68 comments on “WW: Reesistence IZ Fuutile!

    • Yow it iz lubly to see ya here Sunset n da ‘bald guy’ too…sowwy me nott nose yer ferst namez… πŸ˜‰
      Phankz fer da copleemint!
      Hope ya stop by again soon πŸ™‚
      Nylablue =^,,^=

  • We know that you have all us Tomcats wrapped around your paw Nylablue. We cannot resist your beauty and that wild side is soooooo exciting.
    Purrs fur Mom to feel better too!
    PS Our Little Einstein is at the Stabby Place for his Man-Cat Operation. He is so responsible.
    Timmy Dad and Family

    • ***blushy earz*** oh me oh my TimmyTomkat me haz ALL da Tomkatz rapped?? Fer reel??? Mum sayz me iz a COO-GURR fer reel…not shure what she meenz butt she waz laffin when she said dat……
      Me diez hab a wild side!!! Me tried to run out of da apartmint yesturday to play in da kitteh grass….dAT gott me in sirius truuble…so me beein bettur today πŸ˜‰
      Mum iz habin sum more probz wif her health so she iz nott feelin guud at all 😦
      We did reed da email frum yer Dad n we nose Einstein wnet fer da Mankat Op n we iz purrin n purrayin fer da little guy to sail thru it n feel bettur in no time!!!!
      Yer Dad iz da BEST too Timmy! He takez such guud care of ALL of ya!
      Pleeze ‘meow’ me reegardz to Einstein when he getz home okayz?
      Much Lub, Nylablue ❀ n Sherriellen Mum ❀

  • Hahahaah yes it is NB and when a girl needs to pee..then woo hoo as we say down under…Let her rip potato chip ! Hugs and loves to you and poorly mum Aunti Bev xxx ❀ ❀

    • MOL dat iz a funny sayin Aunti Bev! Me let her rip guud πŸ˜‰
      Me iz doin guud n Mum went to Laundromat n did 2 laodz of laundry n she iz REEL sore now….me tried to help her put clothez away….we deecided to just snuggle πŸ˜‰
      Much lub ❀ Nylablue ❀

        • Me lubz lubz lubz to snuffle wif Mum. She came home frum Laundomat all wobbley n sore so we had a lie down n snuggle together! She iz a bit briter now….butt will bee earlee nite fer her!
          Hope ya haz a guud day n do NOTT overdue it Aunti Bev πŸ˜‰
          Lub lub lub ya, Nylablue ❀ ❀

          • I won’t sweets and you and mum have an early night and get some rest πŸ™‚ mums need rest almost as much as snuggles πŸ™‚ luvs Auti BEV XX ❀ ❀ ❀

            • Hurrah fer Aunti Bev!!! Ya did nott overdue fingz! Pawsum! Mum gott a earlee nite butt she waz up alot n she haz had sum *ahem* BAD bowel truuble today (like mine) n she iz bery sad n weak n me finkz she needz bed rest butt she said, “NOSE Nylablue ya haz to go out in Condo!!” So me iz dicktatin thru da screen n she iz doin sum reepliez…
              She went to vote in da Federal ‘leckshun n pick up her tummy medz n get sum breadz at a Bakery! Me put me paw down when she gott home me can tell ya! Now if me can get her to nap……
              Wish me luck Aunti πŸ˜‰
              Much lub n **nose kissez** Nylablue ❀

              • Good luck sweets!! Mums are great at giving, not listening to their own advice..elections..urgghghgh…now get mum to restin….hugs and loves Aunti Bev xx ❀ < 3

                • MOL Aunti Bev ya iz rite Mum givez GRRREAT advice…sumtimez she shuud lissen to herself….she haz bin guud da past couple of dayz…butt she iz feelin poorly wif da rushin bowelz…she did get more rest…
                  Da eleckshun went okayz…nott grreat butt da nastee peeple are not in power so dat iz one guud fing!
                  **paw patz** n ~~~head rubz~~~ n lub Nylablue n Mum too ❀ ❀ ❀

                    • Yow Auntie Bev Mum washed dem ‘nastee peepz’ rite outta her hair πŸ˜‰
                      She nott eben answer her door now; onlee if da purrson callz ferst! Iz MUCH quietur n Mum nott upset…
                      Mum’z still got Russian bowelz (which me gonna use in me bloggie ’cause dat iz a cute term n Mum IZ a 1/4 Russian fer reel!!)
                      MOL it’z alwayz sumfin here…
                      Lub Nylablue ❀ ❀ ❀

                    • Bahahahaaah Russian blue mum..glad she has kept the as we say here ‘nasty pastie’s ” away….and yes always something sweets πŸ™‚ lubs Aunti Bev xxx<3 ❀

                    • MOL say me haz da”Russian Bluez” now Aunti Bev!!! Me bowelz went cwazy last nite n Mum in tearz n emailin Dr Dave. Me iz bit bettur today butt nott eatin much. Took Mum 1/2 hour to get connected to Interwebbernetz n she n Dr Dave had email chat n he iz comin over to give me Covenia injeckshun…so much fer Condo ZEN time….butt bettur den xplodin tushie rite Aunti???
                      Mum iz startin to feel sum bettur n fingz not “Russian” thru her so much…
                      What a pair we makez!!!!
                      Much lub frum ❀ Nylablue n Mum too ❀

                    • Boy darling you two really are giving the TP a run for it’s money..pardon the pun….I do hope that you feel better soon my sweets 😦 xxx ❀ ❀ loves Aunti Bev

                    • ROFWL Bev!!! That is some great bot bot hunour….guud thing I bought double rolls this month πŸ˜‰
                      I am on the mend; now it is Nylablue’s turn! at least she is not exploding outta her bot bot tonite!
                      Much love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❀ ❀

                    • Poor sweetie..i am so behind and trying to get to bloggies and replies and saw she had a visit from Dr D..poor baby 😦 I will pop round to your bloggie as soon as I reply to all these comments and then get this dang washing done…the boys bedding needs a wash as they have been out in the rain then rolled all over their beds…pee yew wet dog!! loves Bev xxx ❀ ❀

                    • Hello Bev: Do not panic. You are caught up here with us. All is stable. Whenever you get to visit you get to visit…no stress ok???
                      I can just imagine the lovely aromatic smell of wet dog bedding…looks like you have your work cut out for you today!
                      We loves you madly!
                      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❀ ❀ ❀

                    • Haahhaa thanks sweets πŸ™‚ yes peee yew that’s why I made their bed covers to be removable..pop them in the wash and give them a good clean!! bless em..yep must catch up on some house work..and finish my mums knee rug I am crocheting as a late mother’s day pressie..and need to check out how the auction is going..so I will catch up…eventually..better get off this as the machine has stopped and my stuff is washed..now I have to wake the pups and remove their bedding….oh and the toaster died this morning so urghhhhh Loves you to the moon Bev xxx ❀ < 3

                    • Bev Welcome to ‘Manic Monday’!!! Sounds like a great start to your week. Sorry about the toaster..it’s always something isn’t it?? Remember to pace yourself with the cleaning & laundry duties…this is rich coming from me!!! LOL…
                      I hope your Mom is a patient person, rofwl!
                      Have fun wrestling with the dogs…
                      Catch you on the flip side later!
                      Love you to Jupiter & back!
                      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❀ ❀ ❀

                    • Achieved a bit….all the washing pups have fresh clean bedding..water looked like hot chocolate blegh!! got some of mums knee rug done..washed the toilets..and the bathroom floor..made up the two spare rooms and re did the bedding in there..and made a delicious cauliflower leek and blue cheese cream soup for tea,…cleaned out the fireplace and started a nice new fire…now salt and pepper throat is annoying me….urghhh loves Bev xxx ❀ < 3

                    • Hurrah Bev: Clean bedding: check; knee rig coming along: check; spare rooms & bedding done; Check; supper made: check; ckeand the fireplace; Check….
                      You are a DYNAMO Girlfriend!!!!!!
                      I did the dishes & cleaned the litterbox & typed out 2 blogs for Nylablue… πŸ˜‰
                      GET SOME REST!!!!
                      Love Sherri-Ellen ❀ ❀

                    • Iz guud ya did what yer eyez told ya n rested dem frum da puter. Me hopez ya iz feelin bettur today Aunti Bev!
                      Lub yer gurl ❀ Nylablue ❀

                    • Still yukky eyes sweets,…just trying not to get too far behind but it’s a bit of a struggle…sheesh πŸ™‚ luvs Aunti Bev xx ❀

  • I am glad you had a good vet visit. You peed on them. Too funny. Sometimes you’ve just got to go. Sending prayers for your mom. Hope she feels better. Love to you and your mom.
    Sue B

    • MOL Miss Sue Mum brott me in twice to use da littur butt me ‘saved’ it fer da Vet’z!!! πŸ˜‰
      Mum used a Pampurrz wipe on me after me waz dun n it waz okayz….
      Mum iz still in flare-up n she iz hertin ALOT! She went out to do laundry today n she iz payin fer it now!! Now to keep her sittin down n snugglin me πŸ˜‰
      Much lub to ya n Charlie n Cashew n Tubby n sweet ❀ Garfield ❀ frum me Nylablue xoxoxoxoxo

  • So cute and adorable sisfur Nylablue. We were extra happy that you had a good vet visit today. We are sorry that Mum Sherri-Ellen is still feeling under-the-weather. We are sending our purrs and prayers and have our paws crossed that she will start feeling better very soon. Love you both bunches and bunches. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo and Aunti Janet

    • Yow me Sisfurz n Brofur n Aunti Janet: Dere iz a reeson fer diz funny WW post! When me waz at da Vet’z today me deecided to pee on Miss Terry…eberyone waz laffin…no one getz upset anymore….so me got back in me carrier n Dr Dave sayz “What a Drama Queen” n Mum sayz “Reesistence iz Fuutile; ya lub her n ya nose it!” Den Dr Dave reeplied, “Nylablue iz DA BORG QUEEN?!?!?!?!?!”
      Well dat waz it…now me iz stuck wif a new nickyname n Mum said she waz Pizappin me again…such iz Life when one iz a kitteh like me!!!
      MOL….**paw kissez** to all frum me Nylablue da BorgKitteh Queen πŸ˜‰

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