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What iss happenin to mee????

Published January 27, 2016 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an greetinss to our faithfull followerss an furendss. Befur mee getss started,  mee wantss to say how sorry wee iss Alfie thee Kat aka Gaylord died suddenlee an wee iss turribley sad fur his Sisfur Mollie doggie an their Mumma. Pleeze go over an leeve sum kind werdss; wee must support our furendss inn time of need!

Mee has sumfing BERRY seereuss to share with youss’ an it iss goin to bee uppysettin. Can mee meo-yow’ss honestlee with all of youss’??Siddhartha Henry 2016

Mee been here with LadyMum fur 14 monthss now an mee has been havin trubble. Not fizzical trubble. LadyMum gotted that sorted out an with thee new diet an treetss an Pro-bye-otick mee bowelss are stabull an mee iss like a normal kitty. Reememburr when mee was goin thru Homeopathick treetmentss an it made mee so sick an mee wood act weerd an climm thee drapess an try to knock paintin’ss off thee wallss an get all ruff with LadyMum??? Well fingss calmed down fur a while an just a few outbursts around full Moon. LadyMum still used thee Bach’ss if mee needed it, butt it not werk so well….

Mee iss not happy about what has happened an how mee has behaved an mee iss ashamed!! Mee iss not thee Buudhist kittyboy mee iss supposed to bee….Mee iss ashamed**takess a deep breath** three weekss ago mee BIT LadyMum on her shoulder fur no reason! Mee an her were snugglin inn bed an shee was strokin mee an it was luvley an then out of nowhere mee rapped mee pawss around her hand an started to dig clawss inn an ‘bunny kick’ her arm! Shee yelped inn pain an pushed mee away. An when shee went to sit up mee jumped her an bit her left shoulder an shee bursted into tearss an ran away frum mee. It was a berry quiet day mee can tell you. Shee wood not look at mee or speek. All she did was cry…mee felt pawfull…..Since then mee has tried to claw an bunny kick her a lot an shee iss scared of mee an sumtimess shee swatss at me to keep mee away. An shee criess a lot. Thee werst eppysode was this past Katuday nite when shee was watchin “DCI Bankss” on TeeVee. Mee wanted her to play an instead of bringin her a toy mee jumped up on thee TeeVee an started to claw her beeuteefull oil paintin of her doggie furend Scott McGhee Brigadoon thee Scottish Terrier. Shee keeped sayin, “Get down Dharth!” an gettin up to push mee off  TeeVee butt mee wood jump off an go under futon. Shee did this 5 timess an then settled down to watch her show an mee jumped on TeeVee an went fur thee paintin again an LadyMum hollered an when shee grabbed mee frum under futon mee clawed her an mee got a spankin an shee was cryin an shee tossed mee inn to thee bathroom an closed thee door. Shee did not speek to mee thee rest of thee nite. Mee was inn ‘time out’ fur 45 minuttss (till her show was dun). Shee let me out butt wood not meow to me or play. Shee put out mee snack an changed thee water an even cut up a few treetss an NEVURR said a fing!!!!! Shee laid on her bed an cried fur so-o long….mee overherd her tell Aunty Reeni shee cried fur 3 hole hourss… her Sinusitis flared up again an shee iss a bundull of nervess….

Dear BuudhaKat what iss happenin to mee? Mee iss good all day an into early evenin… then mee becomess another kat! An why doess mee try to hert her inn thee morning when wee been sleepin together on thee bed??  LadyMum called thee Vet’ss an wee goin Fursday February 4th to see Docktur Ian. Maybee hee can figure out what iss wrong wth mee. Mee has lotss of toyss an LadyMum playss toyss with mee dailee. Mee has her here with mee so it iss not like mee iss all alone. Shee has tried efurryfing shee can fink of to make mee happy an cat-tented. Shee even emailed a few of youss’ fur suggestionss an shee had been doin what youss’ said. Pleeze do not hate mee or LadyMum. Mee iss good 90% purr cent of thee time butt thee 10% purr cent that mee iss not so good, mee iss trulee ‘Dharth Vader’ an not Purrince Siddhartha. LadyMum iss totallee ashamed shee spanked mee an mee iss ashamed mee has been so ruff on her.

Pleeze if anyone has any ideass can you share then?? Yess mee has a feral streek frum Mumma Tori butt mee doess get to bee out inn Condo as much as mee wantss. Mee has good foodabullss an med an mee bowelss are calm. Mee eyess do not hert an mee letss LadyMum put ointmint inn them dailee. Mee iss a miss-tery; one that iss makin fingss sad fur both of us.  Mee iss sorry…….. Siddhartha So Sorry

Humbully, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=




Thee Sinusitis, thee Snow an thee Starman

Published January 22, 2016 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an good wishess deer followerss of Thee Purrfect Pad!! As you reememburrss’, LadyMum played out inn thee rain with the Tow Truck fell-oh last Furiday nite. Guess who gotted purrty sick with more ragin’ Sinusitis??? A clue: not mee!!! Poor LadyMum started runnin a fevurr Katurday nite an has been sick efurr since. This why wee not been here. Mee been on ‘Purr-amedic’ duty 24/7 takin katnapss when LadyMum goess fur a sleep! Whew good fing there are lotss of treetss involved, mew mew mew. Efurry nite mee iss rite there to give LadyMum KPR like this:Purramedick 1Purr-amedic 2Purr-amedic 3Mew mew mew at leest wee both have a sense of humor….An speekin of humor mee been goin out inn Condo dailee despite frigid tempss like -15 Cell-see-us which iss 5 degreess Fairhenhite!!!! Beein a ‘Northern’ kittyboy mee iss used to chilley as you can see frum mee Coe-llage mee made to show youss’:Snowin CollageAt ferst mee was a bit hessytant butt then mee snuggled down an enjoyed watchin people an Pigeonss…..Wee had snow fur a week an toe-tall iss 4+ feet of thee white stuff. Wee nice an cozy inside so do not wurry. All iss well here xcept fur *icky-sicky* LadyMum…..Pleeze send a bit more POTP fur her OK?

Mee wanted to say wee iss turriblee sad about Mistur David Bowie dyin an goin to Pure Land! Mee was just leernin about his mew-sick an mee purrtickularly liked thee song, “All Thee Young Dudess” as ‘Dude’ iss one of mee nicknamess!! Just aftur Mistur David died wee made a speshell coe-llage to honor his memoree:Bowie CollageHee was one inn a million purrson an wee will lissen to his mew-sick an reememburr thee *Starman* with Luv…..

Mee an LadyMum fink this year has gotten off to a purrty pawful start between sum of our furendss on bloggiess goin to Pure Land an Mistur David an Mistur Glenn of Thee Eagless an many otherss. An sum of our furendss are all so sick which makes us sad.  Our Looney Doller iss werth 69 cents which iss peenutss!! Snow keepss fallin an LadyMum’ss sinusess will not drain!! Phooey!!! Thiss humbull kittyboy iss goin to hide til Spring:

Play "Spot Thee Kitty" Can youss' see mee?

Play “Spot Thee Kitty”
Can youss’ see mee?

Bee seein youss’…….Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Snow snow snowy Siddhartha Henry Selfiess

Published January 17, 2016 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an Mee-you’ss frum Thee Purrfect Pad! What a wild an crazy week it has been here: snow, snow, snow an more snow!! Inn toe-tall,  4 feet of thee white stuff fell so wee made up fur ‘no snow’ in Decemburr an early January! Furiday nite it warmed up enuff to rain an LadyMum an Aunty Ruth went out inn that mess! Aunty’ss truck broked a tie-rod an they shimmied an shook an bucked their way uppy the hill to a safe spot! Best part of thee nite: LadyMum got to ride with thee 18 year old Tow Truck man an help him!! Shee was as happy as a pig inn poop, drunken sailor, teenager in LUV!!!!! Shee came inn soaked frum head to toe; mee finkss shee iss NUTSS!  Mew mew mew….

So today mee goin to do mee Sunday Selfie an *Easy On* fotoss an mee bloggie seereussly next week ok?? Here iss mee badge so mee can join Kittiess Blue:Cat On My Head Selfie Badge

An here mee iss:Siddhartha's snow watching SelfieCat-tented to sit inside an watch thee snow frum a safe distance (not like LadyMum), mew mew mew……. an while mee was doin mee selfie mee sorta slipped into *easy on* mode an mee looked like this:Siddhartha's snowy easy onWhile mee was watchin this:Fireplace ChannelleMMMM nuffin like thee Fireplace Channelle to make a kittyboy an his compleetley NUTSS sweet LadyMum warm an cozy!!! Wishin efurryone a fine easy Sunday with or without snow…..Bee seein youss’, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Silly an Sue-purr Siddhartha’ss Sunday Selfiess

Published January 11, 2016 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an  Mee-youss’ frum Thee Purrfect Pad! Guess what today iss?? Yur rite! It iss Selfie Sunday. Woo Hoo!!! So wee are joinin thee gang at Kittiess Blue fur another stirrin Selfie session:Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeNow mee was havin sum fun entertainin LadyMum thiss week while shee was unwell, so this iss mee ‘You can not see mee’ Cellyfane Selfie:Silly Cellyfane SiddharthaMee iss rapped up like a Katmass present, mew mew mew….

An wee asked Lady June of Piglove, mee Unccle Bacon’ss bloggie to fancy up a foto of mee with thee speshell effect appy shee has. Sorry mee not know the name of the appy butt mee KNOWSS mee luvss thee effect!! So here iss mee Sue-purr Sunday Selfie:Sue-purr Foto Siddhartha SelfieMee foto was terned inn to a ‘Meow-net’ paintin!!!! Absolootley pawsum Lady June!! Fankss fur doin this fur mee!!!

As fur LadyMum, shee did all thee dishess an vacummed thee hole place an washed thee kitchen floor. Laundry iss putted away an all mee toyss ree-treeved frum under furniture an fridge. Whew! Shee has been busy thee past 2 dayss, so mee gave her thee afternoon off to watch her NFL gamess! Shee iss rootin fur Seattle Seahawkss an Green Bay Packerss! Aftur thee deebacle of thee Steelerss (BOO HISS)/Bengalss (**purrss**) game last nite mee hopess there will bee safer football played today! Wishin efurryone a grate Sunday no matter what yur doin…..bee seein youss’ Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

So this iss 2016?? Iss there a reefund? Mew mew mew!

Published January 9, 2016 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste Efurryone……it iss wunderfull to see all of youss’ here again. Well thee ferst week of 2016 sure not go thee way wee thott itt wood!!! Poor LadyMum spent most of thee week inn see-vere pain frum Arfuritis inn her handss an armss an Fibro all over  an her stew-pid knee was no better! Shee could not even type fur mee!!!  An mee found her lyin down more than standin up a lot of thee time!!!!!What thee Buudha Kat happened? Well, Ladymum polished brass fingss she bott. An now shee reememburrs why shee gave her brass away yeers ago…..Then shee shoveled snow an pulled shoulder mussels an of course her  stew-pid knee. So mee apawlogizess fur our absence. Mee been on ‘Purr-amedic’ Duty FULL TIME! Whew! Mee earned mee treetss this week mee can tell you! Fankfully thee werst of LadyMum’ss pain iss over an shee did go out with thee Feral Kat Ladiess an met a woman shee went to Hi School with a kabillion 4o sumfing yeerss ago inn Hamilton! Iss a small werld isn’t it???

An wee made $20. tern into $27.25….. Wanna know how? Growin moneyTa-Da!!! Lady LouAnne frum thee Statess who used to bloggie with LadyMum elebenty yeerss ago on Yahoooo sented a Katmass card an a $20. American money an when LadyMum tooked it to thee Bank, they said with Xchange shee wood make $27.25 so shee doe-nated it to thee Group. An thee grate mews iss then there was enuff $money$ to have Sydney kat newtered! Woo Hoo! That’ss mee LadyMum! An fank you so-o much Lady LouAnne fur beein so kind an gennyruss!

Now you mite fink wee was all doomy an gloomy here butt not so. When LadyMum came home shee dropped her Foe Fur to thee floor an mee just HAD to check it out!!!!Foe Fur DharthMee finkss mee lookss arr-tistick; what do you finkss??

Then mee had sum reeflectin time an mee was deep inn thott:Tabull top Siddhartha HenryAn do youss’ know WHO mee was finkin about? Mee sweet buttercup Purrincess Phoebe of course!Purrincess Phoebe portraitMee-you shee takes mee breathss away! Her Mumma got thiss gumball masheen an wee hoped it wood bee-come a treet dispenser butt thee marbullss won out, so it iss a peece of art an mee sweet Purrincess iss like thee Meowin Lisa onlee more beeuteefull…… *sighsss*

Our weather has been uppy-downy like a rollycoastur an mee knowss this thee same fur many of youss’ efurrywhere. With thee warm upss mee has been abull to still go out inn Condo all most dailee an meow with thee Pigeonss (Tabbiess O Trout Towne pleeze skip to the end of bloggie!)Speekin to Pigeonss 1LadyMum all most had ‘a canary’ when shee herd mee say this!! Mew mew mew…..shee said mee just like Aunty Nylablue! Who mee??? Not mee LadyMum…..Speekin to Pigeonss 2They are not scared of mee anymore an come so close….an mee has to try to pounce them! Keep up thee furamillee tradishun rite? 

Mee all so wantss to give a B-I-G ‘Meow Out’ to Aunty Sheila an Mumma Mary-Ellen fur helpin LadyMum this past week an beein so kind to her an mee….yur thee bestest Ladiess an mee iss blessed to have both of youss an LadyMum inn mee life. So how was yur week? Pleeze leeve mee a commint an let’s catch up OK??? Bee seein youss’….Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Pee S: Reememburr Aunty Sheila an LadyMum tooked sweet Madeline to thee low-cal Shelter because shee was homeless?? Well shee been spayed an shee furinallee got adopted Furiday!!!! Wishin you thee best Madeline! Woo Hoo!!!!!Miss MadelinePee S S: Mee iss 1 1/2 yeerss old today!! Woo Hoo fur mee!!!!!!

Siddhartha Henry’ss “roarin innto 2016” Selfiess

Published January 3, 2016 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an mee-you it iss thee ferst Sunday of 2016 an mee iss here to sellybrate with Kittiess Blue:Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeAs LadyMum an mee were watchin thee Timess Square Ball drop mee could not contain mee enthu-see-asm an so mee submitss thiss fur Sunday Selfie:Roarin innto 2016Mew mew mew mee iss fur-oshuss isn’t mee???

An mee did a Katmass seeson *easy on* in honor of Brian of Brian’ss Home an mee Unccle Sammy of One Spoiled Kat who terned 16 on January 1st!!!! Cellyfane SiddharthaAnyone havin an xtra Cellyfane pleeze send it to mee!! Thiss stuff iss furabuluss! Even better than tisshue pay-purr!!! Happy Mew Year  efurryone.  Gotta go play inn mee cellyfane….bee seein youss…Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Rappin up thee Hollydayss

Published January 2, 2016 by NylabluesMum

Namaste hands Namaste an Happy Mew Yearss to all our faithfull followerss an furendss. Mee hopess you not fink wee abandoned youss’! Hollydayss are so zippy zoomie that wee just nevurr had enuff time to sit down an do a propurr bloggie.  

LadyMum had a GRATE 60th birthday on thee 24th an wee had a luvley Katmass Day an Boxin Day…..wee watched Muppet moviess an lissened to SEAL CD’ss an played toyss an LadyMum eated choccie biskitss an mee had xtra katnip flavored treetss an xtra tuna ….Wee reeceeved so many cardss an want to say FANKSS to efurry one fur reememburrin us. An thee giftss were furabuluss!!! 

LadyMum’ss Purr-fesser frum College sent a luvley card an sum $money$ an hee said mee could have sumfin speshell an so LadyMum gotted mee thiss new Mousie on a stick:Peep-urr the MousieMee calls the mousie Peep-urr because hee doess Peep! Fankss Docktur Mistur Gernot!

An then Speedy an Aunty Rachel sent mee thiss kewl toy:Eli thee EelWee not sure if hee iss an Eel or a Snake of a Mousie with a reelly skinny body so mee named him Eli an hee can bee an Eel on a stick, mew mew mew…..

Aunty Bev sent reel kewl toyss frum ‘Down Under’:Card an giftss frum Aunty BevThose treetss are so-o good an thee Googull mousiess are a lot of fun an LadyMum gotted sugared up on thee candy!! Mee could not figure out what thiss was:Stalkin mee KoalaMee leerned hee iss a Koala Bear ornee-mint butt mee keeped him as a toy, mew mew mew……

An mee darling Cuss-innss Shoko an Kali sent mee thiss:Card gift frum Shoko an KaliA BlackKat Katnip toy an mee LUVSS thiss toy an mee nevurr played with katnip toyss befur!!! Hee iss Ebonee Kat. An just when mee thott that was efurryfing thiss appeered frum mee Purrincess Phoebe:Cardss giftss frum Purrincess PhoebeMee berry own copy of “Rat-a-too-ee” which iss furabuluss an 2 cardss an see thee 1 on thee rite iss a black kat just like mee!! Purrincess Phoebe you fink of effuryfing! An Grammie Joan sent mee thiss toy:Mee Santa BallFank you Grammie Joan; mee luvss you ‘so berry much’ as mee sweet buttercup gurl all wayss sayss……Mee played with LadyMum an Aunti Reeni an bye meeself an then mee wanted to play sum more:PleeeeezeMew mew mew mee iss so silly isn’t mee???? An the mee found out mee won Speedy’ss contest mee entered an our box of goodiess arrived yesturday!!! Prizes won from SpeedyThee Sher-paw an beige velurr blankit iss so-o soft!! There iss a doggie carry bag on thee left an thee ASPCA bag on thee rite. Thee item with doggie iss a luvley towel an thee green round fing iss a foldin water dish…that iss way kewl. An of course sum Shortbread fur LadyMum aka ‘Cookie Monster’, mew mew mew… An wee gotted a reel Speedy card that mee will keep fur ever! What an wunderfull gift pack…mee goin to share with Jade doggie frum mee ferst home:Jade Feb 2105Beecause shee iss mee favorite doggie an mee Sisfur! An furinallee LadyMum botted sumfing fur herself:New TV standShee onlee paid $10. fur it an it iss solid May-pull wood an it can even fit in a corner butt wee putted it where thee Tee Vee unit used to bee, then LadyMum put thee Fireplace Channelle on an it was cozy sittin on the couch beeside her an snoozing an  it REELLY felt warmer?!?!?! Weerd huh? An see, Aunt Nylablue an Eesha Chinmaya are on thee shelf so wee can all wayss see them both. So wee callin thiss hollyday ‘ a rap’! Many fankss to all of youss’ what sent cardss; e-cardss; giftss an toyss….yur all so pawsum an mee iss totallee humbulled!  HAPPY MEW YEAR TO EFURRYONE…Bee seein youss’… Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=