I HOPE ALL YOU VETS’ are Happy now!!!

Published October 12, 2016 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste Efurryone…… Mee iss happy yur all here. LadyMum wantss to mee-yow to all of youss’ so take it away LadyMum! 

Hello Everyone & to all the Vet people who took it upon themselves to read our blog & report back to Dr. Michael & show him the blog! Are you proud of yourselves? Now my special needs cat has NO Vet care & will be out of Vet food & probiotic by the end of the month! Thanks for that! This is now the 3rd Vet we have gone thru in almost 2 years of having Siddhartha Henry. Why am I having all this trouble with him when I was with the same Vet for 20 years with Nylablue & Mingflower???? Dr. Dave took care of my girls & he was my Hero. Remember a month after I had brought Siddhartha Henry to him the proverbial ‘sh* t hit the fan’ & I was told to leave. And you all KNOW how much that broke my heart. To this day he will not reply to emails or speak to me. Then I went to the LadyVet who confirmed the Panleukopenia & then gave him FRV-CP injection that exacerbated the Bowel Syndrome I suspected Siddhartha Henry had & made him sick as if he had the Panleuk again. This then led to his Aggressive behavior!! When I took him back for assessment remember she did not even touch him & refused to assist me. Threw me out & threw Mumma Mary-Ellen out  of the practice. So on to the next Vet I went. Dr. Ian helped a lot but would not discuss medicating Siddhartha Henry for his Hyperactivity/Aggression. Fair enough. So I went to his partner in the practice Dr. Michael only to be told the ‘littul Purrince’ is a threat to me & will not get better. No meds given; just told to euathanize him! And I blogged about it>>>THIS IS MY BLOG! So if you do not like what I posted;  walk away. And do not use my words against me. I now have no Vet & what will happen if no one else accepts us? No Rx foods & meds & that will make Siddhartha Henry very sick. What the HELL do you Vets’ think you are doing? Picking & choosing who you treat. I am furious that all you see is a ‘barn’ cat when you look at my cat!  Purrince Siddhartha Henry was BORN in a barn & he has NOT been there since he was 6 weeks old! He IS NOT feral!! So my cat is not  a ‘FERAL BARN’ cat!!! He is a Burmese cat with special needs. PERIOD!!! So to all our faithful friends & followers I apologize for this diatribe! I thank you all for the love,  support & suggestions you’ve given & already I understand Siddhartha Henry better. To all the ‘trolls’ & others who feel it is THEIR right to snoop may I suggest you go away??? From now on I will not approve any comment from a stranger. In fact, I doubt I will be blogging for a while now. And for your information I did NOT Slander anyone nor can I be sued for Libel. I have checked into that!!! Small comfort to me tho’. I now have to find YET ANOTHER Vet who will take Siddhartha Henry into their practice. I am now VERY close to the breaking point; hope all of you thru’ out Grey County are happy!!!! I won’t recommend any of you except Dr. Dave & Dr. Ian again.  And I pray maybe they will see this blog & take pity on us.  I remain Sherri-Ellen aka LadyMum.

Mee-you now mee knowss why LadyMum iss a bit uppyset. Mee will bee a good kittyboy fur her mee furendss. Shee has dun so-o much fur mee (as has Mumma Mary-Ellen  an Aunty Sheila). Pleeze can you say sum purrayerss that wee get into thee last Clinick inn town…….

May thee Eye of Buudha Kat bee upon all of youss’. An to thee Hu’manss who have sent mee away an do not like mee, mee will say an xtra purrayer fur youss’…. Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=Siddhartha's Sideways Sunday SelfiePee S: Fur thee people who have abandoned mee durin thee past 22 monthss; look deeplee inn to mee eyess. Do you see a feral barn kat there? Do youss’ see a nasty Kat who should bee putted to sleep? Mee thott not!!


74 comments on “I HOPE ALL YOU VETS’ are Happy now!!!

    • It is OKAY to make such a comment Prakash! I went to this Vet after being told he HELPS people with pets with behavior issues. So I felt safe. And then the man says I should Euthanize Siddhartha Henry!! I was in shock!! Put him to sleep for good??? Ridiculous….
      So that is 4 Vets’ who do not want to help me with him. Not a glowing track record for them is it??
      I have a place to buy foods & meds & that is good. I will do my best on my own with the behavior. He has good days/nights & some not-so-good….I play toys with him at night to distract him & that is working well.

  • My dear furriends, you’re having a rough tough time, but now it is all in the open, you take a rest, don’t think it over anymore, but start with a furresh mind…both of you. Life is a heap of problems for you now, but when you find your innerself again you can chose a new, proper and honest Vet again…in time, in peace. Everything reacts on the mood we are in, not nice, but true. We are right here by your side to listen and help, if we can, never forget that, my sweet furriend. For now Healing Pawkisses to the both of you and a Positive Sunshiny Day 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Mee-you littul Binky mee missed yur commint….You know you an Granny were so rite!!
      Wee tooked time to calm down. Mumma Mary-Ellen foned Vet’ss uppy countree an shee found a new vet fur mee this Spring.
      Hee iss a gentull an kind man an treetss efurryone with ree-spect….
      Boy wee sure were uppyset this time last year!!!!
      ❤ LUV ❤ an **paw kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

    • I have to say that the person(s) who read my blog were NOT trolls Monika. They work at the Vet’s practice & they knew about our blog. I guess their loyalty is to the Vet. I do not hold them responsible. The Vet himself is the one who suggested Euthanasia & so he should have tried to smooth things over. Instead he chose to protect himself by removing me from practice.
      I too am hoping for something permanent for Siddhartha Henry & myself.
      Thank you for your support.
      Sherri-Ellen 🙂 & Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

      • Seems like an ethical breach of the vet’s responsibility. Those who brought it to his attention are despicable at the least. They can disagree with you but to rat you out seems to be a betrayal. You and you car deserve better and I hope you get it. ღ

        • I totally AGREE Monika. I had a right to post what happened. I did not use last name or Practice name. It was Anonymous. If local people figure it out so be it! As for the front desk ladies, I am REALLY shocked by their behavior. I have met them all & honestly can not figure which one breached my trust & it no longer matters.
          So in future there will be NO blogs about Vet appointments. It is just easier that way. Thank you for your support..it means a lot to us!
          Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  • hello siddhartha henry its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow i am sorry to heer abowt loozing yore vetnameez persun agin it is so hard to find a gud vetnameez persun and i hav never herd of them treeting payshents this way!!! i am glad that yore mama fownd a playse to buy yore fuds and meds fuds and meds ar importent things for shoor!!! ok bye

    • Mee-you Dennis mee furend iss GRATE to see you!!! Losin a Vet who wantss to end mee Life iss no grate loss…it iss thee fact mee lost Docktur Ian. he iss a nice Hu’man an smart!
      LadyMum werked to find a place low-cal so at leest mee has mee food an Pro-bye-otick an other supplies….
      What a week it was! 😦
      ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx
      Pee S: Hope yur feelin better with yur medss all so….

  • Egads! Petcretary thought vets were too busy to have time to read through kitty blogs…or did someone gossip to them…..ie: tattle?
    Anypaws I too have left a practice where I was poo-pooed for having ideas contrary to one of the vets there. She even wrote a wee note on Minko’s chart that said I was crazy to be feeding him the way I do. Huh?? He would not be with us if I didn’t. She balked at the idea that corn was not a good thing to feed kitties and the script food she said he needed was corn based. Shucks, he wouldn’t touch it anyways, MOL!! (He eats grain free)

    And the thing of it is, the vet I love and he was a compassionate dude only does surgery there…so out I went. Sad.

    Now by serendipity; or providence is more like it, I have found a vet who is cat centered, has a shelter for FIV+ kitties,and he boards kitties. Score! He takes my two now when I have to be out of town and totally understands about feeding Minko.

    And he will see dogs, too…so I think he has three new charges to help out with now:)

    Hang in there!! You are doing the best you know for Sidd-Henry, and if course that is the main thing that counts. I am glad that he does good when he gets the right stuff (Bach’s, etc),and so on. Do you need some too?? Helps with stress, and for sure you have way too much of that right now…

    Purring and pawyering for both of you.

    • Hello Ingrid it is lovely to read your comment. I am seriously considering Bach’s for myself. I think we both need our own.
      Even with Bach’s & the Feliway Diffuser Siddhartha Henry still goes haywire. He claws the screen to get out altho he has been out for most of the day either in Condo or walking.
      And the Vet you had sounds like he was stuck in his ways. They can get so caught up they do not think ‘outside the box… Nylablue should have eaten only Vet food but she refused the liver or pork or whatever it was & ate her Fancy Feast. She ate Royal Canin kibble & her FF & Skipjack tuna & she lived until almost 14; one month away…whether she had eaten Vet wet or not she was on borrowed time & the Vet agreed it was just easier to let her eat what she wanted.
      All my Vets’ or their staff have read my blogs. I didn’t know anyone at THIS clinic actually read it so I was somewhat surprised when I was told one of the Receptionists read the blog & brought it to Vet’s attention. He threw me out because he knew I could make trouble for him. When I asked him if he had recommended Euthanasia he stood by what he’d said & I said he was so out of line…I came for advice on calming meds; not for a ‘death sentence’….and so that phone call ended on a terrible note. I have found someone to supply foods & Probiotic & meds & I am not going to blog about Vet’s here anymore. It seems too risky for us.
      Thank you for your support!
      {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

  • Siddhartha Henry and Lady Mum we send our love purrs and prayers of support. What you have been through is awful and we are surprised that there is not better policing of those in the vet community. We saw that you now do have a vet to get the meds and noms from. Purrs dear friends
    Timmy, Dad and Family

    • Mee-you Timmy an Einstein an thee Gang an Mistur Pete all so! Fankss fur yur support an concern about mee situashun! At leest LadyMum found a palce to buy mee foodabullss an medss. Thee rest iss unknown butt havin mee dailee needs met iss numburr #1 priority!
      LadyMum got thee cammyra checked an it iss A-OK. So it iss thee PeeCee that needs to bee fixed to uppyload fotoss. That not goin to happen till sumtime inn Novemburr so no new fotoss of mee….sorry!
      ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxx

  • All we can do is HISSSSSSSSSSSS and GRRRRRRRRR after reading this! How unfortunate there are those who felt a need to intrude on your business by contacting the vet and tattling on what you told others about their awful, ignorant advice. Please do not worry, there is a compassionate, progressive vet out there for our little Prince. From now on even if it seems unnecessary your vet visits should remain cordial, and limit what you say publicly as you don’t want to start a fire that cannot be put out. You shouldn’t have to walk on tip toes. I speak out of concern and advice on what might be beneficial to do differently in the future to help find and keep the perfect vet. We love you both and will always have your back.
    Beth, Clove, & Kaspars

    • Hello Beth & Clove & Kaspars all I can say is I will NOT walk on tiptoes nor alter who I am to placate anyone…I have a right to Freedom of Speech & I have a right to advocate for Siddhartha Henry.
      I have found a practice that will supply food & meds which is #1 priority.
      I DO understand what you are saying Beth. I just do not feel I have to edit myself on my own blog….
      Thank you for your support.
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

      • You go girl! You do have freedom of speech and you can write what you feel. Those uncaring vets need to wise up that animal lovers do not treat our furry friends like property and do care about them as family. They seem to be stuck in the middle ages where cats and dogs were only kept outside and used for their skills such as mousing and herding. These loving wonderful creatures are smart, loving, caring and feeling family members to most of the population in America today. Many times we are closer to them than to our human families. It’s time these old fashioned vets woke up!

        • Thanks Julie & Izzy for your support>>>funny how they want barn cats to control vermin problem yet they do not want these ‘types’ of cats in their practice…how ‘bass ackwards’ is that???
          It seems we HAVE gone back into the Dark Ages here & I pray there are some more progressive Vet’s left who can assist.
          Someone suggested this Vet might have Compassionate Burnout. I can totally see that being possible. So I am going to draw a line & put a “.” on this episode & move on….
          Thanks for your friendship!
          (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxx

  • OK so I have Calmed down a bit that I can post on here.I admit when I read this I was so cross that if I lived near you I would have been marching in to that vet practice to give them a piece of my mind.That Dr Michael has a lot to answer for and is a complete idiot and needs to learn that a cat that lives in a house/appartment with an owner to love and take care of them is not a feral cat to be disposed of as a bit of trash.plenty of cats end up on the streets because they have been dumped by their owners like a piece of trash and that doesn’t make them feral either.a pet that has a loving home is just that a pet with a loving home.And vets just like doctors have a responsibility to treat injured and sick pets regardless of how the pet came into this world and to do no harm to the sick and injured pets.A pet should only ever be PTS if it is so badly injured or to sick that to prolong that life would make it suffer.Siddhartha is not sick or injured to that extent,he is just a young cat that is taking longer to grow up and out of his kitten stage which is often the case when a kitten is taken away from its mother at a young age.he will grow up and out of this phase when he has finished learning how to be a mature mancat.
    xx Aunty Rachel and Speedy xx

    • I hear you loud & clear Rachel! I could not believe his suggestion & it did throw me for a few days….I even considered briefly. I think I broke my own heart! When I realized the implication I felt AWFUL. No Pet Parent would consider this unless the animal was Rabid or had Distemper or some life threatening illness. All I asked for was a calming med.
      I have found a Practice who will supply Siddhartha Henry’s foods & meds so that is a HUGE relief!
      Thank you for being such a great Sister! Love you oodles!
      Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry ❤ ❤

  • Dear Sherri-Ellen and our dear sweet Purrince…I am so very sorry…I know how hard this has to be for you as two years ago we both were loosing our girls…and now a stupid opinionated vet who had NO right to do what he did…has put you in a place of fear and hurt. Little Kitty Boy has needs like many people who also need meds for their health and their happiness…SH is more than a kitty he is a beautiful little man kitty who wants to be well and who loves his kitty mama:) Animals are so very perceptive and can fine tune to us to hear truths and also lies….I do pray that Purrince did not hear what that awful vet said…he will be ok and he is NOT a feral barn cat and even if he was….so what….when we rescue our babies then we are committed to helping them and any vet who treats them should see our love and devotion for our animals babies…this vet did not so I feel they are not a good vet at all! I am with you my dear friend and we will stand with you for Prince Siddhartha’s treatment and health….for his life and his future that has a hope with lots of good stuff for him and for you:) Sending up LOTS of hugs and LOTS of prayers for you both…I pray that God will throw open the door of heaven for a good vet who can work with you and SH…love you lots….(((((gentle hugs and sweet kitty angel hugs)))))

    • Thank you so much HRCG! I agree with what you wrote. I feel badly for P SH & I hope he did not hear what I was told….he deserves BETTER & I will continue to advocate for him.
      And where he was born has NO bearing on where he lives NOW & who loves him NOW!!!
      Thank you for the prayers. So far I have found a Vet who will supply PSH’s foods & medications so that is a huge relief for both of us. I pray the rest will follow……
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • that is SO wrong….we hope you can find someone that will treat all of you with some respect. our Junior is truly semi-feral and our vet is fine with him (though we do have to knock him out if we need to examine him).

    • Working on it Random Felines. I am no longer going to be so trusting. Siddhartha Henry is no more feral than I am so I am done with labels. He is going to have a fresh start one way or another!
      My friend in North Carolina has a semi-feral girl a lot like your Junior. Altho the cat has lived in a house with my friend & her other cats she still acts feral. Takes my friend an hour to catch her to put in carrier…
      So I am not complaining! Siddhartha Henry walks right into the carrier…..
      Thank you for stopping bye.
      Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen
      P.S.: I am using Bach’s Rescue Remedy & Feliway Diffuser with success.

    • Hi again Amy: No the meds I was considering are prescription meds. I am not going to pursue this obviously! I will just use Bach’s & the Feliway & continue to work with Siddhartha Henry!!!
      I have ALWAYS been open about our blog. I used to send the links to Dr. Dave all the time.
      When we got into this Vet practice I mentioned I blogged as the cat & the ladies asked for the link. I had no problem giving it to them; why would I???
      As I stated in the original blog; I did not disclose which Practice it was or the Vet’s full name. I did not slander anyone! I wrote the truth…..I presume whoever showed the blog to Dr. Michael did it out of loyalty. He chose to banish us from the Practice & that is fine. I will not recommend them to anyone. Whether I blog or not that would be what I would do.
      I will be very vigilant in future. I am now moderating comments & if I do not know the person they are not appearing in comments. I am so done with all this drama Amy!!!!
      Love }} Sherri-Ellen & ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • These so called ‘vets’ need to step back and look at themselves. When they crossed the line from taking care of animals to this kind of behavior, they are in the wrong field. I’m sorry you are going through all of this my friend. XOXO – Bacon

    • Thank you Bacon & June. I am beyond fed up! I agree the line was crossed. I had every right to blog as I did & I will NOT print a retraction. Not going to happen! I spoke the truth; guess the Vet did not realize who he was dealing with…..
      Hopefully things are going to improve soon.
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & ***nose rubsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • I think some vets should bow their head with shame now… I always thought to become a vet has something to do with loving animals… but it seems that is not always the case… hugs to you, I hope so much there is a vet in your area who can help you out when you are in need….

    • Should bow their heads with shame but will not! It seems Vet medicine is about profit now…more than anything. We like you as long as you can pay!
      I am sure NOT all of them here are like that….I hope I find one soon.
      I am so worn out from arguing with Vets’ & people about what I posted. Tired of everything….
      Sorry today has started out badly (again…)

  • Such a shame that you have to go from one vet to another and another and yet another just to find someone who will try to take the time to truly help Siddhartha be healthy and happy. Hopefully the place you have newly found and will be you source for Siddhartha’s meds, will have a heart and help. Some cats have needs that go beyond a pat on the head and an annual shot or two……just as it is with humans, some cats have ongoing medical issues and need ongoing understanding and care. We pray calm and serenity will prevail – distress and endless disappointment are stressful for both of you and make things worse. Sammy and I are sending hugs and lots of hope that you will get the compassionate care you need !!

    Love, Pam (and Sam)

    • You hit the nail on the head Pam! I am stressed out; Siddhartha Henry is reactive.
      I have a food/med supplier. So that is something.
      This ‘Vet hopping’ has to stop for both our sakes!!!
      It seems that since I adopted him I have had ONLY disappointment from Vets’ here. It really is incredible! No one EVER shunned Nylablue or Mingflower so why this cat?
      I know the answer & that does not make what has happened right.
      I will continue to advocate for P SH & for cats like him who need extra care!
      Thank you Pam & Sammy for your support.
      ❤ LOVE ❤ Sherri-Ellen & **nose rubsss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx

        • That ‘all most’ makess mee nervuss Unccle!!!!
          Mee food an medss are ready fur pick-uppy so LadyMum will get efurryfing next week. mee will have food fur Novemburr an enuff Pro-bye-otick fur 3 monthsss!! That iss purrty grate eh Unncle??? 😉
          So maybe fingss are startin to balance like you say…
          **nose bumpsss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxx

    • Thanks Annie! It obviously was not a good idea to ask for help for Siddhartha Henry. Obviously I am not supposed to blog about the truth either.
      I have found a foods/meds provider for now…..
      ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • This is just terrible, and we are sorry to hear about this really rotten situation. That vet must have some incredibly thin skin to just give up like that. And maybe scared that they would have to do some real thinking and problem solving. Shameful and sad. We’re purring and praying for you both, as always, Siddhartha and LadyMum. Hugs.

    • Hello Kevin I agree with what you have said! This Vet was RECOMMENED by one of P SH’s Aunt’s. She has had cats & taken care of ferals & strays also all her life.
      Can you imagine how she feels after I told her what the Vet suggested?
      And I have gotten flack from others about blogging about this…..truth hurts apparently. Hence why I did my own blog to the Vets’. I KNOW none of them will ever take responsibility for what the said or did or didn’t do. And until someone DOES apologize I will speak out for Siddhartha Henry & all cats like him!!!!
      Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry ❤ ❤

  • That is just awful! Talk about thin-skinned. Clearly that vet was not right for you anyhow, and you know what? It is actually not that easy to find a good one. We live in a huge city and aren’t all that happy with ours! But at least they like us, and when Binga had a dental the vet even took photos for the blog. I hope you find another, better clinic very soon!

    • Janiss & Summer remember when I would take Nylablue to the Vet’s & we would take pix?? Those were the days. I had the BEST Vet in the County; maybe even the Province. I had ‘back-up’. I felt safe.
      Then it all fell apart & it has been a struggle & in honesty H*LL w/out a Vet to ‘back’ me up & help with Siddhartha Henry’s needs. I had no idea people in big cities had similar problems.
      A few people have mentioned this to me via FB & I was quite surprised…….
      Working on a new place for P SH & I to be….
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **nose rubss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

  • How horrible that this is happening. But things will get better. You have so much support here and we all truly care about you and Henry. Don’t forget this. We will miss you terribly if you stop blogging. What a bunch of petty vets. They should be able to take a little criticism constructively to learn and improve themselves and their practices. Love ya, Miss Julie and Izzy Boy

    • Thank you Julie & Izzy Boy! It is good to know people understand what has happened here. I kept thinking it was all my fault. I am the common denominator but then I realized Siddhartha Henry is & so far no Vet has REALLY wanted to deal with his behavioural issue. And that is NOT P SH’s fault at all.
      I am not sure about the blogging. We shall see how things go. I need some time to gather myself & find a Practice for P SH to be in.
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

    • Oh Mary it was not my intention to upset you! I figured the Vet or the Desk girls would check for a new post & I wrote this to them & to the previous Vets’ who have thrown us out of their practices for no good reason. I am tired of P SH being labelled as a ‘barn’ cat &/or a ‘feral’ cat….
      I have never seen a feral barn cat hang out in a Condo on a patio or go for walks in a walking vest!
      I am now fighting for my cat & cats like P SH to be seen as living breathing pets not labelled as a ‘throwaway’ cat…..
      You can always message me on FB or go thru my regular email…..
      And I am sure nothing you would say would upset me…I have probably said the same to friends here.
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  • This is so awful! We know you are not a barn cat. I wonder why anyone would do that-some people are so awful. All our comments were out of love and support for you and your Mum.

    • Mee-you mee sweet Phoebe an Lady Ellen you an LadyMum an mee knowss all thee commintss were about support! An wee fink that ruffled sum featherss…. LadyMum mee-yowed thee truth an that gotted her inn trubbull, butt shee had a rite to share mee ongoing story….
      LadYmum iss berry uppyset so mee iss goin sit with her fur awhile…..
      ***paw kissesss*** an all mee ❤ LUV ❤ to mee Phoebe gurl, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Holy c@rp, Sherri-Ellen, What happened? Are the local vets ganging up on you? Does no one have compassion for you and your Purrince. I think these vets don’t want to accept a challenge and the research it might require. Your choice to give Siddhartha a loving home and desire to get help for him from the veterinary community is of the utmost importance. Whatever has happened, no one has the right to judge you and the decision you make for yourself and your “family.” I pray for Siddhartha and you daily and will continue to do so. I do hope you can find a compassionate and caring vet who will work with you and Siddhartha. Sending lots for love and warm hugs, Janet and the gang. 😻❤️

    • Hello Janet & thank you for your support. I FEEL like I am being ‘ganged’ up on for sure! And I suspect there is a lot going on I do not know about. Siddhartha Henry has been branded as a ‘barn’ cat; then a ‘feral’ cat & now a ‘threat’ to me! Really??? How many feral cats do you know who hang out in a Condo & wear a walking vest & walk on lead??? You are correct; no one wants to really do anything serious to assist me. And I have the right to state this for the world to read.
      I have found a Practice for P SH’s foods & Probiotic & other supplies….I hope this is the last ‘stop’ for us. I can’t take any more stress!
      Thank you for the support & prayers! Sending the Kitties Blue lots of ❤ love ❤ & pats }} to you Janet!

  • Prurrince Siddhartha is a young mancat. Of course he is going to be a little hyper. Because he was removed from his mama cat so young, it might take him a little longer to grow out of kittenhood. We think he will. We also think the vets in question are cowards because they are unable to admit — to themselves and to LadyMum — that they do not have all the answers. Ultimately, that failure that will be their downfall.

    Our meowmie thinks Purrince Siddharth looks like a love muffin. She misses having a her own Ninja Kitty.

    We will purr for LadyMum, for Purrince Siddhartha, and for peace for all of you. PurrPurrPurrPurrPurrPurr…

    The Feline Contingent
    (Lilith, Rosco, Tina, & Lucky)
    & Cat Staff

    • Hello Debby & Feline Contingent I totally agree with what you have said here! BANG ON!!!!
      Siddhartha Henry IS a ‘love muffin’ & he deserves better care than he has gotten in the past. Dr. Dave would have never allowed any of this to happen.
      Thank you for the purrs & ‘purrayerss’…..you all ROCK!
      ***strokes*** to Lilith, Rosco, Tina & Lucky also

    • Mee-you Kosmo an Kristiina mee does not know what LadyMum iss goin to do about thee blog. Shee will not tell mee.
      Shee found a Vet who will sell her mee foodabullss an medical suppliess fur now. Shee iss goin to meet sumone there tomorrow an show them mee fotoss’. Mee not need to go…..
      Fank you fur sayin mee iss a speshall kat; mee has ^^blushie earsss^^ now!!!
      Pawss crossed mee see you again….
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  • Oh my!! You have had a rough time Dharth. We still think you’re not broken but, like the rest of us, have baggage. You do have issues that need a vet but no tranquilizers….you are you. We cannot say anymore….we love ya Dharth.

    Kali and Shoko

    • Yur rite Cuss-innss Shoko an Kali….mee has a littul baggyage an mee iss NOT broken at all….An mee not have to wurry about trankss because LadyMum sayss no one will help her anyway. So mee goin to stay on Bach’ss an wee use Feliway….it DOES help!
      ***nose kissesss*** Cuss-inn Dharth Henry xxxx

  • We are all praying for you and your Mum! She deserves
    the support both of you need and obviously are not getting!!! I hope you find the care that
    YOU need and deserve!
    Love Aunty Toby

    • Aunty Toby yur kind werdss comfort both of us at this time!! LadyMum has a lead on a new Vet. Pawss crossed she can find mee sumwhere good to bee….
      ***paw kissesss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx

    • LOL Marjorie too late! I panicked! Siddhartha Henry did not see that tho’…..
      I called around & have found a place to buy his foods & meds as long as I pay up front. Whatever works! Siddhartha Henry is my #1 priority!
      As for the Vets’ who have betrayed him I hope they can live with themselves. Obviously they can & do as they are willing to abandon a ‘special needs’ cat! I have NEVER experienced anything like this in my entire life!!!
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

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