(Wellcome) Eugene Mousie an Siddhartha Henry’ss Sunday Selfiess

Published May 21, 2017 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an happy greetinss frum Thee Purrfect Pad mee furendss. Another week just sorta flew bye…..did it fly bye quiklee fur youss’???  Monday was ‘Mye-graine’ Monday fur LadyMum an mee was on Purr-amedic duty. PHOOEY!!!! Then Tuesday LadyMum went to thee Spring Tea here an then out with Aunty Judith an Unccle Leon. An mee was all bye meeside. PHOOEY!! Wednesday an Fursday were icky *HOT* here an mee went out a lot butt had Icky Bowelss….PHOOEY!!! Furiday LadyMum went to sum workshop an mee was alone again! PHOOEY!! Yesterday LadyMum went off AGAIN with Aunty an Unccle…PHOOEY!! 

Butt then sumfing nice happened: Mistur Peter a furend inn thee buildin brott mee a new mousie fur mee ‘army’. HURRAH!!!

 Let mee introduce Eugene Mousie:At ferst mee played ‘shy’…..

Then mee had a mee-yow with Eugene an this happened:As youss’ can see mee overcame mee ‘shyness’, mew mew mew….

Aftur a good long play mee looked like this:Whew that Eugene Mousie sure knowss how to play!!! Fankss Mistur Peter fur a grate giftie! 

Since today iss Sunday Selfie mee wantss to join inn:

Here’ss mee Serene Sunday Selfie:Iss rainin an gloomy here butt mee iss serene; mee has LadyMum all to mee self an mee new Eugene mousie. What else could a kittyboy ask fur??????  (Blue tuna fur snack later, mew mew mew..)

Wishin efurryone a serene an happy week. May thee Eye of Buudha Kat bee upon youss’. Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


50 comments on “(Wellcome) Eugene Mousie an Siddhartha Henry’ss Sunday Selfiess

  • hello siddhartha henry its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am happy to heer yoo finaly got a noo toy frend as a reeward for all that beeing alone time!!! beeing alone is not fun but noo toy frends always ar!!! ok bye

    • Mee-you Dennis mee has ALOT of mousiess an mee LIKESS them all butt Eugene iss berry kewl…..An mee can nevurr have too many mousiess mee furend! 😉
      Bee seein you, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  • How sweet that your furend brought you a new mousie!

    You sure had a fun time with Eugene!
    And your selfie *is* serene!
    Hey that is poetical:)
    Now go nosh a sardine!

    MOL, MOL!

    • That’ss IT Mistur Jack an Pipo an Minko!!!
      Mee will call mousie Sereen Eugene! Yur all so clevurr 😉
      Fankss fur stoppin bye mee furends.
      **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  • Now! Now! You know that mum needs to get out and have some fun too!
    Sorry you had a bad bowel day. Your new mousie is adorable! Play with it and love it!
    Love from Aunty Toby

    • Yur rite Aunty Toby mee must let LadyMum go out or shee will go men-tall…
      An mee doess have Eugene to play with! Mee has had a few good bowel dayss; it comess an goess….
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  • That Eugene is a cute little playmate for you, Siddhartha Henry and such a thoughtful gift of Mr Peter. Your pictures are adorable too, Little Purrince. Hope your LadyMum is feeling better, but with you around, I’m sure she will!!

  • What a nice gift from Mr. Peter, Siddhartha! A thoughtful present like that is a wonderful encouragement after a hard week of phooeys, eh?

    Hugs to you and LadyMum!

  • Your serene selfie is just too adorable, poor Phoebe had to rest for fear of fainting. That is one of your best photos yet. And how cool that you got a new mousie for your army. Sorry you were alone so often though, that is a big Phoeey! Also sorry about those bowels and your Mum’s migraine. We are always praying for you both. Phoebe sends hugs and kisses and love. XO

    • Mee-you Lady Ellen purrayin fur us must bee a full time job!!! Thee Mye-graine onlee lasted Monday nite. Thee Icky Bowelss come an go….today was better butt mee threw up a furball an grossed LadyMum out, mew mew mew….
      An mee deerest Purrincess mee not meen to make you feel fainty again….mee needss to putss a warnin on mee fotoss’!!!
      Sum times fingss are just “PHOOEY”…..an sumtimess they are wunderfull 😉
      **purrsss** an ***paw kissesss*** an all mee ❤ Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxx an {{{hugsss}}} LadyMum

  • So glad Eugene came to keep you company when LadyMum had to go off for awhile ! Glad you and Eugene are having a peaceful nap together ! Purrs.

    • Mew mew mew mee sorta pushed Eugene Mousie off thee couch when mee was nappin Lady Mary! Butt mee sleeped with him last nite on thee big bed. Mee REELLY likes mee new mousie!
      Wishin you an yur furkidss a wunderfull week.
      Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    • Iss not easy to bee alone iss it Blackberry??? Our Mumma’ss DO comem home to us so wee are blessed!!!
      An Eugene iss fun to play with an hee keepss mee companee!! Give mee ❤ LUV ❤ to Ladyy Fatos.
      ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

    • Mew mew mew havin Eugene to play with an warmer tempss mee iss happy even if it iss rainin Summer!!! Will bee over soon to visit.
      ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

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