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Easy Sunday katch-up wif Nylablue

Published June 29, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz! How waz yer week? Gather round n me tell all ’bout our week…..Caturday Kat chat 010 It haz bin all rite all fingz considered. Me went to see Dr Dave on Tuesday n me iz stable. Had Pepcid n Cartrophen injeckshunz n 1/8 Mirtazipine. Dey cut  dosage to see if it wuud support me bowel funkshun n it werked!! No die-arrhea n me bin eatin guud! So me iz goin back tomorrow (Moanday) as Tuesday iz Canada Day fer more torture treetmint, MOL….

Mum went to her Speshellist on Fursday n Dr M. lissened to Mum’z storey ’bout da Chiro’quack’tur n he agreed she can no longer get adjustmintz wif da Hyperostosis now in her T-spine. So Dr M. gave Mum 9 injeckshunz of Lidocaine  she waz happy as Larry. By da way, who da KAT iz diz Larry n why iz HE so happy??? Anywho, Fursday nite Aunti Ruth came to da patio n said she found a new dresser n wuud Mum buy her other new dresser n Mum jumped at da offer. We nott grreat shopperz n havin furniture brott to us workz guud! So Mum wif Aunti Reeni n her dot-herz helped unload newest dresser. Da 4 of dem gott it upstairz while Mum emptied me deer old clapped out cwappy dresser n den she took all da drawerz out n carried dem to da sidewalk. Den she dragged da dresser thru apartmint out to patio n it iz not flimsey me can tell ya!! dresserNow diz beast iz solid maple….so guess who blew dere bad rite knee out cause NOTT wearin knee stabillizer brace??? Let’z fink….**tapz paw to forehead**…..Mum yer such an IDIOTT er me meenz silly gurl!! She blew dat knee out REEL GUUD! Phankfully Miss’z Ruth n Reeni n her dot-herz brott da new dresser down to us n it iz lubly:New dresser 1Notice NO SHARP Cornerz!!?? So now Mum nott gonna bash her left thigh into dresser dailee n swear anymore; which iz a guud fing! Da bad fing iz dat me can’t haz dresser napz in it cause it built differint n me can not go frum drawer to drawer…Such iz Life…ya give a little to get a little (peece) rite eberyone????

So dat part okayz! Da otherad part:Me disappeered when Mum takin dresser outside. Mum ran hobbled all over n she waz hie-stericall lookin fer me. She ran outside lookin fer me n calling “Nylablue ya stoopid kitt  sweet gurl where da KAT are ya????” She gott so werked up she came back in butt she nott find me. Den me sauntered out of me SEECRET spot n she gave me a leckture so me had to go up to me cupberd in TIME OUT!!! No piccie she waz SO-O angree wif me. N me stayed in da cupberd til she came fer me n said me cuud come out! Me nose when to just bee payshunt n wait, MOL!!! So Mum got all yer clothez into dresser n her stuffiez on top n it lookz fab…whatcha all finkz?

 Now we movez to da patio n garden. As ya mite bememburr we iz gonna have majer destructshun constructshun here wif new patio n so we losin sum wee garden space. Well Miss Meelinda frum upstairz brott plantz fer our garden which we can keepz…Mum waz nott bery usefull n Miss’z Meelinda n Debbie had to do most all of da werk! We haz a Bleedin Heart n sum pinkie flowerz n sum bush what we nott eben  da name of so if any of ya nose what de plantz are, pleeze tell us. We shure hope dey take root n stay wif us fer a long time! Pink flowerz fer me in da wee garden; BERY pawsum!Caturday Kat chat 022Purrty yah?? N here iz sum close upz:Caturday Kat chat 023Caturday Kat chat 024Dere iz da bleedin heart plant…haz sum unopened bloomz on it so pawz crossed it likez us n bloomz soon! As ya can seez me rose iz comin up lubly n here are 2 picciez of it:Caturday Kat chat 025N den today Mum tooked diz piccie of rose:Me ferst rose 2014Purrfect!!!!So dat me wee garden reeport. Haz bin buzy at nite at da Pad wif Greyboy n Hercule Purr-o takin ternz comin fer snackz. Funny fing Purr-o did nott show up Furiday nite so diz waz me last nite waitin fer him:Nylablue wating 1Waitin n waitin n fed up:Nylablue wating 2N stink eye n voilaa da Hercule Purr-o showed up!!!! Iz all in da ‘stink eye’ me can tell ya….MOL me iz so funny……

Mum still hobblin around butt wearin her knee brace so she nott hert herself more.  So dat iz purrty much da week. Me bin out n Condo dailee n today iz hott n hue-mid so me iz in da shade just reelaxin….’Til next time; Nylablue OUT… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….Sleepy selfie



Hercule Purr-o speekz frum da Shadowz

Published June 20, 2014 by NylabluesMum

**Ahem….Ahem*** **shufflez pawz** May me speek to all of ya??? Can ya lend me an ear??? Iz me Hercule Purr-o here…well acktully me name iz Max butt me iz also known as Hercule Purr-o to da nice 2 legged who iz feedin me on da patio of Da Purrfect Pad. Ferst here iz me photo so ya can see me:Snow n Hercule Poirot 014Seemz ya all knowz about me frum da blondey 2 legged who runz da Pad n her furgurl Nylablue. Now isn’t dat Nylablue bee-u-teaful? She is sum looker dat kitty gurl me can tell ya. **blushy earz**  Sorry….back to me. Me wantz to tell ya me story; me hopez ya will take da time to read it….

Once upon a time not so long ago me was born to me Mum wif me Brother n some Sisters.  We had a nice home n it was warm n cozy n Mum took great care of us n when we were old enuff we all were adopted to new homes wif two leggeds. It waz so nice to be luvved n have a place to call me own. Dere were sum tall 2 leggedz n a couple of short onez who played wif me. Toys n food n a nice bed were mine. Me felt so blessed fer a plain kitteh to have such a nice home. As me grew each month me got a bigger n more like a manKat. Then it happened one day that me waz no longer a kitten n me hit Pewbertee. Me did not know anyfing about diz or why me felt da way me did. Me almost felt like me had no control over me body! It waz pawful to say da leest. Fer some odd reeson me started to spray in da house. Me nott mean to do diz; it just happened no matter how much me tried NOTT to do it. Dere waz ALOT of talking n arguing frum the tall 2 leggeds n talk about being newtered n da cost of diz….Me learned dat if me had diz newterin done me wood nott want to spray n me wood be normal again n not try to run out the door lookin for a ladykat to date….me hoped n hoped me wood have diz done but it did not happen. Da day me thott me waz going  fer da newterin me waz taken in da rolling box for a ride n to my horror n dismay me waz thrown out of da car down by a river. Now ya know how Katz are supposed to know how to find dere way home? Me tried butt me waz all terned around n me gott more lost. So me ended up alone n scared n lost n cold n hungree. Me haz no idea how long me haz bin outdoorz now but it haz bin a furry long time…at leest now it iz Spring almost Summer. I have leerned to hunt for birds n mice n chipmunks n moles fer food but it is nott easy n me feels badly fer eating dem. Dere are other stray katz here on da riverbank who tot me how to hunt n where to get water n where to sleep n where to stay dry when it rains. Me had chatted wif Midnite Milo a long time ago n he told me about diz 2 legged who gives propurr cat food n kibble n her kittygurl will sit n keep one companey….do ya reememburr him?Midnite Milo 005He waz a great support to me when me ferst waz abandonned by da river. He tot me evereything I needed to know to survive outside. Sumtimez we wood sit n meow n we thottwe were brotherz. Now Milo haz moved on so me never did find out fur sure. Wifout him me wuud have died. He waz right dat da blondey 2 legged IZ a sweet n kind purrson n she feeds me 2 meals EVERY night n Nylablue sitz by da patio door n she meowz to me while me eatz. Da sad part is me is afraid of 2 leggedz now so when da nice one talkz to me, me runz away. Mind you, me does stop to lissen to her make kissey noisez n call me…at ferst me nott know who diz Hercule Purr-o waz she waz calling & then it came to me…diz iz what da 2 legged calls me. She nott know me waz named Max when me waz a kitten ..dat iz all almost furgot that waz my name. Me likez me new name alot becuz me knowz da 2 legged likez me. She iz a guud 2 legged n Nylablue iz quite da Ladykat n she knowz alot of thingz n she likez to share her food becuz she spent time in da shadowz many yearz ago. Nylablue tellz me if me wood trust her 2 legged me could be cott n taken  to a place called da Shelltur n have da newterin done bee placed in a  new home….me will try butt me can not iz so scared of everything now…that iz the life of a Shadow kitty & it is not much of a life at all…Thank ya all fur readin me story n rememburr if ya see a stray kitty lurkin ind a shadowz please put some food n water n milk out becuz you cuud save a life dat night. Yer Shadow furend, Hercule Purr-o signin off fer now………

Easy like Sunday butt wif NO Sun

Published June 8, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Kwazy Katz: So dere iz NO SUN on Sunday!! What da POO-DLEZ is up wif DAT??? We haz bin ripped off!!! FLOUNDER!!! Me iz NOTT impurressed!! Can ya tell??? 😉  Anywho here iz me enjoyin Easy Sunday inside:Dreemin NylablueWhatcha all fink?? Dat tisshue papurr makez it just purrfect!!! Happy Easy Sunday eben if dere iz no Sun here…. Nylablue out!!!

Caturday chat condo side

Published June 7, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Kwazy Katz gather round fer a condo side chat in da Sun wif me:Condo time 004Ferst let me sayz me haz had a much bettur week diz week!!! Nott onlee me 8th Gotcha Day wif Mum butt me iz feelin more like me purrfect self n less like limpy dishrag! Me n Mum bin out EBERY day on da patio gettin Sunshine n eben wif Mum’z stoopid painfull Sinusitis we haz had guud dayz together.

Seckondlee me got a few Gotcha Day cardz me wanted to share wif ya all:Nylablue8thGotcha frum TimmyTomkat n CompaneeDiz frum Timmy Tomkat n hiz furamilee n me sayz PHANKZ!! Dat tuna-tuna Mouse cake shure waz guud 😉 Den me got a card frum Savannah n Sage n dere peepz:Gotcha Day  card frum Savannah n SagePhankz so much fer da grrreat card!!! Ya iz me BFF Savannah!!! Me also gott a annie-mated ecard frum Speedy n Miss Rachel butt me nott nose how to get it to werk here so me sayz Phankz fer da purrty card me sweet Bunneh furend.

N me just found me card frum me Aunti Bev n Da All Fer One gang:Happy Gotcha Day frum Aunti BevIzn’t diz pawsum?? Me gott another PONY!!!! Phankz so much Aunti!!!N PINK too…me LUBZ Pink 😉

So me guess many of ya bin wunderin what happened at da Vet’z Tuesday….well me waz purrty poorly me can tell ya. Me hipz were hertin n me  cuud not jump up propurrley so Mum had to carry me alot n me cuud nott stop da die-arrhea n me stopped eatin n drinkin AGAIN!!! Yah Mum waz beeside herself wif wurry so off we went to see Dr Dave. Mum told him, “Nylablue needz SubQ fluidz; Cartrophen fer Innflammashun n Depomedrol steroid fer da Bowel Disease n no Pepcid cause tummy quiet n Mirtazipine fer her appytite!! What ya fink Dr Dave??” Well he xamined me n he agreed wif Mum!! Clever Mum!! So all dat waz dun fer me n me haz flourished guud since den. So now it iz up to Mum n Dr Dave to keep me balanced. Me wishez dem luck 😉

In other newz Adelphia da Pidjun haz a new beau! We nott nose where Maximus went but now Aramis iz her steady companeeon n Mum sayz she found da nest n dey haz sum eggz in dere…Dey had bin takin ternz comin fer snackz n now comin together so da eggz must hab hatched:Aramis n Adelphia 1Aramis follows AdelphiaAramis watches AdelphiaDey do make a cute couple don’t dey?? We eben cott dem kissin outside da patio door:Adelphia & AramisIzn’t LUB grande?? We finkz so!!!!

So dat’z all da iz goin on da Da Purrfect Pad. Sunshine, Bird TV, Mum restin n reedin on patio n me soakin up da rayz! Purrfect!Condo time 001Nylablue out….out in me Condo n happy……

Me 8th Gotcha Day iz here!!!

Published June 5, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Hey dere Kwazy Katz: Diz iz ME day, me BERY speshell day: ME 8TH GOTCHA DAY!!! Da day me Life started fer reel!!!

Harken back to me sad beginninz. Me waz da kitt of a Siamese Mum n a Birman Poppa n me had lotz of fursibz. Befure me had a chance to leern anyfing me waz put in a cage n bred to boykatz…me had litter after litter….all me deer sweet kittz onlee wif me fer a while n den taken away….(Me now nose dey were sold to peeple n me hopez n purrayz dey all found guud homez). At 4 yeerz old me waz thrown out of whereber it waz me waz n wandered da streetz fer a few dayz n nitez…scarey place me can tell ya! A Hu’Man who saw me in dere yard scroungin fer food called Miss Renee n she came n swept me up n took me to da Sheltur….a noisy place butt dere waz a blankie n food n litter….so me settled in butt at da end of da day me waz taken away to another place (Renee’z sisfur) n dere waz a notty Spencer poochie n Macy da Siamese kitteh. Me smacked Spencer n put him in hiz place. Macy waz a lost kitteh followin me around butt me wanted to bee alone to fink about fingz. Not long after arrivin’  me had to haz another litter n me gott bery sick….so sick dat when me waz furinallee spayed, half me rotted teefiez were reemoved. Once me waz heeled no one had time fer me n when me started peein blood in urine me new diz waz “DA END” fer me.

What me did nott nose waz Miss Renee waz tryin to find me a new home n Miss Sherriellen waz lookin fer a kitteh just like me! As in a Siamese or a Birman; nott a ”sick as a poochie kitteh”! Anyway me waz put in a car n driven back into town to me new home. M. n R. brott me in; gave Mum sum kibble (me nott like) n a bit of litter from me old box n me n NUFFIN ELSE: no blankie; no toyz; no treetz; no food. When M. n R. left, Mum invited me up on couch to show me new dark blue blankie…me BERY OWN blankie!!! Beein after 6 pm da pet supply store waz closed so Mum had to dash to corner shop fer wet food n she gott me Fancey Feest. Da ferst nite we did meow a bit n me did play toyz n Mum told me about Mingflower n she just went to Summerland 3 monthz befur n she had left her toyz fer me! So a new chaptur in me sowwy Life started. Here iz me ferst piccie:Nylablue mini picMe had such purrty blue tintey furz but look at me mouth n cheekz cause me iz ackshully swollen!! Mum went da next day n got samplez of guud kibble fer me n she reealized sumfing waz wrong wif me teefiez n me urine. Dat ferst vet bizit did not go well; me lashed out at Dr Dave n he cuud nott treet me. So Mum gott Co-Enzyme 10 powder n started addin it to me foodz. Dat waz Aunti Anne’z idea..she iz so clever!! Now time moved on n me leerned to trust Dr. Dave n he waz able to diagnose Chronic Cystitis n help me get bettur wif hiz meddycashunz n da help of Dr Deb n her Accu-punkture…Nylablue VOGUES 08

Den in 2009 me had to hab da reemainin 11 rotted teefiez out n Dr Dave did surgery n Mum waz dere when me started to wake up! She haz been by me side thru it all n diz brott us closer together…it took a long time to reecover butt Mum helped me so much n once me gott stable me waz a happy kat!!!You make me laugh 2009

So me haz nott alwayz bin sick…me waz fine fer da longest time…eben when me did gott da FHV (Herpes Virus). Mum added L-Lysine powdur in me food. Mum iz bery clever too. What me wanted to say iz dat eben wif sum challengez me Life wif Mum haz bin purrfect!! Me haz 7 bedz to chose frum n 2 blankiez n Minkie insertz fer me carrier n me Condo fer goin out on patio. Me haz so many toyz n lotz of nip n me treeshured TwinkleStar Pony frum Aunti Janet n Kittehz Blue fursibz:Nylablue & TwinkleStar 003N me other ‘Pony’ Eesha Chinmaya me Ellyfant:Eesha Chinmayi & NylablueMe haz wanted fer nuffin in da 8 yeerz me haz bin wif me Mum who iz like me BIG Sisfur to me! She haz gone above n beeyond to keep me alive n healthee n happy wif da help of many peeple!! A speshell ‘Meow Out” to Dr Dave fer beein so gentle n purrsistent n NEBER givin up on me!!!

Look up....way up.....

Look up….way up…..

Wifout Dr  Dave n Mum me wuud nott bee here to sellybrate diz speshell day. Me also wantz to give a “Meow Out” to Aunti Linda (Savannah) n Unckle Terry (Brian ‘z Home) n Aunti Janet (Kittehz Blue) n Unckle Pete (TimmyTomkat) fer all yer speshell shupport to me n Mum over da past yeer!!! Ye me “Guardian Angelz” n me sayz a humbel PHANK YA! Furinallee me must give da most phankz to me Mum Sherriellen who insteed of ‘gettin rid of me’ like many told her to do  took me on 150 purr cent n haz fott n advocated fer me all dese yeerz. Yer me SHERO Mum!Strawberry S-E. 2012We hopez ya all stopz by n haz sum treetz n sum nip n sellybratez today!! Phankz fer beein our furendz n fer alwayz beein here fer me n Mum when she needz support!! Da Bloggie werld ROCKZ! So bemember we are nott just sellybratin me 8th Gotcha Day we iz sellybratin da meer-ackle n ❤ LUB ❤ we share together! ME CAN’T; WE CAN! ALWAYZ!! Nylablue out…out in me Condo:Nylablue 8 yrs here& TwinkleStar 013Nylablue sunbathin