84 Shadess of SAD…….

Published February 1, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste handsNamaste deer furendss off Thee Purrfect Pad. Wee are honored that you have come here to reed our bloggie. The Namaste greetin iss Sanskrit an mee iss goin to use it frum thiss time forwerd beecause mee iss off course a Buudhist Kittyboy! Mee hass had a luvley week playin:Dharth playing 2Dharth playing 3Dharth playing 4Laffin:Siddhartha roarsAn of course doin sum Yogie:Yogie Dharth 8So fur mee thee week was grate! Fur LadyMum; not so much. Shee hass gone thru a turrible shock an mee iss gonna let her tell you all bout it. Pleese bee gentull with her; shee iss so furagile at thiss point…

Hi Everyone….I have no idea where to begin…Let’s try the beginning. I had taken Purrince Siddhartha to see Dr Dave on Jan. 7th & then we went back Jan. 21st for a recheck appointment. Purrince Siddhartha was given another Convenia injection & Dr Dave wanted to give me Tobradex eye drops for his eye. We were finished the appt & out in the waiting room. I was waiting to put some money on the bill. Dr Dave came flying out of the exam room insisting we had to deworm Siddhartha & give him a Distemper shot. He intimidated me & would not take “NO” for an answer. I did not have MaryEllen’s phone # with me & gave in to the Milbamex but I refused the Distemper shot. I did not want Siddhartha to be a pincushion as poor Nylablue had become. I did get the eyedrops & put some money on the bill & left. I waited til Friday to email Dr Dave & told him Siddhartha HAD been dewormed twice by MaryEllen for ALL worms & this was not needed & I had a scare when Siddhartha would not wake up Wednesday nite. I was VERY upset but I did not lose my cool or become hostile. I heard nothing back from Dave. I then sent 2 short emails telling him the eyedrops were working & I could see more of the left eye & less of the covering. Still no reply. I researched the eyedrops & found out they are over $100. online & I was given a recently opened but virtually full bottle for FREE! I emailed Dave again thanking him…..On Monday the 26th I got a very long & disturbing email from Dr Dave & in essense it said as Siddhartha was a barn cat he needed all this stuff done plus he Dr Dave got in MAJOR trouble at the year end meeting of the practice partners for all the ‘deep’ discounting he gave me for Nylablue’s chronic care over the past 18 months. He implied I was very ungrateful & told me he also got in trouble for not charging me the ‘going’ rate for seeing a new cat. Fair dues but how was THAT my fault? I had no idea he discounted Siddhartha’s 1st exam. I emailed him back & asked him why he did not come to me off the record? I also asked if I could still bring Siddhartha in Feb. 18th for the recheck & I heard NOTHING! I got more & more frustrated as things have never been like this before even when Dave & I did have disagreements. Finally on Jan. 29th I sent him an email saying I felt it was best if we left the practice & guess what?? Dave agreed with that idea….he did not even try to change my mind. I was literally sick from his last email. After 20 years of working together & having a friendship he was turning his back on me & on precious Purrince Siddhartha. Due to Dave’s  health issues & whatever trouble he got into he was put in the middle & I wonder if there will be others ‘encouraged’ to leave the practice??? I am completely & utterly devastated. This is not how things should have ended! In fact they should not have ended at all. If Dave would have come to me privately & told me I would have to pay regular prices & given ME the chance to see if I could afford those rates I would have stayed on obviously because he is such an AWESOME Vet! He did not give me that chance so I felt there was no choice but to leave & it appears I was totally correct in my belief. Yesterday I went up to the practice at lunch (to avoid seeing anyone) & got the paperwork. Turns out Dave discounted the cost of the Milbamex tablet…I took that a a ‘handshake’…his way of saying ‘no hard feelings’. So I paid off the outstanding balance & gave the Receptionist a Thank You card with photo of Dr Dave holding Siddhartha & asked she give it to Dave. She was very kind to me & I left the place sobbing like a little girl. My ride was a great comfort to me & she took me to complete my errands & brought me home. I have cried as much this past week as I cried over Nylablue the last week of her life & the week after her passing. My nerves are completely shot & I have even turned the phone off. I am holed up in the apartment with precious Purrince Siddhartha & I promised him I will find him a good Vet for any care he needs. I have already called a Vet close by & will hear back next week. Mary Ellen has offered to pay for his 1st visit to the new vet but I said we should go 50/50 on the cost as she has many furry mouths to feed out on the farm.  If it were not for Mary-Ellen & Sheila I would have just walked away from my entire life. Yes I am having a bad time here. How much rejection can a person withstand w/out completely breaking down? I am going to hold on to ALL the good memories of Dr Dave with Mingflower & Nylablue & the one good visit we had with Purrince Siddhartha:Vet vizit Jan 2015 012Dr Dave will always hold a special place in my heart & I say this here that w/out his care & support & assistance I would not have had Mingflower for 18 1/2 yrs or Nylablue for 8 1/2 yrs. Dr Dave IS a miracle worker & no one can take that away from him! Thank you for being the “James Herriot” of our community …I will give the blog back to Siddhartha so he can say some happy words & leave you with a cute photo of himself…here you go Siddhartha~~

Fankss LadyMum! She sure had a ruff week didn’t shee deer furendss?? Now LadyMum hass ritten a lettur to Dave an one to the senior partner that will bee nevurr seen. Shee has purrayed fur both of them. Shee hass taken loadss of advice. Mee finkss what shee needss most now iss support. Shee iss scaredykat shee will not bee abull to afford mee care if thee eye doess not get bettur or if mee getss gum diseese…shee wurriess allott as wee all know. Mee iss doin mee bestest to snuggle her an get her playin toyss so she knowss mee iss ok an wee will bee all rite! Mee is gonaa teech her sum Yogie posess!! That should keepss her busy rite?? So wee sayss FANKSS fur reedin thee bloggie an beein here fur us both. Iss time fur a nap LadyMum:Yogie Dharth 9Bee seein youss……


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  • It is so difficult when things such as this happen. Changes do occur but this was handled poorly. I would say you did really well and took the adult stance. I feel that Dr Dave may have his own issues and is now stuck with a practice that may not be as he feels a practice should be run. We will touch base
    Purrs and Prayers
    Timmy and Dad Pete

    • Mee-you Timmy an Pappaw Pete iss s=berry sad fur mee but werse fur LadyMum so mee iss gonna let her meow with you’ss ok?
      Go ahead LadyMum:
      “HI Timmy & Pete & the gang: You are so right that the situation was not handled professionally or with any respect towards myself or Siddhartha Henry. I could have lodged a complaint with Vet Assoc but I decided Dr Dave had enough on his plate & he was already caught in the middle with the other partners. Things HAVE changed sine 2 new Vet’s joined; they are all about the $$$$ & that is not how Dave is but with a total of 3 partners he is outvoted. Plus he is in severe pain needing hip & knee surgery. I pray for him & hope everything will work out for him. I miss him immensely.
      We will go to meet Dr Becker this Thursday so we will start a new journey.
      Thanks for stopping by. We have been visiting regularly but the ‘reCaptcha’ tool was not showing the letters to be copied so we could not comment. Hopefully it is fixed now! Take good care & keep in touch.” {{{HUGS}}}Sherri-Ellen

  • Sweet Baby and Sherri-Ellen, you are wonderful and I wrap you in a big {{hug}} No more needs to be said that hasn’t already been said. You two together are stronger than this one event. NEVER forget this. Blogville and all of us are your friends, please don’t let the sadness get you too far down my sweet friend!
    Kelly Jo

    • <Thank you kelly Jo for the kind words. I have already booked an appoinment for Siddhartha Henry with his Brother Tyrrone’s Vet for Feb. 19th. It took a few days but I have shaken off the sadness & am moving on. Siddhartha Henry is my #1 concern. If Dr Dave no longer wants to be a part of my Life; so be it! I bless him & send him on his way….
      {{{{HUGS}}} back Sherri-Ellen ❤

      • You know Sherri-Ellen, it is like when I had to part ways with my best friend of 33yrs. this fall, it really hurts, but sometimes things going on in their lives negatively affect everything and we just have to accept this and let go and wish them the best.
        Luv you my friend 🙂
        Kelly Jo

        • Hello Kelly Jo I am sorry that you lost that longtime friend. 33 years is a lifetime! I have lost a few longterm friends like that & it hurts alot. Then losing Dr Dave as a Vet an friend just rocked my world. We were going to ‘grow older’ together…as friends with our 4 leggeds.
          I think the point you make is so valid in this case. Soemthing is WRONG with the practice itself & he is caught in the middle…so for now it is time to move on. I DO wish him the best. I gave him a ‘Thank You’ card & a photo of him holding Siddhartha to add to his collection. I am not angry with him; I am upset with the practice but there is nothing left to do but move on & care for Purrince Siddhartha.
          Thank you for stopping by & chatting. Made my day!
          {{{HUGS}}} & love Sherri-Ellen ❤

  • ok, we are late to this news about Dr Dave. Shocking he used the descriptor “ungrateful”. We feel badly for him to have missed your constant praising of his knowledge, skills and caring soul right here on this blog. Your appreciation is recorded here Sherri E. Let him read your blog for the last 3 years! And you are part of this caring blog community, so just rest in the comfort of hundred of arms and paws. hugs, Mom L and Nana

    • Hello Mom L & Savannah & Sage: Funny you should mention the blog as I always sent him the links to blogs praising him! Maybe it all went to his head? He KNEW how much I respected & admired him. I was so taken aback & shocked that I am now sick again. My Immune system just crashed from all the stress & hurt. It is unfortunate this happened & we may never know what prompted this altho if he was called up on the carpet I KNOW how money mad the senior partner is (& I do not care who reads this statement as it is the truth!)
      All I know is it was hard enough to say Goodbye to Mingflower in 2006 & then Nylablue last year & having Dr Dave to care for Siddhartha would have made it 3 generations & alot easier to accept things. I guess it was not meant to be.
      Siddhartha will be seen Feb. 19th by his Brother Tyrrone’s Vet. A new beginning ….that is what we both need.
      Sending you love & white light of healing & gentle {{{HUGS}}}
      Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha x0x0x0x0

    • Mee-you Tabbiess yur so kind to say such nice fingss….mee luvss doin foto shootss with LadyMum now. An mee luvss takin them selfiess!!
      Oh mee oh mye mee hope mee an LadyMum not uppyset yur Mumma! Pleese tell her wee did not meen any o-fence. Wee not know what happened but wee suspect it wass berry sad.
      Wee were furry angree with Dr Dave doin thiss…LadyMum cried bucketss ann shee hass been sick all weekend. Thee good mewss iss mee will go see Doc Becker Feb.19th. Shee iss me Brofur Tyrrone’ss Vet so thiss iss a good sign rite??
      Sendin you ❤ LUV ❤ an **nosebumpss** an {{hugss}}
      Siddhartha 'littul dude' an LadyMum xxxx

    • Mee-you Lady Jenna thiss busyness hass made LadyMum fizzically ILL!! Shee can barelee walk plus her head hertss an shee hass chest painss…shee can not have stress like thiss.
      LadyMum went to Doc Dave fur 20 yearss with Aunty Mingflower; then Anuty Nylablue an then mee…
      Thee GOOD mewss iss mee will go to mee Brofur Tyrrone’ss Vet Feb. 19th an wee see what happenss 😉
      Fankss fur stoppin bye!
      ***nosebumpss*** Purrince Siddhartha an LadyMum xxxxxx

  • I am so very sorry and my heart hurts for you Sherri-Ellen and Purrince Siddhartha…I am so very sorry for all that has happened…so sorry about Dr. Dave…this is a tough thing as it involves so much with Nylablue and the emotional memories too…that are the common bonds that bring us together when we loose a beautiful kitty life. I know Dr. Dave must be going through a lot with the pressures BUT this is not your problem gf…NO not at all! Sherri-Ellen, stand strong, I know this is very hard…but you are strong…Nylablue knew that, so did my Minnie Mouse and so does me too and so does Purrince Siddhartha…God gives you the strength to stand and He is with you. Sometimes there are no answers so to speak…and we just have to stand together and I am standing with you:) Hoorah!!! Hooyah!!! Hooah!!! That covers the Marines, Army, and Navy…and now me Yee-Hawrah!!!

    • Hello HRCG you said it GF!!! Not only memories of Nylablue but the 10 1/2 yrs of care Dr dave gave to my beloved Mingflower. Almost 20 yrs of support & friendship & a working relationship down the drain. I turned it over to G-D over thee weekend. Did some footwork & Purrince Siddhartha will go to Dr Becker on Feb. 19th…she iss his brother Tyrrone’s Vet. I will be under the umbrella of the FeralCat/Barn cAt rescue group. I put faith in myself & G-D that things are happening for a reason….
      I am sure Dr Dave is going thru ALOT physically & work related. I can no longer help as he has shut me out. So I bless him & send him on his way.
      My focus is Purrince Siddhartha now. He depends on me.
      Thank you for standing by me (so to speak). I appreciate your support & friendship so-o much!
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha ❤ ❤ ❤
      P.S.: Kisses to sweet Ellie belly too!!!! 🙂

      • Dear Sherri-Ellen, I am so sorry that you had to go through all of this…you handled it all ok and you chose the higher road:) I am so happy to hear that another door opened for Siddhartha’s care…Dr. Becker sounds awesome…and Dr. Dave will be ok and get through whatever is going on in his clinic…I am sorry for him too as it sounds like he had no choice but with the long relationship/friendship he had with you I would have hoped he could have reached out and shared his troubles to give you a heads up….so now it is time to step forward into a new chapter of life….truly God is giving you a new slate as Siddhartha and you will find new people to help you with health care and kitty care….hang in there ok and I think you are doing great with all of this…despite the pain and hurt feelings you are stepping through a new door of grace and God’s happiness….He will bring you great blessings both for you and also for Purrince Siddhartha:) Sending you hugs and prayers:)

        • Hello HRCG Somehow I missed this comment last month & I apologize. I sure was a mess wasn’t I??
          We are now with Dr Becker & she is a good Vet but whether she would go the extra mile for Siddhartha Henry remains to be seen. I guess she will have to earn my trust & respect 😉 Any new Vet would at this point.
          I did email Dr Dave a while back telling him the compliments Dr. Becker had made about him. He did reply but he was distant & aloof. I sent a short email saying I hoped things ahd settled down for him & if he ever needed to ‘talk’ (email) I was here for him. No reply to this day. At least I left ‘the door open’ so to speak.
          Thankfully I have found a good ointment for Siddhartha Henry’s left eye & I am using the Lacralube in his right eye.
          Dr. Becker suggested L-Lysine gel & I bought a tube & it is great! I give Siddhartha Henry some orally daily plus I put CoEnzyme 10 powder in his wet food. Thankfully I remember alot of what I did for my pther cats & my cat sitter friend has also given me tips on cat care.
          Thankfully Siddhartha henry’s eye has improved & he is full of energy & gaining weight & growing up (too) fast 😉
          ((((HUGS)))) an ❤ LOVE ❤ Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha Henry ❤

  • I can see why you were so upset after all these years of having him as a vet that took such good care of your babies. It is hard not to take something like that as a personal attack, but I am sure it was nothing against you. I hope you do find a caring vet for your Little Prince- I love all his photos. Phoebe would love for him to stop by.

    • Hello Ellen I can tell you I cried so much last week i thought I would either drown or dry out completely. A friend told me I was mourning the loss of the friendship & relationship & that rang true with me. It is not easy to leave a place where you knew everyone & where things were.
      It was NOT a personal attack as such but it was a passive/aggressive way to get me to leave. If the Vet had called me ‘off the record’ things couldl have been resolved properly. Plus he should ahve listened to me…it was like my word was worth ZERO regarding Siddhartha. *sighs*
      He is a photogenic lille man isn’t he??
      I will send him over to visit Phoebe soon. (I have not been visiting much because I was so upset..)
      Sending love & (((HUGS))) Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha ❤ ❤

      • That is a good point about the loss of a friendship. I agree it was the wrong way for him to go about the situation and very unprofessional. I hope you find a caring place for sweet little Siddhartha. Sending you hugs from Phoebe and I.

        • Hi Ellen: It was a professional relationship obviously but after 19 years of taking Mingflower & Nylablue & going with friends who took their 4 leggeds there I got to know Dr Dave pretty well. Then going every Tuesday for 1 1/2 yrs with Nylablue the friendship/support grew stronger. Then to have it ripped away from me hurt terribly. Not only did I lose a great Vet & a good friend I lost the only link I had to Nylablue & Mingflower….it still hurts ALOT!
          Siddhartha will be going to meet Dr Becker Feb. 19th. she is his brother Tyrrone’s Vet; so fingers crossed we can become clients for Siddhartha’s life.
          (((HUGS))) Sherri-Ellen & *nosebumpss* Siddhartha xxxx

  • Hello Handsome! First of all, we would like to say how sorry we are to hear about what happened at the vet clinic. It sounds like Dr. Dave found himself between a rock and a hard place, so we do feel a little bit sorry for him. Unfortunately, in the current culture of greed, there is little appreciation for old-fashioned values such as kindness and empathy. Our #1 says that she has seen quite a bit of ugly behaviour around her recently, although mercifully not at our vet’s. We do hope you find a great new vet who will use both head and heart in treating you, as our Dr. C always does with us. In the meantime, please don’t be so upset. The important thing is that you have each other! Those people’s ugliness and greed does not deserve your tears.

    Purrs and Hugs,
    The Chans and their #1

    • Mee-you Chan Kittiess an Tommy doggie an Vee Horsess an deer #1 yur so rite that LadyMum should save thee teerss. Mee finkss thiss hass herted her deeplee as shee hass known Dr Dave since 1995…iss a BERRY long time!! Shee iss wurried shee will not find a good Vet fur mee an shee feelss shee iss not good enuff to bee mee LadyMum. Shee iss inn a state butt mee will LUV her an play toyss with her an keep her company. Fankss fur the kind werdss. Luv Siddhartha ❤ (over to LadyMum)
      Hi #1 an the Gang: You are right that I have to put this behind me & go forward; I did not see any of this coming & would NEVER have thought Dr Dave would turn on me like this. Loyalty is dead in businesses & society. I am keeping my fingers crossed I can get into Dr B's practice as she works with our Feral cat group & alot of people I know in the area.
      Thank you for your support as always!! (((HUGS))) Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0

    • Happy Mew Yeer Mollie an Alfie…wee will try to get over. Wee iss goin thru a bad time an berry far beehind on bloggiess…pleese bee payshunt with us. Life iss hard fur LadyMum at thee momint!
      **nose bumpss** Siddhartha Henry & LadyMum xxxxx

    • Thank you Rebby..you are right. In time I will heal but for now the wound is open & raw & the rejection & betrayal I feel are burning me to my core. It hurts beyond belief!!
      Kiss McDuff for me ok?
      Love Sherri-Ellen ❤ ❤

  • I feel with you. That’s such an uncomfy situation, what puts you really to the ground. I hope so much that the new vet is a good one, I was so glad that Dr. Dave was on your side the whole time with the Princess, but after all I think it was the right decision you made. Sending power and a big hug to you.

    • Hello Easy’s Mom: I did not really make the decision to leave. The fact that Dr Dave would not reply to any of my emails after he sent me a scathing email led me to the conclusion he wanted me to ‘offer’ to leave. I only suggested it to call his bluff & find out the truth. I have been put to the ground & it truly hurts but I have to focus on Purrince Siddhartha & his needs.
      I AGREE thank G-D Dr Dave did not pulll out thru the Princess Nylablue’s ongoing care.
      Thank you for the support & (((HUGS))). I appreciate them.
      Love Sherri-Ellen ❤ ❤

  • Oh Crap….it will work out in the end. I am sure you will find another vet,Look at it as a fresh start and Siddhartha is young,fit and healthy.and if you can’t get any more of the eye drop for his eye its no big problem as the eye is not going to affect his health,the only thing is the gum problem fingers crossed the last shot sorts it out and he won’t need another.I have added some links with some info you might find useful.the 2 bottom links have a lot of natural herbal treatments that could help without having to have more antibiotic shots,though you will have to wait till the convenia has wore off before using any of these.let me know if I can help with anything,xx Rachel




    • Dear Rachel & Speedy: Oh thank you for the links. I know little about Juvenile Gingivitis so will do some research!!! The eye has responded to the Tobradex & if Purrince Siddhartha needs more I shall get the ointment which is cheaper & easier to use.
      It is a new beginning whether I want it to be or not.
      The partners in the practice have done this & Dr Dave went along with it & 20 yrs of friendship & loyatly has been thrown away. I will never forget….My focus now is to find the Purrince a new Vet who does not play games.
      Sending you love & (((HUGS))) Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0

  • I am so sorry your human had to go through all this, Siddartha. 😦 I don’t understand why humans have to upset each other so much. Vet clinics should be places where everyone is helpful and wants animals to be well, but a lot sometimes goes on behind closed doors that has nothing to do with the wellbeing of their patients.

    • Mee-you Summer yur so berry wise…mee an LadyMum fink there wass ALLOTT of beehind thee closed door stuff happenin! That iss what Doc Dave said to LadyMumm inn thee email he sent her. Wee do not know why hee did not call LadyMum ‘off the record’ an just tell her what wass goin on. LadyMum wood have paid more; it wood just have taken a bit longer….*sighss*
      Wee hass to move forwerd rite?? LadyMumm hass a lead on a new Lady Vet so pawss crossed!!! 😉
      Luv an **nose bumpss** Purrince Siddhartha xxxx

  • We are so sorry to hear this ended badly. Something like that can really shake you. So happy that you and the Lady Mum have each other to comfort and console. We know that she has your best interest at heart and will make all the right decisions, sweet Siddhartha. All of us are sending your Mum lots of ((hugs)) and kitteh kisses.

    • Mee-you Lady Tonya an P-Kittiess fank you SO MUCH fur thee support an kind werdss. LadyMumm HASS been shaken up badlee an shee hass cried so much thee past 11 dayss. Mee iss werkin hard to play with her an get her mind off thee bad stuff.
      Shee DOESS have mee best interest at ❤ an mee knowss shee will find mee a new Vet an get mee tippytop soon….
      Sendin all of youss ❤ LUV ❤ an **nose bumpss** Purricne Siddhartha an LadyMum xxxxx

  • Hi Siddhartha, Hi Sherri-Ellen,

    I came for “a visit” and was very surprised with your story! So sorry things with Dr. Dave have changed. Sounds like it was a business decision from the “higher ups.” Better communication from Dr. Dave beforehand would have been nice. He must have been put in a bad position to break it off as he did. I am sure there will be another vet out there for you, after all you are both wonderful and deserve good care! Love and ((((HUGS))))!


    • Hello Fern: I can tell you I had no idea any of this was going to happen. you are correct the partners made some decisions & in essence forced my Vet to get rid of me…i am sure all low income people will find the door smacking them on their backsides too! I am very hurt that Dr Dave did not call me ‘off the record’ & tell me what was going on.
      I have a lead on 2 Vets’ so I am hoping 1 pans out as Purrince Siddhartha needs a follow-up appointment for the Juvenile Gingivitis & the Eye problem.
      Thank you for stopping by!
      Love & (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha x0x0x0

  • So sorry about all of this as you know there are prayers going up from here that you find a new vet very soon. We hope that the one you find will work with you to get done what is best for you and sweet Siddhartha. Hang in there, it is all going to work out. You sure do look good you handsome boy. Big hugs and lots of nose kisses for you both, sweet Siddhartha and your sweet LadyMom

    • Hello Maggie Life sure is full of surprises; some good & some not so good. I have contacted a Vet & will talk with her this week. As she takes care of Tyrrone the brother of Siddhartha I am hoping she will take us on. I am hanging in there with Siddhartha’s love & funny antics!
      Oh he wants to speak to you….go ahead Siddhartha:
      Mee-you Aunty Maggie fankss fur thee complimint….mee luvss to hear mee iss handsum 😉
      Mee just posted mee Sunday selfie an mee hopess you will pop over an take a look! Mee eye looks so much bettur. Too bad Doc Dave will not see hiss good werk….
      Pleese give Chancy a *kiss* frum mee ok??
      Luv an **nose bumpss** Purrince Siddhartha an LadyMum xxxxx

  • hello siddhartha its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to heer of the troubles with dr dave i no how hard it is to find a vet yoo konnekt with and kan trust!!! we ar sending yoo tail wags as yoo luk for sumwun hoo kan tayk kayr of yoo the way dr dave did we no yoo wil find sumwun!!! ok bye

    • Woof woof Dennis iss grate to see you here! Wee hass not had time to vizit an must pop over soon! It wass a complete shock to LadyMum an mee that all thiss happened. Wee iss hopin mee can go to mee Brofurr Tyrrone’ss Lady Vet…pawss crossed it werkss out!
      LadyMum sayss she hass losted a good furend…20 yeerss iss a long time issn’t it??
      Fankss again fur stoppin bye….
      Bee seein you! Siddhartha =^..^=

  • Hugs from all of us. Dad says he went through that a long time ago with a wonderful Vets ( a husband and wife) who ended up turning the running of their practice over to a heavy handed business manager. They were even charging a dispensing fee to put the darn medicine in the bottles. Like most “medical” types, they were terrific when it was just them, but the money became more important than their clients so Dad left them. It was a difficult decision, but as things often have to go, it was the right one.

    • Mee-you Brian it iss so sad that LadyMum an Dr Dave have had to part company. Shee told mee hee WASS NOT bout the green papurrss butt fingss have changed it seemss. Mee iss hopin mee can get into mee Brofur Tyrrone’ss Vet; pawss crossed!
      LadyMum siad shee had no choice butt to offer to leeve an Dr Dave jumped at that so hee wanted her out…so sad! Butt mee will bee fine with LadyMum 😉
      Fankss fur sharin yur storey. it helpss LadyMum to know peeple udnerstand an care!
      ***nose bumpss*** Purrince Siddhartha ❤ ❤

  • Lovely photos. So handsome. Sorry this has happened to you. I am glad you both have each other. You sure didn’t need that to happen. I hope you can find another vet that you love just as much. Sending much love and big hugs.
    Sue B

    • Hello Sue: I am still a bit hocked by the last 11 days worth of drama. There is nothing I can do but bless Dr Dave & send him on his way. I have to find Siddhartha a new Vet & that is the priority as he needs to still have a ‘recheck’ around Feb. 18th. I know in my heart something else was at work here. But for now I need to recover from the upset & take care of Siddhartha. I doubt I shall find a Vet I adore 7 respect as much as Dr Dave; just as long as the new Vet does the job w/out bleeding me dry of money I will be content 😉
      Love to the FAB FIVE & you, Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hi Sherri-Ellen, I’m so sorry this has happened! It’s the last thing you needed. But it does sound as if there was stuff going on behind the scenes that Dr Dave had no control over. he was probably gutted too. I think you were very gracious! I hope and pray that something wonderful will happen out of all of this, much better than anyone could imagine. Meanwhile give the young Purrince Dharth a cuddle from both of us!! ❤️ x0x0x0x0x ❤️

    • Hello Caro & Austin: Thank you for your kind words. Like you, I feel there is something else going on & it is sad that Dr Dave could not confide in me or warn me things were not going well. I am sure he is gutted too. It iss one of the saddest moments of my Life I can tell you!!
      I did my best to be gracious & not give into being angry or resentful. He does not need that. Let us hope with this door closed the one that opens is equally as good….
      Purrince Dharth is cuddled & kissed & purring up a storm!!!
      Much love to you both, Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • We must always have the courage to leave behind doctors and vets when the relationship deteriorates. Be glad that you now can find a new chance for Siddhartha and fresh peace of mind for you. Have courage and patience. We send you warm supportive light! V., P., and M.,

    • Hello dear Vera your kind words have helped. I did not realize my relationship with Dr Dave had deteriorated. This came out of the blue. There is something going on behind the scenes we are not pruvy to & never will be. I wish I could have done more for him….
      I am also hoping that the Vet I want wil take us on & that I can find peace of mind again. I will do my best to have courage & patience….mmmm the light feels so good! 😉
      Love to you, Paladin & Moon ❤
      Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha ❤

  • Hello Siddhartha and Lady-Mum Sherri-Ellen. We know how heart-wrenching this is for you to leave Dr. Dave behind. It is obvious that the pressure from his partners was just too great for him to handle. That he said you were ungrateful shocks us. We suspect that his partners put those words in his mouth and most likely encouraged him to “get rid of you” as a client by threatening him in some way. Peer pressure, especially when it is affecting somebody’s pocketbook, can be a hard thing to take, and it sounds as if Dr. Dave crumbled. You must remember all the good things Dr. Dave did for Mingflower and Nylablue and move on. (I know, easy for me to say!) This is a sad transition, but better it is happening now before Siddhartha forms a relationship with Dr. Dave. He looks happy in that photo with Siddhartha so you know he is hurting as well. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through this. We all love you. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ XOCK, Janet and Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Mee-you Lady Janet yur so sweet an clever…mee will tern thiss over to LadyMum so you two can mee-you together…go ahead LadyMum:
      Hi Janet everything you said is bang-on. I KNOW he was pressured & perhaps ‘bullied’. He is in extreme pain with the hip & knee so that would not help him. I am holding on to the 20 fabulous years I had with Dr dave & all the love & care he gave Mingflower & Nylablue is not going to be erased because the partners did this thru him 😉
      I thought about the fact it is good Siddhartha had not formed a relationship with Dr Dave & that is the only good thing. We can start with a new Vet who hopefully will be Siddhartha’s forever Vet.
      I wrote a Thank You card & enclosed a 4 X 6 photo of Dave with Dharth & left it for him when I paid off the bill yesterday. Thank God none of this happened while Nylablue was still alive….I would have crumbled for sure!!
      Sending the Kitties Blue & you lots of love & gratitude ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
      Love Sherri-Ellen ❤ & Purrince Siddhartha ❤

  • Well since when did yous become a buddist? Dat’s new. Anyways, mommy sez dat sumtimes bad fings happen to good peeps, and dat not bein’ a senior pawtner or da only vet in hims office, maybe Dr.. Dave wuz told hims kuldn’t continue to tweat you. Mommy sez dat da Vet dat took care of Lucky, altho’ not ideal told hers when hims died not to come back and tore up hers last bill. All cuz mommy kuldn’t afford da kind of tweatment her wanted to purrscwibe. And she wuz da only one in hers purractice. She owened it. So there wusn’t anudder pawtner complainin’ ’bout da finances, just her. But mommy sez dat sumtimes one door closes so anudder good one can open. Altho’ weez not always agwee wiff Dr. C, hims is a good Vet and we like him. Even tho’ weez giv him da Hiss of deaff. MOL Tell yous mommy weez’ll be purrayin’ and dat there awe udder eye meds dat can be purrscwibed and udder places to buy ’em. and ifin she needs/wants to talk she can call mommy.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    • Mee-you Dezi an Lexi mee hass allwayss been a Buudhist kittyboy beecause mee Pappaw iss a Buudhist an hee tott mee many fingss. Mee wass a bit nervuss to show thiss side of mee butt since all thiss happened mee wanted to help LadyMum an shee cannot bee all angurry an such when mee iss beein all Mee-oohmmmy an stuff 😉
      Yur rote that bad fingss happen to good peeple an 4 leggedss an wee has to bee brave an reebuild when neededan we agree.
      LadyMum’ss jaw dropped when shee reeded bout yur Mum an Lucky an thee Vet….it iss so strange that a Vet wood just tern her away. As fur allways agreein with a Vet mee LadyMum rarely asked questshunss…there wass a few uppysetss near thee end of Nylablue’ss life butt they talked it thru an allways werked fingss out. LadyMumm wass in her rite to say NO to thee dewermin an Disstempurr…..wee fink thiss wass thee onlee way Dr Dave could get LadyMum uppyset enuff so shee wood suggest leevin an then he could say YESS an hee not have to tell her to go.
      Wee still LUVSS Doctur Dave an wee will purr an purray fur him…..
      LadyMum sayss the Tobradex iss allso in an ointmint an iss much cheepurr so if mee needss more treetmint shee will ask thee new Vet fur a scriptshun fur it.
      LadyMum sayss to tell Lady Audra fankss fur thee offur an maybee tomorrow if shee iss still sad. Butt not at nite; wee iss gonna watch thee Supurr Bowl an eat Cheeziess 😉
      **nose bumpss** an luv Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxx

      • Yous mommy has had a gweat fing wiff Dr. Dave, and mommy sez all good fings come to an end, and so maybe it’s time. and of course she had da wight to wefuse any tweatment. Mommy always duz and she always asks lots of questiions too. As fur da old vet, it wwusn’t da furst time mommy had been told dat and most likely won’t be da last. Weez not hav those good vets dat udders seem to hav dat awe more concerned fur da animal than their pawcket book. Evewypawdy here wants their gween papers up fwunt and ifin you ain’t got ’em, yous not get tweatment. Even ifin it means da animal will die a horrible and painful deaff. It has been weally hawd fur mommy to know this and be so poor. Dat’s why she purrays over us so much. Hopefully yous eye will clear up nad maybe there’s a whole nudder medicine out there dat can be used dat be dirt cheap. Weez’ll be purrayin’ fur ya’ boff.

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Lexi

        • Deer Dezi an Lexi iss true that good fingss can come to an end. *sighss* It iss a good fing mee not close to Doc Dave. Hee seemed like such a nice man an all thiss uppyset hass reelly herted us.
          Butt wee iss gonna try to get mee into thee Vet mee Brofur Tyrrone goess too 😉
          Why are those silly ‘green papurrss’ so impawtent?? Mee knowss thee humanss need green papurrs butt to dee-ny 4 leggedss sum sort of care just beecause our humanss are not richyrich iss purrty sad!
          Mee eye iss improvin littul bye littul….
          Mee jsut posted mee Sunday selfie fur efurryone to see! LadyMum sayss mee will not need eyedropss furevurr. Thee Lacralube ointmint iss affordabull so pawss crossed mee will onlee need that aftur thee Tobradex. Wee just need a Vet reecheck to let LadyMum know what to do next 😉
          Purrayin here fur both of you an Lady Audra there.
          **nose pumpss** Siddhartha Henry ❤ ❤ ❤

          • Weez not know why sum Vets like da gween papers more than da animals, it just is mommy sez. They spend a lot of time twainin’ to be doctows and they wanna get lots of munny fur it. We wish we knew Vets or at least one dat cared more ’bout da animals than those nasty stinky gween papers, but we don’t. Ow awea just dusn’t seem to hav any of those. Ow current Vet coomes closer than any of them, but at da end of da day, he still puts gween papers furst. Oh well, mommy duz a lot of purrayin’ over us and God helps to keep us purretty healffy. We just need sis Lexi to be all better now, so weez purrayin’ hawd ’bout dat. Weez’ll be purrayin’ fur y’all too.

            Luv ya’

            Dezi and Lexi

            • Mee-you Dexi mee iss with you bout thee Vetss’ what want green papurrss so much. Yess it costss to keep us healthee butt if thee Vetss’ let peeple pay as they go an had choicess fur meddycashunss an treetmintss then fingss wood go easier.
              Dr Dave adoress 4 leggedss…so that iss why wee were so shocked when all this happened. There are 4 Vetss’ inn the purractice so they iss NOT starvin mee can tell youss!
              Mee knowss that Doc Becker likess us 4 leggedss an shee iss on her own so wee understand wee has to pay…mee just wantss mee prublemss fixed so mee doess not have to go back fur a long time like reguler katss!
              Luv an **paw kissess** Siddhartha xxxxxx

              • Yep we fink eeven those in purrivate purractice be duin’ just ffine. They chawge way more than they actually hav too. Mommy used to giv all da vaccinations hers cats needed hers self. It costs 7.99 fur all da vaccs fur a kitty and da vet buys them wholesale fur even cheaper and then chawges 50.00 fur yous to walk fwu da door and then anudder at least 30.00 fur those same vaccinations. so hims made at least 78.00 fur dat 15 minutes and it only cost hims 2.00. Anyways, this is fur sure one of ow pet peeves dat we kuld yak ’bout all day long, so weez gunna hush now and wish ya’ da bestest.

                Luv ya’

                Dezi and Lexi

                • Mee-yow Dezi did mee reed thiss rite?? LadyMum iss sittin here stunned!! It onlee costss $7.99 fur vacciness an wee has to pay an xamm charge an thee needle chargess an what thee kat iss goin on with that???? Yur LadyMum wass a Vet Tech wassn’t she?? Shee wood know thee truth bout costss then fur sure! Unbeeleevabull…. **shakess head**
                  mee feelss bad fur havin thee health issuess mee hass. LadyMum told mee iss not anyone’ss fault butt mee feelss badlee. Shee new mee eye could bee a bit of a prublemm…mee just hass to get bettur frum it an thee Gingyvitis too!
                  At leest wee know Doc Becker iss fair minded an shee givess optshunss fur treetmint….
                  How iss Lexi doin?? Wee hopess good.
                  Luv an **nose bumpss** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum ❤ ❤ ❤

                  • Yep vaccs on avewage cost 7.99, and dat’s da cost ifin we buy them and only by one or 2. They alweady come combined wiff all yous need ‘cept rabies. Wholesale fur a vet buyin’ a “lot” or more purrawlly only pays 50 cents to a dollaw per dose. Maybe even less. And da syringes awe always furee when yous buy da medicine. So yes, Vets awe gettin’ purrlenty of gween papers off us. They don’t hav to chawge so much or turn us away ifin we can’t pay or need a payment plan, but they do. At least those in ow awea do. And dat’s why it makes mommy mad. Evewy year to hav me and Lexxi get ow rabies shot which is wequired by law costs us 130.00. And it only costs da Vet ’bout 5.00 or less. And dat 130.00 is wiff ow discount. As fur yous eye, don’t feel bad, yous mommy be wight, it’s nopawdy’s fawlt. And you can liv wiff da gingivitis wiffout tweatment. Yous might lose yous teefies earlier than nowmal, but yous will be okay. Sis Lexi is a purrime example of lifelong gigivitis.

                    Lexi’s duin’ okay. She’s takin’ hers medicine like a good girly and fur da mostest pawt she be eatin’ purretty good. Fanks fur askin’.

                    Luv ya’

                    Dezi and Lexi

                    • Mee-you Dezi an Lexi~ferst hurray fur Lexi takin her meedycashun an eatin good!!! Keep goin there Lexi beecause you meen thee werld to your Mumma an Dezi an us an many otherss!!!!
                      Dezi wee had NO idea how cheep thee meddycashunss are…fank you fur tellin us thee factss…now wee KNOWSS!!!
                      Wee hass a Rabiess Clinick here thru local Shelter an thee rabiess iss $15. purr kitty…it iss bettur than thee Vet’ss tho issn’t it?? Mee finkss mee mite go next yeer…
                      As fur thee Gingyvitis mee iss on Co Enzyme 10 an it helpss sumwhat. LadyMum will ask thee new Vet fur ideass an tipss…mee mite jsut bee teeetin like Brofur Tyrrone hass been. His breath wass a bit off but now iss ok. So wee not wurryin yet!
                      Fankss fur all thee support. LadyMum iss much bettur today an shee feels calmer knowin mee will see thee New Vet Feb. 19th 😉
                      Shee just wantss good care fur me!!!
                      Luv an **nosebumpss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxx

                    • Yep ow rabies clinics awen’t dat cheap, but there’s nuffin’ wong wiff goin’ to ’em fur da basics to save a foo gween papers. Cuz da VET’s gunna chawge an office visit too ifin yous go there. MOL They just gotta hav their munny. Glad yous mommy’s feelin’ better. And glad da CoQ10 is helpin’. It’s weally spensiv here so weez not use it. Course weez never been told it wud be good fur Lexi’s gingivitis. And yep hers bweff stinks, but we still luv her.

                      Luv ya’

                      Dezi and Lexi

                    • Mee-you Dezi an Lexi who knowss maybee thee new Vet will not bee so green papurr grabby?? Wee can hope, rite? Plus mee not gonna need Rabiess shotss all thee time eether.
                      LadyMumm iss in a wat bettur mood now. Maybee knowin wee hass a nwe Vet hass helped. Sirtainlee mee ❤ LUV ❤ iss helpn 😉
                      Thee Co Enzyme 10 iss good fur thee heart an red blood cellss an a bunch of other stuff…It iss like a kitty multee vie-tamin! Aunty Anne (thee Katsitter) swearss by it an shee hass 5 katss…
                      LadyMum got 120 capsuless fur $16. an that will last most of thee yeer….it takess 3 dayss to use 1 capsule up.
                      As fur stinkee breath, LadyMum sayss she luvved aunty Nylablue deepsite it an shee luvss mee too…all tho mine iss much bettur now 😉
                      Fankss fur stoppin bye an sharin with us. Yur pawsum furendss!
                      Luv an **nose bumpss** Siddhartha an LadyMum xxxxxx

                    • Glad to hear yous all can get da CoQ10 so cheap and dat it lasts so long. And weez glad to hear yous bweff be better. Mommy’s twied everyfin’ fur Lexi’s bweff to no avail. MOL So weez jut luv hers in spite of it and twy to keep hers mouff closed when weez kiss hers face. 🙂

                      Luv ya’

                      Dezi and Lexi

                    • Mee-you Dezi an Lexi…mee figured out what iss wrong with LadyMum…iss her sinusess again..thee Viral Sinusitus….that’ss it! So mee got her too take her nose spray an that should help!
                      Her mood iss good an THAT iss impawtent. Mee iss leernin to bee a good nurse, mew mew mew…..
                      Poor Lexi an thee breath….this Gingyvitus iss a reel pain….LadyMum just ignoress mee breath an kissess mee anyway; just like yur Mumma doess!
                      Luv iss so sweet 😉
                      Luv to all of youss, Siddhartha an LadyMum ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

                    • Yep, Lexi dusn’t know hers bweff is bad cuz mommy wuld never tell hers or turn away fwum her. And neever wuld me. She’s da bestest big sisfur anykitty kuld hav. Luv is a wunnewful and powerful fing. Glad you figgered out what wuz wong wiff yous mommy so hers kuld get better.

                      Luv ya’

                      Dezi and Lexi

                    • Yur both so good to Lexi….shee hass thee BESTEST Mumman an Sisfur a kittygurl can have!
                      Mee knowss mee breath iss a bit off butt LadyMum sayss mee iss purrfect. Shee seess mee as a hole kitty..not like other peeple who liked mee till they saw thee ‘ey’ or smelled mee breath. Lexi an mee are BERRY blessed!
                      LadyMum has to rest allott. Mee put mee paw down an shee wass sirprized! Shee did not know mee could bee thee boss 😉
                      Shee iss still runnin a feevur butt shee iss eatin an takin her meddycashun an drinkin lotss of water!
                      Hopin yur Mumma iss doin good today…
                      Luv an **nose kissess** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

                    • Yep Lexi is blest, but so is me and mommy to hav her. Glad yous takin’ care of yous mommy and dat she be duin’ fings to get better. Mommy’s twyin’ to stay warm and west a bit. Weez gettin’ further behind by da day, but hers sez hers needs to taake care of hers selff ifin she”s gunna take care of us. Weez’ll be purrayin’ fur y’all.

                      Luv ya’

                      Dezi and Lexi

                    • Mee-you Dezi an Lexi iss true our Mumma’ss MUST take care of themselvess so they can care fur us propurrly!
                      Even if yur Mumma fallss beehind wee will allwayss come vizit yur bloggie. Peeple here are so kind an wee all understand that health can make fingss a bit trickee 😉
                      Wee wishess Lexi a GOOD day today too.
                      Purrayin allwayss….
                      Luv Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum ❤ ❤ ❤

                    • Fanks weez hopin’ sis Lexi has a better day today than yesfurday. And it’s gunna be a busy one fur mommy and me as it’s hers doctow visit day. Hav a gweat day.

                      Luv ya’

                      Dezi and Lexi

                    • Good luck to yur Mumma on her Doctur’ss vizit!
                      Wee iss purray fur sweet Lexi too.
                      Fankss fur beein mee furend Dezi; yer wunderfull….thee card an foto iss inn thee mail fur youss.
                      ❤ Luv ❤ an **nosebumpss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

  • This is bad news! It’s always hard to find a new vet but they are out there and some very good ones. Dr. Dave…was a great vet but there must be something happening that we don’t know about. Personal problems. problems with the partners…things like that. It was not right to take it out on you though but some folk can’t help it. Move along…there is nothing to be accomplished by dwelling on the problem. Dharth will pick these feelings up and be sad too. If, it is meant to be…you will find out what the difficulty was and why Dr. Dave acted the way he did. I believe Buddhist thinking is somewhat similar to this.

    Loves ya Aunty

    Shoko and Jean

    • I have to agree Shoko & Kali…I must bless Dr Dave & set him free…he is under some immense pressure & I feel so badly for him…but now I must focus on finding Purrince Siddhartha a new Vet.
      Dharth has been sumwhat sad…so we are playing alot & I am telling him how much I love him to reassure him!
      Your Buddhist thinking is ‘purrfect’ & I agree…if I meant to know it will be unfolded in time. Thank you for your support & love.
      Love Aunty Sherri-Ellen ❤ ❤
      Mee-you yur both pawsum Cussinss fur helpin LadyMum…fankss Shoko an Kali….LadyMum iss much calmer now 😉
      Luv an **nose bumpss** Cussin Dharth xxxxxx

  • I wouldn’t want to patronize that place that doesn’t put the patients first. I realize that the practice has rent to pay and other bills, but the customer service is lousy. Dr Dave should find a new group and invite you to see him there.

    • Mee-you Kismet wee finkss yur idea iss grate!!! Wee fink that Dr Dave cannot leeve thee purracitce an so hee iss stuck there. If hee could go out on his own wee wood bee there fur sure an so wood half of thee town!!!! Thiss took us bye sirprize as Dr Dave hass allwayss putt 4 leggedss befur the green papurrss. Butt thee partnerss are all bout the green papurrss….
      So wee iss lookin fur a new Vet..mee hopin to get into thee Vet mee Brofur Tyrrone goess to 😉
      Luv an *nose bumpss* Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxxxx

  • Hard to believe that after your photo and description of two people who were set to be guardians of Siddartha. Do suggest you walk away with the best memories of Dr Dave and the practice. They have done the best things for you over the many years you were together. Good luck with finding a new practice that you are happy with and big snuggles to that gorgeous boy and hugs for you. xxx

    • Hello Annie: Ironic we just got the Guardian papers all signed & now I am persona non gratis…..i wondered why Dr Dave hesitated the day I took the papers in but I thought I was nuts!
      I had no choice but to offer to leave. I knew I was being run out anyway; so better to leave graciously…..
      It has been a traumatic experience I hope to never repeat.
      Hoping to get into Tyrrone’s Vet (Siddhartha’s Brother). Please say a prayer for us!
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha ❤ ❤ ❤

  • We’re so super sorry about this whole thing with Dr. Dave because as long as we’ve followed your blog we’ve been amazed how wonderful he was with Nylablue’s care…..anything and everything – he was there for the two of you. It sounds like someone is putting some pressure on him and he’s not happy about it – the practice perhaps either isn’t doing well, or he has some personal problems, but he shouldn’t have taken any of his frustration out on you. Finding a new vet is the best thing to do – and most will work with patients on payments so don’t let that bother you – just explain your situation and I think things will work out…………You and Siddhartha just let that all “go”……carrying the burden of frustration and sadness is NOT good for you in any way. What’s done is done and you just carry on with your head held high as always – you and Siddhartha are a TEAM and can do anything you set your mind to including starting with a new vet !!

    Love and Hugs, Pam (and Uncle Sammy)

    • Hello Pam & Sammy: It is all very sad & so unnecessary. However I have to move forward as you said on FB. I have a lead on a new Vet & I have to make sure Siddhartha has access to a good Vet. I have been introduced via MaryEllen & also thru my work at local Shelter…so I am fairly sure the lady will take us on….
      Ok heads held high…..well after the napping ok?? 😉
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • How horrible that the senior partners greed outweighed what he is supposed to be doing – healing animals. Sending love from Bode angel and Mom

    • Thank you Bode Angel & Bode’s Mom…never in a million years did I think soemthing like this would happen….it sure has shaken my faith in Vets I can tell you!
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha (who sleeps peacefully) 😉

  • You had a right to express your concerns to Dr Dave and I am sorry things turned out this way for you! Somehow there is a silver lining somewhere!

    • 😉 I am hoping for a ‘silver lining’ Toby! It is so sad we had to part. I am still wondering what the H*LL went wrong? I have voiced concerns over a few things re: Nylablue’s care & even Mingflower’s years ago. I never got this reaction. I was never called hostile. Definitely there is nore to this than meets the eye. All I can do is ‘bless him’ & go on my way….
      ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & *kisses* Siddhartha Henry

    • Thank you sweet Pearl Luv!!! I appreciate your support….I hope things settle down soon. At elast I can be here with Purrince Siddhartha on our own & just relax…
      Next week I will look for a new Vet….
      (((hugs))) & love always, Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0

    • Dear Noodle you are a wise poochie! I am holding on to Siddhartha & he to me. We wil get thru this together & maybe a new Vet is a good thing….
      Love & ((HUGS)) Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha ❤ ❤

      • so sorrry to hear of you sad ending to the relationship with Dr Dave
        as one door closes another opens i am sure Prince Siddartha will be the healthy of kitties
        and you will be free of vets i know how expensive they are
        thats why i cant afford another Corgidog the insurance out of this world vet bills over here crazy
        sendind good thoughts and my candle is lit
        today is Candlemas God bless you both

        • Hello darling Amanda & thank you for stopping by. It is very very sad that Dr Dave & I had to part ways. I am hoping a new door opens with a new Vet who will give quality care & advice w/out looking at the almighty dollar as G-d!!!!
          I just want to get as much healing for Purrince Siddhartha’s eye as possible & cure the Juvenile Gingivitis. He is healthy in all other ways…..please say a prayer for us to find a new Vet….
          Vet bills EVERYWHERE are ridiculous too!!
          Thank you for lighting a candle for us for Candlemas..from your lips to G-D’S ears 😉
          {{{HUGS}}} an love always, Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0

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