Caturday Condo Katchat wif Nylablue (Izabella)

Published August 23, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Eeoww Kwazy Katz iz me Nylablue here wif another rivetin eedishun of Caturday Katchat. 

We  want to show ya da badge me gottz fer pawticipatin in Bacon n Fozzie’z contest:spies-like-us-participation-badge Aug 2014Me haz 2 fingz to share wif ya n me gonna do it backwerdz; Tuesday ferst, den Monday….Tuesday waz me weeklee Vet bizit n it not go so well. At ferst me waz beehaved when Dr Dave clipped me back clawz n den he started on me rite front paw n me gott werked up. So much so me scratched Dr Dave’z hand n gashed him reel bad. No piccie ’cause he waz mad as funder me can tell ya. Mum suggested he give me a minutt to calm down butt Dr Dave went on wif da left paw n me tried to bite him 6 timez butt wifout gumz it nott bery eefective!! Mum said me looked like a Pit Viper striking reepeteedlee at his hand. It getz werse. Me gott so upset me *pooped* on da exam table n poor Miss Terry da Vet Tech had to hold me. By now Dr Dave waz furry frustratedTn Mum waz furry upset n she told Dr Dave to cleen me up n den leeve da room!! She just stood dere wif armz folded across her chest n tippytappin her toesiez! Diz meenz trubble; me haz seen diz stance befur!!! Me kept finkin, “Run Dr Dave, run while ya can!!” He n Miss Terry left aftur me waz cleened up n me back in carrier n Mum singin to me. Aftur a few calm minuttz Dr Dave n Terry reeturned n me took me Pepcid injeckshun calm n did fight a bit gettin Mirtazipine butt Mum gave me DA LOOK n me settled down!! Dr Dave leeved in a hurry n he waz still bleedin; poor Hu’Man!! Now dere iz no picciez of diz deesastur ’cause it waz not purrty. Later on dat nite me n Mum meowed ’bout fingz n me deecided to send Dr Dave an apaulogee email wif a piccie of a red rose callin a truce n a piccie of me wif bowed headsayin me iz bery sowwy:Condo kitteh closeupMe reelly DID feel badlee fer hertin him n actin like a wild Coo-gurr n ya nose what?? Dr Dave sent me a reeply sayin he furgave me n me nott burn bridgez n he seez me next Tuesday. WHEW waz me eber reeleeeved!! Totallee reeleeved!!!! Oh ya wantz to nose how me iz? Well me weighz 9.7 lbz n all vitalz guud. Me did haz sum rumblee n me tumblee butt dat iz all.  So me iz stable n holdin me own now. Turrible Tuesday got werse cause Mum had her allergee flare-up n she tooked meddycashun n den she had bad reeackshun ’cause it waz xpired over 6 monthz. What a rotten day it waz fer both of us. Mum ended up in bed fer hourz n me joined her; we were a  sowwy twosum me can tell ya, MOL!!! By Fursday fingz were bettur…..

Okayz so now we go back to Monday n da reeson Mum’z allergee flare-up. Her name iz Isabella n she iz a homeless kittehgurl:Isabella Aug 2014 007Isabella waz at me Aunti Judith’z house ’cause she followed me Cuss-in Shawna home da nite befur cryin n hungree. Isabella spent da nite in dere garage n when Mum n Aunti showed up dere waz meowin frum sumwhere n Mum waz lookin up da da roof n out trotted diz cutie! Now dere waz ALOT of discusshion as Hu’manz are prone to doin n aftur doin alot of werk in da garage Aunti agreed Isabella needed to go to da Shelter so Mum called Unckle Todd who said okayz bring diz kittehgurl in! So Aunti brott Mum home fer da 3 “C’z”: cat food; carrier n cammyra  😉  Back dey went n Mumm gott Isabella n food into carrier:Isabella Aug 2014 010Doezn’t Isabella haz golden eyez?? Beeuteefull!! So Aunti n Cuss-in n Mum took her to da Sheltur where Unckle Todd checked her over:Isabella Aug 2014 011Ya can allmost hear Isabella askin “What da KAT ya doin to me??” She not have ear mitez n no fleaz butt she doez have wermz **shudderz**, so she waz given an injeckshun n den checked fer a micro chip. Nope no chip!!!Isabella Aug 2014 013Isabella waz wrigglin so hard to get guud piccie of her but ya can seez she iz bery skinny butt purrty too….Isabella Aug 2014 012Furinallee she settled down fer a guud piccie wif Unckle Todd. Once she waz put into a carrier to bee put in quaranteen Mum tooked 2 more pix:Isabella Aug 2014 014Isabella Aug 2014 015So now Isabella iz in quaranteen fer 10 dayz n Mum iz gonna go seez her next Furiday n takez sum food n a few toyz cause she iz active 9 month old gurl. She needz to bee spayed befur she can bee put up fer adopshun n of coarse werm free! So between da kitteh resckue n werkin in da dusty garage Mum’z allergee flared up Tuesday n den me acted up n den Mum gott so werked up it tooked her a few dayz to reecover!!! Sum cwazy week we had! N *Sparkle* goin to Summerland. Yah not one of our best weekz at Da Purrfect Pad. So how waz yer week?? Me shure hopez not as dramatick as ourz! Mind ya, wifout da drama our bloggiez wuud be borin rite???? MOL…Wishin eberyone a sunny weekend n a purrfect week next week. Now me iz gonna get me ‘Nap’ on:Snoozy NB 1Nylablue out….way out…out in da Sun out….zzzzzzzzzz……..


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  • 😉 Yow me Mum haz bin lucky ’cause aunti Judith (Mum’z BFF n likea Sisfur) bott her sum new clothez n Aunti’z dot-her gave Mum a bunch of nice clothez too. Mum haz her sleep pantz n tank topz fer sleep n loungin n den eberyday going out clothez n den her ‘guud’ clothez fer temple or speshell occashunz….
    Mum retirez old t-shirtz fer sleep topz so she usez eberyfing….
    It iz not easy to find nice clothez fer cheep! We doez have a Valu Village here n sum local thrift storez so Mum also goez to dem. Anyfing she buyz must bee reewashed ’cause she iz allwayz nervuss of pestiez…
    At leest our Mumz’ do a bit of sumfing fer demselvez…
    Lub Nylablue xxxx

  • So sowwy yous nd yous mommy wuz sick Nylablue. But meez glad yous duin’ better. And yes da kitty girl is vewy purretty and way too skinny. Hers needs sum good gwocewies and fast. 🙂 Weez wish we kuld say ow week wuz much better than yous, but weez had yet anudder flood and anudder, and still haven’t gotten anywhere wiff when it’s all gunna be fixed. Hope this week is much better fur ya’. Weez purrayin’.

    Luv ya’


    • Guud GREEF Dezi n Lexi n Miss Audra ya cannot catch a break can ya?? Another flood iz pawfull!!! N den more watur?? Diz iz furry bad n we iz wurried dat da 3 of ya will float away!!!
      **shakez head** Ya still not told when reepairz will be dun?? CAn ya withhold da rent or go to da papurrz or complain sumwhere???
      **Puttin me pawz together fer all of ya**
      Me n Mum iz bettur frum our sickz….me waz at da Vet’z yesturday fer me weeklee treetmint n me waz a guud kittehgurl 😉
      We iz havin MORE deestruckshun in da buildin diz week. We iz havin heet deeteckturz innstalled. Dey onlee go off when dere iz fire butt dere iz not shut off so if it goez off me n Mum will bee scared outta our furz n haz to leeve da apartmint…we iz finkin dey iz doin overkillz on diz fire preevenshun….Iz allwayz sumfing 😉
      Let’z hope we haz a guud rest of da week…we can hope rite??
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

      • Weez wuld luv to catch a bweak MOL And no, still no word on when yet, but mommys lawyer sed to call them tumowwo and see ifin they will giv us a date, and ifin not then hers will call da higher ups.

        Heat detectors? Awe they smoke alarms? Cuz weez hav smoka alawms here and unless yous burn a lot dinners, they don’t go off vewy offen. MOL Mommy’s been know to set ’em off evewy once in a while. MOL Glad yous VET visit went better this week.

        Luv ya’


        • Yow Dezi n Lexi we wishez ya cuud catch a break too!! Why do stoopid d fingz happen to our guud Mumz n us?? We iz gonna purray yer Managemint fixez fingz sooner rather den later!!
          Use da Lawyur fer shure!!!!!!!! Wuud serve Managemint rite iffin da Lawyur got onn dere case….
          Yah heet deetecturz are seppyrate frum smoke alarmz which we haz plus a hard wired fire alarm sisten too….so iffin an apartmint had fire da heet deetecktur will go off wif da fire alarm (causin da Hu’manz n 4 leggedz to haz heart attackz) n it will go to Fire Deepartmint n dey will nose WHICH apartmint haz da fire n diz iz apposta help. Mum can tern da fire alarm off n da smoke deetecktur butt iffin da heet one goez off dere iz no shut off n we will haz to leeve n Mum iz wurried me will panick n she nott bee able to get me into carrier or Condo….
          So we iz gonna hope yer rite n we NEBER heerz it once it iz installed altho we herd dere will bee a test in 3 weekz so we iz gonna have to leeve when dat happenz….it iz gettin harder to enjoy diz place..Mum iz finkin of movin sumwhere iz old butt me cuud move one more time 😉
          Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤

          • Fanks fur da purrayers Nylablue. As fur movin’, yous nevew too old to move. Sis Lexi sez she kuld do it again ifin mommy wanted or kuld. Weez just got nowhere to go and no munny to get there. Cuz like yous, ow pawtment not be a nice place to liv anymowe cuz of da manager. Anyways, hope all is well and yous don’t get too scawed. It might be good to stay there duwin’ da alawm to see how yous wuld weact. 🙂

            Luv ya’

            Dezi and Lexi

            • Yow Dezi n Lexi me iz sowwy me did not get back to ya sooner. WE got hacked on Facebook n Mum had to kttehsit me Cuss-in Purrsia upstairz (she got a new heet detecktur) Mum haz bin out tryin to do errandz n waitin fer da werkmen butt dey cuud not finish today so dey will haz to come back Tuesday.
              Me will either be out in me Condo on patio or we will bee at da Vet’z so me nott gonna bee upset by da drillin.
              WE nose how me reeactz to da fire alarm n it izn’t purrty; me hatez loud screechin noisez…we wish dey wuud stop puttin all deze fingz in ’cause it iz more stuff to go wrong 😦
              WE iz in da same boat as ya n yer Mum; we can not afford markit rent so we haz to bee in Housin butt fingz haz changed so much. Butt where wuud we goez n like ya, how wuud we get dere??
              Me Aunti n her furamillee will not let us come live wif dem n dey haz all da room we cuud need….butt nose dey nott care ’bout Mum n me finkz dey iz scared of havin to help Mum iffin she getz werse! Sum furamillee waren’t dey???
              Wishin ya all a peeceful n dry weekend!
              Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Sherriellen Mum x0x0x0x0

              • Is okay Nylablue weez been westin’ ad takin’ it kinda easy and mommy’s been unpackin’ sum cuz weez still not heard anyfin’ ’bout when da work is gunna stawt. Sowwy yous in da same boat as us, weez wuldn’t wish hoousin’ on anypawdy, but weez know lots of us out here hav to do it.

                As fur blood furmily weez don’t talk to ours and they don’t wanna be wound us. They just tell evewypawdy dat mommy be dead so they not has to splain why weez not evew wound. They don’t like kittys and dat mommy has no munny/gween papews. But dat’s okay weez hav lots of furmily online. 🙂

                Luv ya’

                Dezi and Lexi

                • EEoww Dexi n Lexi n Miss Audra…siriuslee ya haz not herd ’bout da werk startin?? Soundz just like our place!! We neber nose til da last minutt what will happen!! We do nose we will get heet deetecktur leest dey will bee down da hall so Mum can shower n dress n move da shoe tray n runner frum our hallway. Me iz goin out in Condo eben if it rainin if dey get here befur we leeve fer Vet’z!!! We iz hopin we iz gone when dey needz to come in…we shall seez…..
                  Yer rite ’bout Housin. So many of us need afforda-bull housin n we wantz sumfing nice. Nott all peepz are low class n down n outerz! Mum came frum middle class n haz Uni educashun! She wuud stil bee werkin iffin her health did not tank… such iz life tho’ **sighz deeplee**
                  Miss Audra yer furamillee peepz sound JUST like me Mum’z! It iz bery sad 😦
                  Mum nott speek to her Sisfur or Neece since June n no one callz or sendz an email. Aunti said she wuud bizit diz Summer n she neber eben called let alone bizited!!! N she allwayz haz sum storey me can tell ya. We feel like da ‘poor reelayshunz’ too. We haz sum green papurrz n we payz our way n helpz stray n feral kittehz ebery month. Mum sayz she will eat mac n cheeze ebery nite to make shure me haz me nommiez n toyz n cleen littur n get me to da vet’z n care fer da homeless kittehz too. Ya wuud fink da furamillee wuud bee proud of Mum!? Aunti HAZ a Burmese kitteh but she fink of Nygereea like a ‘pet’; not a memburr of furamillee..
                  We ARE furamillee here
                  No one can take diz away frum us!
                  Much lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

                  • Yep Nylablue mommy duz wiffout all da time fur us. But hers nevew complains. As fur hers furmily they not talk in so many years weez furget da last time. Mommy boobooed and sent a gift to fur hers sistews weddin’ cuz she didn’t know they all fawt hers wuz dead, and it made evewypawdy mad. Hers has 2 nephews and a niece, but they not know Mommy, and nevew will. Mommy dusn’t worry ’bout it much cuz there be nuffin’ hers can do ’bout it to change it. Mommy just keeps to hers self and now dat weez be online weez made lots of wunnewful furiends and weez still hav each udder so weez all good. Good luck wiff da smoke detectors. 🙂

                    Luv ya’

                    Dezi and Lexi

                    • Yow sezi yer Mum iz a guud one fer shure! Me Mum budgetz carefullee so dere iz snackz n nomz n cleen littur n new toyz. She also haz alot of organzin to do fer me Vet billz. Plus da taxi farez if dere iz no chaffuer to take us 😉 Sumhow Mum makez thingz werk well n we haz sum amazin furendz like ya dat help us! Eben me Hu’Man Dad will help Mum wif taxi farez n he in another town!
                      Sumtimez iz just easier to bee away frum furamillee… fer yer Mum’z furamillee bein upset when she sent a gift dat iz freekin stoopid n dey shuud have dun a **happy dance** n bin phankfull!!
                      As fer da heet deeteckturz sumtime diz afternoon. Da werkmen had to go get dere boss in Durham ’cause his truck broked down. Me iz hopin me will bee on me way to Vet’z while dey iz in our place 😉
                      Hopin n purrayin ya all get sorted out too!
                      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

                    • Fannks Nylablue. Yes weez stwike gold when weez chose mommy. Weez not hav nuff munny to make a budget. MOL Weez kinda hav mowe goin’ out on da bills and needs than weez hav comin’ in, but dat;s okay, mommy makes it work and God helps us. And then weez been blessed wiff such pawsum and amazin’ furiends. Weez didn’ weally get many new toys afur weez came online, but mommy wuld get us sumfin’ when da bills went down and left hers wiff a foo dollaws. Dat’s meez mommy, finally a foo dollaws and stead of buyin’ sumfin’ fur hers to eat she wuld buy Lexi and me a toy or extwa tweats. (shakes head) We do luv ow mommy and fank God fur hers evewyday. Anyways…….

                      Hopin’ and purrayin’ fur a good vet visit and dat yous gone while da workers be in yous pawtment.

                      Luv ya’

                      Dezi and Lexi

                    • EEoww Dezi dat iz how fingz were fer Mum n me befur we came into Housin altho our Landlady waz bunderfull n helped us alot. In fact she set our rent at da maxxymum fer what Mum cuud reeceeve n dat way Mum had green papurrz fer cay-bull n phone n food n me needz…
                      Yer Mum iz so much like me Mum. She will put off buyin clothez or sumfin she needz to make shure me haz all me needz. WE landed on our pawz findin our Mumz’!!!!
                      Much lub Nylablue =^,,^=

                    • Yep Nylablue. Mommy dusn’t buy clothes at all. Hers had to wecently cuz da 2 shirts hers had wus all torn up and not covewin’ hers needed covewin’ pawts. So hers went to da fwift shop and got a bag of mens shirts and sum bwitches fur a foo dollaws. Hers felt bad, but hers shirts just wusn’t purrsentable anymowe.

                      Luv ya’


  • Good Grief! Miss Nylablue! I turn my back for a minute and you get up to all sorts of mischief!! MOL I think Dr Dave might deserve a medal as well as an email!! 😉 It sounds like mom’s been busy too. We hope her allergies are subsiding a bit now, but that was a good deed done for Isabella, who looks to me like a bit of a stunner! Of course not as much of a stunner as you are , baby!! 😉 xoxox

    • 😉 Eeeoww Austin me waz guud as gold today at da Vet’z. Dr Dave waz impurressed…
      Me finkz he DOEZ deeserve a medal n a trowphee!!!
      Mum’z allergy went away n she iz her normal n doin guud.
      Isabella iz doin guud altho she haz gone into heet; poor gurl 😦
      Da guud fing iz now we nose she needz to be spayed n dat will be dun when she iz dun heet…
      AAWWWWW Austin ya sayz da sweetest fingz 😉
      me finkz Isabella will be stunnin once she is spayed n filled out.
      Mum iz gona try n get to see her next week; dat iz a storey in itself.
      Anywho me iz happy ya stopped by; ya allwayz make me 🙂
      Much lub Nylablue xxxxx

  • Nylablue, sometimes the frustration comes out doesn’t it?! Glad you are stable though. It really is an up and down battle isn’t it? Lacci has been 100% back to normal since he started his daily pill and then just yesterday he fell right back into his sick routine of hiding under the bed and not eating. ARRR I think I could bite someone myself! Stay well, we have missed you. xoxo

  • Isabella is so lovely, paws crossed she is better soon and being loved in her forever home! As for you and mum, look after each other and take a few easy days I think you both need them!

    • Yow Basil izn’t Isabella a sweetie?? She just went into heet over da weekend so now we nose she needz to bee spayed befur she iz ‘dopted. She had to bee wermed n mite need tapewerm med too…..
      Dat poor little gurl shure haz bin thru alot fer so young….
      Mum n me had a furabuluss 3 day weekend n we iz all tippytop again!
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hey Nylablue
    Yeah those vet visits can get a little wild. Our Buddy Budd is the bitey boy around here. Of course Dad can hold any of us down without a tooth on-im so he stays and makes sure things are ok with the vet person.
    Purring for you and Mom to feel all better soon
    Timmy Dad and Family

    • Yow Timmy 222 pawz up fer bitey boyz n gurlz 😉
      Buddy Budd we shuud start a club!
      Mum triez to hold me firmlee butt me whipz back n forth like a twistur n she can’t hang on fer long; kinda like da 8 seckondz on a buckin bronco 😉 MOL!
      Mum iz all bettur n me iz okayz. Need me Pepcid n Mirt tomorrow butt okayz otherwise 🙂
      **paw kissez** Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0

  • nyla…we iz prettee sure dr dave noes ya meened him noe troo harm…tho bee tween all uz petz we noe ya did for cranbereez sakes….any ma hoo, glad yur visit iz over N de blessings oh St Francis ta isabella…we hope her finds her troo for evers home reeeeely quik….a happee toona toona monday ♥♥♥♥♥

    • Yow Tabbiez me did not meen much harm to Dr Dave!!! If he wuud have waited a minutt me wuud haz calmed dwon. He hurried me n me allwayz getz freeked out when me iz hurried!!
      Me haz had a guud week wifout seein Dr Dave over da weekend. Tomorrow iz reguler bizit n me will get Pepcid n Mirtazipine n bee in n out befur me nose it! 😉
      Isabella iz doin well altho she went into heet on Furiday so now we nose she needz to bee spayed fer shure….at leest she iz safe!
      MMM tuna-tuna soundz pawsum to me!!!
      Much lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum too x0x0x0x0

    • 😉 Yow Miss Annie poor Dr Dave iz rite; me waz so-o nastee to him 😦
      Phank KATGOD her furgave me iz also rite. me needz a grrrreat vet like HIM!
      Phankz fer droppin by.
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • Yow Misaki me finkz Dr Dave waz in a hurry cause he haz so many of us to care fer. When he iz tense den me getz tense….Mum sayz she shuud of bin firmer maybee too. At leest ALL iz furgiven n me still haz a vet 😉
      Much Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • 😉 Yow Roxy n Tigerlino iz allwayz sunfing goin on at Da Purrfect Pad. Eben when we haz a quiet week we iz doin fingz…
      Haz bin a guud weekend out in Condo n Mum sitin wif me n reedin….maybee we will do dat tomorrow (Monday)….we kittehz can haz 3 day weekendz rite???
      Sendin lub n **paw kissez** to both of ya, Nylablue xxxxxx

  • This is just a thought, Nylablue, but we never get our back claws clipped, just the front ones, which #1 does herself. She figures the back claws are not likely to cause much trouble and so can be left alone. That might make it easier for you next time. You really did a job on Dr. Dave, didn’t you, Girl?!

    The Chans

    • **snickerz beehind paw** Me DID do quite a job on poor Dr Dave Chan Kittehz n #1. Me wz furroshuss n coo-gurrey! Me waz finkin me cuud fourgo da back pawz butt mine get REEL pointy n den me stickz to Mum’z yoga pantz n she getz upset if dere are *catchez* in dem. Me will not let Mum clip me clawz n she used to do Mingflower befur me….
      Mum sayz she hopez me clawz do not grow fer a BERY long time 😉
      Phankz fer stoppin by; we lub to see ya here!
      Lub n **paw kissez** Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • EEoww Speedy n Miss Rachel we hopez dem downz tern around n fingz are guud soon.
      Mum n me had a guud weekend together on da patio. Me nott eatin alot butt me iz cattented wif Mum n da nice weather…we jsut mite deeclare Monday a hollyday n haz another patio day 😉
      Hope ya can email Mum soon Miss Rachel; she iz conceerned….
      We lub ya both oodlez, Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Yow Princeton n Precious say dat iz bery guud!!! We shuud called da bloggie “Blood, Sweat n Teerz”…we had plentee of all of dem…..
      We DID haz an easy Sunday! Okayz ME had da easy day. Mum cleened me littur n da bathroom n da kitchen n she added toppy soil to da ‘wee’ wee garden n sum patchez on da lawn….DEN she waz able to make tea n join me on da patio n haz her Easy Sunday 🙂
      Waz a purrfect day here….Wishin all of ya a grrreat week!
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Our HuMom just keeps sayin’ “it’s Bristol Baby!” and saying that she hopes the Lowes Blue 48 brings us luck. HuMom’s are very strange.

    • 😉 Yow Mistletoe n sweet Hitch n Miss Dorothy: Mum watched sum of da “Bristol Baby” race last nite (she taped da hole fing) n she waz happy Joey Logano won ’cause he iz a young Hu’Man n iz nice to see him win. Mum iz wurried Jimmie J mite bee loosin hiz edge!! Da horroar of her sayin dat!!!!!! Mum da #48 iz pawsum!!!Let’z hope Jimmie J winz next week 😉
      Lub to all of ya, Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤

  • Nylablue, we’re glad your weight and your vitals were good when you saw Dr. Dave. You must be feeling okay if you got so fiesty with him. We’re sure that’s not the first time he’s been bit. And we’re glad there’s no hard feelings between him and your mom. We hope all checks out okay for Isabella and she can find a home. We think your mom is cuter than the real Boy George. 🙂

    • EEoww Wally n Ernie n Zoey iz grrreat to see ya here!! Me waz feelin feistey n nastee n meen n coo-gurrey!!!Me shuud nott bee SO-O pawfull tho’. Dr Dave iz tryin to help me. Sumtimez me just losez me furry mind 😦
      No hard feelinz beetween Dr Dave n me…me hopez he furgivez Mum fer beein so bossy!
      Isabella iz doin bettur butt she went into heet! Diz iz guud so Aunti n Unckle nose she iz NOT spayed n can get Isabella spayed befur she iz offered fer ‘dopshun!!! mum iz apposta go see her diz comin Furiday!
      Phankz fer da compleemint ’bout Mum; me agreez 😉
      Much lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • **snickerz** iz rite Miss Jenna. Me wishez me had da pix of Mum az Cyndi Lauper; she rocked her back ind a 80’z me haz bin told….
      Iz sad Tigger iz still lookin fer a new furever home…if we all keep sharin sumone will see him n fall in lub…we haz to fink pawsitive!!!
      Much lub Nylablue n Mum too xxxxx

  • Well pretty Nylablue, you certainly can’t say you had a boring week girl. I hear that Vets are very fattening so you might not want to eat Dr. Dave. I sure hope you have lots more calm this week!

    • MOL Brian **snickerz** me finkz eat Dr Dave mite bee fattenin fer shure…maybee me shuud lay off 😉
      Iz allwayz sumfing goin on here fer shure! Me waz out in Condo most of today just baskin in da Sun n snoozin n sum peeple came by to see me butt me did not eben open an eye…nope me iz on strike!!! Do nott disterb!!!!
      Butt YA can come over wheneber ya wantz to!
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • OK, #1 Mum is far too pretty to look like Boy George.
    #2 Pooping in disgust at what vets do is OK (Duncan and Pippa do it all the time …and giggle while they do it).
    #3 Why is the world so unfair to cats? Too many sweet lovable cats are all on their own…and it’s not their fault.
    #4 Hugs and head bumps to you and Mum for having such a cr%%py week.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

    • Yow REEL MSM n Miss Jane it shure waz a cr%%ppy week fer mum n me too…me just gott da pun!! MOL….so Duncan n Pippa are pooperz too?? pawsum; now me feelz bettur…me waz furreeuss when me pooped butt me waz laffin inside 😉
      Me not nose why da werld iz unfair to kittehz n poochiez n bunnehz n birdz h wildlife….it hertz. Dat’z all we can say n me n Mum gonna do our best to make our patch a bettur place fer birdz n feralz.
      Mum sayz phankz fer da compleemint….she adored Boy George til she found out ’bout da drubz. Den she tooked ALL her recordz out on da fire escape n she somped dem to peecez…me Aunti Mingflower waz dere den to see dat…bet Mum waz furroshuss like me!
      Sendin all of ya **paw kissez** n ~~~head rubz~~~ n lub, Nylablue n Mum ❤ ❤ ❤

  • AAAWWW GIRLS, what a time you have had..but am so happy things turned out ok word Miss Sweetfeet you do have a most exciting life over there…anyway I understand, I am the same visiting the docs too….Much sympathy to you and doctor Dave. And of course best love n headbonks to Mum for being Mum..and helping you be brave. Always in my heart xx

    • Yow Aunti Pearl ❤ iz allwayz sunfing goin on at Da Purrfect pad!! Allwayz! Mum iz pooped out frum savin kittehz n feedin feralz n me just pooped out 😉
      MOL 'bout ya bizitin da Docktur's too. We hopez yer ribz iz gettin bettur n ya iz feelin guud. Just seein ya here makez us 🙂
      Mum iz a guud one; she singz to me n calmz me down. Me lubz her ALOT!!! N me n Mum lub ya ALOT too!!
      Allwayz in our heartz n mindz here…
      Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum too xxx

  • Oh wow Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen Mum! WHAT a week?? I’m pleased apart from some rumblings you are doing well. I’m sorry about what happened with Dr. Dave, but at least it looks like he came off worse than you! Your apology was such a sweet thing to do though, I am pleased he accepted it… but how could he not!
    Isabella is beautiful, we have our fingers and paws crossed that everything works out ok with her. Please give lots of hugs to your mummy, and we hope she feels better and better.
    We could NEVER accuse your bloggy of being boring can we?
    Hugs, Carrie & Pups x

    • Eeeooww Miss Carrie n sweet poochiez NEBER a dull momint here at Da Purrfect Pad!!! WE iz allwayz busy. me iz stable n enjoyin time out in Condo on da patio. Diz Summer haz gone by so fast so me gettin in as much Condo time as pawssible!
      Poor Dr Dave did come off werse den me; plus he had to cleen me 😉
      Mum iz doin much bettur frum da stoopid meddycashun n dat iz a guud fing.
      We just found out Isabella iz in heet! So we nsoe fer shure she iz not spayed n dat can bee dun in da neer future 😉
      Phankz fer stoppin by Miss Carrie ❤
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0x0

  • Oh I could love him and would love to have him but my sweet Ali is very ice and he would catch what she has.
    I am praying someone will adopt him and love him for the rest of his days.
    Love the Spies Like Us badge you got.
    Great shot of your Mom dressed like Boy George.
    Was so very nice of you to send Dr Dave an apology.
    Ali sent Dr Sonya a bouquet of flowers for saving her life and helping her to get better and we are very pleased with our Dr Sonya.
    We have been with her a long time like you have your Dr Dave.
    Isabella has beautiful eyes and thank goodness your Mommy get her to the shelter where she is safe and warm and cared for.
    Yes she is very skinny but very pretty too just like you said.
    She has beautiful markings.
    Enjoy that nap in the sun.

    • EEowww Miss Sunset me nose if ya cuud take Tigger ya wuud. Dat iz da prublem. So many peeple see a kitteh n wuud lub to ‘dopt butt dey haz dere own kitteh(z) n cannot take anymore. We just gotta keep sharin Tigger n hopin sumone will see him n fall in lub…..
      Me HAD to send Dr Dave apaulogee ’cause me waz bery rude nastee to him n he waz just tryin to help me….Phank KATGOD he accepted me apaulogee 😉
      Ali iz pawsum to send Dr Sonya flowerz….if me eber missbeehavez again me mite have to send flowerz too….
      Isabella haz wermz n she had to bee treeted n now she iz in heet. Poor kittehgurl 😦 At leest dey nose she needz to bee spayed n dat can bee dune when she feelz bettur…She IZ safe with me Aunti n Unckle…
      MMMMM da Sun felt so guud on me furz! Me haz also bin out in Condo alot. Summer iz holdin on n me iz bery happy ’bout dat….
      Yerz, Nylablue xx

  • Hopefully we will all have a nice boring week this week Sweet Nylablue! Things here weren’t good with nastiness with grams siblings, then Sparkle, we are just happy you are doing well and Sammy is doing well, so lets all hope for a nice BORING week 🙂

    • EEeoww Marty no such fing as a ‘borin’ week here!!! Butt we cuud hope fer one….
      We iz sowwy to here dat yer havin prublemz wif Siblinz….me Mum n her Sisfur nott speek fer 3 monthz again n Mum criez alot. Me Aunti n her furamillee ignore us most of da time…it iz pawthetick…
      Me sendz ~~~head rubz~~~ of comfert to yer Mum ❤
      Losin *Sparkle* waz pawfull too. Felt like a memburr of da furamillee left; which in a way did happin….
      Isabella iz now in heet so we iz hopin she will bee spayed next month…poor gurl; me beememburrz DOEZ dayz *shudderz*
      here'z to a borin week Marty!
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Well we knew about Tuesday. Told you that Dr. Dave would forgive you. Glad things are stable now. Isabella looks like a lovely girl. We will be purring and praying that efurrything works out well for her. Have a good weekend, lovely sisfur and Mum Sherri-Ellen. Your Aunti Janet is busy at Cat Scouts with Mau so we can’t write too much. Sending all our love, your brofur and sisfurs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo and your Aunti Janet

    • Yow Aunti Janet me waz pawfull at da Vet’z…Mum wuud not speek to me fer rest of afternoon; da silence waz loud me can tell ya!! She did furgive me when me snuggled wif her 😉
      Ya were rite ’bout Dr Dave. Me figured me had reelly dun it diz time tho n he nott want to care fer me anymore!! Da man iz a masheen, MOL….
      Isabella haz gone into heet butt she iz all rite otherwise. So once she is outta heet she can bee spayed…poor darlin gurl.
      Mauricio haz fun at Kitteh Scoutz. Much lub to all me Sisfurz n Mau n ya Aunti ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too xxxxxxxxxx

  • I am glad you’re stable Nylablue. My Squeaky hated his nails clipped. He would get so mad. Took 3 people. Sorry your mom wasn’t well. Hope she is feeling better. Very sad to lose Sparkle. I can’t believe Tigger is still looking for a home. Isabella is so pretty. Congrats on your award and I hope you have a lovely week.
    Sue B

    • Yow Miss Sue n Fab Five iz grrreat to see ya here. Busy week fer us! Mum iz feelin much bettur n she threw da rest of da xpired med out. Me will haz to keep an eye on her 😉
      We cannot beeleeve Tigger iz still homeless too. He iz so hansum n we wishez he cuud fly here to bee wif us….
      Isabella IZ bery purrty butt she iz so so skinny. Poor gurl haz da wermz. Aunti Renee n Unckle Todd will make her bettur.
      We will miss *Sparkle* fereber….*sighz*
      Wishin all of ya a guud week too.
      **paw kissez** to all n a speshell ~~head rub~~ to wee Hope….
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤

  • I understand that you have no piccie of Dr. Daves Cattoo, but the idea to drop him a nice mail is not bad. I’m glad all systems work and you are ok (except that rumbling). A big hug to your mom, I hope she can chase that allergy and the aftereffect of the bad med away. That happened to my mom too once, with an expired flu-med, she had to stay one night at the dogtors :o( I like Isabellas eyes, they look like mine, cool!

    • Yow Easy me Champeeon phankz fer understandin it wuud nott have bin a guud idea fer Mum to whip da cammyra out!! Can ya eemagine her sayin, “Dr Dave pleeze say cheeze??” ROFWL!
      Sendin a piccie of me wif bowed head n a red rose cheered him up (Or maybee softened him up)…wither way me just wanted to get back into da ‘guud book’ wif him 😉
      Yer Mum had a bad reeackshun too?? Guud greef diz iz not guud. me told Mum me iz gonna have to check her medz frum now on ’cause she needz help!! Wow yer Mum had to stay at da Dogtur’z! Dat must have bin scarey fer her. Mum meowed to da Pharmacist n Mr Manni told Mum to eat suppa n take da Blood Presshure pill n if she did not feel bettur wifin 2 hourz she waz to go to Hospitall. Me purrayed hard n she waz better enuff to stay home where me ciid keep an eye on her. Iz a non stop job fer us 4 leggedz izn’t it Easy???
      Say yer rite ’bout Isabella n ya havin golden eyez; waaaay kewl!!!!
      Much lub, Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤

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