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Condo Caturday Catch-up wif Nylablue

Published May 31, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Kwazy Katz: Iz Nylablue here frum da Condo to meow a bit wif ya all ’bout diz past week:Condo CaturdayIz purrfect weather here at Da Purrfect Pad so me enjoyin da Sunshine n doin bloggie frum me Condo like a reeportur on da scene , MOL…

Ferst me wantz to sayz Farewell to me furend Apollo Kittehboy frum Haiku By Ku bloggie. Here iz himz:ApolloIz bery sad to see him leeve fer Summerland butt we nose he had to go….we will miss him so much n we sendz sympaffeez n Lub to Miss Julianne n Kuruk me sweetpoochieboy n Nalle n we lit a candle fer dem all n Apollo:candleMe hopez ya all will go over to see Miss Julianne n Kuruk n Nalle n leeve sum guud werdz fer dem okayz?? We iz all in diz together, rite, rite???

On a happier note me got an award in fact me gott it twice. Ferst frum me beeloved Bacon sweetpiggieboy n den frum Dezi n Lexi Of Dezi’z Werld bloggie. Is pawsum Award n we sayz BIG Phankz fer it:award-from-dezi n lexiMe haz fallen beehind wif bloggie reedin so we feel da shaw-grin to gettz diz…Mum we haz to do bettur in future or else we gett da Not so guud Reedership Award, MOL!!! Now as fer rulez we throwz dem out da Condo! Me sayz all who reedz me bloggie eben when me nott get to yerz shuud take da award…help yerself efurryone!!!

Now on to me faverite topic: ME!! Tuna-tuna iz seckond 😉 MOL.  Me haz had a sumwhat bettur week in da *ahem* bowel deepartmint. Mum haz nooticed me can not eatz da Marinated Chickin anymore wifout “reepurrcushinz” so she gott me sum Sliced Chinkin n Turkey instead n dat doez not cause da ‘poop greef’!!! Me Aunti Anne came to bizit n brott me Senior Consult kibblez fer treetz which me used to bee able to die-gest. Mum cut 4 peecez into halvez n me nommed dem n den da ‘poop greef’ hit me again!!! Diz reedickuluss…what iz a kitteh apposta eatz??? Ya gott it in one: TUNA-TUNA  of coarse:time fer tuna-tunaNeber mind da Fancey Feest bird stuff bring on da Tuna-Tuna Mum!!! MOL me gott Mum aka Staff trained well. Now me haz another prublem as me Arfuritis in me hipz flared-ip diz week so me walkin all stiff n tendur like. Mum meowed wif Dr Dave n me gonna get Cartrophen on Tuesday fer da innflammashun (along wif alot of other injeckshunz; me gonna bee a pin cushun..) Mum iz helpin me by liftin me up onto da totez or da couch n she eben carriez me to litter n back out to Condo…me shure feelz like da Queen me trulee iz!! Eben tho me not 100% purrcent me iz feelin purrty guud all fingz considered:Feelin Firskie 1Furinallee me wantz to share sumfing cute frum da Facebook what iz so true of us Feelinez:Why I Love CATSMOL diz iz so cute n so true! So me furendz me finkz diz bin a bettur week fer me n now me must get sum more zzzzzzzzzz’z so me iz signin off: Nylablue out…Out in me Condo!!!!  🙂Condo Caturday 3


Fuzzy wuzzy Furiday

Published May 23, 2014 by NylabluesMum

EEooww Krazy Katz: Nylablue here. Diz iz gonna bee short post ’cause me is still recupin frum da stoopid freekin nastee Bowel Disease n Pancreatitis flare-up…me haz felt like a limpy dishrag! Just nott feelin too energetick me can tell ya. Me did get out in Condo yesturday n me snugggled wif Perry Peregrine:Nylablue & PerryHe watchez over me when me iz outside n me lovez how soft he iz. Last nite me had a guud nap wif me TwinkleStar (frum Aunti Janet n Kittehz Blue):NB & Twinkle Star 1NB & Twinkle star 2Me LUBZ me TwinkleStar! She is soft n sweet n lissenz  me prublemz or me snorez, MOL!!!

Today is too chilli (again) fer me to go out in Condo so me deecided to go fer a pantree nap n me took me Pinky Piggie in dere wif me:Nylablue & Pinky 1Nylablue & Pinky 2Me iz purrtendin me iz sleepin wif me **Sweetpiggieboy** Bacon 😉

Me iz a reel ‘fuzzy wuzzy’ lubber!!! Me iz stable sorta….me iz eatin guud n da die-a-rrhea haz slowed down to once a day semi-formed poopcakez! Oh grrrreat now me iz talkin ‘poop talk’; sowwy…diz haz bin a ruff time fer me n Mum….She will nott leeve me fer more den 2 hourz she iz beein so vigilantte all over me butt purrson. She iz a guud Mum n me wuud nott hab lasted diz long wifout her lub n care! N all of ya comin over to bizit us here n leevin such upliftin commintz n sum grrreat ideaz iz so appurrsheated by both of us. We iz in diz *mess* together rite??  Okayz Katz me iz goin back to da pantree wif Pinky Piggie; me catch ya latur! Nylablue out….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….

Kozy Caturday Fireside chat wif Nylablue

Published May 17, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Gather round da fireplace n let me tell ya all about our week at Da Purrfect Pad.FireplaceIz still bery chilli here n me nott bin out in Condo fer da hole week….dere eben haz bin wet snow in earlee mornin hourz!! Mum n her furendz are NOTT amused n hay, neether iz me!! No Condo n no patio time just suckz!!! Butt me digressez…so me bin doin alot of diz:ZZZZZ 3Me went to see Dr Dave on Tuesday fer da Pepcid injeckshun n Mirtazipine n me weighed 9.8 lbz so holdin me weight guud. We came home n Mum bin watchin me like a ‘you-know-what’ again:

Hawk eyeReelly Mum?? Diz iz gettin old….nuffin to see here…move along….n me went back to gettin sum zzzzzzzz’z….trubble waz me WAZ NOTT feeling well at all n Mum new sumfing waz wrong!!! Fursday evenin me woke up sudden n me vomited all over me pedestal bed….EEEWWW…so me ran out to livin room to tell Mum. Den a seckond wave hit me n me purrjecktile vomited on da floor n Mum looked horroarfied! Me just stood dere feelin purrty stoopid sicklee n Mum  launched off da couch n put me on da armless chair aka Da Throne:Sweet snoozin NB 3Me just closed me eyez n rested while Mum called da Vet butt got no answer so she emailed him on da super seecret email while tryin to comfert me n cleen up 2 pilez of undigested food n kibble vomit!!! So while Mum iz tryin to do all diz at once da ChiroQuacktur callz her n triez to sweet talk her to come back to da purractice. She shure gave him a peece of her mind!! Go MUM!!! She n he reeched a truce n he asked her to let him nose if she will come back startin in June n she sayz she let him nose…she iz no more goin back den me iz gonna fly around da werld!!!  😉  Den one of da old dearz frum da buildin came to speek to Mum askin why Mum waz upset wif her?? Mum neber bin upset wif Miss Betty eber n dey chatted fer a bit n me herd dat sumone told  miss Betty 3 weekz ago Mum said diz which waz a lie n dere iz more gossip flyin den Lufthansa planez here!!! Lufthansa Airbus A380Say dere iz a theme goin on here: purrjecktile vomitin; Mum flyin off da couch to help me; flyin around da werld; hawk eyez; Lufthansa…MOL!!!  Clever me!!!!

Mum missed Bingo she waz so wurried about me. We sleeped together Fursday nite. 8 A.M. Furiday morn Mum waz on da phone to da Vet’z n made an appointmint fer me. So we went back to see Dr Dave n Mum told him it waz Pancreatitis flarin up n he checked me out n shure enuff Mum waz RITE!!!! Hurrah fer Mum!!! So me had more Pepcid  cause dere waz a grrr-animal in me tummy n da rest of da Depomedrol shot me did not hab 2 weekz ago cause Dr Dave thott he cuud reeduce da dosage (sowwy Dr. Dave me needz it ALL!) Furinallee Miss Terry came in to hold me fer da stingie Cerenia injeckshun butt me nott struggle at all….in fact me waz SO-O well beehaved eberyone waz wurryin about me….a kittehgurl just can’t win can she?? MOL 🙂

Seemz da more fuss me makez da better. Hu’manz are so weerd 😉  Mum n me had a snuggley nap after we got home n dat helped us both. Me had sum guud suppa last nite n kept it down n me iz eatin better today n eben had tuna-tuna!!! Hurrah fer me!!! Oh n guess what?? Me weighz 10.1 lbz now!!! 

So dat’z da week we had here! Iz allwayz sumfing happenin here at Da Purrfect Pad. Me er  WE apaulogizez we fell beehind reedin bloggiez again. Sum of ya haz seen us n sum of ya haz nott butt it doez nott meen we do not care…we will do our best to stop by n bizit all of ya. How waz yer week?? We hopez bettur den ourz! We givez a “Meow Out” to Princeton who haz an ouchie eye:Princeton'z ouchie eye 2N Precious had sum vomitin too on Princeton’z beehalf:Precious kitteh 2Pleeze run over to ANGEL PRANCER PIE’z bloggie  n leeve sum guud wishez okayz?? Phankz fer stoppin by n bizitin us…me haz to go haz a nappie now……zzzzzzzz…….Nylablue camoflagedNylablue out !!!!  



Caturday CONDO-SIDE chat wif Nylablue

Published May 10, 2014 by NylabluesMum

On my face 2Yow Krazy Katz: Iz Nylablue here to catch ya up on our week at Da Purrfect Pad!! Waz a rolliecoastur purr ushuall butt we gott thru it n here me iz wif da hi-litez n pix!

Ferst me Vet bizit. Diz went BERY well….me iz 9.8 lbz n me coat iz shiney n no dandruff either! Hurrah! Me had me Depomedrol steroid injeckshun n Pepcid too; den da oral Mirtazipine…me fott like a coo-gur n Dr Dave cuud nott help laffin at me! He sayz he not mind me beein so spunky cause it meenz me feelz guud n who wuud have thott me wuud STILL be here fer Spring???

As fer Spring; it haz furinallee arrived! Look at da ferst violetz:First Violets

N da ferst crocusez:1st crocuses 1

1st crocuses 4Purrty aren’t dey?? We iz so happy spring furinallee ‘sprung’ n bout time too!!! Here iz me fresh kitteh grass patch too:NB's new grassIz so-o nommie guud!! Phankz Mum fer plantin da seedz fer me.

Speekin of Mum; she hab a wild week. She deecided to quitz da Chiropracktur after all da advice n support she gott here. So she cancelled appointmintz fer da week over da phone n went fer leegal counsill. She had to rite a fancey letter called “Lettur of Notificashun to cansil Servicez n Reelease of finanshall obblygashun”. She den had to photocopy it n sign 2 copiez. One she keeped n one Miss CathyJean deelivered in purrson while Mum waz at da bank Wednesday. Mum also sent da lettur via email so dere waz no way Chiropracktur cuud say he NOTT reeceeve no-teeficashun. Clever Mum!!  She waz at bank 2 timez fer infermashun n den Wednesday she went n opened a new account to putz our green papurrz in so no one cuud take dem out n she cancelled da Direct paymint (Butt dere iz no guarantee da green papurrz not dizappeer eben wif cancel memo on dem…) Now she will hab to watch fer sum green papurrz dat will go into old account n den grab dem quick n put dem in new account. We also found out da Con-tract WAZ not leegal n a big ‘con’ fer shure!!!! So dat iz why we iz purrtectin ourselvez now. Mum also had to no-tee-fy da Housin n da Widow’z Penshun n da Disabillitee peeplez n get faxez sent n go in purrson to Penshun office! Unckle Arie waz up on Fursday so he chaffeured Mum around n she gott fingz dun. She also gott to go fer Greek Gyro n friez at Europa’z n see her furendz she haz nott seen in a few yeerz. Now diz all soundz easy peesy butt Mum waz in nottz fer da hole week; she wurried n wurried n made herself sick! At leest yesturday n today we haz bin sittin out on da patio n bizit wif furendz n nott stress over anyfing! Whew! It waz hard werk keepin Mum calm n me had to sitz on her ebery nite like diz:Lap kitteh NBDat iz one way to keep a paw on da Hu’Mum!! If it fitz; me sitz, MOL!!!

Mum haz leerned alot diz past 2 weekz n she sayz she will neber let anyone haz access to her account eber again. She iz not shure what she will do now fer  meddycal treetmintz butt fer now she iz just reeleeved diz iz all beehind us!!!

Da other nice fing dat happined diz week waz Aunti Mary came fer sirprize bizit n she brott Mum flowerz fer Mum’z Day:Flowers 2Izn’t deze Carnashunz lubly?? Aunti Mary iz DA BESTEST!!! So diz bin our week here. Me n Mum haz nott bin on lappytop much n haz missed all of ya so much! We fell beehind bizitin blogz again **sighz deeplee** butt we must cut Mum sum slack cause she had alot to deel wif… 😉

Oh n me gott a giftie too!! Handmade by me Aunti Karen! It iz me Annymal Totem n iz made wif leathur n REEL buffalo hair fer mane n tail. Izn’t WABOOSE pawssum??? WABOOSE meenz ‘Keepur of da North’ in Ojibwe n Mum n me named her after Mum’z fave buffalo she nose up pat Wiartun…Waboose buffalo toy with Perry PeregrineWaboose NB's buffalo toyPhankz Aunti Karen fer beein such a pawsum Aunti n alwayz finkin of me!! So deespite all da termoil of da situashun we had we had a guud week n we gott thru it wif support n lub of all our furamilee n furendz! Okayz me iz gonna go haz a happie nappie; catch ya latur! Nylablue out…..Sweet snoozin Nb 1

Couchside Caturday wif Nylablue

Published May 3, 2014 by NylabluesMum

EEoww Krazy Katz: Iz Nylablue here…gather ’round fer me weekly couchside chat:Katchat wif NylablueFingz were interestin diz week; sum guud stuff n sum not-so-guud stuff…Iz allwayz sumfin goin on  here at Da Purrfect Pad!!  Mum’z flareup furinallee calmed ”da farm” down on Tuesday which waz a reel reeleef fer both of us…poor Mum suffered alot fer 2 hole weekz!!! Mum had her 6 month Chiro reeport on Tuesday mornin n it waz pawfull butt befur we get to it let me tell ya ME VET BIZIT waz GRREAT!!! Me weighz 9.7 poundz n me fur iz nott dandruffy at all. Me had me B12 n Pepcid injeckshunz n da oral Mirtazipine. Came home n hab bin eatin up a storm all week! Me onlee bin out once diz week fer 15 minuttz in Condo cause da North wind iz reelentless here n Da Sun tooked a bacashun n gone sumwhere warmer!

Diz iz what me finkz of da weather:PPPFFTTTT

So me cott a sniffle which iz me Feline Herpes Virus n Mum told me “NO GOIN OUT TIL DA SUN REETURNZ N IT IZ OVER 45 DEGREEZ N NO ARGUIN!!” So me purromised nott to argue which iz gonna bee hard fer me cause we ALL nose me LUBZ a guud argumint wif Mum, MOL! 🙂

Mum went out fer grocereez Monday n Fursday she went to Pet Valu fer kitteh litter n lotz n lotz of Fancey Feest….mmmmm…Fancey Feest…..oh wait me digressez. Mum ackshully RAN OUT of litter so me had onlee 1/4 inch thickness in me potty!! So me suggested to Mum she buy 2 bagz n she did! Whew me nott want to run out like dat again me hopez. Mistur Doug asked Mum why she bott a bazillion $50. dollerz of cat food n she told him bout our feralz. Poirot still comez around butt he avoidz da cammyra so no new pix. Sowwy. However Mum did get 2 pix of Greyboy who me meowz wif thru da patio door:GreyboyGreyboy 2Izn’t he hansum?? We iz furendz n me waitz fer him ebery nite. Sowwy bout da poor qualitee of pix but Mum did nott want to go neer window n scare Greyboy off. We haz quite a group don’t we??

So now to Mum. She had a turrible reeport. Diz iz what she told me Docktur said. Her C1-C2 neck verteebray are guud butt C3-C4-C5 are still strait n haz no naturelle curve in dem!! Den he told her da thoracic verteebrayz around T5-T6-T7-T8 haz da Skeletal Hyperostosis in dem n dere iz eagle talonz of bone growin on her spine! Pawfull n BERY scarey too. Den da last bit of newz iz Mum haz too much neuro-lodge-i-cal damage in her Sacro-Illiatic Jointz n da Illi-atic crestz which are da front of da Pelvick bonez n dere iz nuffin he can do to stop da Hyperostosis….Umm dude we allready new dat. Den da Docktur (me usez DAT term looselee)  told Mum she haz gained sum weight n messed up her kneez which iz wrong ’cause Mum came to him wif both kneez needin surgery  n she waz okayz weight. She cuud nott get surgery dun cause of da blood presshure isshue n me chroncik illnessez. (Da weight gain came last yeer cause she can not move around or walk cause of da bad kneez n her eatin junky food which she haz stopped.) Da Docktur den tried to get Mum to buy hiz wife’z IsaGenix’z productz which cost a fortune n den he told Mum she nott takin hiz care siriuslee. WHAT DA KAT????? Now diz IsaGenix’z meel reeplacemint drink costz $4.25 purr drink n he wantz Mum on 2 a day plus a regular meal…Purrposteruss we finkz! Mum came home shaken AND stirred n cryin…yah, dat iz sum Docktur makin a payshunt cry….diz iz nott de ferst time butt it bettur bee da last. He told Mum she iz wastin time keepin me alive n wastin time helpin me blog!! YAH he said dat to Mum!!!! He asked her why peeple help wiff me green papurrz n why dey nott help Mum get what she needz??? Mum xplained she helpz me wif bloggie n diz iz a pawbloggie community n she neber trolled fer green papurrz n any help given waz given freelee n she NOTT gonna ask anyone fer money other den Dad n he IZ payin fer da Chiropracktur!  Docktur got huffy wif Mum sayin she haz bad pryoretieez n  Mum told him diz nott hiz buzyness n she left!! Da nerve of diz so called Docktur! Mum called Dad Tuesday n dey talked about da situashun. Dad haz wundered if Mum waz gettin bettur or werse wif Chiropractick care. Mum sayz she can cancel altho dere iz sum legal cwap she wuud have to sort out….Well Dad called her back Fursday n told her to keep goin at leest once a week cause he will pay….Mum doez nott trust diz Docktur anymore cause he pushed hiz wife’z buzyness on her. Seemz he iz tryin to get money frum da poor peeple of his purractice which iz unethecal izn’t it?? So dat iz what we iz deelin wif here. Me told ya diz as Mum told it to me. Mum iz bery upset n confused n reelly nott shure what to do. Oh in da 4 yeerz she haz gone fer Chiropractick care she iz ONLEE 30 purr cent bettur overall….nott bery guud reesultz altho Mum nose it wuud take time to correct damage to her spine…butt wif her beein told dere iz ’nuffin dat can bee dun reelly n we just adjustin ya to keep fingz at bay’ n den to say nastee fingz about me n ask Mum to ask peepz fer money…well Mum sayz she beeleevez it iz time to quit…so me iz askin ya fer input.What do ya all fink?? Me agreez wif Mum beecause when me used to go to Dr Deb fer Accu-punk-ture n herbal treetmint when me gott poisoned by da herbal med dat waz rancid n Mum took me back to Dr Dave n he bin carin fer me since. She wuud nott put up wif poor care fer me n me not want her gettin poor care either n beein told she nott beein sirius….she iz da one livin wif Fibro n Arfuritis n Skeletal Hyperostosis; nott da Dr n he shuud bee showin Mum reespect. Da other fing dat upsetted us iz he neber eber asked to reed our bloggie so how can he haz an opineeon on it?? He meeted me 2 timez  when Mum had to take me cause of fire alarm testin so it iz nott like he neber seen me. Iz like he nott like 4 leggedz purrhapz??  So furendz pleeze commint n tell us what ya fink. We need sum cleer input cause we too emoshunall here at Da Pad!

Wishin eberyone a furabuluss weekend. We haz more cloudz n rain so me gonna haz sum guud snuggletime wif Mum n ‘happie nappiez’ Nylablue OUT!No Sun; no wakey wakey