Sum fingss are harder than otherss….

Published April 12, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste an good wishess mee furendss. Iss time fur an uppydate frum mee!!! Mee gotted a 2nd award frum mee sweet Purrincess Phoebe an mee just has to show youss’:very-inspiring-blogger-award frum PhoebeMee an LadyMum gotted teery-eyed over thiss award beecause wee have had a ruff week (ok a ruff few weekss; ok a bunch of ruff weekss) so thiss meanss thee werld to us! Fank you mee Rainbow Gurl; yur THEE BEST!! Here iss her newest foto of herself in all her beeutee:Sweet Phoebe Apr 2015You bringss lite an LUV innto mee Life an mee treasuress you totallee. Oh mee oh mye sorry mee gotted ‘mushy’; it just happenss when mee finkss of mee sweet Phoebe.

As sum of you knowss mee had a bad day Tuesday. Seemss mee mooched too many treetss thee nite befur an when mee went potty it was a huge mess an mee tried to cover it up an inn mee xuberance mee flung it all over thee wall an tub base an the bathroom door an mee ended up with ‘poo pawss’ an so-called ‘egg on thee face’! LadyMum sorta had a meltdown an shee was stunned fur sum momintss. Then shee scooped the mess frum litturbox an got rid of it. Next fing mee knowss, mee iss inn thee bathtub inn COLD water! THAT was a shock mee can tell you! Shee meant fur it to bee warm. So mee had a cold water wash an then LadyMum wrapped mee in towel an cuddled mee. Of course mee was a wriggley an wildkat like. Shee was cryin an tellin mee shee was sorry an mee calmed down so shee could dry mee off. She then put mee innto me round bed:Aftur thee bath 1What a ruff mornin it was! Mee settled down to rest an left poor Ladymum to cleen up thee poo mess. Next fing mee knowss, Aunty Anne was here an shee helped LadyMum calm down an get fingss sorted out. Aunty Anne iss a sweet Lady an mee REELLY likess her!!! So if LadyMum efurr has to go away mee knowss mee will have Aunty to take care of mee!

Once Aunty Anne left, mee went back to the round bed fur further cleenin an a l-o-n-g ‘happy nappy’:Aftur thee bath 2Color mee xhausted! LadyMum finkss mee has Irritabull Bowel Syndrome an mee iss wunderin too! So mee iss OFF Temptationss an onlee gettin Greeniess crunchiess Katnip flavered. LadyMum sayss mee will furget bout Temptationss soon…iss THAT pawssible?? Mew mew mew…. For mee thee rest of the week was quiet an fur LadyMum not so much.  Mee wantss to have a serreuss ‘meow’ with all of youss’; our deer furendss. Sum of you are new furendss an sum knew Aunty Nylablue here an sum knew Aunty Nylablue on thee Multiply bloggie an sum of you reememburr Aunty Mingflower frum 10+ yeerss ago on Yahoo 360 bloggie…No mattur low long or short LadyMum has known all of youss’;  shee valuess yur furendshipss an support here! Shee could not face tellin youss any of thiss so mee said mee wood speek fur her here.

As you mite have noticed LadyMum an mee been strugglin to vizit many of yur bloggiess an sum of you wee has not been to inn a berry long while. It iss not that wee do not care or lost innterest. LadyMum has a problem an it has been hard fur her to concentrate an do allott of fings. **takess a deep breath* LadyMum iss sufferin frum Deepression. Clinical Deepression what shee has had since shee was 15 yeerss old. It started again befur Aunty Nylablue had to go to Pure Land an it has gotten werse since thiss yeer started. LadyMum has been going to sumfing called Breef Counsellin an tryin to get herself sorted out. Shee has figured out what iss hertin her an her self-esteem an thiss iss good! The problem iss shee iss so tired frum her Fibro an Hyperostosis an stuff it iss hard fer her to keep up with helpin mee blog an vizitin bloggiess. An mee KNOWSS mee iss a pawfull beein a kitten (now 9 monthss old) butt still a baby inn allot of wayss an mee iss Speshell Needss with mee eyess an FHV (Herpes) an now thiss Bowel problem. So thee stress shee was under with Aunty Nylablue has reeturned with mee an that tiress her out allot. Wood shee send mee back to thee farm?? NO was her answer when mee asked her. Shee sayss shee LUVSS mee SO-O much shee could not live without mee!! An shee said shee iss not beein a “martyr” to mee. Shee sayss shee knowss inn her heart wee were brought together fur a purrpose an thee LUV shee feelss fur mee grows efurry day! *wipess teer frum eye*. Pleeze do not feel pity fur Ladymum beecause shee doess not want that. Fur those who purray pleeze say a PURRAYER fur LadyMum. Fur those who can call pleeze call Ladymum beecause you cheer her up. If wee not around an you wurried pleeze send an email to LadyMum an mee make sure shee answerss youss’. Wee will do our best to keep inn touch with youss our deer furendss an followerss. You meen thee werld to us!Siddhartha beein cuteFankss fur understandin an beein gentull with LadyMum. Mee leevess you with a cute foto of mee…issn’t mee eye lookin pawtastick?? Bee seein youss’….

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  • What a wonderful young kitty you are growing into dear Prince Siddhartha. We are sad to hear about Mom’s depression. Dad had that before many years ago when he lost everything in business and had to start from nothing… again… he says he had some family stuff that kept him re-making mistakes over and over but he got help and then got better. Then of course he had his accident and it was a few years before he even knew he was depressed again. He says life is funny but that is looking back. He sends his love and prayers and we send purrs.
    Sorry about not visiting much but the loss of Dad’s sister left a lot to do and we still are not sure we can keep the house. That family stuff was deep in his sister too and she was doing funny stuff with money. I don’t understand but Dad says it is not good.
    Sorry about your IBS if that is what it is. Mr Rumpy Bump may have that. Dad thinks he cannot feel back there either so he does not know if he is done so walks out with, um, drop offs besides the cling-ons. Rumpy is well trained to run in the bathroom when Dad opens the door so maybe you and Mom can work on that. Maybe get a greenie when you come in with Mom. Rumpy will wait for Dad to clean him up. He uses wet towels and keeps 3 right on the tub just for that. Dad uses a shower chair cause of the no leg thing and Rumpy hops up and gets cleaned up just like simple easy. He gets a treat and Dad is happy too.
    Purrs little man for you and Mom
    Timmy Dad Pete and Family

    • Mee-you Buddy Budd yur Pappaw sure has been thru so-o much himself! LadyMum sayss allot of her Deepresshun iss round thee furamillee issuess allso. She said shee knowss an acceptss her Sisfur has ‘deevorced’ her frum thee furamillee an shee iss goin on with Life as an ONLEE child! Thiss way shee iss not inn thee furamillee dram an havin her self werth trashed like it has been. Thee same with ‘fare weather furendss’ here inn town. LadyMum no longer caress beecause shee has been let down so much. There are even 2 close furendss here who do not take LadyMum out in their carss beecause they wantss to smoke inn their carss an do not reespect LadyMum enuff to just smoke outside of thee car…how rude iss THAT?
      Wee iss purrayin thee leegal stuff getss werked out an yur Pappaw an all of youss’ can stay inn thee house. It soundss scarey! Mee will do sum ‘power purrayin’ fur youss ok?
      Mew mew mew wee iss way ahead of youss bout thee poopin issue. Mee luvss to diggie dig inn thee litturbox an LadyMum comes inn an shee getss cloth ready an thee scoop. As soon as mee iss dun an startss to covurr up thee poop shee cleenss mee tushie with one hand an scoopss thee poop with thee other! Shee iss a marvel of effishancee Buddy Budd!!! Mee ackshully satnadss up on hind legss to poop. Mee putss front pawss on thee bathtub rim to steady meeslef. Mee Brofur Tyerrone doess thiss allso. Maybee wee both have sumfing wrong in thee tushie!! 😉 Mew mew mew…
      An mee onlee getss Greeniess as treetss too! Temptationss give mee thee runss pawfull~YUCK!!!
      Yur Pappaw iss pawsum managin with onlee 1 leg….LadyMum told mee lotss bout him an siad yur Pappaw iss her HERO… sweet iss THAT?????
      Fankss so much fur stoppin bye. Wee will pop over an vizit today…wee fell beehind with LadyMum feelin so ruff an Life just gettin inn thee way 😉
      Fank you fur thee complimint too. Mee feelss so ‘grown-up’ mow…mee iss still a kitt butt mee ISS maturin…Ladymum sayss mee iss growin up ‘so-o fast’!!
      ***nose bumpss*** an ~~head rubss~~ Purrince Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • We are feeling sad about your mom’s depression. Depression is a frequent visitor here and I wish I could kick its butt outta here. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way or Dharth would have kicked the stuffing out of it. You have suffered through a lot mom and so has wee Dharth….two kindred spirits meant for each other. I do feel for you and want you to e-mail me so we can chatter more, My thoughts will be with you both. As for your pooh difficulty Dharth, don’t fret about it as sometimes we outgrow these difficulties. Let’s try to think positive and maybe its just the temptations or maybe too many of em. You have each other and need each other…try to bring a smile to your moms face and give her lotsa loves from all of us.


    • Mee-you Cuss-inn Shoko yur so sweet to ree-assure mee! Thee poop issue iss ok now that there are no more Temptationss…they were tastee butt havin poop issuess iss not werth thee taste 😉
      Mee has been playin toyss with LadyMum an wee been playin TAG an havin sum fun!! LadyMum iss laffin more an shee iss more reelaxed thiss week so far….
      Mee will continue to bee a good support to LadyMum an make her 🙂 lotss!!
      Fankss fur stoppin bye an givin grate advice,,,yur tHEE Best Shoko 😉
      ***nose kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • Purrince Siddhartha, we hear you and LadyMum and do understand so much. Between you and me, it’s been difficult the last few days (weeks) for us here too with trying to cope with stuff and getting a brain that’s fogged (mum’s not mine, mol) to come up with stuff for the blog AND visit and make coherent comments on our friends blogs! Mum says to LadyMum please email if she would like to! Sending purrs and prayers and also for your IBD, that’s NOT nice either! Hugs and pawpats, Uncle A and The Staff Person xoxoxoxox

    • Mee-you Unccle Austin iss Irritabull Bowel….not like thee Bowel Disease (that Aunty Nylablue had). Them Temptationss are thee culprit so they are gone…*sighss*. LadyMum is goin to look for Wellness treetss on Sunday.
      mee iss sorry yur Staff Purrson aka Lady Caro iss havin a bit of a ruff time too! Pleeze tel her to NOT pressure herself an just do what feelss comfie an not wurry bout thee rest!! LadyMum iss takin mee advice an shee iss less crankie 😉
      Mee hass seen LadyMum with foggybrain an it iss no picknick, mew mew mew….
      LadyMum said to tell you FANKSS fur thee offer to email; shee has been overwhelmed with so many good wishess an eCardss that shee can not keep up….so when fingss calm down shee will email Lady Caro.
      ***paw kissess*** an ❤ LUV ❤ to you both ❤
      Purrince Siddhartha Henry aka Neffkitty Dharth-Henry =^,.^=

  • OMdearCats, This sounds so familiar, Little Purrince. Granny has been in therapy again lately for this..horrible…depressions. She is suffering from her 11th year and it is getting better, when nothing’s happening…but life has its ups and downs and that’s hard to deal with, when you’re suffering from depression. We purray for LadyMum and send Healing Pawkisses to make her feel better soon. And you, little Purrince, you are the best nurse ever ❤ Pawkisses for a Sunny Day 🙂 ❤

    • Mee-yow yur Grannie allso littul Binky?!?! Thiss iss sum pawfull illness. Yur Grannie iss so luvley an sweet an many of thee peeple here who allso suffer are so generuss an kind an mee LadyMum iss wunderfull. Deepression just takess whoevurr it wantss 😦
      LadyMum iss ALLOT like Grannie. shee copess grate when Life is peecefull an shee ‘feelss’ shee iss inn control. Start to throw inn fingss an she iss ok till there are just TOO many an she sorta snapss….
      So wee will purray for yur beeluvved Granie an mee fankss you fur purrayin fur mee LadyMum!!!!!!!
      Sendin you oodless of <3LUV ❤ an ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxx

  • hello siddhartha its dennis the vizsla dog hay oh noes a bath??? my sister trouble the kitty had a bath wunse and it skarrd her for life!!! i am glad yoo mayd it thru okay!!! trixie and me ar sending lots of tail wags to yore mom!!! ok bye

    • Oh yess Dennis a chilley COLD bath at that!!!!! YUCK!!! Mee was not happy butt mee did need to get cleen. There has to bee a bettur way rite? 😉
      Poor Trubble…mee mite bee scarred fur life too mew mew mew……
      Fankss Trixie an Dennis fur the *tail wagss*…
      LadyMum iss 🙂 an happier today beecause of them!!!!
      Bee seein you!
      Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  • Sending all our love. Mom has depression issues she has an idea what you are going through. She also has had fibromyalgia for 30 years and knows how it can drag one down. Take care of yourself and do what is best for you. Never, never be afraid to speak out. I did much of grief over Bode’s death on Facebook and everyone was and is very supportive. We all know we aren’t perfect and so we accept others just as they are. I guess we learned that from our fur children.

    • Fankss Bode fur thee kind werdss an Bode’ss Mumma allso. Wee are now seein so many of our furendss on thee bloggiess have health issuess like thee Fibro an arfuritis an Deepression. Iss sad that so many of you luvley peeple must suffer an mee will continue to purray for all of youss’!!!
      LadyMum says FANKSS fur thee sound advice an shee will take it. Shee iss even makin herslef a good suppurr tonite 😉
      Thiss bloggie werld iss thee best an mee iss proud to bee apart of it 😉
      ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxx

    • Mee-you Speedy mee told LadyMum thiss mornin butt shee got sidetracked with fingss…so shee will email yur Mumma an they can set up a time fur a chat 😉
      ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

    • ***SPLAT** oh yess Lady Jane wee got thee Heep of LUV here!!! Mew mew mew…fankss it iss all warm an fuzzie 😉
      *****paw kissess***** an ~~head rubss~~ an ❤ LUV ❤ Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • A big concats on the lovely award! We are sorry your tummy got messed up. May our Mom tell you about slippery elm? It’s a homeopathic safe treatment that calms the inner lining of the GI tract and helps push down inflammation. There is no down side to organic slippery elm. You can make it into a “syrup” or just sprinkle in on top of food. Our Mom used it for Abby the last two years of her life and she never had another issue with tummy upsets. (Manxies have special boweling problems because of the fact they have no tail it affects the spinal cord at the end of them *amen* bottom) Anyway we just wanted you to know about the slippery elm. We will send many prayers for your Mom. We understand, when life throws more at you than you can handle at once it becomes overwhelming. We will also send deep purrs too.

    • Mee-you Annabelle fankss fur stoppin bye today. Slippurry Elm? Mee will tell LadyMum bout it. Mee iss all bettur now…it was them Temptation treetss; they seem to make many kittiess ‘icky sicky’ it seemss.
      Maybee LadyMum should just buy sum ‘inn case’? 😉
      Fankss furr thee kind werdss an deep purrss allso. They have helped her ALLOTT!!!
      ***nose kissess*** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxxx

  • aawww, glad ladymum has explained how she feels,it will pass especially with your kitty love,we all have poopy accidents,what you describe is what happened to me and my poor hubby had to clear it up and throw me in the shower !! (sorry,too much info) furbaby love ALWAYS HELPS poor Freya has lots of me crying in her fur, me luffs your mum bazillions and hope things look brighter really soon xxx

    • Mee-you Aunty Eevee mee iss sorry you had a dodgee bottom too!! You not eatin Temptation treetss allso???? Mew mew mew….
      Say if you criess innto Goddess Freya’ss fur shee getss free bath! An not as cold as thee one mee had 😉
      Mee iss takin good care of yur Sisfur fur you Aunty!! Shee an mee were outside today an that helped sumwhat.
      Just knowin peeple care bout her has helped so much all ready!
      ***paw kissess*** an ❤ LUV ❤ to thee end of thee Unnyverse an back
      Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xXxXx

  • Oh little Nephew……I’m happy you got another award (well deserved of course!)…..but I’m very sad that you have had some bad tummy problems. I do hope that just changing your treats will do the trick and that you don’t have IBS. You have enough things to worry about without THAT too!! The other thing is we are so very sorry that your dear Ladymum is dealing with depression but you know, an awful lot of people do – and if you add the other things to that, it’s a WHOLE lot to bear for one human even if she has friends to try to help. There are always times when you’re alone and you think and begin to sink into that hole of depression and even a cute little boy like you can’t help her get out of that hole. Medication does help some humans…..not all but some. I think that you cheer her up a WHOLE LOT and it’s important that the two of you take good care of each other. Visiting blogs is a very time-consuming thing, especially when you have a lot of friends!!! We all love both of you though and understand if you aren’t visiting us a lot – that doesn’t change one thing about how feel about you so NO WORRIES!!!!! You and your Ladymum have a nice, quiet, relaxing Sunday………and take good care of each other….always and forever.

    Love, Uncle Sammy and Mom

    • Mee-you Unccle Sammy an Lady Pam thee treetss were thee problem. Mee will eat Greeniess an maybee try sum Wellness treetss an see what mee finkss of them. No more Temptationss fur thiss littul Purrince! 😉
      Mee doess not want any IBS eether!!! YUCK! 😦
      Fank you so-o much fur thee luvley email supportin LadyMum!!! Shee iss one of thee peeple that cannot take Anti-Deepressantss so shee has to struggle on her own without meddycayshun. Shee will see her Doctur inn a few weekss an see bout Anti anxiety med…maybee that wood help her.
      Mee doess mee BERRY BEST to cheer LadyMum up with mee antickss alltho mee sumtimess getss a bit TOO wild mew mew mew…
      Wee will allwayss vizit youss’ beecause yur so luvley an yur furamillee to us!!!!!
      ***nose bumpss*** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxx

    • Mee-you Savannah an Sage an Lady L fankss fur stoppin bye an supportin LadyMum. Shee thott shee was all alone with her Deepression an wood not speek bout it here…mee deecided to ‘break thee silence’ (like breakin an eggie) an mee iss glad mee did! Now shee KNOWSS shee has support an LUV an thiss meenss allott to her an mee!
      Fankss fur thee healin energee…mmmmmmm that feelss GOOD 😉
      ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxxx

  • Dear Sherri-Ellen and Siddhartha, I a very saddened to hear about this. It is very hard to keep up a positive attitude and manage day-to-day problems and frustrations when you are in physical pain all the time. I am happy you are getting some counseling. I know how Nylablue’s long illness put a lot of stress on you. It would have taxed even the hardiest of individuals. I will send you an e-mail in the next few days. Please know that you are always in my heart and prayers.

    You are so deserving of this award and many others. You do inspire so many of us with what you have suffered through and how you continue to open your heart and home to special needs kitties. Please do not add to your stress by worrying about visiting your followers. You will when you can, and we all understand that.

    Hope you can join us tomorrow for the Sunday Selfies. I’ll enter your link for you.

    The kitties and I are sending all our love to both of you, Janet ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Mee-you Lady Janet you are so kind fur takin thee time to do such a wunderfull commint!
      LadyMum iss hopin to get sum more counsellin inn thee future. Shee got all teery-eyed reedin what you wrote bout herself! Shee was so scared a month ago shee could not han-dull mee an shee wood have to send mee back to thee farm. Mee finkss THAT iss what brott thee Deepression on. Mee was actin all ‘wild child’ an playin ruff an climmin thee wallss 😉 Shee did get good advice frum Lady Sheila of thee Feral Kat group an fingss are goin bettur! Mind you mee iss growin up sum now so mee iss tryin to not bee
      so ‘crazy pantss’ as Queen Penelope putss it 😉
      LadyMum told mee more bout Auntyss’ Nylablue an Mingflower an mee reealizess shee has had ‘speshell needss’ kittiess since her earlee 30’ss. Shee must bee xhausted! As fur mee; not goin anywhere! LadyMum sayss wee will ‘grow up’ together an shee will bee mee furevurr Mumma an no more talk of thee farm! WOO HOO!!! Mee getss to stay here an bloggie an hang out inn thee Condo an play with LadyMum an watch “Time Team” an “Downton Abbey”…..Life iss grate! An mee will make LadyMum proud of mee.
      *****paw kissess***** an LUV Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum ❤ ❤

  • All of us here at Angel Prancer Pie are sending purrs, pawpats, and good mojo to you and your Mom. We hopes you just have a sensitive stomach (several of us do), if not, you will get things sorted in short order! Tell your Mommy to only post and comment as she feels well enough to.
    Lots of ((Hugs)) and >>Smooches>> from all of us!

    • Mee-you luvley to see you here Princeton an Precious an Prudie an Preslee an yur Mumma allso. Yur kind werdss touched LadyMum’ss heart an shee said to tell you wee will come bye tomorrow an vizit. Yur understandin meenss allott to us.
      Thee tummy/bowel fing was frum thee Temptationss…so they are OFF the menu…
      Greeniess are bettur fur mee anyway 😉
      ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

  • I’m so sad your human has suffered from clinical depression for so long – give her lots and lots of purrs from me, Siddartha, since I can’t do it myself! And I hope that blowout you had was just a one-time thing and you can avoid it by not eating the wrong treats!

    • Mew-you Summer mee iss not eatin them Temptationss anymore! Ladymum iss goin to get sum Wellness treet sampullss fur mee to try.So far thiss was a one time ‘blow-out’….fankfullee…..
      As fur LadyMum shee has suffered frum Clinickal Deepression fur 40+ yeerss…shee iss purrty amazin all fingss considered 😉
      Fankss fur yur understanding Summer an Lady J.
      ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xxx

  • Yes, that does sound like a bad week, and we are so sorry that your Mom is struggling with that awful “black dog” as some people call it. We are crossing all our paws and hooves that the future will be gentler on both of you.

    The Chans

    • Fank you #1 an Chan kittiess an Tommy an Vee Horsess fur stoppin bye! Wee have not been vizitin inn so long an wee were afraid wee had lost furendss like youss’. Wee will come bye someday soon an sirprize youss’….
      “Black Dog” iss another name fur Deepression…PICKERELL wee did not know thiss…
      Maybee sum day soon Ladymum will have “YELLOW DOG” an bee happy again 😉
      ***paw kissess*** an ❤ LUV ❤ Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxxxxxx

  • Thank you, Purrince Siddhartha. I am so glad you and Mum have each other! And I am glad Aunty Anne is your friend. I hope you and Mum can feel good and get lots of rest, and I hope Mum can keep going to brief counseling. Good counseling can be so hard to find.

    • Mee-you Lady Susan mee KNEW there was a reeson mee came to LadyMum’ss. Sure mee liked her an shee liked mee butt there was sumfing MORE>>>>mee has had the katsadss befur when mee was sick as a kitt an could barelee eat or do anyfing. mee will take care of LadyMum an shee will take care of mee an fingss will improve.
      It iss BRIEF counsellin shee iss inn so onlee 12-13 sessionss butt shee iss lookin innto some other fings like self-esteem werkshopss…shee needss to reebuild her confeedence 😉
      Aunty Anne iss grate. Mee ferst time meetin her an mee inn such a state an shee luvved mee an helped mee innstantlee. Shee iss 4 pawss UP in mee bookss!
      Wishin you a berry peecefull weekend.
      ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xxx

  • Wes knows about depression at our house == Daddy is Bi Polar. Even on his medications, hes still has pretty bad mood swings. Depression is awfuls. Wes sends your Mommy strengths as sometimes our rambunctiousness can bes tough to deals with, and if wes has a sensitive tummy (like mes) and has liquid poops and pukes all over, it can makes our poor sick pawrent cry. Wes sends your Mommy strength and wes sends yous Siddhartha Henry calming thoughts and loves.

    • Mee-you Queen Penelope wee not know about yur Pappaw an wee iss sorry he sufferss allso. Deepression iss no fun iss it? Yur tte that beein rambucnktuss tiress Ladymum out purrty quik! Shee did not reememburr what it was like havin a kitt an shee nevurr had a kittyboy befur. Mee iss leernin not to bee so wild butt it iss not easy 😉
      LadyMum sayss yur a dellykat gurl an reemind her of Aunty Nylablue….
      LadyMum got compassionate burnout frum carin fur Aunty….now havin a ‘wild child’ like mee iss a reel test of her strnegth 😉
      Mee must do more “Mee-oohmmmm’in” an less ‘zoomiess’ mew mew mew…
      Fankss fur thee strnegth an purrayerss an LUV!!! Yur thee BESTEST!
      **paw kissess** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxxx

  • Oh this post is too much! We are so sorry you were sick. You must’ve have felt terrible about the mess too. Want to know a secret that’s not really a secret? My mom suffers from anxiety and depression. That’s why when you make her laugh, I am so happy. My grandpa, he has fibromayalgia. It’s not fun. Being sad isn’t fun either. Your mama needs to work extra hard to surround herself with positive, nonjudgmental people. We love you both lots and would be very, very sad if you weren’t part of our blogging experience anymore. As a matter of fact, if you weren’t around, we might not even do it anymore. That’s how important your friendship is. Sending lots of love, prayers, and light. ***hugs and ear licks*** Noodle and Samantha (we’ll leave it to you to figure out who gave the hugs and who gave the ear licks)

    • Mee-you Noodle an Lady Samantha itt WAS PAWFULL!!! Mee covered in poop an thee smell an thee poop all over…it was like when mee was sick as a kitten. LadyMum tried her best to cleen mee up an shee felt pawfull when thee water came out cold. So let’ss hope thiss NOT happen again…
      Yur Mumma has Deepression an Anxiety allso?? Wee did NOT know an now mee understandss why mee makess her laff….Yur Grandpaw has Fibro like mee LadyMum?? That can make peeple deepressed all bye itself.
      Yur rite that LadyMum needss pawsitive peeple inn her Life an shee iss werkin on thiss now. No more hangurss-on or sole suckerss fur her an mee will make sure. An do not wurry wee NOT gonna stop bloggin…wee LUV so many here an LadyMum has furendss frum over 10 yeerss ago shee met on her ferst bloggie! No wee are here to stay. Wee deecided to ‘unfollow’ sum bloggiess to lie-ten thee load fur Ladymum an then mee can stay close to mee furendss here. Do not leeve eether Lady Samantha. Yur one strong an sweet Lady an wee are fond of you an Noodle.
      Mew mew mew wee laffed bout who iss givin thee ear lickss!!!!
      Let’ss go with Noodle doin that ok?? Mew mew mew…
      ***paw kissess*** an ~~head rubss~~ yur furendss Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum ~

  • Congrats on the nice award pal. Hey, just remember that those treats are the equivalent of what humans call junk food. We each get 1 treat each night, that’s it. Otherwise the poops show up here too. Tell the wonderful LadyMum that we think she is fantastic and the best Kitty Mum ever. She needs to let you help her feel better. We are always here for both of you.

    • Mee-you Brian you getss thee poopiess frum Temptationss allso?? LadyMum has banished them frum thee place 😉 Shee sayss mee can has Greeniess an shee get mee sum sampullss of Wellness Treetss when shee iss at thee pet food store.
      Mee has been snugglin LadyMum more dailee so shee knowss shee iss luvved. (Shee iss wurryin bout mee an mee iss hopin mee can convince her mee iss all rite)
      Mee told LadyMum what you said an shee got all teery-eyed…Then shee smiled thru thee teerss an whispurred “Tell Brian an Mistur Terry fank you.”
      Yur thee best an so iss LadyMum; wee will get her thru thiss!!
      ***nose bumpss*** an ~~head rubss~~ Siddhartha Henry xxxxxx

    • Fankss Wally an Ernie an Zoey fur stoppin bye! Iss luvley to see youss’ here. Fankss fur thee conkatss. Mee iss so blessed.
      LadyMum has been sufferin fur monthss an monthss…long befur mee arrived. Mee deecided to break thee silence . Shee needss her furendss more than efurr.
      Mee will do mee best to vizit sumtime thiss weekend.
      ***nose bumpss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • Oh Sweetie…congrats on the lovely award firstly and from your gorgeous Phoebe no less! Secondly do not worry too much about the poops…I am sure it was a one off from the treats…happen here with the girls and I just stop the treats..making me super popular…not…so just do not think too deeply about it..and see what happens ok 🙂 As for Ladymum wonder she is feeling blah! Such a big year and so many things happened the loss of sweet Nylablue..the ruckus over the apartment…some funny games with not so nice ‘friends’….family stuff… her health; all big big things that anyone would find overwhelming! Anyone! We all get times when we need to talk to someone about how to get our heads back in a good space…life is complicated…very much so…and I think Mum will come out of all this just fine..with some good advice..some caring ears ready to listen …a beautiful kitty to snuggle and chat with and good friends….friends who say ‘you know what..I get it..and we are here’ so if LadyMum needs to slow the blogging in favour of kitty cuddles then so be it! If she cannot visit bloggies well that’s ok..totally get it..totally…I will pop her an email later on as I have to head out soon …so give her a wet nose from me and a bit of biscuit making in her lap…much love to you both Aunty Bev xxx ❤ ❤

    • Mee-you Aunty Bev yur THEE BOMM!! Trulee a wunderfull purrson to understand what LadyMum iss goin thru’. Efurrything you wrote iss true. All thee stuff that happened befur Aunty Nylablue left an her leevin an all thee broken purromisess frum fair weather furendss inn town an thee famillee has all got on top of mee poor LadyMum. Shee criess efurry week an mee thott it was mee! Shee sat mee down an xplained it iss NOT MEE!!! Now mee knowss MEE iss a shinin lite inn her werld an mee knowss what mee ‘job’ iss now. Mee iss here to help her get thru all thiss an feel bettur bout her self an her life.
      LadyMum an mee will not stop bloggin or keepin inn touch with peeple like YOU who ‘get it’ an support us. Mee just wanted to let efurryone know why wee iss allwayss beehind an not vizitin so much.
      Fankss fur thee conkatss bout thee award; mee Purrincess Phoebe iss thee gurl of me kitty ❤ Mee iss trulee blessed!!!!
      As fur the Poopie Tuesday wee DO fink it was them notty Temptationss so mee will have to bee carefull. There are other treetss out there rite Aunty? 😉
      Pleeze do email LadyMum when you can beecause you allwayss cheer her up. Shee wood LUV to hear frum you!!!
      Pleeze give mee reegardss to Cleo an the otherss.
      ****paw kissess**** an ~head rubss~ Siddhartha Henry ~

  • Sending big hugs for you both. My kitties love Temptations too but; they get sick from them or the poops. Plus Charlie needed grain free kinds now so we don’t use them. Sorry about depression. That is a daily challenge. We all love you both and I am sure many others do too. Hope this next week will be a better week for you both. Take care.
    Sue B

    • Mee-you Lady Sue yur kittiess have poopie problemss with Temptations too??? Aunty Nylablue could not eat them once shee got the IBD. Grain free sound purrty good! You take such good care of the FAB 5!! Fankss fur supportin LadyMum; it meenss ALLOTT to her an to mee 😉
      Pleeze give mee reegardss to Charlie, Cashew, Garfield, Tubby an sweet Hope ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
      ***nose bumpss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxx

  • I am sorry you were so sick this wee my sweet Purrince. My Mom and I will pray for your Mum so she won’t be sad. My Grammie is very happy to have another grandson and she is going to visit your blog tomorrow. Love, your Rainbow Purrincess XOXOXXO

    • Mee sweet Rainbow Gurl Purrincess Phoebe mee felt purrty gross on Tuesday mee can tell you! An mee tummy grumbled most of thee day an LadyMum keeped puttin her ear to mee tummy like shee was a Docktur, mew mew mew….. Mee iss MUCH beettur now so mee will just have to avoid thee Temptationss (that will bee SO-O hard…)
      Fank you deer gurl an Lady Ellen fur thee purrayerss….they will help!!!
      Mee hopess Grammie J will like mee bloggie 😉
      ❤ Luv ❤ an **nose kissess** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  • Hello,
    Well … first off; congrats to the award. In the short time you’ve been around, you’ve certainly mastered the art of blogging! You even wrote for my LadyMum! That’s some tough times for you, guys. Things can only get better now, and you’ll receive lots of purrayers from me and the other people here.
    Hugs and purrs

    • Mee-you McDuff an Aunty Rebby fankss fur thee conkatss an fur thee kind werdss. LadyMum has been strugglin so much an shee was afraid to speek out so mee deecided mee could speek fur her 😉
      Shee tott mee bloggin an mee wanted to help her inn reeturn…
      Fankss fur all yur purrs an purrayerss; they are gratefullee reeceeved!!!!!!
      ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxx

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