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Stop in smell da *flowerz* Sunday

Published March 30, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue here wif a weeklee update on…well…ME!! Okayz n Mum n our life n 2 awardz!! Ferst let me say it iz bunderfull to bee here fer another week…dere iz more Sun n it nott snow fer a few dayz now so me finkz Spring iz gonna take hold REEL soon!!! Pleeze hurry Spring; me iz itchin to get out in me Condo! 😉

Aunti Janet n Kittehz Blue made a reel kewl award n me wantz to show ya all:polarvortex award frum Kittehz Blue Mar. 2014Izn’t dat da best?? We DID sirvive da polar vortexz n we iz proud of it!! Speshelly me cause me nott shure me wuud make it as me nose many of ya were wurried too. Anywho we also got da Field of Flowerz award frum Coccolina n Miss Katie n we wantz to say a heaartee PHANKZ fer diz cause we still haz snow all over n NO flowerz yet!!!field of flowers award from Coccolina Mar.2014We lub pix of flowerz me can tell ya!! In fact me Aunti Amanda in Walez sent us diz photo of Motherin Sunday Daffydillz n we wanted to show dem off:Daffydilz frum Aunti AmandaAren’t dey gorgeeuss??? Phankz Aunti we lub dem! So Mum n me waz messin around wif da cammyra like we doez n diz iz our new ‘selfie’:Nylablue n Mum Mar 2014Speekin of gorgeeuss; izn’t me??? MOL!!! “Oh what Mum?” “Yah, yah ya iz gorgeeuss too…” (Me iz more gorgeeuss) (n humble too..) 😉

Mum gott a giftie box frum our furend Miss Tanya da other day in check out how she addressed it:Funny address 002Me  n Mum laffed n laffed at da way Miss Tanya addressed da package! Too funny as Mum’z last name iz a bazillion letterz long n eberyone nose her fer it. Phankz Miss Tanya fer beein so nice to Mum! So when we nott buzy stoppin to smell da *cyber* flowerz or openin giftiez or Mum goin out to do shoppin n errandz me iz hangin in me Condo wif me ‘peepz’:In da Hood 1In da Hood 2We iz ALL waitin fer Spring to bee sprung…anytime now wuud bee lubly Unnyverse!!! Just sayin! So dat’z what newz at Da Purrfect Pad! Wishin all of ya a guud week….time fer diz kitteh to do what me doez best:Sunnin Nylablue

Nylablue out….  ❤ ❤


Sunny EASY Sunday!!!

Published March 23, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue here! Well dere still iz NO Spring to bee seen here at Da Purrfect Pad; oh nose, dere iz snow all over da place. Butt today da Sun iz shinin thru me bedroom window so me doin sum kitteh therapee gettin me *Easy On*. Whatcha fink? Iz me doin it rite?Sunny Easy Sunday 001Sunny Easy Sunday 002Sunny Easy Sunday 003It shure FEELZ rite to me, MOL! 😉

Me went to da Vet’z Tuesday n had me Pepcid n Mirtazipine n me felt grrrreat til Furiday…me sneeked sum feral kitteh kibble (me not alloud to eat dat) so it upset me tummy n bowelz n me got sum ‘dizapprovin’ lookz frum me Mum. She waz nott impurressed wif me sneekin da kibble; so me purromised nott to bee sneeky again…wish me luck!!! Me lubz da Alley Kat kibble:Can me haz sumSee Mum da kitteh on da bag iz lickin hiz lipz!! Why can’t me?? Ternz out da beef fat used to make diz kibble upsetz me insidez! What a *bummer*, MOL…me crackz me up!!!! Anywho me iz beein guud (fer now) n Mum watchin me like a Turkey Vulture (well it’z TRUE MUM!!) so me iz gonna just get more Easy On n she bee happy. So me leevez ya wif diz piccie. Diz iz what Sunday iz ALL about:Sunny Easy Sunday 004Wishin eberyone a guud week…let’z all try NOTT to bee notty! Nylablue OUT 🙂

Spring iz here? HAHAHA!! Bery funny Mum!!

Published March 20, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Wellcome Spring!! While sum of ya iz sellybratin n breakin out da snowdropz, crowcusez n tulipz we iz breakin out da snow shovellz again!!! Siriuslee?? Diz iz Spring?? Not frum where me iz sittin! Instead of ya lissenin to me MEOW n complane ’bout diz pawfull weather, here iz a seriez of pix Mum took to show ya all ME ANGST…don’tcha just lub me new werd?? Mum tott me.
Enjoy da photoz n pleeze DO NOT freekin  laff so loud okayz???

Happy Spring 003Happy Spring 001

Happy Spring 011Happy Spring 012







Happy Spring 013

Yow me waz meowin wif Cassie eben she iz confused by da weather n da snow on her seedz!! Me asked Mum, “Ya shure it iz Spring today Mum?” n she reeplied “Yeah Nylablue today iz Spring Eequinox…” Me looked at her like diz:Happy Spring 007

“Mum yer Lidocaine injeckshunz went strait to yer brain!! It IZ NOT Spring out dere!!! **FLOUNDER** Me iz goin back to bed!!!Happy Spring 005Diz iz me doin “Dizapprovin Kitteh” nott unlike ‘Dizapprovin Bunnehz’ 😉 Wake me when it’z REELLY Spring! Nylablue out!!


Caturday Catch-up aka Da Eye-dez Of March

Published March 15, 2014 by NylabluesMum

azy Katz: Bet ya wunder where we bin?? Me too, MOL! Siriuslee, me haz had a buzy week here at da Purrfect Pad n nott bin on ‘puter much. Dere iz so much to show n tell ya….so pull up a matt n get sum snackz ’cause we gonna bee here fer a bit!!!

We neber showed ya da badge we gott frum Sammy fer da Moon Trip which me waz werkin frum Ground Control wif Mum n Speedy n Miss Rachel:sammymoonbadgeOkayz me nott GO to da Moon butt me waz dere in spirit at Misshun Control so dat haz to count rite, rite??? MOL!!!

Aunti Pearl sent diz cartoon to Mum on Facebook last week n we had a guud laff so we share diz wif y’all:A meowtainMOL diz iz BERY funny Mum n Aunti Pearl!!!

So ya all iz wunderin how me bin doin?? Well me haz had sum upz n downz butt me iz okayz fer da most part! Me herted me left hind pawpaw on Monday nite…Mum nott see diz til AFTER da Tuesday Vet bizit n she waz on da Vet like a fly buzzin on a cowpatty!! He waz tryin to figure out if sumfin REELLY bad waz happinin or me just hert meself playin!  Ternz out me just hert me paw while playin….it gott me LOTZ of sympiffy tho frum Mum. She waz carryin me frum place to place n bringin me food to where eber me waz loungin…talkz about room service! 😉 Me almost wanted to keep limpin just fer da attenshun butt me lubz Mum too much to play a trick on her! So as of yesturday me pawpaw iz all rite 🙂

Da Vet bizit went well; all me vitalz are purrfect n me tummy n bowelz waz quiet az a sleepin kitt so dat made eberyone so happy! Me had me Depomedrol stairey-ode shot n B12 n den Mirtazipine n me iz eatin guud n playin toyz n chasin dovez thru da patio door.

So we got me fixed up guud n den old deelapidated cwapped out sweet Mum went into a turrible flare-up of her Fibro n Arfuritis n Hyperostosis n she looked like limp lettuce on da futon. No pix alloud; just trust me, she looked pawfull 😦   She went out yesturday to getz more oceanfish fer little old me n sum suppliez n she came limpin back home hunched over n teerz on da cheekz! So me had to get her meddycashun n into bed fer a rest wif me. An hour latur me let her make suppa n eatz n take Coe-deene n den she had to stay on couch watchin TV wif me n no ‘puter or phone! She beehaved BERY well n iz much bettur today!! Whew Hu’manz are a PAWFULL!!!!!!!!! 😉 

Da other day Mum waz cleenin out da pantree n she threw a box on da floor so me had to see if me cuud ‘fitz n shipz’:Darling Nylablue 011Apparentlee not!! Okayz it iz a thinnish box izn’t it?? MOL…

Me haz bin nappin n Mum sneeked up on me to get diz piccie:Darling Nylablue 004Still lookin purrty guud fer an old kitteh gurl izn’t me?!?! Furinally me leevez ya wif diz piccie of me frum Tuesday when me hided frum Mum befur goin to da Vet’z:Who me 002At ferst she cuud not find me….n den she did….n den da cammyra came out….such iz me life n me iz so happy me iz here wif Mum n all of ya too!! Wishin ya all a guud “Eye-dez of March”…if anyone askz ya if ya iz Julius Ceezar say “NOOOOOO!!!” Nylablue out!!!


A Kitteh gurl in Cambodia; me date wif Bacon

Published March 10, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Has me got a story to share wif y’all today!!! Guess what?? Guess?? Give up?? Me went out on da D-A-T-E wif me piggie boy Bacon (of Pig Love fame here)!!! He asked me out or me asked him out?!?! Okayz, we asked each other out, MOL….

Me waz not hundred puur cent so Bacon said he wuud arrange eberyfing n he iz a Piggie of hiz werd me can tell ya!!! Ternz out Speedy da Cheeky House Bunneh waz in on da plannin too! 😉

Mum told me Caturday mornin me needed to get ready fer a biziter so me came down frum up top of  da cupberd:Nylablue hanging out 007Me got me fur brushed n waited payshuntlee:Silly girl Nylablue 002

Den diz reelly fancy l-o-n-g Limo pulled up in front of me place:Speedy limo driverLook it iz Speedy drivin da Limo!!! Well me ran rite out to da car n  jumped inside n look at diz:Bacon and Nylablue in limoPawsum huh?? Dere waz Bacon lookin so fine n dere waz plushy seetz to lounge on n tastee snackz of tuna-tuna n shrimpyballz…mmmmm n fancy cheeze dat melted in me mouth n crackerz fer Bacon too!! We eben had sum champy-pain!!! We meowed about many fingz n befur we new it we were in Cambodia…a place close to me heart…me a Kitteh in Cambodia!!! Me got so teery eyed n Bacon snuggled me n told me diz waz all fer me cause me iz da “Queen of hiz Heart”. Mousiez me waz speechless me can tell ya!!! Look at diz place:Speedy,Bacon & Nylablue at TemplePhank KATGOD Mum sent me wif a offerin of me fur n a braid of her hair n sum cedar n tobacco n a few stonez to leeve at da Temple:Nylablue's special things 008When we got to walk da groundz of da Temple me went into da Temple n said sum purrayerz n left da pouch on da altar fer KATGOD!Speedy,Bacon & Nylablue in the templeDa ‘boyz’ were bery reespeckfull of me n let me do me purrayerz alone….ya see ebery Sacred Birman shuud go to da Temple once in dere life n purray n give da Phankz…so me haz dun me pillgramag n dat also made me  BERY happy!

Bacon took me to da lake n we basked in da Sun fer an hour nott talkin just beein together n quiet n enjoyin da warmth of da Sun n da beeutee of da land around us….Speedy went off n had a nappie me finkz! After all diz chaffurin n tellyportin a Bunneh getz worn out 😉

Bacon brott us a picknick suppa n it waz sum YUMMY me can tell ya!!!Bacon and Nylablue picnic

Dere waz baked carrotz fer Speedy n tuna-tuna fer me n cheeze…mmmm dat cheeze…..n Chickin…da best Chickin me eber had!!! We had a wee rest n den we gott to go into da field!! Nott just any old field! Diz waz a field of me dreemz:Bacon and Nylablue chasing ButterfliesBeeuteefull daisiez n butterflyz of all colorz!!! Oh it waz pawsum n lubly to run n chase da butterflyz n feel da green grass ‘tween me toesiez….dere iz no werdz reelly…we chased dem butterflyz fer a bery long time den we played tag n dat waz fun n den sum hide n seek…when we were tired out Bacon n me found a lubly patch of grass n snuggled (what happenz in da daisy field stayz in da daisy field if ya nose what me meenz??)

Once da day started to tern into nite Speedy brott us back n me went home (Kiss n tell? Not diz kitteh gurl)! After our Goodbyez Speedy whisked Bacon back to his home way down South….

Mum found me in me bed n she asked a kabillion few questsshunz butt me just look at her like diz:Nylablue's special things 003Mum knew me nott goin tell her anyfing n me iz now doin diz:Nylablue's special things 004Dreemin of me ‘dreem date’ wif me sweet Bacon boy…me will neber eber ferget diz time wif ya Bacon!! Ya made an old kitteh gurl feel like a young gurl kitt again n me will treshure me memoreez fereber!!!

In honor of our date me wantz to deddycate a song to ya Bacon. It iz one of me faveritez. Iz called “Flippin to da A Side” by Cats Can Fly band….me sendz diz song to ya wif LUB n kissez frum yer Nylablue:

Yer support n lub n care fer me haz takin me off dat “B” side n now me iz an “A”side gurl fer da rest of me dayz!!!

Phankz Speedy Bunneh fer beein da chaffur/tellyport teckie n fer makin da dreem of goin to a speshell Temple come true fer diz old kitteh gurl…ya n Bacon iz so clever combinin da 2 ideaz!!

Me apaulogizez humblee...

Sendin paw kissez n ~~head rubz~~ to ya Bacon…..Lub yer kittygurl Nylablue xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rumerz of me death grrreatlee xaggerated!!

Published March 6, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Eeoww Krazy Katz: Nylablue Sweet Feet here!! So dere iz rumerz in me buildin me iz dead n gone…well Mum went to coffee hour diz mornin n peeple were dumm dummfounded to find out me iz still alive!   MOL ….now me finkz diz kinda funny….a sirtain Mum: *mine* waz not so amused!!! Me finkz Mum losted her sense of humer wif all dat we went thru’….poor sad sack traumeetized
Mum!!! So me told Mum to take a few pix of me….to show da werld me iz still here n da woman goez bat sh*t crazy wif da cammyra!!  🙂

Me helped Mum yesturday wif flippin da foo-ton mattress:helping Mum 007helping Mum 008helping Mum 009Diz what me call ‘couch surfin’….Mum got da mattress on da floor butt she cuud not flip it over so she had to call Mistur Chris n he came to save da day n TA-DA:helping Mum 012Phankz Mistur Chris! So once we got da cover back on Mum had to go out n get da parcel frum Miss Susan M. (RWB) n me had to check it out:Silly girl Nylablue 004Silly girl Nylablue 005

Diz iz what waz inside:Diz a comic book 001Iz a comic book!! Can ya beeleeve it?? We neber seen anyfing so kewl befur me can tell ya. Me got da box:Silly girl Nylablue 007So diz waz a win-win sit-u-a-shun fer us!! We take guud care of da book Miss Susan til we send it back to ya…. After all diz eggcitemint me deecided to go up on da cupberd n hamm it up fer Mum:Silly girl Nylablue 008Silly girl Nylablue 009Notice me lazer eyez!! Me waz tryin to look furoshuss!! MOL…When dat nott werk me tried beein cute n BINGO:Silly girl Nylablue 010Notice me tail curled around da cupberd post?? Izn’t me are-tistick?? So diz all provez da rumerz of me death are grrrrrreatly xaggerated n me iz stickin around fer a while longer!! Peace out Krazy Katz peace out~~Lub Nylablue =^,,^= 

Shuud me stay or shuud me go??

Published March 1, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Da Nylablue here!! Well diz haz bin sum kind a week hazn’t it?? As Sammy n most of ya waz goin to da Moon, me waz havin a very bad time. Now ya nose me n Mum n Speedy Bunneh were at Misshun Control fer Sammy n Miss Pam:

Da Three Ameegoz

Da Three Ameegoz

As da trip purrgressed me waz gettin sicker n sicker…in fact me came home from Vet on Tuesday n me STOPPED EATIN n DRINKIN…me wuud hide under da bed or go on to of da cupberd n lay on me peellow. Eberytime Mum came neer me, me wuud go hide. Well after 3 dayz n nitez of diz Mum emailed Docktur Dave n said it waz time to send me to Summerland! So onlee Sammy n Miss Pam n Speedy n Miss Rachel knew cause we wanted to finish our Ground control misshun; me had purromised Sammy….So Speedy n Mum took over n covered fer me as me just laid in me bed feelin like leevin….

Yesterday Mum spoke to Dr. Dave again n dey deecided to send me to Summerland today at 1 pm (EST)….Den Mum emailed many of ya n all our other non bloggie furendz. She did da post on Facebook but said we do not interfere wif Sammy’s trip….ya all were so kind n held Mum together. Aunti Linda a big MEOW OUT to ya n Mistur Terry too 😉 So as day Furiday terned into nite time Mum noticed me waz up n walkin around….me had a bit of food n back to kitchen cupberd peellow. Mum watched “Heartbeat” n just as it finished me came racin down frum da cupberd n me started to eat…mmmmm… tasted so guud!! Tuna-tuna! Oceanfish! Chickin! Den me jumped up n snuggled Mum; den me had water n went to da potty n all sistemz ‘go’!! Me den got Mum to play toyz wif me n sing to me n brush me n she called me Aunti Judith n dey tried to figure out what just happined…Mum went frum cryin mizery teerz to happy teerz n she kept kissin me n we stayed up late…

We shuud go to bed Mum!

We shuud go to bed Mum!

Me n Mum meowed bout fingz n me can tell ya me not shure how much longer me WILL be here wif all of ya butt me did not want to go to Summerland! So we went to bed n me got Mum at 6 a.m. fer me brekkie n ate both of dem! When Mum got up again me waz waitin fer me snack…Mum cuud not stop kissin me; it got a bit damp me can tell ya 😉 Mum put out da tuna-tuna:time fer tuna-tuna As ya can see me waz bery happy to see tuna-tuna again 🙂

Mum called Docktur Dave @ 9 a.m. n dey meowed n dey not nose how diz iz happenin ’cause me waz purrty much ‘checked out’ da last 4 dayz. Dr. Dave said he cuud not send me to Summerland if me iz eatin n doin all fingz ‘Nylablue’ n Mum agreed. Den poor Mum had to email eberyone n tell dem…she feelz  like a *Drama Queen*  n BERY stoopid embarrassed dat she gave a false alarm. In her deefence, me waz feelin so ruff me waz not shure if me shuud stay or me shuud go….ya nose dat song rite??? Ya can lissen to it here if ya like:

Mum sayz diz song iz me to a TEE diz whole week n me haz to admit me waz not shure what wuud happen. Me got no garanteez to give any of ya either. Me cuud bee here fer a day or a week or a month…me not nose. Dr. Dave sayz me iz fed up wif da weeklee bizitz so he haz to fink of other wayz to get meddycashun into me….Maybee he will do home bizitz?? Den me not be as upset…Me apaulogizez fer upsettin all of ya n makin all of ya haz leeky eyez n sleepless nitez n feel so sad..

Me apaulogizez humblee...

Me apaulogizez humblee…

Diz afternoon me bin hangin out wif TwinkleStar me Pony:

Yah iz waz a close call TS!

Yah iz waz a close call TS!

Den me went fer sum Sun in me bed n Ojo n me meowed sum:

Ojo tellin me off...

Ojo tellin me off…

Me apaulogizin to Ojo

Me apaulogizin to Ojo

Cassie n Dorie came to bizit me n me had to meow to dem too:

Ya me iz a birdie brain...*sigh*

Ya me iz a birdie brain…*sigh*

It iz not easy beein sick n fightin to stay n it shure is LUBLY dat eberyone eben da Dovez want me heer wif dem too!! Okayz so me haz apaulogized to all of ya! Pleeze do not bee hard on Mum as she n Docktur Dave were shure me waz headin fer Summerland. Whateber happeninz bemember me LUBZ all of ya wif all me furry heart n me not want to cause any sadz….

Me leevez ya wif diz photo of Mum n me; it iz BUNDERFULL to bee alive today:

Ahh me Mum'z touch...

Ahh me Mum’z touch…

Nylablue over but NOT OUT; not yet………..