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How me Mum beecame Godzilla

Published April 25, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue here. What a crummy, cruddy, icky, stoopid, chilli n sad week it haz bin at Da Purrfect Pad!! Da weather haz bin pawfull; cold n damp n eben if Sun iz out it iz too cold fer me to go out. Now me did try a few timez butt me came in wif-in 10 minuttz!! It waz DAT cold!

Me did get a Sun puddle n dat felt guud:NB sunning 1NB sunning 2NB sunning 3At leest me got sum Sun rite??? As fer Mum she iz another story. She iz a big cwappy mess! Her Fibro n Arfuritis n da Skeletal Hyperostosis have flared up so bad Mum iz one big pain in da A**  in a bad way!!! She hert herself beetin da snow bankz a few weekz ago n den she did rakin on da front lawn Eastur Sunday…den she did sum inside Spring cleenin…it all cott up wif her in da past 2 weekz she bin havin more sirius pain n less n less moe-bill-itee!!  Da Chiropracktur told  Mum to do her Yoga COBRA pose like diz:Cobra poseN Dr.Greg also told Mum to do lotz of diz:Mum in bedN me haz bin doin lotz of diz rite along wif her:CurlyQ Nylablue Butt me iz more like diz:One eyed NylablueWif a poorley Mum a kitteh must sleep wif one eye open at all timez!! Mum haz bin told she must NOTT do Earth Day clean up Caturday n she gott bery upset n cried ’cause she wanted to see da “River Kittehz”…da feralz Mum helpz wif butt she iz grounded, well n trulee! Mum bin takin Coe-deene after suppa ebery nite fer a week n after a while it makez her a bit like diz:Godzilla_s_fire_breath_rampage_3Best NOTT to cross her me can tell ya….Coe-deene takez away da pain butt it makez Mum a bit “ruff” around da edgez, MOL…

We iz tryin to bizit all da bloggiez butt we iz far far far beehind again so pleeze do not fink we ignorin ya! We lub all our reederz n we will bizit as soon as we can. Yerz frum da ‘hot’ side of Da Pad, Nylablue ‘Sweet Feet’ n  Mum ‘Hertin Unit’ ❤ ❤ ❤



Kat chat wif Nylablue

Published April 19, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Haz bin a wild n wacky week here at Da Purrfect Pad!! As ya all nose we had stoopid snow frum Monday nite til Tuesday nite…it nott amount to more den 4 inchez butt it brott da cold back which still haz not left us….Me not bin out in Condo n me iz poutin. Can ya tell??NB sunnin herself 1At leest me can get sum Sun while sittin in me chair aka Da Throne…when will da cold weather end?? Mum sayz when H*LL fureezez over, MOL….BERY funny Mum bery funny…

So me went to see Dr. Dave on Tuesday fer a treetmint n all went well until he told Mum he wanted to try me on GREEN PEA N DUCK kibble!!!! Siriuslee Dr. Dave?? Duck?? Ya into da ‘nip?? So Mum n me came home n she put sum out fer me to sample. Me sniffed it, rinkled me nose, batted it away wif me paw n saunturred off into bedroom….so dat waz da end of da duck idea!!! 😉 Wait dere iz more!! Befur we left da Vet’z, Dr. Dave also told Mum if me nott like da duck kibble he haz sum RABBIT kibble fer me to try….Mum n me said n uni-sun “WHAT DA KAT!!!” n Mum terned a peekuleer shade of green….Mum muttered “Ya smokin Crack Dave?”  “No way me kittehgurl iz eatin kibble made frum bunnehz; sum of our best furendz are bunnehz!!” Dat waz da end of dat discusshun. Needless to say after da duck inceedent Mum sent Dr. Dave an email ’bout  how me reeacted to da kibble n she reeminded him ME NOT GONNA EAT RABBIT KIBBLE EVER!!! Me haz bin nommin down  on me Fiburr Reesponse kibble wif gusto me can tell ya! Mum ordered more today:kibble n stuff 001Take notez Dr. Dave me eatz ONLEE da kibble wif da BLUE kitteh on it ’cause it iz me speshell kibble! BLUE KAT on da bag; me iz NylaBLUE! Got it?? Poor Hu’Man needz to take a bacashun, MOL 🙂

Two weekz ago when we still had mountainz of freekin  nastee snow guess what arrived in da mail?? A purresent frum me sweetpiggieboy Bacon n hiz Mum Miss June. Iz a tower of treetz:Pressie frum bacon n Miss June 003Pressie frum bacon n Miss June 004Daisiez n ladybugz on da boxez to reemind me of me dreem date wif me Bacon boy!!! Den we opened da boxez n look what waz in dem:Pressie frum bacon n Miss June 007So we put all of da treetz into a bowl:Pressie frum bacon n Miss June 008N den we snacked!! Mum let me hab sum of da beef sausage n me licked sum cheeze in da round tub! Mum nommed da chocolate n da gummy dropz. Over da past few weekz we snacked n snacked…me even licked da yoogurt pretzelz…mmmmm tastee!!! It waz so nommie guud n we wanted to say a B-I-G Phank ya to Miss June n me sweetpiggieboy Bacon fer sendin us a pawsum purresent to cheer us up cause we had such a stoopid stinkin long Winter!

Now da nommiez are just a memoree butt we shure enjoyed dem while dey were here….

We had a guud Passover n Mum went to Temple Fursday nite fer Seder (sirvice n big nommie meal combined!) Mum came home singin ‘songz of her peeple’ n bery happy. She even brott me sum brisket which iz tastee beef so tendur n juicy….mmmm. So me gott more treetz…shhhh do nott tell Dr Dave or he will give Mum a leckture ’bout givin me notty food, MOL…diz frum da Man who wantz me to eat poor duckz n bunnehz over Eastur time! 😉

Speaking of Eastur we waz gonna hab me Aunti Stacey up fer da weekend butt she neber called Mom to confirm so Mum called yesturday n Aunti sounded like ‘Death warmed up’…reelly reelly sick so we nott gettin together fer da hollyday n Mum will nott get her Pot Roast suppa…hey wait, dat meenz me nott gonna get me pot roast suppa either….**FLOUNDER** Phank KATGOD fer tuna-tuna; at leest me haz me beeloved fishie to nom!!!! So dat’z da newz frum Da Purrfect Pad! We wish eberyone a bery Happy Eastur if ya sellybrate n Happy Spring fer eberyone else. Now me iz gonna go haz a happy nappy n dreem of me sweetpiggieboy:Bacon me lubBy da way we fell beehind on bloggiez so pleeze bee payshunt while Mum triez to catch up….diz cuud take awhile!! Nylablue out!!

Silly selfie snow meltin Caturday!!

Published April 12, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue here to share da ‘Guud Newz’….no me nott gott Ree-lijun, MOL…me iz allready Jewish/Mewish….anywho, me bin out in Condo **4** timez diz week!!! It bin lubly me can tell ya n Mum iz so happy to see me alive n stable n enjoyin meself! See me selfie:Selfie NB

So diz waz da front yard on Furiday da 11th:Furiday Apr 11th






Diz iz da front yard today Caturday da 12th:Caturday Apr 12th







As ya can eemagine me iz thrilled wif da progress of meltin snow!!! Mum tooked da shovel n whacked n smacked dem snow pilez into submisshun n now dey meltin to get away frum her!! Furinally SPRING haz sprung! Mum swept da patio in cleaned da bird feeder n put out me dancin flower named WAVEBABY da Aunti Bev sent me frum Australia:Wavebaby frum Aunti BevSo fingz iz lookin up…way up! So we iz ‘katnip happy’ here n me leevez ya wif a Silly Selfie of who else?? ME:Silly selfie NBHaz a grrrrreat weekend eberyone!! Nylablue out….way out….out on DA PATIO OUT!!! 🙂

Me iz a BEELEEVER!!!

Published April 7, 2014 by NylabluesMum

EEoww Krazy Katz: Bemember me said we had a sirprize fer ya all??  Cast yer mind back to da Caturday blog n me waz moanin n whinin about da weather; it seemz to hab beecome me past time….well after me posted dat bloggie Mum waz watchin da Weather Channel inn-tentlee n went outside n sticked her finger in da air….me purrty much ignored what she waz doin n stayed in me bed…and den doze werdz me haz bin waitin 6 monthz to heer were said by Mum: “Hay Nylablue do ya wanna go out in yer Condo??” Me shot off me bed in bedroom n rockited thru da livin room rite into da Condo befur Mum cuud blink!! It waz purrty funny. Out me went n Mum put da condo on da bench n here iz da proof:Condo Caturday & Food hole 004Condo Caturday & Food hole 006Condo Caturday & Food hole 008As ya can see me iz sunnin meself frum ebery angle pawssible!! 😉 Me just cuud not beeleeve me waz REELLY out in me Condo!!Condo Caturday & Food hole 010MMMMM mmmmmm guud!! Just like Campbell Soup onlee bettur!! Once me reealized me REELLY waz outside me had sum tannin time:Condo Caturday & Food hole 012Condo Caturday & Food hole 013Condo Caturday & Food hole 014Phankz KATGOD fer lissenin to me purrayerz n to me Piggie boyfurend Bacon fer doin da “Snow-Go-Away” dance fer me!! Ya did pawsum sweetieboy!!! As ya can see me had me Pinkie piggie wif me in da Condo in honor of Bacon’z grrreat werk! So it terned out to bee a bunderfull Caturday after all. Of coarse it haz bin cloudy n chilli eber since butt me do not carez….it haz to warm up sumday soon 😉 See if ya beeleeve hard enuff n purray guud fingz CAN happin!! (Just ask Mum who haz purrayed fer me n me iz still here; how’z DAT fer proof??) Nylablue over n out….

Snow won’t go n a new boy in da ‘hood

Published April 6, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Eeeoww Krazy Katz: Iz me Nylablue here wif a weeklee update. Just when me thott fingz were settlin down snow wise, we gott MORE stoopid freekin cold wet snow; sighz……here are pix to prove it:Snow n Hercule Poirot 001Snow n Hercule Poirot 002Snow n Hercule Poirot 007See what me meenz??? Da Bushez are crushed on both sidez of our yard n da wee garden iz a deesastur!! Mum did not even take pix of it ’cause iz so BAD!!! Ivy broken n rosebushez fragile branchez broken too…we nott even see da wild violetz anymore…Mum sayz onlee da Calcite stonez sirvived da Winter of ’13-’14. 😉 Me finkz she iz rite!!!!
Me so fed up wif winter me sittin around n poutin like diz:Snow n Hercule Poirot 008Just lookin as wistfull as me can so dat Spring will come here n stay; so far it NOTT werkin well….*sighz* again….

As fer me purrsonallee, me went to see Dr. Dave last Tuesday n me had B12 n Pepcid injeckshunz n me Mirtazipine. Weight a guud 9.25 lbz which put a smile on Mum’z face 🙂 Me goez back diz Teusday fer me monthlee Depomedrol injeckshun. dat iz da Stair-roid dat keepz da Bowel Disease n Pancreatitis frum flarin up n makin me turrible sick 😉 Me will take dat shot wif Grace…..Purromise…

We haz a new bizitur to da Purrfect Pad at nite…now he is BERY skittish n Mum cuud onlee get one piccie of him so far!! He iz bery sweet n we ‘meow’ thru da door wif each other while he gobblez enjoyz his suppa. We named him (Hercule) Poirot cause hiz white mouse-stache beminded me of David Suchet who played Poirot in da UK. So we wellcome Poirot, ta-da:Snow n Hercule Poirot 014A reel cutie-pie izn’t he???? See how much he lookz like da other Poirot:Da Other Poirot

Me n Mum fink dey iz reelated sumhow, MOL!!! Anywho Mum sayz she haz to ree-count da wet food n get more kibble fer Poirot so we can feed him well…soundz like a plan to me. When me finkz how many kittehz are homeless n unlubbed it reelly chokez me up. 😦 We  helpz out whenever we can…butt fer da Grace of KATGOD it cuud hab bin me out dere in da cold n snow……okayz we leeve diz on a happy note wif a reel kewl piccie of, ya guessed it: ME!! Now yer day iz compleet, rite, rite?????Selfie NylablueNylablue out!