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Sumwhere over thee Rainbow with mee new toy

Published August 30, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an welcome to Thee Purrfect Pad. Wee has missed bloggin so thott wee wood bring youss’ up to date here. Fingss have been a bit ‘uppy an downy’ here with mee an with LadyMum.  Mee continuess to get ‘Bach’ed’ now twice a day to ease mee ‘crazypantss’ not-so-calm beehaviour. Now mee iss still BERRY frisky an playss lotss butt mee iss not door dashin an climmin thee wallss, mew mew mew…. Mee also has 1 Calmin Treet dailee an that helpss mee stay foe-cussed! LadyMum sayss thee *Ass-purrgerss* iss almost under control….LadyMum!!  *rollss eyess*

Wee got a pawsum parcel inn thee mail thiss week frum mee Cuss-Innss Shoko an Kali an Lady Jean of Thee Canadian Kattss fame! Giftss frum Shoko an KaliInn thee Spring LadyMum can plant REEL katnip seedss an Speermint seedss!!! Fankss Lady Jean! An thee card iss so cool>>>mee watchess thee duckss an gesse flyin overhead here. An look at that Yeowy NIP RAINBOW!!! As most of you knowss,  mee not like dried katnip at all an most ‘nip toyss do nuffin fur mee. Well THISS toy iss pawtastick!!! Mee just luvss it so-o much. So much inn fact LadyMum made a collage of mee playin with mee nip rainbow:Mee playin with Nip RainbowThiss toy iss mee new favorite!! Fankss Cuss-innss Shoko an Kali! Yur thee bestest….Mee an thee Rainbow“Sumwhere over thee rainbow…..mew mew mew…..”

So you knowss how most of youss’ do meddycal uppydatess bout yur 4 leggedss?? Well mee iss goin to do an uppydate on a ‘2 legged’;  namelee mee LadyMum. As many of youss’ know shee fell on Aug.6th aftur shee jammed her baby toe into thee baseboard. Shee took care of thee toe butt shee keeped movin ’round an beein active an her pain got werser! Shee tried to go swimming last Sunday at thee get-together butt shee was so sore shee could onlee float around! Thiss week shee was movin slower an slower an havin sharp stabby painss inn her pelvic area an thee lower back an has to use her walker. She went to see her Doctor Fursday an shee was gone a long time….ternss out shee has ‘severe soft tissue injury’ plus her mussels are ‘A-tro-fee’inn’ which  meenss getting too weak to support her standin or walkin!! LadyMum told mee shee went thru thiss inn 1999 an ended up inn a wheelchair! Mee sorta ‘gulped’ because if shee getss werser an endss up un-abull to walk that wood meen mee wood have to go back to thee farm! Now mee wood bee all rite an wood have good care (of course) butt mee doess not WANT to leeve LadyMum now! The Doctor sent a request to a free Physio clinick an mee iss hopin LadyMum can get inn soon an get fixed! Pleeze say sum purrayerss fur her ok? Shee fell again today butt shee landed ON thee bed…so it was a ‘soft’ landin. Trubble was shee could not pull herself up fur a long time…it was like she was a beeched Beeluga!!! Mee iss berry worried as youss’ can emagine. Mee wantss to give a ‘Meow-Out’ to Aunty Sheila who tooked LadyMum out to do errands an Pet Valu an groceree shoppin yesterday! Yur thee BERRY BERRY BEST Aunty Sheila!!!

Mee also wanted to tell you mee entered Noodle’ss ‘Befur an Aftur’ bathin contest. Well mee not a doggie so no reel ‘befur’ foto butt mee did PiZap mee washin (sort of)!! So mee leevess you with thiss foto:Siddhartha Henry washingMee was at Indian Fallss just outside of town, mew mew mew….If you want go on over to Noodle’ss bloggie an vote fur mee:

.Wishin efurryone a pawtastick weekend. Bee seein youss’……. =^,.^=


Purrty card; calmin treetss an Sunday Selfiess!!

Published August 22, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste Furendss wee wanted to share a purrty card that Christy Pawss an her Brofurss an Mumma sent to mee LadyMum to cheer her up:Card frum Christy PawssThee kat on thee card DOESS look like mee an thee werdss inside warmed LadyMum’ss heart an brott tearss to her eyess… tears of happyness shee told mee! What-efurr you wrote Lady Ava you did sum good an mee fankss you so-o much….

As sum of youss’ know thee Bach’ss Remedy was onlee helpin sumwhat so LadyMum bott mee sum Calmin Treetss:cat_calming_productThey are berry tasty an LadyMum addss them to regular treetss inn mee Temptashunss treet mousie! Thiss way shee not wrestling with mee to eat them an mee iss calm thee rest of thee day. Mee givess them 444 paws UPPY!!!! An they make them fur doggiess also.

As it iss Sunday you know what that meenss rite??? Sunday Selfiess with Kittiess Blue:Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeHope youss’ enjoy thiss counter surfin collage:Counter surfin Sunday SelfiesMee sure takess a good foto don’t youss’ fink??? Wishin efurryone a sunny Sunday! Bee seein youss’… Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Sweet, silly an Sue-purr mewss Furiday!!

Published August 21, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste HandsNamaste an greetins frum Thee Purrfect Pad. It has been a while since mee posted an mee has good newss to share with youss’. Most of you will reememburr  back on July 22nd LadyMum an Aunty Sheila went to see thee katss Seal Point NYLA an thee unnamed LynxPoint boy who LadyMum named CHANG….Chang the Lynx Point Himalayan 2015Well CHANG got newtered a week ago an yesturday hee was ‘dopted into his furever home!!! Woo HOO!!! Wee iss so happy fur him!!! Wee wishess him all thee best fur thee future.

An guess what?? LadyMum got thee RITE answer fur Unccle Sammy’ss Tuesday Teezer thiss week!!! Shee did!! Shee did!!! An thiss iss thee badge shee furinallee won:teaserwinner2015-3Way to go LadyMum!!!!! Wee have such a stack of Greenie badgess mee was gonna start givin them away, mew mew mew…..

As youss know mee has been takin thee Bach’ss Remedy an allso getting a Calmin Treet dailee an mee iss feelin better! Inn fact mee even went out inn Aunty Nylablue’ss Condo an DID NOT freek out.  See? Mee doin mee ‘MeerKat’ innpurrsonashun:MeerKat Manor

Mew mew mew mee finkss LadyMum got a *bit* carried away with thee PiZappin again! An speekin of PiZappin mee was takin a ‘happie nappie’ inn thee Veelurr bed inn thee bedroom an LadyMum sneeked inn all tippytoed an took fotoss of mee!! Thiss was mee secret an now youss’ will all know mee DOESS sleep inn thee bed shee bott mee when wee ferst met:Beddie Bye Siddhartha HenrySo there mee iss nappin away an shee cott mee!!!  An notice Ladymum found new layouts fur fotoss’….shee iss a PiZappin Queen an mee iss her Royalle subject!! Mew mew mew….

Mee leevess you with a funny poster wee saw on sumone’ss bloggie an LadyMum sayss thiss iss her sum dayss:stupidposterLadyMum yur heelareeuss!!! Bee seein youss….

Siddhartha Henry  =^,.^=

Innycent Sunday Selfie getting mee *easy on*

Published August 16, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste Hands

Namaste an greetinss frum Thee Purrfect Pad!!! Wee have missed all of youss’ thee past few weekss so thott wee wood join thee Sunday Selfiess’ Blog Hop!

Butt ferst let mee tell you a bit ’bout thee past few weekss:  There was more destruckshun construckshun goin on mee had to spend time inn mee Royalle Ride tourin outside:Royalle Ride Easy OnSo mee was gettin mee *easy on* earlee, mew mew mew…

Come on LadyMum let’s ROLL!Are we ready to roll

It has been a bit ruff  fur us here as LadyMum fell Fursday Aug. 6th an shee herted her baby toe butt not brake it. Shee did bruise her rite side tho’ an had to ‘rest’ on thee floor fur 10 minutes while mee purred an head rubbed her…shee now sayss mee iss her… wait fur it… “PURR-AMEDIC”!!! Mew mew mew shee sure iss funny when shee iss down on thee floor!!! So mee been takin care of her ‘Purrince Siddhartha Henry’ style an shee iss on thee mend slowlee butt surely.

Aftur a long cup-pull of weeks on ‘Purr-amedic’ dutee mee iss ready fur sum Sunday Selfiess!! Cat On My Head Selfie Badge

An here iss mee selfie:

Innycent Siddhartha Henry  Issn’t mee C-U-T-E?? An humbull too, mew mew mew…..wishin efurryone a furabuluss week!!! Bee seein youss’…… =^,.^=

To Bee a “BACH” an not to roll

Published August 9, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an greetinss frum The Purrfect Pad. Wee iss glad to see all of youss’!!! As mee promised mee iss goin to tell you why wee are takin a brake frum blogging. Let mee say it had NUFFIN to do with any of youss’. Wee adore all of youss so much an yur furendship meenss thee werld to LadyMum an mee. Befur mee xplainss fingss mee wantss to show youss’ a new foto of mee sweet buttercup Rainbow Purrincess Phoebe:Rainbow Purrincess PhoebeIssn’t mee Rainbow Gurl thee purrtiest??? Mee iss berry lucky to have a Purrincess as sweet as Phoebe!

OK NOW mee goin to tell you why wee needss a brake…Ok LadyMum needss a brake…it was MEE! See, mee lookss so nice an melloh,  butt mee iss a ‘wild child’ kittyboy! Berry high energeee an allwayss tryin to ‘door dash’. Mee has gotten out on thee patio many timess an run to Aunty Reeni’ss fur sum face rubss. LadyMum says it iss NOT poe-lite of mee to dash out an show up unannounced at Aunty’ss door….**sighss**…..mee guess’ess mee needss to leern sum ‘katiquette’….

An then there iss thee door dashin out the apartment door into thee hallway an tryin to run uppystairss to thee second floor! That reelly made LadyMum frustrated an uppyset! Mee got to thee landin an a man mee not knowss was comin down so LadyMum could catch mee….boy did mee get a leckture!! Mee keeped doin thiss plus climmin thee walls an swingin frum thee drapess an tryin to knock paintin’ss off thee wallss. An when mee wants sumfin mee ‘hollerss’ at LadyMum! Shee says mee iss like a ‘roarin lion like thiss:Here Mee Roar LadyMum

 Needless to say LadyMum nervess got so frayed shee ended up cryin many timess an shee even called Lady Mary-Ellen an asked if shee could TAKE ME BACK!!! Yes youss’ read THAT rite!!! LadyMum could not cope with mee “A$$-PURRGER’SS Syndrome” anymore. Aunty Reeni said mee has thiss condishun…is a form of Awe-tism! An yess, LadyMum knows katss do not have Awe-tism alltho shee will tell you Aunty Mingflower had Feeline Awe-tism! An mee knows Aunty Reeni was jokin (well sorta) an mee knows mee has pushed LadyMum to her limit.

LadyMum emailed sum of youss here an you ALL said “Get sum Bach’ss Rescue Remedy fur thiss kittyboy!!!!” Youss’ did NOT have to tell LadyMum twice! Shee called Aunty Sheila an they went to get sum befur LadyMum totallee losted her  mind, mew mew mew…..

So now mee getss a drop of thiss rubbed inside each ear when mee startss to go all “A$$-Purrger Crazypantss” on LadyMum:Bach's Rescue RemedyThee Royalle Remedy werkss purrfectlee an mee calmss down an iss a sweet well mannered Purrince of a kittyboy! Mee wants to fank all of youss’ that lissened to LadyMum whine complain talk ’bout mee on an on!!! Youss’ are thee bestest! An deer Lady Mary-Ellen sayin shee wood take mee if necessary….

There were other fingss goin on to push LadyMum to her limit: more noise frum more ‘improvemintss’ to the building an sum furamillee trubble. SEEREUSS trubble that herted LadyMum rite to her heart. Shee was told shee iss ‘a lie-a-bill-itee to thee furamillee’ bein disabled! WHAT THEE KAT? LadyMum who takess care of mee an helpss thee Feral Kat Group an lissenss to other peepless’ problems an helpss whenever shee can?? Thee same LadyMum who despite her moe-bill-itee issuess doess all her cleenin an laundree bye herself. Mee was so angree to see LadyMum sittin on thee floor cryin an cryin. An there iss nuffin mee could do…xcept head rub her an bring her mee mousie toyss! An thee other fing that was said that herted LadyMum was “Oh grate Aunty you ‘dopted another sick Kat!” REELLY??? OK mee doess have a few problems butt mee not sick….PICKERELL!!!! Thiss got mee furss up mee can tell youss’!!!!  So there you have it. LadyMum just sorta shut down….oh an shee had to cancel a counselin appointmint to take mee out when hammerin an drillin was happenin above our place an leeved a propurr message an called 24 hourss later an thee Recepshunist lecktured her an said shee wood NOT give LadyMum a new appointmint! LadyMum has tried 3 timess to call her Counselor butt no one answerss?? Just when LadyMum needed counsellin thee most….

It’ss  all been too much an LadyMum had to do sumfing to settul herself down…mee suggested Bach’ss fur Hu’manss an shee gave mee thee *stink eye*, mew mew mew. LadyMum decided to not follow so many bloggiess an wee apawlogizess if you not seein us around. Iss NOT purrsonal. LadyMum just needs to keep fingss simpull. An mee iss beehavin purrfectlee tryin to beehave bettur fur her! Wee hopess youss’ will understand an bee payshunt with LadyMum us.

Befur mee leevess mee gotta show you a foto of mee distant Unccle “Ben Thee Hood” frum Wales, UK:Ben Thee Hood Aug 2015Hee went missin aftur his Mumma fell an hert herself. Butt thee furamillee are comin to take care of Unccle Ben an hee iss out paw-trollin thee nayborhood once again! Fankss Aunty Amanda fur letting us know Unccle is OK!

As for mee…iss bettur to bee a ‘Bach’ (rock) an NOT to roll……bee seein youss’……… =^,.^=


“FA SHIZZLE” Siddhartha Henry Sunday Selfie

Published August 2, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an **play bowss** frum Thee Purrfect Pad! LadyMum an mee thott wee woood join thee Kittiess Blue Bloggie Hop:Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeAs many of youss’ know wee will bee takin a brake frum blogging an vizitin due to sum purroblemss with mee an with LadyMum. Mee will blog ’bout fingss sumtime inn thee future so fur now pleeze enjoy mee funny “FA SHIZZLE” Sunday Selfie:Fa Shizzle Siddhartha HenrySendin ❤ LUV ❤ an best wishess to all our faithfull reederss….wee will bee back befur you knows it!!! Bee seein youss’….. ‘Purrince’  Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


Ride on Mistur Paul an Zoe, ride on….

Published August 2, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an Mee-youss’ frum Thee Purrfect Pad! Wee has had another wild innterestin week here! Mee wantss to share thee luvley FANK YOU card mee Purrincess Phoebe sent mee:Purrince an Purrincess 2015Issn’t thee card PAWSUM??? Just like mee sweet buttercup gurl who mee luvss with all mee furry heart!!! Fankss Purrincess Phoebe fur beein thee kittygurl you are….

An mee has a new furend! Tabbiess O’ Trout Towne pleeze SKIP thiss part of bloggie, mew mew mew…. Mee introduces youss to Limpy thee Grackle:Limpy thee GrackleYou will have to click on thee collage to biggiefy to see him bettur. Limpy iss a immature Grackle with a hert wing an a limp an hee will not let LadyMum near him to rescue him. So wee putss out xtra seeds fur Limpy an hee car-eenss flies inn dailee to eat seeds an pick wermss an wee ‘meow’ ’bout fingss! All thee squirrelss an Cheekss thee Chippie have moved to thee back of thee building so mee has to make due with birds….sorry again Tabbiess…

Sumfing good happened to poor sadsack LadyMum thiss week!! Shee gotted to stroke an talk to 2 horsess an their ownerss a Mistur Paul Nichollss an his wife who are ridin across Canada to raise awareness fur Veteranss…young Veteranss frum thee Croatian an Afghan an Iraq warss. Mee made a collage of thee horsess: Zoe thee Bay Quarterhorse an Skip thee Palomino Quarterhorse:Zoe & Skip Collage 2015LadyMum went over thee road inn thee mornin an back inn thee evenin to speek to Mistur Paul an make a doe-nayshun! Inn thee morning shee met a new furend frum thee building next door an they  talked fur over an hour an watched thee horsess an riderss leeve thee Legion with a Police escort thru thee City! When thee horsess  came back wee sat out on thee patio an watched thee horsess fur 2 hourss!! If you want to read about Mistur Paul an his journey here is thee linky to his site:

As wee have so many American furendss wee thott you wood find thiss innterstin!! Our young Veteran’ss here are not helped a lot an many commit suicide or end up mentally sick an sumtimess even homeless! Mistur Paul gets 444 paws up frum LadyMum an mee…Ride on Mistur Paul…ride on…

Wee had a berry long week of *hot* *hue-mid* weather an mee had mee own fan to keep mee cool:Mee biggest FanFankfullee thee *hot* an *hue-mid* has gone away an thee past 2 dayss have been purrfect….If youss’ come back tomorrow mee will tell you mee purrsonal newss…..Bee seein youss’…. =^,.^=