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*Easy On* Sunday

Published January 26, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you mee furendss iss ‘Purrince’ Siddhartha here with mee ferst adventure with mee furend Speedy an hiss furendss Mr. Mick thee Kat an Freddie thee Gerbill. Now mee iss not gonna TELL youss thee story beecause Speedy hass ritten it on his bloggie so pleese pop over an give it a reed, OK:

It ternss out thee coat closet here iss a tellyport closet an Speedy came to pick mee up. We had an amazin adventure! Mee ended up on a Viking ship:Siddhartha & Speedy's 1st adventure Jan. 2105Don’t wee look grate in our two-queess?? On thee mast iss Freddie thee Gerbill an then Speedy in his red two-quee an Mr. Mick in thee turquoise one & mee inn thee grey one….fashion iss impawtent on these misshunss, mewmew mew….We met up with thee Viking Loki an mee wass sorta fraidykat butt mee did mee job valeantley:In the stone circle with LokiMee can tell youss once mee got home mee needed sum snackss an rest, so here iss mee *Easy On* foto:Snoozin Siddhartha

Mee iss dreemin of sailin thee seven seass….Bee seein youss…..


42 Shadess of RED!

Published January 24, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you Efurryone!!! ‘Purrince’ Siddhartha here with  deetailss on mee reecheck vizit with thee Vet. Mee iss puttin a warnin on thiss; there mite bee a few *flounderss* inn thiss bloggie beecause mee an LadyMum were purrturbed aftur thee vizit…so gather round an mee tellss you what happened:Siddhartha's selfieSo wee went with Aunty Sheila to thee Vet’ss on Wednesday an mee got weighed. Mee is up to 6.4 lbss frum 6 lbss 2 weekss ago!! Purrfect. Mee Rhinnyitus has cleerin up well an mee Gingivitis iss slowlee cleerin…mee had to have more Convenia to try to knock it out fur good. Dr. Dave checked mee left eye again an hee put inn thee yellow lick-quid to make sure NO ulcer inn thee eye. Nuffin bad in there. Hee gave us Tobradex eye dropss fur thee eye. Mee getss them twice a day fur a week an then once a day till mee finishess thee bottle…..Mee can allso have Lacralube ointmint inn mee eye to keep it frum dryin out. with thee medss it iss hoped the Haw will loosen up an mee will get more of mee vishun back! Wee was dun an  in thee waitin room an all of a sudden Dr Dave came flyin out sayin mee needed to bee deewermed an have Distempurr shot! LadyMum was uburr-stunned an shee said “NO” & said mee not need dewermin as mee has gained good weight an mee had been dun when mee was youngur. Thee Vet told her sumfing BAD mite happen an mee needed to bee dun an LadyMum caved inn…back mee went to thee exam room an thiss iss what mee thott of THAT idea:Siddhartha giving Vet raspberryNext fing mee knowss thee Milbamex pill iss goin down mee throat. LadyMum put mee into carrier an said “No more needelss” an wee left an shee was 42 shadess of red:42 shades of REDPoor LadyMum!! When wee got home shee cursed allot!! *FLOUNDER FLOUNDER FLOUNDER AN DAMM* Mee eated an used thee litturbox an went to sleep fur over 6 hourss an LadyMum was havin kittyfitss wurryin thee pill had dun sumfing bad to me! When mee woke up an had a snack mee used thee litturbox an fingss came out purrfect an NO stupid slithery wermss appeared an LadyMum was so reeleeved an furry angry too makin mee go thru thiss. LadyMum gave mee a new toy to cheer me up (an maybee help her feel bettur too):Siddhartha an CrinkleyThiss iss mee ‘crinkley’ ball an mee luvss it!! Fankss LadyMum! Iss ok bout thee werm pill, reelly….So that’ss what happened at thee reecheck appointmint. Mee iss off to have a happy nappy; a kittyboy can nevurr have too many rite???Siddhartha ZZZZZBee seein youss……

Paw note: Hi All: Sherri-Ellen here. I just wanted to add that I spoke to Mary-Ellen who has Siddhartha’s brother  Tye. He was at his Vet’s Wednesday also & he is weighing in at 6.6 lbs & is healthy! I asked Mary-Ellen how many times Siddhartha was dewormed & she said twice: when he was 3 months old & when he was 5 months old just before I adopted him. So he DID NOT need this treatment at all. As much as I adore my Vet,  I want to say we should follow our gut feeling when it comes to the care of our beloved 4 leggeds. Do not be persuaded if it feels ‘wrong’…lesson learned 😉

What’ss in thee name?

Published January 17, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you deer furendss mee iss here with a new bloggie today. Many of youss out there in ‘Bloggieland’ wunder how mee gotted mee fancy name an what it meenss. Gathur round an mee will tell youss:Siddhartha hangin out 2As youss know mee had a differint name an mee NOT like it at ALL! Tigss just didn’t appeel to mee! When mee met LadyMum she started callin mee ‘Dharth’ as in Dharth Vader frum Star Warss (an shee NOT into thee seer-eess; go figure…) When shee came home aftur thee adopshun event she picked up thiss book:Thee book SiddharthaThen it hit her that MEE wass the kittyboy shee had allwayss dreemed of fur yeerss! Thee ferst Siddhartha wass a Prince an so mee beecame ‘Purrince’ Siddhartha an then last week LadyMum talked to Jon-man an they wundered if mee once wass Henry Two Sockss, his kittyboy what onlee lived fur 9 monthss in 2009! LadyMum went out an bott spring cat toyss an mee playss like crazee with them. Beecause mee luvss those spring toyss SO-O much shee sayss mee iss thee ree-inn-carnation of Henry Two Sockss:Handsome HenryIss itt pawssible?? Could mee have been here befur?? Mee not knowss bout such fingss but mee ‘feelss’ like mee hass an mee DID recognize LadyMum….hhmmm berry, berry cureeuss issn’t it?? Oh mee die-gressed….

So mee name iss offishally ‘Purrince’ Siddhartha Henry an you can call mee ‘Dharth’ fur short!

Hisstorically mee name comess frum thee man who beecame THEE BUUDHA. Hiss name wass Siddhartha Guatama an hee lived inn thee 6th Century BeeCee in Nepal. His an my name are Sanskrit/Hindi an meen ‘One Who Has Accomplished a Goal’. Thee modern meening iss ‘Wishess Fullfilled’ an as LadyMum had wished fur a Burmese boy named Siddhartha fur many yeerss mee finkss thiss fitss purrfectly. So mee is named aftur thiss purrson:Siddhartha GautamaLadyMum an mee luvss thiss pic of Thee Buudha allott! Mee betss youss wunder how to pronounce mee name? It iss pronounced Si-dahr-thuh. Cool issn’t it?? LadyMum allwayss callss mee like thiss an mee comess runnin! Oh an mee nickie-namess are ‘Little Man’ an ‘Duderss’. So now youss know how mee gotted mee name an what it meenss an why mee iss so speshell to LadyMum an mee hopess to ALL of youss!!!

))))YAWNSS(((( ok iss time fur mee afturnoon happy nappy so mee iss gonna climm up into mee pedestal bed an zzzzzzz….Siddhartha katnapssBee seein youss…..


Mee beelated Vet reeport

Published January 15, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you deer furendss! As youss know thee lappytop died an wee hass been offline. Wee been checkin inn when wee can get on sumone’ss elsess PC an that hass helped to stay in touch! Wee wantss to give a ‘meow-out’ to Dezi an Lexi’s Mum fur phonin us! Wee so enjoyed our fone vizit with y’all 😉  Wee are waitin fur reepairss to bee dun on the lappytop…..the reepairman finkss hee can save her! Wee shall see.  So wee iss borrowin a lappytop so mee can finish mee reeport bout me vizit to Doctur Dave. It went so well:Unccle Rex kat sittin meeThiss iss Rex thee clinick kat thatt Aunty Nylablue used to hiss at. Mee an hee had a kittychat an then he sat on mee til it wass time fur mee to meet the Doctur! So mee an LadyMum went inn an did thee ‘meet an greet’ an look how well it went:Vet vizit Jan 2015 012Mee wass so cureeuss mee riggled ALLOTT butt mee DOESS like Doctur Dave allot. He said mee weighss 6 poundss now an mee had good breathin an heart rate. Mee skin iss good an no wermss or other ‘ickiess’! Then hee told Mum mee hass Rhine-i-tus inn mee nosess an Juvenile Ginggyvitis so mee had a Convenia shot an so far itt iss helpin ALLOTT! Mee eye hass Corneal scarrin an thee Haw iss stuck half closed an mee puupill iss dilated butt the good newss iss no surgery needed!!!! Whew, wee wass so wurried! Then Doctur Dave said mee needed bloodwerk an LadyMum got uppyset. Mee had to bee tested fur Feeline Leukemia an Aidss. Poor LadyMum shook fur over 2 hourss. Mee helped Doctur Dave do thee Purrmisshun form fur mee to bee with LadyMum an too appoint mee Guardeeanss should anyfing happen to LadyMum:Vet vizit Jan 2015 014Then mee was given a Mani/Pedi frum Doctour Dave an TerryLady:Vet vizit Jan 2015 015Vet vizit Jan 2015 016 Thee bloodwerk came back NEGATIVE!!! Yippee!!! Mee iss nott sick!! Doctur Dave said mee iss doin good on thee Performatrim Kitten Kibble an Kitten Fancy Feest an hee approved LadyMum usin Co Enzyme 10 inn mee food an it hass helped allready. Mee iss usin Lacralube Ointmint fur me eyess an mee not need thee eyedropss anymore…

Wee go back fur reecheck on Wed., Jan. 21st. Pawss crossed wee hass thee lappytop back bye then! Are youss wunderin who wood take care of mee if sumfing happened to LadyMum? It will bee eether Doctur Dave or Terry Lady…so mee will have a furever home no mattur what! Good mewss rite???

Iss mee ferst Winter an thiss iss what mee seess outside mee patio window:Siddhartha and snow Jan.15 014All thiss snow fell in 10 dayss!! Wee hass over 5 feet aftur beein green all Decemburr! Mee not sure mee likess thiss seeson much butt it doess give mee LOTSS of time with LadyMum an playin toyss an nappin:More Dharth 005An speekin of nappin; Bee seein youss……

Altheea an thee lappytop died…

Published January 9, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you Efurryone! Iss ‘Purrince’ Siddhartha here an mee hass lotss to meow to youss. Mee terned 6 monthss  old as of Furiday! WooHoo! Mee iss half a yeer old an mee iss so happy. To sellybrate mee hass been Pigeeon watchin like thiss:Dharth bird watchinMee hass even made a furend with Altheea:Mee an AltheeaLadyMum sayss Aunty Nylablue used to bee furendss with sirtain birdss too. So mee continuess thee tradishun. Atfur all there iss not allot else to do as Winter hass come down on us like Snowmeegedon! Wee hass had snow fur 9 dayss an there iss now 5 feetss of it an mee cannot see out the windowss too well. Fankfully LadyMum shovells dailee an putss seedss out fur them!

So at 2pm today (Furiday) ‘Purrincess’ thee lappytop died fur reel….so wee iss at thee nayburrss typin like madkatss to let all of youss know why wee not gonna bee here. LadyMum will take lappytop in Tuesday an wee see if it can bee reepaired or not. If not,  wee will buy one frum the PC place! Eether way wee not bee online fur a week or two. Sorry beecause mee wanted to tell youss bout Doctur Dave…hee iss wunderfull an mee goess back in 2 weekss fur reecheck!!! Sendin efuurryone LUV an good wishess….see ya in thee funn papurrss!!! Siddhartha an LadyMum x0x0x0

Mee ISS a pawty animal~RAWR!

Published January 4, 2015 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you Efurryone it iss Siddhartha here…mee hass so much to tell youss bout. Ferst mee hass to share LadyMum’ss award:teaserxmaswrongaward from Sammy 2014Issn’t thiss a purrty GREEN award?? 😉 Mum did not guess ANY of Unccle Sammy’ss Teezerss last yeer an mee thott shee wood like me to show you her award. MOL….mee iss gonna bee in so much trub-bull.

So did efurryone have a good Mew Yeer’ss?? Wee did here an mee played toyss:Siddhartha playin 1Siddhartha playing 2Then mee had treets with LadyMum an wee watched concertss on TeeVee til Midnite. When thee Auld Lang Song played LadyMum cried over Aunty Nylablue an mee comferted her an suggested wee all snuggle in thee big bed:Siddhartha & his Aunties 1Siddhartha & Aunties 2Thiss wass a grate idea an once thee fotoss were dun mee an LadyMum snuggled togther with thee Auntyss watchin over us till wee fell asleep. Mee awoke thee next mornin to LadyMum kissin mee face an tellin me how wunderfull mee iss!! Once wee finished thee ‘Luv-In’ mee tellyported to Sammy’ss fur hiss 15th Birfday pawty…15!! Happy Birfday deer Unccle an many more. Mee had a yummy brekkie an tried bacon…mmm…good an then mee had a ‘happy nappy’:Siddhartha at Unccle SammyAn when mee got home look what there wass outside:SNOW Jan 1st 2105Where iss thee patio?? Oh wait,  mee feathery furendss came fur earlee suppurr so wee found the patio:

Yess Mum these are mee furendss!

Yess Mum these are mee furendss!

We hass over 3  feet of snow now an it iss snowing alott tonite too! At ferst mee did not reelly care butt now mee luvss to watch it snow….butt it sure feelss chilly when LadyMum opens thee door…..An furinallee mee went over to Savannah an Sage’ss today fur their meow-tuall ‘Gotcha Day”! Conkatss on yur speshell day Ladiess. Mee had sum steak an sum fish an a virgin niptini an mee played Twister too! Now mee iss back home an it iss time fur another happy nappy so mee will say Goodnite fur now:Siddhartha in new bedBee seein youss!!