Cranky Caturday Katchat wif Nylablue

Published July 20, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz iz cranky Nylablue here in me Condo INDOORZ which iz part of da reeson me so-o cranky *sighz*…So gather round da Condo n me will tell ya what iz happenin at Da Purrfect Pad: Indoor Condo 1

Okayz me gonna start wif me health ferst; iz nott guud newz. Me Pancreatitis iz back n me feelz cwappy! Nott eatin much since Wednesday n me bin to see Dr Dave Tuesday fer regular treetmint n back in Fursday fer Cerenia injeckshun which did nott do much fer me. Mum iz bery wurried. Now me iz eatin sum n drinkin a bit butt nott propurr amountz. Me nervez iz all so jangled ’cause of da deestruckshun of our patio, garden n pine tree. Now me cuud tell ya da hole storey but many of ya are on Facebook n nose so me iz gonna keep it simpull. Da Housin deecided to take out 28 ground floor patioz n rip out da bushez n tear out da gardenz n da encore waz to cut down our beelubbed Pine tree what waz healthey. We iz apposta get concreet padz (YUCK) n white barn lookin deevidurz dat are 6 feet tall n no bushez n onlee a bit of garden under da bedroom window. *Sighz again* As fer reeplacin our tree we were told a red maple saplin butt den told dat idea iz scrapped. Many of da 70+ ladiez were so upset by da treetmint dey got from Propurrty Manager n Deestruckshun crew dey ripped up entire gardenz. Many teerz of anger n sadness haz bin shed n not just by me Mum…here are sum pix to show ya what haz happened so far:

Patio destruction Day 1Where is me patioPatio destruction Day 2Oh nose itz badGoodbye gardenDa yellow flagz are to mark da GAS line runnin along da front of buildin under our patio n garden!! We iz so afraid da deestruckshun guyz will blow us sky high!!! Da nice young man ashured me n Mum dat line iz down deeper den dey will pour so we shuud bee safe…how scarey iz diz????

Now to show ya da deemise of our beelubbed Pine tree:Day 3 Destruction 006Day 3 Destruction 007Day 3 Destruction 008Day 3 Destruction 010Did ya notice in da last piccie dere iz NO SHEPHERD’Z HOOK WIF BIRD FEEDER N SUET HOLDER??? Mum waz gonna bee ordered to takez it down so she had Custodian get it outta ground n she gave it away….we iz so so sad! All da birdz have vanished n so did Cheekz n Bobbie chipmunkz! Onlee Chester chippy iz here n he lookz shell shocked:Chester 1Chester 2We feelz so sad da our Dovez n Pidjunz n Sparrowz have gone butt dey needz to find a new place to eatz n livez n we iz heartbroken!!! Here iz what iz left of da Pine tree:Day 3 Destruction 011Pawfull izn’t it?? Da tree man said it waz a healthey tree n he felt turrible takin it down butt he haz contract wif Housin n haz to do what he is told! HHRRMMPPHH!!! Mum DID get to keep sum of da top of da tree n me gott to sniff it which waz lubly:Day 3 Destruction 009Mum haz a big bowl full of peecez like diz so we can bememburr da Pine tree fereber!!! So me sitz n lookz out da door wunderin what will beecome of our beelubbed patio? Will it be as nice as da old one? How will we stay kewl wifout a tree close by?? What will happen to da birdz n chipmunkz?? Day 3 Destruction 005Mum wurriez  ’bout da same fingz plus she iz wurried ’bout me. She haz cried in da bathroom (she finkz me nott nose) over me n over da deestruckshun n da Popurrty Manager screemin at her Wedneday not once butt twice…. Me herd her tell Aunti Reeni if me doez not live to bee on da new patio it will finish her off too…Poor Mum iz SO-O dramatick!!! Butt me nose why she iz so upset; diz waz our oaasus….our speshell place to bee together n watch da werld go by n sit wif furendz n do our bloggie from…

Me will try to get thru diz Pancreatitis flare-up. Me nott ready to go just yet!!!!

Da conkreet iz beein poured Wednesday as far as we nose n takez a few days n nitez to harden….so me will nott bee alloud out in Condo fer dat time..iz gonna bee a bery bery long week….*sighz deeply again*… Sowwy me gonna go nappy now; diz haz bin a bery ruff week here…Nylablue out (in me dreemz at diz point…)

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  • Wees beennn purrayin’ fur yous Nylablue and wees will say extwa purrayers fur yous. So sowwy yous havin’ tu go fwu dis again.. yucky sowwy bout yous constwuction woes.

    Luv ya’


  • Oh Noes Nylablue… We know it was coming but to see it is so sad. That is the bad thing about some places that they are so not worried about the things that really matter. Me Dad and all of us are going to purr and pray really really hard for you and Mom! We wish we could come by and hug you all and make things better. Love you so
    Timmy Dad and Family

    • EEooww Misaki phankz fer stoppin by!! Me patio iz a mess n me iz bery sad bout it. Da werkmen did nott prepare it fer pourin tomorrow so who nose when we will get conkreet… 😦
      As fer me health me had to haz subQ fluidz n Cerenia injeckshun n VALIUM…now me iz in me happy place n eatin again….fer now! Dr Dave sayz he will come out to treet me on da weekend if me needz him 🙂
      MMMM Mallie {{{HUGZ}}}n smoochiez are da best!
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • Yow Basil me iz now havin sum bowel trubble along wif me Pancreas…tomorrow me iz gonna get da “Full Montee” of Vet care me finkz!
      Mum iz calmer now n she iz werkin on new drapez fer da bedroom n patio doorz in livin room n me Aunti Mary iz gonna help wif da sewin. Mum sayz she iz lookin fer solushunz to get outta da prublem! Clever Mum 😉
      Much Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Hello My Sweet Nylablue!!!! Mom just got back in town and I insisted we check on you before we go to bed. So sorry all this horrible stuff is going on around your apartment and upsetting your system so 😦 We are sending tons of luvs and purrs and hopes that it will all be over soon so you can get out in your kitty condo soon, even if it won’t be the same. We wish you could move someplace better, but understand how impossible that is for most of us in this horrible economy.
    Luvs You My Sweet!

    • EEooowwww me sweetykittehboy Marty!!! Phanzk fer stoppin by n leevin a message fer me. Haz bin a nitemare here. Quiet weekend tho’.
      Today Mum haz priced black out matereeall fer da bedroom drape n she getz it tomorrow n den Aunti Mary will sew it on her masheen Wednesday so we will have it niew n dark fer in da bedroom n reeduce da warmth too. Also Aunti Mary iz runnin up new drapez fer living room fer us! Den Mum can take down da blue drapez what neber bin washed n get dem dun. If dey not shred into peecez MOL we put dem back up on da weekend as framin drapez. We gott a plan!!!!!!!
      Mum called City Hall butt dey cannot touch Housin butt we haz another plan 😉
      Me waz not well befur diz all started. Mum haz closed da drapez n iz not goin to da door or patio door. We iz gonna stay quiet n onlee go out after 5 p.m. til diz iz all dun.
      Me bowelz are grumbley too 😦
      Vet bizit tomorrow. Pawz Crossed Dr Dave can help me!
      Much lub frum yer ❤ Nylablue ❤

      • My Sweet Nylablue we are sending you all the luvs and healing purrs we can from here! Mom is sending a big {{hug}} to your Mom too. Hoping Dr. Dave can pull off another of his miracles with you and your Mom!!!
        Luvs and Whisker Kisses

        • EEoww Marty me hopez Dr Dave can figure out how to control diz stoopid freekin Bowel Disease n da Pancreatitis. Me wantz to stay here fer a long whil. Me wantz to see diz new patio!
          Phankz fer da **purrz** dey help ALOT!!
          **paw kissez**
          Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤

  • Dearest Nyla,
    Yes losing the tree is Bad. But yous knows, sometimes change is great! Like wes be really happy if they came and give us a new concrete patio. It would gets rid of the ants that infests our condo!
    Kisses and thinks good thoughts, yous will feels better

    • Okayz Nellie me gonna send da destruckshun guyz to yer palce n ya can haz da conkreet patio n we can haz our nice slabz back! Now how do we get a 30 feet high n healthy tree back??
      Change iz guud onlee if it idun rite; deze changez are dun slappydash n nott alot of plannin! if dey do not do da underpinnin rite den conkreet will crack by Spring frum our nastee Winter weather 😉
      Me iz eatin a bit more today gurlfurend; phankz fer askin!
      Much lub Nylablue =^,,^=

  • Miss Nylablue, me and mum just hate what you and your mom are going through right now. We wish all the nastiness and horrible pancre …thingy would just go away!! Sending you my most deepest and manliest of mancatly purrs to you and Mom xoxox

    • Eeoww Austin yer such a sweetie n so manlee n thottfull 🙂
      Me finkz da Pancreatitis fingy iz easin off butt me bowelz are a bit cranky tonite. Mum cott me chewin on da broom bristlez n boy did me get a leckture!! A L-O-N-G leckture ’bout makin meself sick….she gave me *stink eye* too…me finkz me iz in da poochiehouse now. *sighz*
      Sendin ya sweet n dellykat purrz n sum *nose kissez**
      Yerz Nylablue ❤ ❤

  • Oh Nylablue! Please take a hug and send an extra big one to Sherri-Ellen Mum! This is just awful, your being poorly again and this whole tragedy. I hope that you can pull through and be strong for your mum, she seems so upset and who can blame her!? How dare they shout at her, when it’s your HOME!! Nothing about this situation can be very good for either of your health! I wish there was something we could do 😦 Please both look after each other!
    Hugs, Carrie and Pups x ❤ x

  • Hi Sherri-Ellen, Hi Nylablue- This whole atrocity is so upsetting to the system, it is no wonder you are both feeling so unwell. To take away that little sanctuary, and the way it was done, is shameful! I can only hold you both in my thoughts and prayers for a better tomorrow.

    Many ((hugs))

    • Yow Miss Fern yer guud werdz lifted me n Mum’z spiritz ALOT! CAn ya eemagine 27 other people in da same boat? So many tore dere entire gardenz out. Diz place waz so purrty. Now it will be just grass n conkreet *shudderz*…takin down dat Pine tree waz da last straw fer eberyone…
      If Hosuin ask anyone to do anyfing now dey will find out no one cares to help dem anymore. housin trashed da groundz n our patioz n all da peepz feelinz….
      Pawz crossed we can sumhow reemake our patio da haven it waz altho wifout da tree to give us purrivacy it will bee hard.
      Phankz fer da purrayerz! It all helpz.
      Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Sherriellen Mum

  • Oh, Nylablue, we will send Healing Pawkisses on your way and also to your poor furriends of the tree. Granny was almost crying when she saw your little furriend the chipmunk…not to talk about the birdies. Maybe the tree will get its revenge and comes back…you never know 😉 For now, Sweet Nylablue, we wish you all the best and even more. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Pawkisses and hugs to your mom 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Yow Binky n Granny if onlee da Pine tree cuud just come back. Dere iz onlee da stump n it iz apposta bee taken out. We iz hopin we get a Maple saplin dat Mum can take care of. Dat wuud make fingz (sumwhat) bettur.
      Onlee Chester iz here; we nott seen Cheekz or Bobbie Chippiez at all. Dey must have fled to da Hi-rise backyard; dey will bee safe dere.
      Dere were 4 Pidjunz n 2 Dovez here today n Chico da Chickadee. Mum iz puttin seedz on da ground 2-3 timez a day. She doez it around 5:30 A.M. so dey can haz brekkie befur da werk guyz show up.
      Me iz eatin a bit more butt me bowelz are a bit senseetive so Mum iz a bit wurried….oh wait…still wurried….poor ner-o-tick concerned Mum! 😉
      Lub to both of ya frum me Nylablue =^,,^=

  • I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well Nylablue. I bet all that noise started your flare up. I know it does Garfield. Sounds awful what they are doing. I hope it turns out nice in the end. Hugs for you and your mom. Love to you both.
    Charlie,Cashew,Garfield,Tubby,Hope(the tiny terror…lol)

    • Yow Miss Sue me waz a bit punkie on Tuesday when me waz at da Vet’z n both Mum n Dr Dave wundered if me waz gettin sick again. Den da noise started Wednesday mornin wif lady yellin at Mum n masheenz rippin patio slabz up n more n more noise n yellin n da tree beein cut down! Me nervez were shot n so were Mum’z!!!!!
      We nott shure how diz new patio will look n wif a barn door fence…we iz just gonna keep our pawz crossed…
      Me iz eatin a bit bettur today n Mums ayz if me keepz eatin me not go to Vet til Tuesday….
      Pass da kibble purrleeze! MOL…
      Lub to Charlie, Cashew, Tubby n sweet Garfield n Hope da tinee terror xxxxxx
      ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum too

  • Nylablue, we hate when the humans take down a perfectly good tree. Our next door neighbor did that last year to a beautiful blue spruce. But he did plant a new one in the same spot, but it’s so much smaller. It’ll take longer than our lifetimes for it to get as big as the one that was there.

    We’re sorry you’re feeling poorly too. We’re purring for you and hope you feel better soon.

  • hello nylablue its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry that yoo ar feeling poorly and they tore up yore patty-o and pine tree on top of evrything!!! i hope yoo feel better and git a noo patty-o for yore kitty condo soon!!! ok bye

    • Phankz fer da guud werdz Dennis! Ya cheered me up just by comin by. Phank ya!
      Iz gonna be a week or 2 befur dey finish da new patio n we take what we can get; no what me meenz?? Me iz missin beein out in me Condo ALOT!
      We iz both heartsick over da tree….just see an emptee space n it matchez da emptee in our heartz!!! Maybee we get a maple sum day if dey okayz it….we nott hold our breathz…
      Me iz feelin a bit bettur n eatin a bit more…
      We will drop by soon n bizit ya!
      Much lub Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤

  • Gosh Nylablue…….seems silly that they took down that healthy pine tree……a new patio would be alright if they just hadn’t ruined your garden and scared off all your friends! I think once things settle down your pigeon buddies and chippies will be back! As for your health – PURRRLEASE get to feeling better OK?

    Hugs, Sammy

    • EEoww Sammy n Miss Pam cuttin down a tree just ’cause ya want to grow grass what haz NEBER grown in da front yard IZ reedickuluss!!! We iz purrin n purrayin once da stump iz taken out *sighz* dat a new maple saplin bee put in! Mum will water it n put down tobacco n purray fer da tree; she did it fer Lil Red n he iz doin grrreat across da driveway frum us. WE iz nott use to an urban jungle me can tel ya! 😉
      Da new patio will be differint butt as long as we get sumfing we nott complainin *much*….
      We shure hope yer rite dat birdz n chippiez come back. Mum sayz she will just put bird seed on da ground; we gave feederz n shepherd’z hook away. Dat way we nott ordered to do it 😉
      Me IZ eatin a bit more today Sammy n tryin to get bettur fer eberyone!
      Much lub yer furend Nylablue ❤ ❤

  • I am sorry to hear about your pancreas flare up. Get well for your human.
    Disgraceful what they have done to your window on the world’ hope you don’t get blown up and a brand new world will appear..
    Keep your chin up smile and don’t let them get you down.
    You are both troopers love & hugs

    • EEoww Aunti Amanda me iz eatin more today n nott so restless. Me told Mum me will settle down. She told me if da werkerz are makin too much noise she iz gonna keep da drapez closed while dey iz here durin da day!
      MOL ’bout a new werld appeerin if we getz blowed up…ya said it Aunti!!!!
      We iz troopin along…hup two three fore….. 😉
      Much lub n **paw kissez** frum Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0

  • First of all, we are really sorry to hear about the pancreatitis flaring up, Nylablue. There’s a lot of stressful stuff going on at your end, and we are crossing all our paws and hooves that things settled down for you.

    And we agree that cutting down healthy trees is a crime.

    The Chans

    • Yow #1 n Chan kittehz n Tommy n “V” Horsez yer ritte cuttin down a healthee tree IZ a crime n we iz still shocked by what haz bin dun!
      Mum n me keep starin at da emptee space n it hertz 😦
      Mum iz a stress-mess n me waz too.
      Today me waz out in Condo fer a while butt came in. Mum n me had a meow bout fingz n me feelz a bit bettur. Me iz eatin a bit more too.
      Will bee 2 more weekz befur diz patio stuff iz dun butt we iz gonna take it a day at a time. Me nose me can’t go out Wednesday or Fursday n eben Furiday once da conkreet iz poured…
      Will bee hard.
      Snedin lub n **nose kissez** Nylablue xxxxxxxxx

  • Oh no! Poor sweetie! We’re so sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well and that they destroyed your little paradise! That’s awful! All the best to you! Sending love and healing power! ❤ Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

    • Yow Roxy n Tigerlino can we come live wif ya?? MOL!!
      Sumhow me n Mum will get thru diz mess; sumhow….
      Me iz eatin a bit bettur today. Fingz bin quiet over da weekend so maybee dat will help me get bettur too. Mum sayz if dere iz too much coe-moshun diz week da drapez will bee closed durin da day so me nott seez what iz happenin..
      Sendin ya ❤ LUB ❤ n many phankz fer beein such guud furendz!
      ❤ Nylableu n ❤ Sherriellen Mum x0x0x0

      • You can come over to our place any time you want to, sweetie! 😀 We’re so sorry for everything you’re going through right now! What a nuissance! Poor little darling!!

        Much love and (((BIG HUGS))) ❤ Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

        PEEE SSSSS: Thanks for being our friend too! We ❤ you! 🙂

        • Yow Roxy n Tigerlino! Phankz fer da offer…if it getz any werser here we will fly over fer shure! Today iz hot outside so Mum haz da drapez closed n da windowz closed n da fanz on so it iz kewl inside! Plus she sayz we nott gonna look at da outside while da werkemn are here each day!
          Mum went out to da Pharmacee fer a bit butt otherwise we haz bin together all day!
          Mum will buy ‘black-out’ fabrick tomorrow n Aunti Mary will bring her sewin masheen n sew it to da back of da drape fer bedroom so we will haz it cozy n dark fer sleepin so no Mistur Sun ‘glowin’ at 5 A.M. thru our window!
          Plus aunti Mary iz sewin drapez fer da patio doorz so we can take down old drapez dat are dirtee n haz new drapes….once Mum washez da blue drapez we seez if dey fall apart, MOL!
          If nott, den we can dubble up da drapez if we want to give us more purrivacee. We iz now lookin at what we can doez to make our place as comfy as it waz befure da mitey Pine came down 😉
          Me iz nott feelin grrreat still…bowelz are cranky now too!
          Vet’z tomorrow…. 😉
          Lub to both of ya frum me Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤

            • Yow Roxy n Tigerlino Aunti Mary allwayz helpz when fingz go cwazy! WE cannot have da Sun shinin full tilt boogie in da bedroom at 5 A.M.!!! Dat iz reedicukuluss n makez Mum cranky 😦
              Haz bin quiet today. Me watched da guy in da Bobkat fer awhile n den went back to sleep….
              All da guy did waz move dirt around! Mum cuud have dun dat, MOL…
              Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • You have every right to moan at the top of your voices, both of you. Bad enough not to be well Nylablue but the destruction of your outdoors is appalling and heartbreaking. Trees are the lifeblood of our world providing homes for birds and animals and the oxygen we breathe. Could go on about their benefits and beauty… Sending big hugs of commiseration and healing xxx

    • YoW Miss Annie ya iz preechin to da choir here! We iz Nature lubberz too! Mum iz still furry upset. She haz herd dat she can reeport dem to City Hall… 😉
      Of coarse it won’t bring dat beeuteefull tree back butt we needz to let sumone nose da wrong dun here.
      WE moanz cause we on a furry busy road wif 18 wheeler grain haulerz n dumpie truck n carz so we needz oxeegen fer shure…
      Phankz fer da (((HUGZ))) n heelin; we shure needed dem!
      Much lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0

  • I feel sorry for your pine tree. Now all the berdz and the chipmunks lost their home… and your pigeons too.. and they destroyed your little pawradize… how mean. I cross my paws that Dr. Dave can beat that Pancreatitis down and that he will find a way to help you to feel better.

    • Yow Easy n Easy’z Mum we feelz sowwy fer da tree too. Mum stood brave while watchin it come down n took da pix butt when she came inside she waz in teerz n so mad n sad…
      When we go out we look at da emptee space n we feel emptee inside too.
      Pawradize needz to bee reestored!
      Me did not go to see Dr Dave last nite n me iz eatin a bit more me finkz me will onlee have to go on Tuesday; pawz crossed….
      Much lub to all of ya dere, Nylablue ❤

  • I am here but I cannot even put a ‘like’ to this because it is too sad about you losing your old little outdoor space. I am sure that both your crisis and mom’s will pass in time. Your outside space will become nice again. It will take work and courage – but you have both. Hugs and kisses. v. p. and m.

    • Yow Miss Vera you are da sweetest lady! Iz hard to LIKE any of what haz happened here me agreez. Our space will be changed; we will pickture it lookin guud. Once ME getz to bee out on da new patio in Condo it will bee bettur!!
      Me iz eatin a bit more today; pawz crossed me can get thru diz!
      Much lub to Paladin n Moon n of coarse ya Miss Vera
      ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Sherriellen Mum too x0x0x0x0

  • Oh no! Poor sweet Nyla, and mom! I teared up reading this post towards the end 😦 I am so sorry your not feeling well, I know you’ll pull through and stay with all of is for much longer! I feel bad for those birds and chipmunks too. What a lovely idea to keep a bowl of the pine branches, I bet it smells wonderful.
    Feel better Nyla, and keep your head up mom, it will get better.
    Sending tons of love your way.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    • EEoww Miss jenna n sweet Huskiez iz lubly to see ya here!! Izn’t it pawfull what Housin haz dun all in da name of purrogress!! Nuffin purrgressive bout rippin out tenantz gardenz n screemin at dem n cuttin down a beeuteefull tree!
      Mum letz me smell da branchez anytime me wantz to…it iz so weerd wifout dat majestick tree outside. Me n Mum keep blinkin in dizbeeleef….how cuud diz have happened? We hopez once diz mess iz all dun da birdz n chippiez come back….
      me feelz a bit bettur Miss Jenna n eatin a bit more now…slowlee….
      Sendin ya a ton of ❤ LUB ❤ frum da Gonna Bee Purrfect Pad Once Again 😉
      Nylableu n Sherriellen Mum x0x0x0x0

    • Speedy n Miss Rachel yer werdz are inspirin fer me n Mum!!! We iz hangin in here. Mind ya no werkerz on da weekend 😉
      Me is feelin a bit bettur n eatin a bit more….
      Gotta stay here ’cause Mum wuud bee lost wifout me.
      Lub to all of ya dere, Nylablue ❤ ❤

  • Oh my! These happenings are terrible. A healthy pine tree is chopped down – not good, especially when it gave you some shade and that wonderful pine smell. Sorry you are not feeling well, Ny, and I sure hope you will feel better real soon. I’ll keep positive thoughts, so everything will work out in the end of all that construction. 🙂

    • EEoww Sunshinebright phankz fer stoppin by wif kind werdz….we are bery sad bout da Pine tree; it waz a home fer so many Sparrowz n gave guud shade n oxeegen n purrivacy frum nosey nayburrz upstairz.
      Yow me ate sum suppa tonite; nott alot butt enuff to keep Mum frum tellin me dat we zi goin to da Dr Dave’z!!!
      Let’z fink pawsitive…pleeze let da new paio bee nice n werth da aggro!!
      Yerz Nylablue n Mum too

  • What an awful week, Nylablue! 😦 I am so sad they took down your tree and destroyed your beautiful little spot. I hope they have something nice planned, or it will be even sadder. I’m sending you lots of purrs and hope you get over your pancreatitis soon!

    • EEoww Sparkle iz grreat to see ya here! Pleeze xcuse me fer nott gettin to bizit ya sooner. Wif all da termoil we nott bin on da puter much 😦
      Phankz fer yer guud werdz; it iz nice to nose dat other kittehz n Hu”manz DO care bout da treez n wildlife like we do….
      A conkreet pad soundz pawfull n if nott dun rite it will crack in da Winter frum da frozen ground! Da slabz we had neber cracked or moved AT ALL!! Den dey are puttin up a SIX foot fence tween Aunti Reeni n us butt no fence frum da other nayburr so dere will bee no purrivacy fer Miss Nancy or fer us n wif da tree gone da peepz facin us on seckond floor can look at us all dey want *shudderz*
      We are nott alloud to haz anyfing other den patio furniture on patio; no decorashuns or plantz eben on
      da window sill!!! Our little garden is now loppysided wif onlee one Hosta plant n so small we can’t put in anymore. *sighz deeply again*
      It iz all too much to bear!
      me hopez me startz feelin bettur soon; dere iz talk of a Vet bizit tomorrow!!!!! Oh NOSE!!!
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • This is all so pawful. We know that even though you knew these changes were coming, it doesn’t help or make it any easier. And our lovely, sweet sisfur, it hurts us so much to know you are sick again. The stress of what’s happening, we know makes efurrything much worse. We wish we could teleport you and Mum Sherri-Ellen here. You could stay in our guest room and have Catio time during the day; though, our weather hasn’t been too great. We love you both so much and are sending all our purrs and prayers. We will also pray that your critter furiends return when all the work is competed. XO from your sisfurs and brofur, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • EEoww Aunti Janet n Sisfurz n Brofur iz so lubly to reed guud werdz frum ya all….we need dem! Yah we new dere wuud bee changez butt we were not given da date at all. Da bery day da men arrived da noticez were shoved in our facez n da yellin started.
      Sum of our furendz who bin here 15-20 yeerz made beeuteefull gardenz n now dey iz all dug up!! Miss marilyn who zi a sweet lady told Da Custodian dey can put grass in or conkreet ’cause she will neber plant a flower again!! Iz true me waz feelin a bit ruff Tuesday butt all diz made fingz werse. Mum iz bery upset wif dat too!
      If we cuud come over we wuud me can tell ya; we wantz to run away like da birdz n chpmunkz did!
      Pleeze purray dat all will bee bettur soon….
      Much Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum too x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

  • Oh my Nylabluewoowoooooooooooooooooooo! That is all so pawful! The poor birdies, and chipmonkeys and the beauwoowooootiful pine tree! But don’t worries my Nylabluewoowoooo and Miss Sherri-Ellen toowowoooooo, me and Mama and Nalle and Zoe send lots and lots of California Sunshine and giant Redwood tree spirits to help you out!
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo and feel better my wuvwuvwuvwuv!

    • A Roooo Woooo Ooooooo me purpleyblue Ku!!! Me iz so happy to hear frum ya n Miss Julianne! Haz bin a pawdull week n next week will bee hard to cause we nott alloud on da patio….
      Da birdiez flew away n chipmonkeyz ran to da other buildin backyard we fink…little Chester iz a brave chippy…butt oh so lonely!
      Our beeuteefull Pine tree iz gone! We iz still in shock…Mum got fisically sick over diz. Phankz fer sendin da Sunshine n spirit of da redwoodz…we needz ALL da help we can get. 😉
      Lub lub lub ya ❤ Nylablue ❤
      Pee ess: Pleeze give Nalle n Zoe n Mum kissez frum me okayz?? ❤ ❤

  • Oh my! You are in a predicament Ny. My prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery with your health. My sis has many health problems so I know its no fun. Sis gets right cranky at times so I know it is not easy for you.

    Why do hoomins have to change things?….they should just leave them alone. I hate change and fight tooth and claw when change happens. I don’t know if this idea would work for your mom but how about getting a very small pine tree for your living room? It doesn’t help the squirrels or birds but it would be lovely and instant Christmas Tree. Take care of yourself Nylablue.


    • Yow Shoko yer tiny Pine idea iz grrreat howeber we nott have enuff room n me wuud dig in da dirt which wuud nott impurress Mum much, MOL!!! Hey wait maybee we cuud get one fer da new patio…now dere iz an idea…
      Housin peepz are nott bery human or humane! Dey have gone so far off da path of helpin disalbed n old peepz…iz bery sad!
      Me n Mum fott tooth n claw butt dere waz nuffin we cuud do…nuffin da 27 other tenantz cuud do… 😦
      Many phankz fer da guud werdz n me iz sowwy yer Sisfur haz health isshuez like me!! Me iz sorta cranky ’cause of feelin ruff n ’cause of da patio deestruskshun….
      We just want it all to bee dun so we can try to get back to normal…whateberdat iz….
      Phankz fer stoppin by n come back soon!
      ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • I cannot begin to tell you Nylablue how angry I am for you and mum and the other tenants and the wildlife that shared this place you call home…sadly their is no sense of the what makes a house a home with government denude an area and take it’s softness away is moronic…to create an area that lacks the homely touch actually encourages problems within creates a sense of imprisonment rather than home and security…mums upset will rub off on you who then has health hiccups..which then upsets mum and so it goes…environmental vandalism to remove a healthy and safe tree…and to be treated like a second class citizen is disgraceful….I have no solutions for you my sweets..i can only say that your inner oasis needs to be ramped up..maybe some lovely soft music sounds of the bush or the sea…some lovely scents inside and turn your views inwards until this destruction finishes ..when it is finished maybe you can all get together in a positive way (hard as that may sound) and all try and work on making your area a site that has people admiring how housing can be made beautiful…sending all our love and hugs and know we feel for you both. Love (((((hugs))))) Aunti Bev xxxx ❤ ❤

    • Yow Aunti Bev yer werdz ring true…ebery one of dem. It iz rite dey denuded our home n took da softness n humanitee away n Mum did tell me she feelz like purrsiner now. She told da other tenantz diz iz a P.O.W. Camp n we lost “da war!” Sad butt true.
      We are gonna heed yer guud werdz n werk on our apartmint like ya say!! Yer a wise woman Aunti!! Phankz fer beein here fer us!
      Much lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum too x0x0x0

      • So welcome my darling and I wish I really wish could give you a hug in person 😦 not wise just lived in the same circumstances…and I can tell you..back then when they dehumanised everyone the crime rate went up…and the people outside the community felt it was a free for all zone…this in turn cost the government in fixing the damage etc….the housing people might want to look at this…it did NOT work in Australia… Love Aunti Bev xxxxx ❤ ❤

        • Yow Aunti Bev me passin ya over to Mum:
          Hi Bev I wish you were here to ((HUG)) me too!! There has been alot of support between many of the 28 of us which is the only psotive thing that has come from this travesty. God help us if vandalism & crime start to happen here…I will have to move then. I am really quite scared.
          The Housing people here do not care one iota for us. It is all about making things easier for them to manage. We are just numbers 😦
          Much love Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0

          • Well it will not make it any easier for anyone..just plain stupid..i think relying on each other and sticking together is the only way to go..i do so hope some common sense prevails my sweets…something good may come of this I hope..maybe a better relationship with each other may forge new frienships from a common problem:( love to you both my sweets Bev xxxx ❤ ❤

            • Hi Bev I hope so too Bev!! Yes we have become ‘comrades in arms’ so to speak…we have to hold on to each other as we are being beaten down emotionally. Maybe next year if we all are still here we can replant our gardens…fingers crossed!!
              All I can say is if Nylablue does not make it thru this episode of illness I will always blame Housing for her demise & I will NEVER sit out on the patio again! She really has backslid because she can not be out in her Condo! I am totally done in…defeated & beaten & that is what Housing wants…
              Sorry I am such a ‘buzzkill’. At least Greyboy & Hercule Purr-o have made it nightly to be fed. I have a plan in place for the nite the concrete is drying 😉
              Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue x0x0x0

              • Bwhahaahah footprints my darling hahahha 🙂 please hold strong..and do so for Nylablue..she will be picking up on your stress…don’t allow the powers that be to rule your inner world …hugs and loves my darling to you both Bev xxx ❤ < 3

                • Tried all the prayers Bev; not much is working. I have lost all good feelings. I live in a place that is slowly becoming a jail & it hurts more than I can express. My family do not want me. It is frighteneing to wonder where I will end up….
                  I am trying for Nylablue…she means the world to me.
                  Love Sherri-Ellen x0

                  • I am still sending my hopes that things will balance out Sherri-Ellen..even when it seems hopeless sometimes are one tough cookie and that girl of yours is too…Love Bev xxx

                    • Thank you Bev. I worry that even TOUGH cookies can crumble. Nylablue is so restless & I an antsy because she is restless. She keeps going out in Condo but wanting to come back in; poor kittygirl is conflicted.
                      We are having a quiet day watching car racing & “Sherlock” with Benedict Cumberbatch 😉
                      Much love & thank you for the support!
                      Love you madly Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue x0x0

                    • They can crumble..and it is even harder when it seems the things keep piling on..been in that place many times and it can be hard to not crumble..but for some reason as you get to the lowest there is that little part of you that gets angry and up you come…full of fire and ready to go..again…enjoy your day sweets and I hope it has been less chaotic Luvs ya to the moon Bev xxx

                    • EEoooww Aunti Bev: Mum called da fabrick store n priced ‘blackout’ matereeall n she iz gonna pick it up tomorrow (Tuesday). Aunti Mary iz bringin her sewin masheen on Wednesday n gonna sew dat onto our burrgundy drape in da bedroom so we will get shade n purrivacy frum dat!
                      As me typez Aunti Mary iz gonna run up sum currtainz fer da livin room n da plan iz to take da dirtee blue drapez down n put new drapez up. Mum will wshs da blue drapez end of da week n if da drapez do nott fall apart; we can get Mistur Chris to put dem up as framin drapez…
                      Mum sayz we gonna bee in da solushun; nott da prublem.
                      She talked to a man at City Hall n he told her Housin iz NOTT under dere jurisidcikshun butt she can call a lady on City Council n get her to lobby fer new tree to bee put in 😉
                      Furinally Mum haz keeped da patio drapez closed n she haz put da blind n drape down quite low on da bedroom window; just open enuff fer me to get sum Sun lyin in me pedestall bed.
                      She haz door n window closed n runnin da ceelin fan n exhaust fan in bathroom to keep da place kewl n keep peepz frum lookin n n buggin us…
                      So we gott alot dun don’a ya fink Aunti???
                      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤
                      Pee ess: Mum nott goin down wifout a fight!!!!!!!!

  • hey sweet kitty we are sending good vibes your way and hope you health improves and stays improved.
    So scary about the tree falling and how sad that management is not being nicer and making things better.
    Kitty hugs from Ali and hugs from me for your Mommy and you.

    • Yow Sunset Dragon iz lubly to see ya here. Mum n Dr Dave were finkin of takin me to clincik tonite butt Mum said she wuud wait to see if me iz bettur tomorrow. Me hopez me can get thru diz pawfull eppysode!!
      Da tree did not fall; it waz cut down peece by peece. It iz pawfull dat a purrfectley healthy tree shuud be cut down wif nott so much as a thott fer it!!!!
      Hosuin peepz just want do use up xtra moeny dey haz butt dere are 4 leekz in da roof dey haz nott bothered to fix…Iz causemetick Mum sayz so outside peepz we live in grreat buildin butt it iz nott so grrreat at all 😦
      **nose kissez** to Ali n ((hugz)) frum me Mum to ya!
      Nylablue =^,,^=

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