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Sunday Selfie with Siddhartha

Published December 28, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you efurryone iss mee Siddhartha doin mee berry 1st Selfie:Siddhartha selfiePleese do not bee too hard on mee as it wass hard to do thiss….butt mee wanted to bee a part of thee fun! Mee iss addin thee link to Kittiess Blue as they host thiss Sunday Selfie blog hop butt *LadyMum* can not werk the linky tool… so here iss the blog link:

While me wass werkin on me selfie *LadyMum* took a foto of mee gettin mee ‘easy on’! What do youss fink???Siddhartha in Condo 2

Mee even snoress a bit! MOL…Happy Sunday frum Siddhartha. Bee seein youss……


Mee an *LadyMum’ss* 1st Hollyday

Published December 26, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you Eberyone iss mee Siddhartha here with me new postie. Mee an *LadyMum* have meowed bout when mee will post an wee thott mee will do Katurday postss like Auntie Nylablue did.  Mee will keep thee tradishun goin! What do all of youss fink???

Wee wantss to wish eberyone a berry Meowy Katmass an a wunderfull New Yeer! Here are 2 fotoss of all our cardss wee reeceeved diss seeson:Xmas cards 1Xmas cards 2Did youss see mee iss in thee 1st foto on top of da unit?? Mee found me way up in 3 dayss!!! Wee also reeceeved many eCardss an wee sayss FANKSS fer beein so nice to us an fur wellcomin me so warmlee. Mee an *LadyMum* spent a quiet Birthday (herss) an Katmass & Boxin Day together. Shee did not feel like travellin to her furamilee an did not want to leeve mee eether! Shee wass all rite til darktime on Katmass Eve (her an Auntie Nylablue’ss birfdayss) an then thee teerss  came. So mee climmed rite up on *LadyMum*s chest an purred loudlee an patted away her teerss. Fankfullee mee wass able to make *LadyMum* smile; den wee played toyss & we had sum Cheeze Whiz….mee LUVSS dat nommie cheezie goodness. When we wass not playin or eatin or on da lappytop mee tooked sum grate napss:Dharth comfyLike me snazzy pose?? Mee mite start a Yogie class, MOL!!! More Dharth yogaMee wass so comfy an *LadyMum* said shee could not stop gigglin!! Dharth hangin outThiss hollyday pooped me rite out!!! So mee first Hollyday wass berry nice altho wee hass NO snow…butt there wass good nomss an treetss an so much luv; what more could thiss kittyboy ask fur?? Diss iss Siddhartha signin off fur now:Dharth SilhouetteBee seein youss…..

Birthday “Blues”

Published December 25, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Sleep tight NylablueS-E selfie 2

Nylablue would have turned 14 yrs old today…that is 72 in Human yrs. I turned 59…..seriously 59…how in the world did THAT happen??? The above photo of Nylablue is the last one I took of her….”Sleep tight Nylablue Sweet Feet”…gone but not forgotten ❤ ❤

Katurday with mee Siddhartha

Published December 20, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Mee-you eberyone iss Purrince Siddhartha here fur mee berry ferst blog. Mee hopess you will give mee a chance as mee iss onlee a wee kittyboy an diss iss all new to mee. Pleese gather round an mee will tell you me life story so far ok?

Mee-you Eberyone...

Mee-you Eberyone…

Mee wass born July 9th in a barn in a place called Hepworth to me Mumma a Tortoiseshell named Tori who wass romanced by a wandurin Burmese mankat…me sorta reememburrss Dad butt he left in thee Autumm. So there wass mee an me 1 Brofur an 1 Sisfur. We were ok fur thee ferst month n then wee came down wif thee nastee Con..Conj…Icky Eye illness. *LadyMum can you spell that wurd fur mee pleese??* Conjunctivitis ‘little man’.  *Fankss LadyMum*. Ok so mee an mee fursibss an Tink Kitty were brott to thee MaryEllen’s house an wee were taken to thee vet fur treetment. Then mee went to Nikki & James’s place an they took care of mee fur a month an then mee went to  Elka’ss who took care of mee. As mee wass thee sickest kitty mee had all these peeple takin care of mee. Mee wass berry berry sick butt sumhow mee survived an thrived. So mee finally went back to MaryEllen’s house in Novemburr an me was wif mee fursibss once again. Then me Sisfur wass ‘dopted. Brofur Tye bonded to Tink so they are gonna stay there. MaryEllen thott long an hard bout findin mee a new home an took a chance bringin mee to the Feral ‘Dopshun eevent LadyMum told you bout. Mee can tell youss peeple were nice to mee till they saw me ‘bad’ eye an then they terned away!siddhartha-snuggling1.jpgAs youss can see in thee photo, thee HAW is half over mee eye butt mee can still see sum from that eye. Mee other eye iss purrfect an mee iss able to play an romp like a ‘normal’ kitty. So now mee iss here wif Angel Nylablue an Angel Mingflower’ss Mum an mee hass deecided to call her *LadyMum* It iss much nicer then Long Hair Lady mee finkss! What do youss finkss? So diss iss mee story so far. Mee hass made meeself at home as you can see from these fotos:Siddhartha lounging 1Siddhartha lounging in condoSiddhartha snackingLife iss berry berry guud an *LadyMum* sayss mee iss her Chanukkah an Birthday gift all inn one an she adoress mee so much!!! Mee; a humbull Burmese kittyboy born inn a barn…me shure hass come a long way Baby!!! 😉

Mee will go fur now; lunch iss beein seerved. Fankss fur wellcomin me to da bloggie werld. Mee hopess to meet all of youss’ as time goess bye…Mee-yow fur now,  Purrince Siddhartha.

Introducing Purrince Siddhartha

Published December 13, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Hello friends I would like to introduce the newest member to the Purrfect Pad….remember when I went to the Adoption event & met the kittyboy Dharth??Siddhartha & SE Well one thing lead to another & without further ado let me introduce Purrince Siddhartha.

“Go ahead Siddhartha say Hello..”

*whispurrss* “Long Hair Lady (LHL) mee iss so shy.”

“It’s all right just tell people who you are; everyone wants to meet you Siddhartha!!”

“squeekss…Mee-you efurryone. Mee name iss Purrince Siddhartha n mee iss now livin at Long Hair Ladiess place wif her. Eeekkk mee little pawss are shakin so mee will let LHL tell you all bout mee……. ok?”  **Purrss**Siddhartha tucked up“Well done Siddhartha you did just ‘purfect’ little man!”

So I bet you are wondering how this happened? As you all know I was utterly devastated losing Nylablue (as much as I knew she was on ‘borrowed’ borrowed time.) I had NO intention of going to the Adoption event but I had promised Nylablue I would attend so how could I not go?? None of the other kittens were interested in me & when I picked any of them up I would sneeze & get itchy. (I have allergies!) Purrince Siddhartha however was a different story. He kept climbing the X-pen looking at me. I kept snuggling him. I did not sneeze or get itchy. After the event I could not stop thinking of him & I called Sheila who had him at her place. We had a great talk & I found out Siddhartha had 1 sister & 1 Brother. His Mother is a Tortoiseshell named Tori who lives in Mary Ellen’s barn & the Father is a wandering Burmese King George who visited the farm in early Spring…romance blossomed & 3 kits were the result. Notice that the woman & I have matching names?? How cool is that?

Sheila took me out to Mary Ellen’s on Tuesday & there Dharth was with his brother Tyerrone:Brother TyeTyerrone is a rather bashful kittyboy & full of energy & loves his mousey! I played with them both & we let them snuggle for a while (before I put Siddhartha) into the carrier:Tye & Siddhartha snugglingTyerrone is on the left & Siddhartha is on the right. I am sure they said “Goodbye” & off we went.

To say Siddhartha settled in quickly is an understatement as you can see from this photo:Siddhartha lounging in condoYes my jaw dropped too & I grabbed the camera & took a few pix!! Not only does he use the Condo he also sleeps in Nylablue’s pedestal bed now in the livingroom:Siddhartha settling in 002So my so called foster situation is a supreme failure & I have adopted Purrince Siddhartha outright.

Siddhartha whispurrs, “May me mee-yow some more LHL?” “PLEEZE?”

“Of course little man!”

“Me iz berry happy to bee here wif LHL n even tho me missez Tyerrone  sum me iss reelly enjoyin beein here wif diss LHL. She feedss me well n cleenss me pottybox n snugglesx me so much n da Luv she hass shown me can bee seen in diss pickture….”Siddhartha & my hand

*Siddhartha runs off to have a nap* 

Thank you Siddhartha for sharing this photo. I love you too my ‘little man’ & I am glad that Aunties’ Nylablue & Mingflower put us together! As you can imagine it will take a few weeks for Siddhartha to learn how to blog & share his story with all of you…he is after all only 5 months old…& he loves to nap alot, lol…Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha out…