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Purr-amedic to thee rescue an LadyMum to thee Purr-amedicss’ rescue

Published September 28, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an meeowss frum Thee Purrfect Pad! Wee has a lot to mee-yow about with all of youss’. Ferst did you see mee Speedy Pie-rat Badge on mee rite side bar??? Fankss Speedy fur such a cool badge!! Mee showss it with purride!! Mee admits mee drinked too much rum an grog butt mee recovered inn 3 dayss fullee an iss back to normal, mew mew mew….

As youss’ know LadyMum iss down with New-moan-ee-a an boy doess shee “MOAN”; must bee why they call it that!! Shee was fine one day an sick as a doggie thee next!!! Mee has been on duty since Fursday nite doin Purr-amedick dutyss. Sleepin curled up ’round her head an makin sure shee takes her meddycayshun an walkin her an givin her **kissesss** an bringin her toy mousess to help her feel better! Shee told mee she not have New-moan-ee-a inn 19 yeerss an shee furgot how yucky it iss…it sure iss……when mee doess get sum rest time thiss iss what mee iss doin:Purramedick at RestBefur LadyMum got sick shee met  Birgitte who has cured sum of Lady Mary-Ellen’ss 4 leggedss of various problemss. So LadyMum speeked with Birgitte an shee said with a fur sampull shee could figure out why mee ‘crazypantss’!! Mee said “Woo Hoo!” an so did LadyMum! Iss a bit hard fur mee to understand so mee asked LadyMum to xplain what iss goin on…OK LadyMum yur tern!!! Bee seein youss. =^,.^=

Hi Everyone: What I am going to share with you might not be something your personally agree with & I respect that. Homepathy is a highly debated science. Some believe & some don’t. I am asking that everyone keeps an open mind & is hopefully supportive of the journey Siddartha Henry & I are embarking on. Birgitte is a Homepathic Practioner & works with Humans; horses; cats & dogs. I have seen her heal one of Mary-Ellen’s horses of Founder.  I decided to give her a chance to figure out Siddhartha Henry.  At this point I have a partial diagnosis: damage to his Nervous System due to the Rhino Virus & Panleukopenia & subsequent FVRCP Vaccination. Altho’ the ‘littul Purrince’ was a bit ‘crazypants’  before July it was nothing I worried about as all kittens climb drapes & do silly things. What I came to realize is AFTER the FVRCP injection of July 7th his behavior went way way way out of control!!! As you have followed our journey, you know I have chosen to use Bach’s Rescue Remedy combined with Calming Treats.  I then realized it’s only a temporary ‘fix’ & the behavior still presents itself once the Remedy & treat wears off. Birgitte has ascertained the FVRCP injection did NOT act as a so-called ‘Booster’ shot for Siddhartha Henry but rather threw his entire body & mind into chaos. After all,  he DID fight off the Rhino Virus & survived Panleukopenia which kills young kittens within 48 hours. So he had natural immunity & getting the injection was like re-exposing him to the illnesses again. He should NOT have had the injection at all!!  I thought I was doing the right thing & I presume the Vet felt the same way. I have not spoken with her because I am so upset….. The FVRCP shot can send bad antibodies that act against the Kidneys which present as FEAR>>>  Siddhartha Henry has become fearful of ordinary noises that did not bother him before. In fact his ‘crazypants’ repetitive behavior had me thinking he was a ‘Savant’ cat>>>doing the same things over & over without any control. Mary-Ellen & I took a fur sample from his back left hock & Birgitte is testing for energy waves; toxins; vitamin levels; organ functions; pain problems & behavioral issues.  As a side bar did all of you know that rabies injection has mercury in it to keep it from spoiling? If in fact a person wants the non-Mercury form it has to be ordered special 2 weeks ahead of the appointment. I almost fainted when I was told this!!!! Mercury! Seriously? So I am refusing further FVRCP & Rabies shots. As Siddhartha Henry is a indoor/Condo cat he will not be out in the wilds so does not need a Rabies shot. I urge all of you to check with your Vets’ about the Rabies vaccines your 4 leggeds are receiving! Also another little known fact is that giving a Rabies shot before being fixed does no good. When the Anaesthetic wears off so does the Rabies vaccine…it loses its’  strength so is a virtual waste of money. Birgitte told me in Germany kittens get the 1st round of shots & then wait for 4-6 weeks & then get the 2nd round of shots & then wait an ADDITIONAL 4-6 weeks before the cats are spayed or neutered!   In Canada it is rushed thru very quickly & in fact is hard on the animal’s system.  

 TodaySiddhartha Henry reverted back to ‘crazypants’! I went out to do banking; groceries & pet supply store & came back at 1 pm. I was able to nap for 2 hours & since 4 pm Siddhartha Henry has been  meowing louder & louder; racing around; going into the electronic wires over & over; trying to trip me. I put him out in Condo for a while tonight & he thrashed around & then calmed down & repeated the process over & over. I have cried buckets again & fear there is something VERY wrong.  As I type this he is in the bathroom with his toys & door closed. I rubbed Bach’s on his ears this morning & then at 8 pm. It is like he was not given any at all. I feel like an utter failure. I have never experienced anything like this before. Any ideas? Suggestions? Advice? I have not heard back from Birgitte & once I do & confer with Mary-Ellen I shall post  what we decide. Thankfully Mary-Ellen has been a strong support to us. I hope we still have a following after this blog. Yours from the ‘confused’ side, Sherri-Ellen & the ‘timed-out’ littul Purrince      ❤



Published September 27, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you an Namaste frum Thee Purrfect Pad! Mee did a PiZap fur LadyMum who iss down with New-moan-ee-a…..thiss one’s fur you LadyMum!! An mee joins Thee Kat On Mee Head  fur Sunday Selfie:Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeSo here iss mee Sunday Selfie an yess mee iss getting mee *easy on* as well>>> off duty til 3 Pee Emm! Mee LUVSS you LadyMum Beein a Purr-amedick iss hard werk mee can tell youss!!! Mew mew mew…..Pleeze stop bye an leeve Ladymum sum ‘good werdss’ as Aunty Nylablue used to say. Shee needs sum inn a BIG way! Bee seein youss’……..   =^,.^=

Sleepy Siddhartha Henry Sunday Selfiess

Published September 20, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an salutashunss frum Thee Purrfect Pad…..whew that was SUM pawty at Cap’tinn Speedy’ss yesterday!!!! Fank you Queen Purrincess Phoebe fur letting mee escort you to thee Pawty. Mee had a furabuluss time with you an mee hopess wee can go out again soon. Yur thee wind beeneeth mee pawss mee sweet buttercup gurl ❤

Mee iss goin to pawticipate inn Kittiess Blue Sunday Selfiess as best mee can!!! Mew mew mew….Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeOk here mee iss:Siddhartha Henry after the partyMee mite did mite did mite did have a bit too much Rum an mee iss a bit rummy thiss morning……So mee tried sum Grog butt all it did was make mee groggy:Sleepy Siddhartha Henry Selfie

All mee can offer iss thiss foto fur Sunday Selfie….pleeze just whispurr ok??? What??? Youss’ ARE whispurrin??? Oh iss goin to bee a berry l-o-n-g day!! Bee seein youss’…..=^,.^=

Arrrr itss’ Talk Like A Pie-Rat Day!!!

Published September 19, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Avast yee mateyss iss Cap’tinn Purrince Siddhartha Henry Sparrow here to share ‘Talk Like A Pie-Rat’ Day with all of youss’!!!!! Mee Queen Purrincess Phoebe an mee are over at Speedy’ss Pawty an it iss inn full swing! Here iss thee linky to their bloggie:

If yur lookin fur us wee are the Koolest Kat cup-pull who look like thiss:Purrince Captinn Siddhartha Henry an Queen PhoebeDon’t wee look furabuluss???  Blow mee down wee are furabuluss!!! Yoo hoo hoo… guess who come to visit frum Pure Land??? Yesss Aunty Nylablue thee jolliest Pie-Rat of all:

Angel Nylablue visits Wee are havin thee bestest time: eatin an drinkin (well mee iss just havin  grape juice; thee grog made mee groggy!) an dancing our pawss off!! If you want to stop over to Speedy’ss FB page where thee pawty iss also happenin there iss that linky:

So yee Landlubberss bettur find a way to Speedy’ss Pawty or wee bee keel haulin youss’ an tossin you all to thee ‘fishiess’!!!  So sayss Cap’tinn Purrince Siddhartha Henry….. here iss mee Pie-Rat Poe-em to honor thee day:

“Mee iss AGOG with thee GROG……
Mee tumbullss like a log!!
Thiss pawty iss pawsum
An Cap’tinn Speedy yur awesum…
Let’s sing an let’ss dance
an maybe even wee prance!!!
Wee eatss an bee merry…..
an wee sail an not terry…
Wee are Pie-Ratsss in armss…
Wee are swashbucklerss with charmss!!!
Avast mee heart-eess bee aware…
We make you walk thee plank if you shudder an stare…
Wee are Pie-Ratss an furendss….
Frum now till thee endss!!!!
A Pie-Rat ode by Cap’tinn Purrince Siddhartha Henry Sparrow

Pie-rat LadyMum who hid frum thee cammyra took a funny foto an beecause Cap’tinn Jock iss inn it mee just had to share it>>> LadyMum sayss shee can not dance much because shee iss NO “Spring Chick-hen”:No Spring Chick-henAaarrr mateyss’ do you get her skivvy joke??? LadyMum you shall walk thee plank fur THAT scurvy joke!!!! ***pokess LadyMum inn her am-pull backside along thee plank*** Yoo Hoo Hoo an a bottul of Rum thiss iss  so-o much fun, fun, fun…..get mee sum more grape juice mee beeutee an Queenlee wench…..Weigh anchor an hoist thee mizzen an keep thiss Pawty rockin!!!…Bee seein youss’ mee mateyss’….. =^,.^=

Scared Skinny Sunday Selfiess frum Siddhartha Henry

Published September 13, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste furendss an followerss of Thee Purrfect Pad. Aftur a quiet week here mee has a story to share to go with mee Sunday Selfies.  Mee been goin out nitely inn thee Condo without innycedent an then “IT” happened!! On Furiday nite at allmost 11benty Pee Emm mee was scared outta mee furry mind…..see mee was outside inn thee Condo under thee balcony an there was sumfing inn thee garden. LadyMum keeped checkin on mee efurry 10 minutess an all was well…..till “IT” loomed up out of thee darkness an mee let out a ‘grrrrowl’ that brott LadyMum to thee katio door. All shee saw was mee thrashin about inn thee Condo, puffed up twice mee size an nuffin else….shee keeped askin “What iss ‘IT’ See-dhartha?? What iss ‘IT’???” Butt mee could not tell her an shee could not see anyfing… shee brott mee inn an let mee out of thee Condo. Shee then picked mee up to cuddle an soothe mee  an discovered mee had *ahem* wetted meeself…..mee was so embarrassed!! Mee a Purrince an a ‘littul man’ an mee had tinkulled all over meeself!!!! Mee was morteefied!!! LadyMum gentully washed me an dried mee an then shee stripped thee Condo an washed it with Vinegar (mee thott shee was goin to make French Friess, mew mew mew). Shee bagged thee wet sherpa mat an mee turquoise blue blankit an mee Big Blue Mousie an thee towelss she used fur mee. Mee had sum Bach’ss an a bit more Calmin treet an wee played fur a while till mee was sleepy. LadyMum had herd sum squeekin when thiss happened butt shee could not see Cheekss  Chipmunk or Rhoady Toady or Joel thee Mole….shee looked on thee grass an at Aunty’ss patio….nuffin! So it will remain a misstery! Will mee go back outside?? Onlee time will tell 😉

Without further a-due here are mee Scared Skinny Sunday Selfiess: What thee Kat 1What thee Kat 2Mee not sure mee wantss to go out anymore!!! An LadyMum iss not sure shee wantss to put mee out aftur dark!!! So that was mee scarey xperience……what do youss’ finks mee saw???

Wee are joinin Thee Kat On Mee Head Sunday Selfiess:Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeFankss fur stopping bye….bee seein youss’…… =^,.^=

Pee S: Tonite iss thee Erev Rosh Hashonah thee start of the Jewish-Mewish New Yeer. So pleeze bee payshunt fur our reepliess ok? LadyMum has sirvicess to attend…..

Sweet Lady Lucy

Published September 12, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an good wishes deer furendss of Thee Purrfect Pad. Mee has sum berry sad mews to report today. Mee Purrincess Phoebe’ss Sisfur Lucy has gone to Pure Land! Shee had been sick fur a while butt Lady Ellen did not know HOW sick….thiss iss not mee story to tell so here iss thee link to her bloggie:

Here iss thee most reecent post about Lady Lucy frum Lady Ellen:

Goodbye My Sweet Lucy

Wee iss SO-O sorry Lady Lucy had to go to Pure Land an wee litess a candull an incense inn her memoree an say a Purrayer fur her an fur Lady Ellen an Mistur David an fur all thee fursibss of Lucy…Wee iss trulee sorry an wee will nevurr furget you…..Purrs-and-Prayers-for-Lucy-300x300You will live fur ever in our hearts Lady Lucy ❤

*Easy* Siddhartha Sunday Selfiesss an Unccle Ben allso

Published September 6, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you furendss of Thee Purrfect Pad!!! How iss yur weekend goin? Mine iss purrty good. Mee iss beehavin meeself an mee iss getting plentee of Condo time frum 4 pee em on…..inn fact just befur it getss dark LadyMum putss mee inn Aunty’ss Condo under thee balcony an mee sittss out till past 10 pee em……mee reelly LUVSS thiss ‘mee’ time an mee can see lotss of fingss….. When mee comes inn mee likess to lounge on thee end tabull so here are mee *easy* Sunday Selfiess:Easy Sunday SelfiesLadyMum says mee looks pawsitivielee “reegal” inn thee 2nd foto! What doess youss fink??? Mee ISS a Purrince aftur all, mew mew mew……

Mee Aunty Amanda sent mee a foto of mee Welsh Unccle’ Ben Da Hood’ so mee PiZapped him fur Sunday selfiess…..hee iss berry shy just like mee Pappaw, mew mew mew…..Ben Da Hood Selfie Wee LadyMum furgot to add thee badge so here it iss Aunty Janet: Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeThat’ss much better LadyMum!!!!! Mew mew mew……

Wishin efurryone a sunny (not too hot an hue-mid) Sunday! Bee seein youss’…… =^,.^=