NYLABLUE’S 1st Memorial Anniversary

Published November 22, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an humbull greetinss frum Thee Purrfect Pad. Today iss a reememburrin day fur LadyMum an mee not going to meow on or do Sunday Selfie….thiss bloggie iss fur you today LadyMum.  Go ahead….mee will sit with you as you type an wipe yur tearss ok??? =^,.^=

“Siddhartha Henry you really are becoming a Prince. Thank you ‘little man’!!”  All right, here I go….

Today is the 1st Anniversary of NYLABLUE’S passing. Hard to believe an entire year has passed by. Sometimes it seems like forever & sometimes it seems like yesterday. I have finally stopped calling Siddhartha Henry ‘NySiddhartha’. He seriously must have wondered what I was saying for the first few months we were together, lol.

Going thru the photos on PiZap & FB & WP I see so many memories & the tears are flowing freely. I never thought I’d love another cat like I had loved Mingflower but I was surprised & if it was possible, I loved Nylablue even more….I have decided to showcase certain photos here in memory of ‘Sweet Feet’ because a picture is worth 1,000 words!

The 1st photo I saw of Nylablue May 2006

The 1st photo I saw of Nylablue May 2006

I was smitten from the 1st time I saw her….


Come up an see mee sumtime!! 2007

Come up an see mee sumtime!! 2007

Our first Spring in our new apartment…Nylablue was so-o relaxed! LOL…..

Queen on her throne, lol.... What an expression!

Queen on her throne, lol…. What an expression!


May mee share coffee with you Mum?

May mee share coffee with you Mum?

And then came the Peridontel Disease so Nylablue had the rest of her teeth removed in 2009. She was a real trooper thru that ordeal:

A girl must allwayz look her best!

A girl must allwayz look her best!

Once she recovered Nylablue found lots of things to laugh about & it was wonderful to see her so healthy & happy:

Laff an thee werld laffss with you......

Laff an thee werld laffss with you……

She had a knack for always being in my spot & looking so innocent:

Thiss your spot Mum???

Thiss your spot Mum???

Wee brought The Purrfect Pad over to WP August 2012 & received such a warm welcome that we decided to make this our blog home. And we made so many friends…..friends for Life!

Nylablue: A study in Beauty 2012

Nylablue: A study in Beauty 2012

No matter what she was doing Nylablue had such beauty & grace…..thinking of her takes my breath away still….

Remember her sassiness???

Talk to da toesiez!

Talk to da toesiez!

She sure had “CAT-TITUDE’ didn’t she???



Nylablue? Who iz DIZ Nylablue you speek of??

Nylablue? Who iz DIZ Nylablue you speek of??

LOL oh how you made us laugh ‘Sweet Feet’!!!!

Mee ferst efurr Selfie!

Mee ferst efurr Selfie!

Remember when Nylablue took her 1st selfie?? It was mid 2013 & she had just been diagnosed with the IBD. All of you rallied around us & 5 of you became Nylablue’s ‘Guardian Angels’ assisting me with Vet bills & medication costs. You gave us an extra 18 months of being together & I am eternally grateful. We made every moment count:

2 Sisters together...my 'DiDi' girl...

2 Sisters together…my ‘DiDi’ girl…

Nylablue fought the ‘good fight’ with our love & Dr. Dave by our side to care for her so ‘purrfectly’:Nylablue & Dr Dave 2013 2

The Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo

And then there was Nylablue’s “crew”:

Mee furry own 'crew'

Mee furry own ‘crew’

Binky Mouse, Dot the LadyBug, Eesha Chinmaya the blue Ellyfant, TwinkleStar her Pony, Greybaby Ellyfant, Zippy thee Hamster, Pinky Pig, Petal Pink Kat an TanuJa Kitt….A better crew no kitty girl could ask for….

Nylablue’s favorite stuffie was of course TwinkleStar (from Aunty Janet of Kitties Blue, Nylablue’s other family):

Mee pony! Mee Pony!!!

Mee pony! Mee Pony!!!

So many memories…we lived a lifetime packed into 8 1/2 years we were together. She was the apple of my eye & yours:apple-of-my-eye-1apple-of-my-eye-2

Nylablue made our world a better place. Saying “Goodbye” was so difficult but we had to once the Diabetes set in. She was ready to go to Summerland, but she wanted everyone to remember her happy & carefree eating her tuna-tuna:

Nommie nommie tuna-tuna...

Nommie nommie tuna-tuna…

And we remember our Nylablue with the turquoise eyes:

Look into mee eyez.....

Look into mee eyez…..

“NYLABLUE you are gone to Summerland but I feel your presence here a lot to this day. I see you doing ‘bunny binkies’ out of the corner of my eye. Siddhartha Henry is asleep in your Pedestal bed so it is not him….I even hear your sweet ‘eeowws’ in the quiet of the night Nylablue. Maybe it is just my mind playing tricks on me….I prefer to believe you’re here in Spirit watching over your Mum with Mingflower by your side. I love you so much…both of you.”

Mingflower the Merciless 1987-2006

Mingflower the Merciless 1987-2006

My sweet beautiful girls I think of you daily. Every night I kiss your ash boxes & say ‘Goodnight My Girls’The Girls with Eesha Chinmaya 2015

Thank you dear friends for taking this walk down memory lane with me. It means the world to me.

Nylablue's last photo Nov. 21st, 2014

Nylablue’s last photo Nov. 21st, 2014

“Night night my precious Nylablue Sweet Feet….”

LUB iss thee BEST gift of all.....

LUB iss thee BEST gift of all…..






88 comments on “NYLABLUE’S 1st Memorial Anniversary

    • Hello Manfred it is lovely to hear from you again. NYLABLUE DOES live in our hearts. I hope things are are getting easier for you, my friend.
      Give **kisses** to Baby & Sweetie for me.
      {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

  • hello nylabluesmum its dennis the vizsla dog hay has it reeely ben a yeer alreddy??? i kannot beleev it!!! wot a sweet and pritty kitty girl nylablue wuz!!! run free with my kitty sisters trouble and pooh bear nylablue!!! ok bye

    • Hello Dennis it shocks me it has been a year already. Having Siddhartha Henry has helped me get thru the grief of losing NYLABLUE ❤
      She sure was a sweet & pretty girl & she was the best companion for almost 9 years to me. Now she runs with Trouble & Pooh Bear & Mingflower & Pyewacket & Silky-Auburn & Simpson & many others….
      Thanks for stopping by you adorable boy!

  • This is soooooo beautiful….what a lovely tribute!!! You are not imagining it, she is still there! I heard one of my dogs tonight and a few weeks ago I got a clear as day “miaow” on my recorder from my cat LiliBeth & all other cats were upstairs…this miaow was right next to the microphone. You had a lovely extra 18 mths with Nylablue, I am sure I remember saying you would have 18 months?? Loads of hugs to you xx

    • Hello Eevee my Soul Sister…Dr. Dave & I figured 18-20 months. We knew 2 years was too much to expect. I was so happy with the extra time…. I know LiliBeth is there with you….she loves to visit. So does Nylablue & it comforts me to see her binkying like a bunny out of the corner of my eye. I also see her lying on the bed & Purrince SH is out here….
      Thank you for stopping by & for the lovely compliment.
      (((HUGS)))) an so much Love to the Moon & back X 444, 444, 000 times.
      Love Sherri-Ellen ❤ ❤

    • Shalom Toby & thank you for such a lovely comment. Yes, NYLABLUE was one of a kind & despite the chronic health problems she was a wonderful companion. I am sure she is at peace & you know I am also. I gave her a good life & loved her 150% & she had friend all around the world; so what more could I ask for?
      Namaste & Love, Sherri-Ellen

    • AAHHH sweet Noodle you are one of a kind too! I am so glad you & your Mum enjoyed the blog & feel like you know NYLABLUE now. She was a sweet kittygirl & I was blessed to be her ‘Mum’ for almost 9 years.
      Love those **ear licks**! They tickle!
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

  • We remember this day as it was yesterday, dear Sherri-Ellen. The tribute made us laugh and cry too. Sweet Nylablue was such a special cat and we are so happy we have met her and share beautiful moments with her. She is still around you and I think she watches over the little Purrince too ❤ She is an angel now..I guess she always was 🙂 Soft Pawkisses to comfort you 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    • 😉 I think you are right little Binky & Granny…NYLABLUE was a sweet Angel on Earth & now is an Angel Cat. I am so happy the world got to know her & she had so many friends. Thank for the compliment; I wanted to make this Memorial blog special because she was special.
      Those **paw kisses** are lovely 🙂
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

  • Sherri Ellen
    sending hugs and love to you; I know how hard this day was; the first anniversary always seems to be the hardest. thanx for sharing these photos of nylablue; I enjoyed seeing them; you know though, she’s not truly ….gone….her and mingflower just live someplace now… where you can’t physically see them… and both…will always be with you 24/7…be it in your heart…memory or both ♥♥♥♥ Laura

    • Hello Laura…I totally agree with you about NYLABLUE & Mingflower & all my 4 leggeds. I see them & sense their presence. And you are right the 1st year is the hardest. I have been blessed with so many lovely cats over the years & have so many wonderful memories. 😉
      Thank you for stopping by my friend.
      (((hugs))) & Love Sherri-Ellen ❤

  • Oh my how the year flew by. I have Nylablue’s photo up on the fridge and I see it all the time and think of her. She was so beautiful and lived a life full of the love of many. Isn’t that what a life should be? I seem to have very wet eyes at the moment but that is just fine as it means she lives on in my and so many hearts.
    Miss you dearest Nylablue. We shall all meet again someday so until we do keep an eye on all of us and especially Mom and Prince Siddhartha Henry.
    Love from all of us at the Tomcat Home
    Dad, Timmy and Family

    • Hello Pete & Timmy & the family: It is so nice to hear people have NYLABLUE’S photo on their fridges & desks to this day. She did live a full life & she had a good life with ‘us’. Thank you for being a ‘Guardian Angel’ for our Angel. I will always be eternally grateful. And yes one day we shall see NYLABLUE Sweet Feet again ❤
      Love to all of you there, Sherri-Ellen

  • Nylablue was such a pretty kitty. I wish I had known her better. I do believe that our fur babies can and do visit us in spirit form, so I’m sure you have seen and heard her. I have seen Jewel around here, too. *hugs*

    • Hello Sierra & Milita & Carmine: I have to say Milita not only looks ALOT like NYLABLUE she acts a lot like her from the blogs I have read that ‘she’ posted! Especially at the Vet’s 😉
      I am glad Jewel visits you….I KNOW how much she means to you…..they leave their paw prints on our hearts, don’t they?
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

    • Hello Annie oh it was a difficult anniversary but I focused on the good memories & played SEAL cd’s & enjoyed all the heartfelt comments here. She is always in our minds & hearts…..
      Thank you for stopping by my friend.
      {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

  • *sigh* I feel for ya. I just barely knew Nylablue but she was a Siamese and they always are memorable gals. I get upset hearing about those that have gone along to Summerland. We are glad our cuz Dharth is with you.

    Shoko and Kali

    • Dear Shoko & Kali thank you for your comment. Dharth Henry is taking good care of me during this time. My little ‘Purr-amedic’….
      Nylablue was a one of a kind kittygirl & she is with me in spirit forever….
      ***hugs*** to you both precious girls ❤ ❤

  • Such a beautiful tribute my sweet friend. It’s so hard to believe that she has been gone for a year. I can close my piggy eyes and still see and feel me one love. I just know she’s an angel watching over all of us. Hogs and snout kisses. XOXO – Bacon

  • I didn’t know NylaBlue but she sure sounds amazing and beautiful and wonderful. I am sure you miss her very much. I still miss Pip (who I don’t think you knew). He died 2 years ago and sometimes it feels like yesterday. Pip was a doggie, but he LOVED kitties so maybe NylaBlue and Pip are together having lots of fun. XOXO

    • No I did not know Pip & I regret that also. There are so many lovely people & 4 leggeds but not enough hours in a day to get to so many blogs. I would like to think Pip & Nylablue are playing TAG & hanging out together. Nylablue liked dogs so I can see them together! Nylablue WAS ‘simply amazing’ & was the sweetest cat I have ever shared my Life with…..Thank you for stopping by.

    • Hello Wally, Ernie & Zoe & Mom & Dad: it IS hard to believe an entire year has passed! She is still greatly missed. She sure was one of a kind wasn’t she?
      Thank you for the compliment on the tribute…I wanted it to be straight from my heart….
      The **purrs** helped a lot too!

  • Dear Sherri-Ellen, Now I am bawling my eyes out. I had no idea that yesterday was one year since the beautiful Nylablue went to Summerland. I have the photo you sent me in the kitchen and see her everyday.That girl had spunk and the strongest will to stay by your side just as long as possible. We were so privileged to have her as a member of our family where she remains today as one of our beloved angels. I know she will always be in your heart as she is mine. It was an honor to be able to help keep you two together for as long as possible. I know it hasn’t been easy with Siddhartha, but I know he is doing better and hopefully will become a calmer young man as he continues to mature and get healthy. I always add your post to the hop before I even come to your page, so I must apologize that under Nylablue’s photo it says Purrince Siddhartha Henry Selfie. Maybe more folks will stop in just to find out what that’s about. I love you dearly and send you lots of warm hugs. You are always in my thoughts and prayers, Janet ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 😉
    and XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • P.S. Have you ever gone to Google to find photos. Just type in “Nylablue photos” and you will find lots and lots. I do this all the time when I can’t find a photo. I don’t always find what I am looking for, but I have recovered many photos of my gang that way. Click on the photo and when it comes up, click on view page. You can then save the photo to your computer.

      I have now read everyones’ comment and your replies. I feel like someone is squeezing my heart. All animals are precious and important, but Nylablue was one of a kind. She was blessed and lucky to have you as her mum!

      Sending more love, hugs and prayers, Janet ❤

      • No Janet I have never done that!!! What a great tip! I have scoured WP & FB & PiZap for missing photos. I just Googled N & got some FAB photos! In fact a few I did not have that others PiZapped! Thank you so-o much!
        My heart is a bit squeezed also. NYLABLUE was a force unto herself…quiet, beautiful, sweet an a hint of sass….she truly was one of a kind ❤
        And she was ours & always will be,
        Thank you for more ❤ & (((hugs))) & prayers, Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0x0x0x0

        • I googled her to see what was there before telling you this. I am so super happy that you found photos you didn’t have. I didn’t tell you how much I loved the photo about of her sweet feets when she was atop the cabinets. I didn’t remember that photo. Sending lots more hugs and love to you and Siddhartha as well. Rest well. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ XOXOXO, Janet

    • Hello Janet: I think how you posted the blog link is perfect! Just as it should be so no worries. Today is the anniversary….2:20 pm a year ago today…our precious Blue Girl went to join Mingflower & so many others in Summerland. I know she will always be a part of your family & I am honored that you love(d) her so much & for being a ‘Guardian Angel’…You & the other ‘Angels’ gave us an extra 1 1/2 years together & it was a blessing. You earned your wings for sure!
      Siddhartha Henry is growing up little by little. He is his own ‘littul man’ & he can be a challenge but when he head rubs me, my heart melts & I KNOW he was sent to me by ‘the girls’.
      Thank you again for your love & friendship.
      (((hugs))) & ❤ to all the Kitties Blue & to you ❤

    • Hello Janet: I am sorry I did not reply to this comment sooner…I thought I had….NYLABLUE DID have a very strong will to live! I think being so loved gave her strength to carry on. Plus she had such a rough 4 years b4 she was abandoned on the streets….
      A lot of people have come by to pay their respects….it is lovely to see NYLABLUE I ill so loved even after being gone a year.
      {{{{hugs}}}} an Love to all of you,

    • Mee-you Mudpie an lady Melissa fankss fur stoppin bye. LadyMum iss a bit tired now so mee iss doin reepliess……it has been an emoshunall day fur her 😉
      ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry
      Pee S: Go Happy Harvick Go!!!!! Numburr 4 ALL.THEE. WAY!!!!!

  • I wish I had known Nylablue, but I didn’t find your blog until after she had gone to her Summerlands. This is a beautiful tribute in her memory. I send my purrs, and my mum sends (((hugs)))

    • Ah dear Flynn & Mum I also wish I had gotten to know Eric….they are both running free in Summerland. I AM glad we did find each other finally. I adore Flynn & the ‘littul Purrince’ IDOLIZES Flynn 😉
      thank you for your kind words.
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

    • Hello Swiss Cats I am so glad you enjoyed the tribute to my ‘Sweet Feet’. I found old pix on Facebook & thought it would be nice to include them in this blog. NYLABLUE lives on in our hearts & minds always. ❤
      (((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

    • Hello Lexi & Mum: Nylablue was a very beautiful cat physically & spiritually. She had a gentle sweet nature altho’ she could wrestle with Dr. Dave & cause havoc when she saw him, lol….
      Her eyes were so deep & blue & full of intelligence. NYLABLUE did not belong to me alone; she belonged to all our friends around this world. She brought so many wonderful people into my life & she represented what LOVE could do for a once Puppy Mill breeding Queen who was abandoned when she got sick.
      It was my pleasure to share her with all of you.
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

  • She was a most beautiful cat. A real lady. You are lucky to have shared her life even with the sad grief that it brought you. You added so much love to her life and helped her to live longer too. Take good care now of yourself and Siddhartha. V and 2cats2.

    • Hello Vera it is lovely to see you here. Thank you for your sweet comment. I totally was ‘lucky’! All the ups & downs were worth the LOVE! Never any question there. 😉
      As I play her favorite SEAL CD’S I feel calm….knowing she is in spirit & free of pain & a failing body.
      She lives on in our hearts & minds.
      Will do! I hope you & Moon & Paladin are all fine. It started snowing here yesterday & I thought of you as I saw your State got a lot of snow…..
      (((HUGS))) & ❤ LOVE ❤ Sherri-Ellen
      P.S.: Siddhartha Henry sends ***nose bumpsss*** to the 2 cats!

    • Hello Caro & Austin yes the year has flown by hasn’t it??? Today it is snowing & the pigeons are visiting in full force. I can sense NYLABLUE’S presence close by. SEAL playing on the Boombox…..Siddhartha Henry watching those pigeons as “Aunty” did….
      {{{hugs}}} an **cuddles** to both of you, Sherri-Ellen ❤

  • Very touching, Sherri-Ellen. Nylablue had such a happy life, full of love and companionship and care. Thanks to you, she was one of the lucky ones. 🙂

    • Shalom Barbara & Eric it is lovely to see you here! Thank you for the kind words & support. I as the lucky one 😉 She brought such joy into my Life. I miss her each day but I remember our love & that is a precious gift in itself.
      (I changed the emoticon for you; no worries…)
      (((hugs))) & “LUB” (as Nylablue would say) Sherri-Ellen ❤

  • Nylablue was a beautiful kitty. I had only just discovered her blog right before she passed, but I was already in love. This is a lovely tribute and I have enjoyed every photo. Sending you hugs and love XO

    • Hello Ellen I remember you joined near the end. When I look thru the Archives I am always amazed at a photo I find or a certain blog we did & it brings back memories. NYLABLUE was a sweet & gentle soul with a touch of sass that befitted a Queen. She is with us in Spirit & today we celebrate her Life & all the joy she brought to everyone around the world.
      (((hugs))) & ❤ LOVE ❤ to you dear friend, Sherri-Ellen

  • What a lovely tribute to your precious Nylablue. The love you share lives on eternally. Surely you will see her again one day in Summerland. Sending hugs, purrs and prayers, as you remember.

    • Many many thanks Kevin for the lovely words. I am playing NYLABLUE’S SEAL CD’S today & watching the snow fall & it warms my heart. I shall always miss her but I know she is free & out of pain & with my beloved Mingflower & so many others…..
      I pray that I WILL see both ‘My Girls’ again in Summerland.
      Love NEVR dies does it?
      {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

    • Hello Linda & Savannah I too had a cry this morning. NYLABLUE was ‘our girl’; not ‘my’ girl. She is with us all in Spirit looking down with Mingflower & all my 4 leggeds an many friends & we are NOT alone!
      I had retrieved a few pix from FB that were lost on previous laptop. Thank G-D for FB, lol….
      Thank you for stopping by.
      (((hugs))) & ‘LUB’ Sherri-Ellen & Angel Nylablue ❤

    • Thank you Mum Amanda & Ben Da Hood for stopping by. Queen NYLABLUE lives on in spirit….I can feel her presence today…..
      The memories are so precious aren’t they??
      ❤ LOVE ❤ }} Sherri-Ellen

  • Miss Sherri-Ellen thank youwooowoooowooooo fur posting such beauwoowooooootiful piccies of my Nylabluewooooowoooooo! I think of her often and know she is watching over you and handsome Nefkitty Dharth! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox ❤ ❤ ❤ Kuruk

    • Hello darling Kuruk & Julianne knew you’d be the first to post here….I KNOW how much Nylablue meant to you both….I am sure she is watching over Dharth Henry an myself. I even see her sometimes….
      Thank you for stopping by.
      ❤ ❤ & ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

    • It seems just yesterday doesn’t it KJ & Marty & all….where did the time go??
      Today we have snow & the pigeons are on the patio eating seeds & dear Siddhartha Henry is watching them as his ‘Auntie’ Nylablue used to….that brings me comfort…
      Our girl was one in a million ❤
      (((hugs))) an ❤ LOVE ❤ Sherri-Ellen

    • HI Brian & Terry & the gang it IS hard to believe it has been a year! I think adopting Siddhartha Henry only 3 weeks later took the edge off Nylablue’s passing. Nylablue knew what to do to keep me occupied, lol….
      Thank you for stopping by; it means ALOT to me.
      ((((hugs)))) Sherri-Ellen

  • Sad anniversary, Nylablue and JFK passed away on the same date … but it’s a happy one too, as it’s McDuff’s b/d.

    She was absolutely beautiful, and you must find comfort in all the memories of those eight+ years you had together. I know you’re hurting now — yahrzeit is always difficult — but we’ll all meet again, and she’s in a happy place now. Perhaps she’s met Hadassah here 🙂

    • Hello Rebby & HAPPY BIRTHDAY McDuff! And yes Nylablue went on JFK’s anniversary>>>altho’ I did not plan it when I picked that date I remembered….he was the first world personality whose death I understood. I cried in school as we heard the report; had to be sent home I was so upset!
      As for Nylablue she was ‘Simply Amazing’ & we will never forget our ‘Sweet Feet’ ❤
      I like to think she found Hadassah & they are playing tag together.
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

  • I felt the same as I saw the photos of Sammy’s camping trip… my tears were running as I remembered this time and your Nylablue…. even after a year it still hurts…. but I know she is always there in my thoughts…

    • That camping trip was fabulous & I can’t look at those photos yet. I can look at my fave photos of ‘our girl’; JUST! She lives in our hearts & memories Easy & Katty & Mark. She was ‘our girl’ for sure.
      (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

  • A year it’s been…….hard to believe as time passes so quickly these days. Nylablue IS with you and Siddhartha and has done a lot to help guide BOTH of you from Summerland and the visits she makes to your hearts every day……for I do believe that. When you love so completely – like cats do and we do in return – it’s neverending even when one of us has to leave the other. May you have peace in knowing that. Sending love and hugs………

    Pam and Sammy

    • Hello Sammy & Pam it is hard to grasp a year has gone by. I KNOW in my heart NYLALBUE is with us here. I can still feel her presence. I am at peace today…missing NYLABLUE but grateful she was in my Life for those 8+ years and so grateful we met ALL OF YOU here and made so many wonderful friends.
      (((hugs))) & ❤ LOVE ❤ & Peace Sherri-Ellen

    • Thank you Summer & Janiss for the kind words. It is a sad day but it IS snowing & the pigeons were here on patio for seeds & as I watched Siddhartha henry watching them I could envision Nylablue right beside him watching with him…..
      Our girl is with us in our hearts ❤ ❤
      ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

  • I can’t believe its been a year already it seems like only yesterday,she really was a beauty,a Goddess as Speedy says,Well I am sure she is shining bright in the heavens above and shining that light over you and Siddhartha too along with Mingflowers shining light,love hugs and Speedy snuggles dear sis,xx Rachel and Speedy and Nick too

    • Hello Rachel & Speedy & Nick: Altho a sad day it is a good day! Snowing & pigeons on the patio eating seeds….Nylablue would be so happy. I could envision her beside Siddhartha Henry this morning watching along with him. I am going to play ALOT of DEAL CD’S today>>>all her favorite songs…1st time since last Nov.22nd…..
      Our ‘Goddess’ is still alive in spirit & watching over us. After all, she got Siddhartha Henry & I together 😉
      Thank you for stopping by; it means a lot to me Sis ❤
      (((hugs))) an ❤ LOVE ❤ Sherri-Ellen

  • A beautiful post from a beautiful kitty mum with a very beautiful Nylanblue…she was an incredible kitty girl…her beautiful eyes and coloring do take your breath away. I too can’t believe it has been a year…it has gone fast…someday we will be with our girls again and until then they are happy and playing, to them it has only been a few minutes since they got to heaven:) Sending you hugs and prayers, always good thoughts….God Bless You…thank you much for sharing your special pictures and memories:)

    • Bless you HRCG for your sweet & gentle words. NYLABLUE was so special. I know each 4 legged is special; some are just a bit more special & she truly was. Unting a world of people & bringing so much “LUB” with her. She also was very distinctive looking & beautiful; heart & soul.
      I KNOW she & Minnie Moo are having the time of their lives running free in Summerland & that eases the loss. No pain or suffering. Restored to their proper state & free. And you are right; it is just a short time to them…..
      You are welcome for the sharing; it was very cathartic to do this blog.
      Funny thing: it has been snowing since yesterday & I had to put seeds in ground feeder…Siddhartha henry watching birds as Nylablue did…I could see her outline right beside Dharth watching the pigeons with him. This has made the day bearable…NYLABLUE ever the ‘Sweet Feet’….
      (((hugs))) & ❤ Love ❤ to you Sherri-Ellen ❤

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