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Nevurr a dull momint *YIKESS*

Published May 30, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste deerest furendss of MEE!! How has yur week gone?? Mine was goin along purrty well…lotss of Condo time an crittur watchin!  Guess what mee did thiss week?? Mee eated Suppurr inn thee Condo fur thee ferst time:

Suppurr tastess bettur outside....

: Suppurr tastess bettur outside….

LadyMum suggested mee try eatin inn thee Condo so mee did an this just mite beecome a reguler fing fur mee!! Mew mew mew…..

Can't look up; eatin here LadyMum!

Can’t look up; eatin here LadyMum!

An notice mee iss inn Aunty Nylablue’ss Condo an NOT tryin to  get out!! Mee has deecided to use it fur thee time beein an not hassel poor LadyMum fur a bigger one. Shee iss lookin fur a large Condo simmylar to thiss one butt no hurry. Mee can adapt…fur now….reelly….mew mew mew……

On Tuesday LadyMum tried to do a Spot-On flea treetmint on me! Did not go well alltho’ LadyMum will not have any fleas fur a month or so….mew mew mew….Here iss what I thott of thee Spot-On treetmint:

Not happenin here LadyMum

Not happenin here LadyMum

If you ‘biggie’ the foto you can see mee tongue stickin out!! Mee was lodgin a passifist purrotest as all good Buudhist kittiess do frum time to time. Now LadyMyum had washed mee neck an had spoken to thee vet ’bout a Flea collar an shee bott one on Wednesday an put it on mee Fursday. It went OK butt it sure felt weerd so mee tried backin out of thee collar an ran ’round ‘crazypantss’ for awhile. Then mee went innto carrier an just laid down. Thee smell of it was overpowerin an mee felt sorta sick?? LadyMum keeped checkin mee an thott mee was just freeked out. Butt at 2:10 p.m. LadyMum saw a BERRY scary site: Mee was glassy eyed an twitchin an when shee tried to touch mee, mee snapped at her an tried to bite her!! Now a Buudhist kittie doess not bite butt mee had no idea what mee was doing!! LadyMum acted quiklee an tipped carrier on thee bed an mee slid out snappin like a “Snappin Turtle” an shee gentlee picked mee up an innto thee bathroom wee went an shee ripped that collar off mee…it iss a break-away’ collar an it DID break away!!! So mee had another wash an it was a REEL good one! LadyMum used her Glycerin soap an shee scrubbed all thee smell off mee an rinsed an then towel dried mee! Then shee got thee 1-800 numburr fur Zodiac company in Illinois an spoke to 2 berry nice ladiess what made a case an gave her a numburr an then shee spoke to Vet Tech frum thee companee. They said mee was dissapprovin of the collar an LadyMum said fur thee ferst 2 minuttess maybee…butt why did mee get lethargick an then allmost have a seizure? Thee Vet Tech said mee was havin a BAD reeackshun!! An mee thott “You fink Lady???” Now mee not a kittyboy what getss angree butt thiss was a turribull eppysode. LadyMum had to call Aunty Sheila an ask fur the Spot-On treetmintss back…..butt do not wurry mee not gettin any fur at leest 3 weekss! Thiss iss what thee Flea Collar looked like aftur it came off mee:Flea collar 005Mee liked thee color but not thee effect.  LadyMum said thee collar has a new home:Flea collar 003Yess it iss inn thee vacuum purrtectin thee vacumm frum fleass, mew mew mew!! Ok not reelly….better thee vacuum then mee rite?? Now mee ISS OK! No need to wurry as LadyMum washed all thee PreCor meedycashun off mee an aftur a nappie I was rarin to go!! Mee iss back to normal now. Oh an LadyMum asked thee company fur a reefund fur thee collar an wee pawwed a lettur of inntent an sent thee bar code an lot numburr so wee are hopin they will send LadyMum a few green papurrss to covurr thee cost!! Mee gotta say LadyMum moved berry quiklee when shee saw mee inn disstress an mee seess why Aunty’ss Nylablue an Mingflower trusted her so-o much!! That iss all thee xcitemint frum here!! Anyfing wild happen inn yur werld thiss week???? Mee finkss it iss time fur thiss:Aftur thee ordeelBee seein youss’…   =^,.^=


Funny silly Sunday Selfiess

Published May 24, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an *play bowss* to all mee furendss at Thee Pad. Iss wunderfull to see youss’ here today….An youss’ KNOW what today iss rite???Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeIss Sunday Selfiess so inn keepin with mee Furiday bloggie here are thee Selfiess what go with that post. Hope you enjoy them all…mee had fun posin fur them, meew mew mew….

Thiss tassel toy iss grate!

Thiss tassel toy iss grate!

Whoo me?

Whoo me?

Silly Mee selfie

Silly Mee selfie

Dreemy snoozy selfie...

Dreemy snoozy selfie…

Hope youss’ enjoyed mee Sunny funny Selfiess…

Bee seein youss…..

Fun, fun, fun iss just *ducky*

Published May 23, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an greetinss deer furendss!!! Has mee got a ‘fun’ bloggie fur youss’ thiss week! Aftur all thee seereuss an werkin bloggiess thiss WEEK has been FULL of fun fur mee!! Yippee!!! Mee has been out dailee inn Aunty’ss Condo an havin fun with Ajay mee Sparrow furend:Bird watchin fun 1Bird watchin fun 2Bird watchin fun 3Mew mew mew wee had so much fun vizitin an then mee had sum tassel fun inn mee Condo:Tassel fun 1Tassel fun  2Mee reelly likess the tassel that LadyMum gave mee!! Butt thee fun did not stop there! Last nite mee met Deveena an Devinder Duckss! There are duckss what come to vizit here yeerlee. Mas NEVURR met duckss befur or meow-quacked with their kind! It was so much ‘fun’!!Ducky 1Ducky 2Ducky 3Ducky 4Ducky 5Ducky 6What a grate time wee had meow-quackin together!! Mee has new furendss!! Woo Hoo!!! An  just when youss’ thott thee fun ended,  it continued on…on top of thee fridge:Fridge fun 2Fridge fun 3Fridge fun 4Fridge fun 5Mew mew mew iss so much fun rollin on top of thee fridge an posin fur thee cammyra!!! Hope efurryone had a fun week like mee!!! Time fur a ‘happy nappy’!! NaptimeBee seein youss’……

Sortin laundry Selfie Sunday

Published May 18, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you an Namaste deerest furendss of thee Purrfect Pad. Sorry mee iss sorta late postin butt mee had a busy day!!! Ferst mee had sum outside Condo time inn Aunty Nylablue’ss Condo:Out in Auntyss CondoWatchin thee birdiess:Littul peepinssOnce thee Sun went beehind thee cloudss mee came innside fur sum Condo time:Inn inn Aunty'ss CondoJust when mee got comfy, mee had to help LadyMum with laundry an Indy Quallyfyin was on an mee wanted to watch thee carss go ‘zoomie zoomie’:Laundry 1Laundry 2Mee furinallee gave up on watchin thee Indy carss an got down to thee business at paw takin a nappie….mew mew mew….Laundry 3Laundry 4 Then LadyMum told mee it iss time fer Selfie Sunday!! GOOD GREEF Ladymum mee iss tryin to get sum rest here!!!Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeOk here iss mee Sunday Selfies (notice mee iss on TOP of thee cupberds tryin to eevade thee camyra tryin to have a nappy!)Cupberd Selfie 2Wishin efurryone a grate week!! Bee seein youss’….

Crest*fall*en Condo Commoshun

Published May 16, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an greetinss furendss of Thee Purrfect Pad…..doess mee have a storey to share with youss’!! It iss a funny storey alltho’ LadyMum sayss shee iss not laffin, mew mew mew….

As youss’ all know mee got a fancy Condo on loan frum thee Feral Kat Group an mee REELLY enjoyed it:Siddhartha doin his thing 007Doessn’t mee look furabuluss inn it?? Mee had it fur 10 dayss or so an then Lady Nikki had to take it to another purrson to use fur kittss to bee shown fur ‘dopshun. Mee new it was just a loan an mee wood not want to stand inn thee way of gettin kittss furevurr homess! So when Lady Nikki came to get thee snazzy BIG Condo shee brott a reeplacemint:

You want mee to sit out inn thiss??

You want mee to sit out inn thiss??

Mee-you,  what did mee do to deeserve thiss?? Mew mew mew. PICKERELL that was not what mee xpected an thee smell….unnewtered boykatss; need mee say more?? LadyMum cleened it an cleened it an used vinnygurr butt it stinked just thee same an it sure was not like mee snazzy BIG Condo so LadyMum said “That’ss IT!! Mee iss gonna buy you yur own snazzy BIG Condo See-ddharhta Henry!!” Woo Hoo!! Thiss was GRATE mewss!!!  LadyMum called Midwest Homess 4 Petss toll free inn Indy-anna an they gave her info an shee called 2 storess here inn town an shee ordered a new snazzy BIG Condo fur mee!!!! Mee was so-o happy an so was shee! An thiss iss what thee Condo wood look like when assembulled:

Thee Condo what SHOULD have been...

Thee Condo what SHOULD have been…

Issn’t that PAWSUM?? So Aunty Sheila drove LadyMum to store to get thee Condo an bring it back an assembull it…..then it all went horribullee wrong. They werked on that Condo fur allmost 3 hourss an had trubble with gettin it to stay rigid an puttin thee wheelss on was a totall nitemare an they tried a few differint wayss an then lost a screw an then ….thee Condo caved inn on itself!!! LadyMum was crestfallen an Aunty sad an thee Condo looked like a heep of metal. No there iss no foto! LadyMum was too busy tryin not to cry. Shee called thee store an they said they wood give her thee green papurrss back…so shee an Aunty had to ree-package thee big freekin metal mess the Condo an they went to thee store. An it got “bettur”aka werser!! LadyMum gave thee saless lady thee WRONG Debit card an twice thee reefund was deeclined befur LadyMum reealized her misstake! Once shee did, they tried thee rite card butt thee system deeclined again…seecuritee reesonss…so there was LadyMum inn teerss inn thee store an Aunty Sheila payshuntlee waitin out inn thee car…Aftur 15 minuttess a woman came in a bott doggie food an paid cash!! Woo Hoo! So thee saless lady tried to reefund LadyMum $100 with thee propurr debit card an it werked an shee gave LadyMum thee rest back inn green papurrss!! Aunty then tooked her to thee bank an thee papurrss were deepostied an bankbook uppydated an thee entire amount iss back inn LadyMum’ss account!!  Whew what a comedy of errorss Kat-tastorophe!!! Once LadyMum arrived home shee was totallee crestfallen mee can tell you. Shee cried allot. Awhile later shee went to take her hoodie off an felt sumfing inn her pockit an shee pulled a new grey mousie fur mee!Shee furgot shee bott mee a new mousie to cheer mee up! So mee played with Greyboy Mousie till mee could not lift another paw an then mee went fur a nap:Mee an mee Greyboy Mousie 001Mee an mee Greyboy Mousie 002Mew mew mew as you can see wee has bonded allready! 

Today LadyMum called thee Midwest companee an the lady admitted thee Condo was hard to put together an thee wheelss were a reel pain inn thee As… …paw an shee apawlogized to LadyMum fur all thee commoshun she went thru! An so now mee iss gonna have to just enjoy beein out in Aunty Nylablue”ss condo. Thiss endss thee tail tale of thee crest*fallen* condo….

At leest mee got a new mousie out of thee deel!!Mee an mee Greyboy Mousie 003Bee seein youss’!!!


Mumma’ss Day Sunday Selfiess

Published May 11, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you Efurryone it iss Mumma’ss Day!! Woo Hoo!!! Thiss iss thee ferst one fur mee to sellybrate an it iss luvley to give a B-I-G ‘Meow Out’ to mee birth Mumma an mee Lady Mum. An a bownus iss mee has a cute Sunday Selfie fur all of youss’  allso! Mew mew mew…. So here iss foto of Mumma Tori mee birth Mumma:Tori MummaFanks fur givin mee an Tyerrone an Tangerine LIFE! An then there iss LadyMum. Shee tooked mee when no one else wood give mee a seckond look an now mee has a grate home! S-E selfie 1 2014Look at thee cuteness!!! Mee LUVSS to *paw pat* LadyMum on thee top of thee head to cheer her up!! Fankss LadyMum  fur ‘doptin mee an luvvin mee so-o much!! An as it iss Sunday wee iss goin join Kittiess Blue fur Sunday Selfie: Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeSiddhartha beein so cuteWhat efurryone fink of THISS Selfie?? Purrsonallee iss one of mee faveritess! Mew mew mew!!

Wishin efurryone a Happy Day an don’t furget to pop over to Unccle Sammy’ss fur hiss Bloggie-versary pawty:

Wee iss havin thee time of our livess at Unccle Sammy’ss! There iss so much food an ‘nip tea an wee iss watch a ‘creeture feeture’ an then wee iss gonna have buff-hey suppurr, so come on over an pawty with us ok??? Bee seein youss’……

3 Tributtess an 1 happy

Published May 10, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an Greetinss mee furendss. It iss wunderfull to see all of youss here again thiss Katurday. It has been a BERRY ruff week inn thee Bloggie-sphere an inn LadyMum’ss purrsonal life. Wee must pay tributte to those who have left us. Ferst there was beeluvved Nerissa frum Nerissa’s Life. Hee succumbed to an illness that there were no medss fur here in thiss stew-pid stinkin’  countree altho’ thee Statess has thee medss. As Nerissa wood say: “MOUSES!!” Hee left us FAR too soon!nerissa-forever-1If you have not got over to his bloggie pleeze pop over an leeve a commint to Lady Jennifer an Seville! They needss our support durin thiss diffycult time!

Thee seckond tributte iss fur Aunty Marie who was LadyMum’s hubby Paul’ss Sisfur. Shee passed away peecefullee May 3rd frum sumfing called Lou Gehrig’ss Disease. Mee not meet her butt mee did see her on Facebook an shee wood reed mee bloggiess an allways ‘Like’ them via FB. Today shee will not bee here to ‘Like’ thiss bloggie an mee an LadyMum are devvystated. Here is a foto of Aunty Marie with her dot-her’ss Lesley on thee left an Jenn on thee rite:Lesley  Marie  Jenn McMenemy-DaviesGood lookin gurlss!! LadyMum found an old foto of thee hole furamillee frum thee 70’ss:McMenemy Clan circa 1970'sUnccle Paul iss 3rd on thee left an Aunty Marie iss 3rd on thee rite…those were thee dayss weren’t they LadyMum???

Thee 3rd tributte iss to Mistur Joe Moore of Stroud, United Kingdom who LadyMum rote to fur many yeerss. He was inn his 80’s an berry sick. Thee wunderfull fing was hee was soburr fur 59 yeerss an LadyMum iss that age; so Mistur Joe was LadyMum’s mentor an support. Wee reeceeved a typed note frum sumone appointed to contact peeple an there was an Chriss-mass card an a fotocopy  pickture of Mistur Joe when hee was a young boy:Joe MooreWee say “Goodbye” to Nerissa an Aunty Marie an Mistur Joe an wee send our LUV an purrayerss to Pure Land to all of them.

Thee one ‘happy’ was mee snugglin with Aunty Judith befur shee headed back to Newfundland:Aunty Judith squishyfest 1Aunty Judith squishyfest 2Aunty Judith an Unccle Leon made it home safelee back to “Thee Rock” an wee iss missin them butt wee iss glad they came to vizit!! An that’ss thee kind of week it has been here at Thee Purrfect Pad….Bee seein youss’ …

Bee seein youss' mee furendss!!!!

Bee seein youss’ mee furendss!!!!