Hercule Purr-o speekz frum da Shadowz

Published June 20, 2014 by NylabluesMum

**Ahem….Ahem*** **shufflez pawz** May me speek to all of ya??? Can ya lend me an ear??? Iz me Hercule Purr-o here…well acktully me name iz Max butt me iz also known as Hercule Purr-o to da nice 2 legged who iz feedin me on da patio of Da Purrfect Pad. Ferst here iz me photo so ya can see me:Snow n Hercule Poirot 014Seemz ya all knowz about me frum da blondey 2 legged who runz da Pad n her furgurl Nylablue. Now isn’t dat Nylablue bee-u-teaful? She is sum looker dat kitty gurl me can tell ya. **blushy earz**  Sorry….back to me. Me wantz to tell ya me story; me hopez ya will take da time to read it….

Once upon a time not so long ago me was born to me Mum wif me Brother n some Sisters.  We had a nice home n it was warm n cozy n Mum took great care of us n when we were old enuff we all were adopted to new homes wif two leggeds. It waz so nice to be luvved n have a place to call me own. Dere were sum tall 2 leggedz n a couple of short onez who played wif me. Toys n food n a nice bed were mine. Me felt so blessed fer a plain kitteh to have such a nice home. As me grew each month me got a bigger n more like a manKat. Then it happened one day that me waz no longer a kitten n me hit Pewbertee. Me did not know anyfing about diz or why me felt da way me did. Me almost felt like me had no control over me body! It waz pawful to say da leest. Fer some odd reeson me started to spray in da house. Me nott mean to do diz; it just happened no matter how much me tried NOTT to do it. Dere waz ALOT of talking n arguing frum the tall 2 leggeds n talk about being newtered n da cost of diz….Me learned dat if me had diz newterin done me wood nott want to spray n me wood be normal again n not try to run out the door lookin for a ladykat to date….me hoped n hoped me wood have diz done but it did not happen. Da day me thott me waz going  fer da newterin me waz taken in da rolling box for a ride n to my horror n dismay me waz thrown out of da car down by a river. Now ya know how Katz are supposed to know how to find dere way home? Me tried butt me waz all terned around n me gott more lost. So me ended up alone n scared n lost n cold n hungree. Me haz no idea how long me haz bin outdoorz now but it haz bin a furry long time…at leest now it iz Spring almost Summer. I have leerned to hunt for birds n mice n chipmunks n moles fer food but it is nott easy n me feels badly fer eating dem. Dere are other stray katz here on da riverbank who tot me how to hunt n where to get water n where to sleep n where to stay dry when it rains. Me had chatted wif Midnite Milo a long time ago n he told me about diz 2 legged who gives propurr cat food n kibble n her kittygurl will sit n keep one companey….do ya reememburr him?Midnite Milo 005He waz a great support to me when me ferst waz abandonned by da river. He tot me evereything I needed to know to survive outside. Sumtimez we wood sit n meow n we thottwe were brotherz. Now Milo haz moved on so me never did find out fur sure. Wifout him me wuud have died. He waz right dat da blondey 2 legged IZ a sweet n kind purrson n she feeds me 2 meals EVERY night n Nylablue sitz by da patio door n she meowz to me while me eatz. Da sad part is me is afraid of 2 leggedz now so when da nice one talkz to me, me runz away. Mind you, me does stop to lissen to her make kissey noisez n call me…at ferst me nott know who diz Hercule Purr-o waz she waz calling & then it came to me…diz iz what da 2 legged calls me. She nott know me waz named Max when me waz a kitten ..dat iz all right..me almost furgot that waz my name. Me likez me new name alot becuz me knowz da 2 legged likez me. She iz a guud 2 legged n Nylablue iz quite da Ladykat n she knowz alot of thingz n she likez to share her food becuz she spent time in da shadowz many yearz ago. Nylablue tellz me if me wood trust her 2 legged me could be cott n taken  to a place called da Shelltur n have da newterin done bee placed in a  new home….me will try butt me can not promise..me iz so scared of everything now…that iz the life of a Shadow kitty & it is not much of a life at all…Thank ya all fur readin me story n rememburr if ya see a stray kitty lurkin ind a shadowz please put some food n water n milk out becuz you cuud save a life dat night. Yer Shadow furend, Hercule Purr-o signin off fer now………


105 comments on “Hercule Purr-o speekz frum da Shadowz

  • Hey Big fellow you be safe out there. We know we are all just a whisker away from living in the hard world if something happens to our person. Our Dad feeds a little kitty who comes by even though he only saw her once. She is very scared and comes by only in the dark. He set a camera up to see who was eating and there she was. Some others come and go but she is still here and that is good.
    Another thing that our persons need to do is make sure that if something happens to them a plan is in place for us. You never know.
    Thanks Sherri-Ellen for taking good care of Hercule Purr-O
    Timmy and Dad

    • Meow Timmy iz Hercule Purr-o here. Ya iz rite dat it iz a scaree werld out in da Shadowz. It waz rainin last nite n me had to wait fer it to stop to come n eatz. Yer 2 legged iz as kind as blondey 2 legged here! What wood we *shadow* kittiez do wifout da kindness of strangurz???
      Blondey 2 legged haz a plan in place fer Nylablue. She beecomez Dr Dave’z kittie. Dere are signed formz even. One must bee preepared just in case.
      Fankz fur talkin to me Timmy; it iz nice to meet other kittiez 😉
      Hercule Purr-o

  • hercule….ya knead ta trust nyla’s mum coz her iz a good two legged…knot like de basss terds what throwed ewe by de river…nyla can tell ewe her self how kewl her mum troo lee iz…N we all noe it two N thiz bee de total trooth ♥♥

    • Meow Tabbiez yer so rite about da bass terdz…dey wood nott get me fixed..like it waz me fault fur hittin Pewbertee..me iz tryin to trust blondey 2 legged. She talkz to me n me lissenz to her now. Butt me will nott let her neer me…yet…
      Hercule Purr-o

    • Meow Basil da doggie. Me iz tryin to be brave n trust bondey two legged. She iz so nice n kind. me haz bin on me own fer so long dat it iz hard to trust. Dat iz da problem wif beein a kitty wifout a home n 2 leggedz..we furget what it iz like…
      Hercule Purr-o

  • Aww Mister Hercule, thanks for sharing your story with us! It is very sad but finding Miss Sherri-Ellen and Nylablue is the best hunting you have done… you seem to have luck on your side to me 😉 Your previous bipeds don’t sound like they deserved you much at all… and yes, we promise to be nice if any stray kitties end up stopping by our place!
    Hugs, Carrie and Pups x

    • Meow Carrie 2 legged fankz ya fer da kind werdz. Me waz told by Midnite Milo to go see blondey 2 legged n me iz glad me did. Butt me iz so scared of all 2 leggedz now. Maybee me did do guud huntin…nevur thot of it that way….hhhmmmm….
      Fankz fer thinkin of any strayz dat stop by your place. A snack n sum fresh water n a spot of milk iz all we ask fur…
      Yerz Hercule Purr-o

      • Aww it’s understandable that you are scared… but we aren’t all bad, I promise!
        We don’t get many strays around here because of the pups though but if we see any we will use your tips wisely!
        Hugs, Carrie and Pups x

        • Fank you Carrie 2 legged fur listenin to me. It iz a good feelin to know peeple care about what a homeless kitty haz to say. Me must werk on bee-ing brave….
          Yerz Hercule Purr-o

    • Meow Miss Annee iz Hercule Purr-o here. Me iz beryb ery afraid of 2 leggedz. Nylablue told me alot ’bout you n yer 2 legged helpurrz. It wuud take all of dem to catch me that iz how scared me is. Me will try to get use to blondey 2 legged. She haz been so good to me….pawz crossed 😉
      Yerz, Hercule Purr-o

    • EEoww Aunti Maggie me wishez Hercule Purr-o wuud trust Mum also. Butt last nite he did ndott come fer suppa til AFTUR Mum waz in bed!! So we went backwerdz, not fourwerdz….oh me oh my….he deeservez more den beein on da streetz 😦
      Lub to all of ya dere n a speshell **nose kiss** fer Chancy ❤
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0x0x0

  • Poor Sweet Hercule. Life has been tough for you so far. Those humans should all be lined up and shot (that’s our #1 saying that!). We really hope that you will feel confident enough to have the op. It’ll make life a whole lot easier, buddy!

    • Yow Poupounette Gang we cannot get Hercule Purr-o newtered cause we cannot eben catch him!!! He iz so scared of Mum n all Hu’Manz…it iz sad…
      Me wishez he wuud trust Mum butt diz will take time…at leest we got all Summer to try… 😉
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I think you can trust this human… she has a heart of gold and she loves cats… and she can help you to start a good life in a furever home… So I think all evidences are punchy, Mr. Purr-iot and you should give it a try :o)

    • Meow Easy poochdog me beeleevez ya iz rite about diz Hu’man. Me feer iz so grate tho’. Me will try to bee furend blondey 2 legged…she gave me milk in a bowl last nite. That was luvley!
      Yerz Hercule Purr-o

  • Such a sad story but one that we’ve heard so many times before – humans thinking when they’re tired of their pets they can just throw them away…..but we’re not throwaways – we have feelings and it’s cruel to toss an animal away like garbage. ANYWAY, Max/Hercule was lucky to learn about your Mom’s generosity Nylablue…..we have two kitties we help that way too. “Give and you shall receive”……and we know that we receive appreciation from the kitties we help – it’s a nice feeling. Maybe Max will learn to trust your Mom enough to let her take him to find a proper home. That would be grand….meanwhile thanks for taking care of him…..

    Hugs, Sammy

    • Yow Sammy n Miss Pam: Phankz fer da guud werdz…Mum needed to reed dem fer shure. She criez over da Shadow kittehz n she wurriez ’bout dem alot!
      Me finkz Midnite Milo told Hercule Purr-o ’bout our ‘take out’ window here, MOL!
      We will feed him nitely n maybee earn hiz trust…all we can do iz purray fer dat sweet kittehboy.
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • Yow Miss Rachel n Speedy me doez nott understand sum Hu’manz at timez too….me nose what me went thru when me waz in da Puppy Mill n den in da house where me waz apposta bee a pet butt me waz made to hab MORE kittz…da ONLEE guud Hu’Manz me met face to face waz me Mum; me Aunti Anne (who iz me kittehsitter when Mum haz to go away) n Dr Dave n Dr Deb. Den we came to WP here n now me NOSE dere are more guud Hu’manz den bad onez! 😉
      Now if onlee me cuud connvince Hercule Purr-o to trust Mum…..
      ~~head rubz~~ Nylablue ❤ ❤

  • Dis stowwy be all tu familiaw. And meez hates dat it be so. Meez so glad yous leawnin’ tu twust a little at a time. Meez suwe hopes yous can be caught soon and find a wunnewful luvin’ fuwevew home. Fanks fuw shawin’.

    Luv ya’


    • meow Dezi iz Hercule Purr-o here. Me wantz to trust butt me iz terrafyed! me will try to trust. Me iz scared. Da blondey 2 legged put milk out wif me suppa last nite n dat waz nice of her.
      It iz nice to meet ya n fankz fur such kind werdz.
      Yerz, Hercule Purr-o

      • OMC Dat wus nice of hers but hope yous not like all da uddew cats and be lactose intolewant and get da wuns. Nyla has dat purrawlem lots so meez suwe hers can tell yous all bout it. Good luck and meez be purrayin’ dat yous leawn tu twust soonew waddew den latew.

        Luv ya’


        • Meow Dezi diz iz Hercule Purr-o here. me had summ of da milk. It waz a nice treet. Me iz eatin whateber me can find so me tummy iz cast iron now.
          Me n Nylablue haz meowed about her prublemz n she told her Mum to see if she can get sum ‘Kat Milk fer me soon.
          Me waz so scared me did nott come fer sup-purr til aftur blondey 2 legged went to bed. Nylablue sat wif me on her side of da patio door n we meowed. Guess me went backwerdz innsted of forewerdz?
          Me will try again….
          Yerz, Hercule Purr-o

  • Oh no, poor Hercule Purr-o! What a heartbreaking story! How can humans be so mean!! 😦 It’s so good of Nylablue’s mommy to take care of you. And maybe in time you learn to trust her. 🙂 xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

    • Meow Roxy n Tigerlino. Hercule Purr-o here. Me will try to trust blondey 2 legged. Aftur beeing left at da river wif no way to go home it made me feer every thing. It iz such a scarey werld now.
      Da 2 legged gave me milk last nite. it waz yummy.
      Yerz, Hercule Purr-o

  • Hi sweet boy! We’re so glad that Nylablue’s Mom is feeding you. She is a good human! How lucky that you found them!
    We hope you can eventually trust and you can be caught, fixed, and rehomed.
    Sending lots of love your way.

    Pee Ess – Smooches and nosebumpies to Nylablue and her Mommy, too.

    • Meow Princeton n Precious katz. Me haz herd about you frum Nylablue. Thankz fur sayin such kind werdz to me. Me iz glad me found blondey 2 legged n Nylabue also.
      Me will try to trust. It is very hard fur me.
      Over to Nylablue now….
      Yow Princeton n Precious phankz fer stoppin by n bizitin! MMMM dem **smoochez** n **nosebumpiez** are da BEST!!! Hab a furabuluss weekend 🙂
      Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too xxxx

  • So heartbreaking but; I am so glad they have both of you. He’s a handsome mancat. Bless you. I hope you are both doing well. Love to you both.
    Sue B

    • Yow Miss Sue n da Fab Four iz Nylablue here…we iz doin purrty guud here! Mum iz bettur n me iz stable. Me waz out in condo fer part of da day. Mum did sum cleenin. Tonite we gonna watch our show “Heartbeat” n wait fer Purr-o to show up. Hiz food n milk iz allready out in case he showz up eerley.
      Much lub to all of ya dere n a speshell **kiss** fer Garfield 😉
      Nylablue ❤ n Sherriellen Mum ❤

  • Give him time, give him time Sherri-Ellen, cats love to be talked to – let him become trusting at his own pace. But you know all that! My best to you and all the animals you protect. Vera, Paladin, and Moon.
    PS: I’ll soon make a post dedicated to you with pictures of my present two cats, as well as cats now gone, and Scottie dogs of the past.

    • Hello Vera: I am giving Hercule Purr-o all the time he needs. He may never be tamed but at least he knows someone DOES care about him. He is such a darling boy. I try my best to help all the birds & animals. There is talk here that we will be told to take our bird feeders down. If that happens I shall be crushed. The birds depend on the handful of us who have feeders set up for them. I pray this order does not go thru’.
      I will NEVER stop feeding feral cats…ever! That is my calling.
      I await that post with anticipation. I think you know I cared for my friend Marianne the last 6 months of her illness & her beloved Scottie Scott McGhee Brigadoon…if I was going to have a small dog I would have a Scottie dog definitely!
      Much love & good wishes, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤ ❤

    • Yow Island Kittehz iz Nylablue here…we are hopin Hercule Purr-o will leern to trust Mum. She onlee wantz to help him. If he wuud trust us we cuud send him to da Sheltur fer propurr care….butt ferst fingz ferst…Mum haz to gain hiz trust….
      Hab a grrreat weekend on da Island!
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • My goodness dude, you are a handsome one and I think you need some love and a happy. You tell that kind 2 legger if she needs something for you to let us know. Keep coming for food…I think Nylablue likes you.

    • Meow Brian kat me haz herd ALOT about you n me hopez you do not mind dat I share supper thru da patio door with Nylablue. She sort of likez me. She sayz her heart belongz to someone else, so we are onlee furendz. She tellz me to keep coming for food so that her 2 legged can talk to me more too.
      Nylablue also told me your 2 legged iz a guud purrson too.
      Maybee there will bee hope for me to find a new 2 legged some day.
      Hercule Purr-o

  • ‘ello, Hercule! Such a pleasure to meet you!
    Your story breaks my heart … all stories like this do. I wish all cats could have nice, warm homes and trusting relationships to their two-legged, like Nylablue and McDuff. I so wish there was something I could do.

    • Hello Fe’line it iz luvely to meet you here. Me will try to trust blondey 2 legged…I am afraid of so many things now. My trust waz so broken when me waz abandoned 😦
      Maybe one day me will have a new furver home…we can hope….
      Nylablue iz a luvley kitty gurl who givez me pep talkz to cheer me up. Yer McDuff iz one lucky kittyboy too.
      Yerz hercule Purr-o

      • ‘ello again, Hercule,
        To be quite honest with you, I have quite a few trust issues myself, when it comes to two-leggeds without tails — in spite of the fact that I’m supposed to be a thinking, reflecting bean. So my best advice to you would be «be very careful». I’ll keep you in my thoughts, and am sending you virtual buntings now.
        Yours purringly,
        Féline M.

        • Hello Fe’line McDuff so you have had truuble too with 2 leggedz? Nylablue told me your 2 leggedz are very sweet n take very guud care of you there. Me very warey of 2 leggedz but I know this one here really likes me & wants to help me…
          Me will be carefull 😉
          ~~~buntingz back~~~
          Hercule Purr-o

            • Me begz yer pardun Fe’line h me did not mean to offend. Me haz been out in da wild fur so long me sometimez furgetz how to speek n behave….
              Yer McDuff haz hiz own chair?? How luvley….me wishez me had an old wood chair…
              Hercule Purr-o

              • No worries … I wasn’t very clear, was I 😀
                McDuff has so many places … right now it’s this old chair he fancies. This could go on for many weeks, then it stops and he never goes back there again?!
                Perhaps Nylablue’s two-legged without tail, could put out some kind of box …?! I don’t know, but it would be shelter from the wind… But if it’s a residential area, maybe they won’t like that there *sigh*

                • Meow Fe’line iz Hercule Purr-o here. Me wood like a wood chair to call me own. McDuff soundz like a sweet katboy n he iz lucky to hab you for a friend to share life with.
                  Blondey 2 legged wantz to put a box out for me but she waz told she iz NOT a-llowed. So me haz to alwayz go back to da Riverbank. Me doez hab a place me can go in like a cave fur shelltur, but a box with a towl wood be luvley…
                  Maybee in da Fall…maybee..
                  Yerz, Hercule Purr-o

  • I am so glad to get to know you better, Hercule! I know it must be hard to trust humans after the bad experience you had, but you have come to the right place for sure!

    • Oh my Sparkle kitty gurl you are as beeuteafull as Nylablue….me heart iz beatin faster!
      Me feelz here iz a guud place to come fur supper n milk n furendship. Now if onlee me cuud trust blondey 2 legged…me iz trying to trust again Sparkle.
      Hercule Purr-o ❤

  • Awww 😦 I sure hope you allow the two legged to help you.
    We have a few strays around here that we feed and water every single day. Two regulars, and in this past winter, we even made them an insulated shelter to keep them warm at night.
    Our shelter is packed full, and can’t take them, but I am doing my best to take care of them while they are around. I have named them Vato and Cinnamon. Vato has extra toes on his front paws, so we call him “Vato two thumbs” I am pretty sure he thinks he is a mobster now BOL!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    • It iz nice to meet another kind 2 legged Miss Jenna. Me will try me best to let blondey take care of me. She haz looked aftur so many shadow kittehz so me shuud trust her.
      Me let blondey speak with you. Bye fur now….
      Hi Jenna it sounds like you have your hands full there also. This has happened here the past 4 years. I have managed to get 4 cats into the Shelter & fixed & rehomed. The rest however were untamable & either died from illness or moved on. Your Vato Two Thums reminds me of our 1st Shadow cat Rocco Fellini. He was a grey tabby/white un-neutered male who was anything but handsome. I fed him for 4 months & Nylablue would go insane thru the window at him. She did not like him at all. He got very ill & the last time he came to the patio his eyes were infected & he was sneezing. I told him it was time to let go & return to Summerland….I never saw him again. He was a true ‘Mafia” cat that one….Thank you for stopping by Jenna & for sharing Vato & Cinnamon with us. Even tho we can’t save them all we can help to the best of our ability!
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤ ❤

  • Hercule Purr-o’s story sounds a lot like my Puss Cat’s story. She was a shadow kitty until I tamed her—my first cat after moving away from my parents’ house. I tamed her by setting out food and guarding her while she ate….from a distance, at first. You kitties have a rough life…similar to some of my two-legged blogger friends, who also have been abused, abandoned and left in the shadows and having a tough time trusting people again—my wife was one. God bless you all—hang in there!

    • Hello Jonathan: Sherri-Ellen here. You had a ‘Shadow Cat” also? I try to guard Purr-o but I can not even sit by the window or he runs away. Only Nylablue can sit by the window & guard. On warmer nights I have the patio doors ajar & I talk thru the screen to him & he listens. When he moves away I go out & make kissey noises & talk to him some more. Hopefully he may come around…
      As for Shadow humans I can tell you I am one also. My history is filled with neglect; betrayal & ALL forms of abuse. I am blessed to have found counselling & help & have worked at healing myself. I still have some trust issues but nothing like what they were 😉
      I am so glad you are following our blog now.
      Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen

      • My wife was abused by a half brother when she was much younger. Seems I seek out (or they me!) hurting people—and kitty cats—if only to comfort and encourage them. Seeing the dark side of human beings hurts me (and you)…but as the Bible says, humans are basically evil—until regenerated by God. Even then the label doesn’t always stick!!!!

  • We hadn’t heard much about Hercule Purr-o in such a longtime. We sure are all happy to know he is still around. Wish he would let Mum Sherri-Ellen befriend him, but maybe in time. We hope our two favorite ladies are doing okay and both feeling well. Nylablue, Calista Jo is having her 2nd birthday today. We are having a big Hello Kitty Pawty. Hope you can stop by for a piece of cake and a little visit. Hope you have nice weather this weekend so you can have some condo time. XO from your brofur and sisfurs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo and love and smooches from your Aunti Janet

    • EEowww Sisfurz n Brofur Mauricio n Aunti Janet iz lubly to see ya here. We will stop over to bizit Cali Jo aftur we do commintz here! me wishez we cuud beefurend Purr-o bettur also. Mum zi gonna put sum milk out fer tonite…sumtimez kittehz like dat rite?
      Mum iz back to normal n me iz stable so dere are no complaintz here!
      Me herd it iz apposta bee guud weather all weekend so pawz crossed me will hab LOTZ of condo time 😉
      Much lub ❤ Nylablue ❤
      Pee ess: Mum sendz her lub to al of ya too!

    • EEowww Miss Dorothy n Mistletoe n sweet Hitch it shure iz a sad storey n we did nott nose whether we shuud post it…but Purr-o asked us to. How cuud we reefuse his reequest? We may nott bee able to do much more den feed him butt at leest he nose sum LUB n carin in diz werld. WE cannot lose him to da Shadowz fereber…well we hope we nott lose him to da Sahdowz or werse 😉
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum ❤ ❤ ❤

  • M. Poirot, I am so glad to know you. Thank you for being such a good friend to Miss Nylablue and Mum. Both of them are really happy every time you visit!

    • Hallo Miss Susan 2 legged…thankz fer takin yer time to reed me storey. Nylablue told me ya iz a nice 2 legged who livez far away n luvz katz.
      Funny dat me makez Nylablue n her 2 legged so happy just by comin to da patio when dey make me happy by feeding me n helping me.
      It iz a win win thing fur all of us.
      Yer furend Hercule Purr-o aka Max ❤

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