Late nite Caturday Condo Katchat

Published July 12, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz iz Nylablue here wif me weeklee kat chat. We iz late due to lappytop prublemz which fer da momint are fixed..who nose fer how long….pawz crossed furever! So let’z start wif me Vet bizit last Tuesday: it went purrfectlee. Weight 4.6 kgz which meenz GUUD n onlee had B12 injeckshun n oral Mirtazipine. Da reeduced dose doez nott cause die-arrhea n me eatz well fer at leest 6 dayz. Altho me slowz down by Monday me still iz okayz til Tuesday n den we startz again. Furinallee Mum n Dr Dave gott dere act togther, MOL.  Me haz spent ebery day out in me Condo doin diz:Nyla B snoozin 2Iz such a hard life eh?? While me haz bin nappin we haz had sum grrreat bird TV wif da Pidjunz:Hoppy HarryDiz is Hoppin Harry n here iz hiz Sisfur Rosebud what he finkz iz hiz gurlfurend:RosebudDey iz da bird kittz of Adelphius (who iz NOTT a gurl, Mum) n Stacia what haz vanished n nott come back diz yeer. As fer Baxter da blackbird who finkz he iz a Pidjun he iz doin well:Baxter lookin fineHe iz gettin so used to us he comez to Mum when she callz him!!! Now she iz a ‘bird whispurrer’!!! MOL…me Mum wuud talk to rockz n treez..oh wait; she doez…but me digressez. We gott a grrreat piccie of Baxter wif da Pidjunz da other day:Baxter n PidjunzStill no werd when da patio destruckshun construckshun will  beegin; iz a B-I-G seecret it seemz…so we still haz no idea when it will start or how long it will bee n we iz wurried ’bout feedin Hercule Purr-o n Greyboy at nite….We will have to figure dat out when da time comez….

Guess what?? Me Mum FURINALLEE  got part of Sammy’z Tuesday Teezer rite diz week! She new da place waz in Scotland n we getz to display diz badge wif pride:rightguesserteaser frum Sammy 2014Hurrah fer Mum n ’bout time er me iz so proud of ya Mum!!!! MOL…

Haz bin a quiet week here which iz lubly. Me bin hangin out wif Mingflower who iz in Summerland but we haz her ashez. Me lubz to share her peellow (which iz now mine):Me n MingflowerPillow for two 2Sum peepz may find diz a bit weerd but Mingflower iz me Spirit guide n she brott me too Mum…so we all iz linkyed together. Dat haz bin da week here at da Purrfect Pad; nuffin eggcitin, just peecefull n sunny n purrfect so diz iz me Nylablue signin off til next Caturday:PPPPFFFTTTNanner nanner nanner….Nylablue out!!!


75 comments on “Late nite Caturday Condo Katchat

    • ~~~~head rubz~~~~ me BFF Savannah ya allwayz make me happy just by stoppin by!!! Iz lubly to see ya here. We haz had a ruff week so nott bin able to bizit bloggiez…we will make a fresh start tomorrow….me hopez….
      Lub ❤ Nylalbue n ❤ Mum too x0x0x0x0

  • Hi, just checking in on you. You get soooo many comments, mine will get lost in the lot of them I’m sure. You had commented on my “About Me” and and I was in their today and re-read it and just thought I’d say hi. 🙂

    • Yow Miss Katie n Coccolina: So far waz a grreat weekend n yesturday waz lubly. Today iz rainin n funder n a Vet bizit in 2 hourz… iz me usual reecheck n treetmint…hopefully da Sun will come back tomorrow 😉
      Wishin all of ya a guud week dere.
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Oh, Nylablue, I had to come over to see all your beautiful birdies. That’s wildlife indeed. Congratulations on the winning teaser and you did tear us up with the photos of Mingflowers ashes. That’s so sweet. You’re looking great, sweetness. We’re always singing with the birdies too, they love it. Now lets sing all together…come on you can do it…effurrybody’s got to live together…love is all…at Nylablue’s ball…Have a joyful Tuesday my furriends 🙂 ❤

    • “Lub iz all ya need! Lub iz all ya need….”
      Fer shure Binky we iz all furendz n no crunchin birdiez here…we eben are nice to da chipmunkz which iz why dey sit in Condo wif me…
      Phankz fer da conkatz too! Me lubz to snuggle wif Mingflower’z box. She iz Mum’z soul kitteh n a part of me too…
      Happy Tuesday to ya both!
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Looks like some good times at the Purrfect Pad Nylablue! Very nice. We are doing purrty well here too. Dad says he is typin to Mom today if it kills him.
    Stop by and visit for my Birthday tomorrow!
    The brofurs are having a surprise pawty but I have been around the block a few years myelf

    • Bery guud timez here at da Purrfect Pad Timmy!!! No drama or sickness…iz nice….me iz out in Condo today just snoozin n dreemin….
      Mum iz gonna go check her email soon…hope Mistur Pete doez not die frum typin to her! 😉
      Iz yer Birfday Timmy??? Mousiez we must run over to yer place n leeve a commint…here we come…
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0x0

  • We are so happy to meet you and we’ll be purring you are feeling better & better! Thanks for commenting at our comment-a-thon. It’s kitties like you that make it a success!

    • Yow Oui Oui n Mica iz a pleashure to meet ya both n help out wif da commint-a-thon too! We hopez ya did well!!!
      Me waz a breedin gkitteh fer me ferst 5 yeerz of Life n resckued by Miss Sherriellen aka Mum 😉 So me likez to help out where me can.
      As fer me health me haz chronick IBD (Bowel Disease) n seckondary Pancreatitis…so me will neber bee purrfect butt me iz stable n doin well n me haz avoided going to Summerland 3 timez since last July….
      Yerz Nylablue

    • Yow Miss Annie do nott disspair ’bout gettin da wrong conutree on da Teezer cause Mum gott dem wrong fer a hole YEER!!! Diz waz her ferst time no-inn what countree it waz, MOL!!!!
      Life wifout drama iz peecefull n we LIKEZ it ALOT!!! 😉
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too

  • We’re so happy to read that all went well at the vet’s! Now we can only hope that the laptop will hold up. You have a very nice condo there.

    This summer is really going our way — cool weather! 😀

    Love and purr,
    Rebby & McDuff

    • Yow Aunti Rebby n sweet McDuff me haz Vet appointmint tomorrow. Mum sayz me needz Pepcid shot n Mirtazipine; hopefully nuffin else 😉
      So far da lappytop iz werkin guud (Mum holdz her breathw ehn she startz it up!)
      Me DOEZ have a nice Condo…me haz memoree foam matt fer da Summer n da white Sherpa fer da Spring n Autumm….plus me plushie toyz too….
      Diz Summer iz purrfect izn’t it??? Pawz crossed it stickz around…
      Much lub n **nose kissez** Nylablue x0x0

        • Hi Rebby: it is 23 C here with sun & a light breeze…this IS heaven!!! Funny the temp difference between you & Fredericton!!! I bet you are glad to be where you are 😉
          Except for 1/2 hour when I went to corner shop Nylablue has been out in Condo ALL day…Wish me luck trying to get her inside, hahaha!!!
          Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hello my Sweet Nylablue! That glitch is happening again and we are not getting all of your posts in our reader GRRRRRRR! Glad you are having a good week my Sweetie! You look wonderful! The birds look happy, even poor confused Baxter 🙂 So very excited that you guessed Sammy’s Teaser right! We can’t even get the country right most of the time MOL! Hope you have a wonderful evening with your Mum!

    • Yow Marty we wundered why ya beecame followerz’ again…we iz sowwy ya still gott da pain in da A** dumm glitch! Sowwy fer swearin…diz iz so furrustratin 😦
      We hopez da glitch getz sorted out soon! We post on Caturday n Wednesdayz n sumtimez a bonus post durin da week so just pop over n check our bloggie.
      Me iz feelin purrty guud. A bit of tumy gurlge butt eatin guud n enjoyin da Condo time 🙂
      MOL poor Baxter he haz some Grackle furendz butt he still hangz out wif da Pidjunz…butt he iz happy 😉

      Oh Marty Mum allwayz getz da countree wrong on da Teezer…diz waz her ferst rite guess in over a yeer, MOL!!! At leest she keeped tryin rite???
      Me iz sittin wif Mum waitin fer da feral kittehz n watchin “Endeavour” from Great Britian….
      Wishin ya n yer Mum a lubly evenin too….
      Much lub n **nose kissez** Nylablue ❤

  • Hey Miss Nylablue, it sounds like it’s been a not half bad week as we say in good old Blighty!! Mol we are glad mom managed to sort out the computer problems. Just imagine what it would be like if we, your fans, couldn’t get our Miss Blue-of-the-Nyla fix. have a great week sweet baby xoxox

    • Yow Austin iz bin one of da BEST weekz diz yeer so far 😉 N ’bout time rite???
      Yow me waz so wurried da lappytop waz dun…me wuud feel pawfull if me cuud nott keepz in touch…
      Mum told me dere iz a guud chance it will still haz a meltdown n we wuud haz to buy a new one….butt me hopez nott fer a long time….
      Wishin ya n yer Mum a grrreat week wif warm not hot tempz!
      Lub yer ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Nyla! GurrlFurrend! Mes glad yous is doing so well! Me is too. Mes don’t knows how much weight me has put on, but me is furry happy and loves being a only cat with my human brother and Mommy and me has been eating good.

    • Yow Nellie!!! Gurlfurend iz grrreat to sees ya here!!!! ya iz doin guud too? pawsum…we are beetin da oddz aren’t we??? Me noticed ya iz lookin fine in yer pix n we iz happy ya iz enjoyin beein da onlee kitteh…ya bemind me Mum of Mingflower she told me. Mingflower did not like any other kittehz around …xcept fer Monty her boyfurend n onlee fer bizitz 😉
      We hopez yer Mum zi enjoyin her werk n enjoyin beein wif her Brofur…Mum missez her Brofurz (long story)…
      Much lub n **nose kissez** Nylablue ❤ ❤

    • 😉 Haz bin a guud weekend hopez ya gott to go walkiez…we will pop over to yer bloggie to see what ya did. Me haz bin out again today in Condo nommin tuna-tuna n watchin da Pidjunz n iz a happy kittehgurl 🙂
      Much lub, Nylablue =^,,^=

  • Nylablue we know all about the birdie shenanigans…boy oh boy hahahaah and it is so lovely to see you out in the sun pushing zzz’s 🙂 glad your vet visit went well sweets and hope mums computer stays online! hugs and loves Aunti Bev xxx ❤ < 3

    • MOL Aunti Bev me bettz ya seez Rooz’ shenaniganz alot 😉 Dem pidjunz are so notty butt funny too….
      Me iz out today enjoyin da breeze n more zzzzzzzzzzzzz’z …..
      Mum just went in helped a Grackle birdie what gott tumbled by a pick-up truck. Bird iz shaken nott stirred 😉
      Pawz crossed da lappytop stayz werkin…we iz purrayin!
      Much lub Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I’m glad the vet visit went purrrrrrfect! It think it’s not weerd to have a beloved friend on your side. It sometimes gives you comfort and the power to carry on. Even when you have only the urn with their ashes.

    • Phankz Easy! Me haz bin feelin purrty guud fer da past month!!! Me wantz it to keep on….
      Me haz snuggled wif “Mingy” since me came to Mum’z. Me haz felt power n yer rite it haz helped me to carry on n helped Mum to bee storng n care fer me too….
      me new yer Mum n ya wuud understand 😉
      Lub lub lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • The main thing is that you’re enjoying the catio and your birdie friends for NOW – hopefully the patio destructors won’t disrupt your catio time too much!!! You’re also feeling good these days which is SUPER good to know. Enjoy your EASY Saturday and congratulations on getting the Teaser right last Tuesday – another Tuesday is coming SOON!!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • Yer so rite Sammy!! Mum sayz me can go out on patio anytime (butt darktime) so me haz lotz of Condo time. She sayz if she haz to carry me out da buildin n around to our front lawn she will so me can bee outside. Butt if da destruckturz guyz make too much noise me will just go hang out in da pantree….
      Me haz bin feelin guud fer almost a month now 🙂 <———–BIG cheezy grin!!!!
      Oh another Teezer iz comin; do ya fink Mum can get 2 in a row?? MOL…..
      Lub Nylablue x0x0

    • Yow Chan kittehz we had sum rain storm last nite…Mum slept thru it all butt me gott to watch it frum me pedestal bed…pawsum! Da day started cloudy butt iz sunny n warm wif a nice breze now…me bin out since 10 a.m. Bird TV haz bin reel guud today 😉
      We did get over to yer bloggie last nite n we will pop over again tonite…
      Much lub Nylablue =^,,^=

    • Yow Miss Jenna me finkz Condo life iz pawsum. Mum sayz it iz like me iz campin…she lubz to sit out on da patio n read n haz snackz n talk on daa phone n watch da werld go by….
      Wishin ya a grrreat weekend! Kiss da Huskiez fer us!
      Much lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Ben the hood sleeping the sun Back yard bin cleared got a hot spot
    Heard talk of sum trees being pulled down Dont know what birds will do
    Sorry fer human she feeds em not those Indian crows noisy disgusting
    Been bothered with em they attack
    Big ginger mog came in yard I gave him wot fur he scoot
    Glad ya oke

    • EEowww me furend Ben (da Hood kitteh): Iz lubly to see ya here. Me iz glad ya haz a spot in Aunti Amanda’z backyard. She adorez ya Ben!
      Oh nose nott gonna lose sum treez dere? We herd a room-er dat da pine tree in me yard iz gonna bee taken down butt da tree iz nott sick 😦 We shure hope dat nott happen. Mum here feedz da birdz n we lub to see dem in da treez!!! Yow dem crowz of yerz sound furroshuss…maybee hiss n spit at dem 😉
      Yow ya haz a ginger moggie dere too?? We haz a stray moggie here n he followz da other feralz lookin fer food…he waz botherin Purr-o so Mum chased da ginger away!!!! Me Mum!!!! She sayz dat kitteh must move on to da colonee ’cause she nott hab enuff food fer 3 feralz n me…plus me hatez dislikez dat ginger fer sum reeson…makez me nervuss….
      Me iz doin well n me hopez ya iz enjoyin yer Summer time dere Ben.
      Much lub Nylablue ❤

  • Yippee for a good week Nylablue and Mum Sherri-Ellen,we feel for you with the laptop thing our internet has been out again,it was doing the dribs and drabs thing and then it was off for 24 hours,mum went mental and had ago at the phone company told them she expected compansation which they are doing after having ago at the manager….hehehe she is a fiery one at times my mum,enjoy your birds and your condo time,love ya both,xx Speedy

    • EEoww Speedy n Miss Rachel yer Interwebbernetz soundz as cwazy as our lappytop goin all weerd on us! Alot of peepz here had trubble too; must bee sumfing in da air?? MOL!
      Yer sweet Mum goin ‘mentall’ on da phone company!!! Hurrah Miss Rachel 🙂 Mum did dat last yeer n she iz gettin reesepct now….
      Out in Condo today too…lotz of brid TV n gettin zum guud ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ’z!
      Wishin all of ya a happy n healthee week to come.
      Much Lub Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤

    • Miss Vera me wil tell Mum to whistle to dem birdz..she makez kissey noisez n Baxter comez close butt da otherz lookz at her funny, hehehe….
      Mum just rresckued a Grackle dat gott tumbled by a pick-up truck n he landed on da ground…Mum finkz hiz rite wing iz damaged…he iz in da bushez now restin n we hopez he will bee able to fly by nite time….
      Wishin ya n Moon n Paladin a grrreat week!
      Lub Nylablue x0x0x0x0

  • Paws crossed for your lap top to continue working at 100%.
    So happy you got a good check up at the vet.
    Not weird at all for you to be hanging out with Mingflower at all.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week end.

    • Yow Miss Ruth it waz weerd when da lappytop stopped like dat…we thott dat iz IT n we haz to buy a new one…den Mum werked on da PC n it iz all rite fer now…so we hold our breath n hope 😉
      Me waz in n out of Vet’z in 10 minuttz; ferst time DAT happened!!!!!
      Phankz fer da kind werdz ’bout me n Mingflower…me waz wurried peeple wuud fink it odd.
      Weekend haz bin purrfect. We hopez yerz haz bin peeceffull.
      Gentle ~~~head rubz~~~ Nylablue n Mum too

    • Yow Wally n Eric n Zoey iz up close n purrsonal bird TV here 😉
      Now if onlee dey wuud come a bit closer….
      “What Mum??”
      “Oh nose me not sayin me wuud eat a birdie….” 😉
      Haz a grrreat weekend Island Kittehz..
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Hi lovely sisfur. That sounds like a purrty good week at the Purrfect Pad. Getting to spend efurryday in your condo outside is pawsome. We certainly understand the time you spend with Ming Flower. Sometimes one of us, usually Misty May, will lie on top of one of our angel sisfur’s or brofur’s graves. We and Mom hope Mum S-E’s knee is feeling better and that she is taking care of herself. have a super sunny Sunday. We love you so, so much and Mum too! XO your sisfurs and brofur, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo and your Aunti Janet

  • There’s my beautiful sweet purr thing – my love – my snugglebug. You are looking gorgeous as usual. So glad your doctors visit went well. Much ❤ XOXO – Bacon
    PS. Off to have dreams about you. I'll leave room on my pillow for you and room in my Egyptian sheet.

    • ***tippy toez into Bacon’z room in climez into da nice bed n snugglez close ubder da Ejipshun cotton sheet*…yer such a rowmantick piggie Bacon….
      ~~~head rubz~~~ Yer ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • Yow Fern me haz had a bery guud week n weekend…gonna get as much Condo time as pawssilbe befur da patio getz ripped up 😉
      Bird watchin iz one of me fave fingz…n pouncin Bobbie Brown chipmunk when he runz thru me Condo….
      Mum’z knee iz alot better den it waz. She did hab to put her brace on today but she iz nott limpin n she doezn’t need Codeine so dat iz a guud sign!
      Wishin ya a purrfect week dere.
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0

  • I hate computer problems. Hope it’s all fixed. Love all the pictures. So glad your doing good beautiful Nylablue. Hope your mom is doing better too. Enjoy your weekend. Love to you both.
    Sue B

    • Yow Miss Sue we hopez Mum fixed da lappytop too. She did alot of werk on it me can tell ya. We haz nott bin on FB at all cause we iz so far beehind reedin bloggiez n reeplyin. We iz NOTT ignorin ya!
      Me haz had another guud week n it iz bunderfull 🙂
      Mum’z knee iz ackshully gettin bettur. She haz reelly dun guud takin care of it…she haz to bee carefull cause it cuud tear again…me haz to keep an eye on her… 😉
      Lub to Charlie n Cashew; Tubby n sweet Garfield n deelitefull little Hope n ya too!
      Nylablue n Mum x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

    • EEowww me sweet n purpley boue Kuruk n Miss Julianne n nalle it haz bin one of da quiestest weekz EBER here n it waz bery nice fer a change. Dere haz bin so much drama wif me illnesses n wif Mum’z health n da Chrioquactur n all sortz so we iz happy to haz nuffin to reeport, MOL/BOL….
      Me adorez yer new bed n finkz we shuud nap lotz on it! 😉
      Lub yer sweet kittehgurl Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Yow Sparkle me iz gonna do me best!
      Sowwy we nott bin around to yer bloggie…doez PC probz were bad n we waz offline fer 3 dayz….me will pop over soon n bizit ya…
      Lub Nylablue x0x0

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