Altheea an thee lappytop died…

Published January 9, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you Efurryone! Iss ‘Purrince’ Siddhartha here an mee hass lotss to meow to youss. Mee terned 6 monthss  old as of Furiday! WooHoo! Mee iss half a yeer old an mee iss so happy. To sellybrate mee hass been Pigeeon watchin like thiss:Dharth bird watchinMee hass even made a furend with Altheea:Mee an AltheeaLadyMum sayss Aunty Nylablue used to bee furendss with sirtain birdss too. So mee continuess thee tradishun. Atfur all there iss not allot else to do as Winter hass come down on us like Snowmeegedon! Wee hass had snow fur 9 dayss an there iss now 5 feetss of it an mee cannot see out the windowss too well. Fankfully LadyMum shovells dailee an putss seedss out fur them!

So at 2pm today (Furiday) ‘Purrincess’ thee lappytop died fur reel….so wee iss at thee nayburrss typin like madkatss to let all of youss know why wee not gonna bee here. LadyMum will take lappytop in Tuesday an wee see if it can bee reepaired or not. If not,  wee will buy one frum the PC place! Eether way wee not bee online fur a week or two. Sorry beecause mee wanted to tell youss bout Doctur Dave…hee iss wunderfull an mee goess back in 2 weekss fur reecheck!!! Sendin efuurryone LUV an good wishess….see ya in thee funn papurrss!!! Siddhartha an LadyMum x0x0x0

70 comments on “Altheea an thee lappytop died…

  • Happy 6 month birthday, Siddhartha! Have fun making furiends with the birdies — they look really nice 🙂 Sorry to hear about the laptop. A dead laptop is never any fun to deal with.

    • Fankss KittyKat Chronickless…..thee Pigeeonss are berry nice an like to vizit mee dailee.
      Mee agreess: a dead lappytop iss no fun at all 😦
      Still havin to go to furend’ss to do reepliess.
      **paw kissess** n luv, Siddhartha an LadyMum ❤ ❤

  • Oh Meow My that bad puter. Dad has a little chromebook as a backup and likes it a lot. Wow there are a lot of pigeon pals out that window. Meow! I cant wait to hear about good old Dr Dave
    Purrs little one

    • Yur not kiddin Timmy an thee gang an Pete Pappaw!! Mee sent LadyMumm up to Aunty’s to do reepliss. Lappytop iss in thee queue butt wee not know anyfing til Furiday 😦
      Mee will vizit Doc Dave on thee 21st…hopefully wee hass a lappytop bye then!
      Luv Siddhartha ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Mum says it never rains but it pours, whatever that means!?? It’s snowing, not raining MOL

    Happy half-a-year birthday Purrince Siddhartha.

    We are hoping and purraying the laptop situation can be sorted very soon. Very frustrating 😦

    Lots of high paws and nose sniffs, Uncle Austin and The Staff x0x

    • Mee-yow Unccle Austin thee lappytop iss in at the PC Doc’ss…butt wee not know anyfing till Furiday! Iss allwayss sumfing here; did not Aunty Nylablue allwayss say that??? 😉
      Fankss fur thee conkatss…mee iss growin up!!
      **nose kissess** Siddhartha an LadyMum x0x0x0

  • That is a ridiculous amount of snow. You tell LadyMum to be particularly careful when she is out shoveling. We are supposed to have freezing rain tonight and tomorrow morning. Sorry about the laptop. We know how frustrating that can be. Stay safe and warm. We’ll look forward to seeing you when you are able to return to the bloggie world. Sending all our love to you and Mum S.E. ❤ ❤ ❤ XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Mee-you Janet Lady an Kittiess Blue! Thee PC iss at the PC Doc butt hee iss on hiss own so wee will not know anyfing til Furiday. Then wee hass to figure out what to do…will bee another week offline 😦
      LadyMum herted her back an S-I Jointss so shee cannot shovell at all….
      Sendin all of youss luv an ***paw kissess**
      Siddhartha an LadyMum x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

    • Mee-you Aunty Rebby an McDuff thee lappytop iss as thee PC Doc’ss butt it will bee a while till wee know what’ss what 😦
      Fankss fur the compleemintss…mee luvss them funny Pigeeonss!
      Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum ❤ ❤ ❤

  • oh nooo not the laptop!!… we’ll miss you, but thanks for taking the time to let us know!! Maybe you can get some more birdwatching in? You seem so good at it!!
    Hugs, Carrie & Pups x

    • Hey Carrie it is awful w/out a PC. My friend upstairs is letting me use hers to do replies. It will Friday b4 I know anything so another week probably offline 😦 RATS!!!!
      Siddhartha is birdwatching downstairs!! LOL…
      Sending you love & ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha x0x0x0x0

      • Aww Sherri-Ellen… I know how it is! You feel so lost don’t you? particularly when you have a lovely community to catch up with… Maybe Siddhartha can teach you the joys of birdwatching, keep you calm until you can get back to us!?
        Don’t you worry though, we will miss you but all still be here when you get back.
        Hugs, Carrie & Pups x

      • Totally lost Carrie! I miss everyone so much & will never get caught up on blogs. It is all ‘hit & miss’ at the moment.
        Siddhartha is teaching me to MEEOHM & watch the birds & snuggle him for an hour at a time, lol….
        I hope the poochies are well within themselves & you too.
        (((hugs))) & love, Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha ❤ ❤

    • EEEEK iss rite Annabelle….wee got the lappytop to the PC Doc butt hee iss all bye himself so it will bee a week befur wee know if it iss fixabull. If not, wee hass to buy a new one…wee missess you loadss…
      Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum x0x0x0

    • Mee-you Summer wee not gonna know if the lappytop iss reepairabull till Furiday an if it is not wee will have to wait till next week to buy a new PC…
      Sorry…mee an LadyMum missess you oodless too 😉
      Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum x0x0x0x0

    • Mee-you Brian an thee gang wee iss warm an toastee an PC’less…*sighss* There iss onlee Ron man werkin at the PC place so wee bee offline til who knowss when 😦
      Missin ya all loadss too!
      Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

  • Happy Half Birthday’s great to have some furriends, isn’t it sweet Furball, they all love you too 🙂 We hope that the laptop is fixed in no time, so we can hear all about you and dr Dave. See you soon. Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🙂 ❤

    • Mee-you little Binky an Mum M. Thee PC iss at the PC Doc’ss butt hee iss on hiss own so wee will bee offline fur at leest another week. Sorry….it iss a badtime fur thiss to happen!!
      Mee will see Doc Dave on thee 21st; hopefully wee iss back online!
      **paw kissess** Siddhartha an LadyMum xxxxx

    • Mee-you Poupounette Gang mee sent LadyMum to Aunty Ruth’ss to answer commintss…Thee lappytop iss not fixabull so LadyMum will ahve to buy a new one!!! wee missess youss alot allready!
      Luv Siddhartha ❤

  • Happy 6 month birthday, sweetie! 🙂 We’re sorry to hear your laptop died. We hope you can get it fixed. We love watching da birdies too! They look quite YUMMY, don’t they? MOL Have fun watching them, little sweetheart! 😀 Much love, Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

  • Oh Siddhartha I hope you can get that laptop fixed – we will all miss you but I know you’re keeping warm and are with your Mum so just relax and we’ll “see you when we see you” !!!!

    Hugs, Uncle Sammy

    • Mee-you Unccle Sammy lappytop iss dun!!!! LadyMum hass to buy a new one. It will bee 2 weeksss befur wee iss online again.
      There iss 5 FEET of snow here!!! Mee stayin cozy with LadyMum…
      Bee seein youss!
      Luv Siddhartha x0x0x0

    • Miss Annie Lady thee lappytop iss dun. Wee hass to buy a new one. LadyMum wanted to vizit youss daillee thiss yeer but it not gonna happen 😦
      See you inn a couple of weekss!!
      Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum x0x0

  • Dang…those lappytops are a pain. Dad has one and he’s always yelling at it. Bird watchin’ is a great pastime….at least you have birds. We have a pawty each time we spot a bird cause I think we saw one 2 weeks ago.


    • Mee-you ourss iss dun! Wee will hass tobuy a new one. LadyMum will take ourss to the PC Doc butt not much hope!
      Mee wishess mee could send sum Pigeeonss to youss Shoko 😉
      Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum x0x0x0x0

  • Sorry about the laptop, Mom’s is on the way as well and she is researching wha t she wants to get. No big decisions until she is drug free…LOL. Congrats Dhartha on your vet visit. Paws crossed you continue to be in better health. Paw hugs, Savvy

    • Mee-you Savvy an Aunty L wee needss a new lappytop! **sighss**
      Wee mite go with a Dell lappytop!!!
      Mee will do a bloggie bout the vizit when mee getss back online..
      Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Oh my NefPurrrince Siddhartha, how I envy your snowooowoowooooo! Have lots of fun while the laptop gets fixed and happy half-birthday to youwooowoooooo! xoxoxoxox ❤ UnkoKu

    • Mee you Unko Kuruk mee wishess mee could send you sum snow…wee hass 5 FEET now an wee iss livin inn an igloo it feelss like!Wee hass too much!.
      Fankss fur the conkats…mee missess eberyone so much..
      See youss in a few weekss…
      Luv Siddhartha ❤ ❤

  • Glad yous can get yous puter fixed or buy anudder. Weez almost had dat purrawllem but weez wuld just hav to be offline. Weez still got a foo more years to pay fur thhis puter so weez fur sure kuldn’t hav gotten anudder one. See ya’ when ya’ get back.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    • Mee-you Dezi an Lexi wee will have to buy a pree-owned lappytop but it iss ok. LadyMum hass sum green papurrs fur it. Wee missess you an tell yur Mum she can call LadyMum an then mee Mum can call yur Mum back fur free!
      Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum xxxxx

      • Purree owned is not bad, specially ifin it’s been worked on by a smawt puter purrson. Weez sure glad yous hav sum gween papers fur a puter or wepair, whichever yous need.

        Fur da furee huh? Weez’ll tell mommy to twy. Weez hav magic jack so not sure where all we can call.

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Lexi

        • Mee-you Dezi an Lexi an Lady Audra wee so enjoyed meowin wif youss last nite!!!
          Thee PC Doc iss on hiss own so it will bee another week afore wee knowss anyfing!!!
          Fankss fur keepin in touch 😉
          Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum ❤ ❤ ❤

          • We enjoyed ow visit too. sorry yous be wiffout a puter, weez sure know how dat is, and weez felt cut off fwum da world. MOL Amazin’ how weliant yous get on these fings. Stay warm.

            Luv ya’

            Dezi and Lexi

    • Wee hass grate bird TeeVee here!! Good fing as wee hass no lapytop!!! Will bee a few weekss til wee iss upan runnin again!
      Fankss fur thee conkatss!
      Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum
      Pee S: Mee sent LadyMum to Aunty’ss uppystairss….

  • Sorry your laptop died. Hope you can come back real soon as we will miss your postings. You have the best bird TV. We hardly ever see birds in the winter around here. Hugs to you both.
    Sue B

    • Mee-you Sue Lady an Fab 5 Kittiess…..thee lappytop iss dun. Wee hass to buy a new one…It will bee a week or two befur wee is online again! Mee sent LadyMum uppystairss to Aunty’ss to do reepliess…
      Pigeeonss here galore…we can send youss sum!!!
      **paw kissess** Siddhartha an LadyMum xxxxxxx

  • BURD WATCHIN ???? BURD WATCHIN !!!! wee small dood, seer ee iz ..thatz KNOT de way ta spend yur happee 6 moz !!! hope de lap oh top getz fixed for ewe N mum ~~~~~
    heerz two a warm, walleye, whitefish week oh end !! ♥♥♥

    • Mee knew youss wood bee unhappy butt iss too cold fur fish watchin; the Bay iss furrozen!!!
      Mee DID hass whitefish thiss weekend….mmm mmm good!!
      See youss in a couple of weekss…
      Luv Siddhartha & LadyMum x0x0x0x0

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