Caturday Katchat Condoside

Published August 9, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Iz yer faverite Birman/Siamese gurl here! We iz gonna post on da rite day diz weekend, MOL…Since our patio iz much bigger eberyone pile on in n make yerself cozy n me meow to ya ’bout diz week at Da Purrfect Pad. **FLOUNDER** Werdpress won’t let me upload pix so purrtend ya can see da patio okayz?? Figurez eh? We getz da rite day n Werdpress iz actin up!  😦 

Ferst me wantz to tell ya me had a grreat Vet bizit! Me iz stable 9.7 lbz n all me vitalz are guud. Me had B12 n Pepcid injeckshunz n 3/16th of Mirtazipine n me haz bin doin well since den. Me n Mum checked me recordz n me haz had da IBD fer 16 monthz now….can ya beeleeve dat deespite da Bowel Disease flare-upz  n da Pancreatitis n da Feeline Herpes Virus, me iz STILL HERE!!??!?! Mum sayz me iz simplee amazin’…Phankz Mum butt me creditz ya n Dr Dave n me ‘Guardeean Angelz’ fer me makin it to diz point!

We wantz to tell ya dat sweet Suzy Q da Callie-coe dat Mum resckued on July 23rd got ‘dopted diz past Tuesday, August 5th! We iz so happy fer her!!!Suzy Q visit July 31st 2014 008A lady saw Suzy Q’z pix on Facebook n she went to see her n fell fer her n den went back aftur da civick holliday to ‘dopt her!! We want to phank da peeple who were willin to send green papurrz fer Suzy Q’z care butt she iz in a new home n doin well now…

So now eberyone iz all feelin warm n fuzzy here iz da nott-so-guud newz. Mostof  da peeple on da ferst floor got a notice Tuesday dat dey are nott apposta feed any ‘wildlife’ n dat it haz bin reeported dat “sirten peeple” haz bin puttin ‘food scrapz out fer ‘wildlife’ on da patio…..ya nose what diz meenz rite?? Yow, sumone haz ‘ratted’ out Mum n so anyone who iz furendz wif Mum got a notice! Now Mum iz wurried we gonna get in HUGE trubble n she had to stop feedin da feralz. Odd fing iz not one feral came to bizit on Monday nite; maybee dey gott da memo ferst?? 😉  Ebery nite Mum shutz da drapez as soon as it getz dusky out so she nott see if anykat showz up. She doez open one drape at her bedtime n me can tell ya me HAZ seen Greyboy n Braveheart; but NO Hercule Purr-o. Ssshhh me nott want Mum to nose or she will be in itty bitty peecez! She iz feelin guiltee enuff not feedin da boyz as it iz. She told me to tell dem to goez down to da colonee by da Pharmacey neer da 1oth Street bridge…den Miss Sheila n Miss Nikki wuud haz purrmisshun to feed dem dere…me told da boyz so me hopez dey will move on n find a new food place ’cause Da Purrfect Pad iz closed til further notice….Braveheart 3Greyboy 1We iz so sowwy Braveheart n Greyboy…turriblee sowwy…..

Yow Hercule Purr-o where da KAT are ya????Snow n Hercule Poirot 014

As fer me n Mum we bin hangin out on da patio dailee n Mum haz even started to reed a guud book 3 dayz ago. It iz lubly to bee out in Condo nappin n watchin da pidjunz n sparrowz who haz reeturned n Mum close by reedin n enjoyin da nice weather. WE needz a standin umbrelly n Mum haz to do sum reesearch on where we can buy one. We deecided dat a portable screen not a guud idea ’cause no shade butt an umbrelly wuud shade us n Mum cuud move it so we both under it…clever Mum…

So dat iz all da newz frum here. WE had sum guud pix to show ya butt wif Werdpress beein wonkee n stoopid not werkin ya will haz to wait fer dem. Oh n Mum wantz to apaulogize fer nott gettin around to all yer bloggiez. We fell beehind frum 2 weekz ago n haz bin a slo-go tryin to catch up wif eberyone…so if we nott bin to yer bloggie do nott lose heart; we WILL bizit soon. Pleeze bee payshunt… Nylablue out…way out…enjoyin beein out……..Nylablue sunbathin


67 comments on “Caturday Katchat Condoside

  • Sowwy yous not be able to feed da ferals anymowe. Dat makes us vewy sad, but weez hav gotten those wawnins afur too. It’ll pass, but in da meantime hope da boys all find their way to sum good gwub or da shelter. Glad yous duin’ okay and hope and purray it stays dat way.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi n Lexi

    • Yow Tabbiez O’Trout Towne grrreat to see ya!!
      We iz bery happy fer Suzy Q….444 pawz up fer her 😉
      As fer nott feedin da feralz….444 pawz down!!! me told dem ’bout da colonee 4 blockz away so pawz crossed dey getz dere n dey will bee cared fer 😉
      Tuna-tuna Monday to all of ya dere!
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Hey Miss Nylablue, that’s good news that Dr Dave has given you a good report A+ eh MOL. Great news too that Suzy Q has been adopted 🙂 Big smiles here!! Not so good about the kitties not to be fed 😦 What are they like these people? Don’t answer that!! Headbonks and smooches baby xox

    • Yow Austin n Autsin’z Mum iz guud newz frum Dr haz felt bettur since da nosie n werkerz left n we iz calm now….
      Suzy Q doin guud n we iz 🙂
      Managemint iz like da most heatless Hu’Manz eber; dey not care ‘botu da tenantz reelly or any of da birdz or feralz kittehz…our werld haz terned quite uglee me finkz 😦
      ~~~head rubz~~~ n *nose kissez* sweet boy…
      Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Sherriellen Mum too

    • Yow Marty ‘Innsensitive” iz just onw werd dat Mum sued…da other werdz are not fer our dellykat earz me can tell ya!!!!!
      WE closez da drapez at nite so Mum nott see if anyone comez by;)
      Me haz meowedto da feralz thru da window n told dem ’bout da colonee 4 blockz away n hope dey will go dere to bee fed…
      Me iz doin purrty guud n we iz so happy fer Suzy Q; we doez a **happy dance** still 😉
      Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum too x0x0x0

    • Yow Chan kittehz n #1: Grrreat newz ’bout me n Suzy Q fer shure! Me bin out on patio ebery day n me haz gott Mum out on da patio dailee too n she reedz her bookz. Me missez da grass but me iz glad to bee outside. Mum bringz me in fer an hour til da Sun movez over da buildin so me nott get broiled 😉
      As fer Managemint dey not care ’bout da tennantz, nor da birdz, nor da feralz…iz all ;bout makin money n nuffin more! **sighz**
      Iz hard to accept butt we must or we will bee thrown out n Mum n me too old to live under a bridge 😉
      Much lub frum us to all of ya, Nylablue ❤ n ❤ Mum too

  • Mes so furry happy that Suzy Q gots adopted but wes sad that the condo gots upset about feeding the wildlife. Truth be told, when wes lived here before, my Mommy gots in trouble for feeding the wildlife (wes had a bird feeder).

    • Yow me furend Nellie iz grrreat to see ya gurlfurend!
      We iz happy fer Suzy Q too; many timez seenior kittehz just languish away in Shelturz so we iz thrilled a lady came fer her….
      WE not in a Condo buildin; just a 2 storey regular place but iz County Housin n dey are throwin more n more rulez at us!
      Me can not haz me Condo on da grass…so me iz stuck on da patio; how RUDE iz dat??
      Da ya still haz da bird feeder or do ya ‘ground feed’ like we doez now??? 😉
      Much lub n enjoy yer stay ind a City.
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • EEoww Miss Jenna iz bery sad fer da feralz n fer us….we missez dem bizitin n we nose dey miss da meelz. Me told dem to go to da feral colonee a few blockz frum us…pawz crossed dey are dere where food iz put out….
      **paw patz**
      Nylablue n Sherriellen ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Yow Princeton n Precious me did have a guud bizit n me bin playin toyz dailee!! Mum iz so happy n so iz me! Feelz grrreat to haz energee again 😉
      Management iz freekin stoopid uncarin n meen spirited butt we haz to bee carefull; Mum n me too old to live under a bridge 😉
      BOO IZ RITE!!!

      Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum too

  • So glad you had a great vet visit. Wonderful Suzie Q got a loving home. That is so sad you cannot feed the kitties anymore. Sounds like too many rules. Enjoy your week. Love to you and your mom.
    Sue B

    • EEowww Fab Five n Miss Sue! We iz glad to see ya here. WE nott bin on FB much so we missez all eyr grrreat photoz n updatez….
      ‘Tween da guud Vet bizit n Suzy Q gettin a guud home we figure 2 outta 3 nott bad!
      Mum sat out wif Aunti Reeni last nite fer an hour butt no kieehz showed up. WE iz hopin dey moved onto da colonee a few blockz south of us ’cause dey will get fed dere n safetee….
      Ya shuud hear all da rulez Miss Sue! Mum sayz dere iz a booklet wif 20 pagez tacked on da board at da front. Da leese reedz like “War n Peece”….
      **sighz** It iz what it iz…we needz a place to live so we must bee carefull….
      Wishin all of ya a guud week n a speshell **kiss* to wee Hope ❤
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum x0x0x0x0

  • Suzi Q got a new home? YAY!!!
    That’s the bestest news.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx
    Pee Ess We are so behind with our posts that we’ve forgotten who we are.

    • Yow REEL MSMS n Miss Jane yah Suzy Q gott a lubbin home!! WE all did a **happy dance** tuesday nite when we found out!!!
      Diz iz da bestest newz beesidez me playin toyz dailee 😉
      We reelatez to beein so far beehind also.
      Do nott wurry we will allwayz come bizit….
      Much lub ❤ Nylalbue n ❤ Mum too x0x0x0

  • its good to see you doing well Nylablue but I am cross….I am cross about the notice you had and I might just go pay a visit to some individuals and Poop in some shoes may be leave a pee mail or two and chew a few cables…that is how cross I am….Grrrrrr hugs and snuggle to you and your mum Sherri-Ellen xx Speedy and Rachel

    • EEoww Speedy me iz havin a guud week n playin toyz n out in Condo n enjoyin Life!! Suzy Q haz a fureber home n we iz so happy!
      As fer da managemint here ya can come over n poop n all da shoez ya wnat n chew dere cablez n leeve pee mailz on dere deskz!!!! We iz bery bery deespondint over diz deevelopment n we haz no ritez to fite back. feral kittehz are seen as ‘vermin’ here 😦
      Me meowed to Greyboy n Braveheart n told dem ‘obut da colonee a few blockz frum here so we finkz dey went to it…we shure hopez… (no sign of Purr-O..) 😦
      Such iz Life!!
      Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum too x0x0x0

  • Yes, you are amazing, Nylablue. And Suzie Q has a furever home? great! Oh that’s sad that you got this memo… I feel sorry for the cats and the pigeons. Maybe you can find a way to place their food on a better place were you have no restrictions…

    • EEoww Easy me champeeon yer compleeminttouched me heart! Mum iz purrty amazin too!
      Yah Suzy Q gott adopted last Tuesday…we iz so bery happy fer her 😉
      As fer da memo Mum iz ‘ground feedin’ da in she putz seedz out on da ground befur bed when it iz dark n da pidjunz n sparrowz come in da mornin fer snackz. Mum tried to sneek seedz down durin da day butt na stoopid flounderin nosy purrson on da seckond floor watchez Mum frum beehind her drape…iz BERY creepy….so we can onlee feed da birdz once a day. as fer da feralz dere iz no place we can feed wifout beein seen or gettin in trubble. Iz a losin battle Easy! Mum n me sirrendured. Me told da kittehz to go down to da colonee n we finkz dey haz moved on…we shure hopez so. We feelz like we beetrayed dem 😦
      Phankz fer stoppin by….
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • We’re so glad to hear about the good news concerning your health, sweetie! Great news also about sweet little Suzy Q! 🙂 But we’re so sad about the notice you got! That’s horrible. Poor little feral kitties! 😦

    Love ya! xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

    • EEoww Roxy n Tigerlino iz grrreat to see ya here!!! Me haz had a few guud weekz n eben playin toyz!! Iz nice to feel bettur me can tell ya 😉
      We doin a **happy dance** fer Suzy Q as she iz me age n beein a seenior kitteh out on da meen streetz iz just pawfull 😦
      As fer da notice we iz beeyond upset…we can ground feed da birdz butt dere iz nowhere to put da kitteh food n milk dat we won’t bee seen by sumone n terned in again….if Mum gott cott we wuud get thrown out n we not want to live under da bridge!
      We feelz pawfull nott helpin da feralz….*sighz*
      Much lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too x0x0x0x0

    • Yow we did a **happy dance** on Tuesday nite when we found out ‘out Suzy Q!! Den da notice came n it reelly upset us. We figure da purrson who told on us did not ackshully see da kittehz n thott it waz skunkz or porkypinez….either way we are nott alloud to help n we iz bery sad. We haz nowhere to move to n are stuck. We must make da best of fingz…Mum gonna call leegal Aid diz week n see what sh can doez…if anyfing 😉
      We hopez da kittehz haz moved on to da colonee south of us. Dey will get fed dere….
      Lub ya Sparkle!
      ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Sherriellen Mum too x0x0

    • Phankz Miss Annie n A/C…me iz eben playin toyz again! Mum lubz when me scatturz dem all aover da livin room floor!!!
      “ratz in da flatz”…now dat iz a purrfect way to describe Managemint Miss Annie….
      We hopez Hercule Purr-o iz all rite n dat he n Greyboy n Braveheart haz found da colonee where dey will get fed….
      It all just suckz!
      Lub Nylablue =^,,^= n Mum too ❤

  • That final photo, N.B., is really cool. It would have been purrfect for the Caturday Art Blog Hop. We are so happy you had a good week and that the purrty calico found a nice home so quickly. We are worried about Braveheart and Greyboy. We sure hope they can find a place to get their noms. We are sending all our purrs, prayers and love to both of you as well as kisses from your Aunti Janet. XO from your brofur and sisfurs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • EEoww Sisfurz n Brofur Mau n Aunti Janet we iz doin a **happy dance** fer Suzy Q still…she waz such a sweetie n she deeserved so much bettur.
      As fer Greyboy n Braveheart me haz mewoed to dem thru da window n told dem ’bout da feral colonee where dey can getz food. So pawz crossed dey haz found dere way down to da place.
      Phankz fer da compleemint ‘bot me piccie…me likez dat one too!
      We still nott able to put new pix up on WP tho’…bery weerd…
      Sendin ***paw kissez*** n lotz of Lub
      ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Sherriellen Mum x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

    • Eeoww Aunti Linda n Savannah n Sage: Managemint doez nott care ’bout da tenanttz nor da birdz or da feralz. Dey just want diz place to bee sum sort of a prison it seemz. WE wantz to move butt where do we goez?? So we haz to make da best of what we haz.
      what will da duckz n pidjuns n sparrowz do?? Da kittehz?? Da skunkz, raccoonz n porkypinez?? Dey haz ritez too! Well to us dey do.
      We lub ya all bery much!
      ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Sherriellen Mum x0x0x0x0

    • Yow Miss Fern iz lubly to see ya here!!! We iz bery happy Suzy Q haz a fureber home too 🙂
      Me haz had a furabuluss weekend on da patio…Mum makez shure me iz in da shade so me nott get too hot…
      Me haz bin playin toyz at nite me feelz so guud 😉
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • My my Nylabluewoowooooo and Miss Sherri-Ellen toooowooowoooooo, we all hope that the boy kitties are finding food and shelter somewhere safe. Maybe they got adopted? Much wuvwuvwuvwuvwuvwuvwuwvuv xoxoxoxoxoxox ❤ Ku

    • A roooo woooo ooooooo me darlin n lubly Ku what me lubz wif all me heart ❤
      Da feralz boyz were so feral dey nott come to Mum so dey nott get 'dopted. dey wuud not go neer da live trap eben. WE iz hopin dey moved down to da colonee where our feederz bizit n den dey will haz snackz.
      Sendin ya lotz of lub n **paw kissez**
      Yer ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • EEoww Wally n Ernie n Zoey me iz feelin SO-O guud me iz playin toyz ebery day!!! Out in Condo dailee too…feelin fine!
      Nope Mum n me can nott feed Purr-o or Greyboy or Braveheart o any feral or we will be kicked out frum here n we haz nowhere to go….under da bridge nott a guud idea. So me haz meowed wif Greyboy & Braveheart n told dem togo to da colonee beehind da Pharmasee n dey will get snackz..Not seen hercule Purr-o in over a week…we not shure what to fink…
      Wishin ya guud week on ‘da Island’!
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • MOL Aunti Rebby!!! ‘under da weather’; ya cracked me n Mum up wif da commint! Did McDuff go under da sink?? 😉
      We haz nott had rain n a week so iz lubly butt a bit dry…iz apposta rain Tuesday; hope it pourz as me goex fer treetmint 😉
      Suzy Q doin guud n we iz very happy 🙂
      Patio iz not so bad n Mum haz a new sistem fer me beein out in Condo so me nott in da **hot** Sun wif no shade! We wantz an umbrelly wif stand butt dey iz $100. green papurrz new so Mum sayz we must look seckond hand…
      Wishin ya n hubby n McDuff a purrfect week…
      Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum too x0x0x0

    • Yow Brian n da crew iz lubly to see ya here tonite! Me Pancreatitis haz calmed down n me haz had a guud week. Mum not stressed out so me nott stressed out 😉
      Now me just haz to keep her DAT way, MOL….
      me will do me bery best to stay well Brian; purromise!
      ~~~head rubz~~~ Nylablue ❤ ❤

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