Siddhartha Henry’s Sweet Sunday Selfiess an Fankss

Published December 14, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste hands

Namaste an mee-youss precious furendss of Thee Purrfect Pad! Youss’ have made Lady Nikki an Aunty Sheila an LadyMum an mee BERRY happy!!! With yur commintss an yur doe-nayshunss to thee Chrissmass Colony ‘GoFundMe’ link wee raised just over $300. Yur all thee BERRY bestest peeple an four leggedss efurr…..Mee iss trulee humbulled bye yur jen gen genie joyfull givin!! Two of thee “Krissmass Colony Katss” asked to pawticipate in Sunday Selfiess: Pixie an Dixie Chrissmass Colony katssPixie an Dixie are safe an warm fankss to all of us werking together! An they told mee onlee 10 katss left to bee cott, treeted an fixed an then they will bee adopted to their fur ever homes. Woo Hoo!

As fur mee well mee did a new Sunday Selfie tryin to look nobull an reegal:Siddhartha's Royalle SelfieWhat do youss’ finkss??? Doess mee look nobull an reegal?? Mew mew mew…..

Mee allso wanted to do a *Easy On* dangull foto an mee not efurr dun one befur so here goess:Siddhartha's Royalle DangullLadyMum sayss mee looks sultree?? Not sure what that meenss butt shee said Purrincess Phoebe will like mee foto!! Thiss one’s fur you mee sweet buttercup gurl….

 Fankss to Thee Kat On Mee Head fur letting us all pawticipate:Cat On My Head Selfie Badge Wishin efurryone an *easy* sweet Sunday……bee seein youss’……  Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


58 comments on “Siddhartha Henry’s Sweet Sunday Selfiess an Fankss

    • Mew mew mew Savannah mee an just see you with sum Go-rillah Glue gluin Lady Linda to thee keyboard…..
      An fankss fur thee compleemint 😉 Mee LUVSS takin selfiess!
      **paw kissesss** Dharth Henry xxxx

  • Bravo on the successful commentathon, Siddhartha and LadyMum! And Siddhartha, you are right, you look very handsome and noble!

    Many thanks for your kindness in the wake of Moosey’s passing. He was a very special boy, and we love and miss him so much. The outpouring of love and support by our friends has been such an encouragement during this difficult time.

    • Mistur Meowmeowman an Lady Tracey iss not easy saying “Goodbye” to one of us…an Moosey meened so-o much to you both. Try to reememburr all thee good times an speshell momintss an hiss qualitieess what made you luv him thee way you did….
      Moosey iss watchin frum Pure Land an hee ❤ LUVSS ❤ you both berry much….
      Fanks you fur thee compleemintss on thee Commint-athon…mee wishess wee could have raised more tho'…Lady Nikki says ther are closer to 15 katss left; not 10 😦
      So wee have to fink of sumfing else….
      ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

    • Mee-you Noodle thee Kat fankss fur theekind werdss an stopping bye!!! Our week started off with rain an it looks like just more rain butt wee are still werkin to raise $money$ fur thee 10 katss left…..
      ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXxXx

  • ~~~~~ waves two ewe pixie & dixie….veree nice two meet ewe N we hope ewe both wakes up on Christmas morn in yur new for evers for evers……. ♥♥♥

    meedium sized dood…ewe iz lookin way total lee regullz in yur fotoz….we noe a sir tin gal thatz goona loves that picturez !!! ♥♥♥

    happee week a head ~~~~

    • Pixie an Dixie are safe inn a foster home an on their way to a forever home soon….They re both adoorabull…
      Fankss fur thee compleemint Tuna an Sauce an Dai$y!!! Mee sumtimess doess not recognize meeself inn thee meer-or, mew mew mew….
      An Purrincess Phoebe DID luv mee foto 😉
      Wishin you a fishyfied Week there!
      Siddhartha henry =^,.^=

  • Happy to hear that much money was raised! It’s a wonderful thing, when people are coming together like that.

    You indeed look both regal and noble in that photo! I’m not sure about sultry either, I’ll look it up 🙂 Not familiar with the concept of ‘easy on’ either, I’ll have to ask someone.

    I’m not well. Some kind of bug or virus … I dunno …

    Purringly yours,
    Rebby & McDuff

    • It was a good fund raiser & I just posted the GoFundMe link on FB again! We still need to raise $1,000. to help the remaining 10 cats at the farm!
      I hope the bug/virus passes quickly….
      Here is Purince Dharth to meow to you. ((hugs)) S-E.
      Fankss Aunty Rebby….mee was goin fur sultry an missteereuss!
      Getting yur *easy on* meenss to ree-lax totallee 😉
      An mee sure can do THAT well!!!! Mew mew mew…..
      ~~head rubsss~~ Dharth Henry ~~

  • Well my nephew that is FABULOUS that so much money was raised for the Christmas Colony. How GREAT it is that there’s so much Christmas spirit in the blogosphere! Your photos are great Siddhartha – your coat is so sleek and shiny it’s obvious that you are getting the BEST of the BEST of care and turning into a beautiful panther young man before our eyes. Your Ladymum has helped you so much with your health issues. Bless her AND you!

    Love, Uncle Sammy

    • Fankss Unccle Sammy fur thee support an kind werdss!! Wee still have to raise $1,000. $money$ an it iss goin to bee a challenge…..LadyMum putted thee GoFundMe linky back up on her FB wall…wee hopes more people can doe-nate a bit; even $5. wood bee furabuluss……
      There iss a grate spirit frum Bloggerss an mee iss amazed bye thee outpourin of ❤ LUV 3 good will.
      Fankss fur tee compleemint; mee hardlee recognizes meeself, mew mew mew…..
      Mee bowelss are 97% better an onlee a few bad timess; nuffin like thee Summer time…..
      ***paw kissesss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxx

  • are such a handsome guy, Little Furriend…I think your LadyMom is right when she said sultree… MOL…what more can your girlfurriend wish for…. 😉
    That was so good news about the fundraiser and what a cuties Dixie and Pixie are ❤ Granny had chicks who had the same name…she just remembered…. 🙂
    Pawkisses for a wonderful day and one extra for your sweet LadyMum 🙂 ❤ ❤

    • Mee-you littul Binky fankss fur thee compleemint!!! Mee iss eatin meee good foodabullss dailee an not complainin an mee bowelss are MUCH calmer. Mee can have sum tuna-tuna frum Blue Wilderness an it iss good!
      An mee luvss to take sultree fotoss’, mew mew mew…..
      Yur Granny had chicks with thee same names?? Way way cool!!!!
      ❤ LUV ❤ an ***paw kissesss*** to you an an xtra *nose kiss* fur you Binky ❤
      Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Fankss Summer….mee luvss doin Sunday Selfiess…mew mew mew….
      And yess it iss pawsum newss about thee fundraiser! GoFundMe iss still goin on an ladyMum put thee linky up on her FB page…wee still have to raise $1,000. an that iss ALOT of $money$ shee told mee…..
      So wee carry on 😉
      **nose kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

    • Iss luvley to see you LP an Critterss!!! Piie an Dixie an 38 other katss are all safe an well an inn new homes….wee still have 10 katss that need tobee saved an treeted an ree-homed….werk carriess on….
      An fankss fur thee compleemint 😉
      **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

    • Lady Annie it iss luvley to see you again!!! Fankss fur thee compleemint….
      Wee still have $money$ to raise bee-cause there are 10 katss left….purrayin fur a mirackull fur sure!
      **paw kissesss** Siddhartha Henry thee Sue-ppurr Selfie taker 😉

    • Mee-you Lady Annie of GooeyLounge yur rite!!!!! Purrincess Phoebe luvss BOTH mee fotoss’!!! Woo Hoo!!!
      Fankss fur theecompleemint. LadyMum an mee werked hard to raise sum $money$ to help thee abandoned Chrissmass Colony!
      **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

    • Mee-you Ernie an Wally an Zoey yur so kind! LadyMum says sumtimess mee looks a bit ‘snooty’…mee says iss mee ‘Royalle’ look an shee laffss at mee 😉
      Fankss fur stopping bye…..
      **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • Phoebe here- I love both selfies, the dangle and the sultry. You make my heart go pitter patter. I am so glad those kitties are getting helped and your commet a thon went so well. I pray they all have forever homes for Christmas. XO and lots of love

    • Mee sweetest Purrincess Phoebe iss luvley to see you here today…..
      Mee iss glad you luv both mee selfiess….mee did thee Sultree one just fur you 😉
      So far 30 katss have been cott an vaccine an fixed an inn new homess….there are just 10 left an a few mite bee fixed all ready…pawss crossed there are sum so it will not cost as much to help them. Butt wee do what wee can to get efurryone a new home fur Katmass mee buttercup gurl ❤
      ***paw kissesss*** an ~~head rubsss~~ an *tummy tickullss*
      Yur Purrince, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Fankss Brian fur such kind werdss!! Wee tries to help out as much as pawssibull with fund raisin an Commint-athonss’. Mee-you you can see mee Royalle?? Furabuluss!!
      Mee just goin run over an visit you……
      ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxx

    • Mee-you Flynn mee was just over at yur bloggie!!
      yes wee raised a lot of $money$. It costs $120. purr kat to do vaccinations; deworm, deflea an spay or neuter. Wee have 2 Vet’ss who do thee werk an they are nice enuff to charge onlee that amount each kat.
      30 katss are now inn new homes an wee have 10 more to live trap an help!!! Krissmass Colony will bee saved! Woo Hoo!!!!
      ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  • Purrince Siddhartha, you are one fine regal and majestic mancat for sure!! I for one am furry proud of you, NeffKitty!! It’s great so many peeps commented and donated to the worthy cause. It does the heart good, indeed!! You and LadyMum have a great week, little buddy!! xoxox

    • Fank you Unccle Austin fur yur support an encouragemint! LadyMum an mee are so happy wee could help Lady Nikki…shee iss ‘simplee’ amazin!!!
      Fankss fur thee compleemint an mee iss humbulled yur proud of mee Unccle…..
      Wishin you an Tigger an Lady Caro a grate week also…
      **nose bumpsss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

    • Wee had sum grate help with 2 other Bloggerss assistin with commint $money$ an thee GoFundMe linky helped a lot also Lady Sue. Lady Nikki came bye last nite with tears inn her eyes an gave us a FANK YOU card an sum scratchey tickitss fur LadyMum….then wee got teary eyed…mew mew mew….
      Wishin Charlie, Cashew, Garfield, Tubby an sweet Hope an you a pawtastick week.
      ***nose kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Mee-you Christy iss luvley to see you here. Fankss fur thee compleemintss…LadyMum an mee are dee-voted to helpin Lady Nikki an Aunty Sheila an all feral an barn an stray katss what need help inn our area….It iss our ‘purr-pose’ inn Life!
      An fanjss fur noticing mee fur…it iss so shiny it even sirprizess mee….
      **nose kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

    • Fankss Lady Vera fur thee compleemintss!!! Mee ‘feelss’ more grown-up alltho mee can still act notty like a kitten!!!! Mew mew mew….. LadyMum said to say “Fankss” also; shee HAS werked hard to recover mee to good health…..
      Reegardss to Moon an Paladin frum mee =^,.^=
      ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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