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Mee Sparkley Selfie fur Selfie Sunday

Published June 28, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Yippee!!! It iss Sunday!! Beesidess bacon Katurday; Sunday iss mee favorite day because it iss Sunday Selfie Blog Hop with Kittiess Blue:Cat On My Head Selfie Badge

LadyMum helped mee with mee selfie thiss week:Starry Selfie SiddharthaWhat do you fink of it??? Mee LIKESS mee foto ALOT!!! An mee also did a *getting me easy on* foto:Easy on with Phoebe & PinkyNotice thee foto of mee sweet Purrincess to thee rite….Phoebe iss allwayss with mee… An havin Pinky Piggie close bye helpss mee connect to Aunty Nylablue inn mee dreemss…..bettur to bee asleep because it iss one rainy weekend here!!! Mew mew mew… Bee seein youss’ =^,.^=


Thee Grate Glassess Deebaucle of 2015…..

Published June 28, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste deer an respected  furendss of Thee Purrfect Pad. Mee has ALOT to share with youss…trulee nevurr a dull moment here!! So let’ss get started….ferst wee got a foto of thee rosess befur thee workmen sorta stomped all over them:Sad RosesThey WERE purrty!!! Thee workmen were berry nice an they got all thee old sidin off thee building an put up thee new ‘vapurr papurr’ barrier. Now wee wait fer new windows…an wait an wait….mew mew mew….

An speakin of purrty mee PiZapped a speshell foto fur mee Purrincess Phoebe of

Purrince PhoebeMee apawlogizess fur not beein online more thiss week mee ‘buttercup sweetie’. Beetween LadyMum servin thee workmen water an coffee an chattin with them on breakss An thee ‘Grate Glassess Deebaucle of 2015’ it was a ‘zoo’ here!!! Thee Deebaucle started 3 weekss ago when LadyMum went to have eyess tested. Shee NEW shee needed new glassess an shee was rite!! Shee got thee script an chose frames Optishun brott her. Now thee Optishun wanted her to get Progressive Lensess butt shee cold not  afford them an shee told him that. Ternss out hee was sneaky an showed LadyMum glasses that were not covered. It tooked 2 weeks fur thee glassess to be made an LadyMum went Wednesday to get them fitted an thee Bi-focal line was cutting her  distance vision inn half butt thee Optishun said shee ‘just not used to Bi-focalss’ an LadyMum said they were not comfy at all!!!! When shee signed thee authorization thee woman there said, “That will bee $100. green papurrss pleeze.” LadyMum said her jaw dropped an shee stopped breathin! Shee was berry uppyset an thee Optishun came out an said “You can take them an wee sort out a paymint plan. Yur Werker made thee mistake not tellin you thee cost.”  So LadyMum brott them home an wore them rest of day. Efurryone said thee Bi-Focal was too high. An when LadyMum tried to type on lappytop shee got pawful headache! Shee tooked thee glasses off an headache wood go away. Shee tried 3 timess to do reepliess wearin thee new glasses butt headache came back. Shee got furry angree an mee sat with her fur a long time….Wee tooked fotoss’ so youss’ can see her ‘old’ glassess (that she iss still wearin) an thee ‘new’ glassess:LadyMum an thee glassessIf you ‘biggiefy’ thee foto you can see how BIG thee Bi-focal iss on thee ‘not nice glassess’.  Ternss out they are designer glassess an beenyfitss onlee covered $168. an they costed $268. an thee Werker was not at fault!! Lady Amy even called thee Optishun on Furiday morning an asked him why hee not call LadyMum to tell her thiss xtra cost an hee had no answer fur her. Beecause LadyMum took thee glasses shee was acceptin them an IF Optishun had sent in authorization LadyMum wood have been stuck with them…..So Aunty Sheila took LadyMum to Optishun an hee tried beein all nicey-nice with her but LadyMum did not fall fur it. Shee put glasses inn case on table an if benyfitss had paid him yet. Optishun said “NO” an LadyMum asked fur thee script an authorization an hee shoved the papurrss inn her face an told her “Wee not goin to even discuss thiss!!” (his xact werdss) LadyMum walked out without sayin another werd! What thee Optishun was tryin to do was get more green papurrss. Reememburr LadyMum could not get thee Progressive Lenses?? So Optishun figured hee wood pull a ‘fast one’ on LadyMum an get her to buy high priced frames an then get $$ from her bennyfitss!! Nice try Mistur Bob thee Optishun butt LadyMum iss way smarter than you!  Shee iss wearin thee ‘old’ glassess an will go to Wal-Mart Optical next week with her script! (Wish her luck ok??)

Mee did get sum condo time:Sassy an Sweet SiddharthaThee sassy foto iss mee givin Mistur Bob thee Optishun a Giant razzberry an thee sweet foto if mee purrayin for LadyMum to calm down, mew mew mew…..

How were fingss inn yur werld thiss week??? Wee have lotss of catchin up to doess so pleeze bee payshunt with us!! Bee seein youss’… Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Royalle Purrple Sunday Selfie an even sum *easy* goin on….

Published June 21, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Yippee!!! It’ss Sunday!!!! Mee-you mee furgot mee manners. Namaste an blessin’ss to all of youss’. Today wee are joinin Kittiess Blue ‘Sunday Selfie’ blog hop:Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeWhat do youss’ fink of mee Royalle Purrple Sunday Selfie???Purrple Purrince SelfieThiss PiZappin  iss PAWSUM!!! Mew mew mew…..

The weather iss foggy an cloudy an sorta cool out so mee iss goin get mee *easy on* just like Brian frum Brian’s Home! Just like thiss:Mee Easy On 2So no matter what yur doin thiss Sunday mee hopes you have time to take a ‘selfie’ an then get yur *easy on*….Bee seein youss’….  =^,.^=


Published June 21, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an greetinss frum us here at Thee Purrfect Pad. Wee has so-o much to share with youss’. Help yurselvess to snackss an reefreshmintss an mee get started! Ferst mee has to share a foto mee Purrincess Phoebe of  sent to mee: Phoebe-in-a-bottleIssn’t mee Rainbow Gurl thee clevurrest kittygurl ever?? Mee finks so!!! “Fank you fur thee message inn thee bottle Purrincess; you made mee so happy!!!” Now mee iss not a gardener as you know butt mee wanted to show you our wee garden an thee beeuteefull Rose. It iss bigger then ever an LadyMum says Auntyss’ Nylablue an Mingflower were letting us know they are watchin over us…what a sweet thott!  *wipes tear frum eye* Sorry,  mee presentss the garden an our Rose:Rose inn thee GardenIssn’ thee Rose luvley??? An it smells so lushuss an perfumey inn a good way! Mee furinallee got to ‘meet’ mee distant Unccle BEN THEE HOOD KAT frum Wales, United Kingdom thiss week:BEN THEE HOOD 2015Hee iss ’bout 14 yeerss old an hee runs his nayburrhood with a tite paw hee told mee! Fankss to Aunty Amanda fur getting a foto of Unccle Ben fur us!!!! An now to thee BIG mews wee has to share with all of youss!!! Mee iss so xcited mee can hardlee sit still to type thiss to you…..OK **deep breath*…..  LADY NIKKI AN FERAL KAT RESCUE of Owen Sound WON thee “Awesome Ideas” contest thiss past Fursday nite!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!  Here iss mee collage of thee event:Lady Nicky winss 2015Ok to tell you thee back story. Lady Nikki the girl wiping her eyes inn big foto has werked hard since 2012 feedin, doin TNR an rehomin feral, stray an lost katss with thee help of others (like Aunty Sheila an Sharon thee blonde lady huggin Lady Nikki inn big foto)). Thiss iss thee Lady who took mee an Tyerrone an Tangerine when wee was onlee a month old an so-o sick an shee healed us!!!  As youss’ know thee group has branched out to help with barn kat colonies (like where mee came frum) an inn situashunss where people can no longer care fur their katss due to illness or even death!!! Lady Nikki iss ‘on thee job’ 24/7! There iss a group called Awesome Ideas what put in $100. green papurrss each an they had $1200. green papurrs total. They held a contest an there were 15 peeple what entered an onlee 3 were picked an Lady Nikki was 1 of them. Fursday was thee Final an it was held at thee Roxy Theatre. So Mistur Kelly an Lady Carol each gave their 10 minute ‘pitch’ an then our own Lady Nikki did her pitch an not a dry eye inn thee hole place! Thee 12 Trusteess went to figure out who to give thee $1,000. to…. AN then thee moment came! LadyMum an Aunty Sheila an Ladyss’ Sharon, Lisa, Cynthia, Honey an Debbie (Nikki’ss Mumma) were all together an when Lady Nikki’ss name was said thee Theatre erupted into cheerss an tearss!!!!! It was furabuluss!! An Mistur Kelly an Lady Carol won $100. green papurrss each. So efurryone won sumfing AN people were encouraged to doe-nate change or green papurrss innto the brown bag of their choice an LadyMum said thee most $$$$ went into FERAL KAT RESCUE’S brown bag!!! Aftur thee event LadyMum went with thee other’ss to Jazzmyn’ss fur a celebratory drink (LadyMum had Cranberry juice with lime) an shee proposed thee toast: “Here’ss to FERAL KAT RESCUE! Long live Crazy Kat Ladiess!!!” Mew mew mew!! “You rocked it LadyMum!!!” Wee iss still on a high frum Fursday nite!!! YIPPEEE!!!! Seereusslee wee has nevurr felt so-o grate an to have thee group furinallee recognized iss pawsum!!!!!!

If you want to read thee article in thee papurr here iss thee linky:

So that has been thee week here at Thee Purrfect Pad!! Oh an LadyMum got her 10 Lidocaine shots an shee been painfree fur almost 3 dayss now! An shee even been dancing ’round with mee in her arms… BEST WEEK EFURR!!

OK mee gotta rap thiss up befur it terns into a book!!! Mew mew mew…. Wishin efurryone a pawsum weekend!!! Bee seein youss’!!!!!! =^,.^=

Wee have thee sadss today…..

Published June 16, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste hands

Namaste deer furendss an furendss of Thee Purrfect Pad. Wee has sumfing sad to share with youss’. Yesturday mee an LadyMum decided to watch thee Queen’ss Plate Trial that was happenin in Toronto, Ontario. Wee been followin DANZIG MOON (whose Gran-Sire was Danzig) since hee started racin an hee was our fave of thee Canadian horsess. His breedin goess back to Northern Dancer who was a foundashun sire fur Thorobredss efurrywhere an to Native Dancer who was another amazin Canadian horse back when LadyMum was a young kitt! Thee worst fing happened. DANZIG MOON broked his right hind leg!! LadyMum thott hee pulled up lame an was still watchin thee race. Aftur  Danish Dynaformer won thee race thee Announcer-men came on an told thee werld what happened. Wee did see thee Horsey Ambulance an wee saw thee curtain go up which iss thee signal a horsey iss goin to Pure Land fur good. LadyMum bursted into teerss…..shee was weepin an mee was cryin also. Mee KNEW what was happenin! Mee lived inn the barn with 6 horsess. So mee went rite to LadyMum an ~~head rubbed~~ an snuggled her an shee cried into mee fur. It took her 2 hours to calm down. An so wee wants to pay trib-butte to DANZIG MOON with 2 fotoss’ wee PiZaped:Danzig Moon runningThiss iss how wee went to reememburr him!! Beelow iss thee article frum thee mewspapurr ’bout what happened to thiss sweet horse boy:

Casse devastated by Danzig Moon tragedy 6

Steve Buffery_op

By , Toronto Sun

First posted: Sunday, June 14, 2015 11:13 PM EDT | Updated: Sunday, June 14, 2015 11:17 PM EDT

Danzig Moon, here training for the Preakness Stakes, had to be put down trackside after breaking his leg in the Plate Trial on Sunday at Woodbine. (AFP) 
Mark Casse arrived at Woodbine Racetrack on Sunday morning on top of the world.

Woodbine’s leading trainer had watched his four-year-old colt, Noble Bird, win the Grade 1 Stephen Foster Handicap at Churchill Downs on Saturday and was feeling pretty good about his entries in the two big races at Woodbine on Sunday afternoon — Conquest Boogaloo, Field of Courage, Conquest Curlinate and Danzig Moon in the $150,000 Plate Trial, as well as his four horses in the $500,000 Woodbine Oaks — Season Ticket, Galina Point, Tancook and Shez a Masterpiece.

But what promised to be a day of celebration and triumph turned into a nightmare, a gut-wrenching day Casse will sadly never forget.

“I don’t even know how to say I feel,” Casse said following the Woodbine Oaks. “It’s just…”

Casse had to take a second to catch himself. The roller-coaster ride that is the sport of horse racing was never more front and centre than it was on a humid and misty Sunday afternoon at the Rexdale track.

In the second race, the Casse-trained filly Revello was eased up by jockey Gary Boulanger after breaking her ankle in the race, although the reports are that the three-year-old will be okay. Two races later, another Casse-trained filly, Mississippi Delta, won the $100,000 Alywow States with Alan Garcia on board. Heading into the Plate Trial, Casse was on a roll — a Grade 1 victory in Kentucky, a Stakes win at Woodbine and the 2-1 favourite, Danzig Moon, entered in the Plate Trial.

As the horses lined up to enter the starting gate for the Trial, Casse was all smiles. However, a few seconds into the race, Danzig Moon, owned by John C. Oxley, broke his right-hind leg going up the back stretch and stumbled before going down, resulting in the Emma-Jayne Wilson-ridden R U Watchingbud running into him and also stumbling. Both Wilson and Danzig Moon’s jockey, Julien Leparoux were thrown off, though in a wonderful display of horsemanship, Leparoux managed to grab Danzig Moon’s reins to stop him from getting up and damaging his leg further, though, in the end, it didn’t matter. Tragically, Danzig Moon — called “bad boy” by his connections for his comically nasty demeanour in the barn — never got up. The Malibu Moon-sired colt, who showed so much promise at the Kentucky Derby this year with a fifth-place finish, broke his right-hind leg and had to be euthanized right beside the track. His body will be taken to the Guelph University for an autopsy.

Casse’s filly Season Ticket finished third in the next race, the Woodbine Oaks, but the Sovereign Award-winning trainer couldn’t even watch. Following the Oaks, standing by himself trackside, Casse told the Toronto Sun that he sat inside the race office during the Oaks, attempting to collect his thoughts. The devastation of Danzig Moon’s death left him in a state of shock.

“He’s such a good horse,” said Casse, before catching himself. “He was a good horse.”

Casse had lost horses before, but the Indianapolis native said it never gets easier, adding that you never completely get over the loss.

“It makes it tough to watch the races because they’re part of your family,” he said. “It’s so sad. The Oxleys are devastated and that hurts me, too. They’re a mess.

“You always know something like this is possible,” Casse added. “But it’s a crazy injury, it’s a hind end injury that you don’t see that often.

“I’m just devastated,” he continued. “I don’t know if it’s really sunk in yet.”

Out of Leaveminthedust, Danzig Moon broke his maiden in his third start in February at Gulfstream and really turned heads when he finished second to Carpe Diem in the Grade 1 Blue Grass Stakes at on April 4 at Keeneland. He then finished fifth at the Derby and sixth at the Preakness. After the Preakness, Casse decided not to enter his horse in the third leg of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes — won sensationally by American Pharoah to pull off the Triple Crown — and instead entered him in Sunday’s Plate trial at Woodbine with an eye on the Queen’s Plate on July 5 and the Canadian Triple Crown.

Casse will undoubtedly will have entries in the Queen’s Plate and will win more big stakes races this year, in Canada and the U.S. But no matter how well his stable does, the good-natured trainer will never completely get over the loss of Danzig Moon.

“Something like this always weighs on your mind,” he said. “Especially when they’re so unexpected. You just never know when something like this is going to happen.”

There you have it…..wee just do not know when such an accident will happen. LadyMum sayss shee doess not like thee synthetic turf an mee wunderss if thiss was a factor inn what happened. DANZIG MOON onlee ran on thee dirt. Maybee thee synthetic turf did not have thee give thee dirt wood have…maybee hee put a hoof wrong; maybe hee was so tired frum his other racess…..wee will nevurr know. So DANZIG MOON run free sweet horse an wee purromise to nevurr furget you…Danzig Moon profileREST IN PEECE DANZIG MOON born March 24th, 2012 & died June 14th, 2015….wee will miss you so-o much……. =^,.^=


Soulfull Sunday Selfie

Published June 14, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Yippee!!! The Sun iss shinin an it has warmed up enuff fur mee to go out inn thee Condo!! Mee iss meowin with Cheekss an thee Sparrowss an enjoyin all thee sitess an sounds.Undercover Siddhartha Henry

Aftur a l-o-n-g weekend of site seein an meowin with furendss it iss luvley to hang out at nite on top of thee fridge. Why you may ask? Mee not reelly sure, mew mew mew. It just feels comfy to me! So today fur thee Sunday Selfie mee purrsentss “Soulfull Sunday Selfie”:Soulfull Siddhartha  SelfieAn mee is 11 months old now!!! Soon wee must plan mee online pawty soon!! (Hint hint hint LadyMum…) Life just gets bettur an bettur fur thiss humbull kittyboy! Oh an mee iss joinin Kittiess Blue fur thee Sunday Selfie Bloggie Hop of course!Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeWishin efurryone a furabuluss week!! Bee seeing youss’!!!!

Horsin around!!!!!

Published June 12, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an greetings deer furendss of ‘MEE’…. Mew mew mew!!! What a innterestin week it has been!!! On Katurday, June 6th was thee Belmont Stakess an wee was so-o xcited! Wee watched a lot of thee pre-race fingss an then thee race!! OH MEE KAT!!! Wee was mewin an cheerin an ‘Woo Hoo’in’ like crazy katss an it was all werth it. Aftur 37 yeerss thee werld now has a new Tripull Crown winner!!!! Inn tribute to American Pharoah wee made 2 fotoss of our new Horsey-Hero:American Pharoah 2015Thiss iss a profile foto wee deckerated with American colors!!! An here iss thee foto as hee crossed thee finish line: American Pharoah winss!!Yur our Horsey-Hero American Pharoah!!! LadyMum did research on his Pedigree an shee says hee has PURRFECT pedigree an so on papurr hee wood win all thee racess an bee a champeeon!!! Hee sure proved that hee ISS a champ!! Hee can even trace his rootss back to Northern Dancer an Nasrullah; that iss SUM breedin fur sure!!! Did youss’ notice that his name iss spelled wrong?? Thee owners of thiss horsey had a namin contest an a Lady rote inn ‘American Pharaoh’ butt when thee name was submitted to Thee Jockey Club thee spellin was ‘American Pharoah’ an it was accepted! When thee owners realized their mistake they decided NOT to change thee name inn case it brott ‘bad’ luck!! Good fing, mew mew mew!!! So that is how he gotted his name. Did you notice his half a tail?? When American Pharoah was stabled with another horsey named Mistur Zee it iss thott Mistur Zee chewed off part of Pharoah’ss tail durin thee nite!! It sure did not slow American Phaoroah down did it?? Wee finks it made him run faster!!!!!!!!

So inn honor of American Pharoah winnin mee did sum ‘horsin ’round of mee own:Tisshue Papurr Fun with DharthThee week has been purrty quiet here: Out inn Condo 4 outta 5 dayss; today iss rainin katss an doggies… mew mew mew…Wee got werd that thee kittss LadyMum helped feed back inn April are now up fur ‘dopshun an LadyMum saw thee foto of little gurl Lacey so mee made a 2 foto collage of her then an now:Lacey then an nowIssn’t shee cute as a button??? A cute kat button, mew mew mew!!! Wee know her fursibss names are Lemony an Lasher…maybe Lasher iss Bono, thee one LadyMum fed an named?? Lacey an her fursibss an many other kittss an kattss are up fur ‘dopshun at Georgian Triangle Humane Society. Here iss thee link to their website:

Cats for Adoption

Wee wishes efurryone ‘Good Luck’ getting furevurr homes like wee has! Mee an LadyMum has been playin nitelee with toys an mousiess an snugglin a lot more. Wee iss bondin more an more an itt iss luvley to furinallee have a Hu’man to call me own!  An mee has mee sweet buttercup gurl Purrincess Phoebe:Phoebe RapunzelThiss iss mee ‘buttercup cutie’ beein Rapunzel Gurl…..wee been ritin poe-emss to each other butt mee save that fur another bloggie!!! So mee iss off to take a happy nappy an mee not ‘horsin ’round’, mew mew mew….Happy nappy with PhoebeBee seein yous’!!!!!!!!! =^,.^=