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Snazzy Siddhartha Henry Selfie

Published February 29, 2016 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNanaste an mee-you frum mee Purrince Siddhartha Henry. Mee apawlogizess humbully fur not beein around much! LadyMum has been takin care of mee 2 Auntyss’ inn thee building who have been unwell. LadyMum iss such a good Purramedic Nursey!! Way to go LadyMum! Mee iss so-o proud of you! Plus wee had thee window fell-ohss here twice werkin on thee new bedroom window an LadyMum goin out to do groceries an bankin an getting mee foodabullss…..well,  youss’ get thee pickture, rite???? Busy, busy, busy an tired, tired, an xhausted bye nite time….LadyMum promised mee wee wood pawticipate inn Sunday Selfiess an shee iss a gurl of her werd:Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeTa-Da here iss mee Selfie fur thee day:Snazzy Sunday SelfieMee iss feelin purrty ‘snazzy’!! How ’bout youss’?? Feelin snazzy all so??? An this iss one reason mee feelss so ‘snazzy’:Purrincess Phoebe with her beadssMee sweet buttercup Purrincess Phoebe!!! Issn’t shee just thee purrtiest lady kat efurr??? Mee adoress you mee sweet buttercup an wanted to show you off to thee werld. Yur ‘snazzy’ too!!!!

An fur all you *easy on* kittiess an doggiess an Hu’manss mee did a funny *easy on* just fur youss’:May mee help you LadyMumMew mew mew….could mee look any ‘easier’???? Wishin efurryone a ‘snazzy’ Sunday an a grate week to come. An mee hopess our week iss a bit ‘easier’ here too!

Bee seein youss’!! Siddhartha Henry  =^,.^=



Sweet dreemss are made of these…..

Published February 21, 2016 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an salutayshunss frum Thee Purrfect Pad. Once again mee has been absent as LadyMum has been furry busy with thee Adoption an Raffull event last weekend. So this week was cleenin an choress an LadyMum goin out with Mumma Mary-Ellen fur retail furrapee. Mee iss far behind inn blogging an will try to sit on LadyMum pin her down next week to help me with a propurr bloggie!! Mee has been ree-miss inn not publicklee fankin mee deer furend Christy Pawss fur sendin mee these pawsum Mousiess:Star Warss Mousiess 1Aren’t they kewl??? They are so much fun to play with!! An sumtimess they even argue!Strar Warss Mousiess 2Now who doess thee black mousie remind you of??? Mew mew mew…..if you said ‘ME’; you wood bee rite!!!!! Fank you so-o much Christy an Lady Ava fur sendin them to mee!! You can visit Christy an her Brofurss at this link:

So mee Mousiess have dun their selfiess an mee betss you wunder if mee did a Selfie?? Of course mee did!!!Cat On My Head Selfie Badge

Mee presentss Dreemy Siddhartha Henry Selfie:Dreemy Siddhartha SelfieCan  youss’ guess what mee iss dreemin about now???

Wishin efurryone a sweet dreamy Sunday an a smooth goin new week. Bee seein youss’! Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Mee two precious Valentine’ss Gurlss

Published February 14, 2016 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an Happy Valentine’ss Day frum thee Purrfect Pad. Wee LadyMum  has been too berry busy an mee not had time to blog or visit or anyfing! Mee iss sorry. About 87 dayss ago mee sweet buttercup Purrincess Phoebe rote mee a poe-em an mee keeped it an nevurr showed it to anyone… Butt now mee wantss to show it off fur Valentine’ss Day… so without futher a-due here iss her poe-em to mee:

Poem for my Purrince

You are such a handsome guy
just seeing your photo makes me sigh
Please don’t ever say bye
or you will make me cry.

How was that for a first poem? Not as good as you do, but it is from my heart- Love, Phoebes:-*

Issn’t mee Phoebe gurl thee sweetest?? An not only iss shee sweet an clevurr shee iss beeuteefull:Phoebe's Bokeh-FotoShee takess mee breath away!!! An shee sent mee thee luvlee-est foto card an sum toy springss fur Valentine’ss Day!!!Siddhartha Henry's new toysMee all so was given sum Valerian an Silvervine but mee not reelly interested inn it…mee sure iss a weerd kittyboy! Mew mew mew….butt mee LUVSS mee toy springss…them apple green oness are purrty an mee can allwayss find them!

Mee wantss to wish efuryone a berry happy an row-mantick Valentine’ss Day. An to mee Purrincess Phoebe mee sendss you ALL MEE LUV ALLWAYSS AN FUREVER….Valentine Phoebe Gurl 2016

~~~Valentine Poe-em to Purrincess Phoebe~~~

“Sweet buttercup Phoebe,

You are mee Purrincess forever.

Mee heart beelongss to you alone,

Mee will luv you till thee 12th of Never.”

An to mee LadyMum mee sendss all mee Luv. Mee knowss mee has been a paw full thee past few monthss! There  iss no one else mee wood want to bee with tho’ even when mee beein notty!  Mee DOESS luv you LadyMum. Happy Valentine’ss Day frum yur ‘littul Purrince’……LadyMum an MeeBee seein youss’!!!! Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=



Sue-purr Bowl Sunday Siddhartha Selfiess

Published February 8, 2016 by NylabluesMum

Namaste hands

Namaste an Greetinss frum Thee Purrfect Pad. Has been a fur raisin week here an wee still werkin on fingss so mee an LadyMum decided to join thee Sunday Selfiess an have sum fun!!Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeWee did a pawsum paw to hand selfie fur yur approvall:Hand an Paw selfieThiss iss mee an LadyMum pledging our mew-tual LUV to each other an to stay together fur better or worse. What do youss’ fink of thee foto?? It makess LadyMum smile ALOT!

Then mee went off to get mee *easy on* an LadyMum got thiss foto of mee an mee stuffiess:Xcellent Easy OnThere iss nothing like a bit of **easy on** before thee BIG game…Sue-purr Bowl. WOO HOO!!! LadyMum iss goin to cheer fur thee Broncoss’ an mee iss goin to meow fur thee Panfurss….like yur sirprized rite???? Sue-purr Bowl 50Bee seein youss’…Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=