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Stalkin Sunday Selfiess

Published March 29, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste an Mee-youss’ followerss of Purrince Siddhartha Henry. Today iss Sunday Selfie time an mee iss is goin to mix *Selfiess* with *Mousin* with gettin mee *Easy On*. You askss can thiss bee dun? Mee not sure butt mee iss goin to try mew mew mew…Youss’ gotta give mee credit fur tryin rite?? So here iss mee ‘Stalkin Sunday Selfie’ with Blue-Mousie mee fave mousie:Mee an Blue mousie 1 An here iss mee Sunday Selfie with Blue-Mousie:Mee an Blue mousie 4

An to wrap fingss up here iss mee an Blue-Mousie gettin our *Easy On**:Mee an Blue Mousie 3Yippee!!! Mee did it!! Mee mixed Mousin with Selfiess an gettin mee *Easy On*!!! Pawtastick!!! Bee seein youss’……Cat On My Head Selfie Badge


Mee an thee Guy’ss an mee an thee Gurl’ss

Published March 26, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste deer furendss it iss mee Purrince Siddhartha Henry here with mee weeklee uppydate:Namaste handsMee had another adventure with Speedy bunnie on his ‘Guy’ss Day Out’…mee went ‘down thee rabb-itt hole’ an had a pawtastick time! Here wee iss gathered at Speedy’ss:Speedy's Pub 1Then down thee ‘rabb-it hole’ wee went:Down thee rabb-it holeMee eated cod n chipss an sum roastee chick-hen an had cheezecake an even had a saucer of Guinness…..mmmm…mmmmm….GOOD!!!! An then we guyss’ played Pool:Playin pool with thee guyssWee tooked a group foto of thee hole gang to meemorialize thee occasion:The hole gangmFankss Speedy fur invitin mee to thee Guy’ss Day Out; mee had a furabuluss time! So frum thee guyss’ mee iss gonna switch to thee gurlss’….This past March 23rd was thee 9th Annie-versary of Aunty Mingflower’ss passin. Here shee iss when shee was 2 yeers old:Mingflower  2 yrs oldWasn’t shee a true beeutee?? An here shee iss at 18 1/2 yeers of age:Mingflower 18 yrs oldLadyMum rescued Mingflower when shee was 5 monthss old (same age as mee) an they spent a long life together! Here iss a foto of Monty kat an Nylablue now runnin free in Pure Land…Monty was Aunty Mingflower’ss boyfurend an used to come vizit dailee:Monty & Mingflower together in SummerlandMee will tell you LadyMum cried ALLOTT thiss week over her beeluvved kittygurl an mee gave her lotss of *paw patss* an *nose kissess* to cheer LadyMum up!

Now to cheer youss’ up,  mee wantss to show youss’  fotoss of Purrincess Phoebe an thee parcel mee sent her:Phoebe getss her parcelPhoebe with her giftssShee iss mee sweet PURRINCESS Phoebe an mee adoress her with mee hole heart an here iss a cute foto just beecause mee luvvss her so:Purrincess PhoebeFurinallee mee has to show you thee latest foto of mee with TwinkleStar thee pony an (shee iss a gurl too):Siddhartha & TwinkleStarSay, seein meeself snuggled inn mee crate,  mee finkss a ‘happy nappy’ soundss like a grate idea so…..Bee seein youss’…….

Fotobommin Sunday Selfiess

Published March 22, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you mee-mee-you mee furendss!! Wee has been havin fun taken foto’ss an fotobommin each other here at Thee Purrfect Pad. Mee an LadyMum have allott of fun with thee cammyra an thiss iss good aftur thee past 2 weekss rite?? So wee is joinin Kittiess Blue Selfie blog hop:Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeAn here are thee fotoss’ wee tooked:Selfiess 003Selfiess 002Ok mee stop foolin round an here iss MEE own selfie:Selfiess 001Mee iss a bit over xposed mew mew mew…wishin all of youss’ a sunny an peecefull Sunday….Bee seein youss’….

Mee *SPA* day an other mewss….

Published March 21, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you an Namaste deerest furendss:Namaste handsHow have all of youss’ been thiss past week? Good,  wee hopess. Wee have sum sad newss to share with youss. Deer littul Mya thee Dachshund frum Noodle’ss bloggie has gone to Pure Land. Here iss thee linky so youss’ can vizit an leeve yur sympatheess fur thee furamillee.

Sayin Goodbye to a furend iss nevurr easy so wee ask you vizit Lady Samantha an Khia an Noodle an let them know they are not alone as they say their Goodbyess.Mya the DachshundRun free Mya!  Wee will nevurr furget you….

Our week here sure gave us sum reesonss to purractice our “MEE-OOHMMM’IN” allott. As most of youss’ know thee fridge died last Katurday an could not bee fixed till Monday so wee had to put our food inn totess out inn thee snow. Aunty Ruth let us use her freezer fur thee frozen food which was so nice of her. LadyMum werked her pawss to thee bone cleenin all last weekend fur thee apartmint innspeckshun an wee passed. Was there ANY doubt LadyMum?? An wee got thee new compressor overload-capacitatur fingy put inn thee fridge an all iss well now. LadyMum had sum uppyset with an EX furamillee membur allso last week which shooked her up. Shee was inn touch with her furamillee butt they not reelly doin much bout fingss so shee said shee iss not gonna wurry an shee not answerin thee fone when a sirtain name comess up on thee screen. Wee topped off thee week with thee yeerlee fire alarm testin. Now as you know it used to be a ten minutte test an no big deel. Since thee heet deteckturss were put inn fingss have changed. LadyMum was told it wood take hourss fur thee new testin an shee an mee should leeve an so wee did! Aunty Sheila picked us up Wednesday at 9 A.M. an wee went to feed thee ‘riverkatss (thee feralss) an then wee went back to Aunty’ss house an mee had a SPA day there! LadyMum got a few fotoss of mee checkin thee SPA out:Aunty'ss bathtubAunty'ss bathtub 2Aunty'ss bathtub 3Aunty'ss bathroom Mee had all mee food an water an treetss an toyss an even musick to lissen to. Thee other katss frum Aunty’ss came to *paw talk* with mee under thee SPA door so thee time passed quiklee. Aunty tooked LadyMum out to do errandss an fur lunch an a drive!! Well dun Aunty Sheila; mee knowss how hard it iss to keep LadyMum calm!!! It onlee tooked 1 1/2 hourss fur thee fire alarm testin to bee dun; so wee will know fur next yeer….LadyMum went innto another flare-up of thee bone disease an shee was purrty much flat on her back Fursday an Furiday which iss why wee not vizit too many of youss’ an wee apawlogize fur this….what a week…inn fact thee past 2 weekss have been anyfing BUTT peecefull fur us, so mee iss hopin an purrayin thiss weekend an comin week fingss will reeturn to normal. Oh an wee have a new foto of thee sweet kittygurl Coral thee one eyed kat:Coral kitty

Thee stitchess are reemoved an now shee lookss bettur an wee are tryin to find her a furevurr home. Mind you Lady Cynthia, Coral’ss foster Mumma  iss fallin in LUV with her so shee just mite bee ‘home’ allready mew mew mew…. Ok efurrybody mee iss off fur a ‘happy nappy’ beecause mee iss totallee xhausted:Mee Day Is DunYess mee iss THISS tired aftur thee past 2 weekss….time to get mee *Easy On* a day earlee an see if mee can catch up on thee lost sleepss….Bee seein youss’…..

Iss thiss a Sunday Selfie or an *Easy On*?

Published March 16, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Mee-mew Efurryone it iss THAT time of week again…time to showcase our Sunday Selfiess an gettin our *Easy On* on….What do you’ss fink of mee Sunday Selfie?Sunny SelfiePurrty good yess? An mee earned thiss Selfie beecause mee helped LadyMum ALL weekend with chores; dustin; sweepin floorss; cleenin windowss; doin litterbox an cleenin bathroom an kitchen an doin laundry an puttin it away!!! Plus snoopervizin LadyMum packin our frozen food to go to Aunty Ruth’ss uppystairss an packin thee fridge food inn tote an puttin it on thee patio an pilin snow inn an round it to keep fingss cold! Thee fridge died Katurday at Noon an when LadyMum called Housin they said thiss was NOT AM EMERGENCEE  an thee repairman man will come Monday mornin AN wee have yeerlee apartmint inspeckshun so LadyMum iss stressed out an wurried bout efurryfing! Mee told her wee should get our *Easy On* an shee agreed! Are wee doin a good job furendss?Easy On with LadyMumShee lookss so peecefull when shee iss sleepin mew mew mew….wishin efurryone a peeceful calm week…sumfing we are hopin to see pawss crossed! Bee seein youss’…..Cat On My Head Selfie Badge


Purrfect presentss frum mee Purrincess

Published March 14, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste deerest furendss of Thee Purrfect PadNamaste handsIt iss most excellent to see all of youss’ here today! Mee has sumfing to share with you butt ferst let mee start with LadyMum *WON*  thee Dragon Award on Unccle Sammy’ss Tuesday Teezer:teaserbadge2015-2Mee iss so so proud of LadyMum furinallee figurin out a Teezer….shee had more ‘Greeniess’ than mee had treetss mew mew mew….Well dun LadyMum!

Thiss iss what mee wantss to share with all mee furendss: Guess who has a gurlfurend now? Yess it iss littul mee an her name iss Phoebe:sweet PhoebeShee iss mee sweet PURRINCESS Phoebe inn fact!

Her bloggie iss so pleese go over an vizit her an her 14 fursibss when you has a chance…they are all luvley katss an Lady Ellen iss so kindhearted an thottfull….

 Purrince Phoebe an me has been emailin back n forth aftur thee Valentine’ss Day dance an shee an her Mumma deecided to send mee a package butt it came back to them:Sweet Phoebe an mee parcel reeturnedThee labull with our address fell off so thee package went back to her like a boomyrang! So shee an her Mumma added a few more fingss an ree-mailed it an it arrived safely thiss week!!! When wee opened thee package thiss iss what wee found:Purresentss frum Purrincess Phoebe 009Purresetnss frum Purrincess Phoebe 010Look there iss a framed foto of mee sweet gurl!! Issn’t thiss pawtastick??? An so much nice fingss:Purresetnss frum Purrincess Phoebe 011Even treetss!! Yippee!!! An a few fingss fur mee LadyMum too:Purresentss frum Purrincess Phoebe 012Lady Ellen an Purrince Phoebe made mee a scarf an mee thott it looked good as a mantull so trotted around wearin it like thiss:Purresentss frum Purrincess Phoebe 013Mew mew mew Ladymum sayss mee iss a ‘clown in fur’! Mee sayss mee iss a royalle Burmese an thiss iss how wee wear our royalle garb! What do all of youss’ fink??

Mee wantss to say a grate B-I-G Fank you an send ***paw kisses*** to mee sweet Purrince Phoeobe an her Mumma fur finkin of thiss humbull kittyboy an hiss LadyMum! Yur kindness came at a purrfect time what with LadyMum just over thee nastee Flu an sum furamillee stuff that REELLY uppyset her! Timin iss efurryfing, rite?

Mee iss gonna go have a ‘happy nappy’ now an look who iss inn thee Condo with mee?Siddhartha & PhoebeNow mee sweet Purrince Phoebe iss allwayss with mee…**throwss pawkissess** out thru cyburrspace to mee Purrincess. An mee wantss to announce that thee kat stuffie formerlee known as Petal has been REENAMED Purrince Phoebe bye mee! So now mee has mee own Purrince Phoebe stuffie to snuggle! Beein a Purrince has sum grate ‘perkss’ mew mew mew….Bee seein youss’…….

Thee week that sorta wassn’t!

Published March 8, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste mee furendss iss Purrince Siddhartha Henry here to meow with you’ss bout our week here…Namaste handsPoor LadyMum started gettin icky sicky last Sunday an shee has spent most of thiss week fevurrish an flat on her back! Mee has nevurr seen her icky sicky befur an it was sorta scarey. Mee wurried mee wood not get fed or have treetss or katnip or cleen litter or eye treetmintss butt mee wurriess were unfounded. LadyMum tooked purrfect care of mee an shee even shared her yoogurt:Yoogurt Yogie Dharth 001Yoogurt Yogie Dharth 002Yoogurt Yogie Dharth 004Mee-you wee just did a shameless plug fur IOGO pro-bye-otick yoogurt! Mew mew mew! There are so many flavourss an mee fave iss cherry thiss week alltho mee luvss strawberry an blueberry an mango. LadyMum sayss thee yoogurt iss good fur mee teefiess an boness an helpss the dye-gestshun an thiss iss good butt mee luvss it beecause it tastess GRATE!!

Mee has allso deecided that playin inn thee tub iss fun! So LadyMum an mee brott sum of mee fave toyss innto thee tub an mee keepss busy fur a long time:Tub Dharth 4Tub Dharth 3Tub Dharth 6Mew mew mew iss so much fun! LadyMum bringss mee other toyss an then mee flingss them out of tub an wee play when shee feelss up to it. So that’ss thee week here, nuffin earth shatterin; just qualitee time with icky sicky LadyMum…ok mee iss gonna go watch over her while she napss:Coffeetable PurrinceKinda reeminded LadyMum of Aunty Nylablue:Coffeetable CatMaybee mee was channellin mee Aunty; mee likess to fink mee carryin on thee coffeetable tradishun..What do youss’ fink of thiss idea? Have a grate weekend! Bee seein you’ss…..