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Mewss an veewss frum thee farm

Published February 28, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste deer furendss, Purrince Siddhartha Henry here.Namaste handsWass a ‘purrfect’ week here at Thee Purrfect Pad! LadyMum iss purrty good an mee iss furabuluss an wee got a new Fone/Inntynet purrvider. Yess LadyMum FURINALLEE switched to a new companee. What took you so long LadyMum?  An fingss are werkin bettur! Shee sayss there are many changess happenin thiss yeer an it is good fur her beecause shee was stuck inn a rut sorta like thiss:Stuck in a rutMew mew mew…that’ss funny LadyMum! Shee makess mee laff so much!!

Wee got a luvley parcel all thee way frum Australia…thee land down under where they has Summer an NO stew-pid snow! Fankss Aunty Bev fur thee cool butterfliess an turtle what cheered LadyMum ALLOTT:Giftie frum Aunty BevPhankss Aunty Bev! Yur thee BESTEST!!

LadyMum an Lady Sheila went out to thee farm (where mee was born) to vizit MaryEllenMum an they had tea an LadyMum took fotoss of mee Brofur Tyerrone an Aunty Tinkerbelle an Jade mee doggie furend.

Doggie Jade:Jade Feb 2105

Aunty Tinkerbelle:Tinkerbelle Feb. 2105

Brofur Tyerrone:Tyrrone posingHee’ss a cute littul fella issn’t hee?? Mew mew mew….hee an Aunty Tinkerbelle have bonded an they spend allott of time together like thiss: Tink & Tye nappingMew mew mew they are so happy together!! Mee hass TwinkleStar, Aunty Nylablue’ss stuffie pony on top off me carrier butt sumone  *shootss stinky eye at LadyMum*  furgot to take a foto! Iss hard to find good help!!! Mew mew mew!!An mee wantss to give a “mee-yow out”to mee horsies inn thee hood named Whiskey an Ling an Heidi thee grey’ss an Jabar an Sam an Apostle thee bay’ss. All are Arabianss xcept fur Apostle who iss a tall Hanoverian over 17 handss high an in kat pawss meenss hee’ss gyenormuss!! Mee missess them allott!! LadyMum did not take foto’ss of them beecause shee wurried thee flashy wood bother them….so while LadyMum wass on thee farm mee was home all cozy an waitin fur her reeturn:Pillow talkSiddharthaWishin efurryone a wunderfull weekend….Bee seein youss….


Sweet Sunday Selfie with Purrince Phoebe

Published February 22, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste efurryone;  it is time fur thee Sunday Selfie brott to you bye Kittiess Blue:Cat On My Head Selfie BadgeMee wantss to share thee locket selfie mee sweet Phoebe made fur mee:mee an sweet PhoebeIssn’t thiss purrty?? Mee sweet Phoebe iss berry thottfull an mee adoress her so-o much….shee iss mee Purrincess!

LadyMum an mee iss goin to watch thee Daytona 500 NASCAR ‘zoomie’ race thiss afturnoon an get our *easy on*…mee iss goin get a headstart:Siddhartha & Govinda MouseMew mew mew Govinda Mousie iss purrfectin hiss ‘dangull’ too….. Wishin efurryone a *easy on* an peecefull Sunday no mattur what yur doin. Bee seein youss’……



LONG awaited Uppydate frum MEE!

Published February 22, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste deer furendss of Purrince Siddhartha!Namaste handsHere mee iss with mee berry overdue bloggie bout fingss goin on here at Thee Purrfect Pad. LadyMum an Lady Sheila went to another dopshun event fur thee Feral Kat rescue group Sunday Feb. 8th. It wass a nastee snowy furreezin day an neether kitty got dopted butt at leest they tried. Here iss Jax thee black kittyboy:Hansome JaxLadyMum sayss he has meedeeum green eyess that are slightlee crossed. He iss onlee 5 monthss old but iss BIG fur his age! Then there iss Coral:Coral pretty girlSweet Coral had a ruptured eye frum thee Pinky Eye an had to have surgery. Shee iss all bettur now butt wee knowss peeple see a one eyed kat an they run thee other way.  LadyMum got to snuggle Coral an alltho shee lookss chubby shee iss lite a feathur an her fur iss bunnie soft. Coral iss tween 6 an 7 monthss old so shee has many good yeerss ahead of her! LadyMum told mee if shee had not dopted me shee wood have taken Coral fur sure. They are livin inn foster care fur now. Wee iss purrayin they find their furevurr homess soon!

Now on to mee:Siddhartha stretchinMee went to meet Doc Becker on Fursday an shee iss so-o nice!! Gentull an kind an shee iss berry smart too. Shee an LadyMum had a good talk an Doc Becker said shee wished shee an Doc Dave could bee partnerss in purractice!!! LadyMum got all teery eyed an told Doc Becker shee should call him an meeow to him bout THAT idea! OK back to me, mew mew mew. Mee weighss 7 pounds now an iss gettin muscless an fillin out well. Mee eye iss doin berry good an LadyMum can maintain it with Lacralube ointmint. No more Tobradex needed. Mee does have Juvenile Ginngyvitus an Doc Becker suggested Nutri-Lys a edible L-Lysine gel. It tastess ok an mee just lickss it off mee paw. Now this will help with thee Ginngyvitus an mee Immune Sistem an thee eye. Doc sayss mee gettin Co-Enzyme 10 powdur inn me food iss pawtastick idea too! So bet yur finkin all iss well rite?? Well it iss…sorta…Mee allso had sumfing called Panleukopenia! LadyMum reesearched thiss 3 weekss ago wunderin if mee ‘swagga” wass a reesult of it. Shee figured mee bumpin innto fingss an fallin off the entertainmint unit was beecause of mee limited eyesight. Well Doc Becker an her Assistant watched mee runnin bout thee exam room an aftur a few minutess Doc Becker said shee was sure Mee had this turrible sickyness when mee was ill as a kitten an that wood xplain why mee was so sick…shee said mee was lucky to have sirvived! This disease iss highlee contageeous an killss kittenss all thee time if not treeted…mee wass treeted fur Upper Respiratory Infeckshun an thee Pinky Eye but NOT thee PAN!! Now mee iss reecovered an can not get it again butt it did mess up mee Immune Sistem an it causess mee to wobble sumwhat when mee iss playin an rompin round. So thee ‘swagga’ (swagger) mee has iss sum neurological damage left over frum the Panleukopenia. Mee could have caught it frum mee Mumma Kallyco so LadyMum iss goin to vizit Lady MaryEllen next week an see Brofur Tyerrone an check him out.  Doc Becker told LadyMum with the Co Q 10 an Lysine mee should be all rite an mee onlee has to go back Decemburr fur mee follow-up Rabiess shot. Here is a linky to a Panleukopenia site fur yur purr-usal:

Lady Reeni frum next door says LadyMum iss a “lite in  katss livess”; the katss that no one wantss beecause they  are chronick sick like Aunty Nylablue was or like Aunty Mingflower who was brain damaged an had partial vishun. So LadyMum yur MEE LITE an mee feelss big an strong like thiss:Mee feelss like a big PanfurRRRAAAWWWRRR mee iss Purrince Siddhartha Henry an nuffin gonna get mee down!! Not with LadyMum bye mee side!! OK mee iss off fur a ‘happy nappy’ now deer furendss. Fankss fur stoppin bye an vizitin mee.Sleepy eyed SiddharthaBee seein youss’…..

Valentine Sunday Selfie

Published February 16, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Mee purrfect eye  Feb 2015Namaste deer furendss…iss Purrince Siddhartha here…  Has been a wunderfull Valentine’ss weekend here at Thee Purrfect Pad. Mee could meow on bout fingss but mee iss ‘doggie’ tired. Mee just finished thee Tobradex eyedropss an this iss thee reesult…doessn’t mee pue-pil look heart shaped??? (biggefye it to see up close ok?)

Mee iss pawticipatin inn thee Kittiess Blue “Sunday Selfie’ blog hop:Cat On My Head Selfie Badge 

Mew mew mew….time fur mee to get mee *easy on* like thiss:Sleepy eyed SiddharthaCome on over there iss lotss of room inn LadyMum’ss Queen size bed fur ALL of us!!!!

Bee seein you’ss…….

Mee Heart beelongss to Phoebe gurl

Published February 14, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste mee furendss…today iss a BERRY speshell day. Mee has a Valentine gurl AN mee an sweet Phoebe went to Summer’ss Valentine pawty at

If you do not know Summer pop on over an “Mee-yow’ with her ok? Shee iss a luvely Somail kittygurl who doess so many fingss! Mee finkss shee iss a Kittie Ambassadur, mew mew mew….OK mee will show you thee cardss that Phoebe an mee xchanged. Here iss mine:Phoebe'ss cardThen sweet Phoebe sent me thiss beeuteefull card:Card from Phoebe to Siddhartha 2015Pawsum yess?? Then mee sent her sum flowerss an mee foto:Flowers fur Phoebe Feb. 2015Mee iss all new to thiss Valentine’ss fing so mee did mee best with tipss frum LadyMum….today mee tellyported to Unccle Sammy an then wee tellyported to Phoebe’ss an picked her up an off to Summer’ss we went. Don’t wee look good together?SIDDARTHA WITH PHOEBE Feb.2015Shee wass thee Belle of thee Pawty…wee meeted so many of our furendss there an wee danced an wee had Chick-hen Feest an treetss an virgin niptini’ss. Wee had a shap-eroan beecause mee iss so young an Phoebe iss not alloud to have a boyfurend an so mee Unncle Sammy was kind enuff to watch over us:Unccle Sammy & the KittsMee Unccle iss thee pawsumest mankat an mee wantss to say “Fankss Unccle” fur helpin  make mee dreem come true. Sweet Phoebe iss mee Kittygurl of mee wee heart ❤  Fankss Lady Ellen fur lettin mee take yur gurl to Summer’ss pawty. Mee wass a purrfect ‘gentullkat’ as LadyMumm innstructed mee. Aftur a berry luvley an fun time,  Unccle Sammy an mee  tooked sweet Phoebe back home an then mee dropped Unccle off an came back home. LadyMum said shee missed mee so-o much butt shee iss so proud of mee an glad mee got to go on a date with a sweet kittygurl…shee allso said mee iss growin up way too fast, mew mew mew…soundss like a tippycall Mumma to mee; what do you fink???

Ok mee must go have a ‘happy nappy’ beecause mee iss xhausted! Beefur mee goess here iss LadyMum an mee’ss Valentine’ss card fur all of youss!!! LadyMum an mee LUVSS all of you so much an wee iss so gratefull to bee yur furendss too!! Our Valentine's card Feb 2015Bee seein youss………

Sunday nite selfie with sum ‘Easy On’

Published February 9, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Namaste mee furendss! Iss luvely to see youss’ here again. Mee iss berry berry late due to LadyMum abdanonin me helpin at thee Feral Kat ‘Dopshun event an her Hypurrostosis flarin up an once shee got home shee had to laze rest an shee sleeped fur allmost 3 hourss….

So-o mee iss furinallee here with mee Sunday Selfie:Siddhartha  SelfieMee likess thiss photo allott…mee lookin so fine an purrincelee like! Wee are doin the Sunday Selfie with Kittiess Blue frum:Cat On My Head Selfie Badge

 So aftur werkin on a foto fur today an playin toyss an snackin an pacin thee floor waitin fur LadyMum mee deecided to get mee ‘Easy On’:SnowySiddharthaWhew it iss hard werk beein a kitty!! An yess that iss snow beehind mee…lotss an lotss of snow an MORE on thee way! Iss OK beecause then LadyMum can stay in an wee can vizit bloggiess…iss a win-win in mee mind! Time fur sum snackss. Bee seein youss…..