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Thee epic saga of mee last 4 monthss as told bye LadyMum

Published October 30, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an greetinss frum Thee Purrfect Pad!Namaste handsWhew what a wild time wee has had here as all of youss’ know. LadyMum has asked if shee can tell thee story frum her point of view an mee agreed! Now shee mite go into a ‘epic rant’ so pleeze bear with her….shee has to get thiss ritten down an outta her system. All mee can say iss wee are blessed to have Aunty Sheila in our livess  ❤   OK LadyMum take it away:

Hi Everyone: The ‘littul Purrince’ is correct. This is going to be an epic rant! This whole saga started back on June 18th when a group member of our Feral Cat Rescue group scared me half to death about Siddhartha Henry’s health & said he NEEDED that FVRCP injection to boost his Immune System. As I knew nothing about Panleukopenia I deferred to someone who I thought knew more than I did. (my 1st mistake). Then July 7th I took Siddhartha Henry to Dr. Melissa & as she knew he had survived the Rhino Virus AND Panleuk she should NOT have given him the vaccine because his Immune System would not tolerate it. (my 2nd mistake).  As Siddhartha Henry’s bowels deteriorated I became more & more concerned. When I was offered the Homeopathic route by his former ‘Human’ I decided it might be a safe alternative to traditional medicine. (my 3rd mistake). He started the Homeopathy  treatment September 30th & during the first 2 remedies he was doing somewhat better. Not perfect but anything was better than nothing. And then things unraveled & back to Homeopathic Practitioner we went with another fur sample & we were told he had a serious Bacterial Bowel Infection & needed 3 different remedies to make him better. We were told “IF Siddhartha Henry DOES NOT RESPOND TO THESE TREATMENTS HE IS ‘FINISHED!” When I asked what she meant by ‘finished’, we were told “You can take him to a Vet & have him PUT TO SLEEP!”  Instead of trying to find a reputable Vet to check him out I agreed to the alternate treatment (my 4th mistake). 2 weeks into the regime of morning & nighttime treatments with remedies that REEKED of ALCOHOL Siddhartha Henry got very sick. He was howling & pacing & freaking out all the time. Eating so much & could not keep his bowels firm no matter what I did for him! The past weekend was a living H*LL for both of us. By Monday I was a wreck & locked in the bedroom crying because of his behavior. Sheila did get an appointment with Dr. Melissa for Thursday…..but by Tuesday morning I knew he needed to be seen that day. Dr. Melissa said she had ‘no time’ for an emergency! WHAT THE H*LL???? What kind of Vet care is that? I then called Dr. Dave’s office sobbing & begging for someone to see him. (I would have be able to take him to the new Vet right out of school because Dr. Dave REFUSED to treat him AND would have to pay full price upfront; no credit line; take it or leave it; so I chose to ‘leave it’!)  While this was happening Sheila called Dr. Ian & got us  an appointment for that afternoon. She also ran a stool (sludge) sample up to the Clinic to be tested while I was preparing a written timeline of events.  I found Dr. Ian to be kind, gentle, personable & caring. He said Siddhartha Henry has NO bowel infection or any infection period. His exam was all normal. Yes he had lost almost a pound but was hydrated & in great shape. Dr. Ian said despite all that was done to Siddhartha Henry he was actually in good physical health except for the Bowels. His diagnosis is INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE due to his previous illness with the Panleuk that weakened his Immune system & made his bowels susceptible to the condition.  WE decided to go the route of changing food & introducing proper Probiotics into his diet. So now Siddhartha Henry is eating Royal Canin Gastro-intestinal kibble & wet food. He is taking Proviable-DC probiotic in food daily & that will grow proper flora in his gut. ALL Homeopathic remedies are stopped! If needed I can use Bach’s Rescue Remedy as it does not have ANY alcohol in its’ formulation. Since he has started eating the gastro food his demeanor is that of  Purrince Siddhartha Henry from before July! He is lively & playful & calmer & more loving. Also he is finally sleeping properly because he was  only napping for 20-30 mintues at the most & always so ‘hyped’ while on the bowel remedies. Already there is no pain in his eyes & he is not all cramped up. I have been doing research on Panleukopenia & have learned a lot. I should have done this when I was first told he had suffered & almost died from this illness as a kitten. I screwed up big time….I hope Siddhartha Henry forgives me; I feel like an idiot! Mind you I have never had a Panleuk cat before so I should not be so hard on myself. **sighs** I can tell you I am very angry with myself & at the group member who scared me witless to get that DAMN FVRCP shot & at Dr. Melissa for giving it to him. A proper Vet would have said he did not need it as he HAS natural immunity because he is survived the illness!!! That shot being a live vaccine made his body think he was ‘sick’ again. I feel just terrible about  what I have put my ‘DUDERS’ through. It could have all been avoided.  And I never really believed in Homepathy so should have listened to my inner voice. The Homeopath did her best & it was not her fault either nor Siddhartha’s 1st Human Mum. Both ladies meant well. It’s all been too much to deal with plus my Pneumonia followed by Viral Sinusitis followed by the awful Flu virus I had this past weekend. My Immune system is also in tatters as are my nerves. Wednesday I slept on & off all day due to the serious fatigue I am suffering from now. It is hard enough taking care of a ‘special needs’ cat when well so trying to care for our ‘littul Purrince’  while being ill has done me completely in! I keep muttering “This Too Shall Pass” over & over.

The moral of our story: Do not believe everything you are told. Do your own research. Ask people ‘in the know’. Follow sensible advice. Question anything that seems ‘off’ or wrong. 

My humble thanks & gratitude go out to Sheila for standing by us thru this entire ordeal with her quiet  rational calm (totally opposite to my frenetic hyperactive temperament) & assisting us to getting into a fine & reputable Vet Clinic & for all the times she has listened to me cry over the phone to her about Siddhartha Henry. I’d be lost without you dear friend! And just think….with proper Vet care & a new diet & less stress you won’t have to listen to any more distressed phone calls!!!!!!  As Siddhartha Henry would say, “WOO HOO!!”

Mew mew mew  you leern purrty quik there LadyMum….deer furendss mee iss not quite ‘out of thee woodss’ an it will take at leest 2-3 weekss fur mee bowelss to settul down butt at leest mee goin inn the rite direckshun. All thee support an emailss have helped us so much. LadyMum will need sum more rest an then wee will bee back vizitin soon. Fank you all fur all thee POPTP; now mee knowss how Aunty Nylablue lived so long with her Bowel Disease! It was yur LUV  a devotion to her that keeped her goin…now mee has felt yur total LUV an devotion an mee iss humbulled an so fankfull to call all of youss’ mee furendss….Mee LUVSS you LadyMum***paw kissess*** ~~~head rubss~~ an ❤ LUV ❤ Siddhartha Henry =^,.^= an LadyMum

Pee S: Wee send out an ‘epic’ FANK YOU to Aunty Susan who helped LadyMum with thee Vet bill an to Aunty Sheila who paid thee rest an iss letting LadyMum pay her back monthlee…..Both of you Ladies are ‘epic-ally PAWSUM!!!!!! 😉


Pleeze xcuse LadyMum an mee

Published October 27, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste hands Namaste Purrfect Pad readers; Sherri-Ellen here. Unfortunately Siddhartha Henry is unwell again. The diarrhea has come back despite the 3 Homeopathic  bowel remedy regime AND Probiotic Powder. I have done a lot of research the past few days & have found out that Panleukopenia can damage a cat’s bowels permanently. I am 99% sure the FVRCP injection in July triggered something in his bowels & the rest is history. He has lost some weight & tonight I saw the pain in his eyes for the first time. ‘Aunty’ Sheila booked an appointment for him for Thursday but she is going to call the Vet tomorrow & see if we can get him in ASAP.  I have spoken with his other Mumma Mary-Ellen & we have made some decisions regarding the ‘littul Purrince’s’ care. I am blessed to have both these wonderful women in my Life. Please excuse us for not visiting blogs in the next few days. I have to concentrate on Siddhartha Henry fully. All I am praying for is the answer to the question, “What is wrong with Siddhartha Henry???” It is the ‘not knowing’ that is tearing me to pieces & keeping our ‘littul Purrince’ unwell. Thank you for all your support & love.  Oh he wants to say a few words to all of you….go ahead Purrince Siddhartha….

Mee mee-you faithfull reederss an furendss so LadyMum has told youss’ what iss happenin. Mee knowss how uppyset youss’ will bee readin thiss bloggie so mee tooked a new foto an mee wantss all of youss’ to smile at thee foto an fink happy thotts fur mee. Mee will bee brave when mee goess to Doc Melissa. An mee will hope fur a mirackle… An when mee knowss what iss wrong mee will get LadyMum to let efurryone know…..Snuggle bunny Siddhartha  Bee seein youss’ =^,.^=

Siddhartha Henry’ss Silly Sunday Selfies….seereuslee…..

Published October 25, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an mee-youss faithfull readerss of Thee Purrfect Pad. Wee hopess efurryone had a good an prospurr-us week. Wee are joinin  Kittiess Blue fur Sunday Selfiess:Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeMee thott mee wood start with a ‘cute’ Selfie:Angus McGhee an mee

Thiss iss mee stuffie Angus McGhee who reemindss mee of Brofur Tyerrone. Wee hang out on thee big bed a lot an play together an yes mee LUVSS mee springss!!! Mew mew mew…

Then mee decided a silly selfie was inn order an thiss iss what mee came up with:Selfie Who you callin a dust bunnie Seereusslee look at THAT floor!!! ‘Sumbunny’ not pointin any pawss named LadyMum needss to do a bit of house keepin mee finkss…..butt shee has thee FLU AN Sinusitis…so much fur thee cleenin……an iss shee efurr crankie sick!!

An of course what Sunday wood bee complete without an *easy on* foto fur thee gang at Brian’ss Home an thee gang at Thee Island Katss???? Easy On with Purrincess Phoebe

Mee iss settlin inn fur a pawsum *easy on* with mee Purrincess Phoebe watchin over mee. Oh you wantss to know how mee iss doin? Mee finished thee ferst week of Bowel remediess an LadyMum furgot to keep usin thee BEH remedy fur one dose…..fingss got a bit sloppie butt NOT like they had been…. Mee has started 2nd week of Bowel treetmint an mee feelss more like meeself an more active an hollerin like a banshee talkin a lot to LadyMum. Mee has a long way to go butt fingss are improved an that iss a GOOD fing rite???? Gotta go; mee iss on ‘Purr-amedick’  hasselin duty now! Bee seein youss’!!  Siddhartha Henry  =^,.^=

Softie Siddhartha Henry Sunday Selfie

Published October 18, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Cat On My Head Selfie Badge

Mee iss joinin Thee Kittiess Blue fur Sunday Selfiess…mee most faverite fing to do!!!! So without further A-due here mee iss inn mee Softie Sunday Selfie:Softie Siddhartha SelfieWee spoke to Birgitte thiss morning an it will take another few dayss fur bowelss to settul down. Mee iss not inn distress generallee; just when mee doess mee busyness. LadyMum iss all wayss close at paw to cleen mee an ree- assure mee! So aftur THAT ‘fun’ mee deecided to get mee *easy* ON an LadyMum said mee REELLY iss doin it inn grate style today:Gettin mee easy onMew mew mew….thee best of BOTH werldss don’t youss’ fink???? Thiss iss fur Brian an thee gang at Brian’ss Home an Thee Island Katss!! Woo Hoo; *easy* on iss thee best!!! 

Bee seein youss’!! Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Uppy downy rollercoaster is mee life

Published October 18, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste deerest furendss…it iss luvley to bee here again to share mee newss with you. All tho sum of thee newss iss not so grate! Mee tell you thee good newss ferst ok? On Fanksgivin Monday Lady Mary-Ellen an Jade thee doggie came to visit us! Lady Mary-Ellen brott LadyMum turkey sup-purr an pumpkin snackss…shee iss so luvley! An mee gotted to see Jade mee furend again. An mee also got to bee out inn mee bigger Condo what mee has had fur a while now butt mee furgot to post thee foto. So mee did a collage of thee visit:Lady Mary-Ellen an Jade visitYou can click on thee collage to biggefy it! Isn’t Jade gorgeeuss??? Mee told her to give mee ‘mee-yow’ss’ to Mumma Tori an Aunty Shelly an Pappaw King George an Unccle Blacky an of course Tyerrone mee littul Brofur!  What a grate Fanksgivin we had!!! An isn’t mee bigger Condo grate?? Fankss to Aunty Judith an Unccle Leon fur givin it to mee an to Cuss-inn Shawna fur bringin it over to mee! Thee tray slidess nice an easy so LadyMum can pull it partlee out an mee can bee on it or the grass what efurr mee wantss…..It has cooled off here a lot but mee still goess out dailee fur fresh air an to see Joel thee Mole an thee Pigeonss. LadyMum says mee should stay inn butt mee allwayss gets mee own way, mew mew mew…..

An now thee ‘not-so-good’ newss: Mee has a berry seereuss Bacterial Infeckshun inn mee Bowelss  😦  On Fursday nite there was blood when mee did mee busyness an LadyMum did not cry or freek out. Shee got quiet….now wee onlee been together fur 10 monthss so mee not know what that meanss. Mee now knowss it means LadyMum iss goin to battul fur mee! Shee called Lady Mary-Ellen Furiday morning who called Birgitte an next fing mee new there was Lady Mary-Ellen comin thru thee door! Then mee was inn thee bathroom getting ANOTHER fur trim an lotss of **kissess**. I surrendered mee fur because of **kissess**….mee iss a **kisseyface** says LadyMum…..werkss fur mee!!!

So mee 2 Mumma’ss tooked off an went to Birgitte’ss with mee fur an then fur brekkie an do sum retail therapee. Then back to Birgitte’ss fur 3 new remedies!!Bowel remediesLadyMum will xplain thee regime beecause it iss complexinn! Go ahead LadyMum…..

Thanks Siddhartha Henry! The 1st remedy (on left) is for morning use & the 2nd bottle (black lid) is for night time use & the remedy on the right is to be used both morning & night. I have to put the remedies on separate areas each time, so ENG is left shoulder & ECE is right shoulder & BEH is back. Are you all confused yet?? I taped the directions to the bathroom mirror because each remedy is so many drops per application. The schedule is 5 days ‘on’ remedy & the 2 days ‘off’ remedy & repeat  for a total of 3 weeks. I can see that Siddhartha Henry is not in the  distress he has been in altho today’s ‘busyness’ started off  firm & degraded to the runs again; thankfully NO blood!! Birgitte said if her treatments do not work there is a chance he might not make it…..She said then I would have to take him to Vet’s & as of now we have NO Vet so I am praying for a miracle! Also if Siddhartha Henry ends up needing Vet care & traditional meds,  all the Homeopathic remedies goodness would be wiped out… we are in a no-win situation here. I am seriously stressed out…..18 months of IBD with Nylablue & B4 her 2 1/2 years of Kidney Disease with Mingflower.  I have been caring for a  chronically ill cat since December 2004. Obviously the Universe feels I can handle Siddhartha’s situation…..I have been making a lot of ‘crappy’ jokes I can tell you! And I have cried buckets & called Mary-Ellen daily & she has kept me from going stark raving crazy! You see I have fallen IN LOVE with Siddhartha Henry now. The thought of life without him…..I can’t even finish THAT sentence. I ask for prayers; healing vibrations & lots of POTP for the ‘littul Purrince’. And I thank all of you for being so supportive & caring. Please be patient as I am so far behind visiting blogs. It is not because I don’t care; it is because I am still recovering from the Pneumonia & taking care of OUR ‘littul Purrince’.  All right Siddhartha back to you….

Mee-you LadyMum fankss fur xplainin thee remediess…..mee could not have dun thiss,  mew mew mew!!! Wee sendss purrayerss out to Milita an Carmine of Fur Everywhere. Pleeze stop bye an give them sum POTP beecause they have both  had sum health problems.

Well mee needss to have a nappie so mee will leeve you with mee foto:Sleepy boy Siddhartha HenryBee seein youss’……zzzzzz….Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Simplee Sunny Sunday Siddhartha Selfie

Published October 11, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Woo Hoo!! Thee Sun iss shinin at it iss nice enuff to bee out inn mee Condo!!! Mee iss joinin thee Kittiess Blue Sunday Selfie Bloggie Hop:Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeWhat you all fink of thiss Sunday selfie??? Iss mee an ‘Littul Red” up on Mousie Tower:Simply sunny Selfie

As you may or may not know it iss Canadian Fanskgiving here tomorrow so wee want give a “Meow-Out” to all our Canadian furendss an wish you a berry Happy Turkey Day!! Mee an Rusty Mouse were sharin a funny joke when LadyMum snapped mee *easy on* foto!!!Siddhartha Henry an Rusty MouseWishin efurryone a simple sunny Sunday with lotss of xtra *easy on* on thee side, mew mew mew….Bee seein youss’……Siddhartha Henry  =^,.^=

Thee Weekly ‘Scoop’ frum Siddhartha Henry

Published October 10, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste hands

Namaste an blessin’ss deer furendss of Thee Purrfect Pad! It has been a while since mee posted an mee has a lot to tell you! Ferst mee an LadyMum thott up thee titull of thiss bloggie together while we was doin litter stuff, mew mew mew….. As you know mee finished me 1st remedy an now me iss on thee 2nd remedy fur mee Digestive System an it has been a bit ‘Bommbastick’! Wee just leeve it at that ok?? Mew mew mew… far mee iss feelin less anxious an not so hypurr so sumfing iss werkin!! Woo Hoo!

Thiss week was full of sirprizess! Mee was given 2 Awardss an mee iss trulee humbulled bye them. They are simmylar but both meen thee werld to mee. Ferst 1 is frum Noodle mee Moodle frum The Adventures of Noodle:Blogger Recognition frum Noodle mee Moodle

An the 2nd one iss frum Lady Lauranne (such a purrty name) frum 25 Castles on 25 Clouds:Blogger Recognition Award from 25 Castles on 25 CloudsFank you both frum thee bottom of mee furry heart!!! LadyMum iss still not 100 %purr cent% so wee not goin to follow thee ruless butt mee DOESS want to pass thee award on to ANYONE who wantss it!! Mee iss so humbulled bye all mee 4 legged furendss an Unccless an Auntyss’ on here mee could not just pick a few! Fank YOUSS’ fur beein here an fur following mee; a hypurr yet humbull Buudhist kittyboy…..

An then mee gotted a HUGE sirprize on Tuesday! LadyMum reeceeved an email frum Aunty *Anon-e-mouse* an shee new mee has been savin nickullss fur mee own kat tree…at thee rate mee was goin (an LadyMum an Lady Mary-Ellen) it wood take furever a long time to save so much $money$!! Aunty asked LadyMum to check online fur a Kat Tower mee mite like an within 10 minutess LadyMum had one picked out an shee emailed Aunty an called her on thee fone an they were ‘meowin’ like to Mumma Katss discussin their kittss! Next fing LadyMum called Aunty Sheila fur a ride an shee was abull to take LadyMum to Pet Valu to pick Kat Tower up. When LadyMum brott it inn mee almost kitty fainted!!! Mee BERRY OWN Kat Tree:Fur MeeWoo Hoo!!!! Thiss iss PAWSUM!!!! Fank you so-o much Aunty *Anon-e-mouse* (you know who you are!) Mee iss the happiest kittyboy inn thee werld!!!!! See:AppurrvalMee has named thee Tower “Mousie Tower”,  beecause all mee mousess LUV to hang out on it with mee, mew mew mew….. So aftur playin an snugglin on Mousie Tower mee decided to have a nappie an guess where LadyMum found mee???Purrsonal O-A-SisDoessn’t it figure??? Now mee can lie where mee wantss on mee kat furniture an mee chose thee floor, mew mew mew…So thiss iss mee ‘purrsonal O-A-Sis’. Fankss again Aunty *Anon-e-mouse*; you made thiss kittyboy so berry happy. Mee sendss you ❤ LUV ❤ an so many ~~~head rubss~~~…. An Aunty Sheila fankss fur chauffurin LadyMum again on a ‘kitty errand’…..

Bee seeing youss….. =^,.^= Purrince Siddhartha Henry.