Guest Selfiess frum thee Farm!!!

Published August 13, 2017 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an salutayshunss frum thee Purrfect Pad! 

Woo Hoo it’s selfie time once again!! Mee all wayss getss so-o xcited when Sunday comess around!

An this week mee has GUESTSS!! Yes katss an horsess frum thee Farm who want to pawticipate….so without further a-dew here are mee furendss’ frum thee Farm Selfiess:

Ferst foto is Purrincess Leah:Purrty good fur a ferst timer rite?

Tucker frum thee barn werked hard to get his just rite:LadyMum said Tucker was makin ‘kissy eyess’ at her, mew mew mew….

Then mee Brofur Tyerrone had his tern:Mew mew mew can you tell mee an Tyerrone are Brofurss??? Oh yeah…. wee are bookendss!!!!

Then 3 of mee horsey furendss asked to do a selfie. Ferst uppy iss Heidi:Shee iss a bit shy!! 

Then Ling tried her hoof at a selfie:Shee iss so deemure an ladylike! (Shee iss mee faverite gurl on thee farm.)

An furinallee Apostle stepped uppy to the cammyra an got his selfie dun inn one:Furabuluss Apostle!!! Yur a naturelle at this selfie stuff!! Mee finkss Apostle iss LadyMum’ss favorite because shee told mee shee *kissed* him!  That’ss mee LadyMum! Fankss fur stoppin bye 2 dayss inn a row; yur all thee bestest furendss!!!

May thee Eye of Buudha Kat bee upon efurryone Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


54 comments on “Guest Selfiess frum thee Farm!!!

  • hello siddhartha henry its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow luk at all those frends frum the farm!!! i wish i new so menny diffrent animals!!! hay thank yoo for stopping by with your kind wurds abowt the eye bee dee i reemember yore aunty nylablue she wuz a gud kitty frend to me and i am sorry how the eye bee dee tuk her away it is bad nooz for shoor!!! ok bye

    • Mee-you Dennis fankss fur comin bye to visit. Yur thee BEST! An mee iss blessed to know so many 4 leggedss. Reememburr there were 6 horsess when wee met?? Jabar went to Pure Land last year…. An so did mee Pappaw King George an Aunty Shelly an Jade doggie. Fankfullee there were lotss of katss left an of course Tyerrone livess inn thee house with Aunty Tinkerbelle an Cuss-inn Leah. Furendss are impawtent fur sure Dennis!
      Yur well come Dennis…any furend if Aunty NYLABLUE iss a furend of mine 😉
      An mee reelatess because mee has Eye Bee Ess aka Icky Bowel Syndrome an it iss a reel pain inn thee A$$ fur both mee an LadyMum… butt wee do our best rite Dennis?
      Bee seein you, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    • Mee-you Aunty Maggie an Chancy an Pooh kat iss grate to see youss’ here! Mee wanted to show off mee Brofur an all mee furendss at thee Farm. Mee may not live there butt mee sstayss inn touch. It was a fairlee good week…mee bloggie about it soon.
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  • My goodness, your furiends (and brother!) are so adorable, and so good at taking selfies! This human also has to say that Leah and Tucker look so much like our Angel Rosie and Angel Sammy, who were sister and brother.

    • Mee-you Menagerie Mumma mee hopess Leah an Tucker’ss fotoss’ did not uppyset you!!!
      An fankss fur thee compleemintss….mee Brofur iss so hansum (even hansumer than mee, mee finksss…)
      **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

    • Many fankss Lady Sue an thee Fab Five! Youss’ know how much mee LUVSS doin selfiess! an efurryone at thee farm wanted to do them all so.
      Wishin all of youss’ a kewler nice week!
      ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  • Everbuddy did some great selfies, Siddhartha! Especially Tyerrone! And yes, we can definitely see the family resemblance … so handsome, just like YOU!

    • Tyerrone said to say FANKSS to you Mistur Kevin Meowmeowman!! Hee said you sound like a berry kewl Hu’man! An wee do make a hansum set of Burmesey boys don’t wee??
      **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

    • Mee-you Summer wood you like mee to introduce you to Tyerrone??? Hee ISS singull….
      Fankss fur thee compleemint. Efurryone was xcited to do Selfiess once LadyMum xplained what they are!
      **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

    • Mee iss blessed to have Farm furamillee an dubbly blessed to have KNOWN mee Pawentss an Aunty an Unccle an xtended furamillee. LadyMum told mee most katss do not know theirss Lady Mimi!! Can you emagin?
      ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

    • Mew mew mew thee onlee way to tell thee diffyrence Shoko an Kali iss mee has a left ‘ouchie’ eye an Tyerrone’ss iss his rite ‘ouchie’ eye!
      An yur rite thee horsess are majestic an beeuteefull an inn Apostle’ss case hansum!
      Good to see you cuss-innss!
      ❤ Luv an *nose kissesss* Cuss-inn Dharth Henry xxxx

  • This is a treat to have 2 posts from you in 2 days my love You are so handsome and your brother does look a lot like you. Purrincess Leah is very pretty and Tucker is a cutie too. The horses are all beauties as well. XO and all my love and paw kisses

    • Mee-yew it iss a treet to rite 2 bloggiess back 2 back. LadyMum iss purrty overwhelmed so mee iss lettin her take a few dayss to respond to all thee commintss…..shee iss goin to be berry busy Phoebe!!!
      Mew mew mew Tucker ran away frum thee nayburr’ss farm to live with thee other barn katss an horsess! Fur reel Phoebe! Better eatss an treetss mee finkss! 😉
      Purrincess Leah iss berry purrty. Shee was not inn thee house when Tyerrone an mee came back to thee farm at 4 monthss old. Once mee was adopted then shee came to thee house beecause shee was sick. An then shee stayed! An thee horsess are simplee wunderfull…..mee ADOORSS horsess!!!
      Butt mee ADOORSS YOU MORE mee sweet gurl….
      ~~head rubsss~~ an **paw kissesss** an ❤ LUV ❤ Siddhartha Henry~~ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Oh how lovely to see the guest selfies. We think they are totally brilliant and yeah I would guess you two are brofurs RIGHT!!

    Happy Sunday Selfie and thanks for the farm treat!

    The Dash Kitten Crew

    • Yur so wellcome Harvey Buttonss an thee gang an Lady Marjorie! Mee was so happy to furinallee have mewss an viewss an fotoss’ frum thee Farm….
      Fankss fur stoppin bye mee furendss.
      ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

    • Fankss Noodle thee Kat! Mee was just over at yur bloggie! Yur ‘then an now’ fotoss’ are so kewl! Pawss crossed this week goess as well as last week 😉
      **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    • Did you like thee ‘tour’ Teddy boy an Lady Pam?? Mee just realized that this iss yur ferst ‘tour’ Teddy!!! Unccle Sammy luvved mee ‘tourss’, mew mew mew…
      Efurryone had a pawsum time an LadyMum gotted sum grate fotoss’!!
      ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

    • Many fankss Brian!!! It was luvley to feature Tyerrone an mee furendss frum thee Farm today!! An mee finkss Aunty Rachel beet you to thee linky uppy!
      **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  • Sounds like your Lady Mom is in demand over at the farm, best keep your eye on them steeds in case one carries her away. MOL
    Oooh I say, your brother is JUST like you, are you but I am compelled to say your selfie is best. I have to say all your guests did really well on the selfie front, and that Tucker, well, he’s clearly going to go up in the world….
    Purrrs and head bumps

    • Mew mew mew ERin when Jabar was alive LadyMum all most stayed at thee Farm….now shee iss all *swooney* over Apsotle….mee must keep an eye on her!! 😉
      Mee fankss you fur thee compleemint butt mee finkss Tyerrone iss hansumer….
      Hee iss a lot calmer than mee all so….LadyMum sayss shee luvss mee most tho’.
      An yur rite about Tucker…hee will go uppy inn thee werld 😉
      **nose kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  • Siddhartha, you and your brother certainly are two peas in a pod. We are happy to meet him and your other friends. Did you get to visit the farm with LadyMum? We are always so happy to have you hop with us. We love you and LadyMum bunches and bunches. 💖💞💜 XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

    • Mee-you Aunty Janet an Kittiess Blue mee stayed home as Aunty Tinkerbelle, Purrincess Leah an Brofur Tyerrone go outside bye themselvess. LadyMum did not want mee to bee uppyset seein efurryone runnin around an mee not aloud. Butt mee saw thee fotoss’ an sniffed ladyMum reelly good an got messages frum Tyerrone an Apostle an Ling!
      Iss all ways fun to ‘hop’ with youss’!!!
      Lotss of ❤ LUV ❤ an ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  • Hehehe well mummy kisses horse’s too so never mind… You have some great friends at the farm my friend. It’s been a great week hasn’t it? And I think I got 1st commenter too xx Speedy xx

    • Mew mew mew mee needss to make a badge fur ferst comminter Speedy! 😉
      An kissin horsess iss OK with mee… did shee *kiss* Tyerrone mee wunders???
      Best week inn a l-o-n-g time mee furend.
      ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

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