To Bee a “BACH” an not to roll

Published August 9, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an greetinss frum The Purrfect Pad. Wee iss glad to see all of youss’!!! As mee promised mee iss goin to tell you why wee are takin a brake frum blogging. Let mee say it had NUFFIN to do with any of youss’. Wee adore all of youss so much an yur furendship meenss thee werld to LadyMum an mee. Befur mee xplainss fingss mee wantss to show youss’ a new foto of mee sweet buttercup Rainbow Purrincess Phoebe:Rainbow Purrincess PhoebeIssn’t mee Rainbow Gurl thee purrtiest??? Mee iss berry lucky to have a Purrincess as sweet as Phoebe!

OK NOW mee goin to tell you why wee needss a brake…Ok LadyMum needss a brake…it was MEE! See, mee lookss so nice an melloh,  butt mee iss a ‘wild child’ kittyboy! Berry high energeee an allwayss tryin to ‘door dash’. Mee has gotten out on thee patio many timess an run to Aunty Reeni’ss fur sum face rubss. LadyMum says it iss NOT poe-lite of mee to dash out an show up unannounced at Aunty’ss door….**sighss**…..mee guess’ess mee needss to leern sum ‘katiquette’….

An then there iss thee door dashin out the apartment door into thee hallway an tryin to run uppystairss to thee second floor! That reelly made LadyMum frustrated an uppyset! Mee got to thee landin an a man mee not knowss was comin down so LadyMum could catch mee….boy did mee get a leckture!! Mee keeped doin thiss plus climmin thee walls an swingin frum thee drapess an tryin to knock paintin’ss off thee wallss. An when mee wants sumfin mee ‘hollerss’ at LadyMum! Shee says mee iss like a ‘roarin lion like thiss:Here Mee Roar LadyMum

 Needless to say LadyMum nervess got so frayed shee ended up cryin many timess an shee even called Lady Mary-Ellen an asked if shee could TAKE ME BACK!!! Yes youss’ read THAT rite!!! LadyMum could not cope with mee “A$$-PURRGER’SS Syndrome” anymore. Aunty Reeni said mee has thiss condishun…is a form of Awe-tism! An yess, LadyMum knows katss do not have Awe-tism alltho shee will tell you Aunty Mingflower had Feeline Awe-tism! An mee knows Aunty Reeni was jokin (well sorta) an mee knows mee has pushed LadyMum to her limit.

LadyMum emailed sum of youss here an you ALL said “Get sum Bach’ss Rescue Remedy fur thiss kittyboy!!!!” Youss’ did NOT have to tell LadyMum twice! Shee called Aunty Sheila an they went to get sum befur LadyMum totallee losted her  mind, mew mew mew…..

So now mee getss a drop of thiss rubbed inside each ear when mee startss to go all “A$$-Purrger Crazypantss” on LadyMum:Bach's Rescue RemedyThee Royalle Remedy werkss purrfectlee an mee calmss down an iss a sweet well mannered Purrince of a kittyboy! Mee wants to fank all of youss’ that lissened to LadyMum whine complain talk ’bout mee on an on!!! Youss’ are thee bestest! An deer Lady Mary-Ellen sayin shee wood take mee if necessary….

There were other fingss goin on to push LadyMum to her limit: more noise frum more ‘improvemintss’ to the building an sum furamillee trubble. SEEREUSS trubble that herted LadyMum rite to her heart. Shee was told shee iss ‘a lie-a-bill-itee to thee furamillee’ bein disabled! WHAT THEE KAT? LadyMum who takess care of mee an helpss thee Feral Kat Group an lissenss to other peepless’ problems an helpss whenever shee can?? Thee same LadyMum who despite her moe-bill-itee issuess doess all her cleenin an laundree bye herself. Mee was so angree to see LadyMum sittin on thee floor cryin an cryin. An there iss nuffin mee could do…xcept head rub her an bring her mee mousie toyss! An thee other fing that was said that herted LadyMum was “Oh grate Aunty you ‘dopted another sick Kat!” REELLY??? OK mee doess have a few problems butt mee not sick….PICKERELL!!!! Thiss got mee furss up mee can tell youss’!!!!  So there you have it. LadyMum just sorta shut down….oh an shee had to cancel a counselin appointmint to take mee out when hammerin an drillin was happenin above our place an leeved a propurr message an called 24 hourss later an thee Recepshunist lecktured her an said shee wood NOT give LadyMum a new appointmint! LadyMum has tried 3 timess to call her Counselor butt no one answerss?? Just when LadyMum needed counsellin thee most….

It’ss  all been too much an LadyMum had to do sumfing to settul herself down…mee suggested Bach’ss fur Hu’manss an shee gave mee thee *stink eye*, mew mew mew. LadyMum decided to not follow so many bloggiess an wee apawlogizess if you not seein us around. Iss NOT purrsonal. LadyMum just needs to keep fingss simpull. An mee iss beehavin purrfectlee tryin to beehave bettur fur her! Wee hopess youss’ will understand an bee payshunt with LadyMum us.

Befur mee leevess mee gotta show you a foto of mee distant Unccle “Ben Thee Hood” frum Wales, UK:Ben Thee Hood Aug 2015Hee went missin aftur his Mumma fell an hert herself. Butt thee furamillee are comin to take care of Unccle Ben an hee iss out paw-trollin thee nayborhood once again! Fankss Aunty Amanda fur letting us know Unccle is OK!

As for mee…iss bettur to bee a ‘Bach’ (rock) an NOT to roll……bee seein youss’……… =^,.^=



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  • Dear friends we are stopping in to say hello and check on you. Sorry to hear about all the stress going on for you. I understand though for sure. I feel so bad that I can’t keep up my blogs and visit with my friends but the time I have to do that is getting less and less. None of us know what our future holds or what will come to us in the next hours, days, weeks….all we can do is just do what we can one day at a time. I found a wonderful dementia support group on FB so I opened up my page there again but I spend most of my time in the group. Everyone there is so helpful and understanding because we are all going through the same things. I do hope your Ladymum’s stress level is coming down and you, sweet handsome boy are calming too. Miss you all and will touch base with you as I can but don’t be hurt if that is not often. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love, hugs and nose kisses, Maggie, Pooh and Chancy…Popsy too

    • Mee-you Aunty Maggie iss luvley to see you here! Pleeze give Chancy sum *kissess** frum mee an sum *paw patss* to Pooh kat! An pleeze accept mee ~~~head rubss~~~ frum mee an sum fur Popsy! ladyMum wants to ‘moew’ to you so mee let her have thee PC…<3 LUV ❤ Siddhartha Henry ❤
      Hello Maggie I totally relate that it is difficult to blog & keep up with everyone under thee circumstances.I am relieved you found a group to be a part of so have support of people going thru the same situation.
      The Bach’s is working well on Siddhartha Henry so he s calmer which in turn makes me calmer. I have come to accept my familial situation (rather the lack thereof). I am now at peace that I am on my own & with acceptance comes peace of mind. Now I am dealing with my health issues (as I fell a week ago).
      I take Life a day at a time. Make the best of each day.
      Please take care of yourself Maggie. You are an amazing person & I totally respect & admire you. Sending you gentle {{{{hugs}}}} an lots of prayers & Love, Sherri-Ellen ❤

      • So sorry to hear that you fell. Hope you were not injured badly and you are taking good care of yourself. Glad to hear that you both are calmer. I think about you a lot and you are always in my prayers. Thank you for your sweet and kind words. I hope you are feeling wonderful again very soon my sweet friend. Love, hugs and prayers.

        • Hi Maggie: I no longer ‘bounce’, hahaha!!! I was bruised pretty good I can tell you! At least I did not re-break my baby toe….that is something, right?
          I am doing my best & Siddhartha Henry has been great til this past Friday night. So h goes in 2 week cycles it seems…
          I am hoping he will grow out of this behavior; fingers & toes crossed.
          I pray for you & Shug daily & hope there are more good days then not-so-good ones.
          (((hugs))) an ❤ LOVE ❤ Sherri-Ellen

  • We’re sorry to hear about your break from blogging, but we understand, Siddhartha and LadyMum. It makes us sad that LadyMum got hurt like that. Please know we are purring and praying for you both, and for things to get better. We lubs you!

    Pee ess: we are glad the Rescue Remedy is working for you. 🙂

    • Mee-yow Mistur Meowmeowmanss an katss iss luvley to see youss’ here again!! Wee are still visitin bloggiess an commintin. An mee iss hopin to do Sunday Selfie thiss week. Just gotta let LadyMum rest sum.
      Thee fall could have been werse…it was bad enuff! Shee did not get up fur 10 minutess!!! So mee sat with her an purred an ~~head rubbed~~ her an shee says mee iss her ‘Purr-a-medic’, mew mew mew….
      Thee Bach’ss iss werkin so good! Wee has more nosie an construckshun here an mee iss calmer an LadyMum can take mee out inn carrier on her walker aka the Royalle Ride an mee not freek out….
      Wee sendss our ❤ LUV ❤ an ***nose bumpsss*** to all of youss'.
      Siddhartha Henry xXxXxXxXx

    • Hello Sue: Bach’s has been around for years! Why I never thought of it myself is a mystery! It can be used for cats; dogs, rabbits & horses. There is also a human formula. It is a miracle for Siddhartha henry!! It can also be used for sick cats who are upset as it will calm them down.
      Today has been a bit of a jumbled day but OK. Hope things are going well for you & the FAB 5 there!
      Love & **nose bumpss** Sherri-Ellen & Siddharha Henry xxxxxx

  • I am glad the Bach RR is working for you. I hope you being calmer will help LadyMum to relax too. I am sorry she is getting so much stress.

    • Woo Hoo Flynn you came to visit!! Pawsum mee furend!!!
      Oh yes thee Bach’ss iss werkin good an mee can bee outside an not freek out or bee inside an climmin thee walls…it feels so nice to bee calmer mee can tell you!!!
      Noisess do not bother mee as much either. LadyMum has been werkin on getting rid of poopy tottss an her sadss…
      Shee told mee shee iss not goin to dwell onfingss that can not bee changed an shee wants to bee her best fur mee 😉
      So with her less stressed mee less stressed….a win-win!
      ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxx

  • Well now where to begin. Furst weez happy da Bachs be workin’ fur ya’. Mommy’s gunna be gettin’ me sum. Sis Lexi is purrfect and needs no such fings, but me… And weez sowry yous mommy got hers feelins hurt. Mommy sez to pay them no mind. Mommys furmily tweats her like she was dead. Dat means no hurt feelins cuz no contact, so maybe yous mommy shuld stawrt finkin’ ’bout lettin’ go of those who do nuffin’ but hurt her. Since she knoows dat”s what they awe gunna do, seems stayin’ away wuld be da bestest course of action to take. Weez sendin’ purrayers dat fings get better soon.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    • Mee-you Dezi an Lexi thiss Bach’ss iss THEE BEST!!! Mee feels so calm an *zen* an mee can tall-erate noise much bettur!!!! It could reelly help you Dezi…Hurrah fur Lexi beein well…wee keeps thee POTP goin fur her! LadyMum wants to ‘meow’ to youss’ an here shee iss:
      Hello Dezi an Lexi an Mom. I let my guard down with the family. Things ‘appeared’ to be improving. Then no one called for our July get together. My Niece told me what her Mother/my Sister said & that did it. I am no longer in touch with any of them. I am also no longer pretending online that I have a loving family. It is Siddhartha Henry & I & I accept that now. You gave me good advice last year & it was my fault for giving them another chance. Lesson learned! ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

      • Mommy ordered me sum. She finks it might be good fur Lexi sumtimes too. Even tho’ she dusn’t have da fear fing goin’ on there awe times when calmin’ kuld be helpful.

        Weez weally sowry dat yous have to use da advice mommy gave you awnty Sherri-Ellen, but mommy sez it’s better to purrtect yous selff than to keep goin’ in fur sumpawdy to keep tarin’ you down. Life is much better, easier and way more fun. Fanks fur da purrayers and wees sendin’ sum yous way too.

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Lexi

        • Mee-you Dezi thiss Bach’ss can bee used fur sickness also.
          It would help Lexi feel more fomfertabull an ease any stress shee mite feel frum the CKD. Bach’ss has many purr-posess an Ladymum iss kickin herself fur not getting mee sum sooner 😉
          Fankss fur yur purrayerss an support Dezi an Lexi an Lady Audra!!!! ~~head rubsss~~ Dharth henry~~
          Here iss LadyMum to ‘meow’ to you’ss:
          Hello Audra an girls. I have to say that you are 150% correct Audra. I have hoped for so long that my family would include me again. I now have accepted we are estranged (their choice) & I am going on with my Life. Thank you for ‘telling me like it is’! (((HUGS))) Sherri-Ellen

          • Dat’s pawsum. Ours came in today and mommy alweady slathered sum on meez ear and sissys too.

            Mommy sez she’s very sowry awnty Sherri-Ellen, and she’s so glad yous unnewstood she only sed da fings she did to help and not hurt you. And dat yous will be alwight wiffout ’em cuz yous have lots of furmily here dat CHOSE you. And dat’s wunnewful to know.

            Luv ya’

            Dezi and Lexi

            • Pawsum Dezi an Lexi!! Do you feel calmer??? Mee likes Bach’ss…it reelly helps mee settle down an feel calm an not freek out…. Hi-5’ss to youss’!
              LadyMum sayss no need fur Lady Audra to apawlogize beecause shee iss totallee rite!!! An it makes total sense to her. And shee sayss FANKSS fur shee had furamillee….
              **paw kissesss** Dharth Henry xxxx

              • Meez noot know yet. Mommy gave me sum and put sum on meez paws and ears like da diwections sed when it stowrmed da udder day, but neeveer of us kuld weally tell whether it helpped or not. She sez weez gunna keep twyin’ tho’.

                Mommy sez fanks. We al be furmily here. and dat’s all we need.

                Luv ya’

                Dezi and Lexi

                • Mee-you Dezi an Lexi wee not know the ferst time if thee Bach’ss werked on mee either! It werked better thee 2nd an 3rd times an so on. What wee found with mee iss usin it twice a day doess not werk because mee getss more hypurr then calmer? Mee iss a weerd kat!!!
                  Mee has tried sumfing new: Head To Tail Calmin chewy treetss an they werked ‘a treet’, mew mew mew….as inn BERRY good!
                  Here iss thee linky to them:
                  LadyMum sayss shee finks they werked better than thee Bach’ss! They are chick-hen flaver an tastee.
                  30 treetss costed $8. an if they keep werkin LadyMum sayss they will bee werth their weight inn gold, mew mew mew…
                  **nose kissesss** Dharth Henry xxx

                  • Dat’s pawsum. Meez very picky ’bout da tweats me likes as yous will soon read. Weez have a weiew comin’ up this week ’bout sum calmiin’ tweats. MOL Weez just glad yous mommy found sumfin’ yous like dat works.

                    Luv ya’

                    Dezi and Lexi

                    • Wee must reed yur review Dezi!!
                      These Calmin treetss are tastee an REELLY helped me.
                      Today LadyMum put Bach’ss on mee ears an rubbed it inn…mee iss nice an calm. Shee sayss at sup-purr shee will give mee a Calmin treet befur mee goess out inn Condo. If that werkss shee will then have a timetabull of how to keep mee calm dailee 😉
                      **nose kissesss** Dharth Henry xxxx

                    • Yur rite Dezi. Wee doess have a roo-teen butt with thee workmen an fire alarm tests an such fingss can go wacky quik here! So LadyMum furinallee realized that it wod bee best to “BACH” mee inn thee morning whether there iss activitee or not. Then wee iss purrpared rite? An then a Calmin Treet at sup-purrtime will carry mee thru thee evenin an mee will bee calmer….an so will LadyMum!!!
                      **nose kissesss** Dharth Henry =^,.^=

                    • Yep dat’s a gweat idea. Mommy didn’t do it wiff me and we got caught (as mommy sez) wiff out pants down when da lawn cwu showed up. MOL They be gone now, but me hid while they was here and so me missed bwekky. So a woutine is a gweat idea.

                      Luv ya’

                      Dezi and Lexi

                    • Let’ss just hope Ladymum can allwayss stick to thee roo-teen! Shee gets cott with ‘pants down’ a lot here too 😉
                      An missin brekkie iss just not rite iss it Dezi???
                      ~~head rubsss~~ Dharth Henry~~

  • aaww – Sometimes my nefkitty, the best thing is to step away from the blogs and get a hold of your situations. That’s what mom says. I’m glad things are a little bit better for ya’ll now. Sending your hugs and snout kisses. XOXO – Bacon

    • 😉 Unccle Bacon yur rite! Wee still want to visit bloggiess an commint; just not have thee pressure of allwayss blogging fur a while!
      An LadyMum iss inn flare-up so shee needs sum rest….
      Today thee workmen are doin thee uppystairss bedroom windows so there will bee sum noise. LadyMum an mee will stay inside til they finish above us!
      Littul by littul fingss on building getting dun…
      There iss still Siding to bee put up an thee ferst floor palcess need new windowss….
      ***nose bumpsss*** an **paw patsss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

      • aaww hogs and snout kisses my nefkitty. One day and one step at a time. That’s what mom has to do with her flare ups – especially from this past weekend. If that doesn’t work, we are sending our mom’s somewhere together where they can get sand under their feet – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

        • Yur rite Unccle! Iss pourin out so no more windows beein dun today….so mee can have a ‘happy nappy’!!!
          Mee-you LadyMum can barelee walk an when shee liess down there iss MORE pain! LadyMum says “HAWAII”…
          Not sure what that iss but shee gets all dreamy eyed an silly smiless.
          Mew mew mew..
          **nose bumpsss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx

          • I’ll put that bug in my mom’s ears. Mom is familiar with what your mom is experiencing. It is pawful. I’ll check into this Hawaii place and see what is magical about that. XOXO – Bacon

            • Our LadyMum’ss need sum TLKC….
              Tendurr Luvvin Kat Care, mew mew mew……
              Let mee know what thiss Hawaii iss all ’bout ok?? LadyMum says shee could visit Dog an Beth an cutie pie Leeland? Mee has NO idea what shee iss talkin ’bout do you Unccle???
              **nose bumpsss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xXx

  • It is better that we have to miss you for a bit than for you to have more of that stress stuff…
    We will be here awaiting your return.
    Many Noodle hugs until then…

    Noodle and crew

    • Noodle mee kittie furend yur a *star* fur understandin’!! Wee will still visit bloggiess an try to keep inn touch. Ladyum just needss a brake an then wee come back!
      Sendin you ***paw patsss*** an ((hugss)) to you an yur ‘crew’…
      Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  • Poor LadyMum is getting stress from every side! I am glad that Bachs is working for you and we send hugs and purrs that Lady Mum and you will be at peace in your own home again soon! Lots of love and Hi5s from your Unc Austin and Lady Caro xoxoxoxo

    • Mee-you Unccle Austin an Lady Caro mee could not beeleeve what LadyMum an Aunty Nylablue went thru last summer an now all thiss nosie an deestruckshun thiss summer! Shee can see mee gets stressed out so shee tries so hard to purrtect mee frum thee noise. Thee workmen are so unpreedictabull; they show up when they want! Thee Propurrty Managerss are speekin to LadyMum an they tell her how frustrated they are also!
      Thee Bach’ss totallee helps mee Unccle! Mee finks LadyMum needss to get the Hu’man formula mew mew mew…
      Then wee could both “BACH” out 😉
      ***paw patsss*** an ~~~head rubsss~~~ neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

  • Siddhartha, we are so sorry to hear you are taking a break from blogging. But we totally understand! Our mom gets overwhelmed with it all too and sometimes feels like she needs to take a break too. With five of us and her multiple jobs, it’s hard to keep up with it all!!! And Siddhartha, you wild boy… you better not try to sneak out anymore! That is not cool! Anyway, we hope you all enjoy your break and hope that it helps to bring your mom some peace of mind. We will be sending lots of purrs and prayers yours and her way!!!

    • Mee-you Sampy an Sassy an Sophie an the gang wee are so tired frum thee werk beein dun on the building an LadyMum been so uppyset with me an the furamillee an sum other fingss. Shee needss a brake fur a while so not to feel presshure! Yur Mumma iss amazin with all her jobs an all of youss’!!
      ee iss not tryin to sneek out anymore…LadyMum gets SO werked up an mee doess not want to uppyset an wurry her as mee has been doin! Thee Bach’ss iss werkin 😉
      Wee will stop bye sumtime…
      ***paw patsss*** an **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXxXx

  • We will purr gently and strongly for things to be calm in your daily life. Dhartha you and your dear Mom we are so sorry for all the hurt. We know you need one another to help soothe each other. We will be purring.

    • Mee-you Annabelle fankss fur thee **purrss**…yur so sweet to do thiss fur us! It iss sad that Ladymum iss alone…her furamillee have left her…..
      Wee will get thru thiss sumhow an together…Bach’ss an all 😉
      ***nose kissess*** Siddhartha Henry

        • ~~head rubss~~ Aunty Bev…mee iss calm an mee iss sittin out inn Condo an beein good…
          OK CLEO, Marbless, Pickless an Dinnermintzz lissen up! You all HAS to get along! No more skirmishes inn Al-Kat-traz OK? CLEO mee KNOWSS yur thee innstigater because yur a Burmese like mee…you has to bee kind to yur Sisfurss…pleeze??? Aunty Bev has enuff to do with thee Seenior doggies an thee Sheepss so shee needs fur you gurlss to bee good!!!
          There Aunty mee meowed to thee gurlss; paws crossed they weill lissen!!!
          **nose kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

  • Dear Sweet Nephew……..if the Bach’s is working – I’m very happy! The more calm you are, the less upset your Mom will be and both of you will be more relaxed……We kitties are very sensitive and when our humans are upset, WE get upset and act up – then it begins GROWING AND GROWING and before you know it, everyone is miserable. The Bach’s will keep you calm..and your Mom taking a bit of a break from blogging will help her too. It’s a WIN/WIN! Stay cool little guy – it’s best for both of you…………sending peaceful and quiet hugs to both of you!

    Love, Uncle Sammy and Mom

    • Mee-you Unccle Sammy thee Bach’ss werkss good fur mee an mee likes feelin calmer! Mee even snuggless with LadyMum!! Yur rite mee beein calmer keeps LadyMum calmer….
      Mee doess feel LadyMum’ss uppysetness an mee wurriess fur her.
      Wee will still visit blogs of course an keep inn touch. LadyMum just needss a rest an then wee can return.
      Fankss fur beein such a grate Unccle! An fankss Lady Pam also…
      **nose kissesss** neffkitty Siddartha Henry xXxXx

  • I understand your mom… things aren’t always as cool as we see them while reading a blog. I remember my wild teenage years, I bugged my momma so egg-stremely, that she left the house and cried a river in front of the door… I hope the wild-child-time will switch to moderate soon and your mom has the time to relax and breath a little after all that stressy moments :o)

    • Mee-you you were a wildchild too Easy??? Sumtimess it iss just too hard to bee calm on mee own! Thee Bach’ss helps mee an when mee iss calm then LadyMum iss calmer also…
      Oh poor Lady Katty cryin over you…wee both made our Mumma’ss cry!
      As fur thee stress LadyMum has made sum changes so shee iss not getting so stressed. An shee werked doin fund raisin fur Feral Kat Group all weekend an that made her happy….. 😉
      ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry XXX

  • love the new look here 🙂
    so glad bachs is working
    your mummy did not tell me exactly what family said ggrrr that is really awful
    is that a sketch of you ?
    hugs to you and your mum xxx

    • Mee-you Aunty Eevee fankss fur thee complimint on thee new bloggie look! Wee wanted sunfing that reeflectss mee!!
      Yess that iss a shetch of mee dun by Mistur Thomas! Hee iss berry talented don’t you fink? Hee even sketched mee ❤ shaped pue-pil.
      Thee Bach'ss iss helpin mee calm thee farm down…Mee likess when LadyMum rubs itt inside mee earss! 'Cause mee knowss mee will feel calmer…
      An yes that iss what thee furamillee said to LadyMum…
      Mee doess not care if mee efurr meets them Aunty!
      ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • Siddartha, lots of young boycats are just as crazy as you! You probably needs lots more super active playtime (like til you pant), and maybe some training sessions too, to keep your mind focused. If your human had some fishing pole like toys and could wave them around until you exhausted yourself, made you stay and sit up for treats and such, along with the rescue remedy, you might not be so crazy. Lots of times people think young boycats are out of control, but often it’s just like those human boys who are juvenile delinquents but then somebody discovers the truth is that they are really highly intelligent and full of energy – but bored!

    • Mee-you Summer an Lady Janiss LadyMum totallee agrees with youss! Shee tries to play with mee as much as pawssibull so mee ISS tired out but sumtimess mee not want to play; mee just wants to *zoomie zoomie* ’round thee place!
      Wee has a fishin pole toy an a Mousie on a stick toy an many other toyss….
      LadyMum has tried thee sittin an treetin deel butt mee just hollers at her an shee cannot handull that fur long. Shee nevurr had a boy befur…Mee finkss mee will bee her last, mew mew mew….
      LadyMum says shee will try to encourage mee to play more! Fankss fur thee tipss 😉
      ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • My sweet purrince, I told you that you can move in with us if you ever have to. I hope your Mum can keep you forever though because I know she loves you. My Mom says you need to get a new counselor, that was not very nice of yours to be so hard to contact. I am glad you are being a calmer crazypants . Did you know there is a book called, All Cats Have Aspergers ? Really, there is. And now I am the one blushing , but I am happy you showed everyone my photo. Love, your rainbow purrincess bikini girl. XOXO Paw kisses and nose kisses and headrubs too.

    • Mee wood luv to move inn with all of youss’ there Purrincess Phoebe butt LadyMum told mee should wood nevurr furgive herself if mee left!! Shee sayss wee are meant to bee together an see just has to wait til mee growss up an then mee will bee calm….
      Mee iss sumwhat calmer on thee Bach’ss an mee gets sum dailee which iss good fur both of us 😉
      There ISS a book called “All Katss have A$$Purrger’ss”????? Mee should buy thiss book fur LadyMum 😉
      Mee had to show off yur foto because yur mee sweet rainbow burrtercup BEEKEENI gurl an mee luvss you so-o much!!!
      LadyMum says to tell Lady Ellen shee will see her Furamillee Doc end of month an see if tere iss other Counsellin shee can go to. LadyMum says shee iss dun fonin an fonin onlee to bee ignored!
      Hope you had a good weekend mee sweet Purrincess,,,,
      ***nose kissesss*** an ~~~head rubsss~~~ an ****paw kissesss**** yur crazypantss cutie, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        • Mee-you Purrincess Phoebe that iss so poe-etickally put!!!
          Yur rite…LadyMum has wanted a Burmese boy fur 40 yearss an mee wanted a Hu’man who could take care of all mee needss…not to say Lady Mary-Ellen could not! Shee iss pawsum also but she has 21 katss total an it wood bee hard on her to Kay-ter to mee!!! 😉
          ***paw kissesss*** an ~~~head rubsss~~~ an ❤ LUV ❤
          Yur littul Purrince, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxx

  • Phoebe was such a pretty girl. Nice memories. So you are being a pain in the butt Dharth. I’m not surprised. Your energy will come out one way or another. I’m glad the drops appear to be working. Cause running out the door is dangerous. You don’t know who or what is standing out there. Ladymum just wants you to be careful. You will outgrow this weird behaviour but until you do, you must stay safe. Look both ways before running through the door…there could be a huge dog with humongous teeth standing just outside your door.


    • *slapss paw to forhead* Phoebe iss still berry much alive Shoko an Kali. One of her nickynamess iss “Rainbow’ so shee made mee a foto with a rainbow….oh mee oh mye…..
      Yur rite ’bout beein carefull an NOT runnin out doorss. Tonite LadyMum could see mee plannin…so shee put mee inn inside Condo so mee not run out when shee went to check thee mail an do thee reecyclin 😉
      Shee iss leernin, mew mew mew…..Mee iss a bit too ‘crazypantss’ fur anyone….
      LadyMum told mee shee LUVSS mee tonite…so mee iss feelin berry good!!!
      ***paw kissess*** Dharth Henry xxxx

    • Mee-you Savannah an Sage an Lady Linda!! Woo Hoo!!! Yur back!!!! Fankss fur thee complimint! LadyMum wanted to use a new theme butt it wood not show Aunty Nylablue’ss littul tributtess so LadyMum impurrvised 😉
      Mee iss so happy yur back!!!
      **paw patsss** Dhartha Henry xXxXx

  • Hi there, Dharth Henry … my sleek friend! I’m glad to hear that Bach’s thing worked. Wish I’d known about it many years ago. I had a cat who didn’t have Asspurger’s, I think the correct diagnose in his case would have been megalomania. Anyway … your LadyMum definitely has too much on her plate, and it’s very unfortunate with all that emotional draining. Blogging/following can turn into a burden — been there! I have it so good now …

    Wishing you guys all the best — lots of peace and harmony!

    • Mee-you Aunty Rebby an McDuff iss luvley to see youss’ here. Bach’ss reelly helps mee calm down mee can tell you…puts mee inn mee ‘ZEN’ place, mew mew mew….
      You had a Meg-Low-Manic kitty?? Oh mee oh mye mee wishess you had known about thee Bach’ss then also!
      LadyMum’ss plate iss spillin over an shee had to make sume changes. You know shee not hearfrum anyone since all them fingss were said. Shee iss still sad butt shee iss werkin thru’ it. Wee are still goin to bee here; wee LUV to blog an want to bee our best!
      Fankss fur thee good wishess…may peece an harmony bee with yous also.
      ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry

      • Hope things are looking up by now. I love to blog too. And yes, Murphy was definitely a megalomaniac, or he’d misunderstood the whole feline concept — he must have thought he was a cheetah LOL

        • Mee-you Aunty Rebby sum fingss better…LadyMum got out with Aunty Sheila fur fundraisin over thee weekend. Butt with her fallin last week shee iss inn flare-up.
          An wee just found no ‘header’ on mee bloggie so wee has to figure out where it went! Mee put mee ‘loungun’ foto up fur now…..
          Mew mew mew @ Murphy thee Sacred Birman finkin he was a Chee-tah; mee finks mee iss a Panfur!!!
          **nose kissesss** Dharth Henry xxx

          • Do you, by “header” mean the text? There’s a problem today, all over the Internet, with web fonts. I noticed it on my own, and thought it was something on my end. Was relieved when I read the article ..

            • No mee meenss thee ‘header’ foto on thee bloggie page!! Mee put up thee old foto…LadyMum says hsee needs to PiZap a new one at sum point!!! So there iss a WP glitch fing Aunty Rebby???
              Fankss fur letting us know!
              ~~head rubsss~~

              • ahh … in my case, text was missing — all words that were written in italics were gone! Heh … that’s over now.

                I don’t think so, haven’t heard about any glitch. Try to re-apply it and reload the browser or something … for starters


    • Mee-you Wally an Ernie an Zoe wee are still around; vizitin blogiess an leevin commintss….
      wee just taken fingss slower fur a while.
      An thee RR helps mee ALOT!! Calmss mee rite down so mee not climm thee wallss…
      ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

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