Caturday Katchat feeturin Isabella

Published September 14, 2014 by NylabluesMum

EEoww Krazy Katz: Bet ya thott we wuud not post so soon again?? Well me n Mum haz alot to meow ’bout!! Da weather here iz pawfull n chilli so gather round n let me meow to ya:Snow n Hercule Poirot 008Eberyone comfy n got sum snackz? Okayz ferst let me tell ya ’bout me weeklee Tuesday bizit to Dr Dave. It went WELL…as in me did not attack or get all coo-gurrey on him! Me iz 4.3 kgz again n vitalz all okayz altho me BP waz down a bit. He said iz all rite ’cause Mum look wurried (she doez DAT alot). Me had Cartrophen fer any inflammashun me haz n da Pepcid n oral Mirtazipine in a Pill Pocket what made me froth like Cujo!!! Not shure why me waz lookin all frothy n rabid butt Mum n Dr Dave deecided no more Pill Pocket fer me; thank KATGOD…it iz made of duck (what did a duck eber do to me?) n green peaz (do me look like a veggietareean??) So me haz bin eatin guud n feelin purrty guud butt today me iz bery tired n sleepin alot. Not reel interested in nomz either…iz da weather! Chilli n cloudy n rainin n did me menshun chilli??? Where did Summer go?? **FLOUNDER**

We had sum turrible funderstormz pass thru here last weekend n durin da week n diz iz what it looked like at 4 pm in da afternoon:Wild T-stormN it gotted werse:Wild T-storm 2Mind ya we not haz snow (yet) like Queen Penelope aka Nellie did in Alberta…bbrrr….diz iz cwazy weather here in Canada!

 As fer Mum, poor clapped out sad sack hertin Mum iz one *FLOUNDER* of a flare-up!! Siriuslee can barely walk n she iz eben staggerin ’round da apartmint! Me iz reedy to paw 911 if needed me can tell ya…maybee get dat hansum dark haired fireman to come pick Mum off da floor… 😉  So Mum haz not bin 100 purr cent n haz cott up n fallen beehind purr ushual wif bloggie bizitz…pleeze bear wif us okayz??

We iz gonna put out an APB on *Hippy Hop* az he haz dissapeered…diz waz us on Wednesday meowin wif each other:NylaB & HippyHop 1We had a lubly chat n he seemed in guud spiritz n eben hung out wif me birdie furend Cassie:HippyHop & Penelope*Hippy Hop* where are ya?? Mum putz seedz out under da table on da patio twice a day butt NO *Hippy Hop*…so if ya seez him in yer nayburrhood pleeze tell him to fly home ASAP! We iz wurried…

So on to da update ’bout Isabella what Mum n Aunti Judith n Cuss-in Shawna rescued August 18th. Isabella haz bin treeted fer wermz n den she went into heet. She iz waitin to bee spayed next week. Mum bin tryin to get to see her n furinallee she got to da Sheltur today!! So me gonna let Mum meow ’bout her bizit n show ya new pix of Isabella…take it away Mum!

Thankz Nylablue. Well it has been almost a month so I had no idea if Isabella would remember me. When I went into the cat room & called her name she meowed loudly & came right to the door. Instead of boring you with words I will let Isabella share our visit in photos that speak volumes:

Hey Lady you talkin to me?

Hey Lady is that you??


Is it reallee you who rescued me?

Is it reallee You who rescued me?


It IS You who rescued me!!

It IS You who rescued me!!

Is grate to see you Lady!

Is grate to see you Lady!

Can me come home with you Lady?

Can me come home with you Lady?


Me doing wiggle worm of happyness in Lady's arms...

Me doing wiggle worm of happyness in Lady’s arms…

Fanks fer comin to vizit n bring food n treets to me.

Fanks fer comin to vizit n bring food n treets to me.

So much fer me selfie, MOL!

So much fer me selfie, MOL!

Doesn’t Isabella look great? She has put on weight & is very happy & bouncy & waiting for her spay surgery next week. She is a unique little kitty girl. Before I left I had a chat with another kitty named Gibby. He is a mature boy & very laid back & docile. Another cat found wandering & unclaimed & yes he is neutered!, There is something so endearing about Gibby:

Fankz fer hangin out with me n givin me treatz; now can ya find me a new home?

Fankz fer hangin out with me n givin me treatz; now can ya find me a new home?

So that was my visit to our local Shelter. I was talking to the young lady who works there & we both agreed this has been a very active year for Calico & Orange Tabbies. Funny how these things go in cycles. At this time there are actually 5 orange tabbies up for adoption…I have a HUGE soft spot for them (don’t tell Nylablue.) Ok back over to my Sweet Feet!

Yow izn’t me Mum pawtastick?? Okayz me iz a ‘bit’ byassed butt trulee me Mum lubz all da 4 leggedz n she haz a golden heart; golden like Isabella’z eyez n she will go da xtra mile to help a kitteh or poochie or bunneh bee safe n cared for. Again we phankz Aunti Renee n Unckle Todd n Miss Harley fer all dere guud werk n deevoshun to da 4 leggedz; where wuud dey bee wifout all of ya??? *wipez teer frum eye*.  N Mum, me nose ya haz a softie spot for orinche kittehz butt me nose ya lubz me BEST!  😉 Speekin of orinche kittehz Braveheart iz well as iz Greyboy (what iz not orinche) butt he iz fine too. Dey haz werked out a sistem so Greyboy comes here ferst to eat n den Mum topz up da food n treetz n den Braveheart showz up fer hiz suppa. Diz way no fightin happenz n we ALL iz happy….so dat’z da newz frum Da Purrfect Pad. Phankz deer furendz fer stoppin by; let’z all have sum tuna-tuna n Chickin feest n Beggin Stripz  n sum nice Rowmaine lettuce n parsley!! Dig in deependin on what yer choice iz…Nylablue out (but not out in Condo ’cause it iz too chilli)Kat on da mat 1


58 comments on “Caturday Katchat feeturin Isabella

  • Meow O My what a storm Nylablue. Make me really be so happy I have a home. That Isabella is very purrty. Not many orangie lady cats. Surprised no one has taken her home and the same for Gibby. We glad you have had good visits my dear furend
    Timmy Dad and Family

    • Yow Timmy dere were 2 stormz what rolled thru here frum da west n brott high windz n rain n eben hail…it waz dark n stormey me can tell ya! A one point da sky started to looka bit sicklee n got a bit green ’round da gillz…Mum waz ready to lock us in da bathroom…but da color changed back to snarlee grey black n we did not have to hunker down…
      Ternz out it waz a My-Crow-burst nott a Tornaydo; whew!!!!
      As fer da kittez have ya noticed allmost ALL da kittehz resckued all over diz continent are either ‘orinche’ or ‘callie-co’ kittehz iz yeer?? Bery bery weerd…
      Yer rite not many orinche lady katz! Mum waz so sirprized Gibby terned out to bee a gurl, MOL…butt Mum’z post on FB got Gibby a new home 😉
      Isabella iz NOT up fer adop-shun til she getz spayed..which shuud happen diz week n den she will be posted fer adopshun!We wnat her all bettur befur she goez to a new home.
      Phankz fer stoppin by Timmy. Pleeze ~~head rubz~~ Dad fer me okayz?
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Hello my beautiful sweet purr thing! I’m still savoring our moments together here at the Hotel Thompson minus adult supervision from Saturday morning. Sigh – sweet paradise my love. Please give your mom some hogs and snout kisses for me and tell her to get better. And Isabella is beautiful – but you my love have my ❤ XOXO – Your Piggy Boy Bacon

    • EEowww Bacn me reelly enjoyed beein wif ya wifout da pawentz….waz lubly me sweetpiggieboy 😉
      Mum iz a bit bettur; seemz she haz a guud day n den a bad one n it sorta cyclez like diz til she getz her Lidocaine. Aftur da Vet’z today we had a l-o-n-g nappie together…she waz worn out!!!
      Isabella iz purrty fer shure butt me IZ a true beeutee…n humbull, MOL!!
      **nose kissez** n ~~head rubz~~ Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤

  • wow that is a lot of good news apart from the weather ,its been nice here a bit of a nip to the air and a chilly wind but its warming up here from tomorrow so Autumn is backing off a bit for a few days,xx Speedy

    • Eeoww Miss Jenna me iz stable n doin me best! Still cloudy n chilli out so me cannot go out in Condo…BLEH! Where iz Summertime??
      Mum iz a bit bettur…shaky on her pawz butt she used her walker to go to store today n she did guud…
      We iz glad ya stopped by; allwayz nice to see ya n da sweet Huskiez here 😉
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • EEoww Shoko diz rain n col diz gettin O-L-D!!! No Condo time 😦 Me wantz a reefund, MOL!!!
      At leest Mum zi here to snuggle wif me n dere are all me furendz here to meow wif!
      Wishin ya a grrreat week.
      Yer furend Nylablue =^,,^=

  • THAT’S what pill pockets are made from? MOUSES! I never knew…

    Funny ’bout the calicos and gingers. You know, countin’ my sister Mason who is tan but the peep calls ‘fawn’ and is really just a lighter version of ginger, out of the ten of us, only my sister Tobias and I are lackin’ in orange. It’s true. We’ve got two marmies, one fawn, one tortie and four calicos. Again I must say, MOUSES!


    • EEoww Nerissa dere are differint flaverz…Dr Dave thott diz one wuud not upset me tummy or bowelz….which waz rite butt da frothin waz reedickuluss…
      HHMMM see ya haz orinche n callycoz’ too. Last yeer waz yeer of da Siamesez n Tortiez…it goez in cyclez it seemz.
      Mousiez we haz not bin to yer bloggie lately…pleeze bee payshunt…we were cott up n den me did 2 bloggiez…. 😉
      Purrz n **nose kissez** Nylablue ❤ ❤

  • Still cold here too. That’s looks like a good thunderstorm. Glad no snow. Nice to hear your doing well. Hope your mom gets better soon. Hope those kitties get adopted soon. Have a great week. Love to you both.
    Sue B

    • **FLOUNDER** STill chilli dere too Miss Sue n Fab Five?? Diz iz reedickuluss weather n me wantz a reefund!!!! We had 2 funderstormz what looked like diz n so much rain (no floodin in our place; whew!!)
      Isabella must bee spayed afore she can bee ‘dopted. Gibby iz guud to go butt he iz so shy n quiet peepz not reelly see him…Mum had her eye on him butt she nose me iz not willin to share…
      As fer Mum she iz a bit bettur today; deze flare-upz come n go (n sumtimez stick around fer dayz at a time). We haz da heet on so Mum not achin much..
      Wishin all of ya a grrreat week too.
      **nose kissez** n lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0x0x0x0

  • Good day to you and your sweet Mum sweet Nylablue. We hope you are both keeping warm and cozy. Isabella looks beautiful and wonderful! We sure hope she gets a loving forever home as soon as possible after here surgery. We hope all the kitties at the shelter find loving homes. We are wondering too where Hippy Hop is let us know if you find out. Hugs and nose kisses Love you both!!!

    • **wavez at Aunti Maggie n Chancy** Iz lubly to see ya here. Warm n snug as Mum haz da heet on ’cause it iz still bery chilli here…turtleneck chilli in fact!
      We iz purrin n purrayin fer sweet Isabella too…she iz reelly quite a lubly gurl n did not deeserve to bee tossed out like a peece of garbage 😉
      Many kittehz n alot of poochiez at Sheltur Mum told me….too many….
      Mum finkz she saw *Hippy Hop* in da earlee mornin butt she not shure; she waz purrty sleepy.
      Wishin ya peeceful n lubly day.
      **nose kissez** n ~~head rubz~~ Nylablue ❤

  • We are sure happy to hear you are doing good pretty Nylablue. That Mom better hurry up and feel better so you don’t have to worry. That sweet Isabella is looking great, she just needs to find her happy home!

    • EEoww Brian n da crew: Mum iz a bit bettur today altho she iz hobblin sum. me iz poutin ’cause iz STILL cold n cloudy out! So me haz to wait til tomorrow fer Condo time…**FLOUNDER**
      Me iz okayz; sorta pickin at me food so Mum iz encouragin me to eatz kibble…
      Once Isabella iz spayed she will bee up fer ‘dopshun…we haz all our partz crossed fer diz beeutee…
      Much lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum

  • your mom is one of that humans who can make this world a little bit better. to have a heart for those who need our help is fabulous! yay for your mom, I hope she feels better soon and you haven’t to call that darkhaired fireman. I hope the thunderstorms will disappear and you can enjoy some good days of fall.

    • Yow Easy me Champeeon n yer Mum phankz fer da ‘guud werdz’…Ya brott teerz to Mum’z eyez. She sayz Hu’manz are apposta take care of da earth n all da innhabitantz butt dat most peeple have furgot diz. So she standz out but she iz NOT alone here! Dere iz me Aunti n Unckle at Da Sheltur n dere peepz; Miss Sheila n Miss Nikki n da peepz frum Feral Kitteh group Mum beelongz too n sun peepz frumm Anipal Care Netwerk what iz still out dere doin guud werkz…Iz a group effort.
      Mum iz more uprite today altho bery stiff. Me did not have to call dat darkhaired fireman butt me haz him on Speed-dial jsut in case 😉
      No stormz today BUTT still chilli n drizzley so me iz stuck in again! **FLOUNDER**
      Phankz fer stoppin by 🙂
      Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum

    • Yow Chan Kittehz n #1 we allwayz lubz to bring our Caturday katchat to eberyone eben if a bit late 😉
      Me figured me shuud bee nice to fed up beeleegurred Dr Dave 😉
      Weather Channelle sayz da weather will improve tomorrow (Monday); not soon enuff fer me!!!! 😦
      Lub Nylablue =^,,^=

  • Isabella is lovely! 🙂 But poor sweetie! We’re so sorry to hear about the PAWFUL weather. 😦 We hope the sun will come back soon. All the best to you and your mommy! We hope she feels better soon. xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

    • Phankz Roxy n Tigerlino me adorez Isabella too! We ALL do. We fink da onlee reeson she got thrown out iz ’cause she waz not fixed, so she waz punisshed fer sumfin dat waz not her fault!
      Still no Sunshine here!!! **FLOUNDER** Maybee tomorrow…..maybee…..
      Hope yer weekend iz goin well 🙂
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Nylablue that weather of yours truly is icky – but at least what’s falling is just WET and not WHITE yet. Those days will be here soon I’m afraid. It’s getting cooler here – yesterday it was only in the 60s for a high. Glad you’re feeling good though and it was nice to see all those ginger kitties (yay for gingers!) looking good – now all they need is a forever home and they’ll be like me…..ginger AND happy!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • TRULEE icky Sammy!!! iz like Summer packed her bagz n just abandoned us here in Canada 😦
      Not funny at all!!!! Yer rite; at leest not snowin…poor Nellie iz up to her eyeballz in snow…
      We haz da heet on here…beezarre!!
      Mum sayz diz iz da yeer of DA Ginger fer shure! We iz hopin dey all find fureber homez soon.
      Once Isabella iz spayed she will bee up fer ‘dopshun…
      Much lub to me bestest Ginger furend, ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • EEoww Miss Annie me HAD to bee nice to Dr Dave! Aftur all he IZ me vet n me shuud reespect him!!!
      Me seez him diz Tuesday n he n Mum haz to revise dere meddycashun plan fer me….again… poor peepz!
      Mum iz a bit bettur today..still stiff butt at leest walkin n she iz able to do chorez….
      Weather STILL cold n cloudy n drizzley today…maybee da sun will shine tomorrow…me can hopez, rite??
      Isabella beememburred Mum straitaway; now how cuud any kitteh furget me Mum?? 😉
      Much lub to Chanz n Tommy n V’z n ya too!
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Wonderful update, Nylablue! So glad to hear your vet visit went well.
    Your Mommy is so sweet to help out the four-leggers like she does. Isabella is a lovely ladycat and we hope she finds a furever home, soon.

    • Yow Princeton n Precious iz grrreat to see ya here! Me wanted to make up fer treetin poor Dr Dave so badlee 😉
      He doez all he can fer me n he deeservez (a bit) more reespect!!
      Mum sayz she iz just doin what she iz meant to do; she triez to reemain humbull…
      Isabella iz a reel bouncy n happy kittehgurl so we want her to find her fureber home once she iz spayed….
      See ya over on eyr bloggie.
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Yow Christy Pawz iz lubly to see ya here!! Me doez Caturday Katchat ebery Caturday. Iz kinda me ‘fing’ to doez here….
    We iz hopin *Hippy Hop* comez home soon too; butt we iz wurried dat last storm waz too strong n sumfin happened to him. He had trubble flyin n well…maybee he cuud not get out of da poundin rain n got swept away or sumfin… 😦
    Mum iz a bit bettur. Diz happenz alot. She just haz to rest n bee bery carefull 😉
    Come back anytime..
    Yer furend Nylablue ❤ ❤

  • We are glad you are doing well Nylablue. We wishes your Mum was feeling better though. Maybe Hitch needs to send her another picture, although he hasn’t stole, oops! I mean Picked, yeah, he hasn’t PICKED any flowers lately. Your Mum doesn’t want a fish, does she? Hitch keeps trying to get Beta Bob out of his bowl, just to play. I told HuMom that we need to get a piranha instead of a Siamese Fighting Fish. They aren’t as beautiful but maybe a piranha could keep Hitch’s paws out of the water. Although, the Orange twins also like to get their feet wet, they, at least, down stir things up for Mr. Beta Bob. I, being a well-behaved lady cat, keep my paws out of Bob’s bowl. I do enjoy meeting him for a drink now and then though. He’s lovely company and serve a delightful cattail. HuMom says that people sometimes like a little lemon in their water and we kitties like a little fish in ours. She changes his water every few days but has to add water everyday because we drink at least 16 ounces from his bowl, everyday. This Christmas time Beta Bob will have been with us for 3 years. I think he’s lived so long because we kitties give him So much attention. Hitch, who is guarding the front of the house from the limbo kitties, says to tell you hello and to give you purrs and head bonks. He ask that you pass some lap kneading on to your Mum too. Take care of yourself and your Mum.

    • EEoww Miss Julianne phankz fer stoppin by…
      Mum iz all *blushy* beeside me…She doez what she can to help all 4 leggedz deespite her prublemz!
      Me darlin Kuruk iz purrty pawtastick himself! Pleeze give him a *kiss* frum me befur ya goez to bed….
      Much lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Glad evewypawdy and evewyfin’ is duin’ good Nylablue. Is good da boys worked out a system so there be no fightin’just luvin’ and eatin’. Vewy glad yous okay and so sowwy yous mommy’s not feelin’ a 100%, mommy sez dat evewy year dat passes ow mommy’s awe gunna feel a little less than 100% fwum now on. Even on their good days. Weez be purrayin’.

    Luv ya’


    • EEoww Dezi n Lexi fingz iz ’bout as normal as de get ’round here 😉
      Me likex da boyz not fightin either; it upsetz Mum alot n she wurriez sumone will get hurted.
      Mum did go out wif Aunti Judith n Unckle Leon n she waz able to walk wif her cane n not trip or stumble so dat waz guud. Mum sayz she not have to bee 100 purr cent butt she wuud like dayz dat are more den 50 purr cent 😉
      Phankz fer da purrayerz. WE iz purrayin yer Moe-tell stay goez well n dem reepairz get dun popurrlee also. WE purrayz fer all of ya ebery nite…
      Lub Nylablue =^,,^= n Mum 🙂

      • Yep Nylablue mommy sez as she gets older she’s havin’ mowe bad days than good and wishes it wuld switch back, but she also sez she’s just glad to be here wiff us still. 🙂 Weez purray fur all ow furiends evewy night too.

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Lexi

        • 😉 Same here Dezi n Lexi. Mum sayz she iz wurried when me iz gone she not gonna bee able to ‘dopt another kitteh…me told her to get an older kitteh so she doez not have to go thru da kitt n teen yeerz which wuud bee hard fer her. me Mum sayz she iz grrreatfull to bee here wif me n lookz on da pawsitive in life…
          In fact, she iz feelin a bit bettur today 🙂
          Phankz fer stoppin by me deer furendz.
          Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum too ❤

            • AAAWWW phankz Dezi n Lexi fer da guud werdz! Ya allwayz cheer me n Mum up!
              Mum went out fer hot cholate n snack wif Aunti n Unckle n she saw a few peepz she nose. Den she did housewerk when she got home so she iz feelin betturish. Me told her to sit n rest n bee me tie-pist so she doez not burn herself out..
              Have a grreat Sunday too me furendz…
              Lub Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Looking good, our lovely sisfur. So happy you gained your weight back. We has been having pawful weather as well. It just keeps raining and raining. As our Catio has a roof, it isn’t too big of a deal for us, but the grey weather makes Mom grumpy. Thanks for sharing Isabella and Gibby with us. We can certainly see that Mum Sherri-Ellen and Isabella are becoming good furiends. We are purring and praying that she feels better really soon and that the sun comes out. We love you both so much and wish for you both better health and happiness. Hope you will join us tomorrow for our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. XO from you brofur and sisfurs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo and your Aunti Janet

    • Me swwet Sisfurz n Brofur Mau n Aunti Janet iz grrreat to see ya here! Me onlee gained a few ouncez butt Mum iz happy n dat iz impawtent to me 😉 Me iz a bit grumpy too ’cause diz weather iz pawfull n me not bee out in Condo fer 3 hole dayz now!! **FLOUNDER** when WILL diz rain n cold end? Mum had to put da heet on ’cause it iz so chilli here…Too cold to eben have da window open fer more den a few minuttz…..BBRRRR! Mum wishez she cuud get a propurr Condo built fer me butt Housin said “NO!” so dat iz eda end of dat.
      Izn’t Isabella a purrty girl? Mum did not fink she wuud eben nose her butt Isabella beememburred. She new who resckued her….Gibby seemz a deer kittehboy n at Sheltur thru no fault of hiz own. So sad to nose so many kittehz terned out n haz nowhere to goez 😦
      Mum iz doin her best to feel bettur. We not shure if we make da Blog Hop as Mum mite bee out tomorrow wif Aunti n Unckle.Phankz fer da offer tho’. Pleeze kiss all me fursibz fer me okayz??
      ***paw kissez*** n ~~head rubz~~ Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤

  • Wonderful update My Sweet Nylablue! Isabella looks wonderful! Hope you are just having the cold weather funk my dear. Sherri-Ellen hope you get to feeling better soon because that is a worry too! Maybe the bad weather is keeping little Hippy Hop away. Sweet dreams beautiful!

    • EEoww Marty n Mum me hopez iz just a weather funk too 😦 Me missez beein out in da condo wif me furendz….me iz hopin yer rite ’bout *Hippy Hop* ’cause he went missin Wednesday nite…we had turrible stormz n he cuud not fly guud n da wind waz wild. Pawz crossed he will reeturn.
      Isabella IX lookin purrty guud n both of us iz bery happy she iz safe n sound at da Sheltur.
      Mum soldier’z on; okayz staggerz on…she iz used to deze flare-upz butt dey un-nerve me ’cause she seemz so fragille when it happenz.
      Swet dreemz me sweetkittehboy ❤
      Lub Nylablue ❤ n Mum ❤

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