Here a Kitty, there a Kitty, Efurrywhere a kitty!!

Published July 24, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an good wishess to all mee furendss. It iss wunderfull to see you here again at Thee Purrfect Pad!!! Mee has ALOT to meow to you thiss week; so gather round an wee get started. On Monday wee had a sirprize viziter here!! Nun other than Lady Mary-Ellen mee ferst LadyMum!! When shee arrived mee could not quite reememburr who shee was…there was sumfing fammillur butt mee could not put mee paw on it! So mee had to do sum sniff testin! LadyMum put a collage together to show efurryone what mee did:Sniff test CollageMee checked her purse an her feetss an her hand an then mee had to do thee ‘lap test’ an LadyMum said thee ‘lite bulb’ went on over mee head an this was thee result:Lady Mary Ellen an meeMee snuggled with Lady Mary-Ellen. Shee iss such a nice Lady an shee still has King George mee Pappaw an Unccle Blackie an Tori mee birth Mumma an Aunty Shelley an Brofur Tyerrone with her!! Wee had a luvley visit an catch-up meow mee can tell youss’!!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Mee hopes Lady Mary-Ellen comess back to vizit again…..

On Furdsday on Facebook LadyMum sees a foto of a Seal Point Meezer named (sit down fur thiss) NYLA! Shee burstss into teerss an mee comforted her. On Furiday deer Aunty Sheila (who iss a SAINT) tooked LadyMum to do errandss an go to thee Shelter an shee meeted NYLA:Nyla the Seal Point Girl 2015There was a furamilee there vizitin NYLA allso an LadyMum meowed with them an told them what NYLA meenss an they ‘dopted thiss gurl!!!! Well dun LadyMum!!!! As shee went to leeve Lady Renee told LadyMum shee could not leeve ’till shee named thee ‘no-name’ Lynx Point Himalayan mankat:Chang the Lynx Point Himalayan 2015So back into thee viewin room LadyMum went an shee meowed with him fur a bit an shee came up with thee name CHANG!!! An hee  luvved thee name an rubbed LadyMum thru thee barss an purred to her hiss ‘fankss’! Lady Renee was happy an sang a littul song an LadyMum left treetss an food fur CHANG! His name inn Chinese meenss ‘smooth’; ‘free an unhindered’ an hee sure wantss out of thee cage!!! His story iss hee was abandoned sumwhere south of here an was cott an taken to a Sheltur (as a stray) what still putss unwanted 4 leggedss to sleep! Lady Renee has her conneckshunss an got CHANG out befur hee was PTS just because his ‘time was up’. Hee came up here still unnamed an no one new what to call him… LadyMum iss a ‘kat whisspurrer’. Shee can allways name a 4 legged within 10 minutes! It iss a reel gift mee finks, don’t youss’???

So thiss has been our week here pluss LadyMum hertin her lower back an hobbling ’round an wearing rap-a-round heet rap to ease her pain! Shee keeped goin tho’….with all thee katss to fink ’bout an mee too….well shee had littul time to rest!!!! Mew mew mew!!!! How was yur week? Anyfing xcitin happen to any of youss’??

Sensayshunall Siddhartha Henry that'ss mee!

Sensayshunall Siddhartha Henry that’ss mee!

Wishin efurryone a grate weekend full of katss!!! Bee seein youss’….. =^,.^=

52 comments on “Here a Kitty, there a Kitty, Efurrywhere a kitty!!

  • This post is so touching. You had quite a week. And Nyla is so cute. She looks beautiful. I have so much to learn from you.
    We do have a few cats at our home. My mom, dad, wife, uncle aunt, sisters, all are found of cats and dogs. They have become like part of our family. When i was in school days, i never used to allow to give the kittens. Once the number had reached 30 plus. We have business and most of our cats used to stay there. Then we slowly started giving cats to those who wanted to adapt one. Now we have around ten at home.

    My mom never allows to take pics of them. She says they go unhealthy. i dont know the reason behind. May be just the belief. Me staying at hostel now for education, miss my home! and my cats and dogs.

    • Wee sure did have quite a week Mistur Prakash….has been quieter thiss week. It sounds like yur furamillee (family) are so kind! LadyMum says shee finks yur family are special to care fur doggies an katss an help them find homes!
      Wee wish wee lived closer so wee could visit!!!
      You know Mistur Prakash yur Mumma’ss beeleef iss a lot like Aboriginal Nativess beeleef that if you take a foto of sum-one you take a peece of their soul….
      Maybee our culturess are more alike than wee knew.
      Wee wishess you a good stay at thee Hostel an hope you can go home soon to yur home an wife an thee 4 leggedss of yur family….
      Namaste an best wishess, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    • Mee agrees Noodle!! Lady Mary-Ellen was so kind to come an see mee!!!! Woo Hoo!!!
      LadyMum iss so kind to go visit Siamesess who end up inn our Shelter so they know sumone caress! Thiss time shee got to meet thee new owners an that was grate!
      CHANG has to bee newtered an then hee can bee ‘dopted!
      LadyMum has no way to get to see Minxy so wee purr an purray fur her…..
      Fankss fur stopping bye mee BFF 🙂
      **Hi-5’SS** Siddhartha Henry

  • That’s a very busy week for you guys … but nice! Love it, how you recognized the lady after a little sniffing.

    The long fin dragonfish weekend sounded interesting, don’t you think?! 😀

    Hugs and buntings

    • Mee new mee new thee Lady butt mee could not place her scent Aunty Rebby! So mee sniffed ALOT an then mee did thee jump inn thee lap test an mee recognized that warm lap!!! Mee ferst LadyMum!!! Woo Hoo!!!
      An yess despite LadyMum’ss back givin her trubble shee was able to do lotss of good fingss…
      Mee-yow mee wood LUV to try sum ‘long fin dragunfish’…butt doess it REELLY exist Aunty?? 😉
      ***paw patsss*** an *buntinss* Dharth Henry xXxXx

        • Mee-yow Aunty Rebby that iss icky that you were sick frum thee shark finss!
          LadyMum told mee shee had shark steak back inn thee 80’ss an it was deelishuss. Then shee started to reed ’bout how they were beein killed an all thee bad stuff an shee never touched shark anyfing again!
          Mee finks mee stay with mee Fancy Feest Flaked Tuna Aunty 😉
          **nose kissesss** Dharth Henry xxxxx

  • What a week you had Dharth. Your mom was busy. Nyla is beautiful and so is Chang. Of course, I do have a soft spot for meezers. Glad you got to visit with your very first Ladymum…didn’t that work out well?


    • Sure did Cuss-inn Shoko an Kali….mee NEW mee new thee Lady…mee furinallee smelled Tyerrone on her an then it *hit*me!!! Lady Mary-Ellen!!! Wee had a luvley cuddle.
      NYLA iss purrty an shee has a fine new home an thee young teen age gurl iss totallee ‘inn luv’ with her!
      An CHANG iss affine felloh. Hee will have to bee newtered befur hee gets a new forever home tho’.
      An MINXY iss a Burmese just like mee!! Which iss a kind of Siamese…..
      Wee Meezer/Burmeseyss has to stick together! 😉
      ***nose kissesss*** Cuss-inn Siddhartha Henry xxxxxx

        • It was a totallee innterestin week Shoko an Kali. Visiterss here an LadyMum goin to Shelter an us doin research online an thee construckshun an LadyMum hertin her back an mee purrtendin to come inside an runnin to Aunty’ss patio!!! Whew mee iss tired mee can tell youss’! Fank Buudha tomorrow iss *Easy On* Sunday! 😉
          An yess wee Burmese are Siamese crossed with Burma katss….LadyMum says mee iss more Meezer than her Meezerss have been, mew mew mew….
          ***paw kissesss*** Cuss-inn Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • What a busy week you had Young Purrince Siddhartha! Well done to you and LadyMum for getting Nyla Namesake adopted! That was furry good work!! We sending lots of purrs for the others to be adopted too! I’m sure they will!
    Hi-5’s to you Neff-Kitty xxxx

    • Fankss Unccle Austin an Lady Caro fur stopping bye an fur thee complimintss! It was a busy week an a good week 😉
      CHANG an MINXY need to bee fixed befur they can bee ‘dopted….
      Can you beeleeve Minxy was still havin kitsS @ 7 YEERSS old?? PAWFULL!!!
      Shee iss inn a good place an getting good care….
      **Hi-5’ss** an ~~head rubss~~ neffkitty Siddhartha Henry~~

  • I had to read it twice as I saw the photo of Nyla on FB… do you think that’s something like Karma or a message from your Nyla? And that your ladymom was there as Nyla’s new furmily came to visit her is not just a coincidence, right?

    • Mee-you Easy an Lady Katty wee beeleeve this was meant to bee!!! Iss karma…thiss NYLA iss 11 monthss old so shee not mee Aunty Nylablue so wee finkss it iss a message frum her to LadyMum to continue her good werk!!! Funny how LadyMum showed up on Wednesday an there were people lookin at NYLA butt not sure…once they speeked to LadyMum they ‘dopted her!
      An LadyMum got to name CHANG thee Himalayan boy….all inn all; a good day fur us….
      ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

        • Wee will bee inn touch with Lady Renee at Shelter an shee will pass on any mews wee need to know ’bout NYLA! As LadyMum not ackshully werk fur thee Shelter shee gets info frum Lady Renee.
          Wee hopes to get a good report inn a week or so Easy!
          **Hi-5’ss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  • That really was a busy week. We can’t imagine meeting another kitty name Nyla or coming across Minxy. We sure hope all these wonderful kitties, including Chang, find forever loving homes. Your LadyMum is so nice to visit all these kitties and give them extra lovin’s. Hope you have some good condo time this weekend and that you will join us for Sunday Selfies. Sending lots of love to you and LadyMum. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Mee-you Kittiess Blue an Aunty Janet t sure WAS a buzy week fur us here!! Butt it was luvley also. Let mee tell youss’ when LadyMum saw NYLA’SS foto an saw her name shee bursted into teerss! Mee snuggled with her till shee calmed down. Shee thott ’bout doptin NYLA butt realized it was wrong because no other kittie can bee Aunty Nylablue!
      Thiss area iss large but there are onlee a few Shelterss an LadyMum said thee people who had MINXY wood not bring her to Owen Sound Shelter inn case LadyMum ‘found’ out! Well LadyMum did anyway an thee Shelter that MINXY iss inn iss just 2 hours away an thee Feral Kat Group werk with them! LadyMum cannot find a ride to see Minxy an shee says maybe fur thee best because shee wood want to ‘dopt her also.
      Minxy needssto bee spayed an CHANG needss to be newtered befur they find new forever homes!
      As you know LadyMum been doin ‘furendlee vizitin’ at Shelter fur yeerss!
      Yess mee will join inn Sunday Selfiess an *easy on*. Mee has 2 berry cute an food fotoss fur tomorrow!
      Sendin ❤ LUV ❤ an ***paw kissesss*** an ~~head rubsss~~ an {{huggiesss}}
      Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxxxxxxx

    • Mee-mee-you Wally an Ernie an Zoey when mee realized it WAS Lady Mary-Ellen mee just wanted to snuggle lotss!!! Shee was thee ferst Hu’man mee new an has a speshell place inn mee heart!!!
      Wee iss BERRY happy NYLA was ‘dopted an wee iss happy CHANG has a name an that MINXY iss inn a safe place an will bee fixed!!!
      Wishin youss’ a furabuluss weekend on thee Island!
      ****paw patsss**** Siddhartha Henry xXxXxXx

    • High qualitee snuggle time!!! It has been 7 months since mee saw Lady Mary-Ellen….mee iss so happy mee reememburred her 😉
      Thee NYLA gurl iss adorabull an CHANG iss a bit ruff butt hansum an MINXY iss gorgeeuss….
      Mee wood ❤ LUV ❤ to have her come live with me us, mew mew mew…..
      Have a pawsum weekend Brian!
      **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXxXxXx

    • Mee-you Lady Tonya an Princeton an Precious an Preslee an Prudie! Iss luvley of youss’ to visit. Mee will bee bye tomorrow….
      Wee iss happy that deer NYLA got ‘dopted because thee Shelter iss purrty noisy an shee iss a gentull kittygurl.
      CHANG iss wild LadyMum tells mee so hee will bee ok there
      till hee finds a new home.
      Deer MINXY iss inn thee best place…no cages @ Georgian place…free roamin….so shee will not bee lonelee!!!
      Fankss fur keepin yur paws crossed!
      Wishin all of youss’ a sunny an happy weekend also.
      ***nose kissesss*** an ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry xxxxxx

  • Lots of gawjus kitties. Weez purrayin’ fur pawsum homes fur them. Glad fings went so well. Sowry yous mommy be hurtin’. Mommy fur sure knows all ’bout dat. Weez sendin’ purrayers.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    • Mee-you fankss Dezi an Lexi…you both are 2 gorgeeuss kitty gurlss also…
      Wee iss hopin sumone will ‘dopt Minxy an give her a propurr home; shee deeservess that SO-O MUCH!!!
      Chang will find a new home; peeple here *adore* xotick katss!!!
      Fankss for thee purayerss…wee purray fur yur Mumma also……
      ***nose kissesss*** Dhartha Henry xXxXx

        • Wee allwayss says sum purrayerss fur you Dezi an of course fur deer Lexi! Wee wishes wee could help with $money$ but LadyMum spent a lot this month ‘tween thee Commint-athon an mee Vet visit an mee meddycayshunss…
          So wee just keep purrayin fur Lexi to get stabull an bee well. An yess ALL thee katss deserve good homes. Iss sad NYLA an MINXY were surrendered an it iss BERRY sad CHANG was throw out an abandoned!
          **nose kissess** an ~head rubsss~ Dharth Henry~

            • Mee-you same here Dezi an Lexi an Lady Audra!! Seein katss without homes makes mee berry sad! Just fink mee was at Lady Mary-Ellen’s then Lady Nikki’s an Lady Elka’s an back to Lady Mary-Ellen an then ‘dopted by LadyMum! Mee had peeple who luvved an cared fur mee an made mee well an then mee found LadyMum. Mee iss one blessed kittyboy! When LadyMum told me who Minxy iss mee got teary eyed… reel. Shee iss 7 yeerss old an homeless! Who doess THAT to a mature ladykat like that????
              OK mee must calm down…
              An mee will keep up thee purrayerss an purrin fur all of youss’ speshelly Lexi!
              ***paw patsss*** Dharth Henry xxxxxx

              • Yeeah you and us awe amung da blest fur sure. Weez just not unnewstand how anypawdy kuld abandon any kitty and fur sure not an older one. But they do it all da time. Makes us so angwy we kuld…anyways, fanks fur da purrayers. Have a blest day.

                Luv ya’

                Dezi and Lexi

                • Mee-you Dezi an Lexi wee are berry blessed an lucky! It seemss that no matter how much werk people like mee LadyMum an so many others do; there iss still so much sufferin of 4 leggedss beein abandoned an herted an leeved behind. Sumtimess LadyMum criess fur those 4 leggedss….
                  Shee iss turribullee sad ’bout Minxy an wishess shee could ‘dopt her also.
                  Wee just must foe-cuss on thee good fingss dun fur our kind!!!
                  An purrayerss help a lot don’t they??
                  ***paw patsss*** Dharth Henry xxxxx

                  • Yep weez cwy over them a lot too. But weez can only do so much, so we purray and help when we can. Sumday, all kitties will be luvved. Even ifi dat dusn’t happen till da end of time. Heaven knows nuffin’ but luv. Have a gweat day.

                    Luv ya’

                    Dezi and Lexi

                    • Our Mumma’ss care so-o muh don’t they Dezi an Lexi???
                      Wee hopes that one day thiss werld iss purrfect fur all; Hu’manss an 4 leggedss an birdss an sea creeturess…
                      Yur rite Heaven (what wee Buudhistss call Pure Land) onlee knowss Luv ❤
                      ***nose kissesss*** Dharth Henry xxxxx

  • Aaww what a lovely visit with your first Humum. Such a shame Henry Two Socks mum could not live with you! Chang is aa great name and meeting anuther Nyla was more than coincidence; in fact it all seems to be synchronicity…
    Love the bottom pic of you and i hope you mums back is better soon xx

    • Mee-yow Aunty Eevee an Chili an Jasper an Goddess Freya iss grate to see youss’…wait an Willow Duckie also!
      Mee was so happy to see Lady Mary-Ellen again. An shee got to see mee new place an how mee iss cared fur an how happy mee iss…
      It wood bee nice if Minxy could live with us butt there iss not enuff $money$ to pay fur 2 katss…
      Now if mee were not here, LadyMum wood ‘dopt Minxy. Butt mee iss here ferst an fur a reason.
      An yess wee finks it iss “sink-chow-nis-itee” that LadyMum got to meet thee other NYLA an t speek to her new peeps also. An LadyMum was so happy shee got to name another kitty; shee luvss naming us feeliness 😉
      LadyMum’ss back iss much improved alltho’ shee iss sorta sore tonite because shee was out twice today an did a lot of walkin. Mee hopes yur feelin bettur…wee been so worried ’bout you!
      Fankss fur thee complimint…mee luvss that foto also.
      ****paw kissesss**** an ~~~head rubsss~~~ neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxx

  • My sweet purrince, my Mom and I wish we could visit you so you could snuggle up to us. We are glad than Nyla got a forever home, that is an odd coincidence that a kitty had the same name as Nylablue. Very sweet that your Mum got to name Chang. We hope he gets his forever home soon and that poor female kitty gets fixed soon so she doesn’t have to wear her body out having kittens.

    • Mee mee-you mee sweet buttercup Phoebe an Lady Ellen iss wunderfull to see youss’ here!
      Mee wood LUV if both of you could come an visit an snuggle!
      Wassn’t it so odd that another “NYLA” showed up??? An LadyMum got to help get her ‘dopted….
      Shee really likes CHANG an mee almost had a Bforuf mee finks!
      An now LadyMum iss finkin whether wee could take Minxy….butt shee knows shee cannot afford 2 katss…
      Wee purray Minxy finds a propurr forever home; shee deeservess that at thee very leest!
      Fankss fur stopping bye…
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ an ***paw kissesss*** an ❤ LUV ❤
      Yur Purrince, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Mee-you Summer wee are purrin an purrayin fur Minxy also! Can you emagine shee iss almost a Senior gurl an still havin kits?!?!? It iss berry sad…thee onlee GOOD fing iss hat Minxy was brott to thee Shelter an not dumped sumwhere alone an deefenceless…..
      Fankss fur stopping bye an come back soon.
      **nose kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xXxXx

  • Oh my! So many things going on my little Nephew! Nice you had a visit from your first Mum and that you recognized her…….I know that made her happy. Loved seeing the other pix of the kitties needing homes and we’re hoping they get them ASAP………..we also love seeing you all comfy cozy in your little condo looking all sleepy-eyed. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Hugs, Uncle Sammy

    • Mee-you Unccle Sammy it sure had been a busy week here at Thee Purrfect Pad!!! Mee iss goin have a restfull weekend….mee cannot say quiet beecause thee workmen are supposed to bee back to finish thee uppystairss balconies…LadyMum iss goin to stay home with mee so mee not freek out with all thee noise! 😉
      Lady Mary-Ellen was thrilled mee reememburred her! Shee iss a reel kat luvver!!
      NYLA iss ‘dopted an wee iss purrin an purrayin fur MINXY an CHANG!!
      Fankss fur stopping bye Unccle.
      ***paw patsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xXxXx

  • wee small mee dium sized dood…what a week ewe N mum haz had….letz see what did we due….sleep, snooze, rest, nap, use de box, sazz bass terd burds, eat,…..& ree pete !! heerz two a longfin dragonfish kinda week oh end ~~ ♥♥♥

    • Mew mew mew Tabbiess mee laffed reedin ’bout yur buzy week there!!! Whew you sure had a lot to do 😉
      MMM Dragunfish sounds purrty tasty….wunder where mee can get sum here?
      ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXxXx

    • Mee-you Aunty Toby a kitty nevurr furgetss who luvss them….Lady Mary-Ellen iss ALOT like LadyMum! Mee iss blessed to have 2 furabuluss Hu’man Mumma’ss!
      Fankss fur stopping bye….
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

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