Caturday Katchat aka Rappin wif *Hippy Hop*

Published September 6, 2014 by NylabluesMum

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EEoowww Krazy Katz: So how waz yer week eberyone?? Seemz we waz all purrty busy wif one fing or another. We had a grrreat Monday hangin out on da patio n watchin da storm! Me enjoyz a dark n noisey storm:

Yah Mum iz rainin out

Yah Mum iz rainin out

Did ya hear DAT funder Mum?

Did ya hear DAT funder Mum?

So iz dark do me haz to come in yet?

So iz dark do me haz to come in yet?

Nuffin like a guud storm to liven fingz up. Tuesday waz a guud day at Dr Dave’z too. Me waz beehaved n me had B12 n Pepcid injeckshunz n oral Mirtazipine in half a Pill Pocket….nommie chickin guudness altho’ beeleegurred  ruffled Dr Dave still had to stuff it down me throat. Butt me DID beehave n let him do a flea treetmint too; sort of a bow-nus fer him!!! 

So me cuud waffle on ’bout our week here butt me haz a guest blogger so wifout further adew wellcome *Hippy Hop* Sparrow!
Tweet churp tweet…umm Chello me name iss Hippy Hop n me iss thee Crippulled Sparrow.

Chello iss me Hippy Hop!

Chello iss me Hippy Hop!

 Me wass injured last yeer by a feral kat what meaned no reel harm n so me hass trooble walkin properley and me flyin iz a bit wobbley too. So imaginn me surprize when kat Nylablue beefreended me! She told me she wood not hurt me or try to eat me evur n she hass been good as her wurd. As all of yous no me home the pine tree wass taken away in da blink of me burdy eyes. Me flew away to thee back of the building to try to live but it wass so hard. So many burds back there and no seedss. So me wurked at flying back to the front of thee building which tooked a long time….well fer me it wass a long time. Da  nice lady who used to fill thee  feedur put seedss down in thee cornur of thee patio and me found them:Hippy Hop 1Hippy Hop 2Hippy Hop 3Me can eatz as much as me wantss and thee nice lady will not let thee pijunss peck me or steel thee food. Nylablue told me thiss iss her Hueman who lovess her and all thee burdss and wild animullss. She also told me that me iss her Huemanss faveritt burd!!! Thiss iss so touching to me wee burd heart. Nylablue told me that her Hueman hass buried all the sparrowss that have died here. Thiss iss so admer…admira..admirro…caring and kind….I hope you do not mind thiss iss not an fancee post but me iss a simple Sparrow. Oh I have been abull to pracktice my flying and now me can fly up into thee old Ceedar tree to sleep at nite. Th-thank you for letting me share me littul storee with all of you. Th-thank you Nylablue for beeing my fureend and th-thank you nice lady for thee seedss and thee water and for looking for me dailey and alwayss talking to me…a humble littul cripulled Sparrow…

My bird seedss n me//

My bird seedss n me

Me must fly up to thee tree for sleep now…tweet byebye

Phank ya so much Hippy Hop for sharin yer storey wif us n phankz Mum fer takin such grrreat pix of me feathery furend. He iz da sweetest birdie me nose!!!!! So it IZ pawssible dat kittehz n birdiez can beecome furendz. Oh n Tabbiez O’Trout Towne me apaulogizez if diz post o-fendz ya…iz hard fer me to bee furendz wif fishiez ’cause dey iz in da river n me not live dere 😉

Befur me goez me haz to tell ya a funny storey. Dr Dave told Mum to nott feed me tuna-tuna fer a week to see if me bowelz wuud stay calm. Dat lasted fer 6 dayz! See what happened:

Where iz me tuna-tuna Mum?? Where??

Where iz me tuna-tuna Mum?? Where??

Followed wif pleedin:

Pleeze pleeze me needz tuna-tuna...

Pleeze pleeze me needz tuna-tuna…

In den BINGO!!!

REESULT! Tuna-tuna!!!!

REEALLY me CAN haz tuna-tuna!!!!

Mum gave me sum tuna-tuna today n me tummy iz purrin n NOTT gurglin! Hurrah fer tuna-tuna!!!

AAAWWWWW me delish tuna-tuna.....nom nom slurp nom..

AAAWWWWW me delish tuna-tuna…..nom nom slurp nom..

**BURP** Xcuse me…must go now…me tuna-tuna iz callin me….Nylablue out (aren’t ya glad yer a Birdie *Hippy Hop*?)




56 comments on “Caturday Katchat aka Rappin wif *Hippy Hop*

  • Hello there Hippy Hop. We dont have a porch so do not have much contact with feathers friends but we will be your internets pals. We take Nylablues word that you are a good bird.
    Yay that that Tuna Tuna is not buggin your belly too Nylablue. Brofur Rumpy has, um, how does I say it… stinky back end problems and Dad has made sure he does not eat that delicious shredded cat noms. He just got a case by accident but old Rumpers did not not seem interested. Just to make sure we removed it really fast. Yum
    Have a fun day Nylablue

    • EEoww Timmy: Mum FINKZ she saw *Hippy Hop* diz mornin wif da other sparrowz eatin seedz…pawz crossed he did make it back frum da storm!! He sirvived an attack by a kitteh last yeer n waz a BIG missunderstandin so we watch over *Hippy Hop*.
      Yow me haz to bee carefull what me eatz or me tushie ternz into a ‘fawt facteree’ n den me getz *stink eye* frum Mum!! Pleeze tell Rumpy we sharez hiz greef……
      Me not had tuna-tuna ALL weekend as me bowelz are grumblin again so Mum nervuss to give me any….diz Bowel Disease iz a reel pain in da BLEEP tushie!
      Wishin ya all a grrreat Easy Sunday.
      Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum too

    • EEoww Miss Katie trust me Mum had to talk me into beein ‘nice’ to *Hippy Hop*… innstinkt waz to put da ‘bitey-bite’ on him butt Mum sayz we NOT eatz our furendz 😉
      Me iz stable altho me iz tired frum da meddycashunz. Me had Cartrophen yesturday n it allwayz makez me sleepy. Me will pick up in a few dayz. Me iz eatin well; da Mirtazipine REELLY helpz boost me appytite….can Lacci haz dat Miss Katie? Iz a pill.
      We purrz n purrayz fer Lacci ebery day too….he iz such a darlin kittehboy ❤
      Much lub Nylablue n Mum too xxxx

    • S-N-O-W?????? Da white stuff what blowz around?? Mousiez Nellie dat IZ pawfull….
      So ya had a fundersnow….ya wanna come out here to us?? Iz seesonall n lubly…
      Keep warm gurlfurend 😉
      Much lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Wow! Did I see Da Tabbies speak kindly about a burd? They must be sick or something!! MOL when I see the sparrow I think “lunch” but then I am a cave mancat!! Mol the pictures of Hippy Hop are terrific and I think you should consider a serial about his adventures!!! Smoochies and headbonks to you Miss Nylablue xoxoxo

    • EEoww Austin n Miss Carolyn ya DID see a nice commint frum Da Tabbiez butt we iz apposta keep it a seecret 😉
      Me sorta finkz ‘lunch’ too butt Mum tellz me we do NOT eat ‘our furendz’….So me deecided to bee nice to *Hippy Hop*….
      Mum sayz phankz fer da compleemint
      ; she took ALOT to get a few guud onez.
      We wuud rite more ’bout *Hippy Hop* butt he haz gone missin again 😦
      **smoochiez** n ~~head rubz~~ sweet Austin frum Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤

  • nyla…noe o fence taken….N ewe can all ways say toona toona iz yur best pal coz it wood bee de trooth…like heer.. we like toona, mackerull, sea bass, trout, perch, bloo gill, white fish….if itz inna can N called fish…itz R friend…knot shrimpz tho coz we hurled on it once ;(

    happee toona toona two ewe, N ya dinna heer thiz frum uz… but we hope de spare row’z wings will heel up ~~

    • EEowww Tabbiez O’Trout Towne iz allwayz a pleeshure to haz ya stop by fer a bizit!!!!
      Me agreez ’bout da shrimp…dey not so grreat….
      Do ya like Salmon?? Me lubz it butt me can not die-gest it anymore….if ya getz to eat sum fink of me okayz??
      Me tried mackerall butt me did not like it too much so me shared wif Braveheart da stray kind feral kitteh n he enjoyed it ALOT!
      As fer *Hippy Hop* n yer guud wishez we shall keep diz ‘tween us 😉
      Much lub Nylablue n Mum too xxxxxxxx

    • Yow Basil phankz fer stoppun by! *Hippy Hop* iz one of our feave birdiez n we adore him….
      N ya nose Mum lubz to take care of wildlife n homeless 4 leggedz..she iz a GUUD peep!
      Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤

    • MOL aunti Toby me eyez were B-I-G frm da funder what waz grumblin in da sky!! Me waz NOT reelly scared butt it did take me off guard 😉
      We had a wild storm on Furiday n me sat by da patio door watchin it; stormz not scare me butt firewerkz do; go figure????
      Me iz okayz butt Mum iz still wrestlin wif da Sinusitis…(she iz still crankey butt me iz takin care of her).
      Phankz fer stoppin by Aunti ❤
      Lub Nylablue xx

  • Awww isn’t Hippy hoppy cute Nylablue? I am over the moon to hear you’re doing well sweetie and I am back to normal too….hehehe mummy scolded me a bit for giving her a scare but she knows I didn’t do it on purpose. I had the best cuddle with her this morning we both fell asleep, it was bliss…love to you and your mum,xx Speedy

    • Yow Speedy me furend *Hippy Hop* iz da bestest littul birdie! He comez to bizit dailee n eatz hiz seedz n sitz neer me Condo n we meow-cheep together. So sweet. me missed him so much when he mygrated to da backyard…butt he had to fer safetee….
      Mum scoldz me too when me haz a flare-up too; she allwayz apaulogiez n tellz me it iz just dat she lubz me so-o much she doez not want to lose me…
      Shure she made peece wif me leevin b4…..3 timez…butt now she wantz me here fureber!!!
      Ya had a cuddle wif yer Mum too Speedy? Me snuggled Mum close diz mornin n we sleeped fer an hour together…it waz bliss here too 😉
      Much ❤ LUB ❤ to ya n Miss Rachel frum me Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0

  • Well meez glad all is well Nylablue and meez suwe hope da tuna dusn’t make ya’ sick wiff anyfin’. Weez not eat any fish here, specially tuna cuz it has such a high ash conent, but so long as yous okay, enjoy.

    Luv ya’


    • Yow Miss Micehlle n da Thrre moogiez…dere iz NUFFIN like tuna-tuna!! Mum guyz me Lo-Salt tuna-tuna so it not hert me tummy or give me too much salt!
      Me iz doin me best to stay in tippytop shape….
      We will pop over sumtime diz weekend 😉
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • ~~~head rubz~~~ Marty…izn’t dat *Hippy Hop* cute as a button?? He waz sittin close to me today when me waz out in Condo. Iz so lubly he iz not afraid of me!
      Phankz fer da compleemint **batz eyez at Marty*
      So far iz guud weekend; hope yerz iz goin well too 🙂
      Lub yer ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • PHANKZ, PHANKZ, PHANKZ brian fer da compleemint to me n fer beein so nice ’bout *Hippy Hop*; he iz a speshell birdie n me furend…he eben sitz on top of me Condo n cheepz at me…Mum too slow to get a piccie….
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • What a cute sparrow Hippy Hop is! Great job at guest blogging – love that everyone is friends!

    Nylablue – you look so beautiful, calm and relaxed in your condo. So glad you have your tuna-tuna back to noms. (Hi to SherriEllen too!)


    • Eeeoww Miss Fern! Iz lubly to see ya here. Izn’t *Hippy Hop* cute?? He likez to sit n watch me nap Mum told me…who new he cuud bloggie 😉
      Phankz fer da iz feelin purrty calm n Mum given me tuna-tuna made me eben calmer, MOL!!!!
      Mum sayz “Hello Fern” also..
      Yer furend ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • Yow Easy me Champeeon yer rite dat tuna-tuna needz a GUUD burp!!!!
      Me allwayz likez to compleemint da fishiez fer shure….
      Doezn’t Mum come up wif da kewlest namez?? Da way he kinda hop-walkz iz how he got hiz name….
      Much lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • What a cute little birdie. Glad your vet visit went good. Yummy tuna-tuna. Hope you and your mom are doing good. Love to you both and have a great weekend.
    Sue B

    • EEoww Miss Sue n Fab Five me adorez littul *Hippy Hop*. He had a bad time wif one of da feralz last yeer n Mum n me deecided we wuud take care of him. If he cuud not fly Mum waz gonna get a large cage fer him to live in butt he haz managed to find hiz wingz again.
      Me iz doin guud; Mum iz sick az a poochie 😦 Stoopid Sinusitis n Flu…boy iz she crankey!!! Me haz had to wait on her hand n paw…poor clapped out sadsack Mum!!!
      Wishin ya all a guud weekend.
      **paw kissez** to Garfield n *nose kissez* to wee Hope too…
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

        • Phankz Miss Sue. Ferst she had da allergick reeackshun to da xpired meddycashun butt she bounced back…Wednesday nite she told me she felt ‘punkey’…she woke up wif sore throat n headache n feever Fursday mornin n haz bin no picknick me can tell ya!!!
          Phankz fer da ((hugz)) n purrz; she needz dem 😉
          Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • Phankz Sammy…*Hippy Hop* iz bery speshell to me n Mum. We look fer him ebery day.It iz so sad Mum had to take down da bird feeder so she started puttin seedz down fer him. He flutterz down frum da Ceedur tree n sort of plopz on da patio n den hop-walkz over to da seedz…
      MMMMMM tuna-tuna iz YUMMY!!! Me had to go 6 hole dayz WIFOUT me tuna-tuna….Mum sayz me haz to pace meself so me not upset da bowelz…me finkz okayz me will s-t-r-e-t-c-h it out so me can haz it fer more dayz 😉
      Me tuna-tuna iz yer bacon Sammy 😉
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • What a wonderful post. We’re glad to meet Hippy Hop and to hear you got some tuna-tuna. Keep doing good, Nylablue! We love you!
    Pee Ess – we hopes your Mommy is feeling better, too.

    • Yow Princeton n Precious me iz happy ya stopped by! *Hippy Hop* iz speshell to us…He haz lived here fer almost 3 yeerz…dat must bee a long time fer a wee Sparrow….
      MMMM tuna-tuna iz GUUD!
      Me iz werkin on stayin well. Poor Mum haz bin sick since Fursday wif Sinusitis n Flu….she iz NOT a happy bunneh me can tell ya….me iz takin care of her n watchin over her.
      Iz allwayz sunfing 😉
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Miss Nylablue, thank you so much for introducing your guest blogger Hippy Hop! Thanks to you and Mum for caring. I hope Hippy Hop guests on your blog again soon! And I am very glad you are feeling well and being nice to Dr. Dave. He is a real angel!

    • EEooww Miss Susan we wanted to let *Hippy Hop* have a chance to share hiz storey…not too many birdz get to speek out, do dey?? We feelz we shud take care of all da birdz n wildlife n feralz…iz our purrpose!
      Me also felt me shuud be guud fer poor beeleegurred overwerked n picked on Dr Dave!!!! He goez da xtra mile (or in hiz case 15 when he makez a house call) fer me n he deeservez guud mannerz. He IZ an Angel fer shure.
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • MOL Wally n Ernie n Zoey me understandz…me used to drool when me ferst met *Hippy Hop* …trust me! Waz Mum who civelizzed me 😉
      me finkz dat’z why Mum givez me tuna-tuna; so me not want to eat birdz….
      Wishin all of ya a grrreat weekend!
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Nylablue, we think you and Mum Sherri-Ellen should write a children’s book about you and Hippy Hop. It would be terrific, we know. Glad you finally got some tuna-tuna. We know your mum was feeling badly about withholding it. Hope you don’t react badly. Our mom says to tell yours that she will answer her e-mail tomorrow. Sending you all our love, Aunti Janet and your brofur and sisfurs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Yow Sisfurz n Brofur Mauricio n Aunti Janet iz grrreat to see ya here!! Me asked Mum ’bout ritin a book butt she sayz she iz not well enuff fer dat…
      *Hippy Hop* wuud bee a grrreat storey tho’ 😉
      Mum had to wifhold tuna-tuna to check me bowelz. Dey waz quiet fer 6 dayz so Mum gave me sum to see what wuud happen. Last nite quiet bowelz. She gave me a bit more today n will lissen to me bowelz tonite…me haz to bee carefull not to eat too much…
      Pleeze tell yer Mum me Mum will await her reeply payshuntlee. Mum iz sick here wif Sinusitis n Flu so she iz checkin email onlee once a day…
      She iz so-o crankey 😉
      **paw kissez** n ~~~head rubz~~~
      Yer Sisfur Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤

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