Chatty Caturday Katchat wif Nylablue

Published October 4, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Me just got in frum da Condo n thott me shuud paw ’bout our week to ya all. We got a purrty n upliftin card frum Aunti Amanda in Walez:Card 1Card 2Izn’t da swan piccie pawsum n da purrayer iz so beeuteefull too!! Phanzk Aunti Amanda fer finkin of us. Yer da BEST!

As sum of ya nose me Vet bizit went okayz but poor Dr Dave waz actin weerd again. Me weight waz down to 4.2 kgz (9 1/2 lbz) n da vitalz were all normal. Den he picked me up to squeezey me organz n check me n he did dat “HHHMMMMMMM…” fing dat Docturz do. Mum waz all over poor Dr Dave like a rash n asked what waz wrong. He waz silent so Mum told him waz time fer me Depomedrol injeckshun n Dr Dave got all upset n said what he waz doin waz gonna come back  to bite him n Mum in da A$$…hiz werdz n Mum gave him da speech guud werdz ’bout him werkin a mirackle keepin me stable fer 1 1/2 yeers….18 monthz now n all his kindness. Mum sorta talked rite over him butt not on purrpose! She waz just so focussed on gettin me da injeckshunz…so me got me Depomedrol n Pepcid n oral Mirtazipine n we left in a hurry wif Mum all uppyset n me wunderin what da KAT happened????? Mum emailed a few of ya fer advice n den she sent a nice email to Dr Dave askin iffin he wuud like Dr Melissa to take care of me fer a month or so to give him a break n how she did not want to hert hiz feelinz n how much she admired him, meow, meow, meow…… We NOT herd a peep so we hopez when we go diz comin Tuesday fingz will bee sorted out! Guess we haz to haz sum drama to spice fingz up 😉

Last nite waz rainy n chilli so me deecided was time to check me stock:Checkin stock 1Checkin stock 2It all checked out fine so me waz headin down off da counter:Greyboy'z herewhen me heard Mum call out, “Hey dere Greyboy!” n me hurried down eben quicker:Here me comez GreyboyMOL look at me binkyin like a Bunneh to get to Greyboy!! N dere he waz waitin fer me:Guud to see ya NBSo me n Greyboy meowed thru da window while he eated hiz suppa n had hiz milk. Once he was dun he left us a peemail on da bush n sauntured off into da nite. It allwayz upsetz us to watch him go off ’cause we haz offered fer him to come live wif us…Greyboy sayz he will fink ’bout it….

Braveheart haz bin comin ebery nite n guess what?? He now letz Mum touch him on da nose! It happened Fursday nite fer da ferst time n den last nite…Mum got all teery-eyed n me iz s proud of her fer beein so payshunt wif him. Me asked him iffin he wanted to come in n diz waz hiz reeply:Braveheart beein silly

Iffin ya haz to just clicky da piccie to make it biggur…Braveheart waz stickin hiz tongue out at me!!! What a kittehboy!!! Mum did go bizit a lady what she thott mite bee hiz Hu’man but da lady’z orinche kitteh iz a gurl wif no coller n bell, so dat terned out to bee a dead end. Mum sayz unless she goez door-to-door she doezn’t nose how to find hiz owner….any ideaz???

Tonite iz da seckond nite of Yom Kippur which iz da Jewish/Mewish Day Of Atonemint n Mum iz gonna fer da long evenin sirivice n stay fer da communitee suppa… n me iz gonna do alot of diz:Snoozin NB 3In fact me iz gonna go dum of dat rite NOW!!  Don’t ferget to bizit Speedy bunneh n leeve sum guud werdz for him!! We iz hopin he iz doin bettur today….purrsforspeedy 2014Nylablue n Mum over n out….fer now….

66 comments on “Chatty Caturday Katchat wif Nylablue

  • Hi there,
    Was going to ask if you’d heard anything from Dr. Dave, but then I read the comment above.
    You have a nice condo, Nylablue. McDuff’s condo is the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink! The stock is looking good and orderly — no need to worry there 🙂

    • Yow Aunti Rebby me haz eaten quite a few of dem canz of nomz….me eatz 2 1/2 Fancey Feest canz a day plus sum kibble…Mum sayz me eatz like a Shetland Pony! MOL….
      Me wishez da weather wuud briten up so me can go out in Condo…did get an hour today n den da flounderin stoopid meen rain came back again…diz iz pawthetick! Maybee me will have to go to da cabinent under da sink too!
      Ternz out Dr Dave did not eben have time to reed da email Mum sent. He iz too buzy n we iz wurried ’bout him….
      Den he told us he waz wurried eberytime he gave me da Depomedrol it cuud bee me last….seemz he REELLY DOEZ like me! 😉
      Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤
      Pee ess: Pleeze give McDuff sum kissez frum me okayz??? XxXxXxX

  • We are wondering what’s bugging Dr Dave??? I hope he is just a bit dyspeptic MOL. You are quite the lady Miss Nylablue with your gentlemen callers!! I think I should teleport over and join the throng!! MOL Smoochies xoxox

    • MOL Austin n Miss Carolyn we found out Dr Dave iz dyz-organized n nott dyspeptick n far too buzy fer his own guud!! Mum, me n him had a guud meow n he told us he iz doin too much n got a bit overwhelmed. Plus he wurriez eberytine he givez me da Depomedrol injeckshun it will bee da last time….
      Pleeze tellyport over Austin n join da throng…Greyboy barelee noticez me n Braveheart just scoffz da food down n not lissen to me…
      Me wuud lub da attenshun frum a swa-vay mankat…Mum sayz da werd me wantz iz ‘suave’… 😉
      ***Smoochiez*** n lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • nyla….WAY happee grayboy came bax….we noe ya had sum worrreez bout him; when boomer lived de streetz him wood due that two tho…show up N be gone for dayz…show up N ree peet….

    we noe gray iz just veree thanx ful ta noe sum one cares bout him…

    N ya better get sum mor toona toona in de pantree…:)


    • Yow Tabbiez me n Mum were reeleeved to see Greyboy back….
      ya nose Hercule Purr-o dissapeered ’bout 2 monthz ago aftur a HUGE fite wif Braveheart…
      Mum iz still mad at Braveheart butt she feedz him anyway ’cause she nose life on da streetz iz pawfull n sumtimez kittehz do fingz naotty out of hungur n feer n fer sirvival.
      Yow me haz onlee had tuna-tuna last week fer 3 timez…Mum iz not lettin me haz as much…once me comez back frum Vet’z tomorrow she said me can haz sum….mmmmmmmmmm…… 😉
      Phankz fer stoppin by me furendz..
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • EEoww Miss Katie we hopez fingz werk out too. Not a peep frum dr Dave so we just gonna go tomorrow n hopez fer da best!
      Phankz fer da compleemint **floofz self up**
      Me triez to keep meself lookin groomed n guud!!
      How are ya doin?? We will pop rite over n bizit…Mum sayz ya got a new puppy…
      Lub Nylablue xx n Mum xx

  • Hello my Sweet Nylablue! Love the gorgeous pictures of you! You look adorable running like a little bunny 🙂 I do wonder what is up with Dr. Dave, hope he will sit down and have a talk with your Mum. The boys look good too 🙂 We have had the heater on here too, especially since Mom had the flu over the weekend. Sorry you guys had to leave and drive around because of the fire alarm and fire trucks, it seems there is never a dull moment in your lives MOL!
    Luvs you!

    • Yow Marty we wantz sum *DULL* pleeze!! 2 firez n 5 dayz here iz scarey n Mum’z nervez are a bit shaken not stirred 😉
      Me wundered “Where da Kat” we waz goin wif Miss Sheila on a Sunday me can tell ya! It waz okayz when we not goez to Vet’z, MOL….
      Me lubz to do bunneh leerned frum a reel live bunneh me once new.
      Oh pleeze *kiss* Miss Kelly fer me n tell her we send GET WELL WISHEZ to her! Diz stoopid Flu iz eberywhere it seemz!
      **paw kissez** sweet Marty XXXX
      Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤

  • Hello our lovely ladies, We are so happy that at least two of your boyfriends are coming to visit you Miss NB. We did not know that Braveheart has a collar and bell. I guess Mum S-E could try to follow him sometime when he leaves, but he probably wouldn’t lead her to his “real” home. Your mum is pretty lucky he lets her touch his nose. Sparky, who has lived next door for twelve years and usually has his second breakfasts and dinners at our house, still won’t let Mom touch him. That huge stash of foods makes us feel warm and fuzzy ’cause it should take you quite a while to eat all those up which means you will be around and kicking for lots, lots longer. We love your sprint to the window to see your furiends. And you are looking nice and floofy and healthy in your nappy photo. We are pretty surprised that you have not heard back from Dr. Dave. We really hope that when y’all see him on Tuesday that he will be in a better mood and the three of you can come to some kind of agreement as to how to proceed with treatment and with whom. We are sending you lots of purrs and prayers and love. You both are so impawtant to all of us and we don’t want you to be worrying about anything other than the two of you staying healthy and happy. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ XO, From your sisfurs and brofur, Misty May, Mauricio, Lily Olivia, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and your Aunti Janet

    • EEowww Sisfurz n Brofur Mau n Aunti Janet…As if we not haz enuff to deel wif dere waz a fire in our buildin diz afturnoon n we waz out frum 4-6:30 pm!!!!! Mum had just got off da fone wif Miss Sheila n a minutt latur da alarm went off n Mum got to it n shut if off long enuff to get me in carrier & out onto patio. She put me blankie over me n went back in fer purse, pillz, phone n Mingy’z ashbox.She called da Fire peepz n waved da big fire truckz in to da rite apartmint n she had to go in a 3rd time wif da alarm screemin to get me 2nd blankie. She waz a purrfesshunall…
      She called Miss Sheila who came to get us n we went fer a drive n Miss Sheila bott Mum sum suppa n we sat by da riverbank n watched da riverkatz.
      Me iz all worn out n so iz Mum.
      We not shure ’bout Dr Dave n will see what happenz Tuesday. Mum iz a baskit case (she iz furagile!).
      Me iz okayz now dat me iz home. Did ya like me ‘binky’ photo?? Mum waz tryin fer another pic butt diz one waz bettur!
      Mum haz followed Braveheart butt he just wandurrz all over n not take Mum to anywhere n he slipz under bushez n Mum cannot go in aftur him 😉
      We bememburr ya tellin us ’bout Sparky; funny how sum kittehz will have a home n come fer snackz n not let da Hu’man touch dem….
      Pleeze give all me fursibz kissez frum me n Mum…we iz off to bed…hopefullee NO MORE screemin alarmz; me nervez cannot take it (Mum eether!)
      Much lub Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤

      • OMC…a fire! Hope it was nowhere near your apartment, and that you didn’t get any smoke in your place. Sounds like you were able to grab all the impawtant stuff just in case. A nice opportunity to watch the river cats and supper out for mum does lend a bit of a silver lining to the whole affair. Your Aunti Janet is a big “look for the silver lining” person. Like with the scorpion affair…she said that at least she as stung by a non-lethal one. Men can be so hard to figure out. Sure hope your note to Dr. Dave didn’t bruise his ego somehow. We suggest big hugs for him as soon as you see him tomorrow. Sending oodles and bushels of love. XO from your brofur and sisfurs, Lily Oliiva, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo and your Aunti Janet

        • Yow Ssisfurz n Brofur Mau n Aunti da fire waz at da opposite end of buildin in da front where we livez…no smoke reeched us phankfully. It waz so scarey n noisey me can tell ya. Mum cuud not eat til she got home ’cause she had to take her meddycashun befur. So she had her water n pillz n watched da gott so restless aftur sum time so Miss Sheila brott us home n all waz quiet!

          We waz so reeleeved dat scorpeeon waz not poisnon too! Dem critturz are terryfyin!!!
          Me not fink we herted Dr Dave’z feelinz. Mum sayz me can hug him; she finkz he wuud panick if she did 😉
          Wish uz luck tomorrow….
          **paw kissez** n lub, Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Yow Misaki n Miss Dawn we iz hopin it waz just a bad day…butt 2 Tuesdayz in a row iz outta characktur fer him…we hopez Dr Dave iz all rite….
      We seez him Teusday 😉
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • We are so glad you have been doing better than just hanging on over the past months dear Sweet Feet. You sure have a nice stock there. Dad keeps ours in an antique fridge. He says it took a big block of ice and a man would come around with them every couple of days. How interesting is that! We got a whole lot piled in there as Dad got a coupon from PetSmart that gave him 25% off if he spend so much. It was a lot but luckily we have a bit to work with and he got 10 cases. They all fit and the best part is we got less of the more inexpensive ones cause with the discount they were affordable.
    So nice to see Gray Boy and it looks like you were so happy to see him too. He leaves that mark to let the other cats know he is the big cat around town
    Braveheart looks so handsome and it is good he is letting Mom give him a pat. He may not have a home. We have worked with rescue cats who were left or were lost. We hope this is not the case but it is so nice that you and Mom are caring for him.
    Dad says he should go to Temple but… He is more of an Eclectic Bhuddist Jew so… does a lot of meditation
    Purrs from us all
    Timmy Dad and Crew

    • EEowwww Timmy yer fridge soundz so kewl…n here me thott da cupberd waz da bomm…nah…yerz iz w-a-y bettur 😉
      Me iz doin more den hangin in dere; me iz stayin stabull alot of da time. Mum iz amazin; she nose when me iz a bit ‘off’ n she keepz a reckord of anyfing wrong or if me yakz so she can tell Dr Dave on Vet day. Iz her vigilantee watchin dat keepz me outta trubble me finkz 😉
      MOL we nose Greyboy feelz he iz TOPKAT but we nose Braveheart iz da ‘bullie’ of da ‘hood…
      Me likez Greyboy alot; Braveheart not as much. Mum iz fair n likez n feedz both. We not shure what to make of Braveheart…he had NO coller n bell til a month ago. Den voila; dere it waz a new coller n bell; so he MUST have a Hu’man sumwhere…butt he eatz like he iz starvin…whereaz Greyboy pickz what he want to eat…we iz scratchin our headz over da missteree of dem boyz…Iffin Braveheart waz left beehind; oh what a turrible thott. Mum iz wurried wif Winter approachin what we wil do wif da boyz…
      Yer Dad iz a Boo-dhist?? Mum used to purractice Boodhism when she waz a teenager…
      She went fer last 2 sirvicez of Yom Kippur last nite n da meal aftur. When she came home me cuud see she had bin cryin. Me asked her if she waz sad n she said da sirvice got her finkin n touched her deeplee..Me said a purrayer fer her when she went to bed…n me slept wif her most of da nite.
      Today iz chilli here butt me iz happy to bee alive n wif eberyone!!!!
      **paw kizzez** Nylablue xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • that was nice that Braveheart allowed your mom to give him an eskimo-greeting on his nose :o) I cross my paws that all dark clouds are disappeared till tuesday and Dr. Melissa is there for you for a while.

    • EEoww Easy me Champeeon Mum touched Braveheart on hiz head last nite n he jumped outta his furz, MOL! So Mum offered her fingerz to him n he nose kissed her….dat boy shure haz not known much lub it seemz.
      Pawz crossed here..Mum nnedz to check emailz n see if we got a reeply!
      Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤

  • How nice you got a visit from both boys.Speedy is doing ok Nylablue ,though I try to cut back on the critical care food but then he starts to get sloppy poops so I have to give him some more and hey presto it all firms up,very strange indeed,but I don’t have to give him so much as the food intake has gone up a bit,So we keep on like this till his appetite is normal…its kinda like 2 steps forward 1 step back.Stay well sweetie and I hope you mum is feeling better too now,lots of love Rachel

    • HHHMM Miss Rachel me haz a thott: Do bunnehz get Earitable Bowel Sindrome??? If so maybee Speedy haz dat?? WeNOT want him to haz da Bowel disease me haz dat iz fer shure!!!!
      Yow me n Mum do da ‘2 stpe’ wif me alot too…me watz so guud frum Tuesday til Caturday n den me tankz til Teusday when me getz more Mirt…it is da cycle….
      Mum iz much bettur n she went to Temple last nite fer last 2 sirvicez n da meal…so me iz hopin no more sickie 😉
      **paw kizzez** to ya n Speedy ❤
      Lub Nylablue xxxxxxxx

      • its good to hear you mum is feeling better to,as for Speedy he just seems to be off his pellets and treats don’t know why but he is eating lots of hay and greens so maybe the rest will come back in time,xx Rachel

        • EEoww Miss Rachel n Speedy we iz happy ya stopped by to bizit today!
          We iz still purrin n purrayin dat he reecoverz hiz appytite fully soon n get back to hiz sweet binkin self!!!!
          POTP still goin on here!!!!
          Much lub allwayz, Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • We are so glad you are feeling well, Nylablue. What a treat to have two visitors in one evening. Good thing your Mum is gonna be out so you can rest up after that.
    Hope you have a blessed Sunday.

    • Yow Princeton n Precious n da P kittz: Sowwy we not bin by reecentlee…wif Mum beein sick n all da buzyness of Life ya nose how it getz.
      Mum came hom aftur 9 pm last nite n just in time fer feedin ‘da boyz’….she had 3 peepz offer to bring her home so da fealz get dere suppa….so sweet, yah???
      Guud day so far butt we gotta to bizitin bloggiez ASAP!
      **paw kissez** Nylablue xxxxx

    • Yow Summer we not nose ’bout poor Dr Dave. We nott herd frum him at all. We go Tuesday n see if we can sort fingz out…me iz a pawfull so me mite need to let Dr Melissa look aftur me….
      Me iz okayz!!! Phankz fer stoppin by.
      Yerz, Nylablue ❤

    • 😉 Doin me BERY best Brian…me wantz to bee here fer da rest of da 2014 yeer fer shure…pawz crossed!
      Me finkz ‘da boyz’ are happy to has a furend in me Mum n food too!
      Much lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • Yow Wally n Ernie n Zoey iz bunderfull to see ya again. Sowwy we not get to yer bloggie; Mum waz sick fer allmost a week n den went back to Temple….
      Do ya like me binky piccie? 😉 Me lubz to binky!
      We will meow wif Dr Dave Tuesday (no reeply frum him yet..)
      **paw kissez** Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Our laptop was all broken so we haven’t been visiting or anything.Phew, glad that you are OK and that the boys are OK too. The swan is pretty…do you think it would fit in the bath?
    Tell Mum that we always think of her, and you of course!
    Love The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

    • EEoww #1 n Da Gang we iz wurried ’bout Dr dave. Not a peep frum him all weekend. So we go Teusday n see what iz going on….
      Me iz stabull at diz point. Now me must get Mum bizitin bloggiez n reedin dem to me 😉
      Much lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • EEoww Shoko n Kali iz lubly to see ya here! WE are so confused ’bout BOTH kittehz.
      Back last Winter Greyboy had a ratty coller n bell ’round hiz neck. He actedferal n wuud not look at Mum. He got into a fight wif Hercule Purr-o n da coller n bell musta got ripped off n NO NEW one put on so we are sorta pretty shure Greyboy waz left beehind!
      Braveheart who actz all spookie n feral had NO COLLER on frum last Winter til a month ago n den voila; dere waz a new coller n bell…he still actz spookie butt sumbody had to put dat coller on him??? Butt he eatz like he is starvin n feral…we so confused…
      Mum wuud wellcome Greyboy in butt he iz not interested….Mum will keep offerin tho’.
      All me nose is sad both Kittehz haz to go lookin fer food! 😉
      Phankz fer stoppin by!
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤
      Pee ess: Yer interveew waz PAWSUM!

    • Yow Miss Annie we iz hopin aftur a guud weekend of rest (we hopez) Dr Dave will bee okayz. Not herd back frum him, so we wait til Vet day 😉
      Yah both kittehboyz are okayz…..Greyboy iz hansum….*sighz*
      Braveheart smellz funny 😉
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • Yow me iz stabull Miss Jenna n me felt guud enuff to run n binky last nite….Da ‘boyz’ are okayz. Mum iz bettur frum da Flu. Now we just haz to help Dr Dave iz all…
      Phankz fer stoppin by.
      Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum too xxx

  • Yous look so cute wunnin’ Nylablue. Glad yous and da boys awe duin’ so good. Weez not unnewstand ’bout da VET, but dat’s okay, just glad yous duin’ good. As fur findin’ hims home, maybe yous mommy kuld put up sum flyers wiff hims foto on it and ask ifin hims owners kuld call ya’ Don’t know ifin they wuld or not, but might be worff a twy. Hav a gweat weeknd.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  • Nylablue you got TWO visitors in one night! How great is that?! If your Mom can’t find the owner of your friend Braveheart can she post a note on the mailboxes or something asking??? I know some apartment/condo places don’t like that! He’s lucky your Mom and you are helping him just like Greyboy. I’m glad Dr. Dave gave you your usual treatments but remember he knows you better than anyone else does. Between him and your Mom you’re HERE!

    Love, Sammy

    • Yow yah 2 biziturz in one nite!! Dey sorta tag teem each other, MOL… Dat iz a guud idea…
      Mum cuud rite a notice n den phtocpoy it n put in mailboxez…grrreat idea Sammy! 😉
      Mum feelz badlee fer Braveheart ’cause he must have a home butt he shure iz not gettin taken care of propurr like! Greyboy iz on hiz own n so feral so we iz glad we can help in any way.
      Me agreez ’bout Dr Dave n Mum…iz dat he iz wurried…he haz to meow wif Mum…pawz crossed fingz getted sorted on Tuesday!
      Much lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

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