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Caturday Condo Katchat wif Nylablue (Izabella)

Published August 23, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Eeoww Kwazy Katz iz me Nylablue here wif another rivetin eedishun of Caturday Katchat. 

We  want to show ya da badge me gottz fer pawticipatin in Bacon n Fozzie’z contest:spies-like-us-participation-badge Aug 2014Me haz 2 fingz to share wif ya n me gonna do it backwerdz; Tuesday ferst, den Monday….Tuesday waz me weeklee Vet bizit n it not go so well. At ferst me waz beehaved when Dr Dave clipped me back clawz n den he started on me rite front paw n me gott werked up. So much so me scratched Dr Dave’z hand n gashed him reel bad. No piccie ’cause he waz mad as funder me can tell ya. Mum suggested he give me a minutt to calm down butt Dr Dave went on wif da left paw n me tried to bite him 6 timez butt wifout gumz it nott bery eefective!! Mum said me looked like a Pit Viper striking reepeteedlee at his hand. It getz werse. Me gott so upset me *pooped* on da exam table n poor Miss Terry da Vet Tech had to hold me. By now Dr Dave waz furry frustratedTn Mum waz furry upset n she told Dr Dave to cleen me up n den leeve da room!! She just stood dere wif armz folded across her chest n tippytappin her toesiez! Diz meenz trubble; me haz seen diz stance befur!!! Me kept finkin, “Run Dr Dave, run while ya can!!” He n Miss Terry left aftur me waz cleened up n me back in carrier n Mum singin to me. Aftur a few calm minuttz Dr Dave n Terry reeturned n me took me Pepcid injeckshun calm n did fight a bit gettin Mirtazipine butt Mum gave me DA LOOK n me settled down!! Dr Dave leeved in a hurry n he waz still bleedin; poor Hu’Man!! Now dere iz no picciez of diz deesastur ’cause it waz not purrty. Later on dat nite me n Mum meowed ’bout fingz n me deecided to send Dr Dave an apaulogee email wif a piccie of a red rose callin a truce n a piccie of me wif bowed headsayin me iz bery sowwy:Condo kitteh closeupMe reelly DID feel badlee fer hertin him n actin like a wild Coo-gurr n ya nose what?? Dr Dave sent me a reeply sayin he furgave me n me nott burn bridgez n he seez me next Tuesday. WHEW waz me eber reeleeeved!! Totallee reeleeved!!!! Oh ya wantz to nose how me iz? Well me weighz 9.7 lbz n all vitalz guud. Me did haz sum rumblee n me tumblee butt dat iz all.  So me iz stable n holdin me own now. Turrible Tuesday got werse cause Mum had her allergee flare-up n she tooked meddycashun n den she had bad reeackshun ’cause it waz xpired over 6 monthz. What a rotten day it waz fer both of us. Mum ended up in bed fer hourz n me joined her; we were a  sowwy twosum me can tell ya, MOL!!! By Fursday fingz were bettur…..

Okayz so now we go back to Monday n da reeson Mum’z allergee flare-up. Her name iz Isabella n she iz a homeless kittehgurl:Isabella Aug 2014 007Isabella waz at me Aunti Judith’z house ’cause she followed me Cuss-in Shawna home da nite befur cryin n hungree. Isabella spent da nite in dere garage n when Mum n Aunti showed up dere waz meowin frum sumwhere n Mum waz lookin up da da roof n out trotted diz cutie! Now dere waz ALOT of discusshion as Hu’manz are prone to doin n aftur doin alot of werk in da garage Aunti agreed Isabella needed to go to da Shelter so Mum called Unckle Todd who said okayz bring diz kittehgurl in! So Aunti brott Mum home fer da 3 “C’z”: cat food; carrier n cammyra  😉  Back dey went n Mumm gott Isabella n food into carrier:Isabella Aug 2014 010Doezn’t Isabella haz golden eyez?? Beeuteefull!! So Aunti n Cuss-in n Mum took her to da Sheltur where Unckle Todd checked her over:Isabella Aug 2014 011Ya can allmost hear Isabella askin “What da KAT ya doin to me??” She not have ear mitez n no fleaz butt she doez have wermz **shudderz**, so she waz given an injeckshun n den checked fer a micro chip. Nope no chip!!!Isabella Aug 2014 013Isabella waz wrigglin so hard to get guud piccie of her but ya can seez she iz bery skinny butt purrty too….Isabella Aug 2014 012Furinallee she settled down fer a guud piccie wif Unckle Todd. Once she waz put into a carrier to bee put in quaranteen Mum tooked 2 more pix:Isabella Aug 2014 014Isabella Aug 2014 015So now Isabella iz in quaranteen fer 10 dayz n Mum iz gonna go seez her next Furiday n takez sum food n a few toyz cause she iz active 9 month old gurl. She needz to bee spayed befur she can bee put up fer adopshun n of coarse werm free! So between da kitteh resckue n werkin in da dusty garage Mum’z allergee flared up Tuesday n den me acted up n den Mum gott so werked up it tooked her a few dayz to reecover!!! Sum cwazy week we had! N *Sparkle* goin to Summerland. Yah not one of our best weekz at Da Purrfect Pad. So how waz yer week?? Me shure hopez not as dramatick as ourz! Mind ya, wifout da drama our bloggiez wuud be borin rite???? MOL…Wishin eberyone a sunny weekend n a purrfect week next week. Now me iz gonna get me ‘Nap’ on:Snoozy NB 1Nylablue out….way out…out in da Sun out….zzzzzzzzzz……..


Shine On *Sparkle*

Published August 22, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Deerest Reederz n Followerz of Da Purrfect Pad iz Nylablue here….As ya all haz herd by now: SPARKLE Da Deesigner Kitteh haz gone to Summerland. We iz still in shock here n teerz are flowin freely! Sparkle beefurended me 16 monthz ago when me ferst got so sick we thott me wuud be going to Summerland! She n her Mum Janiss haz bin faithfull furendz all dese months to me n Mum butt we did not nose dat Sparkle herself waz sick too. Dere reelly are NO werdz dat can convay how we feelz….Sparkle meened da werld to us. Yah many other kittehz have gone to SWmmerland since me ferst got sick in we haz cried fer dem too. Sparkle held a speshell place in our heartz; deep in out heartz! So let us bow our headz in say a purrayer fer Sparkle n Miss Janiss:Condo kitteh closeupWE will NEBER furget ya Sparkle. Phankz fer yer sweet furendship n me hopez when it iz me tern to go to Summerland ya will come n meet me……**wipez teerz away** Me will fink of ya dailee:Sparkle da Deesigner KittehDa purrtiest gurl wif so much class n lub n sassyness….allwayz in our heartz. Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum   ❤ ❤ ❤

“Purrfect Pad” Patio Sunday

Published August 17, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Ya all sirprised me here on a Sunday??  😉  Me n Mum wanted to share da new Purrfect Pad since da patio waz compleeted n wellcome old furendz back n wellcome a new addishun too. So ferst me showz ya what da compleeted patio lookz like:Purrfect Pad PatioPurrty guud aftur all dat palaver izn’t it?? Aunti Judith gave Mum a big single chair n 2 patio tablez n we arranged fingz nice n we are back in buziness!!! Our ferst Wave Baby frum Aunti Bev in Australia got broken in da uppyheeval so Miss Ruth brott Mum a new Wave Baby who we introducez now:New Wave BabyWellcome Wave Baby 2!!! Wuud nott be Da Purrfect Pad wifout a dancin flower on da table….As fer me da tummy, iz calmer n me iz eatin guud butt me bowelz a bit aggitated…howeber iz NOTT stoppin me frum goin out in Condo today:Glad to bee aliveAAAHHHH DIZ IZ DA LIFE!!!!! Diz iz what me iz meant to do…Enjoy da Sun n bizit wif furendz like TeenyTiny n HippyHop Sparrowz:Teeny n HippyHop 3TeenyTiny on da left n HippyHop on da rite. Wellcome back me feathered furendz!!!!  Bememburr TeenyTiny frum last yeer what gott malled by sumfing n he nott fly bery high?? He sumhow iz still alive! Same wif HippyHop who iz da last reemainin ‘tumbly’ Sparrow what wuud fall over when walkin! We thott both of dem had gone to Summerland (wif all da uppyheeval), so can ya eemagin our sirprize when dey both showed up today?? Let’z do a **hoppy dance** fer dem both!!!! Diz haz bin da BESTEST day here! Mum bin reedin her book n Mistur Chris came fer a chat n all iz quiet n peecefull. (Noseyz all inside). We wantz to say a GRRREAT B-I-G PHANK YA to all of ya who supported us thru da “Patio Palaver”. It waz one of da werst xpereencez we bin thru since we moved here butt wif yer LUB n guud werdz we are able to enjoy da Purrfect Pad once again!  )))))))Yawnz((((((( well it iz time fer a ‘happy nappy’Yin n Yang NylablueYin n Yang Nyla BNylabue ZZZZZZZzzzzz…..ummmm….out……zzzzzzzzzz………..

Rainy Caturday Katchat wif Nylablue

Published August 16, 2014 by NylabluesMum

EEowww Krazy Latz: Iz Nylablue here wif another week o newz frum Da Purrfect Pad! Today howeber iz nott quite purrfect ’cause it iz rainin katz n poochiez out dere!! **FLOUNDER** N it iz chilli too so gather round da fireplace n me can beegin:FireplaceIz eberyone cozy?? If ya need sum snackz help yerself:Buffet fer Nylablue 001Me haz lots to choose frum, MOL!! Da weather diz week haz bin atroshuss to say da leest! We haz had rain n chilliness Tuesday, Wednesday, Fursday mornin n now today, so me Condo planz went down da drain!!!  😉

Me had da usuall Tuesday Vet appointmint n Miss Sheila tooked us. Me had Cartrophen fer inflammashun n Cerenia fer da grumblee tumblee n 1/4 Mirtazipine. So me came home n me ate guud fer 2 dayz n den me tanked again! Mum waz beeside herself. Part of da reeson me waz nott eatin waz Mum had stopped feedin Greyboy n Braveheart since Tuesday da 5th when dat nastee notice waz given to 14 tennantz ’bout feedin ‘wildlife’ (not birdz or feral kittehz in purrticular)…Now Mum gott werked up over da notice ’cause we nott want any trubble here butt Mum iz part of Feral Kitteh group. So she did not feed n kept drapez closed n me wuud sit by drape waitin fer da boyz like diz:Kat on da mat 3Kat on da mat 2Kat on da mat 1

 Me waz missin seein Greyboy speshelly n eben missed Braveheart n of coarse me Hercule Purr-o…

When Greyboy showed up we meowed n me brott him up to date n he told me he understood. No hard feelingz. Den Wednesday nite aftur Greyboy left, Braveheart showed up n me had a meow wif him also. He told me he waz so-o hungree n thott he mite nott make it. Me apaulogized n he understood too. Me asked ’bout Hercule Purr-o n he shook hiz head…Purr-o did not make it **sighz** **sniffz** **wipez teerz frum eyez**…..We bowz our headz fer Hercule Purr-o n bememburr him wif LUB  **leeky eyez**  😦

Da rest of diz week purrty quiet n normal. Mum went out Wednesday n Fursday n me had sum qualitee nappin time. Yesterday (Furiday) me DID get to sit out in Condo n enjoy meself:Condo kittehMMM dat Sun waz ackshully *hot* so me had sheepyskin fer shade. Mum n Miss Ruth sat out to n bizited eben tho dey spent 5 hourz out on Fursday  shoppin. Like dey had anyfing left to meow ’bout?? MOL…Today guess where me gott to go?? Yah me got to go to da Vet’z. Me stopped eatin yesterday; just stopped!!!!!!  Mum did not freek out; she called fer appointmint n we went in da taxi fer 11:30 A.M. Dr Dave examed me n temp n vitalz normal butt da tummy waz rumblin like a vole-cane-o so Mum suggested Pepcid injeckshun wif a side ordur of 1/8 Mirtazipine n Dr Dave agreed….Mum shure nose what me needz butt aftur 16 months of da IBD n Pancreatitis we iz ‘in sink’ wif each other….so dat’z bin our week here at Da Purrfect Pad. Not as dramatick as it waz in July n we iz just makin da best of each day.

We haz bin makin da roundz to bizit bloggiez n if we not got to ya yet do nott deespair; we will get to ya shortlee. Fer now me iz gonna go sample da buffet:Buffet fer Nylablue 003

Nylablue nom nom nom **slurpz** out……

Caturday Katchat Condoside

Published August 9, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Iz yer faverite Birman/Siamese gurl here! We iz gonna post on da rite day diz weekend, MOL…Since our patio iz much bigger eberyone pile on in n make yerself cozy n me meow to ya ’bout diz week at Da Purrfect Pad. **FLOUNDER** Werdpress won’t let me upload pix so purrtend ya can see da patio okayz?? Figurez eh? We getz da rite day n Werdpress iz actin up!  😦 

Ferst me wantz to tell ya me had a grreat Vet bizit! Me iz stable 9.7 lbz n all me vitalz are guud. Me had B12 n Pepcid injeckshunz n 3/16th of Mirtazipine n me haz bin doin well since den. Me n Mum checked me recordz n me haz had da IBD fer 16 monthz now….can ya beeleeve dat deespite da Bowel Disease flare-upz  n da Pancreatitis n da Feeline Herpes Virus, me iz STILL HERE!!??!?! Mum sayz me iz simplee amazin’…Phankz Mum butt me creditz ya n Dr Dave n me ‘Guardeean Angelz’ fer me makin it to diz point!

We wantz to tell ya dat sweet Suzy Q da Callie-coe dat Mum resckued on July 23rd got ‘dopted diz past Tuesday, August 5th! We iz so happy fer her!!!Suzy Q visit July 31st 2014 008A lady saw Suzy Q’z pix on Facebook n she went to see her n fell fer her n den went back aftur da civick holliday to ‘dopt her!! We want to phank da peeple who were willin to send green papurrz fer Suzy Q’z care butt she iz in a new home n doin well now…

So now eberyone iz all feelin warm n fuzzy here iz da nott-so-guud newz. Mostof  da peeple on da ferst floor got a notice Tuesday dat dey are nott apposta feed any ‘wildlife’ n dat it haz bin reeported dat “sirten peeple” haz bin puttin ‘food scrapz out fer ‘wildlife’ on da patio…..ya nose what diz meenz rite?? Yow, sumone haz ‘ratted’ out Mum n so anyone who iz furendz wif Mum got a notice! Now Mum iz wurried we gonna get in HUGE trubble n she had to stop feedin da feralz. Odd fing iz not one feral came to bizit on Monday nite; maybee dey gott da memo ferst?? 😉  Ebery nite Mum shutz da drapez as soon as it getz dusky out so she nott see if anykat showz up. She doez open one drape at her bedtime n me can tell ya me HAZ seen Greyboy n Braveheart; but NO Hercule Purr-o. Ssshhh me nott want Mum to nose or she will be in itty bitty peecez! She iz feelin guiltee enuff not feedin da boyz as it iz. She told me to tell dem to goez down to da colonee by da Pharmacey neer da 1oth Street bridge…den Miss Sheila n Miss Nikki wuud haz purrmisshun to feed dem dere…me told da boyz so me hopez dey will move on n find a new food place ’cause Da Purrfect Pad iz closed til further notice….Braveheart 3Greyboy 1We iz so sowwy Braveheart n Greyboy…turriblee sowwy…..

Yow Hercule Purr-o where da KAT are ya????Snow n Hercule Poirot 014

As fer me n Mum we bin hangin out on da patio dailee n Mum haz even started to reed a guud book 3 dayz ago. It iz lubly to bee out in Condo nappin n watchin da pidjunz n sparrowz who haz reeturned n Mum close by reedin n enjoyin da nice weather. WE needz a standin umbrelly n Mum haz to do sum reesearch on where we can buy one. We deecided dat a portable screen not a guud idea ’cause no shade butt an umbrelly wuud shade us n Mum cuud move it so we both under it…clever Mum…

So dat iz all da newz frum here. WE had sum guud pix to show ya butt wif Werdpress beein wonkee n stoopid not werkin ya will haz to wait fer dem. Oh n Mum wantz to apaulogize fer nott gettin around to all yer bloggiez. We fell beehind frum 2 weekz ago n haz bin a slo-go tryin to catch up wif eberyone…so if we nott bin to yer bloggie do nott lose heart; we WILL bizit soon. Pleeze bee payshunt… Nylablue out…way out…enjoyin beein out……..Nylablue sunbathin

Beelated Condoside Katchat wif Nylablue

Published August 4, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Iz Nylablue here! Me n Mum shure missed all of ya!!! Haz bin a bit of a whirlywind here n we had companee fer a kabllion 4 dayz so we nott on da lappytop! We enjoyed havin Aunti Judith n gott to bizit n meow ’bout all sortz of fingz. Now me must do a beelated Caturday Katchat…. Me humbelly apaulogizez fer not bizit bloggiez n fallin so-o far beehind:

Me iz so sowwy faithfull reederz...

Me iz so sowwy faithfull reederz…

So we haz sum guud stuff to share n one complaint; so let’z get DAT outta da way ferst! Da Pine tree….we missez it so-o much!!!!!! Me can onlee bee out frum 9-11 in da mornin n den out aftur 2:30 in da afternoon!!! Pleeze KATGOD hear me purray n haz sumone plant a new tree fer me us!!! Which bringz me to sumfing nice dat Miss Patty frum upstairz did fer Mum:Patty's painting 1Patty's painting 2Izn’t diz paintin adoor-able?? Mum sayz it iz like Folk Art n she put it rite up on da wall to da rite of da patio door so she can look at it durin da day!! Me finkz it goez grrreat wif me self portrait ’cause of da turquoiseyblue 😉 Miss Patty said she wanted to do sumfing to cheer Mum up ’cause she nose how much Mum lubbed da Pine tree; now DAT waz bery bery bery sweet of her!!!!

Oon to an update on da sweet Suzy Q who iz safe in da Shelter. Mum went to bizit her dere last Fursday da 31st. Now Suzy Q haz sumfing wrong health wise butt she haz NOTT had not had bloodwerk dun so Mum meowed wif Aunti Renee n asked fer it to be dun…so we shall seez… Miss CathyJean tooked pix in me purrsentz Mum’z bizit wif Suzy Q in photoz:Suzy Q visit July 31st 2014 005Suzy Q visit July 31st 2014 006Suzy Q visit July 31st 2014 007Suzy Q visit July 31st 2014 008Suzy Q visit July 31st 2014 010Suzy Q visit July 31st 2014 011Mum n Suzy Q stayed together head to head fer 5 minuttz Mum told me. She said iz waz a powerfull xpeerence fer both of dem! Mum bizited wif Suzy Q fer an hour n den she waz able to cuddle her:Suzy Q visit July 31st 2014 012N den it waz time fer Mum to say “Goodbye”. Me betz she cried; what do ya all fink?  😉 Mum emailed Aunti Renee n she said dere mite bee an adoptur fer Suzy Q…. a purrson JUST like me Mum!!! Dat iz what Suzy Q needz! Pawz crossed n purrayerz fer her….

So since me can not sit out on da patio all da time,  me haz taken to purrtendin me iz outside:Nyla B purrtendinMum pointz da table fan at me n me napz in comfert! Phankz Mum. As fer me dere were 2 Vet bizitz last week: Monday fer Depomedrol n Pepcid injeckshunz  n Mirtazipine wif Dr Dave n den back Furiday fer Pepcid injeckshun n Mirtazipine wif Vet Techz Terry n Kim! Me waz in n out wifin 5 minuttz…dem ladiez shure werked QUICKLEE, MOL. Bet dey were scared of me; RRAAAWWWRRR …..Me iz stable at diz point. Me goez to see Dr Dave tomorrow fer treetmint n he bin on hollyday fer a week so he shuud bee rarin to go!

Diz what me lookz like when me DOEZ get out in condo on patio:Nylablue sunning 001Nylablue sunning 002So me iz deetermined to make da best of da situashun no mattur what. Furinallee we got sum pix of Braveheart; yet another “Shadow Kitteh” who comez fer snackz aftur dark:Braveheart 1Braveheart 2Braveheart 3Izn’t Braveheart manlee lookin?? He haz sum swagga me can tell ya butt he iz bery feral n Mum can not get neer him. Gettin da pix waz hard enuff! Now we iz happy to feed him butt we haz noticed Hercule Purr-o haz gone missin…we seez Greyboy nitely n now Braveheart….we nose da streetz can be tuff n meen. So we purrayz nuffin happened to Purr-o…he waz me faverite! Diz rapz up our katchat fer da week n we hopez ya all haz a furabuluss week no mattur what ya doez!

Yerz frum da Purrfect Pad, NylablueSnoozy NB 4ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…Nylablue out….”out on da patio” out……