Couchside Caturday wif Nylablue

Published May 3, 2014 by NylabluesMum

EEoww Krazy Katz: Iz Nylablue here…gather ’round fer me weekly couchside chat:Katchat wif NylablueFingz were interestin diz week; sum guud stuff n sum not-so-guud stuff…Iz allwayz sumfin goin on  here at Da Purrfect Pad!!  Mum’z flareup furinallee calmed ”da farm” down on Tuesday which waz a reel reeleef fer both of us…poor Mum suffered alot fer 2 hole weekz!!! Mum had her 6 month Chiro reeport on Tuesday mornin n it waz pawfull butt befur we get to it let me tell ya ME VET BIZIT waz GRREAT!!! Me weighz 9.7 poundz n me fur iz nott dandruffy at all. Me had me B12 n Pepcid injeckshunz n da oral Mirtazipine. Came home n hab bin eatin up a storm all week! Me onlee bin out once diz week fer 15 minuttz in Condo cause da North wind iz reelentless here n Da Sun tooked a bacashun n gone sumwhere warmer!

Diz iz what me finkz of da weather:PPPFFTTTT

So me cott a sniffle which iz me Feline Herpes Virus n Mum told me “NO GOIN OUT TIL DA SUN REETURNZ N IT IZ OVER 45 DEGREEZ N NO ARGUIN!!” So me purromised nott to argue which iz gonna bee hard fer me cause we ALL nose me LUBZ a guud argumint wif Mum, MOL! 🙂

Mum went out fer grocereez Monday n Fursday she went to Pet Valu fer kitteh litter n lotz n lotz of Fancey Feest….mmmmm…Fancey Feest…..oh wait me digressez. Mum ackshully RAN OUT of litter so me had onlee 1/4 inch thickness in me potty!! So me suggested to Mum she buy 2 bagz n she did! Whew me nott want to run out like dat again me hopez. Mistur Doug asked Mum why she bott a bazillion $50. dollerz of cat food n she told him bout our feralz. Poirot still comez around butt he avoidz da cammyra so no new pix. Sowwy. However Mum did get 2 pix of Greyboy who me meowz wif thru da patio door:GreyboyGreyboy 2Izn’t he hansum?? We iz furendz n me waitz fer him ebery nite. Sowwy bout da poor qualitee of pix but Mum did nott want to go neer window n scare Greyboy off. We haz quite a group don’t we??

So now to Mum. She had a turrible reeport. Diz iz what she told me Docktur said. Her C1-C2 neck verteebray are guud butt C3-C4-C5 are still strait n haz no naturelle curve in dem!! Den he told her da thoracic verteebrayz around T5-T6-T7-T8 haz da Skeletal Hyperostosis in dem n dere iz eagle talonz of bone growin on her spine! Pawfull n BERY scarey too. Den da last bit of newz iz Mum haz too much neuro-lodge-i-cal damage in her Sacro-Illiatic Jointz n da Illi-atic crestz which are da front of da Pelvick bonez n dere iz nuffin he can do to stop da Hyperostosis….Umm dude we allready new dat. Den da Docktur (me usez DAT term looselee)  told Mum she haz gained sum weight n messed up her kneez which iz wrong ’cause Mum came to him wif both kneez needin surgery  n she waz okayz weight. She cuud nott get surgery dun cause of da blood presshure isshue n me chroncik illnessez. (Da weight gain came last yeer cause she can not move around or walk cause of da bad kneez n her eatin junky food which she haz stopped.) Da Docktur den tried to get Mum to buy hiz wife’z IsaGenix’z productz which cost a fortune n den he told Mum she nott takin hiz care siriuslee. WHAT DA KAT????? Now diz IsaGenix’z meel reeplacemint drink costz $4.25 purr drink n he wantz Mum on 2 a day plus a regular meal…Purrposteruss we finkz! Mum came home shaken AND stirred n cryin…yah, dat iz sum Docktur makin a payshunt cry….diz iz nott de ferst time butt it bettur bee da last. He told Mum she iz wastin time keepin me alive n wastin time helpin me blog!! YAH he said dat to Mum!!!! He asked her why peeple help wiff me green papurrz n why dey nott help Mum get what she needz??? Mum xplained she helpz me wif bloggie n diz iz a pawbloggie community n she neber trolled fer green papurrz n any help given waz given freelee n she NOTT gonna ask anyone fer money other den Dad n he IZ payin fer da Chiropracktur!  Docktur got huffy wif Mum sayin she haz bad pryoretieez n  Mum told him diz nott hiz buzyness n she left!! Da nerve of diz so called Docktur! Mum called Dad Tuesday n dey talked about da situashun. Dad haz wundered if Mum waz gettin bettur or werse wif Chiropractick care. Mum sayz she can cancel altho dere iz sum legal cwap she wuud have to sort out….Well Dad called her back Fursday n told her to keep goin at leest once a week cause he will pay….Mum doez nott trust diz Docktur anymore cause he pushed hiz wife’z buzyness on her. Seemz he iz tryin to get money frum da poor peeple of his purractice which iz unethecal izn’t it?? So dat iz what we iz deelin wif here. Me told ya diz as Mum told it to me. Mum iz bery upset n confused n reelly nott shure what to do. Oh in da 4 yeerz she haz gone fer Chiropractick care she iz ONLEE 30 purr cent bettur overall….nott bery guud reesultz altho Mum nose it wuud take time to correct damage to her spine…butt wif her beein told dere iz ’nuffin dat can bee dun reelly n we just adjustin ya to keep fingz at bay’ n den to say nastee fingz about me n ask Mum to ask peepz fer money…well Mum sayz she beeleevez it iz time to quit…so me iz askin ya fer input.What do ya all fink?? Me agreez wif Mum beecause when me used to go to Dr Deb fer Accu-punk-ture n herbal treetmint when me gott poisoned by da herbal med dat waz rancid n Mum took me back to Dr Dave n he bin carin fer me since. She wuud nott put up wif poor care fer me n me not want her gettin poor care either n beein told she nott beein sirius….she iz da one livin wif Fibro n Arfuritis n Skeletal Hyperostosis; nott da Dr n he shuud bee showin Mum reespect. Da other fing dat upsetted us iz he neber eber asked to reed our bloggie so how can he haz an opineeon on it?? He meeted me 2 timez  when Mum had to take me cause of fire alarm testin so it iz nott like he neber seen me. Iz like he nott like 4 leggedz purrhapz??  So furendz pleeze commint n tell us what ya fink. We need sum cleer input cause we too emoshunall here at Da Pad!

Wishin eberyone a furabuluss weekend. We haz more cloudz n rain so me gonna haz sum guud snuggletime wif Mum n ‘happie nappiez’ Nylablue OUT!No Sun; no wakey wakey



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  • Oh NylaBlue I am SOOO MAD!!!!
    Bad Doctor! Bad! I can’t even meow so let me ask Dad to comment.

    Dad Pete: Hi NylaBlue and Mom.
    I am a Nurse who also deals with chronic pain from a motorcycle accident so that took my leg, put me in a wheelchair for 5 years (I still use one around the house) and left me with 48 bits of metal in me so…
    This so called doc is way out of line! Stop going Immediately!!! You can go on the web and search for Chiro that are in your area. If you have ANY problem with this I can do it if you email me your zip.
    I tell all my friends to remember we live in a free society. No matter what is going on you have the freedom to go to a provider that treats you like a Human Being. His selling his wifes products and pushing them is totally out of bounds. The things he said deserve investigation by his licensing state as it is OUT OF LINE! I know if I said something like that I would be out of a job.
    No matter the legal or other issues you can change providers and if someone told you that you cannot they are mistaken.
    If you would like email me at timdatomcat at gmail dot com
    I have a lot of background as I worked ICU CCU Ortho and ER before my accident and I now work in case management so please if I can be of ANY help at all feel free to contact me. To just chat too!
    OH I AM MAD!!! I want to hiss with Timmy.
    Pray you are feeling better after this horrible person said those awful things!
    Dad Pete

    Thanks Dad. Well I think that covers it. We are MAD!
    Purrs and Prayers
    Timmy and Dad

    • Yow Timmy me agreez wif ya about da hissin…me wanted to go up to his office n pee on his shoez butt Mum said dat nott such a guud idea 😉
      Me iz gettin Mum so she can reeply to yer Dad…here she iz:
      Hello Pete: Sherri-Ellen here. I made the decision Monday to not go back. I composed a letter of termination of services/financial obligation to this so called Doctor which was emailed Wed morn & a written/signed/dated letter was delivered to his office Wed at 3 pm while I was in the bank rearranging my finances so he can not take anymore money from my account. I also called Tuesday nite leaving a message I would not be in this week. Obviously once he read email/letter he would know I am not coming back at all. More & more people I recommended to his practice are coming forward to tell me of things he said to them which were downright unprofessional. He uses subtle intimidation & emotional blackmail to keep clients in the practice…..
      I am still sorting out where I can report him. It will take some time to heal from his unkind words about Nylablue & how I live my Life; however I will get thru this….no one puts me into a corner!!!! 😉
      Thank you Pete for taking the time to write to me. If someone would have told me this was going to happen a year ago I would not have believed them. Life sure is full of surprises; some good & some not so good. I have learned ALOT from all of this.
      I am sorry about your motorcycle accident; you are one strong person to be back working & living a normal life. I admire you ALOT!!!
      Please tell Timmy he can put his fur down & tell him Nylablue sends her **paw kisses** to him.
      Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Yow Miss Annie Mum haz found out da contract iz nott eben leegal as it nott signed propurrley. Today she iz goin to bank to open new account n put her green papurrz in dere safe in case Dr triez to take it frum her…
      (She paid fer da month n iz nott goin, butt wif all da other uneethecall stuff he haz said n dun Mum wantz to bee safe!)
      Mum sayz she trusted diz Dr too muc wif purrsonal fingz n he used dat against her…nott fair iz it??? Da bone disease iz progressin so dere iz no point in goin to a Chiropracktur…Mum mite look into sumfing else…in da future once diz iz all sorted out 😉
      Phankz fer bizitin us Miss Annie 🙂
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too xoxoxo

  • Your mum’s doctor said WHAT? MOUSES! Seriously, I think your mum’s doctor might be one of those duck doctors. That what they call ’em? Or is there another word….


    • Ya read it rite Nissy!!! he said all dem fingz to me Mum n he bin sayin alot since me gott so sick last yeer..he told mum it waz a waste of time n energee n green papurrz fer her to keep me alive!!! He wanted her green papurrz back den butt Mum did nott understand…she doez now 😉
      Yah da man iz a big freekin meen QUACK!!!! N dere iz another werd da ryhmez wif *suck* butt Mum sayz me NOTT alloud to use it….MOL….
      Lub Nylablue =^,,^=

  • I am angry on your behalf – what a complete idiot! My mum has RA and struggles in a very similar way and has a similar ‘helpful’ doctor who has had her in tears so many times that as a family we know refuse to let her go see him on her own. The man has no compassion, no understanding….can you tell him where to shove it and go somewhere else?

    it might be worth keeping a food diary and seeing if something set you off more that others, for example my mum can’t eat green peppers but can have red and yellow.

    Sending hugs

    • Hello Lauranne (what a beautiful name!): Thank you for stopping by & sharing with us. These ‘well meaning’ Doctors do more harm than good. I believe my chiropractor wanted me to leave the practice but thought he would try to just get some more money from me with the IsaGenix. The food issue is I was eating ‘junk food’. I have cut that out & am eating better snacks now for the past 3 1/2 weeks. If Dr would have ASKED I would have told him; all he did was order me to buy his wife’z products.
      It is all a huge mess but it will work out in one way or another. I am not going to go anywhere else. The bone disease I have is NOT responding to treatment so I am going to looks for other options.
      Thank you for thte support. I appreciate it.
      Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen

        • Hi Lauranne I have not tried Homeopathy & at this time have no interest in pursuing anything else. I have to open a new account & get my Pensions etc switched over….alot of time & energy to protect me from financial sabotage.
          Once this situation is resolved I will think about further health options. Nothing like this is covered here & I have no money for alternate medicine…
          Thanks for the thought tho’.

  • Wow I was going to say I was pleased that you were both feeling better, but then I read about that horrid doctor! Sending you and Mum both a big hug

    • Yow Basil me iz doin guud n Mum iz bettur frum dat nastee flare-up. She iz dun goin fer treetmint n haz tried to stop paymintz. Iz a huge mes n Mum bin in teerz fer 2 dayz now…diz A** of a Docktur iz makin her sick!! 😦
      MMMM phankz fer da {{{{HUGZ}}}} Mum liked herz n me liked mine too!
      We lubz ya poochieboy ❤
      Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxo

  • Hey Nylablue!
    Wow, it would be pawesome for you to join in on Date Day! The more the merrier. BOL/MOL You can check out my 4-30-14 post for details, but basically you just put up your own post all about your date on 5-19-14 and leave a comment for me so that I know you pawticipated. Everyone who does that will be entered in my random drawing for a prize pressie. Hope to see you then!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

    • Yow Sarge me hopez to join in da Date Day…me hopez to bee in guud enuff health ferstlee n den me haz to ask da kittehboy of me dreemz….dat iz gonna take sum doin; me iz nervuss!!!
      Me n Mum did checkz out yer Date post so we nose what to do…
      Now me just haz to pluck up da courage to ask da kittehboy 😉
      Eeoww n Woof frum Nylablue =^,,^=

  • nyla….tell yur mum…IF her ever ree ternz…. her kneads ta tell that dood itz non oh hiz damn biznezz how her $$$$ a farez iz handled….what her doez with her purrsona null time…N ta stix de temper achures takin dee vize up hiz ewe noe wear

    now….. time for toona toona….♥♥♥♥♥

    • MOL>>>>ROFWL Oh Tabbiez n Miss Laura me n Mum are cryin wif laffter (as dey say in Britian!!)
      Mum wuud LUB to tell Dr to stickz it in da ya no where’z butt she iz gonna do dipplow-matcik n see what happinz. Mum haz cancelled diz weekz appointmintz via phone n she haz composed a email lettur which will bee printed off. 1 copee fer her n 1 copee fer da Dr n our furend will deeliver it tomorrow after me goez to Vet’z…so we shall see what happinz 😉
      Phankz fer yer thottz…ya made us 🙂
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too xoxoxoxo

  • My fur is straight up stiff my sweet purr thing. Give me his name. That’s right – I’m coming to Canada to tell him a piece of this oinker’s mind. Mean snorts and shuffles hooves. He doesn’t need to mess with my peeps. He needs to stop ‘pushing’ to make more money and take care of mommy. If he can’t take care of mommy, there are more chiropractors in this world. Squeal – I’m on edge. XOXO – Bacon

    • Iz okayz Bacon pleeze settle yer fur sweetpiggieboy! Mum haz cancelled diz week’z adjustmintz n she haz written an email dat will bee printed; 1 copee fer her n 1 copee fer Dr. It will bee deelivered tomorrow after me Vet’z bizit n Mum will send da email too. We iz hopin he lissenz to reeson.
      If he nott lissen we let ya nose n ya can come stomp all over him okayz???
      He haz bin pushin to make more green papurrz fer shure n Mum iz bery offended me can tell ya. So much fer a guud Chiropracktur….
      **nose kissez** n ~~~head rubz~~~ yer sweet Nylalbue ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Yow Bacon ya nose ya iz me knite n shinin piggie armour…butt we must let Mum handle fingz her way ferst n den if it goez bad ya iz comin to Canada to whomp da Docktur!!!! 😉
          {{{HUGZ}}} to yer Mum frum me Mum n **nose kissez** to ya frum me Nylablue xoxoxo

    • Yow Aunti Rebby n McDuff dat iz what me bin finkin….he iz a mountain lion>>> RRRAAWWWRRR!!!!
      MOL me iz so funny 🙂
      Mum iz doin much bettur n sortin fingz out! Me needz me treetmint tomorrow butt iz doin well otherwise.
      **purrz** frum me Nylablue n {{{HUGZ}}} frum Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤

  • hello nylablue its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow it duz not seem like a kiropraktor shud be meddling in things wot do not konsern him wich wood probly be ennything beesides yore mamas spine!!! i no dada seez a kiropraktor wunse a munth and tucker saw his kiropraktor wunse a week for the last fyoo yeerz of his life and it is helpful for both of them but there kiropraktors do not try to sel them things or harang them abowt the fakt that i rite a blog!!! ennyway we hope yore mama feels mutch more then thirty per sent better soon!!! ok bye

    • Yow Dennis me poochie furend!! Phankz fer stoppin by. Me agreez wif ya ’bout da Chiroprcktur. Mum told him purrsonal stuff in confeedence n it seemz he iz now usin it fer his advantage which iz so nott rite. Mum iz on a reduced paymint plan n she haz noticed Dr pushez peeple like her around. He did it to our furend Miss Ruth frum our buildin too.
      WE nose Chiropracktic care werkz butt Mum cannot go thru all diz drama just fer treetmint…..
      Diz hole bloggie fing iz weerd too; we can not figure out why he comminted in such a neggytive way ’bout sumfing dat bringz us so much joy n sweet furendz…
      Mum iz feelin a bit nervuss butt she haz cancelled adjustmentz fer diz week n tomorrow da letter getz deelivered to Dr n email sent. WE hopez he treetz her okayz…we shall seez….
      ~~~head rubz~~~ Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Oh wow! Nylablue! Please give your mum a massive hug on my behalf. I understand how frustrating it can be when you have a terrible doctor, but in all honesty, this Dr your mum has seems even WORSE than any I have come into contact with before!
    He is unethical, unprofessional and unhelpful! He is the very opposite of what your mum needs, and all that and mum isn’t sure that what he HAS managed to do has really done her that much good? Urgh! Mum needs to sack him, right away!
    It is emotional in your house because the way he is treating your mum is WRONG! Nobody deserves to be made to feel like that by ANYBODY, least not a Dr!.. and don’t get me started on him pushing his wife’s services onto your mum! Urgh!! I am so mad on your mumma’s behalf, this man is a joke!
    Sounds like she would be better off seeing YOUR doctor Nylablue… I think he would help just as much if not more!
    Huge loves to you and your poor mummy!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

    • Yow Miss Carrie me iz snugglin Mum today!!! She n Dad spoke on da phone n he paid fer May so Mum sayz she will go fer 4 appointmintz n den leeve hiz purractice end of May. Da Dr did not eben let Mum xplain ’bout da ‘junk food’ n dat she had cut it out n waz losin a bit of weight allready….he just ran hiz mouth! Da fing dat pi**sed me off waz he told Mum to ask peeple HERE fer green papurrz to buy da wife’z productz…dat iz so so wrong….he threw it in Mum’z face dat dere are a few who put green papurrz down fer me Vet bill…he used diz AGAINST me Mum 😦
      Me iz furry furry angree! Me told Mum do nott take me dere again or me will get out of carrier n scratch him reel guud!!!! RRAAWWRRRRRR!!!!!
      Mum sayz she appurrsheatez ya stoppin by n me doez too.
      Lub to Myfie n Ellie n Millie frum me Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Not sure how it works where you live but; I think I would find a new DR for your yourself. I think you should be able to trust your DR. And that is wrong what they said about Nylablue to you. None of his business. I have had a couple DR’s I have felt uncomfortable with and I got different ones (both made me cry really bad-one told me I couldn’t be in that much pain with a fractured foot-I wanted to kick him in his you know whats). I hate pushy type ones that push stuff on you and make you feel bad. Really sorry you have to deal with that on top of not feeling well. Glad to hear Nylablue is doing well. I sure hope you can get some relief from the pain soon. I myself am the biggest baby when it comes to pain. Makes me so crabby. LOL. Wish I could make you feel better. Love to both.
    Sue B

    • Hello Sue & Fab Four Kitties: I spoke to my ex & he has put the $$$ for treatments so I will go for 4 more…one a week. Then I shall resign from his care end of May. I was pretty surprised when he started a sales pitch on me I can tell you. He never bothered to ask me what the problem was or was I doing anything about it. The only reason I gained some weight was eating ‘junk food’. I have cut that out & am 3 weekz into oat bars & fruit that I CAN afford…..
      He took advantage of me because I was just coming out of a flare-up. Nice tactic. He thinks I am an idiot which I am not. I am not a wuss when it comes to pain; I have lived with pain since I was 25. I know what to do & not do. I do feel better emotionally & physically the pain is mild & tolerable. Once I am done Chiro care I will work on figuring out what I can afford (if anything) & take it from there.
      Thanks for your support! ((((HUGS))))
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Yow Misaki we agreez wif ya n Miss Dawn. Mum haz taken on da advice on baord. she spoke to Dad today mn he putted da green papurrz in her account so she WILL go once a week fer May n den she iz gonna say “C U LATER”…she feelz she shuud go at leest da 4 timez cause Dad put da $$ in n it iz nott fair he getz his money’z werth. We iz werkin on who to complane too also 😉
      Phankz fer da input.
      Lub Nylablue =^,,^= n Sherriellen Mum too 🙂

  • We can see you are well stocked up on FF now sweet Nylablue. Hope the weather gets better there soon so you can enjoy doing what you have not been able to do for awhile. Sure sorry that your mom is having so many troubles with her back and we sure hope it gets all better very soon. Love, hugs and nose kisses

    • Yow Aunti Maggie Mum makez shure dere iz enufffer me n da feralz we feedz at nite here. Da Sun iz out today butt another Norhtwest chilli wind so nott outside 😦
      Mum’z back will neber get bettur; iz a bone disease dat keepz growin bone spurz. She iz gonna look fer sum new care.
      Lub to ya n Chancy n da gang frum me Nylalbue ❤ n Mum too ❤

  • Greyboy is a wonderful guy! I hope you can use your condo soon and you will get warm and sunny spring weather. That was really a bad report your mom got. And how mean that docktur guy was, to raise money for his wife that way! We had such a docktur-guy once too, he send all people (really all!) to the physiotherapy practice of his wife, no matter if you had a flu or an allergy, you got a referral to her practice.

    • Yow Easy me Champeeon Greyboy DID NOTT SHOW UP last nite!!! We iz hopin he iz okayz….he bin comin here fer weekz now…diz why we wishez all kittehz had guud homez n Condoz to bee out in so dey nott roamin around…so many bad fingz can happin 😉
      Yow so yer Hu’Manz habe seena Docktur like Mum’z?? Hmmm diz seemz to bee sum kind of theme we nott like!!
      Mum iz gonna go 4 more timez diz month n den call it ‘quittz’. Dad agreez.
      Phankz fer yer input. We appurrsheate ya stoppin by!
      Lub Nylablue ❤ n Mum too ❤

  • Nylablue, so great to hear you’re doing fine, but your mom has to change the docter immediately. I don’t believe he may call himself docter…. Maybe acupuncture will help. It’s worth a try, isn’t it? Pawkisses for an EASY Sunday…oh, and sending a lot of Healing Pawkisses to your mom 🙂

    • Yow AngelWhispurr n Binky so lubly to see ya here! We agreez about da Docktur. Mum spoke to Dad n he paid fer diz month so Mum sayz she go 4 more timez n den leeve da purractice. Mum will have to look fer a Accu-punk-turist…maybee Dr. Deb me 2nd Vet cuud do it on MUM, ROFWM!!!!
      **paw kissez** n ~~head rubz~~ rite back at ya!!! 🙂
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too xoxoxo

  • Glad to hear you are fighting fit
    NB chatting up the strays
    I have a straight vertebrae painful
    so understsnd somewhat..
    So sorry about the crap Doc. You should tell Mom to look for a new one
    & tell old one to mind his business.
    Hope that sun shows soon lubs ❤

    • Yow Aunti Amanda: Guud to see ya here. Me iz feeling purrty guud fer an old kittehgurl. Me likez chattin up da boyz da stop by fer suppa here 😉
      Mum sayz she doez understand about strait vertybrae n dat iz bery painful…
      Mum spoke to Dad n he paid fer da month so Mum will go once a week til end of May n den she iz leevin da purractice!!! She no longer trust da Docktur 😉
      Dda Sun iz shinin butt da Northwest wind iz blowin n so chilli me nott goin out!
      Much lub Nylablue ❤ n Mum too ❤

  • Oh Sherri-Ellen,time to kick the quack (Doctor) out the door and find new one, the man is an idiot.
    Yes losing a few pound will help but there are better ways to do that. I could stand to lose some my self…I guess we have both been a bit naughty on that front. But No Quack has the right to treat you like that. Maybe pool therapy and pain management would be a better option for you at the moment till you de-stress over this Quack, and them may be later on get another Chiropractor.
    Maybe we can help each other to lose a few pounds via email with recipes/meal plans and support for each other with our own online club just you and me, let me know what you think. I’ll email you with some other idea’s later today.
    Nylablue you sweet girl keep being fitting fit my girl, hope your sniffle abates soon.
    Love and hugs to you both,xx Rachel

    • Yow Miss Rachel we agreez if it walkz like a duck n talkz like a duck n lookz like a duck; den it must BEE a Quack 😉 Me sniffle went away so Mum iz bery happy!!! Okayz over to Mum…..
      Hello Rachel I cannot do pool therapy as I am highly allergic to Chlorine in the water. This has been a lifelong issue. I do have pain management on board so that is covered. I was going for Chiro care to adjust & fix my neck & spine…now he tells me he cannot fix anything else due to neurological damage so I shoud buy meal replacement drinks….ridiculous.
      I will get back to you via regular email about your idea….thank you for your concern.
      Love & snuggles & ~~head rubz~~ from Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xo

  • Oh I read your blog and I felt quite cross. I thinking pushing that meal replacement is quite ridiculous. A person with chronic illness needs proper, nutritional food, not someone’s wife’s powder.
    Tell your Mother that Doctor is not the right one for her. He will end up giving her “bad nerves” with his ridiculous comments and obvious lack of empathy. I recommend another Doctor but some rest first to get over this awful experience. <3.

    • Yow Miss Sharon yer kind werdz reelly helped me Mum today! She sayz PHANK YA SO MUCH fer what ya said ’cause she feelz reel food iz better den sum meel reeplacement drink…Mum haz tried sum of dem befur n she alwayz getz hungree 2 hourz after n den eatz anywayz! Plus da weight Mum put n waz frum ‘junk food’ n she deecided a while ago to eatz more fruit n proper granola snackz. If ‘Dr Dumm’ had bothered to ask her about fingz she cuud have told him, but he tried to railroad Mum into buyin hiz wife’z productz….ya iz rite about da ‘bad nervez’ too!
      Mum spoke to Dad n he allready paid fer May so Mum sayz she will go weeklee n den quit. Den Mum will deecide what to do next….
      We iz so glad ya helped us out; phjank ya again Miss Sharon xo
      Nylablue ❤ n Sherriellen Mum ❤

  • Well Sweet Nylablue I believe we all feel pretty much the same. It is time for Sherri-Ellen to find a new chiropractor to treat her if that is the way she chooses to continue her treatment. No physician or practitioner should push products onto people, nor try to discourage them from doing mentally healthy things. Being part of a wonderful community like the Blogging world or having pets, which are well know to help people heal and maintain good mental health, are very important to a person’s well being. It sounds like he wants her to spend her money on him and his wife’s products and pad his pockets! He also sounds like an arrogant idiot and she needs to move on.
    Marty’s Mom

    • EEoww Marty’z Mom! We iz glad ya stopped by…here iz Mum to reeply to yer commint:
      Hi there..Isn’t Nylablue a great secretary?? LOL. I fully agree with your suggestions. I have noticed we no longer are shown our scan results or our posture photo. There are obvious chinks in his care plan & he has become quite arrogant & pushy the past year. Subtle but I see it all clearly now. He is trying to pad the pockets so to speak! He has no compassion or emapthy & I see that now…
      As my ex paid for 4 more appointments I shall go for 4 treatments & then leave for good. It won’t hurt to go….thanks for your input!
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxoxo

    • Yow Wally n Ernie n Zoey me iz feelin so guud da past 3 weekz…pawsum!!!!! 🙂
      Mum agreez she will cut diz Dr loose end of da month n den deecide what to do next.
      Phankz fer stoppin by; me wil pop over to da Island later today! 😉
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Just a quick reply cos i feel this is important to say (will reply fully later). He needs reporting to whoever governs his professional, you know what I mean…for example here if we had a complaint with a dentist for example we can report them to the British Dental Association, he is surely a member of something along those lines for chiro? He should not be so damn rude and nosey and as for the stuff his wife sells that sounds like the fortisip drinks my dietician put me on, luckily free here but my gp was astounded as they are meant for old frail people in nursing homes and they are full of calories,so why give them to me if I’m so overweight? I do not think you should touch them with a bargepole! How about the alexander technique, is that safe for you? Have you had a report from a physiotherapist? Sorry if I am repeating what anyone else might of said, have not read other peoples replies yet.Tai chi is really useful, its the only exercise I can do considering my sacro, hips, spine, neck etc, it is highly recomended for people with fibro to help manage pain and get a bit of mobility back. You do not even have to go out to expensive classes. I have a book and dvd and do it at home. I am so sorry he upset you so much; what an insensitive b*****d (( hugs))

        • Yow Aunti Eevee iz bunderfull to see ya here…me tern diz over to Mum 🙂
          Hi Sis! I agree I have to find a governing body to lodge a complaint with. I have researched IsaGenix & it is ok for cleansing & that is about all. It is NOT recognized by the Canadian medical profession like Unicity products are. Plus I do not do well on shakes/meal replacements…I am always hungry in 2 hours & end up eating so more calories instead of less. The reason I gained the weight was eating ‘junk food’ & ‘choccie’….so 3 weeks ago I decided to make changes to my snacking. Now eating more fruit & granola bars (don’t worry reading labels). I feel better not eating the crisps & other snack foods & choccie 😉 Did he ask me that?? No just assumed I am an idiot & insulted me & tried to force me to sign up for the products his wife sells!!
          What is the Alexander technique??
          Yes I have had reports from Physiotherapy. I have tried Tai Chi & not good at it. Allergic to Chlorine in pools so water therapy out.
          As my ex has paid for this month I shall go once a week & then discontinue at end of month.
          I have alot of things to look into. I have some exercises I can do & my ex says he will help me buy new knee stabilizer brace so I can walk better. Thank you for your thoughts & ideas! You are such a great Sister! ❤
          Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxo

    • Yow it seemz diz Docktur haz a problem wif me G-Piggiez…he haz met me twice n me waz well beehaved n did not katerwaul or sing to him….
      Me Mum sayz it cuud bee werse n when she givez up goin to diz Chiropracktur she will nott bee able to get another one cause nun of da otherz hab a speshell paymint plan….
      Butt Mum can not take diz anymore…
      Lub to yer Mum n all of ya frum me Nylablue ❤ n Sherriellen Mum too ❤

  • Well, I agree with Sparkle, he isn’t a doctor, he is a duck…quack, quack, quack! We just don’t know much about back stuff, but looks like some good advice here. Love ya Nylablue, take care of that Mum.

    • Yow Brian me sweet furend we iz finkin more n more dere iz sumfing purrty shadey about all diz. Quack quack iz rite!! Mum nose alot about da spine n isshuez so she will bee able to check around to see what she can afford….dere iz no cure so whatever she goez fer iz just to stop da pain n loosen her up a bit….
      Me iz rite beeside Mum on da futon couch n makin shure she iz beehavin herself 😉
      Lub to ya n da Pawentz frum me Nylablue ❤ n Sherriellen Mum too ❤

  • Miss Nylablue, I am so glad that you and Mum have so many loyal friends. I read the other comments. So many people suggested acupuncture. I think it’s a fine idea, and definitely worth checking out. Also Miss Vera’s suggestion of a visit to an osteopath. Mum’s hyperostosis must be very scary to deal with. Plus I agree with people who said not to see Dr. Z any more. I did not know that he made Mum cry 3 times! Shame on him! Finally, please thank Mum for the photos of Grey Boy. I am so glad you have friends who come to visit.

    • EEoww Miss Susan! Lubly to see ya here. Ya iz one of our loyalist furendz n we iz so blessed to nose ya!!! Mum agreez wif da Accu-punk-ture..she haz to find out who doez it n how much n den talk to Dad….
      Da Osteopath iz a grrreat idea to…not shure if we haz any here so Mum will have to investigate dat too.
      Mum’z Hyperostosis IZ scarey n it takez away her moe-billitee n makez her unable to bee flexxyble. Plus da pain iz nuffin to sneeze at either 😉
      Da Docktur made Mum cry last July when me ferst got sick wif Bowel Disease n den in Octoburr when me gott Pancreatitis he told Mum to just ‘put me to sleep’ n let go of da stress of takin care of a sick kitteh!! Da nerve!!! **furz stand up on end** **hissez**
      Mum gave him 3 chancez n he waz meen ebery time.
      Izn’t Greyboy a reel cutie?? He used to hab a home butt he iz alone now…..poor kittehboy…me likez him ALOT 😉
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • Yow Chan Kittehz me too finkz it iz time to cut Dr. Z loose n nott look back. Mum iz finkin of nott even goin back diz week….
      Me iz doin bery well which iz lubly. Now if da weather wuud smarten up so me cuud go out in Condo!!! 😉
      We haz to pop over n reed a bazillion of yer bloggiez…do nott give up on us!!!!
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Goodness me, I agree with the guys, a change of doctor is needed ASAP….he really sounds like a quack salesman…You need pain management not buying untested and maybe dangerous medication??? if that’s the correct term, sounds hocus pocus to me. Please Sherriellen, if its possible at least get another opinion from another doctor.Hugs and blessings to you both, and happy to hear that Sweetfeet is improving xxx

    • Yow Aunti Pearl iz lubly to see ya here! Me iz doin furabuluss diz past few weekz!! Hurrah fer ME!!!!
      Lub yer ‘Sweet Feet’ =^,,^= …..over to Mum:
      Hi Pearl I totally agree with you. There is no scientific or medical reporting that these products work. Plus the cost is astronomical for someone of my financial status. I beleive the Dr does not feel he is getting enough payment anymore & is trying to find a way to make more money & as he stated he can not really improve things for me he is trying to push me out…I am done with the games! My family Doctor told me a while ago if I went thru this scenario again I should leave his practice…..
      Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.
      Love Sherri-Ellen ❤

    • Yow Savannah me BFF grrrreat advice n me N Mum agreez!!! Da werdz goin in da litter bag n to da garbage room… 😉
      As fer me izn’t diz grrreat newz?? Mind ya me DID get a sniffle n Mum waz all over me like a rsh n told me dere waz no way me go out til it getz *Summer* like….she iz a guud Mum 😉
      Lub to ya n Aunti Linda n Mistur Peter n da Kid Sage too
      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Oh My Nylabluewoowooooooooo! So happy you are doing so beauwoowooootifully! But sorry fur Miss Sherri-Ellen’s dogter trouble! Mama says maybe your mum should try acupuncture instead of chiropractor cuz that can help regulate energy channels which may help with weight issues, and it is furry furry good for pain and fatigue management.
    Me and the whole pack send you two lots and lots of wuvwuvwuvwuv and Mama’s magical healing Reiki light!
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox, Your true Ku

    • Yow me sweet blue Ku woooo oooooo how me haz missed U ❤
      Me iz feelin pawsum da last few weekzMum zi furry happy 'bout dat as ya can eemagin!
      Phankz fer yer input Miss Julianne about Accu-punk-ture….she iz finkin diz mite bee a grreat idea; werked fer me 😉
      We lubz yer lub n Reiki lite….Mum sayz dat werkz guud too!!
      Lub lub lub n ~~~head rubz~~~ frum Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I am happy to know that Nylablue is doing okay ! But so sorry to hear about a not so sensitive doctor for mom…. I know what that means because since coming to Idaho I had to set up all new doctors… Fortunately my insurance allows me to change doctors as I want so I tried and rejected several before I became happy with the ones that I have now. I wonder if you could try an osteopath instead of chiro for a while. Osteopaths are MDs with a special interest in whole body integration, they do gentle manipulation that rearranges the integrity of the muscular-skeletal system as much as it is possible. Certain conditions are inherently difficult to manage, as my weak back for instance.
    Osteopaths were not available in California on any insurance, but here it is different and I have been very happy with the doctor that I see. He is also very sensitive and compassionate. That is important when one has to deal with a variety of problems, as I do. I have not tried acupuncture but I know that it has helped people that I know. Swimming in a warm-water pool was very helpful but I did not find any here in Idaho.
    Sherri-Ellen I hope that you can find some new okay doctor !! Sending you my best wishes and
    a hug. Vera

    • Yow Miss Vera me iz doin grrreat xcept fer da sniffle…just one sniffle n Mum sayz no outside; mind ya it iz rainin cwazy outside n chilli so me iz happy to bee inside snugglin Mum.
      Mum iz allergick to chlorine in da poolz so she can not do pool therapy. She haz tried butt eggzema breakz out all over n she sufferz alot.
      Now diz Osteopath idea iz interestin n me will tell her about diz. Nott shure if we haz dem here.
      As Chiropracterz are NOTT covered under health care sistem here Mum can switch wheneber she wantz.
      Phankz fer da suggestshunz…all da ideaz help.
      Lub Nylablue ❤ Sherriellen Mum ❤

  • My human thinks that doctor is horrible and your human should get another one asap! He sounds like 1) a quack for trying to push expensive supplements on her, 2) manipulative and judgmental, ’cause what she does with her free time is none of his business and 3) NOT an animal person, which means he is already not a good person, no matter what.

    • Yow Sparkle tell yer Hu’Man PHANKZ fer her innput. Diz iz what me Aunti Judith told Mum allmost do da lettur!! Mum agreez she felt manipulated by him n dat she had to deefend herself n our bloggie…she shuud nott hab to xplane herself to anyone shuud she???
      Me finkz Mum mite pack it in diz week comin n nott wait til end of month 😉
      Pleeze ~~head rub~~ yer Hu’Man fer me.
      Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • Oh boy, Sisfur Nylablue and Mum Sherri-Ellen, this is a pawsome state of affairs. I say kick the chiro to the curb. For starters, he just sounds ignorant in so many different ways. If a doctor upsets you that much, no matter what care he offers, it isn’t going to work.That happened to me many years ago after my doctor retired and I had to get a new one. The second time I went, I came home crying, and that was the end of him. If he is pushing some crap on you Sherri-Ellen that his wife has concocted, that’s another reason to dump him. I think, based on your advanced condition of spinal problems, that you would be much better trying acupuncture just to manage the pain. When pain is managed, movement becomes much easier. I have been getting acupuncture for more years than I can now remember, and it saved my life. I know the medical system in Canada is different, but can you get P.T. Pool therapy is another great thing to help with your problems. I am now in the pool almost efurryday. I am glad that NB is doing so well and is even gaining weight. Wish she could get outside more. I am praying for both of you efurryday and the kitties are purring. With love and hugs, NB’s Aunti Janet and XO from her brofur and sisfurs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Yow Aunti Janet n Kittehz Blue it iZ a pawsum state of affairz. Me iz fed up seein Mum cry when she comez home frum reeport….diz iz da 3rd time he haz made Mum cry…me sayz 3 strikez n “YER OUT!!!”
      Me haz wundered if Accu-punk-ture wuud werk fer Mum; it werked fer me n me just a kitteh! Mum will haz to check out da cost n who doez it in town. Mum lubz da pool butt she haz turrible eggzema n da chlorine makez it break out all over her body so she nott able to do pool therapee…butt iz a grreat idea.
      Mum also needz to get to da Hospital Physio sumtime to get sum xercisez….dat iz on back burner…wif all da snow n now all da rain travellin iz ruff here.
      Iz rainin kittehz n poochiez out today; no hope fer da Condo at all 😦
      Me iz snugglin Mum n we doin reepliez n we got a bazillion bloggiez to reed so we haz lotz to do!
      Lub to ya Aunti n phankz fer yer input n lub to me Sisfurz n Brofur.
      ❤ Nylablue ❤ n Mum too xoxoxo

      • Dear Sherri-Ellen and Nylablue, I know about the eczema. I have just a couple patches and so can deal with it. I used to get these injections in my neck all the time as I have three protruding discs in my neck. I was very fortunate that my acupuncture MD decided she didn’t want me to keep getting them, just before a bunch of people getting them at the facility where I did died from that tainted medicine. I did twice a week P.T. for 46 weeks to try to realign my spine and it really helped me but keeping up with the exercises at home was really hard to do. I hope you can find the right treatment, but please do not go back to that hateful chiropractor. He has no business trying to sell you stuff or dictate how you two live your lives. He’s a jerk. I am leaving on Wednesday to go to the Blog Paws conference in Las Vegas. I don’t travel well by myself, but I have a wheel-chair assist ordered for the airports. I am really looking forward to this; though, finding clothes in my closet to wear has been quite a challenge as I gained about 15 pounds this winter. I love you both as if you were my family…no wait I love you better than any of my family, not that I have many members remaining. Hope those puppies and kitties quit falling out of the sky in the form of raindrops. We had a purry nice day today except for really high winds. Hugs, Aunti Janet and XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

        • Hi Janet boy we are more alike than I ever knew!! I have to be so careful with the eczema. Special soap & cream plus Aveeno products Oh & Spectro Care helps too.
          I too have trouble staying disciplined doing exercises at home….however I have to figure out some way to motivate myself.
          I appreciate your support. I feel it is time to discontinue with this Doctor. He has crossed the line about 1) Nylablue 2) how I live my life 3) my weight 3 times….my weight is not the issue; it is the mobility…& me eating junk food. I have admitted to myself I emotion eat & now I’m changing those eating habits.
          You are going to Blogpaws??!!!??? Awesome! I hope you have a fantastic time! Hope all goes well travelling; it can be a bit of a challenge can’t it???
          I bet the clobber of kitties will miss you alot 😉
          It just keeps raining here. This has been the rainiest Spring since 1992….I fear our Summer will be wet & waterlogged too.
          We had high winds the beginning of last week; patio furniture everywhere & recycle bins rolling down the street…..ah the signs of Spring, lol……
          Wishin gyou all thte best. Love you too like family; we ARE family!!
          Love Sherri-Ellen & a snoozing Nylablue too xoxoxo

  • I think both of you need GOOD physicians taking care of you…..Nylablue I think you have a good doctor but your Mom – NOT. Anyway with both of you having significant health issues nothing is as important as getting appropriate care. I wouldn’t trust a doctor whose first priority is selling ANYTHING – they are physicians, not product salesmen (well, supposedly anyway!!!!!).


    • Phankz Miss Pam dat iz what me n Mum finkz too….He iz apposta bee a Chiropracktur n not sellin productz. Phankz fer yer input. Iz helpfull 🙂
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤

    • Yow Miss Jenna n Lexus, Koda n Mika…what it all meenz iz da Docktur wantz Mum to buy hiz wife’z health productz dat are nott approved by medical purrfession n Mum not have alot of money fer dat. Plus he sayz he cannot reelly help Mum so what iz da point of her goin??
      Me iz fine n Mum iz okayz…just another stoopid situashun to get thru 😉
      xo Nylablue xo

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