Beef, Bach’ss an Kissess an so-o much more…..

Published September 24, 2016 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an greetinss frum Thee Purrfect Pad. Mee assuress you much iss not purrfect here once again….Have you efurr noticed how yur Life iss goin along calm an fingss are nice an the all of a sudden! WHAM!!! Sumfing bad happenss an then sumfing else an then it a cass-cade outta control??? Well that has happened here fur mee & then LadyMum yet again……

Mee started ternin mee nose uppy at thee Performatrim Beef that iss mixed inn with mee G-I wet food. So LadyMum an Mumma Mary-Ellen went huntin fur sumfin new butt not high inn protein an fat. An LadyMum came thru fur me!!! Mee iss now eatin Ultra Beef Stew:ultra-beef-stewIss made bye same company butt iss way tastey-er (iss that even a werd?) Mew mew mew…. So that problem solved. Then there was mee Hypurractivity that reeterned (fur no reason). So LadyMum bott mee sum more Bach’ss an gave it to mee efurry day; sumtimess twice a day:Bach's Rescue RemedySoon as mee seess thee bottull mee calmss down!!  So with 2 or 3 walkss purr day an LOTSS of Condo time an Bach’ss mee iss back on track beehavour-wise.  It was during thee Hypurr timess that LadyMum started pickin mee uppy an cuddlin mee an givin mee so-o many *kissesss*; seereusslee smothered inn *kissesss* an mee likess,  no LUVSS this berry much. So much that mee now snugullss on couch with LadyMum efurry nite an it iss LUVLEY!!! (Wee have fotoss’ but cammyra not uppyloadin, sorry…)

So fingss fur mee are purrfect….an then it was LadyMum’ss tern fur sumfin bad to happen to her. Shee sent an email to many of youss’ about thee Speshellist an what hee did (or did not do) to her. Fur those of youss who not know what happened mee will let LadyMum tell thee story. Go ahead LadyMum:

Hi Everyone: As most of you know, I receive  Lidocaine injections 4 times a year. I have between 8-11 injections per visit. This is only 1% Xylocaine/Lidocaine so it is a VERY small dosage. I had a lot of ‘flare-ups’ after the March injections & the June injections. Sine last December  Dr. M.  has been  saying I could not have them for much longer due to side effects such as, no proven long term efficacy with Lidocaine. And of course, there I was having so much trouble walking (using walker) & in so much pain. So when I went to see Dr. M. this past Thursday I was in dire straits wondering what was going on. Long story short; Dr. M. LIED to me & gave me Saline Solution instead of Lidocaine WITHOUT  my Knowledge or Permission!!!! And guess what? He can legally do that because of a Medical loophole I knew NOTHING about. Let me say, I suspect I was given Saline in March also because I have been in such pain since then….he admitted to June only. He says he has read ‘articles’ revoking the use of Lidocaine as a pain deterrent but had nothing to show me. He knows I was in Medical profession so there was NO reason to pull a fast one on me. He then said there ‘could be’ scar tissue at injection sites & I really let into him. I was reduced to tears realizing he had lied right to my face after 11+ years of being my Specialist. I almost stormed out….thankfully REASON prevailed & I stood my ground. After 15-20 minutes of heated discussion & tears (on both sides); Dr. M. agreed to give me 8 Lidocaine injections. I asked him for proof so that he did not pull a ‘fast one’ again. Once I was changed into a gown, he returned with the needle & this:lidocaine-hydrochloride-injection-uspSo at least I had some visible proof he was using the correct medication. And I had an epiphany once the 8 injections were completed. When I get Lidocaine there is far LESS pain. D’UH, of course because it is a numbing agent so once it starts going into my body it numbs the injection site; whereas the Saline Solution burns & stings & hurts even after the needle is withdrawn!!! How this escaped me I do not know. I had become complacent; believing what Dr. M. was saying about the lack of efficacy. I spoke with my ‘Bestie’ yesterday who is a Medical person & she told me there is a Medical-Legal loophole that Doctors can use to cover up what they are doing. And then I had the 2nd epiphany!!! Until this year Dr. M. always asked me if I wanted ‘more Lidocaine injections’. He said he has to ask because of medical-legal reasons. I always agreed. Thinking back, I realized that in March & June he asked me “Do you want more injections?” See the difference?? He did not say “Lidocaine injections” & of course I  assumed he was going to give me Lidocaine so when I said “Yes” he then could legally substitute Saline Solution for Lidocaine & get away with it! I am utterly & totally devastated & dejected. There is no one else locally who can do the injections. I am too unwell to travel 3 1/2 hours each way for treatment in London. I came home Thursday in quite a state complete with high BP & raging headache. I spent most of after noon crying. I had a complete emotional meltdown in public that night. Except for walking the ‘Littul Purrince’; I am staying inside my place. I just can not deal with anymore deception from anyone. I have an appointment in December & I am going back with an Ultimatum> I will agree to only having Lidocaine injections 3 times a year (every 4 months) with the agreement that Dr. M. gives me ONLY Lidocaine those 3 times PLUS that day he MUST give me Lidocaine to make up for the June Saline Solution. I think this is a fair compromise. Why do I feel I am playing “Blackjack” with my life??  And there is nothing I can do about it. If he says he would only do Lidocaine twice a year I will have to take that….but I know it will not be enough. And I explained that w/out Lidocaine I end up taking Codeine Phosphate 30 mgs.  like they are TicTacs….you think he would have understood the importance & necessity of the Lidocaine. So that my friends is what happened. If it were not for Siddhartha Henry I would have done something drastic & negative to myself. He kept me from anything bad. It is always my cats that save me from Life’s worst betrayals….OK back to Siddhartha Henry… “Duders”:

Fankss LadyMum!! Mee iss gonna take good care of you an wee get thru this mess together!!! Thee POTP iss upon you LadyMum all wayss….

Mee leevess you with mee new Collage with mee new furend, Chunkey Monkey that mee Hu’man Neece Shawna gave mee!! Hee an mee wrestle a lot an snuggull a lot all so:chunky-monkey-collageIssn’t hee kewl??? Fankss fur stoppin bye efurryone. Wee will do our best to get to all yur bloggiess butt if wee not there do not takess it purrsonallee. LadyMum has ALOT to deel with an mee just tryin to help her as best mee can!!! May thee Eye of Buudha Kat bee upon efurryone….Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


57 comments on “Beef, Bach’ss an Kissess an so-o much more…..

  • I’m so glad Siddhartha Henry helped you when you really needed it. What your doctor did was awful, and that’s a terrible loophole – so unfair! I hope you’re feeling better now that you got the real Lidocaine. Hugs to you both.

    • Mee-you Lady Amber an Daisy Dew now LadyMum iss movin propurrlee an not inn agony anymore!! So wee have til Decemburr fur her to bee inn good shape!
      An it iss a turribull loopyhole. Mee asked LadyMum if Dockturss can do that inn thee Statesss?? Mee hopess NOT!!!
      An mee was on ‘Purr-amedic’ duty; it’ss what mee does Daisy…
      ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • O, you sweet little Kitty. You look so adorable in your Selfies almost like a teddy-kitty-bear. Here are some Extra Pawkisses for you and your LadyMum and we are sure everything will work out fine in the end. Another extra dose of Healing Pawkisses 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Mee-you yur so sweet littul Binky an make mee feel so good!! Fankss fur thee **paw kissesss**; mee not deserve them aftur what mee did Monday nite….Mee iss a notty kittyboy….*gulpss*
      There iss talk of mee goin back to farm inn to thee BARN…say it iss not so…mee iss terrified now Binky an mee brott it on meeself.
      Mee will blog soon an tell thee story…. 😦
      Xtra **paw kissesss** to you an ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~ xxxxxxxx

      • I think you pick up the emotions of others and react on them. Your LadyMum loves you very much, Little Purrince, and she does do everything to keep you with her, so I think you stay for another round…as a matter of speaking, my furriend 😉 Double Pawkisses and I crossed all my paws for you 🙂 ❤

        • Mee-you littul Binky an Grannie mee iss here fur ‘another round’ like you sayss. Inn fact, when Mumma came inn frum thee farm shee told us mee could bee inn thee house butt what about mee not eatin mee Brofur’ss an Auntie’ss foods??
          An Mumma M-E has still 15 katss an Jade doggie an 6 horsess to care fur….
          Mee wood end uppy inn barn with mee Mumma Tori an thee rest of kat furamillee butt it wood not bee healthy fur mee…..
          So mee MUST leern to bee good!!
          An yes, mee does seem to act ‘bad’ when LadyMum has been uppyset or angree….
          Mee wantss to stay here with her littul Binky ❤
          All mee furendss are 'here' inn thee Pee Cee…..
          Fankss fur helpin mee again.
          Tripull ***paw kissesss*** an ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~ xxxxxxxxxxx

    • Mee-you Noodle thee Kat how are fingss there???
      There has been more goin on here an LadyMum stressed rite out….
      Mee iss tryin to bee good 😉
      An at leest mee not brake thee new Tee Vee….
      **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • Oh my sweet nefkitty. I got your email and couldn’t respond over the weekend cause mom/dad had to go out of town. I am so ticked to read what the doctor did to your sweet LadyMum. It is totally unbelievable that he would even call himself a doctor – let alone think about the compassion that he didn’t show. I just want to kick him. That sounds better than what I really want to do but mom says *we* have to be the bigger anipals in this situation and love one another. And then on top of everything else your television decides that it is done playing. What a rough couple of weeks!! Please give your LadyMum lots of hogs and snout kisses from me. We send both of ya’ll much love!! ❤ XOXO – Bacon

    • Mee-you Unccle Bacon wee hopess yur purrentss had a good time outta town!
      Mee could not believe what happened to LadyMum either. Shee has NOT been ‘rite’ since.
      Mee got inn trubbull Monday nite fur attackin thee new Tee Vee an let mee say LadyMum went Poe-stal!!!
      Mumma Mary-Ellen came inn yesterday finkin shee wood have to buy us a new Tee Vee…..
      It has not been a good week so far fur us. When doess all this end Unccle???
      ***nose rubsss*** an **paw patsss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

      • Aaww my nefkitty. Mom/Dad had to go out of town for a funeral. It was definitely a sad time because a person really close to us passed away. But Mom/Dad did make the best of their trip – you’ll see in this afternoons posting in Travels in the South.
        And you know, we are all anipals and humans. We all get into challenging times from time to time for sure. I have my collection – snorts! Be nice to your Ladymum and give her some snout kisses for me. Hope things get better today. XOXO – Bacon

        • Mee-you mee iss so-o sorry Unccle an Lady June an Mistur Jim. Mee feelss so bad fur efurryone…..
          Mee will have to read thee new bloggie post….
          Mee will **kiss** LadyMum an bee a better kittyboy fur her…purromise!
          ***nose rubsss*** neffkitty xxxxxx

  • Oh, MY 😦 We read your email…well, your LadyMum’s…and then we too got too busy to do much about it..and now fur-nally we are all here to say Hello.

    Your poor LadyMum must have felt so betrayed.
    (We are wondering what does that so called Doc do with the Lidocaine meant for your LadyMum and subbed with Saline??) Sending big whaps and hisses to him, and maybe a good nip in the you know where from dog-guy.

    And you, SidHenry!? You gotta stay calm and composed to be a good kitty nurse. Hope the new noms are a success with your tummy-tum. And its a good thing the Bach Remedy works. We have some of that here fir the petcretary…it helps her ‘turn off her head’ at night after a hectic work shift.

    Hope your new TeeVee is functional and hooked into the cable asap.

    Take care:)

    • Mee-you Mistur Jack an Pipo an Minko pleezee send BIG whapss an Hissesss an a bunch of good NIPSS inn thee tushie frum Mistur Jack!!! Mee iss still furry uppyset over poor LadyMum an shee iss still a mess all tho’ with propurr Lidocaine shee iss hardlee inn pain!! But shee should not have had to go thru all this.. An yes, LadyMum feelss utterlee beeetrayed an deejected like shee losted her best furend. An you know wee nevurr thott about thee not used Lidocaine….LadyMum says hee probable saves it an doess he bill thee Innsurance fur Lidocaine an not Saline??? There iss sum reel sneeky stuff happenin here!!!!
      Mee finks LadyMum needs Hu’man Bach’ss! Mee iss on mee Rescue Remedy all most dailee an thee Feliaway iss plugged inn once again.
      New Tee Vee iss werkin now butt mee tried to ‘kill it’ Monday nite so mee iss inn doggie house once again. Mee not brake new Tee Vee butt Ladymum was fureeuss with mee!!!!

      An our cammyra iss broked so no new fotoss’ Iss all ways sumfing here 😦
      Butt wee are glad to see youss’!!!!
      ~~~head rubs~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

      • Oh, brother. Such stress and mess you have to go through all the time. It seems you are in a big rut and can’t get out. Will purr and woof hard to blow you out of there into the bright daytime of the good side of the sand-pit. Hmmm, that sounds silly, but you know what we mean, MOL/BOL!
        Now why are you trying to ‘kill’ the new TeeVee?? Did you chew on the wires, Minko will tell you how to do that…oops, maybe not a good idea!

        Sheesh; a broke camera is way worse than like here, when the petcretary doesn’t use hers…

        Stay calm with your Bach remedy and Feliway…and mew your LadyMum to have a good hot cup o’tea; doesn’t that so called spot of tea help so many things?? Our petcretary uses Melissa tea sometimes mixed with chamomile tea, tastes good with some honey and quite relaxing and yummy.
        You all take care and remember you are not all alone, bloggerland is purring and woofing and pulling for you:)

        ((((( ♥ )))))

        • Yur rite Mistur Jack thee ‘rut’ gets deepurr an poor LadyMum iss worn out an mee iss testy! It has to tern around an soon!!!! Mee iss takin mee Bach’ss an thee Feliaway iss werkin all so. An mee iss lissenin to LadyMum more an not beeein so-o stubborn.
          As fur mee tryin to ‘kill’ thee new Tee Vee mee not know why mee did it an neether does LadyMum…..shee made an appointmint with a new Vet to xamine mee an maybe put mee on sum calmin meedycayshun. PHOOEY!!! So mee has to bee good an maybe shee will cancel thee appointmint!!!!
          Fank you fur yur **purrsss*** an **woofsss** an Purrayerss…they REELLY help us ALOT!
          LadyMum iss allergick to Cahmmymile so shee has Tetley Decaf tea at nite an that reelaxess her…..
          ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • Oh my, Siddhartha Henry, I do not know what to say but what happened to your peep was terrible. There must be another specialist that can help, surely? I am happy that you are feeling better yourself, though, as that will help your peep too. Purrs to you both. ERin XOXO

    • Mee-you ERin gurl not another Speshellist inn site!!! Wee live far away frum bigger placess an LadyMum doess not travel long distance anymore….
      LadyMum will see Family Dock next month a take a ritten report an then go back to Docktur M. inn Decememburr. Wee hope Family Dock will mee-yow to Dr. M. an straiten him out….
      Mee had another setback….so mee iss reecoverin again.
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

    • Good GREEF iss rite!!! It was a sneeky ruse an thee Docktur can do this iss not fair! There iss NO OTHER Speshellist who can do Lidocaine shots here.
      So Sam shee will go back inn Decemburr an see what will happen. Iss all nasty mee can tell you…
      **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • Siddhartha, we love your selfies as always, and are glad you are doing so well. We are really sad and mad that LadyMum’s doctor treated her so poorly. It is just terrible. We are sending healing purrs and prayers, and gentle hugs.

  • We are so so so sorry that your Mum had such a horrible experience. We just can’t wrap our brains around that at all. WE send big purrs and hugs.

    • Mee-you Annabelle wee feel thee same here…it iss so sad that this Docktur has lied to LadyMum. Hee iss young enough to be her son an shee has admired an respected him all these years an trusted him 150% purr cent an now this…..
      Fankss fur thee **purrss** an ((hugss))
      Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxx

  • I’m so sorry that your mam has to go through so much hard and sad things… what a year you had… with this dogtor, the evil stalker and mean peeps… we hope so much that things will be better… maybe the whole world should get some Bach Drops to find back to a good balance…

    • You are so-o RITE Easy an Lady Katty!!! Even one of mee Auntyss’ terned on LadyMum Fursday nite….what iss wrong with thee werld??
      An Bach’ss fur efurryone soundss like THEE plan to mee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

    • Mee-you Pixie an Zoro fingss goin g good fur mee butt poor LadyMum iss purrty uppyset still. Fankfullee shee DID get Lidocaine this time an thee pain iss berry minnymul…..that iss one good fing.
      So shee will have 3 more good months an then who knows what happens, so wee live inn today….
      Mee beein a good kittyboy fur LadyMum; shee has enuff to deel with!
      ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • Beef stew eh? We haven’t tried this one cause mom thought we wouldn’t like it and stuck with beef or chicken. It’s worth a try. We don’t seem to like the Performatrim as much as we used to.

    Sounds like you two have got yourselves together now and it should be smooth sailing for the rest of the year.


    Shoko and Kali

    • Mee-you Shoko an Kali this Ultra Stew iss deevine! Now it doess have bitss of carrotss an red pepperss inn it. LadyMum takess thee pepperss out just inn case they wood uppyset mee bowelss. Mee likes thee carrotss ALOT!!! Mee mite bee part ‘bunny’??!! Mew mew mew….
      An thee Beef Stew iss only 10% proteen an 1.5% fat which iss purrfect fur mee low proteen/low fat dye-et!
      As fur smooth sailin….not quite yet Cuss-innss! Thee TeeVee died yesterday. Piccy tube blew. TeeVee was all most 13 yearss old so had a good life, mew mew mew…
      Today Aunty Sheila will take old Tee Vee to dee-poh an then take LadyMum to buy new Tee Vee…..paws crossed ladymum can hook it uppy an wee can watch it tonite!! 😉
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ Cuss-inn Dharth Henry~~~

  • I’m glad things are going well for you, Siddhartha, because your human doesn’t need anymore stress right now. How awful, what that doctor did! I’m purring lots for her to feel better, and for that doctor to stop messing with her wellbeing.

    • Yur rite Summer! Mee must keep a kewl head an bee a propurr kittyboy!!
      Thee Lidocaine iss werkin good now an so LadyMum has 3 good months to bee abull to funkshun well. Then shee goess back an see if hee will continue to bee her Speshellist or not…..
      ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • hello siddhartha henry its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is not kool at all what the hyooman vet did to yore mama!!! yoo no my mama and dada say that us animals git better kayr then peepul do sumtimes and after heering this storry i think it is troo!!! tail wags that yore mama feels better soon!!! ok bye

    • Mee-yow Dennis mee has missed you!! All this coe-moshun goin on an mee been unabull to visit furendss! An the Hu’Man Vet needss a good *paw-smackin* mee finkss!!!!
      Mee had a bad Vet all so, so mee knows how LadyMum feels!!!
      Maybee shee should go to mee present Vet; Dr. Ian iss a good Vet!
      Thee tail wags helped Dennis….now can you fix thee Tee Vee??
      ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • My sweet purrince, you look so cute with your new monkey friend. I am glad you have a good Mum that searched for a good food for you and she found one- yay! I am glad you are getting lots of love and trying to be a good boy. My Mom wrote to your Mum last night about how awful that Dr. is, that is such a mean thing to do. XO and love and paw kisses.

    • Mee-you sweet Purrincess Phoebe mee has one deevoted LadyMum!! an Mumma Mary-Ellen all so to help LadyMum! Mee iss dubbull blessed issn’t mee???
      Mee has been so good LadyMum gives mee tripull *kissesss*, mee-you they are so nice!
      An LadyMum reepleid to Lady Ellen’ss email. This was such a shock fur mee poor LadyMum; mee wunderss how Hu’manss can bee so meen to other Hu’manss????
      Fank Buudha Kat wee have each other an SO-O much ❤ LUV ❤ mee buttercup gurl ❤
      Eternallee yurss with ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Siddhartha and Sherri-Ellen…Mom replied to the e-mail last night so won’t address it again here. She just prays that you are feeling better today, Sherri-Ellen. We are happy you are taking good care of her, Siddhartha, and that LadyMum was able to calm you down again. We sure like Chunky. He looks like a good pal. You both are always in our daily prayers. We love you very much. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and your Aunty Janet ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Mee-you Aunty Janet an Kittiess Blue LadyMum has been berry chippurr an movin purrty well today. Iss amazin what REEL Lidocaine can do fur her, mew mew mew….
      Mee iss makin sure LadyMum iss happy an luvved; shee has had a bad shock!
      Chunkey Monkey iss a lot of in….smackypaw!!!
      Fank you fur purrayin fur us; yur all so wunderfull.
      ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry an (((hugs))) LadyMum
      Pee S: Thee Tee Vee died aftur 13 yearss….iss all wayss sumfing!

  • Your photos with your pal are wonderful and I’m glad the calm found you. Tell that LadyMum was all send hugs and lots of purrs. If she hears a loud rumbling noise that would be our purrs coming in for a landing.

    • Mee-you LadyMum said shee could hear the purrin comin toetallee!!!
      Pleeze send more purrs as thee Tee Vee died an now wee have onlee thee Pee cee to keep us company…..
      An mee iss glad thee calm found mee all so Brian!!!
      Chunkey Monkey iss a good sport when mee plays smackypawss with him!!! 😉
      ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxx

    • Mee-you Lady Mary it iss luvley to have you visit again….guess what?? Thee Tee Vee died aftur wee posted thee bloggie…so no Fish Channelle fur mee fur who knowss how long….
      Mee an LadyMum goin to snuggull ALOT mee finkss….
      Chunkey Monkey iss way kewl an hee lets mee play smackypaw with him, mew mew mew…..maybe mee should lend him to LadyMum???
      ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Mee-you Kosmo mee reelly likes Chunkey Monkey….hee iss fun to wrestle with!!!
      An now thee Tee Vee iss dead so wee goin to bee playin a lot more here…..
      Mee sure hopes fingss start improving fur LadyMum….shee iss still berry uppyset as you can emagin!
      Fankss fur stopping bye mee furend.
      ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  • What that doctor did is outrageous and unprofessional. ‘nuf said on that. Dear Purrince, it looks like Chunky Monkey loves you. I am glad you are enjoying cuddle time with your dear LadyMum, too.

    • Mee-you Chunkey Monkey an mee are good furendss an mee tellss him mee seecretss sumtimess….
      An more cuddle time iss goin happen; Tee Vee is dead….poor LadyMum….
      An thee Docktur iss on mee “hiss” list fur sure!
      ~~head rubss Lady Amy~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  • So sorry that happened to your Mum – that’s just so wrong! As for you little guy, I’m glad you have calmed back down as I think that when YOU are calm, your LadyMum can handle her issues better – makes things better all around for both of you. We’re sending prayers that things DO get better for you both though!
    Love, Sammy (and Mom Pam)

    • Mee-you Unccle Sammy an Lady Pam it sure was sad to see LadyMum inn teerss yet again because sumone did sumfing nasty to her. An it beein a Docktur makess it so much werse rite?? Mee did get a bit ‘crazypantss’ on Fursday butt LadyMum was OK with that because shee new mee was uppyset fur her…..
      Now thee Tee Vee iss dead so wee are goin to bee hangin out ALOT more. Maybee more walks xcept it iss sorta a bit too kewl now to bee out long.
      ***paw patsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xXx

    • Mee-you Aunty Rachel yur thee best. Mee will get LadyMum to reed yur email tonite…
      An yur rite this HAS been a ruff year an now thee Tee Vee died….
      Mee will bee on ‘cuddle duty’ fur thee furseeabull 😉
      ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

        • EEEEKKKKKK mee knowss Aunty Rachel an Speedy!!! Wee are inn withdrawal!!! Wee DID watch “Corrie Street” online today tho’…whew fank Buudha Kat fur that!!!
          LadyMum iss goin with Aunty Sheila to dispose of old TeeVee an then go buy a new one…not sure who will help hook it uppy; LadyMum iss hopeless with anyfing ‘techie’…could bee a berry l-o-n-g nite here, mew mew mew…..
          ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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