Kickin Caturday katchat wif Nylablue

Published October 11, 2014 by NylabluesMum

EEowww Krazy Katz how waz yer week?? Ourz waz wild n kwazy purr ushuall, MOL!!! So gather ’round da Condo n me tell ya all ’bout it!Glad to bee aliveIzn’t da Sun lubly on yer furz?? Ferst me wanna meow ’bout da 2 firez in our buildin: da 1st one waz Fursday Oct 2nd at 1 A.M. n sumwhere on da 2nd floor. We had to bee outside in da chilli drizzle fer over 1/2 hour n not happy me can tell ya! Den da 2nd fire waz on Sunday Oct 5th at 4 P.M. at da other end of da buildin where we cuud see it!!! Mistur M had to bee taken to da Hospital fer smoke innhalashun n cause well it iz not guud to drink (too much) n cook!!! Siriuslee peepz DO NOT DRINK N DRIVE OR DRIVE N TEXT OR DRINK N WALK OR DRINK N COOK…dey do not mix well. We spent over 2 hourz wif Miss Sheila what came n got us n took us fer snackz n water n we sat at da riverbank lookin fer da feralz….weerd fing: Mum had just spoken wif Miss Sheila on da phone n hung up n alarm sounded…once Mum had me outside n her purse n stuff she called Miss Sheila back who came RITE OVER!! She iz a pawsum Hu’man  ❤

 Now me tell ya ’bout me Vet bizit! When we left off DAT drama,  we nott shure who we wuud bee seein Tuesday…..Terned out it waz Dr Dave who waz happy n chippurr?? Mum asked him if he waz angree wif her n he had NOT a clue what she waz on ’bout!!! He had not read da email n he told Mum he getz scared givin me da Depomedrol ’cause it cuud bee da last time **wipez teer frum eye* It appeerz Dr Dave haz fallen fer me n now he lubz me like he did Mingflower; boy waz me n Mum gobsmacked! All went well frum dat point. Me had me Cartrophen n Pepcid injeckshunz n da oral Mirtazipine n me even wrestled wif Miss Terry N Dr Dave n spit da pill out once!!! Dr Dave said he was “so HAPPY” me had dat much energee to do dat….So we left feelin guud altho purrplexed (maybee itz fer da best..MOL)

Aftur all da drama of firez n wurryin ’bout Dr Dave we got a parcel in da ve mail frum Aunti Bev:Deliveree to Mum n meN da card looked like diz:Gift card frum AuntiN den da guud stuff! One crowhsayed stuffie fer me:Me new mousieN one fer Mum :Speedy turtle 1Are dey not  da cutest??? Me named me mouse Morty n Mum named her turtle Speedy. Don’t dey look cute together?Look at da stuffiezWe want to give a B-I-G ‘meow-out’ n Phank ya to Aunti Bev fer finkin of us n beein so kind. Den we got another giftie:Pretty plantIzn’t diz Mum plant gorgeeuss?? Miss Stella n Mistur Jeff had brott it to da Temple fer da Hie Holey Dayz sirivicez n dey deecided to give it to me n Mum fer da patio! Now bememburr we not apposta have anyfing like diz on da patio butt eberyone doez around da buildin?!?! Well Miss Stella n Mum fink alike 😉 Da meen nastee cranky Manager did see it butt neber said a werd, MOL. Nanner nanner nanner!PPFFFFTTTHHHH!  ;)….Phankz fer da purrty plant Miss Stella n Mistur Jeff it reelly makez da patio look lubly!

Furinallee me haz to tell ya ’bout Juno. Now me betz ya all iz wunderin who iz Juno?? Well here he iz:Juno spookyHe livez on da street beehind our buildin wif hiz Brofur Scrambler n da Hu’Man n her 3 hu’man kittz. Da lady letz da boys ramble ’round da nayburrhood n Mum bin over to speek to her kindlee ’bout keepin da katz inside which haz bin goin well fer diz yeer…til Wednesday nite when Abby-ka-dabrah dere waz Juno at 8:30 P.M. lookin upset n hungree. Mum gave him food n milk n we had a  meow while he eated:Juno & NylaBMe finkz me scared him a bit but me not meen to…Mum spoke to Juno too n he gave her a look befur he left to reeturn to hiz street:JunoLazer eyez Juno!!! Let da FORCE bee wif ya Kittehboy! We warned him ’bout Braveheart n Greyboy so we hopez he gott back inside safe. Mum DID call hiz Hu’Man 4 timez in 2 dayz butt no one answered or called back. We not seen Juno since so we hopez he iz inside safe n warm. Whew it bin one buzy week n yah Braveheart n Greyboy comin nitely fer dere suppa n altho’ dey yowlz n howlz at each other dey HAZ NIT bin fightin which iz reemarkabull izn’t it?? Sorta an uneazy truce we finkz, MOL….So me furendz we rap up anothe week here at da Purrfect Pad! Wishin eberyone a Happy n turkey filled Phankzgivin if ya sellybratez lotz of punkin pie…mmmmm…punkin….Punkin Pie fer NylablueMe sneeked a nibbull of Mum’z 😉 Oh n one more fing: Pleeze purray fer Speedy n fer Zoe frum Brian’z Home! Speedy still on da mend frum hiz tummy upset n poor Zoe had to have surgery to reemove a firball da size of a racketball inside her!!!! Sendin POTP (Power of da Paw) to both of me deer furendz:purrsforspeedy 2014


Sister Zoe frum Brian'z Home bloggie

Sister Zoe frum Brian’z Home bloggie

Okayz now me iz sun…no reelly! Me iz finnished…fer shure…Nylablue O-U-T!!!! 🙂


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  • You and your mom are so sweet to feed and watch over sweet Juno. That pumpkin pie looks yummy so we can understand why you would sneak a nibble. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Yow Aunti Maggie how cuud we NOT feed poor Juno?? He getz locked alot sumtimez n no one home fer him…bery sad…at leest he nose to come here fer snackz!
      **paw kissez** Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0

    • EEowww Miss Katie n Coccolina iz grrreat to see ya here! We did pop over to yer bloggie last nite fer a bit!!!
      yer rite ’bout da firez n we iz glad it haz bin quiet since den….pawz crossed it stayz dat way!!
      Phankzgivin waz lubly n Mum n me got to spend Monday together aftur a buzy weekend.
      **paw kissez** n lub
      ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Two fires? TWO of ’em? MOUSES! So happy to hear you’re all okay and I hope that Mr… ummm… sorry, I forgot his name but I hope he’s okay, too. You’re so right. One should never drink too much while cookin’.

    Your mousie is so cute! Can’t beat a good mousie. Does it contain nip?

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We had a really good one, here. I got some cream from that pie. SCORE! I do love a little cream.


    • MOUSIEZ IZ RITE Nerissa!!! Waz pawfull time me can tell ya!! Scarey too!! Mistur Mike iz okayz n he iz stil drinkin…we just shakez our headz 😦
      Yah Mum rubbed Morty wif sum guud ‘nip n me iz lubbin him alot!
      We had a guud Phankzgivin wif Aunti n unckle over da weekend n a quiet Monday just me n Mum!!!
      Hurrah fer da (m)ice creem Nerissa!! Furabuluss!!!
      Lub Nylablue n Mum ❤ ❤ ❤

  • What a week. Thankfully the bad bits were over first – how incredible to have two fires – thank goodness they were quickly put out. How wonderful that Miss Sheila came over so quickly. So relieved to hear that Dr Dave didn’t hold any grudges and all is back to normal 😀

    • MOL Miss Annie ‘inncredible’ waz not quite da werd Mum used when da 2nd one happened 😉
      Dere waz alot of *flounderin* werdz….
      With all the contrapshunz to alurt us to fire dere iz no reeson to not get firex put out *qucik* here!!!
      Miss Sheila livez 2 blockz frum us which iz furabuluss…we do hopez she not have to make mad dashez again anytime soon tho’!!!
      Ya nose Miss Annie, Dr Dave had NO grudge or uppyset wif us; he iz just overwerked n dahin ’bout in many die-recshunz! We gonna see him today; wunder if he furinallee red da email, hehehe!!
      Much lub to ya n all da currierz what makez A/C so pawsum!
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Yep Nylablue, me didn’t wanna say nuffin’ but me fawt da Dr. Dave saga might be sumfin’ like dat. Glad y’all got it all worked out. And it sounds like y’all suwe nuff had a busy busy week. Weez still twyin’ to get all cleaned up wound here, so weez off and on and visitin’ and not. Hopefully soon weez’ll be back to nowmal. Mommy just needs to take a whole day and not even look at da puter, dat’s what it’s gunna take weally. anyways, glad all is well.

    Luv ya’


    • EEowww Dezi me waz so wurried Dr Dave did not like me anymore or da strain of carin fer me had gotten to him!! When he told me n Mum he still wanted to care fer me dere waz sum teerz….Mum waz reeleeved!
      Da weekendz til Novemburr will be buzy cause Mum will bee helpin Aunti n Unckle get da house ready fer dem to move back in…
      We understandz yer still unpackin n tryin to get set up.
      We also iz havin lappytop problemz n Mum sayz we will haz to but a new one soon…
      What iz normal?? MOL!!! We furgetz…. 😉
      Take all da time ya needz; we understandz!
      Lub Nylablue n Mum ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Weez fawt hims wuz worried dat da medicine wuz duin’ mowe hawm than good and wuz worried ’bout dat. Weez nevew fat hims didn’t wanna tweat yous anymowe. Sowwy yous havin’ twubbles wiff yous ‘puter, weez hope weez not hav to buy anudder anytime soon. Mostly cuz weez still payin’ Fingerhut fur this one. MOL Weez’ll be payin’ fur quite a foo years. Mommy wuz able to use hers gwocewy munny to buy it fur us.

        As fur nowmal, well, ow nowmal isn’t like anypawdy elses, but it is nowmal fur us. MOL

        Luv ya’


        • 😉 Yer so-o clever Dezi n Lexi~~ me haz to take a Cortisone Steroid fer da Bowel disease n we nsoe dat in da end me kidneyz or lvier will wear out…Mum iz purrpared fer dat n so iz me…well as much as me can bee. Dr Dave cuud not get da werdz out a few weekz ago so Mum did not understand…
          Me goin to see Dr Dave soon; we shall see what he n Mum meow ’bout today…..
          Mum n da lappytop are like not so simpat-eco…MOL…da internal tocu pad iz wearin out n sum other stuff so Mum iz werkin da budgit to see what we can doez. At leest at our PC fgizin place dey haz used n fixed lappytopz fer sale n reesonable…
          Me heerz ya ’bout normal. Ourz may not bee like otherz but we haz a guud life together.
          When Mum meowed to Aunti stacey (her Sisfur) she let her nose we haz had sum tuff timez. Iffin Aunti wantz to help iz grrreat butt Mum told me she doezn ‘t xpect ANYFING frum aunti 😦 Purrty sad when furamillee do not eben offur sum help or guud werdz…Dat’z our normal..**sighz**
          Sendin ya lub n ~~head rubz~~ Nylablue ❤

          • Dat’s pawsum yous has a ‘puter store wiff weasonable purrices. Weez not hav anyfin’ like dat, so mommy had to pay way too much, cuz hers needed to be able to pay it off a little at a time. So evewy mumff mommy gives hers $30.00 to Fingerhut so weez can hav a puter. Mommy sez it’s like fur 5 years, and weez got 1 down and 4 mowe to go. MOL

            Weez not even bodder wiff tellin’ mommys furmily anyfin’. They like to purrtend hers dead, so weez not bodder them and well, me guesses weez purrlay dead.

            Luv ya’

            Dezi and Lexi

            • Yow Dezi da puter store doez reepairz to hertin puterz n lappytopz n dere are reefurbished puterz what dey sell fer affordable purricez n dey give techie support too. Mum’z ferst lappytop waz bott 2nd paw frum diz store n ‘Baby’ werked fer 4 yeerz. Den she sorta died….Dad went out n bott Mum a NEW lappytop dat waz on sale (fer $700.) n we haz had ‘Princess’ fer 5 yeerz….she iz slowin down. Dad haz a new gurlfurend so he cannot buy Mum a new lappytop so Mum sayz we will have to buy 2nd paw again…
              Guud greef dat Fingerhut place shure chargez alot don’t dey?? Butt a puter iz impawtent n so our Mumz’ do what iz needed to make shure we is on da Interwebbernetz, rite???
              Mum did da mathz on her fingerz bout how much yer Mum will pay over 5 yeerz n she allmost passed out frum da amount 😉
              Me knowz yer Mum haz no tiez to her furamillee…n we understand dat!
              Mum called Aunti n leeved her a message n sang Happy Birfday to her Sept 8th n asked fer Aunti to call back which she did on da 28th butt Mum waz uppyset she took so long, so she wuud not answer…so me meowed wif Mum n said she waz doin da same fing as Aunti n she agreed so she called Aunti fer Phankzgivin yesterday n dey meowed fer 1 1/2 hourz….Mum did not xpect any help so when she got nuffin butt sum werdz she did not get angree….Mum lubz her Neece n her 2 kittz n Nephew so she NOT want to cut connecshun fer guud…..she sayz dey shuud NOT suffer just cause she n Aunti are at oddz….
              Mum iz stubbern purrsistent, MOL!
              Much lub, Nylablue n Mum x0x0x0x0x0

              • Yep it’s a lot of munny, but mommy didn’t hav any udder options. Dat 30.00 a mumff wuz all hers kuld spawe, and dat wuz afur da rent went up 30.00. So da gwocewy munny hers had dun wiffout to get us da puter in da first place is alweady bein’ spent. So now mommys twyin’ to cut back on hers purrsonal cawe and meds. Hers dusn’t cut back on ow stuffs. Hers sez weez not unnewstand like hers duz. Mommy sez dat hers wuld nevew say to us there be no dinner cuz weez gotta pay da bills, but hers unnewstands and dusn’t need anyfin’. 🙂

                And weez know not evewypawdy can let go of their furmily. Weez not blame yous mommy at all. Mommy has 2 nephews and a neice dat will nevew know hers cuz they don’t want ’em too. Fur da first kupple of years mommy sent themm little gifts evewy mumff, and they wuld fwo them in da twash and not tell da kids. They finally stawted givin’ ’em to ’em fur a little bit, and then they told mommy no to send anyfin’ anymowe. They wuz teiwed of fwoin’ them away. So weez only do Meowdays and Christmas now.

                Luv ya’


                • How BERY rude of yer Mum’z furamillee to throw dem giftz out!!! Eben me Aunti wuud NOT do anyfing so lo-down n meen!!! **wipez teer frum eye* Dat iz so sad Dezi!
                  Mum just sendz cardz fer Meowdayz n Catmess n she sendz da hu’man kittz a $20 green papurr fer dere birfdayz. No one sayz “NO” to green papurrz n da kittz sumtimez send me Mum a card or a little gift…
                  Yer Mum iz just like me Mum. She haz cut back on many fingz too so she can feed not onlee me butt Greyboy n Braveheart n da riverbank feralz n she also givez green papurrz when she takez dem a kitteh she haz found…
                  In fact, yer Mum iz da ferst Hu’Man Mum eber helped since we joined here) 😉 Do not tell anyone but Lexi n yer Mum okayz?? Mum told me she feelz like a ‘kin-drid spirit’ wif yer Mum…not shure what it meenz butt it soundz lubly….
                  **paw kissez**
                  ❤ Nylablue ❤ n Mum too 🙂

                  • Yes they do Nylablue, dat’s why mommy sends gifts. They be much cheaper. MOL But it’s okay mommy knows how they awe and hers dusn’t mind. she duz what she duz cuz she sez she won’t be da one judged and found lackin’ wiff God sumday. Hers dusn’t spend much on them cuz she knows it get fwown out and she sez she dusn’t hav munny fur fwowin’ away. Mommy saw a foto of hers neice and nephews once and they awe cute childwen, but weez will nevew know them and they will nevew know us, so weez just don’t fink ’bout it. 🙂

                    Aaaaw Fank yous Nylablue and fank yous mommy. Dat made mommy hav da leaky eyes. Weez luv y’all vewy much too. Yous be vewy special to us. Weez do hav da bestest mommys in da univewse.

                    Luv ya’

                    Dezi and Lexi

                    • Yow Dezi diz makez guud sense…n yer Mum iz tryin to do da rite fing…
                      Dat iz why me Mum still sendz da hu’man kittz green papurrz…she doez not want dem to suffer…iz not dere fault da so called grown upz are so silly 😉
                      Mum’z grrreat neffew iz now 13 n da grrreat neece iz 8. Mum not seen dem in 2 yeerz n da pickturez are outdated…
                      Mum cannot leeve me to go bizit dem ’cause no one will take care of me. Me nose Aunti iz mad at us butt me not want to bee duz sick n Mum haz to stay wif me. So dat iz dat.
                      Mum sayz she hopex dem leejy eyez made ‘happy teerz’!!
                      She wishez she cuud do more to help yer Mum ’cause she nose what it iz like to bee all alone….
                      WE all gotta stick together! 😉
                      Sendin ya oodlez of ❤ LUB <3, Nylablue n Mum x0x0x0x0

                    • Phankz fer da compleemint Dezi. WE nose how hard it iz to live wifout green papurrz n to budgit n wurry. Mum tellz me how we needz new furniture butt dere iz no green papurrz fer dat. At leest we can dreem rite?? Plus Mum takez guud care of what we haz so it iz lastin a long time…
                      **nose kissez** n lub, Nylablue xxxx

                    • Yep Nylablue it’s okay to dweam. Weez always do. And ow mommy takes weal good cawe of ow stuffs too so it’ll last fur a long long time. Mommy sed dat peeps don’t take cawe of nuffin’ anymowe, but in hers day fings wuz made better and it lasted lots longer. But yous wuld be supwised how long sum of da cheap stuffs last ifin they be taken cawe of.

                      Luv ya’


                    • EEoww Dezi me new ya wuud understand ’bout us dreemin of sum new furniture….Mum haz had a coffee table n 2 end tablez fer 20+ yeerz n dey were Aunti’z befur n Aunti’z fostur pawentz befur dat..solid maplewood n dey iz sturdy! Da entertainmint unit iz a bit werse fer wear butt Mymm haz had it fer 20 yeerz n da bed haz a 20 yeer guarantee n iz like new….Mum takez such guud care of da furniture…one day she will have to get a new bed n she will downsize…
                      Yer rite dat eben sum fingz what are not pricey can bee made to last fer longer den ushuall….me Mum haz her Grandmum’z tobacco stand cabinet n 2 licker cabinetz what she uses fer nite table standz…so dey bin in da furamillee since da 50’z…n she told me eberyfing waz reecycled n reeeused…diz not a new idea by any meenz!
                      Lub Nylablue (what iz also reecycled n Mum sayz she wuud not trade me fer da werld..)

                    • Oh wow y’all has sum gweat furniture Nylablue. Da stuffs they make these days ain’t even made of weal woods. And it falls apawt at da dwop of a hat. Weez hav sum chests dat wuz given to us and they be older than da hills, but they be made of weal wood, so they be in better shape than sum of da stuffs weez kuld buy new.

                      Luv ya’


                    • We heerz ya Dezi! Da ‘nite table standz’ were made here in town back in da 1920’z. Reel solid wood n sturdee! Da tobacco stand iz reel also as iz da coffeetable n end tablez.
                      Yer rite da tablez today are sum sort of par-tickle board n flimsee!
                      Dat iz why Mum sayz she will not ger rid of da ‘old’ furniture…
                      **paw kissez** Nylablue n ((hugz)) frum Mum xxxx

                    • Yep, weez luv dat old furniture. Mommy can’t move it wound like hers kuld da cheap stuffs but hers wuld rather not be able to move it and hav it last. 🙂

                      Luv ya’

                      Dezi and Lexi

  • Miss Nylablue, you and Mum have been very busy! I am so glad you have so many good people around you! I hope your building never has another fire, or even a false alarm. They are scary too.

    • Yow Miss Susan haz bin bery busy here. Mum bin overdoin it since she got her Lidocaine shotz…she iz bery sore today n stayed home…which iz guud. Miss Sheila iz pawsum!
      Aside frum da monthlee test we hopez we neber go thru diz again too!!!
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤

  • nyla……we hope noe one getted hurt; fires bee scaree for sure….N we wood like ta say happee thanx bee giving two ewe; we hope yur & mum’z plates & belliez bee full, N therz knot a BURD in site; ..and…ya get ta spend de day with thoz ya love ♥♥♥♥♥

    • Yow me Tabbiez O’Trout Towne furendz…phankz fer such a guud message!!! Ya put a 🙂 on our facez!!!
      Mum n me iz spendin da day together. Mum haz lazawnya fer suppa (made by me Aunti Judith)n me had me chickin n turkey Friskiez…dere are no burdz in site n no smelly boy kittehz (til dark time) n we iz Phankfull fer Life n bloggin n ALL our bloggin furendz da werld over!!!
      ***paw kissez***
      Pee ess: Mum did meow wif me Aunti Stacey fer an hour so waz like a bizit 😉

    • Yow Misaki n Miss Dawn we lubz are wee stuffiez too!! Aunti Bev iz bery tallented izn’t she??
      Da firez caused minimole damage n we iz al back to normal (til da next time…) MOL/BOL….
      Much lub Nylabluen Mum ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Goodness me!! What a week! TWO fires?? This is no fun!! So pleased you are all OK. Humans are so silly, so much of the time.
    Of COURSE Dr. Dave has fallen for you! How could he not? There would be seriously something wrong with him otherwise!
    It seems your week got better at least and I am happy for that! You and Mum be taking all the care, we are thinking about you!!
    Hugs, Carrie and Pups x

    • Guudness Greef iz rite Miss Carrie…what a week!!!!! Phanzkfully fingz haz calmed down. Mum getz nervuss goin out now, so me haz to reeasshure her! Dr Dave haz bin overwerked n wurried ‘bot me. Once he n Mum meowed all waz reesolved 😉
      Iz Canadian Phankzgivin here butt we not sellybrate…Mum n me gonna bee together all day. She haz cleenin to do n we haz a bazillion bloggiez to bizit…
      **paw kissez** to ya n dem sweet Poochiez too ❤ ❤ ❤
      Lub Nylablue n Mum x0x0xo

  • Oh NOOOO! TWO fires? I agree with you, the best for this peeps would be: do not drink and do anything… hope Mr. M feels better soon. I’m glad the vet visit went well and there is no dark cloud between you and Dr. Dave. How great that your have a mouse in the house now and that your mom got her own Hell-mut! YAY for Bev!

  • oh my gosh Nylablue 2 fires?thats some crazy stuff,I am glad that you’re safe and sound.
    Speedy and Morty are so cute,mummy is cooing over them…hehehe.
    And of course it should be no surprise that Dr Dave loves you ….we all love you sweetie!
    hehehe we love your plant for the patio…hehehe and I think its funny that others have plants on their patio too,love to you and your Mum,xx Speedy

    • Yah Speedy n Miss Rachel it waz no fun wif alarmz screeeechin n Mum quick like a bunneh to get me into carrier n out on patio! She iz grrreat in an emergencee…all calm n foecused! Haz bin quiet fer a week n we haz pawz crossed it lastz fer a l-o-n-g time 😉
      HHHMMM shuud me ask Aunti Bev to make yer Mum a wee bunneh???
      Dr Dave lubz me as long as me not go haywire on him….MOL….me bin guud fer 5 weekz in a row…bet he will be wurried tomorrow 😉
      Da Manager SAW da plant n Mum told her to not say a werd…da Manager new to shut her gob ’cause eberyone else haz plant on dere patioz!!!
      Sendin lub to ya me sweet furendz ❤ ❤
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0x0

  • A lot has been going on this week, Nylablue! That is good news about Dr. Dave, and kind of sad news about Juno being out. His humans probably aren’t the best kitty caretakers, I guess.

    • Ya shure said it Summer! Haz bin a whirlywind here purr ushuall 😉
      Iz pawsum newz dat Dr Dave still wantz to care fer me!
      Seein Juno all hungree n sad made us sad. Mum begged hiz Hu’Mum 2 summerz ago to not let him out butt da lady doez not lissen to reeson. She told Mum iffin sumfin happened to Juno she wuud just get another kitteh no big deel n Mum allmost bursted a blood vessel!!! Me bememburrz her comin home steemin mad n it took me hourz to calm her down. Back in June Mum n sum other tennantz saw Juno in da buildin backyard n da otherz were sayin dey waz gonna live trap Juno n send him to da Shelter (what me Aunti Renee runz) n Mum xplained it waz not HIZ fault fer beein out.
      Juno’s Hu’Mum neber eben called Mum back; sum nerve! So iffin Juno iz captured Mum sayz she iz NOT gonna ask Aunti Renee to reelease him to da lady butt to keep him safe in da Shelter (what iz No-Kill).
      Sowwy me waffled on butt it reelly burnz me fur dat kittehz like Juno are left out in da rain n cold; wuud dey leeve dere own hu’man kittz out in it??? GGGRRRRR!!!
      Happy Phanksgivin to ya n Bing n Boodie n Miss Janice too.
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Morty and Speedy are so super cute. Does Morty have nip in him, Nylablue? Wow, we didn’t know you had two fires. That is so scary. Was your sunny day photo from today? We had rain all day, which didn’t do Mom any favors. She had Dad walked a 5K for ALS, and the raininess of it about killed her off. You can read more about it on or Monday’s post. We are super happy that things are A-OK with Dr. Dave. Very nice to meet Juno. He looks very handsome. You definitely have a lot of male admirers Ms. Nylablue. We are sending love, purrs and prayers to you both. Hope you will join us tomorrow for our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop and for our version of the Mice Bucket Challenge with a comment-a-thon on Monday. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and your Aunti Janet ❤ ❤ ❤ 😉

    • Yow Sisfurz n Brofur n Aunti Janet…dere iz no ‘nip in Morty or Speedy. Me asked Aunti Bev to make a turtle fer Mum to cheer her up (which werked) n Aunti made me a mousie just ’cause 😉
      Yow me DOEZ have many admirerz n me iz bery happy to bee so popular!
      Yah dat sunny photo waz today fer da hole hour we had sun here! Den a turrible storm blew up. Haz bin a nastee n chilli Autumm so far 😦 We wunder what Winter will bee like…*shudderz*
      Me iz SO-O reeleeved Dr Dave n Mum n me iz okayz! Shure me cuud see Dr Melissa butt me reelly doez like n reespect Dr Dave fer all da care he givez me…..
      We not shure if we gonna blog hop cause Mum haz to go help Aunti wif sortin n packin cause Aunti n Unckle haz to come back here…so pleeze do not bee offended if me not showz up…
      Mum waz so uppyset ’bout da firez. Me told her me wuud tell da storey. Da werst part iz dat it waz rainy n cold both timez n me had to bee outside in da rain. Mum waz wurried da FHV wuud flare-up butt Miss Sheila made shure me waz warm n dry…
      Wishin ya a bery Happy Phankzgivin!
      **paw kissez** to all dere frum me Nylablue here ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Yow Miss Jenna n sweet Huskiez it iz neber a dull momint here me can tell ya!! N Mum wunderz why me katnapz so-o much, MOL!!!
      Aren’t da stuffiez cute?? Miss Bev shure haz magick fingurz n we lubz our toyz…
      **paw kissez**
      Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0x0

  • Hello My Sweet Nylablue! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Mum! What a crazy busy time you two have had! Love your new little friends from Auntie Bev 🙂 Mum’s new plant is gorgeous! Hope you had tons of nice sun time today!
    Luvs you!

    • EEoww Marty me had allmost an hour in da Sun today n den it got cloudy n den da sky terned dark grey n da rain fell like it waz tumblin down frum Heaven…me had to come in n me waz poutin! Mum snuggled wif me til she went out wif aunti n Unckle…
      Dey all came back fer suppa n we had a guud bizit. Now iz just Mum n me watchin NASCAR; zoom, zoom, zoom…
      Iz allwayz sumfin goin on 😉
      Happy Phanksgivin to ya n Ralpie n Mum n da poochiez too…
      **paw kissez**
      Nylablue ❤ n Mum ❤

    • Yow Wally n Ernie n Zoey iz grreat to see ya here! We iz glad da firez were not sirius eether! We haz nowhere to go iffin sumfin bad happenz which makez Mum nervuss…
      We iz reeleeved dat Dr Dave iz not uppyset too 😉
      Me lubz da flowerz too; dey haz a nice smell.
      Happy Phanksgivin to all of ya.
      Lub Nylablue x0x0x0x0

  • Oh My Nylabluewoooooowoooooo! I am so happy you did not get burned in the fires! That is furry scary fur sure! And me and Mama are so happy Dr Dave wuvwuvwuvs you so much! Maybe almost as much as I dooowooooowoooooooooooo! 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Me sweet n purpley blue Kuruk da firez were on da east side of da buildin n we iz in da north wing; whew!!!! Mum took me out ferst in carrier wif blankie! She den went back in fer her purse n pills n phone n Mingflower’z ashez. She said me was numburr ONE purrioritee!
      Hopefully we not go thru diz again!!!
      Me iz glad me still haz Dr Dave fer me Vet…he iz bunderfull…allmost as bunderfull as YA!!!
      Sendin ya ❤ LUB ❤ n ~~~head rubz~~~
      Yer furgurl Nylablue ❤

  • That was quite a post Nylablue and we had fun reading about all those adventures, but those fires are no fun. Thanks for the kind words for Sister Zoe, she came home today and is way behind on her sleeps. Love ya gal!

    • Yow Brian iz NEBER eber a dull momint here at Da Purrfect Pad…butt dem firez wre so scarey….all da noise n uppyset peepz…mum waz kewl n calm tho’. She iz guud in eemergencee situashunz; phank KATGOD fer dat!!
      Yow Sister Zoe iz home?!?! Pawsum!! Pleeze tell her we iz purrin n purrayin fer her n we will check in tomorrow on yer bloggie. Iffin she will let ya; give her a *kiss* ffrum me n 1 frum Mum okayz???
      Much lub to all of ya…
      ❤ Nylablue ❤ n Mum too 🙂

  • That was a lot in one post, Nylablue. We can’t believe you had 2 fires in one week. Ms. Sheila seems to be a very special human, indeed. You and Mom stay safe, warm, and have a great weekend.

    • EEoww Princeton ya getz yer moniez werth reedin me bloggie, MOL!! Siriuslee dere waz so much to tell eberyone. Me waz gonna do 2 bloggiez butt Mum iz gonna bee buzy tomorrow so me did one big bloggie…
      We not beeleeve our earz last Sunday when da alarm went off again eether! Hopefully dere are NO more fer a long time!
      Miss Sheila haz a grrreat B-I-G ❤ fer kittehz n fer peeple too….
      Happy Phankzgivin to all of ya dere.
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too x0x0x0x0x0

  • Blimey! Miss Nylablue, it ain’t boring at your pad!!! MOL Two fires!!!! Some people should not play with matches!! 🙂 So that Dr Dave fella has a soft spot for ya!! I am not surprised! there is a certain tuxie mancat who also has a soft spot 😉 Smoochies and headbonks xoxoxox

    • EEoww Austin me tuxie boy n Miss carolyn iz neber a dull momint here n sumtimez iz okayz butt dem firez were a bit too scarey fer me likin!! MOL yer rite dem peepz shuud not play wif matchez or have a stove iffin dey iz going to drink til dey pass out…Mum lodged a complaint wif da Head of Housin butt no one will do anyfing til sumone dyez…sad izn’t it??
      😉 Yah Dr Dave DOEZ have a softie spot fer me; who new??? Me reelly likez him too butt me not tell him…
      Iz YA da mankat what haz a softie spot fer me?? Cause me haz a softie spot fer ya Austin hansum tuxie kittehboy ❤
      ~~head rubz~~ n **paw kissez**
      ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Hi Sherri Ellen, I’m enjoying reading the blog! Who knew Nylablue was such a good writer, hmm? 😉


    • EEoww Miss Barbara ya iz here!!! Oh iz lubly to furinallee meet ya. Mum haz told me all ’bout ya n me lubz dem earrinz ya haz made her. Yer bery tallented!
      Okayz here iz Mum to meow wif ya; go ahead Mum:
      Thanks Sweet Feet.
      Hi Barbara, this is great to finally have you here. Feel free to stop by anytime & hang out & read the blogs. We usually post Saturdays & Wednesdays. Nylablue is a very clever cat; some would say ‘precocious’, lol 😉
      Happy Succot & Thanksgiving too!!!
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

  • Wow, not one but two fires in one week! That is two too many. Glad you are all safe. This cooking and drinking sounds like a bad thing. Thanks for clearing up the mystery of POTP for us newbies! Hoping you have a little less excitement this week.

    • EEoww Christy Pawz we totallee agreez wif ya! Did ya nose dere haz bin more den 12 firez in differint Housin buildinz diz yeer alone! Befure last week we had 1 fire alarm fer da BarBQ out back what smoked out da Common Room…we haz neber had trubble wif fire befur. Mum got told today by another tennant da ferst fire waz a malfunckshun of da heet deetecktor but Mum spoke to da Head of Housin on Monday n Mum waz told it waz a reel fire on da 2nd floor.
      All we nose iz we iz purrayin no more of diz!! Drinkin n cookin do NOT mix!
      POTP = Power Of The Paw…when we putz pawz together n say our kitteh purrayerz fer our furendz…
      So far fingz quiet (pawz crossed it stayz diz way!)
      Happy Phankzgivin to all of ya dere.
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0

    • Yow aunti Toby haz bin a quiet week so far n pawz crossed no more drama….we allwayz seemz to find it…or maybee it findz us!!!
      we lubz our new haz quite a colleckshun 😉
      **paw kissez** to ya, Nylablue ❤

  • OMC sweet Nylablue, what a horrible story. We’re so relieved you and your mom are okay. The mousie and turtle are so cute. Lovely 🙂 We’ll purray for Speedy and your furriend Zoe and for you, we always do. Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🙂 ❤

    • Yow Binky n Grannie waz all bery scarey butt Mum waz calm n kewl n she got me out ferst n putted blankie over me n den wnet back in fer purse, pillz, phone n Mingflower’z ashez. She did not get upset til AFTUR both firez which iz guud. She iz okayz in a crysis 😉
      Phanzk fer da purrayerz fer Speedy n Zoe…Mum sayz iffin ya want ya can go to Brian’s Home to bizit Zoe n leeve sum guud werdz. Speedy iz Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny. Dey are guud furendz of ourz….
      **pawkissez** n oodlez of ❤ LUB ❤
      Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0

        • Phankz Binky fer da compleemint ’bout Mum! She shure iz tuff; me callz her “Iron Drawerz” butt do not tell her okayz?? She mite not understand 😉
          Happy Phankzgivin to ya n Grannie n Granpaw too 🙂
          Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

          • Don’t worry, Sweetness, I won’t tell. Lips are closed 😉
            Happy Thanksgiving, Sweet Nylablue and Mum. We don’t have Thanksgiving in the Netherlands, but I’m proud to celebrate it with you. Pawkisses ❤

            • 😉 Phankz Binky!! me new me cuud count on ya!
              Phankz fer da guud wishez…we not reelly sellybrate Phanksgivin. We snuggle alot n meow bout our life together. Mum sayz EBERY day ME iz ALIVE iz PHANKSGIVIN Day fer HER! She bery moshunall ’bout dat! 😉
              **paw kissez** to all of ya dere frum me here n Mum sendz guud wishez too ❤ ❤ ❤

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