Mee beelated Vet reeport

Published January 15, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you deer furendss! As youss know thee lappytop died an wee hass been offline. Wee been checkin inn when wee can get on sumone’ss elsess PC an that hass helped to stay in touch! Wee wantss to give a ‘meow-out’ to Dezi an Lexi’s Mum fur phonin us! Wee so enjoyed our fone vizit with y’all 😉  Wee are waitin fur reepairss to bee dun on the lappytop…..the reepairman finkss hee can save her! Wee shall see.  So wee iss borrowin a lappytop so mee can finish mee reeport bout me vizit to Doctur Dave. It went so well:Unccle Rex kat sittin meeThiss iss Rex thee clinick kat thatt Aunty Nylablue used to hiss at. Mee an hee had a kittychat an then he sat on mee til it wass time fur mee to meet the Doctur! So mee an LadyMum went inn an did thee ‘meet an greet’ an look how well it went:Vet vizit Jan 2015 012Mee wass so cureeuss mee riggled ALLOTT butt mee DOESS like Doctur Dave allot. He said mee weighss 6 poundss now an mee had good breathin an heart rate. Mee skin iss good an no wermss or other ‘ickiess’! Then hee told Mum mee hass Rhine-i-tus inn mee nosess an Juvenile Ginggyvitis so mee had a Convenia shot an so far itt iss helpin ALLOTT! Mee eye hass Corneal scarrin an thee Haw iss stuck half closed an mee puupill iss dilated butt the good newss iss no surgery needed!!!! Whew, wee wass so wurried! Then Doctur Dave said mee needed bloodwerk an LadyMum got uppyset. Mee had to bee tested fur Feeline Leukemia an Aidss. Poor LadyMum shook fur over 2 hourss. Mee helped Doctur Dave do thee Purrmisshun form fur mee to bee with LadyMum an too appoint mee Guardeeanss should anyfing happen to LadyMum:Vet vizit Jan 2015 014Then mee was given a Mani/Pedi frum Doctour Dave an TerryLady:Vet vizit Jan 2015 015Vet vizit Jan 2015 016 Thee bloodwerk came back NEGATIVE!!! Yippee!!! Mee iss nott sick!! Doctur Dave said mee iss doin good on thee Performatrim Kitten Kibble an Kitten Fancy Feest an hee approved LadyMum usin Co Enzyme 10 inn mee food an it hass helped allready. Mee iss usin Lacralube Ointmint fur me eyess an mee not need thee eyedropss anymore…

Wee go back fur reecheck on Wed., Jan. 21st. Pawss crossed wee hass thee lappytop back bye then! Are youss wunderin who wood take care of mee if sumfing happened to LadyMum? It will bee eether Doctur Dave or Terry Lady…so mee will have a furever home no mattur what! Good mewss rite???

Iss mee ferst Winter an thiss iss what mee seess outside mee patio window:Siddhartha and snow Jan.15 014All thiss snow fell in 10 dayss!! Wee hass over 5 feet aftur beein green all Decemburr! Mee not sure mee likess thiss seeson much butt it doess give mee LOTSS of time with LadyMum an playin toyss an nappin:More Dharth 005An speekin of nappin; Bee seein youss……


66 comments on “Mee beelated Vet reeport

    • Thee best newss Savannah!! Ladymum hass been thru so many yeerss of sickyness with Auntyss Nylablue an Mingflower. Shee wass wurried shee took on too much with mee. So mee iss gonna grow up big an strong!
      Luv Siddhartha ❤

    • Dennis?? Dennis THEE Vizsla doggie!!! **faintss**
      ….time passes…..
      OK mee iss back Dennis. You must fink mee silly fur faintin. Mee hass herd so-o much bout you an mee iss honored you has vizited mee!
      Wee iss hopin thee Wednesday Vet vizit goess just as well 😉
      Bee seein you, Siddhartha =^..^=

  • All good news, sweet Siddhartha! And I am really enjoying your posts. Please tell Lady Mum I think you have a great talent for this! I always feel like I’m right there with you! Hugs, Barbara

    • Mee-you you DO Barbara Lady?? Fur reel; you feel like yur here with mee??? Mousiess mee iss doin good then. LadyMum sayss mee knowss bettur ‘peeple’ speek as mee wass with Hu’Manss since mee wass a month old. Nikki Lady an James-Man tooked grate care of mee an spent allot of time teechin mee ‘peeple speek’ so mee can talk to all of youss….
      Mee tooked to bloggin like a duckie luvss thee water 😉
      Fankss fur stoppin bye….
      *nose bumpss* Siddhartha ❤ ❤

    • Mee-you Annabelle iss ALLOTT of snow an wee got a few more inchess last nite. LadyMum shovelled it butt shee wass berry carefull.
      Mee reelly likess Doctur Dave an mee will see him next Wed fur thee reecheck; wish mee well 😉
      Lappytop iss fixed an runnin ok. It iss over 7 yeerss old an Mister Ron told LadyMum whatevurr time shee getss frum it iss a bonw-nus!
      Fankss fur stoppin bye ❤
      Siddhartha an LadyMum x0x0

  • First things first – that snow – OMP that’s a LOT of snow my friend. WOW! I’ve never seen that much in my entire life – except from the inside of a snow cone but that’s different “snow” – snorts. I’m so glad you got to meet Dr Dave and you liked him. He’s a great guy. Just remind him that Uncle Bacon is watching him 🙂 So glad things went so well!!! Give your Lady Mum a hog and snout kiss from me and mom. XOXO – Bacon

    • Mee-you Unccle Bacon mee finkss Doctur Dave will bee ok! Hee iss so gentull an stroked mee lotss an did not hert mee at all. Hee wass BERRY happy to bee asked to bee mee Guardeean as wass Terry Lady. Mee iss trulee blesssed.
      Wee had a few more inchess overnite so LadyMum had shovelled carefully.
      Mee snuggled an kisseyed her frum you deer Unccle.
      **nose bumpss** Neffew Siddhartha ❤ ❤

    • Mee-you Jenna Lady mee iss glad fingss went well allso. Doctur Dave iss onlee mee seckond Vet an mee likess him MUCH MORE than thee fesrt one!
      Fankss fur stoppin bye.
      Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum ❤ ❤ ❤
      Pee S: Kiss them sweeeet Hiskiess frum us ok??

    • Mee-yow Speedy mee told LadyMum yur Mum will call tomorrow. Shee will bee here even if mee hass to sit on her 😉 MOL!
      Mee seess Doctur Dave this comin Wednessday an mee lookin forwerd to seein him again.
      Kiss yur Mum fur mee ok?
      Luv Siddhartha ❤ ❤

  • Rex sat on your box while you were waiting? What a funny guy!Maybe he thought because his name means king, your box is a throne? Great that it came back negative, think that’s the only thing where we are happy to get a negative! woohoo!

    • Mee-yow Easy that Rex Kat iss berry nice. Hee iss thee “Greeter” fur thee clinick. As mee hass a Brofur mee not hiss at him 😉
      MOL hee finkss thee purple carrier iss a throne?? Crazy Kat!
      Yur rite bout the NEGATIVE!!! The onlee time LadyMum sayss it iss a ‘good’ werd!
      Woo Hoooo….
      Luv Siddhartha ❤ ❤

  • YAY! What great news my handsome young nephew! Good labs – good meeting with the miracle worker Dr. Dave – that’s wonderful – also knowing that if anything happens to your Mum, you will be in GOOD HANDS! Sounds like you’re doing just fine and if you can ever get rid of that snow (wow!) you’ll be enjoying your first beautiful Spring with your Mum with all the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks visiting you instead of SNOWMEN!

    Love and Hugs, Uncle Sammy

    • Unccle Sammy mee iss berry blessed mee finkss. Agel Aunty’ss Nylablue an Mingflower found mee LadyMum an now mee hass 2 Guardeeanss if sumfing happenss to LadyMum an mee hass grate Vet care low-kally!
      Life ISS good!!
      Thee pigeeonss come here dailee an mee hass seen 2 Sparrowss: Sarge an Woodstock. Mee can hardlee wait to see squirreless an chipmunkss…..
      Mee DID see a Red Tailed Hawk too….it wass handsum an a bit scarey!
      Luv yur Neffkitty Siddhartha ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Mee-yow Annie Lady mee iss BERRY blessed that if sumfing happenss to LadyMum (KittyGod furbid) they will bee abull to take care of me an give me a home!!!!
      Mee NOT sure what mee finkss bout Winter; LadyMum sayss shee luvss thee Winter butt all thee shovellin did her back inn 😉
      Mee finkss warmer weather will bee nicer….
      Luv Siddhartha an Ladymum x0x0x0

  • I’m so glad you had a good visit with Dr. Dave and your tests came out negative! Do you know, you weigh almost as much as me? I’m 6 lbs., 2 oz. and I probably won’t get a whole lot bigger than that.

    • Mee-you Summer yur thee smae weight as mee?? All good fingss come in 6 pound packagess, MOL!!!
      Doctur Dave sayss mee mite grow to 9 poundss…wee shall see….
      NEGATIVE wass thee best pawsitive mee hass evurr herd!!!!
      Fankss fur stoppin by.
      Luv Siddhartha =^..^=

  • We are so happy at that great vet report!
    We’ve never seen that much snow at one time. Snuggling down and stayin warm with your Mom sounds like a great idea.
    Hope you have a great Friday, handsome boy!

    • Mee-you Princeton an precious wee iss so happy here too!! Mee wass scared mee wood need surgery an LadyMum wood have to take care of mee.
      Mee iss havin a good Furiday here! Lotss of snow butt it iss warm an snuggley inndoorss with LadyMum!
      Happy Furiday to all of you.
      Siddhartha =^..^=

  • Hey there … I’m so glad it all went well, and how nice to see the pictures! What a relief that all is well with your health.

    We do hope that all will be sorted out to the best with the computer, and soon! 🙂

    • Mee-you Aunty Rebby an McDuff thee lappytop iss back!! It got a new power adaptur an a new coolin fan. So wee iss back in busyness fur thee time beein!! Yipppeeeee!!!!
      Mee an ladyMum are so-o reeleeved mee doess not need surgery an mee iss feelin bettur with thee Auntybye-otick 😉
      Sendin luv an **nose bumpss**
      Siddhartha an LadyMum xxx

  • Wooohooowoooooooo Siddhartha! I am furry proud of you at the dogter. WOL! I wishy I could be there with you and show you how to be in the snow and make snow caves and nests out of my furs fur you to stay warm. Give LadyMum a big big kissie from me and from Nalle and from Mama and from sisfur Zoe tooowoowooooooooo, oh and fur you toowoowooooo! 😀
    xoxoxoxoxoxo, UnkoKu

    • Woof-woof Unko Kuruk you iss proud of mee?? Fankss so much! mee reelly likess Dogtur Dave an hee reelly liked me too! mee will see him on Wednesday fur thee reecheck an pawss crossed mee iss all bettur frum the Rhine-itus an Gingee-vitus too….
      Mee an LadyMum feel like wee iss in an iggyloo here with all thee snow piled outside! MMM mee wood luv to nest in yur furss Unko! Mee used to have a doggie at thee farm butt shee iss not as furry as you!
      Mee gave LadyMum lotss of *kissess* an shee kissed mee frum ALL of you!
      Mee sendss **nose bumpss** too!
      Yur Neffkitty ‘Purrince’ Siddhartha ❤ ❤

  • Oh, we are so happy to read this good report from your checkup. That snow will eventually melt so you just do lots of cuddling with your sweet LadyMum and stay healthy. We are glad to hear you like Dr. Dave and we are not surprised at all that he liked you. It appears that Rex approves of you too and enjoyed sitting on you. 🙂 You are in good hands both at home and at the vet so just enjoy life sweet Siddhartha. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Mee-you Aunty Maggie an Chancy mee iss stayin warm an cozy an snugglin with LadyMum. Wee iss still usin furned’ss PC so wee not here fur long tonite.
      Mee an LadyMum are so-o reeleeved mee not reel sick. Mee knowss LadyMum had a ruff time with Aunty Nylablue an mee wood not want to stress her out too!
      Doctur Dave iss so sweet an gentull. Mee seess why peeple an 4 leggedss luv him so much!
      Rex iss a funny mankat an mee iss glad wee are furendss.
      Mee ISS in good handss,,,,
      Ok mee hass to go fur now. Wee will come by yur bloggie as soon as wee can!
      Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum x0x0x0x0

    • Mee-you Wally an Ernie an Zoey mee DOESS like Doctur Dave. Hee iss kind an gentull.
      It iss snowin tonite again an LadyMum will have to shovell again (poor Mum)…
      Glad youss not have thee snow wee do!
      Luv Siddhartha ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Mee-yow Brian an thee gang…Doctur Dave iss so gentull an luvvin. Hee did NOT want to put mee down!!! Thee reeportss were bettur then wee expected….an yah thiss iss way yoo much snow…..
      Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum x0x0x0x0x0x0

  • Happy to hear you are doing well. Your Mom is smart to plan ahead for you, but we hope the 2 of you have a long happy life together. Please visit us for a chance to win a stuffed Grumpy cat.

    • Wee will try to vizit you Ellen Lady butt wee iss on a furend’ss PC so wee cannot wear out our wellcome…
      Wee hopess fur a L-o-n-g life together too. LadyMum just wantss to make sure mee iss taken care of if she getss sick or werse (which iss not gonna happin on mee watch!)
      Yur furend, Siddhartha 🙂

  • Glad the visit went well. Looks like you were so good too. Thanks for the update and hope you can get your laptop back soon. Love to you both.
    Sue B

    • Mee-yow Sue Lady an thee five sweet kittiess…it iss snowin tonite again….*sighss*
      Mee hass been goin to Vet’ss fur most of mee littul life so mee knowss to bee good 😉
      wee iss hopin to get the lappytop back soon too……
      Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum x0x0x0x0x0

    • Mee-you Sandy Lady yur so-o rite that LadyMumm iss totallee reeleeved! She was berry wurried mee wass another sick kitty cause it wass so hard fur her with both mee Aunty’ss…
      It iss nice to make new furendss too!
      Fankss fur stoppin bye.
      Siddhartha =^..^=

  • What a wonderful report all around sweet little man 🙂 Dr Dave is sure pleased with you by the looks..we hope now Dr computer can fix mums lappy top! looking very gorgeous Dharth sweetie 🙂 loves Aunty Bev xxx ❤ ❤

    • Mee-yow mee LUVSS beein called ‘littul man’…iss mee faverite nickiename!!!!!
      Doctur Dave iss wunderfull….
      Thee PC Doctur iss werkin on thee lappytop….
      Much luv Aunty Bev ❤ ❤
      Siddhartha an LadyMum xxx

      • Awww I am glad little man 🙂 and I hope that PC gets sorted quickly..Bashfuls adventures are all up and he is having a are yet to meet him 🙂 I am off soon to take advantage of the light and get me some roo pics! see you when you are up and running again little man 🙂 Loves Aunty Bev xx ❤ ❤

    • Fankss Dezi an Lexi an Audra Lady….mee played all thru thee nite last nite an mee nocked a paintin of LadyMum’ss off thee wall. Shee wass uppyset thiss mornin. Mee iss beein good now…
      Mee wass outside fur 10 minutess thru the fire alarm test an it wass so chilley butt mee did like smellin the air…
      **nose bumpss** Siddhartha 🙂 an LadyMum 🙂

      • Sorry yous got in a little twubble, but weez sure she not be too upset wiff ya’ and as yous grow yous’ll learn what you can do and what yous not posed to do. Sorry yous had to stay out in da cold, but glad yous all be safe.

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Lexi

        • 😉 Mee-you Dezi an Lexi mee iss full of energee an LadyMum sayss shee enjoyess thee antickss. shee did put thee medicine Shield up higher on thee wall so mee can not mess with it. No more temptaayshun rite??
          Mee did not mind beein outside beecause mee had 2 blankeess coverin mee an LadyMum snag to mee…
          **nose bumpss** Siddhartha an LadyMum ❤ ❤

    • Mee-yow Shoko mee finkss LadyMum needs yur Snowmobile to zoomie round on 😉
      It iss snowin here tonite….LadyMum sayss shee weill have to shovell again…oh noooo…..
      It wass a grate reeport frum Doctur Dave an LadyMum iss so so reeleeved. Now wee can live a good life together 😉
      ~~~head rubbss~~~ an luv ❤
      Siddhartha x0x0x0

    • Mee-you an purrss Aunty Toby iss nice to see you here. Mee doess like Doctur Dave ALLOT an mee getss to see him next week….
      LadyMum wass not in the fotoss…that ferst fotos with Rex Kat wass CathyJean who used to showfurr Nylablue to the Vetss’ 😉
      LadyMum sayss wee DO make a nice pair tho’. Shee iss smilin more an more these dayss! Yippee!
      Luv Siddhartha ❤ ❤

  • wee small dood !!!! sorree ya had two go two de place oh eeevil but way happee ya getted most lee grate mews…. total lee awsum of de doc dood N lady terry ta step up bout lookin out for ewe….♥♥…hope de sun shinez soon N de snows meltz a way…best fishes to mum on gettin de pee cee fixed ♥♥

    • Mee-yow Tabbiess iss ok that mee went to the Vetss….hee iss a nice an gentull man. Doctur Dave agreed hee wood bee mee Guardeean if sumfing happenss to LadyMum. How pawsum iss THAT?
      An Terry Lady just keeped holdin mee so shee wanted to bee a Guardeean too 😉
      Wee had sum Sun yesturday but oh so chilley wee stayed innside!
      Wee still waitin fur the Pee Cee….*sighss*
      At leest wee hass furendss who let us use theyre lappytop…
      ***Nose bumpss*** Siddhartha xxx

  • What good news on your first vet visit. Looks as if you were very relaxed with Dr. Dave and Terry Lady. We are so happy to know that you will always have a forever home should anything happen (God forbid) to your LadyMum. That sure is a whole lot of snow! Hope the laptop is fixed soon. Kisses and purrs to you and S-E. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

    • Janet Lady an sweet Kitties Blue fankss fur stoppin bye. Mee wass so cureeuss an reelaxed too. It wass a grate vizit an mee can hardless wait to see Dcotur Dave next week fur thee reecheck!!!
      Mee knowss it iss a seereuss fing to speek of sumfing happenin to our LadyMum’ss an Pappawss butt wee should talk bout it an make sure there are planss in place.
      Mee hopess to bee with LadyMum fur a BERRY l-o-n-g time!
      Wee hopess the lappytop comess home soon too.
      ***Nose bumpss** an ❤ LUV ❤ Siddhartha an LadyMum xxxxxxxx

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