Snowy Caturday Katchat wif Nylablue

Published November 15, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz iz Nylablue here wif me latest edishun of Caturday Katchat! So gather round fer snackz n ‘nip n me meow to ya ’bout sumfing impawtent okayz??Nylablue Nov 2014Haz me got yer attenshun?? Ok guudz. Me nose dat Mum sent out an email to most of ya in da bloggie werld butt fer dem what not nose me must share da newz. Brace yerselvez peepz n 4 leggedz! Me haz Die-a-beetez now frum da Depomedrol what iz me Steroid meddycashun. Mum waz suspishuss last month when me waz drinkin like a fish n peein like a race horse (her werdz!) Butt it stopped a week aftur da Depo injeckshun n Mum thott it waz an Anne-om-e-lee. After Novemburr 4th’z Depomedrol injeckshun da same fing happened n it NOT stop so me bin drinkin alot n peein more den alot….Mum emailed Dr Dave Fursday nite n he said me shuud come in Furiday which me did n he did da test n me blood shugar was over dubble what it shuuda have bin!!! He got purrty uppyset n Mum bursted into teerz n it waz so sad n me felt like limpy dishrag. Dr Dave picked me up n checked me bladder n other organz n said me needed Convenia again too…so me waz furry brave n had B Vitamin complex injeckshun plus da Aunti-bye-otick n den da Innsulin. Me not struggle or eben try to *whap* him or Mum thru da carrier door. So we came home n Mum n me just snuggled all day n me sleeped alot beeside her. WE deecided to email as many of ya as we cuud so da shock not overtake ya today…

Dr Dave came today befur lunch n he gave me seckond Innsulin shot n me *whapped* him a guud one n he waz so happy! Rite back atcha “Unckle” Dave, MOL! Dere iz still sum ‘sass’ left in diz old gurl…. He will come back tomorrow to give me 3rd Innsulin n me will go Monday wif Miss Sheila n Mum fer 4th Innsulin. Tuesday iz me “Journey Day”. Me iz not scared butt Mum iz a wreck so me iz gonna ask dat when me goez pleeze take care of her. She mite not be bloggin alot but ya can email or call her on da phone. It iz sad she is so sad ’cause we haz had snow n she ushually getz so eggcited but not diz seeson. Butt me did get a few pix of da snow fer yer viewin pleashure:November 2014 1November 2014 2November 2014 3Pawsum yah??  Me eben got to go out in it fer a minutt to feel it on me toesiez  butt Mum brott me rite back in…so dat is off me Buckit List, MOL!!! Me iz feelin a bit perkier n me did sum posin fer Mum n diz me best piccie of da day:Flompy NylablueDiz iz me “Flompy Gurl” pose when me flompz over like a Bunneh!!! Now me nose me lookz all chubby n guud butt dat chubby iz ackshully me retainin water n iz not a guud fing!

Okayz me iz gonna goez now as me needz a nappie butt me want to leeve ya wif a song:

No mattur what happenz in da next few dayz me will ALLWAYZ bee here in spirit fer all of ya!!! “Me Will Bee Around…” like da song sayz….Resting Nylablue

All me lub to all of ya! ***paw kissez*** Nylablue out butt not totallee out yet 😉


182 comments on “Snowy Caturday Katchat wif Nylablue

  • Oh, Nylablue, I will miss you so much. I don’t quite understand the human leaky eyes but I know it means my mom is sad as am I. Have a peaceful journey over the bridge and know we all love you.

    • Yow Christy Pawz me iz sowwy me not bin able to bizit ya…me iz up too much at diz point so me PHANKZ ya fer comin over to bizit….
      Iz hard fer Hu’manz to let us go so dey get alot of leeky eyez.
      Me will bee goin soon…me will bee brave 😉
      **paw kissez** Nylablue ❤ ❤

    • EEoww CAthy Keisha iz lubly dat ya stopped by to bizit! Phankz fer da ‘guud werdz’ n kissez….we mite bee able to bee together fer 3-4 MORE dayz!! How grrreat iz DAT???
      We shall see what happenz at da Vet’z today!!!
      **paw kissez** Nylablue ❤ ❤

    • Phankz Miss Ruth yer so sweet to come by! Me iz stable n maybee have a few more dayz butt not many….
      Her eis Mum:
      Hi Ruth I appreciate the support! It is not going to be easy but I have friends here who will keep me sane (more or less).
      Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤

  • My name is Cat Scout Charles and I am furrends with many of your fellow bloggers (my mom is not smart enough to blog)like Kitties Blue. Ms Lisbeth and I are dating. My mom & I wanted to send you warm hugs and purrs and your mom comforting prayers. May your journey to Summerland be painless.

    • EEoww Charlez Lisbeth haz told me all ’bout ya n me iz honored ya haz stopped by to bizit!. Pleeze tell yer Mum we appurrsheatez da purrz n purrayerz n {{HUGZ}}. Phank ya fer beein so sweet…mind ya me NOSE ya iz sweet 😉
      Yerz, Nylablue x0

  • Nylablue, I just met you last week, but are so sad to hear about your illness. You will meet many many fur friends in Summerland, both those you know and those you have not met yet. Julia is the most recent of my fur babies to have crossed over, but she is with her older sisters and brothers and they are all well and happy now, as you will be too. Hugs to your Mum, she will miss you so much. No one will ever take your place in her heart.

    • EEowww Miss Kathleen fer stoppin by wif sum guud werdz! Me iz fightin on n enjoyin each day left to me. Summerland iz neber gonna bee da same once me getz dere 😉
      Me will ask fer Julia n give her a kiss frum ya okayz?
      Me nose Mum will have a hard time butt me will send her a new gurl when da time iz rite…
      Yerz, Nylablue

  • We needed to come again this morning to let you know you are in our thoughts. I’ve gone back through my own Journey which is why my heart just breaks for yours. Candles are lit and prayers are being said. ((hugs))

    • Eeoww Angel abbyGrace’z Mum thank ya fer comin back today….Me went to see Dr Dave n me blood shugar haz come down purrty guud n me had me Innsulin n me feelz a bit bettur.Gonna make da most of today…
      ~~head rubz~~ n phankz fer lightin da candle, Nylablue ❤ ❤

  • You sweet baby girl, I feel for your Mum so much, as my Mom had to say farewell to me back in January after we shared almost 12 yrs together- all of which I suffered from a chronic illness and had many of the injections too. I will be here at the Bridge of Summerland waiting with many friends to greet and welcome you to your everlasting life of good health, youth, and your well deserved angel wings.
    You are right when you will be with those on Earth in spirit and love, watching over your family. I hope in time your Mum will continue blogging in your memory and share your fur sibs and her adventures, many care about them and look forward to posts about them.
    Don’t be afraid dear friend, you will get the grandest send off filled with love and your journey will only lead you to more love. Your Mum will be sad, but she should know that all the years she gave you of a loving life, giving you the best care and giving you a chance was the most compassionate act that she should be proud of. While letting us go is hard for our parents, it is the last ultimate and selfless gift they give us. Thank you to you and your Mum for sharing your life and story with the world, your story has and will continue to inspire others not to give up on and to give a chance to cats with special needs. Nylablue you are a legend on Earth and will be forever.
    Fly free when your journey begins sweet ladycat, we will be thinking of you. Purrs of love and strength to your family as you spend your last days together.
    Angel Ms. Phoebe & family

    • Yow Angel Phoebe me beememburrz when ya went to summerland n we waz sad fer yer Mum too…
      Eberyfing ya shared here me Mum agreez wif! She siad to say PHANKZ fer sharin da ‘guud werdz’. She will continue to blog at some point.
      Me iz a Legend?? Fur reel?? Mum told me dat last nite n me did not beeleeve me earz…mousiez me neber thott me cuud have so much impact…a humbull kittehgurl what waz gonna bee put to sleep at 5 yeerz old just fer beein sick 😉
      Da past 8 1/2 yeerz have bin furabuluss n me haz made so many furendz n Mum too 😉
      Phankz yer fer da purrz n purrayerz. Me will see ya soon Angel Phoebe ❤
      Yerz, Nylablue x0

  • I love you Nylablue and my heart is breaking that you’re going to cross the rainbow bridge. My cousin Mabel only just arrived in summer land and she a big beautiful German Shepherd she’s the best (even for a woofie) and she will look after you until you’re settled. We will all be here for your mum don’t worry about that.

    Love and Bisous from your brofur


    • Yow Brofur Bailey me iz sowwy too dat me must leevew butt da time haz come. Me will neber ferget ya n me will look fer mabel n hang out wif her fer shure!! Dere iz gonna bee a B-I-G pawty in Summerland when me getz dere!!!
      Pleeze give Miss Loiuse n Mistur Jamez sum *kissez* frum me okayz?? Dey iz pawsum Hu’Manz n me haz bin purriveledged to nose dem n ya me sweet Brofur.
      Lub ya allwayz, ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Ben da hood. here wot da fandagle going on ya got wot?? an its time to take da journey hey kit I ain’t ready ta say goodbye
    I pees all over da place gotta mark mi territory no one says out oh here
    But!!!!! If this is it get over here on da wings for a hug tel about Summer and
    I got a cold winter to look forward to so I stays indoors mi ol human not good on pegs either gues its me or her soon
    Fly well beloved hey!!!!! Poetry sees ya soon Ben

    • Yow Bend Da Hood kittehboy me iz sowwy me haz to leeve ya me deer furend. Me got Die-a-beetez frum da Depomedrol meddycashun n we new diz cuud happen. Me iz lucky it did not happen til now.
      Me iz so glad ya will bee here still markin yer terrytory n beein da nayburrhood KITTEH KING!!!
      me will fly by n come give ya a *kiss* when da time comez Ben. Me finkz ya shuud stay in wif yer Hu’man fer da Winter….well on da reelly cold dayz 😉
      Will allwayz beememburr ya Ben.
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

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