Mee an *LadyMum’ss* 1st Hollyday

Published December 26, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you Eberyone iss mee Siddhartha here with me new postie. Mee an *LadyMum* have meowed bout when mee will post an wee thott mee will do Katurday postss like Auntie Nylablue did.  Mee will keep thee tradishun goin! What do all of youss fink???

Wee wantss to wish eberyone a berry Meowy Katmass an a wunderfull New Yeer! Here are 2 fotoss of all our cardss wee reeceeved diss seeson:Xmas cards 1Xmas cards 2Did youss see mee iss in thee 1st foto on top of da unit?? Mee found me way up in 3 dayss!!! Wee also reeceeved many eCardss an wee sayss FANKSS fer beein so nice to us an fur wellcomin me so warmlee. Mee an *LadyMum* spent a quiet Birthday (herss) an Katmass & Boxin Day together. Shee did not feel like travellin to her furamilee an did not want to leeve mee eether! Shee wass all rite til darktime on Katmass Eve (her an Auntie Nylablue’ss birfdayss) an then thee teerss  came. So mee climmed rite up on *LadyMum*s chest an purred loudlee an patted away her teerss. Fankfullee mee wass able to make *LadyMum* smile; den wee played toyss & we had sum Cheeze Whiz….mee LUVSS dat nommie cheezie goodness. When we wass not playin or eatin or on da lappytop mee tooked sum grate napss:Dharth comfyLike me snazzy pose?? Mee mite start a Yogie class, MOL!!! More Dharth yogaMee wass so comfy an *LadyMum* said shee could not stop gigglin!! Dharth hangin outThiss hollyday pooped me rite out!!! So mee first Hollyday wass berry nice altho wee hass NO snow…butt there wass good nomss an treetss an so much luv; what more could thiss kittyboy ask fur?? Diss iss Siddhartha signin off fur now:Dharth SilhouetteBee seein youss…..


84 comments on “Mee an *LadyMum’ss* 1st Hollyday

    • 😉 Mee-yow feel free to borrow mee yogie posess Timmy an Einstein an thee gang…what-efurr werkss to make you more comfee!
      Mee iss watchin over *LadyMum* efurry day. Shee iss wunderfull…
      Luv, Siddhartha ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Mee-yow Jenna Lady WEE DID have a grate Katmass together. Mee got sum pressiess an had turkey an treetss an played toyss with *LadyMum* till mee wass pooped rite out 😉
      Glad youss had a wunderfull Katmass too!
      Luv Siddhartha x0x0x0x0x0

  • wee small dood…ewe did a grate job on yur furst post !!! manee perches two ewe…hope ewe hada nice holly day N heerz two a most happee, healthee N blessed 2015….we iz just gettin bak ta bloggin two…slow but steddy ♥♥♥♥♥

    • MMMMMperch iss good Tabbiess….
      Fankss fur the support on me ferst bloggie. Mee wass ringin thee pawss hopin it wood bee good enuff 😉
      Wee had a luvly Hollyday here an mee iss so happy to bee with *LadyMum*.
      Happy an healthee New Yeer to youss too!
      Siddhartha =^..^=

    • Mee-you Dezi an Lexi as mee nevurr had a Hollyday befur mee did not know what to xpect. mee an *LadyMum* had fun playin an mee got MORe new toyss an mee had turkey…mmmm….
      Mee knew that *LadyMum* wood get thee ‘sadss’ an mee wass rite there to snuggle her an cheeer her up….shee is ok now 🙂
      Luv an *nose kissess* Siddhartha xxxx

      • Glad yous ladymum is better now. Ow mommy gets da sads at this time of year too, but weez cheer hers up and giv hers lots of cuddles. Glad yous got sum new toys and even turkey. We had sum turkey lurkey fur Fanksgivin’ and it wuz yummy. Me members meez first holiday wiff mommy and Lexi too. We just luv da holidays. Peeps seem a little nicer at this time of year. Da new year is only a fo days away and peeps awe gunn be a little cwazy. Weez stay in togedder so weez not hav to deal wiff al da cwaziness. Hope y’all hav a gweat time.

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Lexi

        • Fankss Dezi an Lexi…it wass a ruff yeer fur this *LadyMum* an mee knowss yur Mum an youss went thru alot too. Wee all had sumfing to fight an let us hope the New Yeer iss much bettur fur ALL of us!!!
          Like youss *LadyMum* an mee will stay in fur New Yeer’ss…we hass lotss we can do an so many bloggiess to vizit!
          Luv, Siddhartha ❤ ❤ ❤

  • You are so sweet Siddharta. You’re just what your LadyMum needed. You take good care of her, okay, I know she does it for you too 🙂 Happy belated Birthday dear Sherri-Ellen. Extra Pawkisses to the both of you 🙂 ❤

    • Fankss little Binky an Grannie Lady! Mee did mee berry best to comfert *LadyMum* an she sayss mee iss one ‘pawsum little man’ 😉 Shee iss takin grate care of mee too! ~Siddhartha~
      Hello Binky & Grannie thank you for the Bday wishes…hard to believe I have reached this age…I hope to have many moe Bdays I can tell you! Happy New Year to you both. Love Sherri-Ellen x0x0

  • Yep, sweet Siddhartha we saw you in the first picture perched up there above all those lovely cards. We think whenever is best for you will be a great time to post. Without a doubt you have chosen the right Mum and we are so happy for you both. You are in a very loving and caring home with a super great Mum to love and care for you. We know you are taking good care of her too. Love, love the pictures. You are most comfy and feel at home and it shows in the pictures. You gave us a giggle too and we are most happy you are giving you Mum some giggles. Love, hugs, Nose kisses and a Happy New Year to you all! Mumsy, Chancy, Pooh, Popsy and Baby Boy

    • Mee-you Aunty Maggie…pleese bee mee Aunty ok?? Mee wood bee honored!
      Did youss see mee up on the unit with all thee cardss?? *LadyMum* wass so surprized!!! MOL…
      Mee wood like to carry on Aunty Nylablue’ss tradishun an allso start a few of mee own….katurday iss a nice day to chat mee finkss.
      Mee ISS so comfy here! Iss like mee hass been here furever….
      Mee iss BERRY BERRY happy!
      *nose kissess* an Luv to you Aunty, Chancy, Pooh Kat, Popsy an Baby Boy frum Siddhartha xxxxxx

  • I am glad you have each other and you could make your mom feel better. Looks like your a great explorer. So many beautiful cards. Hugs to you both.
    Sue B

    • Mee-you Sue Lady an 5 fab kittiess….mee iss glad to bee here with *LadyMum*. We make a grate pair an take care of each other. mee luvss all thee cardss too…even chewed a couple! 😉
      Mee luvss to explore thee place; find hidey spotss, MOL…
      Yur furend, Siddhartha =^..^=

    • Mee-you Christy Pawss fankss fur stoppin here an hangin out. Mee did mee berry best to comfert *LadyMum* an shee said mee iss her ‘little man’! Mee feeled all warm an fuzzy 😉
      Mee will do Katurday blogss an maybee Sunday Selfie an WW….an try to get *LadyMum* to blog too!
      Yur furend, Siddhartha =^..^=

  • Awww, we’re so happy to hear you had a wonderful first holiday, sweet little Siddhartha. This must have been a very exciting time for you. 🙂 And we’re so glad you were there to pat your mommy’s tears away. You’re so sweet! 🙂 It’s must have been hard for her to celebrate her birthday without her sweet little angel Nylablue. Please give her a HUGE hug from us! Oh, and it’s amazing how high you can already jump! You’re PAWSOME, sweetie! 😀 And you look super comfy in your cat tree. You’re so adorable. Have fun, sweetie! We’re happy you keep the tradition of Caturday posts going. 🙂 MUch love, Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

    • Fankss Roxy an Tigerlino fur thee kind werdss. Mee enjoyed beein with *LadyMum* an openin cardss an pressiess.
      Mee did mee best to cheer *LadyMum* up an she said mee did grate!!!!!! It wass hard fur her withoutt Aunty Nylablue butt she said mee helped so-o much. Mee snuggled her frum both of youss 😉
      Mee hass leerned to do alot in a few weekss an there iss much to leern still. Fankss fur thee support. Mee wantss to carry on in memoree of Aunty Nylablue….mee knowss shee wass deeplee luvved!
      Luv, Siddhartha 🙂

        • Mee-you Roxy an Tigerlino fankss fur thee kind werdss…mee iss doin mee best fur *LadyMum*. She speeked to one of the Lady’ss who had mee as a tiny kitten when mee wass so sick an now shee knowss mee allmost died. *LadyMum* sayss it iss a good fing wee go to meet Doc Dave on Jan. 7th. Shee iss a god Mum mee can tell. 😉
          Mee knowss alot bout LUV 😉
          Luv, Siddhartha ❤ ❤

          • Oh sweetie! We’re so sorry to hear you were so sick you almost died. Thank Cats you’re doing fine! 💕 Your LadyMum will take good care of you and we think you’re gonna like Dr. Dave. From what sweet Nylablue told us he’s a very nice guy. 😊 We love you, little buddy! 😻 Kitty kisses, Roxy & Tigerlino 🐾🐾

            • Mee-yow Roxy an Tigerlino mee *LadyMum* just found out what mee went thru as a little kitten an she wass berry upset!!!! She got all thee info an she rote a good email to Doc Dave an sent him infurmation bout mee so hee will know all bout me when mee meetss him Jan.7th. Mee hass seen the 2 fotoss of Doc Dave an Nylablue an mee likess him allready! 😉
              Luv, Siddhartha ❤ ❤

  • You had a really beautiful and cosy Katmass together! Siddhartha, please, promise us that you don’t allow LadyMum to enroll in your highest-level Yogie Masterclass!!!! She needs a beginner course, else you have to meow the neighbors or the people-vet to unknot her limbs!

    • MOL Kolytyi Mee told *LadyMum* shee iss not to try mee high level Togie Mastercalss….shee can onlee do thee Cobra pose 😉 Can youss eemagine thee nayburrss findin *LadyMum* all pretzel twisty??? MOL>>>now thiss makess mee laff….MOL…
      Yur furend, Siddhartha =^..^=

  • Well little mancat Siddhartha this was a wonderful Caturday post! We agree that this is a purrfect day for you to post! You sure are good at your yoga poses! It looks like you are getting some nice sunshine too. Looks like you are quite the little adventurer too with all that climbing. Love the Christmas cards you are helping Mum show off! You two have a wonderful week-end.
    Marty, Mom and the Gang

    • Mee-you Marty an thee Gang fankss fur thee support! Mee iss wurried that peeple an 4 leggedss will not like mee postss…thiss iss all new to mee..
      Mee hass been doin Yogie since mee can reememburr an it iss so good…We had sum sunshine butt just a little.
      Mee iss werkin on mee climmin skillss as well as me Yogie….
      Luv, Siddhartha =^..^=

  • Happy happy happy you both had a
    lovely time together saw Ben this morning he says Gercha not in the mood he was not invited to his hmans daughters so he is sulking dont suppose he had a present i left a bit of turkey he didnt want it
    You have a lovely New Year

    • Mee-you Anty Amanda wee did have a luvly time togehter inn spite of *LadyMum* cryin sum. Mee understandss tho…she went thru alot!
      Pleese tell Ben thee Hood kitty mee wood share mee treetss an turkey with him iff hee were here. Poor kitty left alone; mee knowss you try to take care of him Aunty!
      Happy New Yeer (whatevur that iss) an luv, Siddhartha ❤ ❤

    • Mee-you Easy mee hass all thee movess inn mee head…butt there must bee a Togie book that tellss peeple how to do it! Mee *LadyMum* can do thee Cobra pose…mee not let her do anyfing else fur feer she hertss herself!
      *Lady Mum* sayss we not Bonnie an Clyde an she laffed…Me finkss wee iss salt an peppur! 😉
      Yur furend, Siddhartha ❤

  • Well Siddhartha you and your LadyMum had a really great “combo” celebration with her birthday, boxing day and a little bit of Christmas spirit thrown in with all the cards….I think you must feel like you are the luckiest kitty in the world (and you are!). You and your Mum are already loving life together and while there will ALWAYS be tears missing your Auntie Nylablue, I know she’s smiling from Summerland knowing you and her Mum are TOGETHER FOREVER.

    Love, Sammy (and Mom)

    • Mee-you Unccle Sammy wee had a luvly time together. Mee iss one lucky an blessed kittyboy to have *LadyMum* fur mee new Mum 😉
      Mee knowss that shee will allwayss miss Auny Nylablue butt mee will help her get thru thee greef…
      Wee have feeled Nylablue’ss purresence here alot thee past 3 dayss….
      Luv, Neffew Siddhartha an *LadyMum* ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hi Siddhartha, young fella, you make your Aunt Nylablue very proud and me too! You are learning very fast and I think you are a great comfort to *LadyMum* especially now when it’s a difficult time for her. Doing those little cute poses seems to make the humans smile and go all funny! So I would recommend you do that alot 😺 Paw pats and mancat hugs, Uncle Austin 🐾

    • Mee-yow Unccle Austin mee wass glad mee could make *LadyMum* smile an laff too! She sayss me Yogie skillss are furabulous!! Made me so proud!!!
      mee shall werk on more psess purromise Unccle 😉
      Luv, Siddhartha ❤ ❤

    • Fankss so muc Chan Kittiess fur yur compleemintss….mee wantss to help *LadyMum* heel frum her loss an bee abull to LUV again 😉 It iss mee misshun….
      Mee shall keep doin Katurday postss then…everyone liked it so so much!
      **purrss** Siddhartha ❤

    • Mee-you Speedy it wass luvly to bee here with *LadyMum*. Shee needss luv an gentullness….shee hass been thru alot of sadness…
      Mee will tell her to email yur Mum Speedy!
      Luv, Siddhartha ❤ ❤

    • Mee-you Princeton mee finkss mee is just what thee Docktor ordered too!! *LadyMum* needss luv an furendship an mee is here fur her 😉
      Wee had a berry nice hollyday!
      Fankss fur stoppin by.
      >>smoochiess<< Siddhartha xxxx

  • Awesome my friend. You look so at home in all of the pictures. I think you should start a yoga class. You would be fabulous. This little piggy might even sign up for lessons 😄 I’m glad that your first Christmas was special and that you helped your mom through her tough time. That’s what we do best – help out our humans in their time of need. Will you please give her some hogs and snout kisses for me? And hey maybe a spanking for her birthday – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

    • Mee-you Unccle Bacon mee ISS berry much at home here wif *LadyMum*.
      Shee takess good care of mee an treetss mee so nice. Mee had to help her thru her sadss…shee sure had a ruff yeer didn’t shee Unccle?? She read mee sum of Nylablue’ss bloggiess when shee wass so sick an mee seess *LadyMum* in a whole new way!
      Mee gave her sum *kissess** an a snuggle frum you an she sayss that helped ALOT! No spankin tho’ shee iss still furragile….
      Wood you like to do sum Yogi with mee???
      Luv yer Neffew, Siddhartha ❤ ❤

      • Yogi is always good my friend. I’ve been trying to help out Houdini here who had surgery last week. He has to wear a cone of shame – but hey he makes that cone of shame look good – snorts. He moves around just fine with that cone but some of the moves he has done – WOW! He’s pretty bendy for a doggiepooh. Snorts. Love ya little man. XOXO – Bacon

        • Yogie iss purrfect to keep in shape fur sure Unccle bacon!!! Yur so sweet to help out little Houdini doggie…hee iss so cute an tiney izn’t he???
          Wee will not tell him it iss a ‘cone of shame’…rather a cone of bravery 😉
          Once hee iss feelin bettur let Houdini know hee can join me Yogie class!
          Luv, yur Neffew Siddhartha ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Mee-yow Auntie Eevee….mee hass herd lotss bout you an mee hass dopted YOU as mee Auntie ok?? *LadyMum* an mee had a good day together…
      Issn’t mee Yogie posess sumfing???
      Luv, Siddhartha xxxx

  • Me-Ommmmm Siddhartha! I am your UnkoKu’s sisfur the great yogicat Shri Swami Sattvapurrrrrrananda, or Swami Zoe fur short. I am furry impressed with your yogicat poses! And I am so happy you found a home with Miss Sherri-Ellen! Happy Caturday!

    • Mee-yow Swami Zoe you are Unko Ku’ss sisfur?? Iss wunderfull to meet you. Mee *LadyMum* told me bout yur Yogie knolledge an mee iss humbulled to meet you.
      Yur humbull Yogie boy, Siddhartha 🙂

    • Mee-you Barbara Lady it wass so nice to meet you thru thee window last Sunday! One day come an meet mee in thee apartmint…mee wood luv to snuggle with you.
      Mee iss leernin how to tell storiess…if you ahve any tipss pleese let mee know ok??
      *snuggless* Siddhartha 🙂

  • So happy that you were able to be there for Sherri-Ellen on her (and Nylablue’s) Birthday. We know that was a sad day for your LadyMum this year. It does appear that you wore yourself out for sure. We haven’t had much of an opportunity to be on-line. Our mommy sent yours an e-card from American Greetings on her birthday. If she didn’t get it, have her check her spam. Much love to you both ❤ ❤ ❤ XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Mee=yow Kitties Blue an Janet Lady thee eCard did arrive an *LadyMum* liked it ALLOT! Shee got eMoshunall when shee read it 😉
      Mee iss so happy mee iss here with her beecause she iss fragile an needss lotss of ‘Kitty Luv’….
      It wass sad to see *LadyMum* cry butt mee patted her teerss away an she hugged mee tite an told mee shee LUVVED mee an that made mee feel good & strong & wanted!
      Auntie Nylablue snet a message to mee in mee dreem to tell all of youss so here goess:
      “Deer SisFurss an Brofur Mau an Auntie Janet pleese nose mee iss lookin down frum Summerland an missin all of ya. Mee will watch over all of ya til da end of time…Yer allways in me heart…Lub yer furgurl, Nylablue.”
      Auntie REELLY luvved all of you so-o much!
      Yur furend, Siddhartha =^..^=

    • Fankss Brian mee thott it wood bee nice to do thee Katurday postss too. Me mite do Selfie Sunday too…wee shall see…
      me did mee BERRY best to make *LadyMum* 🙂
      She hass had it ruff til mee came along….
      Yur furend, Siddhartha x0x0

    • Mee-you Summer mee did mee best to keep *LadyMum* busy an happy. Mee new shee wood cry over Auntie Nylablue so mee wass purrpared. Shee did not do anyfing speshell an mee did not mind beecause mee wass jsut happy to bee with her 😉
      How wass your Mum over thee hollyday??
      Pleese give her a ~~head rub~~ from mee ok??
      Luv, Siddhartha ❤

    • Mee-you Shoko an Kali mee finkss doin a Katurday post iss a good idea an maybee even Sunday Selfie an Wordless Wednesday…mee iss gonna encourage *LadyMum* to do sum postss too. (She should share fingss that interest her too rite??)
      Oh mee knowss *LadyMum* luvss mee allready; she told me so on Katmass Eve an mee told her too…
      *nose kisses* Siddhartha xxx

  • Siddhartha you were so right to pick your mom for yourself out of all the people who came to visit. All cats have great skills in picking their own human. Happy new yr. to you and S-E from V. P. and M.

    • Mee-you Vera Lady iss nice to meow with you. Mee just NEW *LadyMum* wass meant fur mee!!! Wee iss purrfect together!
      Pleese give mee reegardss to Paladin an Moon fur mee.
      ~~head rubss~~ Siddhartha **purrss lodlee**

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