Fingss so bad they can onlee get better rite??

Published May 22, 2016 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste deerest furendss an followerss of Thee Purrfect Pad. Thee Pad where fingss are nevurr ‘purrfect’ it seemss. As mee an LadyMum sit here starin at thee screen tryin to sort out what to share with youss’, wee are so sad. Fiingss got so bad this week…   Mee LUVSS LadyMum! Pleeze nevurr doubt this an shee luvss mee rite back! Wee both keep hopin an purrayin our LUV can make fingss rite, butt as hard as wee try fingss continue to go haywire fur us. Sum of youss knows frum Facebook of this turribull week. Fur thee rest of youss’, takes a deep breath; this is goin to bee a lot to take inn. Last weekend WAS purrfect an then Monday came an mee was antsy an that nite mee was berry bad. Hollerin an breakin LadyMum’ss pottery an smackin thee paintinss. Mee ended up inn ‘time out’ till LadyMum went to bed. Shee cried herself to sleep. Mee felt pawfull.  So mee was berry good Tuesday butt LadyMum was sick inn bed all day. Shee had a Mygrain Headache an mee sat with her a lot. Tryin to let her know mee was sorry. LadyMum rallied that nite an mee went out fur 2 walkss an did grate xcept mee eated sumfing an then threw up mee tuna all over thee bathroom floor. LadyMum was so kind an stroked mee an told mee shee luvved mee an not to wurry. Wee snuggled inn bed an mee felt better. Wednesday was a good day. Efurryfing went well an mee walked twice with LadyMum. Fursday wee went to see Docktur Melissa an shee was HORRID to all of us…mee, LadyMum AN Mumma Mary-Ellen. Shee said nasty fingss to LadyMum an brott her to tears. Mumma Mary-Ellen defended LadyMum an mee was so proud of her. Mee two Mumma’ss are such good furendss which iss luvley mee finkss. Poor LadyMum had to pay $73. to bee told shee should let mee run free outside on our street which iss a busy one! Docktur Melissa said LadyMum should “set mee free an let mee develop mee poe-tenshull” an mee have no clue what that meenss.  Mumma Mary-Ellen sayss that was thee Vet tellin LadyMum to give mee back to her. Thee Vet wood not discuss meddycayshun fur calmin mee down. She did make a nasty commint askin  LadyMum wood shee put a Hypurr child on Ritalin KNOWIN LadyMum iss Hypurr an was not putt on meedycayshun.  Shee nevurr even xamined mee. Just let mee roam around thee room while shee lecktured mee Mumma’ss!!!! So LadyMum came home inn tearss. Wee did go walkiess an played toyss an mee watched sum Fish Tee Vee:Watchin Tee VeeLook at mee curled pawss…LadyMum sayss mee iss so-o hansum! **blushie earss**

Are you ready to read about last nite? OK here goes: LadyMum an mee went walkies aftur 8 Pee Em an still lite out. Wee chatted with Lady Marilyn an her doggie Missy an wee sat side bye side as calm as anyfing. Then Lady Marilyn an Missy went on their way. So mee led LadyMum over to Mistur an Missus H’ss patio. LadyMum waved for Missus H to come out an then it iss a blur….thee patio door flew open an there was Missus H butt mee not see her propurrley an mee FREEKED OUT!! Totally!!! Meowin an tryin to back out of thee harness. LadyMum tried to calm mee down butt mee got wilder an wilder an shee new mee was goin get out of thee harness an run so shee tried to hold me an mee punctured her left ankle an other spots on both her legss. Shee was howlin inn pain an Missus H just stood there laffin!!! FUR REAL!! Laffin an laffin an mee herd a monster inn mee head! Furinallee LadyMum got a good grip on mee an shee tried to run back to our place. An me clawed her rite index finger an blood was flowin frum not onlee her ankle butt thee finger. Mee was still fightin an slashin poor LadyMum an Lady Nancy thee other nayburr came runnin out an ran over to us an opened thee patio door. LadyMum put mee down an mee was off like a rockit with thee reetractabull lead slammin behind mee. LadyMum was a tote-tall mess. Lady Nancy tooked over an brott LadyMum to thee bathroom…..blood drip, drip, drippin as shee went thru thee place. An mee got outta thee harness an it was still dun up!!!! Mee then went UTB. Lady Nancy doctored LadyMum’ss ankle woundss an finger. An shee gave LadyMum a Valeeum fur mee. Shee left once LadyMum was calm (an bandaged) an LadyMum came inn an laid on thee floor beeside mee tellin mee shee was an IDEEOT fur tryin to make mee a walkin kittyboy. Shee apawlogized about 55 timess. An she  brott mee tuna an it had a bit of Valeeum inn it an mee was eated it all. LadyMum then went to get changed an found all thee other wounds so shee was busy fur a while dockturin herself. Once shee was dun an made tea mee came out an brott LadyMum mee Puff Mousey an mee Wiggle Spring as tokenss of mee LUV an boy did mee get ALOT of kissess!!! Befur bed mee showed LadyMum where blood smudges were  an shee said mee was thee best! Mee has been sleepin a lot all tho mee DID go out in Condo this mornin. An of course tonite mee has dyearrhea! So mee gotted mee Anti-dyearrhea liquid in syringe. An LadyMum cried again. Shee has stopped cryin now. What will happen mee doess not know. LadyMum told mee shee feels like a toe-tall failure an that shee iss not ‘fit to have a kit’!! her werdss. Mee doess not blame LadyMum fur what happened. Butt mee knows shee iss blamin herself fur efurryfing…… Mee leevess you with thiss foto of mee helpin LadyMum with thee bloggie:Helpinn with thee bloggieMay thee Eye of BuudhaKat bee upon all of youss. Yur furend, Purrince Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

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  • Oh Noes Henry what are you up to dear friend? This sounds like a wild cat time and we home Mom is healing up. Now about that backing out of the harness. Dad got Rumpy a Kitty Holster and it works GREAT. Now Dad is not taking Rumpy out much but that is mostly acause Dad not Rumpy. We will send you a paw mail about it.
    Purrs all works out

    • Mew mew mew let’ss call it ‘growin painss’ ok Timmy??? Mee has had a ruff time thee past littul while. An mee was so scared when mee tried to back outta thee harness. Mee iss back walkin LadyMum 1-2 timess a day an not scaredykat at all (as long as wee stay close to thee patio!)
      Fingss are werkin out purrty good. What iss this ‘kitty holster’ you meowss of????
      **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • Oh, sweet dear ones, what a heck of a time again 😦 First, my little furriend and LadyMum, you change the VET immediately! I really miss compassion of this one 😦 I truly feel sorry you two. Will send Extra Calming Pawkisses and Purrayers your way and hope things will get better soon ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Wee will nevurr go back there again LadyMum assured mee littul Binky! An LadyMum sent a written complaint an attachementss to thee Canadian Vet Peeple an shee hopess sumfing can bee dun~
      An wee will just go to Docktur Ian…hee iss at leest nice to mee….
      **xtra paw kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxx

  • We are so sorry to hear you are having troubles.
    We are having some pesky troubles around here too.
    Hopefully good things are around the corner, we just have to find the corner…

    Noodle and crew

  • I am very sorry you are both having so much trouble. Dr Melissa does not sound at all like a very nice vet. Is there another one you can go to who would be more caring?
    I am sending you lots of purrs that things improve and work out well for you.

    • Mee-you Flynn yur rite about Docktur Melissa…LadyMum gave her 1 last chance to make fingss rite fur mee butt shee did not. An shee did not even xamine mee. What a waste of time an $money$……
      Wee do have Docktur Lang butt hee doess not want to meddykate mee….so wee are stuck!
      Fankss fur your **purrsss** an good wishes. Thee weekend went smoothlee an today mee even walked inn harness again (with mee Royalle blue lead). 😉
      **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • Poor Siddhartha and LadyMum. We have been reading about your very difficult week on Facebook, and praying, purring and worrying right along with you and all of our friends. We love you lots. You know that, right?

    We see that some friends suggested a calming collar, which is good. It has helped some of our kitties in the past. One other thought is that when you have to go to an appointment, or anyplace, in your carrier, there is a Feliway spray (it’s basically the same as what is in the diffuser you have been using, but LadyMum can spray your blanket or towel that goes inside your carrier, or even the inside of the carrier itself). Going to the vet and in the car is no fun for lots of kitties, and the spray can help them (and maybe you) feel safer and calmer.

    Hugs and headbonks to you both.

    • Mee-you Mistur Meowmeowman Kevin fank you fur all thee good ideass! An fank you fur still luvvin mee not matter what mee doess!
      LadyMum has thee Diffuser plugged inn butt it not werk as well as shee had hoped. So wee mite just try thee spray…mee likess thee car an goin placess an mee likess mee carrier… that iss why shee wantss mee to try thee Collar some have Fairy-moanss around mee all thee time 😉
      Mee DID take a short walk in haornin….kitten steps rite??
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddharha Henr ~~~

    • Mee-you Pixie an Zorro mee goin to try a Calmin Collar next week! LadyMum researched it an it soundss like it mite bee better than just Feliway beecause mee getss nervuss outside an mee wants to bee out an calm.
      LadyMum has been so kind an gentull this weekend an mee been sleepin with her an letting her know just how speshell shee iss to mee!!!
      Fankss fur yur ***purrsss***
      **nose bumpss** Siddhartha Henry xxx

  • Dear Siddhartha and LadyMom, I have problems in the world outside too. My Dad has tried to teach me not to fear so much carrying me in his lap outside. Mam tried to take me out in a “harness” and I went really crazy, jumping high and fighting and they I succeeded to get free and I run away. I came back after an hour. Mom and Dad say that I have trauma, because I am rescue cat and now I stay inside.
    I hope that you with your LadyMom find your way that is good for both of you.

    • Mee-you Kosmo an Pawentss what a luvley bloggie youss’ have! An thee cherry tree iss berry purrty….
      So you too had problems with thee harness?? Now mee not feel so bad 😉 mee liked thee idea butt mee was all so scared of so many fingss.
      Yur mitey hansum LadyMum sayss 😉
      An mee has had diffyrent trauma frum all most dye-inn when a wee kit an shuffled frum place to place fur treetmintss an not much innerackshun with people. Beein with LadyMum 18 months now iss thee longest mee efurr been inn one place.
      Wee are goin to try a Calmin Collar on mee…..thee Feliway iss ok inn thee artmint butt doess not help when mee outside. mee iss enjoy thee Condo…maybe beein a ‘Condo kitty’ iss not so bad aftur all????
      ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

      • Thank you for answering Siddhartha Henry and LadyMum. Do you have to go out at all, is it so important? I like to be indoor cat, because I was anbandoned, and I am afraid that I have to be out alone without food or humans again. Go just out in Condo, you get used to all noises and maybe you can use harness. If not, you can in Condo safely be outside. We are now friends, so head rubs to you too.
        Kosmo, a cat in faraway Finland.

        • Mee-you Kosmo yes beein outside ISS BERRY impawtent to mee! Mee has 2 Condo’ss mee can bee in an they are nice butt Mumma Mary-Ellen LadyMum thott it wood bee good fur me to walk an romp on thee grass to burn energee! LadyMum sayss shee will play toyss with mee more offen to help mee with that. Yur rite Kosmo thee werld iss big an full of dangeruss fingss……
          An Finland sure iss far away butt berry nice lookin! It iss a pleasure to meet you an bee yur furend.
          ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry inn Canada xxxx

  • Oh, my! That was not a fun weekend…we are so sorry. Saying many prayers and sending lots of love, purrs, nose kisses and hugs for you both.

    • Mee-you Aunty Maggie it was a crazy week butt fingss are calmer now. Mee bin takin thee meddycayshun an feelin better an out inn Condo 2-3 timess a day. Bird TeeVee iss grate!
      Fankss fur thee ❤ LUV ❤ {{hugsss}} an purrayerss!
      ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

  • Sorry to read about the issues you had to deal with this week. I have no advice cause I never had to deal with any of that. Sending lots of hugs and purrs.
    Sue B

    • Hi Sue: I am glad you have never had to deal with this sort of thing! I have had a few problems with other cats but nothing this EXTREME! It is a learning process I can tell you.
      I am now researching Calming Collars as many bloggers use them & have had good results.
      Sweet Siddhartha is on medication for the weekend so he can recover from the fright & he is out in Condo enjoying the Sunshine, wind & Sparrows feeding on the lawn.
      Thank you for your support.
      Love to the Fab Five from us here ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • P.S. – As for cat bites, my own doctor just makes sure I keep my tetanus shots up to date !
    And I am usually so scratched up (although some of that is from multiflora rose) that when I get bloodwork done or donate blood they aske me all sorts of weird questions.

    • Hi Mary: I checked in January about the Tetanus shot after Siddhartha henry has bit me. The shot is good til end of this month….so I will call Doctor on Tuesday (holiday weekend here) & see about a new shot just to cover anything that happened during this episode. Thankfully he only clawed me!
      Thanks for the reminder tho’ 😉
      ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

  • I HAD to get that quote from The Outermost House in here – you and LadyMum will find your way together. And that vet is a crock ! LadyMum needs to lock her prettiy things up safe as much as she can. My house is my own, so my kitties can have the run of it and we don’t worry about landlords.
    My cowboy Dusty is VERY spooked by the idea of even going outside, which is funny because as a stray kitten, he lived in my front yard all summer and it took me furever to get him to trust me so I could get him inside for the winter. He is a big boy now but is still afraid of The Great Outdoors.
    I will be purraying very hard for you and LadyMum and that you find a GOOD vet who understands kitties !

    • Mew mew mew yur rite Lady Mary! Docktur Melissa iss a crock an a ‘quack’ all so. Shee new mee should not have had thee FVR-XP shot butt shee gave it to mee anyway an mee has not been rite since. An LadyMum moved a few fingss to a safe place. Fankfullee shee not have much fancy stuff 😉
      Yur Dusty soundss so cute…like mee furend Sparkle gurl down inn Durham. Shee came to Aunty Mary’s one dark an stormy nite an was livin on her witss. Shee iss now spayed an healthee an will not even look outside because inside iss safe an comfy…mee could take a lesson frum Sparkle an Dusty, mew mew mew….
      Wee goin to try a Calmin Collar next!
      Fankss fur yur sue-pport!
      **nose kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Dearest Siddhartha and Lady Mum ! I am so sorry to read this ! But as your other aunts/uncles/cousins have said – you are not the only one this has happened to, and as bad as it is, it is not the end of the world. First, each of you needs to stop blaming yourself. Cats are cats and humans are humans – we are very different and have adapted to live together for our mutual benefit.

    The Outermost House Quotes (showing 1-14 of 14)
    “We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals. Remote from universal nature and living by complicated artifice, man in civilization surveys the creature through the glass of his knowledge and sees thereby a feather magnified and the whole image in distortion. We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate for having taken form so far below ourselves. And therein do we err. For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours, they move finished and complete, gifted with the extension of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings: they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth.”
    ― Henry Beston, The Outermost House: A Year of Life On The Great Beach of Cape Cod

  • Oh Siddhartha, we’re so sorry to hear you are still having problems. Like the Kitties Blue suggested, we wonder if you have tried a calming collar. It may help. We want you to stay with your mum. We send lots and lots of purrs that things get better.

    • Mee-you Wally an Ernie an Zoey wee have read about these Calmin Collarss an LadyMum sayss our Pet Valu carriess them so mee will get one sumtime this week. Thee Feliway iss ok butt not helpful when mee iss outside 😉
      Mee wantss to stay with LadyMum all so. Mee has bonded to her an vicey versey…..
      ALL **purrsss** gratefullee accepted with fankss.
      ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • We agree with everyone else…..there are kitties who have special needs and anxiety issues and they are a “handful” and at times more than we think we can bear. But patience and proper vet care are the answer and it’s not always easy to find both of those! We continue to hope that the two of you can stay together forever but know that “hope” is just a start – the rest of the journey is the hard part. Sending you both hugs……….

    Love, Uncle Sammy and Mom

    • Deer Unccle Sammy an Lady Pam yur both so-o wise! An yur rite about thee hole busyness. LadyMum admitss her payshuntss sumetimess iss not so good. However when this eppysode happened shee WAS so payshunt an kind. Lyin on thee cold floor with mee UTB an mewowin sweet talk to mee.
      As fur thee Vet issue, wee still will use Dr. Ian as hee iss kind an good. Butt wee know hee doess not understand mee emoshunall needs. LadyMum has read ALL thee commintss here an on FB an says a Calmin Collar iss our next project. And mee can wear a collar so mee can not fool her inn to takin it off, mew mew mew…
      Shee reelly doess not fink thee Feliway iss doin a lot an iss not helpful when mee iss out inn Condo. Mee has asked to go ‘walkiess’ butt mee not know where thee harness iss an LadyMum sayss shee iss too scaredykat to try that again… 😉
      Today mee iss out inn Condo enjoyin thee weather an bird watchin an purrty calm frum thee Valeeum. Just a itty bitty bit an it helpss mee feel good. One day at a time rite Unccle???
      Fank you fur yur LUV an sue-pport; it meenss thee werld to us.
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ neffkitty Siddhartha Henry~~~

  • Ah Little Man,it wasn’t your fault you just got a little spooked that’s all and it happens.Even Speedy gets Spooked sometimes even though he is very relaxed and chilled and not afraid of much when compared to most rabbits who get spooked by just a shadow and I will be truthful once or twice he has nearly gotten out of his harness and he has nipped me when I have scooped him up to calm him down but a few minutes and he is ok and I wait tile what ever had spooked him to go,I tightened the harness a tad and then he’s ready to go off on his way again.As I said it Happens.Don’t worry little man we will get you fixed up and you and your mum will be fine.
    Dearest Sis what a week for you,full of ups and downs.Please don’t blame yourself for this it happens Speedy gets spooked sometimes too when I take him out and he’s bit me too when this happens hurts like hell and doesn’t it bleed too…trust me when I say a rabbit bite bleeds more than anything a cat has done to me.Get in touch with that last vet that you haven’t seen and see what he has to say about short term medication if that vet is no good then I think it might be worth going back to your original practice I know you wouldn’t be able to see Dr Dave but you would be able to see one of their new vets and they tend to be a bit more open to try things out .And take a deep breath….don’t stop taking Siddhartha out on the lead just maybe keep him away from other pets for the moment.remember this is still all new to him so you are bound to get a hiccup now and then,Taking him out for walks is helping him in the long run,just tighten the harness just a little bit as it sounds like its a little bit loose and use the bach remedy on him before taking him out if you are not already using it daily just keep him to areas that have few pets…may be on the garden areas.But don’t give up you are both doing so much better and it will keep one getting better you just have to believe it.And one last little thing …those things that you don’t want to get broken and the painting I am going to suggest you temporarily move them to your bedroom so you can still see them but they will be safer in there.Trust me you can both work through this.
    and can you send me Siddhartha’s neck and girth measurements so that when I get back from my hols I can sort out a vest harness for you it will be a bit more secure,love you always…don’t give up,xx Rachel

    • Mee-you Speedy an Aunty Rachel wee fank you fur sharin all yur whizzdom an xperience with walkin inn harness.
      Aftur a weekend of no harness mee convinced LadyMum mee wood go inn harness ok an wee DID walk inn mee garden fur 15 minuttss (maybee more…) Yur rite mee not goin to go on thee other side of thee walkway. An mee doess NOT like thee reetracktable lead so mee will use mee Royalle Blue lead. An LadyMum says shee will leeve outside Condo open an mee can go inn to if mee iss scared.
      LadyMum not have a tape measure here butt when mee Aunty Judith comes back next month wee can borrow hers an send you measuremintss……yur so sweet Aunty!
      Furinallee Ladymum DID email Docktur Dave today…shee not figure wee get a reply butt wee at leest tried rite???
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~ an {{{hugsss}}} LadyMum

      • That is good to hear Siddhartha and Sherri-Ellen,keep the walks short in those quiet places,better to do a short walk for 15 minutes 2 or 3 times a day.Good idea to leave the small condo open,gives a place of safety and I thing it is a good idea to go back to your old lead is only now I use a retractable lead with Speedy after 2 and 1/2 years of taking him on his walks,so you have a lifetime ahead of you and plenty of time to try that again in the future if you wish to,when you are much more confident on your walks together.You never know what Dr Dave might get back to you,he did before even though he couldn’t bring himself to be your vet he did offer on of the younger ones which may be worth trying.But don’t give up a solution will be sorted so you both can be happy together.In the mean time I will look at some harnesses while I wait for your measurements,love to you both,xx Aunty Rachel and Speedy

        • You are right Rachel> 3 short walks are better than a long 1 & something happens. It is hard to find quiet time a we are on a busy street. This morning was quiet as it is Victoria Day…..busier now so Siddhartha Henry is napping. Evening B4 it gets dark is also a good time. And I never wanted to try retractable for this reason. So I did & I will never use it again.
          I sent the email to Dr. Dave…no expectations. Nothing ventured; nothing gained right? Actually Dr. Deb BANNED ME from the entire practice! I am persona non gratis…..such is Life.
          I will ask Ruth if she has a tape measure; she sews so it is probable! 😉
          You are the best Sister!
          (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen ❤

  • You are a real pawful, Siddhartha, and I know your human is trying really hard and you are trying really hard and I feel so bad for you both. I wish there was something I could say that would help fix things for you two, but all I can do is send you my very best purrs.

    • Mee-you them ***purrsss*** are thee BEST fur sure Summer.
      Mee iss goin out inn Big Condo more an mee iss takin a bit of Valeeum an mee iss getting over thee eppysode. An LadyMum iss stayin close to mee when mee inn Condo an that helpss.
      This was an accident butt it sure showed both of us thee bad fingss that can happen inn harness. Next fing to try iss a Calmin Collar…
      **paw kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • Sorry that all this is happening to you both.
    Sending tons of POTP fur healing to the ouchies and more too, fur the emotional scars.

    We hope that harmony and calm will eventually be restored.


    ((((( ♥ )))))

    • Mee-you Pipo an Minko an Mistur Jack there iss calm here so far. Mee iss takin just a wee bit of Valeeum to take ‘thee edge’ off an sum Bach’ss if needed. LadyMum an mee are cuddlin more an that iss healin thee emoshunall stuff.
      Poor ladyMum lookss like shee been attacked bye a Panfur 😉
      Shee sayss thee woundss are healin littul bye littul an shee will get a Tettynus shot this week.
      An shee iss goin to try a Calmin Collar on mee when shee can get one!
      Fankss fur stopping bye an fur thee **purrsss** an {{hugs}}
      ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  • We are sorry this is all happening. Scary and sad, too. It makes us kind of angry that your vet is not furry helpful at all. Time or search out a better one. We had to do that a while back and it was fur the better. Hard to do, and further away, but better.

    Our hearts are full of pawyers that things will calm down and a way can be found to have harmony restored in your den, Siddhartha.
    lots of POTP fur those wounds to heal; the ouchie ones and the emotional ones.


    ((((( ♥ )))))

    • Wee went back to Docktur Melissa because her Vet partner said they wood help mee, butt it was not thee truth. Mee still has Docktur Ian fur fizzical problems. An LadyMum iss tryin to find a Vet who will werk with mee issuess Pipo an Minko an Mistur Jack…
      An shee iss goin to buy mee a Calmin Collar an try that…..\Pawss crossed this mite bee thee fing that werkss fur mee!
      ~~head rubss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  • Dearest nephew and LadyMum, you are no alone in having these anxious incidents- some kitties have panic attacks like humans and for different reasons. My Clove was abused by mean humans before being rescued and my Kaspars is a former feral who had to fend for himself the first two years of his life, leaving both wary of humans and animals they do not know. Sometimes when they are worked up I cry like LadyMum cuz I feel helpless and worry if things will ever get better and be normal. I can tell you things CAN be better and that a lot of these episodes you have are just things LadyMum needs to let you work through- maybe confine you to one room for a bit if she’s worried you’re breaking stuff. Another part of getting better is working with an understanding, compassionate vet and that is what you need to find as the lady vet who was so rude to LadyMum sounds like she has no common sense or decency.
    I have had kitties who are now angels who have struggled with anxiety in the past and sometimes it took years before they were 100% close to calm, trusting. It is not easy having a kitty with these special needs but they are worth it in the end as they are often so loving and grateful for all their person has done to help them. I know it is easy to blame yourself LadyMum, but do not lose faith in yourself or little Prince Siddartha, as think of all the trials and obstacles you went through with MingFlower and Nylablue’s health. Siddartha’s case is no different- it’s just a emotional versus physical health issue. Your boy loves you so much, and was meant to be yours. Calming collars and the Feliway are great but medication might be needed as some kitties do get overstimulated by things around them. Work with Mumma Mary Ellen to find a good vet, ask neighbors if they know of anyone compassionate. It will not be easy, but love is on your side. Remember that sometimes it is the stress putting those silly ideas in our heads that we are to blame. If you need someone to vent to we are here. You are doing the best you can with your own health needs and Siddartha is a happy boy despite the few bad times. Take a deep breath and remember you have each other and many who love and support you. Don’t give up, just do what you can and let yourself know you always give him your all and that is plenty. Nobody’s perfect, raising fur kids with special needs is an adventure!
    Smooches to you both, we send comforting purrs.
    Mama Beth, Clove, & Kaspars

    • Mee-you Lady Beth you are so kind to share yur xperieincess an LadyMum an say FANK YOU for takin thee time to help us. LadyMum iss goin to buy mee a Calmin Collar tomorrow an see if it werkss.
      Thee Valeeum werkss butt it makes mee bowelss flare up an that no fun. Mew mew mew….
      Wee hae asked around; not many good Vet’s inn thee area. LadyMum will continue to look fur a Vet fur mee who will all of mee 😉
      Sendin ❤ LUV ❤ to you an Clove an Kasparss, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

      Dear Beth: Thank you for such an inspiring comment. You are right about Nylablue & Mingflower & there were others before 'the girls'. I am not as strong & well as I used to be to cope with a 'special needs' cat…..that is NOT Siddhartha Henry's fault. I have decided to focus my energy on his care & my self care & not worry about the outside world. I have spoken with my "bestie" & we have ruled out the farm as an option…..
      One Day at A Time,,,,,that is how I must go about this.
      I rubbed Bach's on P SH's ears & he actually went out in harness this morning for 15 minutes so thankfully he is not scarred by Friday night's episode. I will not use aNY retractable lead. The blue lead I have is better because if he panics or runs it does not make extra noise to freak him out.
      Thank you again for helping us.
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

    • Mee-you Shoko an Kali mee not goin anywhere just yet….LadyMum says shee iss gointo get mee a Calmin Collar an see if that werkss.
      Shee KNOWSS thee Valeeumwerked on mee butt shee wantssto find a Vet wo will help us with thee med. Why do thee Vet’ss refuse to help kitties here with emoshunall problems??? Weerd isn’t it??
      Mee luvss you cuss-innss furry much!
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ Dharth Henry ~~~

  • Sherri-Ellen and Siddhartha, dearest friends. It saddens us so that you continue to have these horrible incidents. It would seem that you (Siddhartha) are easily threatened by people and animals you don’t know. Has LadyMum had the opportunity to try a calming collar? Are you still using Feliway? It hurts so much that you and your LadyMum have these incidents. We know that you each need the comfort of the other. From our distance we can only continue to purr for you. Mom prays for you both daily. We love you with all our hearts and pray this coming week is better than the last. XOCK from your Aunty Janet, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Mee-you Aunty Janet mee doess know Missus H butt shee flung thee patio door open so fast an came out so quik mee freeked out an then her laffin scared mee even more.
      Wee has a new Feliway fur inn thee apartment an it werkss sorta. On Tuesday Ladymum iss goin to buy mee a Calmin Collar an mee goin to try it! Wee read lotss of good reports about it!
      Wee are goin to figure fingss out one way or another…..
      ***paw kissesss*** to all thee Kittiess Blue an you Aunty xxxxxxxxxx
      Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    • Mee-you Lexi that iss the big Fing…to bee wise enuff to know what to do. LadyMum an Mumma Mary-Ellen have sat an meowed about mee fur hourss. An there seemss to bee no RITE answer…. there are Pross an Conss fur livin with each of them. One fing we all know here iss mee ISS bonded to LadyMum so that wood make it diffycult fur mee to go back to thee farm.
      LadyMum says our Pet supply store sellss kitty calmin collarss an this iss what wee try next! Thee Feliway iss ok inn thee apartmint butt when mee goess out then mee not have thee bennyfit of it….
      Fankss fur stopping bye deerest gurl. Wee hope yur havin a good weekend with yur Pawentss ❤ ❤
      ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry aka P SH xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Fanks you Aunty Susan! You have keeped LadyMum’ss spirits uppy an have helped us so-o much!!! Wee iss fur evurr in yur debt…
      ***paw kissesss*** Dharth Henry xxx an {{{hugs}}} LadyMum
      Pee S.: Wee hope you are feelin much better today!

  • My sweet Purrince, I love you so very much and I know you don’t mean to act that way.My Mom and I are praying things will get better. Love, Phoebes ( your purrincess who loves you no matter what). Paw kisses XO

    • Mee deerest sweetest buttercup mee luvss you with all mee heart an soul….
      Mee did not meen to hert LadyMum or try to run away an shee KNOWSS this Phoebe. Shee said if mee wood have gotten loose an run away shee wood have lost her mind….an mee beeleevess it!!! Shee iss berry shaken up…even werse than mee. Pleeze purray…yur both so sweet an kind to mee.
      Yur Purrince who luvss you fur all ways an fur ever ❤ ❤
      ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • We are praying for you both. We know how much you love one another and want you to be together forever. We also want you to know, you are always welcome to live with us if your Mum was ever too sick to care for you ( we certainly hope it never comes to that). XO and love to you both. We hope your Mum is healing fast, those sound like nasty wounds. One time, when Jinx was younger, he would panic when someone came to the door, Mom ended up with one of his claw sheaths in her eyebrow- ouch.

        • Mee-you Lady Ellen yur kindness makess us have leeky eyess! To fink you wood take care of mee….
          OUCHIE about thee claw sheath inn eyebrow! Jinx must have been so scared!
          Tha tiss how scared mee was…terrified inn fact! An you know Missus H not even phone or come to see how wee are….PHOOEY!!!
          LadyMum iss healin purrty good. Shee will have to get a new Tettynus shot this week butt mee doess not fink any of her punkturess are infected…whew!
          An mee iss getting a Calmin Collar this week to try….paws crossed rite???
          ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

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