Kewl Caturday Katchat wif da Queen

Published October 18, 2014 by NylabluesMum

EEowwwKrazy Katz: Guess what time it iz?? Yah, iz Caturday Katchat wif me Nylablue! Gather round wif yer snackz n treetz n let me meow to ya ’bout our week:

Gather round fer me Katchat!!!

Gather round fer me Katchat!!!

Eberyone comfy-cozy?? Guud! Me Vet bizit went well altho me looked scaredykat didn’t me in me WW pix??? MOL, me allwayz getz nervuss befur Dr Dave werkz on me…all iz well. Weight n vitalz stable n me had B12 n Pepcid injeckshunz n Mirtazipine. Da weather here haz bin FREEKIN PAWFULL n me haz onlee bin out in condo fer an hour here n dere cause it won’t stop rainin….tonite we mite get da “S” werd…Snow!!! FLOUNDER Not on me watch! So as ya can eemagin me n Mum bin down in da dumpie n sad 😦

Den sumfing bery speshell arrived in da mail n we cheered rite up!

3 fer da purrice of 1

3 fer da purrice of 1

We reeceeved not 1 but ALL 3 of Miss Pam n Sammy’z bookz n we wantz to give a H-U-G-E ‘meow out’ n ‘phankz’ to both of our sweet furendz fer all 3 bookz! We started reedin “Da Misstery of St. David’z Bridge” allready n me canΒ tell ya diz iz way nicer den scarey “Under Da Dome” what no kittehΒ  (or Hu’man) shuud reed befur bedtime me can tell ya!!! Β WeΒ haz a 3 shelf bookcase fer our fave bookz n Miss Pam yerz are rite beeside our Sherlock Holmez!!! πŸ˜‰

Den we got diz lubly award frumΒ  Binky:Gold blog award frum Binky Oct 2014

Binky iz frum da bloggie AngelWhissper2011 n she iz a deer furend of ourz!!! Phankz Binky fer finkin of us! We wantz to give diz award to Speedy n Da REEL Maple Syrup Mob n Brian’z Home as dey had sum illness or surgery to deel wif in da past few weekz n we wantz dem to nose just how ‘golden’ n speshell dey are to us! Me n Mum also wanna give diz award to Dezi’z Werld cause dey went thru 2 floodz in 1 month n had a ruff time gettin fingz sorted out! Furinallee me wantz to give diz award to Miss Dallas frum Crazy Train To Tinky Town. She iz one bery kewl lady what sharez her adventurez of going to Turkey n fallin in lub…now we betz ya iz wunderin why we follow her??? Come on Peepz!! Diz bloggie iz all ’bout LUB n dat iz bery speshell! Plus Miss Dallas iz one of da funniest whimsicall riterz we haz met here n her bloggiez keep Mum n me in stitchez of lafftur!

Ok me dum wif ‘name droppin’ fer now, hehehe….Dere waz 1 more giftie fer me diz week! Mum went downtown yesturday n befur she left she asked, “Nylablue Sweet Feet wuud ya like me to buy ya sumfing?” Me reeplied, “Yah a new brush like yerz Mum butt smaller!” Me new Mum haz bin searchin hi-n-lo fer a new brush fer herself so findin 1 fer me wuud bee impawssible rite???? WRONG!! Da Mum came home in look what she had:

Mum n Dot-her brushez

Mum n Dot-her brushez

Not onlee did Mum find a big brush fer herself dere waz a baby brush JUST fer me!!!! As ya can seez we allready ‘test drove’ deze babiez n me can say me iz thrilled! Dat little brush not poke me in da head or bonk me on da nose (Mum iz a bit of a klutz…) Mum’z old brush waz losin teefiez like crazy so now we both iz happy n we haz MATCHIN brushez!! Way KEWL Mum, way kewl!!!! Me haz da bestest Mum dontcha fink??Β  So all in all a purrty purrfect week here at Da Purrfect Pad. Oh n guess whose bin comin fer suppa ebery nite: Yah Greyboy:

Do not disterb; nommin here!

Do not disterb; nommin here!

We nose Greyboy iz wifout a home as hiz fur iz matted n he iz scritchin n scratchin….plus he will not let Mum get any closer den diz. We wantz to help butt he iz bery bery feral now. We wurryin ’bout Winter butt we hopez it holdz off…Braveheart iz also comin nitely n he now letz Mum stroke hiz head butt we nose he haz a home sumwhere close by so he will bee safe when Winter settlez in!Me here firstIsn’t he cute?? He iz puttin on sum weight n we wunderz if hiz owner haz noticed, hehehe!!!

So dat’z our newz!! Say did ya reed ’bout CASH da Husky?? Nosez?? Well clicky on diz link n pop over to Savannah’z Paw Trackz n get an uppydate:

What Challenges Face Adult Rescue Dogs?: Update on Cash the Siberian Husky

Aftur all, Β poochiez are peeple too, MOL!! Siriuslee we haz to beememburr dere are lost n homelessΒ poochiez as well as kittehz n we needz to support dem just as much!Β  Me Mum doez poochie resckue too. She eben doez Guinea Piggie n Budgie Β resckue…….oh sowwy me die-gressed…me point waz pleeze pop over n reed me BFF’z bloggie ’bout CASH n let her n Aunti Linda nose how grrreat dey both iz okayz?? Until next week me furendz diz iz Nylablue out!Β  (Okay me iz STILL INside but in me head me IZ OUT!!!!NB meditatin


67 comments on “Kewl Caturday Katchat wif da Queen

  • Hello My Sweet Nylablue! Glad all went well for you at Dr. Dave’s and this last week my little ray of sunshine πŸ™‚ Concats on your wonderful award, you Sooo deserve it!!!! Hope Mum is feeling better too. Keeping paws crossed it is just the weather keeping the boys away.
    Tons of loves

  • Sweet Nylablue we are sorry about all the rain and we hope it did not change to snow. Happy to hear you did very well on your meds and treatment. Sorry you and your mum were down a bit but happy you received gifts to cheer you. That award is nice, congrats! We know you will do all you possibly can to help Greyboy through the winter. Braveheart looks super great! You are looking mighty beautiful sweetie. Love, hugs and nose kisses for you and your mum from me and my crew!

    • EEoww Aunti Maggie n Chancy diz wet weather iz da PITZ me can tell ya!! Waz so windy n chilli today me allmsot got blown to Micheegan!!! At leest NOT cold enuff to snow…Sun iz apposta come out tomorrow…shure hope so…**sighz**
      Yow Aunto neether Greyboy or Braveheart haz bin here fer past 3 nitez…we put food out tonite n are waitin…where oh where can dey bee???
      me mite look guud butt me haz Cystitis flare-up n had to haz Convenia shot today; it iz BERY sore!! Mum iz furry wurried!
      Phankz fer stoppin by…
      Lub ❀ Nylablue ❀

      • Maybe Braveheart has gone home with Greyboy and will be back to your place to eat if he gets hungry. So sorry to hear that you have a Cystitis flare-up going on sweetie. Sending get better hugs and purrs and prayers for you. You and your sweet mum stay dry and warm. Hugs and nose kisses

        • Yow Aunti Maggie a bit of guud newz: Greyboy cam fer suppa last nite! We nose Braveheart haz a home sumwhere so we finkz he iz stayin in wif such pawful weather!
          Phankz fer da lub n purrayerz n (((hugz))); dey all helpz alot. Da Convenia iz werkin n me not howlin when me haz to pee πŸ˜‰ Me waz out in Condo ALL mornin in da Sunshine….mmmm dat felt pawsum!
          Me hopez da Convenia nockz da Cystitis out quick; me not had a falre-up of diz in over 3 yeerz….iz allwayz sumfin, MOL…
          Lub to ya n Chancy n all frum me Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0

    • Yow BFF Savannah drop by n commint as MUCH as ya likez!!! We iz allwayz open πŸ˜‰
      Yer wellcome fer da ‘Meow Out’ fer CASH what we adorez!!! Aftur all he’z a Huskie ❀
      N ya all had yer paws in helpin him find a fureber home!!!
      We hopez wif hiz traner n new furamillee he findz hiz pawz soon!!!
      Much ❀ LUB ❀ n **nose kissez** Nylablue n Mum too

  • nyla…we iz veree happee ta see grayboy again, we noe ewe N mum iz two….may bee heez chillaxin sum place else for a few days then headed yur way ta say hi…barry in R nayborhood did that….boomer hiz self did two isnt’ that rite boomer

    boomer: indeed

    any mew, happee week a head filled with lotz oh toona toona β™₯

    • EEooow Tabbiez O’Trout Towne we iz now wurried again beecaude BOTH Greyboy n Bravheart are missin…2 nitez in a row…we shure hope dey are inside safe n toastee n nuffin bad haz happened…Mum tendz to wurry herself into a **frazzle** πŸ˜‰
      MOL Boomer yer a funny kitteh!
      MMM tuna-tuna…tomorrow aftur me Vet appointmint πŸ˜‰
      **paw kissez** to all dere frum me Nylablue here ❀ ❀

  • MOL Mis Nylablue, you be inside out!! Do you have snow yet?? I can’t believe it!! We have just got the tail end of hurricane Golonzo! It’s coming over tonight apparently! I shan’t worry as I will be tuckered down and snoring!! You have matching brushes with mum, WOW! I have my own special one but it is getting a bit knackered now and The Staff is a klutz too with the catching of the nose and ears. She tells me to keep still and stop moving my head, but I like to make sure she’s getting all my bits done!! MOL Smoochies and hugs xoxox

    • Yow me too Austin…me HAZ to snoopervize me brushin sesshunz to make shure eberyfur iz in propurr place πŸ˜‰ At leest wif a small brush me not gettin whapped wif da big brush….MOL…..
      Yow batten down da hatchez dere Austin n Miss Carolyn…we hopez Mistur Hurrycane Golonzo leevez as soon as he arrivez!
      No snow; we finkz da weather peepz were just tryin to get peepz stirred up…it waz not cold enuff to snow…
      Wishin ya a bunderfull week darlin ❀
      Lub ❀ Nylablue n ❀ Mum too

    • EEoww Miss Jenna iz lubly to see ya here! Me n Mum must stop by n bizit yer bloggie…haz bin a while…We not shure we ackshully HAD a warm stretch…onlee 5 dayz had sum humiditee n dey were not bad like last yeer…in fact it did not reelly warm up much at all 😦
      We hopez Winter doez not come til Catmess πŸ˜‰
      Kiss dem Huskiez fer us!
      Lub Nylablue n Mumm too x0x0x0x0x0

  • Hi there … sounds like a pretty good week, after all! It’s getting colder, but here in the Maritimes we’re not in for any snow yet …
    Cool, matching brushes! Your mum is the bestest, Nylablue! πŸ™‚
    McDuff had a good week too. He’s forgotten about that last trip to the vet. It doesn’t happen very often, so he has time to forget in between.
    Hugs and purr! ❀

    • Yow Aunti Rebby n McDuff iz lubly to see ya here! Me neber furgetz about Dr Dave as me seez him weeklee. I used to get so uppyset n angree eben; but not now. Me nose what he doez iz fer me own guud n to help me stay alive n well.
      It did NOT wet snow or rain here last nite. Mum sayz she finkz da weather peepz just like to rile dem up, MOL!!!
      Me Mum IZ da best! Can ya eemagine her goin frum store to store lookin fer reeplacemint brushez…she iz nuffin if purrsistent!
      Wishin ya a bunderfull week!
      **paw kissez** n lub Nylablue n Mum too ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

  • That was a very nice report pretty Nylablue. Congrats on the very nice award too and thanks for sharing with us sweetie. I usually do awards on Monday but we’ve got to say Happy Birthday to a special young man so we will likely post about it on Thursday. Love you sweet girl!

  • Hi Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen,

    So nice to hear you had a good week! I was surprised to hear you mention snow already – I am wishing a long Indian Summer for you to enjoy the outdoors for a bit longer!

    Congrats on the Award – You both deserved it! I look forward to reading your Caturday blogs every week. Love your last picture, Nylablue! You look all comfy and cute. I will be checking out Cash the Husky’s blog later.

    Enjoy your new brushes! πŸ™‚


    • Yow Miss Fern me waz hopin fer a l-o-n-g Indian Summer too…butt it seemz not fer us 😦
      Our weather haz bin pawfull purrty much all yeer…*sighz*
      Phankz fer da compleemint too. Me wundered if peeple still enjoyed me Katchatz πŸ˜‰
      Pleeze bizit Savannah n leeve sum guud werdz fer CASH poochie! He iz such a sweet boy n he lived ruff fer so long butt now he iz in a lubbin home….
      MMM da new brush IZ pawsum….Mum zi so guud to me!
      **paw patz** Nylablue xxx

    • Every nite Wally n Ernie n Zoey me askz Mum fer a brush n she doez…me haz da new brush plus me old Hello Kitteh brush so Mum can dubble brush me which feelz grrrreat!!! N wif all dat goez on here me needz a calmin brush nitely πŸ˜‰
      Wishin a furabuluss weekend ond a Island….
      Lub ❀ Nylablue ❀

  • You’re doing pretty good Nylablue….the vet’s visit was pretty good. Now you have a really neat brush….ours is from the 60’s and is suppose to be used to backcomb hair but it is great…..old as the hills but super. We feel bad for Greyboy but ferals must be like street people….neither wants to be tied down to one place. My heart is with him though. What a nice award and you spread the gold dust around to some cool blogs. Have a good weekend.


    • EEoww Shoko n Kali iz grrreat to see ya here! Me iz doin guud all fingz considered. It haz bin 18 monthz me haz had IBD n Pancreatitis n me iz sill alive n kickin! Dat iz one of me theme songz…
      Yer brush soundz lubly! Me had a Furbuster brush butt me not like it much cause of me mattz. So Mum ended up cuttin off da mattz n usin a sfot brush on me. Den me asked Mum to use her brush which waz okayz til she kept bonkin me in da head wif it, MOL! So she went on a month long search n found a mini brush what werkz well n not bonk me at all πŸ™‚
      Ya nose me finkz ya haz sumfing dere Shoko ’bout Greyboy….he iz a ramblur fer shure n not want to bee tied down butt it iz a hard life fer him…we had 6 MONTHZ of Winter last seeson n a short Spring n Summer n now Autumm iz allwayz rainy; it iz not guud fer him at all…
      By da way if ya wnatz pleeze take da award fer yer bloggie too. A sirtain purrson **shootz Mum da ‘stink eye’** furogt to put yer name on da bloggie…sowwy….
      Wishin ya a guud weekend too.
      Yerz, Nylablue x0x0x0

    • MOL Aunti Toby Mum iz in a weerd funk what comez n goez….eben wif vitaminz it doez not help much…too little Sunshine n patio time…Me iz snugglin wif her nitely n sleepin wif her in da earlee mornin so she feelz bettur…
      Phankz fer stoppin by!
      Lub n **paw kissez** Nylablue ❀ ❀ ❀

    • Yow #1 ya tell Tommy dat ‘woofiez’ are #1 in me bookz pleeze!! Me haz poochie furendz n Mum had 2 poochiez when she waz younfer n da ferst 4 legged she eber new waz her Nanna’z Chihuahua named Chico…poochiez meen da werld to us here!
      As fer Greyboy we feelz 😦 too. he will not come to mum nor will he go into a live trap so we will just feed him n hopez he haz a place to stay warm…..
      WE neber made it over to yer bloggie n fell #1 haz bin around da werld twice since we were last over to see ya! Pleeze do not give up on us okayz??
      Much lub n **paw kissez** Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0x0

  • *hehehehehehe* you did a swears on the blog…you said the ‘s’word..and Mummy Janey sweared!!
    We are thrilled to bits that you gave us the award…we all feel REAL special ,thank you *kiss,kiss,kiss*..and , guess what ? Mummy Janey and Daddy Chris said that Ralphy can stay FOREVER!!!.It’s a happy twinkly day FOR SURE!!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

    • MOl me DID swear usin da “S” werd n we understandz why Mummy Janey swore too..we fink it iz NOT cold enuff fer eben wet snow so we iz not gonna wurry…da wind haz died down n it iz not rainin n we haz da patio door open a bit…
      Yer BERY wellcome fer da award!!
      Ralphy iz stayin wif ya FUREBER?? Hurrah!! Hurrah!!!! Oh diz iz pawsum newz….so now yer da Baker’z Dozen plus one, MOL!!!!
      Iz defo a ‘golden day’ fer shure!!!!!
      Much lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

  • Aaaaw Fanks fur da award Nylablue. What a gweat posty. So glad to hear sum good news. And glad da boys awe gettin’ a little plumper. Weez wish Grayboy kuld get a home and be safe fwum da winter colds too. Glad yous and mommy got sum new bwushes. Hope yous hav a pawsum and Blest weekend.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    • Yer wellcome Dezi n Lexi fer da award…aftur what ya went thru ya deeservez dat n so much more!! Yer da strongest kittehz n Hu’Man we nose! Yer an innspirashun to us!
      WE iz glad da boyz iz plumpin up a bit too. Poor juno da housekat got locked out tonite so he came here n he eated ALL da food what wuud have fed both Greyboy AND Braveheart…at leest hiz tummy iz full~ we not gonna call hiz Hu’Man cause she neber callz us back….stoopid not nice lady leevin an old kittehboy outisde in da rain!
      If onlee we cuud save dem all Dezi…me waz on da streetz fer a few dayz n me waz scared outta me furry mind; how do deze kittehz sirvive???
      **nose kissez** n Lub ❀ Nylablue ❀

      • Aaaaw Dat be so sweet of yous to say Nylablue. Weez not feel any diffewent than anypawdy els. weez just makin’ da bestest of what weez hav.

        Meez not like dat Juno’s hoomans. Me wishes they wuld get locked outta da house wiff nowhere to go. MOL Me knows dat’s not nice but me just worries ’bout da poor house kitties dat not weally know how to survive outside. Course me worries ’bout da ones dat do too. Weez just big ole worry warts. MOL

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Lexi

        • Yow Dezi n lexi me n Mum agree!! Juno’z Hu’manz shuud bee locked out in a rainstorm n nowhere to go n hungree πŸ˜‰ Maybee dey wuud fink twice ’bout leevin him out like dat. Plus dere iza 6 foot long BOA CONSTRICTOR dat got loose n mite bee in da nayburrhood…
          We wurriez too Dezi! Juno doez rambull durin da daytime butt not far n he iz used to goin home n gettin let in…we not see him since so pawz crossed he is safe….
          Me hearz ya ’bout doin da best we can. We iz da same way. WE bee grrrreatfull fer eberyfing we haz n we sharez what we can. Iffin all da peepz were like ur Mumz’ n us diz werld wuud bee lubly πŸ˜‰
          **paw kissez** Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0

          • Weez suwe hope Juno be okay. And weez fur suwe hope da snake had a meal afur gettin’ loose. Da world wuld be better, but it’s not posed to be dat way weez guess. 😦 Hope y’all had a good weekend.

            Luv ya’


            • 22 pawz up fer me weekend Dezi n Lexi…me had a grrreat weekend sorta at Mum’z xpense…she iz in a turrible Furibro flare-up wif fateegue n she cuud not go out Caturday so we spent da hole day n nite together πŸ˜‰
              Sunday Mum did go out wif aunti Judith fer a few hourz butt she came home to me as soon as it got dark n we snuggled all evenin!
              Juno haz not bin back so he musta got into hiz home. Da snake DID eatz befur it ‘escaped’; see we emailed Aunti R n Unckle T n dey say it waz purrobablee a ‘snakenappin’…dey iz werkin to get Princess back to her ownerz….
              **paw kissez** Nylabluen Sherriellen Mum

              • Well Nylablue meez guesses yous mommy wuld rather spend time cuddlin’ wiff yous than goin’ out even ifin hers pain levels incwease a little. Mommy sez hers wuldn’t wanna be anyplace udder than wight here wiff us. πŸ™‚ Glad Juno’s okay and dat da big ole snake ate afur escaping. πŸ™‚

                Luv ya’

                Dezi and Lexj

                • Yer rite Dezi n Lexi! Mum sayz she lubz beein home wif me n reedin bloggiez n snugglin me n nappin wif me…Today we haz da Vet’z n it iz rainin out AGAIN! Mum sayz she will cover me carrier so no chilli wind will blow on me….*sighz* Me wishez it waz still July….
                  Juno haz not bin back so he iz home. Now Greyboy AND Braveheart are missin!!!!!! 3 nitez; no feralz????
                  Da Boa Princess eated befur she left but Aunti Renee finkz it waz ‘snake-nappin’ n not Princess esscapin by herself. Mum not scared as she haz had dem on her befur (she iz 3 kindz of crazy, MOL!!)
                  Much lub, Nylablue ❀ ❀ ❀

                    • Yow July weather wuud bee FAB Dezi n Lexi fer shure!!!
                      Well me Vet bizit did not go as me planned me can tell ya!
                      Ternz out me haz Cystitis again aftur over 3 yeerz of beein cleer of it 😦
                      Me let Dr Dave pick me up n squeeze n look at me n den me had Convenia n Pepcid n oral Mirtazipine. Me did not fite over da injeckshunz at all. Butt me did wrestle a bit when he tried to give me da pill πŸ˜‰
                      Mum waz so guud n she nott get uppyset like she used to.
                      Me iz not yowlin when me getz in da litturbox so da meddysin iz startin to werk…
                      Pawz crossed me getz bettur soon.
                      Phankz fer beein so sweet n loyal, Nylablue ❀ ❀ ❀

                    • Dat’s wunnewful Nylablue. Weez didn’t know yous wuz yowlin’ when yous went pawdee, so weez vewy glad da medicine’s workin’. Glad yous mommy’s stayin’ calmer too. Weez be purrayin’.

                      Luv ya’

                      Dezi and Lexi

                    • Yow Dezi diz happenz wif Cystitis…it hertz to *ahem* pee so me haz a sirtain yowl what Mum nose meenz me iz in discomfert! She iz bery smart, MOL!!!
                      Mum iz sirprized dat me haz stopped da yowlin butt da Aunti=bye-otick iz werkin guud so far…
                      Phankz fer purrayin…sowwy me iz such a pawfull ;)\
                      Lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0x0

                    • Yeah, mommy knows dat yowl too. Hers had 2 kitties dat had dat purrawlem too. weez just didn’t know yous wuz duin’ it. Weez sowwy yous wuz havin’ purrawlems.

                      Luv ya’

                      Dezi and Lexi

                    • πŸ˜‰ Our Mumz’ are bery clever Dezi n Lexi! Me Mum seemz to reed me purrty well n she lissenz to me. Yow me did not want Mum to nose me waz sick again ’cause she iz not feelin so guud. Shuud have known bettur den try to fool me Mum πŸ˜‰
                      Much lub, Nylablue ❀ ❀ ❀

  • We sure are peoples tooowooowoooooo! Those are all such pawesome gifts you got my Nylabluewooowooowoooooooooooo, and looking’ so so beauwoooowoooootiful! ❀ ***blush***
    Maybe I can get Mama to collect my furs and we send them to you in the far far snowing north to keeps you warm fur winter! πŸ˜‰

    • πŸ˜‰ Me n Mum nose Huskiez are peepz to just like us kittehz n other poochiez are peepz…we saw not many bizited Savannah’z bloggie n we were sad 😦
      So we wanted to poke peepz wif a stick reemind peepz we shuud support ALL 4 leggedz; not just kittehz!
      Phankz fer da compleemint me sweet purpleyblue adorable Kuruk what me lubz wif all me <3…..
      MMMM me wuud LUB a bit of yer fur….oh yah dat wuud bee pawsum….n me cuud get Mum to save sum of me furz to send to ya!!!
      Lub ❀ Nylablue ❀

  • Wow Sweet Nylablue, that picture of you is terriffic and all that gold looks just so great on you πŸ™‚ So many presents, all in a row… I think Greyboy is very grateful, Nylablue, maybe you can put a box outside with a blanket, so he can sleep in it. Granny did that when a cat of the neighbour didn’t want to get home anymore. He has running away a few times, like his siblings and mother, but this one came back, the others not…well, to make a long story short, he slept in the box, didn’t want to come in the house…*mumbles* because of me… and Granny gave him *my* food and loves…and then he went home with gaining some weight… like Braveheart..MOL πŸ˜€ Pawkisses for a Happy, Sunny and Warm Weekend πŸ™‚ ❀

    • Phankz Binky fer da compleemintz!! Me gave da award to a few more kittehz n Speedy….me had to share it!
      Me likez purresentz fer shure πŸ˜‰ What kitteh doezn’t????
      We wantz to put a big tote out on itz side under da bench wif a blankie BUTT Housin will NOT allow diz at all. We just found out da City outlawed feedin da birdz too! Diz place iz pawfull. Mum iz bery sad butt she iz puttin seed out on da ground at nite….we are reelly stuck me can tell ya!
      Dat nayburr kitteh got da royale treetmint! πŸ˜‰
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too ❀ ❀ ❀

  • EEEK on snow! Nobody’s said that word here yet – but we sure have some pretty Fall leaves now. Glad you got your package of books and glad you’re enjoying the mystery…YAY!… I hope Greyboy has some kind of shelter nearby – as long as he knows he can get a meal with you and has some kind of protected shelter he’ll be fine.

    Sending Hugs,

    • EEoww Sammy da wind iz so windy today lotz of leevez beein ripped off da treez 😦
      Da snow will just bee *wet* snow n it will not stay…it bettur not!!!!
      Mum n me hopez Greyboy haz sum sheltur sumwhere…we haz no idea where he goez n it iz impawssible fer Mum to follow him in da dark too….
      We will do our best fer him n Braveheart….we allwayz do πŸ˜‰
      Mum reed sum more of yer book last nite Miss Pam n NO nitemarez!! Me lubz yer bookz much bettur…
      Phankz again fer beein so generuss to us! ❀
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0x0

  • ❀ Mommy read Ms. Pam's "David's Bridge" book and really liked it. Today she is making some funny photos for Sam's Halloween costume contest. She is using Mauricio and Misty May's as Mickey and Minnie Mouse from last year 'cause she thinks it is pretty funny when cats play mousey dress-up. She has done (virtual) costumes for Lily and Astrid as well. She's keeping those secret. We have been having rain for ages and ages. Yesterday was sunny and pretty nice so Mom and Dad got to go biking. Today has really strong winds so no biking today. We are so happy that you are holding your weight. You are very welcome for you know what. Thanks for sharing the photos of your boy friends. Concats on the super cool, blingy award. We have never seen that one before. Hope that nasty cold, white stuff doesn't show up tonight! Sending love, hugs, purrs and prayers for both you, our dearest sisfur, and for Mum Sherri-Ellen. Purrlease consider joining us for our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop tomorrow. XOCK from your sisfurs and brofur, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo ❀

    • Yow me Sisfurz n Brofur Mauricio n Aunti Janet…we iz enjoyin da book…me speshelly…Mum reedin “Under Da Dome” gave me sum nitemarez me can tell ya!!!!!!
      Soundz like we haz simmylar weather fer shure! Mum sayz she shuud have worn her earmuffz to go to da store; it iz DAT cold out!!!! BLEH 😦
      Pleeze help yerself to da blingy award….me iz gonna do a “GOLD” award fer da Guardeean Angelz in a day or 2…butt ya can takez yerz earlee iffin ya wantz too…..
      Me will try fer tomorrow butt Aunti n Unckle gonna bee here again so we mite bee busy. Mum iz dere helpurr n Aunti iz stayin wif us while Unckle doez werk on da house….butt phankz fer askin…
      *****paw kissez***** n oodlez of ❀ LUB ❀
      Nylablue n Mum too xxxxxxxxx

    • Yow Summer iz lubly to see ya here! Me haz bin sorta busy n not get to bloggiez much…sowwy…
      As fer da snow iffin it DOEZ snow it will not stay…butt it shure iz cold enuff me can tell ya!!
      Greyboy will NOT go in live trap so we not shure what we can do fer him…iz sad 😦
      Butt me iz πŸ™‚ to see ya here!
      Lub Nylablue ❀

  • Hey sweetie! We’re so glad the vet visit went well! Oh, and congrats on the award! So well deserved! πŸ˜€ A golden award for a beautiful golden girl! πŸ™‚

    We hope there will be NO snow!! It was sunny here all day! So we’ll be sending some sun your way! Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie! We ❀ you! πŸ™‚ Much love, Roxy & Tigerlino ❀

    • **floofz self up** Roxy N Tigerlino ya sayz da sweetest fingz!!! Me iz not doin alot of awardz deze dayz…butt iz nice when sumbody doez give me one πŸ˜‰
      Sunny?? Me can bearlee bememburr what da Sun feelz like on me furz! Haz rained so much n cloudy eben when NOT rainin! Pawfull weather….
      Wishin ya a grrreat weekend too me deer furendz ❀ ❀
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • πŸ˜‰ Why phankz Miss Annie fer such a lubly compleemint!! Me lubz dat piccie of me too!
      Mum iz pawsum fer findin matchin brushez. she bin ALL OVER da place lookin fer a month….she shure iz stubbern tenashuss πŸ˜‰
      Me iz happy Binky sprinkled sum gold dust on me too!
      We hopez NO snow comez too…diz iz ree-dickuluss!
      **paw kissez**
      Lub Nylablue ❀ ❀
      Pee ess: as ushuall we fell beehind again so will come bizit ya soon….

        • Yow Miss Annie we allwayz see her commintin on yer bloggie n we got curreuss….well we started reedin how Dallas broke fingz off wif dat toerag slimeball scoundrell Simon n we got hooked on da storey n we spent one evenin reeding blog aftur blog….
          She iz a lubly n smart n funny lady n she deeservez all da best n not stoopid Simon πŸ˜‰
          Lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0

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