now. Mee barelee abull to cope beein this sick. Fank Buudha Kat fur LadyMum! Fankss fur yur Luv an sue-pport!
                      **paw patsss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xXx

    • Many fankss Cuss-innss Shoko an Kali…**sniffull sniffull** Oh mee feelss so crummy…
      Mee iss restin a lot an mee even eated sup-purr on mee own tonite.
      ***paw patsss*** Cuss-inn Dharth Henry =^,.^=

  • Purrince Siddhartha Henry, you and Mum are always in my prayers. I will add some more! I wish you and Mum could live somewhere peaceful.

    • Mee-you Aunty Susan you an mee both. This place iss a zoo (an not inn a good way!) Housin peepull suggested LadyMum transfurrss to another buildin. Shee asked can they promise there are no ‘crazy peepull’ an shee gotted laffed at!! If mee had more strength mee wood have bit thee Propurrty Manager!!
      Fankss fur thee purrayerss….wee sure can use them.
      ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx

      • There are crazy people everywhere. It depends on the type or intensity of crazy people. You two really need to look at.a different housing situation. It seems like there have been enough incidents here that the cards are stacked against you. Maybe it would be good to start over and make new friends and acquaintances someplace else. There still may be crazies in the new place but maybe you have learned some strategies that they won’t be focused on you two. Or they can be manageable. Don’t give up hope no matter what!

        I think they are jealous of the relationship you have with your little man. Maybe try to play that down a bit or find good friends in your community that love cats also.

        Of course I am not there with you so I don’t know all the facts, but consider making a change for both of you to be happy and healthy. I wish I could help but you need to decide how you react to these nutcases or you need to leave. They can’t hurt you emotionally unless you let them.

        Stay strong and remember we all stand beside you!

        • Hello Juliea: Thank you for your thoughts. At this point there is nowhere ‘safe’ to move to. I can’t afford market value rent so have to stay in Housing. And I refuse to move because people are ‘jealous’ of Siddhartha Henry & myself. As for being hurt I did not ALLOW anyone to hurt me! I have PTSD & some unresolved trauma & am in counselling. Working towards EMDR Therapy. At this point, my main concern is getting Siddhartha Henry well again.
          If either ‘crazy’ person comes after me, they WILL be charged. It is that simple.

          • Good for you. You sound stronger already. You are right about crazies everywhere. Just try to avoid them and socialize with other “not crazies”. POTP to you both. Cherish the good days you have and keep your HOPE alive so you can enjoy the good days. And remember that all of us in this blogging community take care about each other. Even though I haven’t started my blog yet I reply and feel like I am a part of it. And it is great.

            I truly admire your writing and your bravery to put yourself out there like you do. You are much stronger than you think you are and so is your little Purrince! Love ya both, Miss Juliea and Miss Patzy

            • I’m working on empowering myself Juliea! I used to be a very strong person; physically & emotionally. Time & age have taken a toll. However, I will not be bullied out of my home. I DO cherish the good days & I suspect so does Siddhartha Henry.
              I have never socialized with the ‘crazies’ per se; they’d show up & act ‘normal’….until they didn’t. As much as I feel badly for them having mental health/addiction issues, I have NO empathy for bad & terrifying behaviour towards others. And I will continue ‘to put myself out here’ for my sanity & to help others who might have similar issues. This is not called The Purrfect Pad for nothing, lol!! 😉
              ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & *paw patsss* Siddhartha Henry xXx

              • I totally get it. They seem ok until they aren’t anymore. Last week I saw a homeless lady at a convenience store just standing there looking dejected. It was the first fall night (about 11pm) of rain and she had shorts on. I said “are you hungry, do you want something to eat?”. Her eyes lit up and she pulled me towards the food case and said “can I get this burrito? And a yogurt? And a coffee?” I said “ yeah whatever you want”. So I got what I wanted and paid for hers. Maybe I spent $5.00. She seemed grateful. After all, she asked for what she wanted and was polite and I felt good.

                I went home and told my adult son what happened and he said cool. Then my son went to the same store a few hours later (maybe about 3am) and she was out of control saying “I didn’t ask her to buy me that food” and refusing to leave the store. My son told her “it was my mom who did that to help you” and she just went off on him and kept saying that she didn’t ask me to do that and the store couldn’t get her to leave and had to call the police. It’s a good thing I didn’t buy her any booze.

                Just goes to show why she is on the streets and I know not all are crazy, but she sure was that night.

                Anyway, stay strong and if there is anything I can do to help let me know.


                • Oh Juliea how terribly sad! She sounds like she has serious problems. This is how the woman in here acts. She can be ‘normal’ & has been & then she turned into this screaming banshee threatening my life for no reason (other than I am friends with a couple she does not like). And you are right that so many mentally unwell are on the streets. There are no proper Hospitals/places for them to go & be treated & helped. We have so many here in town it is scary. I never go downtown alone anymore. It just isn’t safe. and that is sad for everyone!
                  Mercifully both mentally ill people are giving us a wide berth; long may it continue! I am worn out by the ‘crazy people’….sad but true!
                  (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen 🙂

    • Many thanks Sue & the Fab Five. There is not much improvement today (Thursday), so Siddhartha Henry will start oral antibiotics tomorrow….
      Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry ❤ ❤
      P.S.: We hope Charlie is starting to feel better!!!!!

  • we send lots of potp and power to you… it’s so sad that your home is no longer the purrfect pad with so much bad people around you… I wonder if this woman still can watch her face in the mirror… so sad…

    • Oh Katty this woman is ‘barking mad’ so she has no trouble looking into the mirror. She is delusional & really believes her hallucinations. She is now very terrifying & I am avoiding her at all costs. Today I had my friend Deb come with me to laundry room to do laundry & to the corner shop for milk & a few things. She was my bodyguard for the afternoon. I will be inside my flat all weekend as many are away & I will have to stay safe. The Purrfect Pad is ‘under siege’ but I refuse to give up! I will NOT let the ‘crazyman’ & now the ‘delusional woman’ take away our home. I earned the right to be here when my ex almost took my Life in 2006….
      I will not let some low life dictate my life to me!!!
      Much love to you 3 there! Sherri-Ellen ❤ & Siddhartha Henry ❤

  • Oh Sherri Ellen, may Siddhartha Henry feel the comfort of Tyrone’s sweater, the comfort of Chunky Monkey, and most of all the healing from all the love and prayers coming his way, as and your way also. I know I am not alone in wishing we were closer and I could offer more help. Lots of love, Amy and Lucy ❤

    • Thanks Amy & Lucy dog! Siddhartha Henry is barely any better today (Thursday) & wills tart oral antibiotics tomorrow! I am sure he feels Tyerrone as he wears the sweater & he snuggles Chunkey Monkey a lot & I shower him with kisses & strokes when he is awake.
      All the prayers, purrs & love mean so much to both of us.
      And I know many of you wish you were closer to assist us.
      Bless you. Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry ❤ ❤

      • I do hope Siddhartha is doing better. I feel bad about not being in touch, and if you have seen my blog, I guess you can see what has been keeping me so busy. If not, stop by. I promise it will put a smile on your face. Keeping you both in prayer. Love, Amy

        • Hello Amy: Not much improvement & now his ‘ouchie’ eye is under attack from whatever is wrong with him. Most of my time is spent with Siddhartha Henry; visiting blogs last on my list. Sorry but that is the truth. It’s all I can do to take care of the ‘littul Purrince’ & keep myself in one piece & do our blog.
          Thanks for the prayers, Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry ❤ ❤

  • I hope and pray that the Prince recovers from his infection and trauma and that you and he have better days together!
    Stay strong and you stay healthy too! ❤️

    • Bless you Toby! It has been such a rough couple of months. Too much for Siddhartha Henry & too much for me. His Immune System crashed. He is still VERY traumatized & I am angry with crazy woman…she even looks in my direction I call 911. I’m done! Thank you for your support!
      Love you oodles, Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry ❤ ❤

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