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Caturday Condoside Katchat on new patio

Published July 26, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Iz me Nylablue comin to ya frum me Condo OUT on da new patio:

Are ya lissenin?

Are ya lissenin?

Diz iz da ferst piccie of me on da patio yesturday. Aftur 9 dayz of compleet n utter innsanitee da patioz are dun!! So me n Mum went out butt let me tell ya dere are sum changez me not happy ’bout. Like what da KAT iz dat white partishun doin up ‘tween Aunti Reeni n us???Nylablue lookin tiny on new patioHow we apposta hang out n bizit?? N were da KAT iz me bushez n where da KAT iz me kitteh grass??? Okayz me iz askin alot of qustshunz butt ya wuud to if ya were in me pawz! Where da KAT iz me BIG Pine tree??? Iz gone n just a memoree n me in Mum just sit n stare at da spot where it waz. Soundz a bit pawthetick butt we LUBBED dat tree. Now hardlee any Sparrowz n Gracklez…da Chipmunkz have moved away…Diz iz nott da same place me can tell ya! Mum tried to make it cozy n brott out our patio stuff butt it lookz like a hellycoptur landin pad n our fingz look small on da patio now:BIG patio 1Me finkz me iz in da black Condo…just…

Get yer magnifyin glass out...

Get yer magnifyin glass out…

Did ya notice da new gold drapez hangin?? Aunti Mary brott dem to use n dey iz Microsuede n soft butt nott heavee n dey block out lite n peeple can not see us if dey try to look in. So we got a bit of purrivacy back butt it iz NOTT da Pine treeAunti Mary also sewed da blackout fabrick onto da bedroom drape n it iz nice n dark in dere at nite time just like da tree waz still dere. Ya also mite have noticed dat dere iz still dirt…oh yah we haz lotz of dirt ’cause da werkmen left at 4 o’clock on Furiday n dey nott come back til Monday mornin. Mum haz to bee carefull of da dirt pilez, stonez n rootz all stickin out. Eberyone put dere patio stuff out so we haz to stack it Sunday nite n hopez no one touchez anyfing. Mum sayz she will not shlep one more peece of furniture n dat iz DAT!!! Our wee garden what got wee’er iz okayz; not grrreat butt okayz:

Our 'wee' wee garden

Our ‘wee’ wee garden

 Da Hosta n Hydrangea n Rosez are still alive…just….franklee da place iz a **flounderin freekin** mess n it will take a long time to recover! Us too fer da mattur 😉

Hiya Hydrangea!

Hiya Hydrangea!

Hercule Purr-o n Greyboy took da destruckshun in stride n ate under da tree a few nitez n now dey come to new patio like nuffin changed…xcept Purr-o can not spray da bush; now dat gott him stumped (no pun inntended). As far as we nose, Suzy Q iz doin a bit bettur n gettin over her shock n on da mend. Now me nott one to admire other gurl kittehz cause me iz a bitt of a snob butt me must say Suzy Q iz a bery bery purrty gurl. Me eben told Mum we cuud ‘dopt her! Mum waz SHOCKED!  She phanked me for beein so nice butt said she had her ‘pawz full’ wif me….hhmmm….iz me DAT much of a pawfull???

Iz true me keepin Mum on her toesiez wif me care due to da Pancreatitis flarin up. Me had to go see Dr Dave Tuesday fer subQ fluidz n Cerenia n sumfing called VALIUM. Good stuff dat Valium!! Got me to reelax n sleep n cuddle wif Mum while da werk went on outside butt it DID NOTT perk up me appytite. So me went back today fer Depomedrol injeckshun cause Dr Dave iz goin on bacashun next week cause me gave him a breekdown he needz to rest n reelax. He gave me da Pepcid injeckshun fer da gurglez n den sum Mirtazipine fer da appytite. Just 1/8 of a tablet so me bowelz do nott xplode all over da place. Me haz eaten guud today n restin beeside Mum dicktatin. WE had a ‘happy nappy’ too cause Mum iz totallee xhausted frum da past 2 weekz. So dat’z what we have bin up to at Da Purrfect Pad which iz nott so purrfect butt iz ourz anyway!! Sowwy we not too perkee; we haz had a bery ruff time…so diz iz me Nylablue signin off fer now:



Nylablue blissed out……..


Ohhhh Suzy Q we lub ya…Suzy Q…

Published July 23, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz me betz yer wunderin why me here in da middle of da week n who iz diz Suzy Q? Well Mum did a rescue today. Let me introduce ya to Suzy Q:Suzy Q July 2014 002Izn’t she a beeutee? Okayz diz iz what happened. Diz mornin Aunti Reeni called Mum n said come to da patio door n see diz kitteh so Mum did n dere she waz meowin n lookin bery confused. She followed eberyone n tried to get into da buildin. She came back to Aunti’z n our place n meowed butt Mum did not nose what to do! She called da Shelter n spoke to me Unckle Todd n he sayz Mum shuud try to catch her n he cuud bring live trap. Well fingz got wild here when da conkreet men showed up at 3 pm. Suzy Q waz wanderin all over n eben more confused! All da conktreet waz poured in da front of da buildin which iz guud butt Suzy Q went to walk on to da ferst patio n one of da men grabbed her n tossed her into a dirt pile!She landed head ferst!!!! Mum freeeeked out n called Shelter n begged come now befur diz kitteh getz herted more! Den Mum flew into ackshun gettin me carrier n she hobbly- ran out to where Suzy Q waz under da deestruckshun man’z truck! He did not nose what to do n Mum told him just gentlee nudge Suzy Q towardz Mum  which he did. Den gentlee Mum picked her up by scruff of da neck n put her into carrier! Da man waz bery impurressed wif Mum so maybee he will bee nice to her durin da rest of da patio biz….Mum brott Suzy Q in rite into bedroom n den came out n closed da door. Me iz still feelin guud on da Valium so me did not eben get upset. Mum gott Suzy Q sum tuna-tuna n went back into bedroom. She fed her n called Unckle Todd n he said he come rite down! Mum reached n n stroked Suzy Q n told her she shuud eatz:

Suzy Q July 2014 001Once Suzy Q herd she cuud eat she tucked rite in:Suzy Q July 2014 003Suzy Q July 2014 004Once she waz dun Mum tooked Suzy Q out to meet Unckle Todd n he waz gonna use da carrier butt Mum sayz she needed fer me fer Monday so he gentlee gott Suzy Q out of da carrier n put her in da truck n she waz taken to da Shelter where she iz havin snackz n water n haz a warm blankie. She got her injeckshun fer wermz n other ickiez.. Mum told Unckle Todd she haz ear mitez n sumfing wrong wif rite hind leg which iz old injuree! Guess how old Suzy Q iz??  She iz ‘tween 12-14 yeerz old!! We iz horroarfied dat sumone dumped her just like dat. Mum finkz she may haz sum problem like me n da ownerz cuud nott or wuud nott get her propurr care!!! Suzy Q iz in sirius shock butt she did eat a bit more once she gott settled in her cage….at leest she will nott suffer or get killed out on da meen streetz here……Oh Suzy Q we lubz ya!!  She eben took a selfie so we wuud haz a photo to bememburr her by:Suzy Q July 2014 005We will purray fer ya Suzy Q to get thru diz ordeel n get da care ya needz n find a fureber home fer yer senior yeerz! Well dun Mum…we saved another kitteh frum a bad bad fate! Nylablue out…

Cranky Caturday Katchat wif Nylablue

Published July 20, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz iz cranky Nylablue here in me Condo INDOORZ which iz part of da reeson me so-o cranky *sighz*…So gather round da Condo n me will tell ya what iz happenin at Da Purrfect Pad: Indoor Condo 1

Okayz me gonna start wif me health ferst; iz nott guud newz. Me Pancreatitis iz back n me feelz cwappy! Nott eatin much since Wednesday n me bin to see Dr Dave Tuesday fer regular treetmint n back in Fursday fer Cerenia injeckshun which did nott do much fer me. Mum iz bery wurried. Now me iz eatin sum n drinkin a bit butt nott propurr amountz. Me nervez iz all so jangled ’cause of da deestruckshun of our patio, garden n pine tree. Now me cuud tell ya da hole storey but many of ya are on Facebook n nose so me iz gonna keep it simpull. Da Housin deecided to take out 28 ground floor patioz n rip out da bushez n tear out da gardenz n da encore waz to cut down our beelubbed Pine tree what waz healthey. We iz apposta get concreet padz (YUCK) n white barn lookin deevidurz dat are 6 feet tall n no bushez n onlee a bit of garden under da bedroom window. *Sighz again* As fer reeplacin our tree we were told a red maple saplin butt den told dat idea iz scrapped. Many of da 70+ ladiez were so upset by da treetmint dey got from Propurrty Manager n Deestruckshun crew dey ripped up entire gardenz. Many teerz of anger n sadness haz bin shed n not just by me Mum…here are sum pix to show ya what haz happened so far:

Patio destruction Day 1Where is me patioPatio destruction Day 2Oh nose itz badGoodbye gardenDa yellow flagz are to mark da GAS line runnin along da front of buildin under our patio n garden!! We iz so afraid da deestruckshun guyz will blow us sky high!!! Da nice young man ashured me n Mum dat line iz down deeper den dey will pour so we shuud bee safe…how scarey iz diz????

Now to show ya da deemise of our beelubbed Pine tree:Day 3 Destruction 006Day 3 Destruction 007Day 3 Destruction 008Day 3 Destruction 010Did ya notice in da last piccie dere iz NO SHEPHERD’Z HOOK WIF BIRD FEEDER N SUET HOLDER??? Mum waz gonna bee ordered to takez it down so she had Custodian get it outta ground n she gave it away….we iz so so sad! All da birdz have vanished n so did Cheekz n Bobbie chipmunkz! Onlee Chester chippy iz here n he lookz shell shocked:Chester 1Chester 2We feelz so sad da our Dovez n Pidjunz n Sparrowz have gone butt dey needz to find a new place to eatz n livez n we iz heartbroken!!! Here iz what iz left of da Pine tree:Day 3 Destruction 011Pawfull izn’t it?? Da tree man said it waz a healthey tree n he felt turrible takin it down butt he haz contract wif Housin n haz to do what he is told! HHRRMMPPHH!!! Mum DID get to keep sum of da top of da tree n me gott to sniff it which waz lubly:Day 3 Destruction 009Mum haz a big bowl full of peecez like diz so we can bememburr da Pine tree fereber!!! So me sitz n lookz out da door wunderin what will beecome of our beelubbed patio? Will it be as nice as da old one? How will we stay kewl wifout a tree close by?? What will happen to da birdz n chipmunkz?? Day 3 Destruction 005Mum wurriez  ’bout da same fingz plus she iz wurried ’bout me. She haz cried in da bathroom (she finkz me nott nose) over me n over da deestruckshun n da Popurrty Manager screemin at her Wedneday not once butt twice…. Me herd her tell Aunti Reeni if me doez not live to bee on da new patio it will finish her off too…Poor Mum iz SO-O dramatick!!! Butt me nose why she iz so upset; diz waz our oaasus….our speshell place to bee together n watch da werld go by n sit wif furendz n do our bloggie from…

Me will try to get thru diz Pancreatitis flare-up. Me nott ready to go just yet!!!!

Da conkreet iz beein poured Wednesday as far as we nose n takez a few days n nitez to harden….so me will nott bee alloud out in Condo fer dat time..iz gonna bee a bery bery long week….*sighz deeply again*… Sowwy me gonna go nappy now; diz haz bin a bery ruff week here…Nylablue out (in me dreemz at diz point…)

Late nite Caturday Condo Katchat

Published July 12, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz iz Nylablue here wif me weeklee kat chat. We iz late due to lappytop prublemz which fer da momint are fixed..who nose fer how long….pawz crossed furever! So let’z start wif me Vet bizit last Tuesday: it went purrfectlee. Weight 4.6 kgz which meenz GUUD n onlee had B12 injeckshun n oral Mirtazipine. Da reeduced dose doez nott cause die-arrhea n me eatz well fer at leest 6 dayz. Altho me slowz down by Monday me still iz okayz til Tuesday n den we startz again. Furinallee Mum n Dr Dave gott dere act togther, MOL.  Me haz spent ebery day out in me Condo doin diz:Nyla B snoozin 2Iz such a hard life eh?? While me haz bin nappin we haz had sum grrreat bird TV wif da Pidjunz:Hoppy HarryDiz is Hoppin Harry n here iz hiz Sisfur Rosebud what he finkz iz hiz gurlfurend:RosebudDey iz da bird kittz of Adelphius (who iz NOTT a gurl, Mum) n Stacia what haz vanished n nott come back diz yeer. As fer Baxter da blackbird who finkz he iz a Pidjun he iz doin well:Baxter lookin fineHe iz gettin so used to us he comez to Mum when she callz him!!! Now she iz a ‘bird whispurrer’!!! MOL…me Mum wuud talk to rockz n treez..oh wait; she doez…but me digressez. We gott a grrreat piccie of Baxter wif da Pidjunz da other day:Baxter n PidjunzStill no werd when da patio destruckshun construckshun will  beegin; iz a B-I-G seecret it seemz…so we still haz no idea when it will start or how long it will bee n we iz wurried ’bout feedin Hercule Purr-o n Greyboy at nite….We will have to figure dat out when da time comez….

Guess what?? Me Mum FURINALLEE  got part of Sammy’z Tuesday Teezer rite diz week! She new da place waz in Scotland n we getz to display diz badge wif pride:rightguesserteaser frum Sammy 2014Hurrah fer Mum n ’bout time er me iz so proud of ya Mum!!!! MOL…

Haz bin a quiet week here which iz lubly. Me bin hangin out wif Mingflower who iz in Summerland but we haz her ashez. Me lubz to share her peellow (which iz now mine):Me n MingflowerPillow for two 2Sum peepz may find diz a bit weerd but Mingflower iz me Spirit guide n she brott me too Mum…so we all iz linkyed together. Dat haz bin da week here at da Purrfect Pad; nuffin eggcitin, just peecefull n sunny n purrfect so diz iz me Nylablue signin off til next Caturday:PPPPFFFTTTNanner nanner nanner….Nylablue out!!!

Cancer Free Caturday Condo Katchat

Published July 5, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz! Nylablue here wif a new edishun of Condo Katchat…lotz to tell ya so get sum snackz n a bevvie n gather round. Now me figurez yer wunderin ’bout da title of da bloggie today, rite, rite??  Well today iz me Mum’z 29 YEERZ CLEAR FRUM CANCER!!! Yah ya read DAT correctlee! When Mum waz onlee 28 she had Cancer n when she waz 29 she furinallee went to haz it diagnosed n she had 2 surgereez n today iz da annie-vercery of da reemoval of da Cancer! Let’z doez a **happy dance** fer me Mum!!! Me iz so grrrreatfull Mum gott bettur n waz able to live a normal life n haz Aunti Mingflower fer 18 1/2 yeerz n me fer 8+ yeerz now. Obveeuslee it waz NOTT Mum’z time to go back to da Spirit Werld n me iz so happy! Conkatz Mum:Sherri Ellen 2011

WE gottz our auckshun giftiez yesturday in da mail frum Mollie n Alfie’z auckshun…apawz, apawz n we wantz to say Phankz to Savannah me BFF n Marty me ‘sweetkittehboy’ fer biddin fer us n sendin da notebook n keyring to us:Kewl notebook n keyringMum lubz da purple n me finkz da kitteh lookz just like Me! Diz waz lubly to reeceeve aftur a busy week here. We appurrsheatez all da kindness ya all haz shown us here **wipez teer frum leeky eye**…Now we purrsentz a breef gardenin reeport in pix:flowers 002flowers 003Purrty aren’t dey?? Da new plantz nott lookin so hot so we not take pix of dem as Mum iz embarrassed, MOL!  No werd as to when da patio deestrucshun construcshun will start….we haz herd so many rumurrz we nott nose what to beeleeve; we eben herd we iz gettin PLASTICK fencin???? What da KAT??? We will just haz to wait n see what happinz…..

Keepin wif da Nature theme we wantz to introduce ya to Baxter da Grackle:Baxter GrackleHe iz a young birdie n hiz Pawentz are nowhere to bee found. So Baxter nott shure where he shuud bee as shown in deze pix:Rosebud, Harry & BaxterAre ya shure yer a PidjunAs ya can seez Baxter iz hangin around wif new pidjunz Rosebud n Hoppy Harry. Dey are named fer Mum’z Nanna Rose who had a club foot n diz gurl haz a webbyclub foot n a hobble n Rose’z hubby, her thubby n true lub. Now Hoppy Harry haz a hoppin-limp goin on so hence hiz name…dey iz ackshully Brother n Sistur butt dey do nott bememburrz diz n hangz out all da time snugglin n kissin…. Mum sayz Aramis iz da Father n Athena iz der Mother n sumtimez dey all hang out together which iz bery sweet. We iz allwayz happy to wellcome more newcomerz to Da Purrfect Pad! Oh n check out Bobby Brown’z new photo:Bobby Brown 002He iz allwayz on pawtroll n high alert here n ready to chase Cheekz around fer sum exersize!!! MOL…me eben awoke yesturday to find Bobby Brown IN me CONDO WIF ME;  just sittin n watchin me sleepz! Mum tried to get a piccie butt me pounced Bobby Brown n he gott out quick like, hehehehe!!!

Weather here bin lubly: sunny n around 75 degreez n me out dailee in me Condo snoozin n eatin n meowin wif da birdiez n chipmunkz…Life iz GUUD!! We hopez eberyone had a guud week n haz a grrreat weekend. ((((((YAWN)))))) iz time fer another nappie so diz concludez me Condo Katchat til next week me furendz; Nylablue out:Naptime NylablueZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ