Easy Sunny Sunday

Published February 23, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Nylablue's tribulation 002Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue here wif Mum to do a update bloggie n spread a bit of Sunshine around da bloggie werld today! Ferst me say me slowlee on da mend. Mum meowed wif Docktur Dave via email today n fingz are starting to werk propurr inside me.
Me n Mum wantz to give a “MEOW OUT” to all of ya who haz emailed here n purrivate emailz n purrred n purrayed fer me to reecover! Mum n Dr. Dave fink da support iz just as impawtent as da meddycashun n me haz to agree! Phank ya ALL fer standin by me n Mum thru da dark timez n neber leevin us on our own….ya all meen da WERLD to us!!!

Seckond me gotz a lubly award today!! It iz called da Sunshine Award n it iz frum Musingz By Marty Manx who iz a new furend of mine (n bery handsum *ahem* )……sunshine-award-sunflower frum Musings By MartyPhankz so much Marty Manx fer britenin me day!!! Me iz apposta give diz award to 10 bloggiez dat inspire me so here goez:

Speedy, da Cheeky House Bunny n Miss Rachel; Brian’z Home n Dad Terry; Savannah’z Paw Trackz n Miss Linda; Bacon n June frum Pig Love; Fozzie Mum , Aunti Bev; Mag’z Corner (me nose ya iz award free but we givez ya a shout out fer da support anyway); Bailey Boat Kat me Brofur; Da Kat On Me Head wif Miss Janet n da Kittehz Blue; On Da Road Wif Animal Courierz wif Miss Annie; Sammy, One Spoiled Kat n Miss Pam n  Da Misadventurez of Misaki wif Miss Dawn n furinallee Da Island Kittehz (who MUMM FERGOT TO ADD to diz list; me apaulogizes fer da oversite Wally, Ernie n Zoe!!!)  Me menshun Hu’manz as well as 4 leggedz beecause ya are so pawsum n support me n Mum so much we iz deeplee humbled!

Thirdlee me apposta tell ya 10 interestin fingz bout me. Well ya all nose so much….what can me share?? Me doez not like bathz butt me likez when Dr. Dave givez me a spa bath; me watchez NASCAR n Bollywood moviez; me iz ackshully well behaved at da Vet’z fer me; me lubz turkey now cause me used to hate it befur; me askz fer catnip by goin to nipnap mat n starin at it n Mum getz da message. Now me tell ya 5 fingz about me Mum: She werkz wif feral kittehz n wif Animal Shelter to get kittehz furever homez; she iz so deevoted to me she will tell peeple off if dey say bad fingz about me; she iz a poet butt to shy to post dem here; she wantz to do 4 man bobsled; she iz in lub wif Bennydict Cumberbatch (SHERLOCK)…Okayz so iz me…..MOL 😉

On to da forth fing to share: PIX of me in da Sunpuddlez diz mornin:Nylablue's tribulation 004Nylablue's tribulation 005Nylablue's tribulation 006

MMM dat Sun felt pawsum on me fer dat whole 30 minutz….now it iz snowin again…butt me enjoyed da Sun while it waz out. Do ya like me wistfull look in da last piccie?? Me iz finkin bout me new boyfurend Bacon of Pig Love. He n me bin gettin to nose each other n we planned to go on a date….den me got sick again! *FLOUNDER* So me iz hopin me can get bettur so Bacon n me can plan dat speshell dat wif da butterfliez…..Me LUBZ ya Bacon! Okayz me off to haz another nap so me n Mum wishez eberyone an Easy Sunny Sunday…Nylablue out 🙂

67 comments on “Easy Sunny Sunday

  • Hi sweet Nylablue. Sorry we haven’t been around for awhile. We were sad to hear that you were not feeling well and we hope that you are feeling better now. Aren’t sun puddles wonderful? It’s so nice to find a nice sun puddle to lay in after all the cold and gloomy weather. Mom says that spring is right around the corner. We can’t find that corner soon enough!! Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

    • Yow Miss Judy n C>A>T>S: Me understandz ya bin buzy wif fingz…it iz lubly to haz ya drop by tonite.
      Me iz still on da mend n it will take a few more weekz to get me stable….butt me iz feelin a bit more like meself n less like a used dishrag 😉
      Da Sun puddle waz pawsum n me had another one diz mornin!
      Now it iz blizzerdin out…which iz fine by me! Snow by nite; sun by day; me can handle DAT!!!!!
      Me iz lookin ’round EBERY corner in diz palce n me nott see Spring 😉
      Guess we must keep lookin….
      Lub Nylablue =^,,^=

  • Thank you dear girl for nominating me for the Sunshine Award….you always look so pretty when you’re in the sunshine and I’m just happy for right now you’re feeling good. Stay that way OK? We need you in mission control!!

    Hugs, Sam

    • Yer so wellcome Sammy!! Ya n yer Mum are a B-I-G inspurrashun to me n Mum here!!!
      Phankz fer da compleemint too…me alwayz feelz so guud in da sunshine too 😉
      Me iz doin akayz butt not eatin enuff so me go get sum treetmint tomorrow so me can bee at Misshun Control Fursday!!!
      **paw patz** Nylablue xx

  • nyla…conga ratz on yur awardz N cash prizes N way happee ta heer ya had a toona toona fest N yur startin ta feel better 🙂 MOR, az all wayz, blessings oh St Francis two ewe…we will see if we canna get him ta mewve de sun yur way a bit mor !!! happee mackerull monday XXXXXXXX keep stayin strong…a wee bit atta time will haz ewe N bacon ona date in noe time ~~~~~

    • Yow Tabbiez O Trout Towne it iz lubly to see ya heer!! Phankz fer da conkatz n guud werdz n talkin to Saint Furrancis fer me!!
      We haz snow..mor n more snow…*sighz* Any help ya can give iz grrrreatfully reeceived!
      Hmmm mackerel…Mum tried sum on me diz mornin….me mite just send it to ya…me likez oceanfish bettur….
      Yow me haz to do Ground Control wif Mum n Speedy n Miss Rachel diz Fursday til CAturday fer da Space misshun if me iz well enuff….
      Den me fink bout da dat wif BACON n da ‘butterflyez’……(soundz like a musick band, MOL..)
      Lub to all of ya n Miss Laura frum me Nylalbue n Mum here too xoxoxoxoxo

  • Awww Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen,Thank you both for the award its just Lovely,and Congratulation to you as well,Its so good to hear you are feeling much better rest up sweetie,you look amazing in you sunpuddle,love to you both and hugs and Snuggles and most of all big kisses from Speedy and Rachel

    • Yow Speedy me wanted to share da Sunshine wif me bestest bunneh furend n Hu’Mum!!!
      Me iz stable butt me needz Mirtazipine; me appytite iz not guud today 😦
      Me iz restin in me pedestal bed n rest iz impawtent..
      Much lub frum Nylablue =^,,^=

  • aaww you found heat waves to sleep in. Relax my Nyla and get better soon. We will both chase butterflies and have a wonderful date! Congrats and thanks for the award my special love! XOXO – Bacon

    • Yow Bacon me iz restin in me pedestal bed. Appytite tanked this mornin…so me haz to go see dr. Dave tomorrow fer reguler treetmint…*sighz*…me eben let Mum haz me tuna-tuna!
      Me n Mum are apposta bee Ground Control fer Sammy’z Moon trip Fursday thru Caturday…..pawz crossed me can do dat…
      Den we seez about our DATE….
      Lub Nylablue =^,,^=
      Pee ess: ya deeserved da award Bacon…ya iz me inspurrashun ❤

    • EEoww Brofur Bailey ya iz an inspirashun to me n Mum here n so me wanted to share da Sunshine wif ya!!!
      Me iz feelin bettur in sum wayz butt nott eatin much today…back to Vet’z tomorrow 😉
      Bisous Nylablue xxxx

  • Congratulations on your award sweet Nylablue. Thank you for thinking of us and giving us a shout out. Keep enjoying those sun puddles sweet girl and feeling good, okay? Hugs and nose kisses

  • Yes those Sun Puddles are so nice! We had a few this weekend but it is cold again today. Brrr. So glad we have a nice forever home.
    Looks like you are feeling better so we will keep those purrs coming. My brofur Rumpy Bump had a bit of messy bottom today and Dad saw it had mucus. Not what he wanted to see. He will go to the v-e-t this Friday to see whats up with his bottom. Now me and Rumpy kind of feud a bit but I want him better.
    Buddy, Timmy, Dad and Furmaly

    • Eeowww Buudy n Timmy n da Kit n kaboodle: Sun puddlez are so warm n lubly!! Now we haz had stoopid freekin snow since yesturday afternoon 😦
      me n Mum iz beeyind fed up wif winter….it can go away…far far away….
      Oh nose about Rumpy…pleeze bee carefull cause meowcuss in a kitteh comin out iz not nice at all…
      Iz hiz earz warm?? Nose runnin or hiz eyez?? Me nose yer Dad will keep an *EYE* on him guud.
      Me understandz ya mite haz a feudy or two butt we want our housematez to bee happy together rite???
      We gonna sned purrz n white lite of heelin over to yer Rumpy…GET WELL SOON sweet kittehboy!
      Purrz n purrayerz frum me Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxoxo

  • What a lovely award my sweets 🙂 I see that the ourpawpad kids got this from Marty too (hubba hubba he’s quite the cutie) so I am thrilled I can also have this lovely award 🙂 so good to see you in the brief but lovely sunpuddle Nylablue…you keep going girl you and mum are doing a great job 🙂 Loves Aunti Bev xxxx

    • Yow Aunti Bev: Yow da 4 leggedz got diz award?? Guud fer dem…me wanted ya to haz it fer yer own bloggie ’cause ya inspire Mum n me to keep on bloggin n shrin our message of hope…
      Izn’t Marty sum kidn fo hubba-hubba??? Him n Austin Towerz…so handsum 😉
      Me did enjoy da 30 minutz of Sunshine n maybee it will reeturn soon…me so hopez so!!!
      We will keep soldierin on Aunti…
      LUB Nylablue xxxxx

      • Good girl Nylablue 🙂 and thankyou..i like to think our bloggie makes people happy or gives them something interesting to think about 🙂 and yes hubba hubba 🙂 Luvs Aunti Bev xxx

        • Yer wellcome Aunti Bev!! ya werkz hard fer da 4 leggedz in yer house n da Rooz’ so ya spreadz sunshine all over da place 🙂
          We DO get peeple finkin n we do make peeople happy n smile…WE ROCKZ!!!
          Marty=hubba hubba 😉
          Lub Nylablue xxxxx

    • EEowww Nacho n Noah; Buddy n Basil: Iz so lubly to see ya here!!! ME IZ Little Miss Sunshine?? Nah me iz just a humble kitteh gurl tryin to stay here wif all of ya in da bloggie werld….butt me lubz da thott of beein a Sunshine Gurl 😉
      Me haz not bin to yer bloggie butt Mum n me will bizit soon…
      ~~head rubz~~ Nylablue xxxx

  • ConCats on your award Miss Nylablue! You bring lots of sunshine to everyone you know 🙂 It was lovely to learn even more things about you and your mom! My Mum read to me that you said I was handsome in your last comment *blushes*! I think you are gorgeous and sweet natured too :)) I think your mom is the best to speak up for you too!!! Keep on keeping on, baby xoxoxox

    • Yow Austin me callz dem as me seez dem n ya iz ine hansum mankat dere iz no doubt…me Mum agreez wif me dat ya iz speshell 😉
      Phankz fer da compleemint…now me iz blushin! Me triez to carry a message of hope fer 4 leggedz n Hu’Manz dat we can bee grrrreat companeeonz eben wif chronick illness….dat iz me purrpose….beesidez lubbin me Mum n beein wif me bloggie furendz too….
      Mum iz me #1 Advokat n she will make herself herd no matter what da cost 😉
      Me gonna keep on ‘keepin on’ fer shure Austin.
      Lub Nylablue =^,,^=

  • Good afternoon, beautiful. Thank you for the lovely, sunshiny Sunshine Award. We can’t believe you’re getting snow again. Glad you at least had some sun. We’ve had two nice days with lots of time on the catio. We may get some kind of frozen precipitation on Wednesday, and some of that 20 inches of snow we got on the13th is still on the ground. Mom says that you and Mum Sherri-Ellen are amazingly hearty in mind and spirit to live where you have so much snow and cold. When we have days in a row of grey and dreary weather, Mom gets so grumpy, we don’t even want to be around her. We are giddy with happiness that you continue to improve and your interior parts are settling down again. You, however, never leave our thoughts, purrs and prayers (nor does Mum S-E) and you never will our dearest, sweet sisfur. Hope your week goes well. It is almost time to go to the Moon. Yippee! Love, purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo and extra special kisses, snuggles and love from your Aunti Janet

    • Yow me Sisfurz n Brofur Mauricio me iz so happy ya came by fer a bizit n to get yer Award!!! Ya makez me life sunshiney wif yer LUB!!!
      Mum waz raised in such harsh weather n she can deel wif it purrty guud; me iz da grouchy one tryin to go onto da patio….butt when da chilly wind blowz in on me dat iz too much n me stompz off stiff legged back to me bed!!! 😉
      Me finkz da meddycashunn iz werkin cause nuffin ‘bommbastick’ outta me tushie diz weekend. Not alot of appytite tho’. Me will need Mirtazipine fer shure on Tuesday when me haz reecheck….
      Me iz hopin to bee well enuff to katman Ground Control wif Mum n Speedy n Miss Rachel…..
      Did ya get yer pix sent to Miss Pam furinallee??
      Much lub to all of ya Kittehz Blue n Aunti Janet frum me Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too xoxoxoxoxoxo

    • 😉 Me felt GUUD in dat Sun….mmmm hope Mistur Sun comez back tomorrow stead ofstoopid mizerable snow!!!!
      Phankz on da Conkatz!!
      Say me wuud like ya to haz it also….pleexe ask yer Mum to get it frum da Wall…me gonna go add yer name to da list okayz??
      Me told Mum we missed sumbody….she did not lissen 😦 Notty Mum…
      Lub Nylablue =^,,^=

  • The pics of you spreadin’ sunshine and luuuuuuurve are the best.
    Do you know? You even look happy and relaxed…which is just about the best thing about today!!
    So happy you are feeling sunshiney again.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

    • Yow Miss Jane nn REEL MSM: Me iz sprinklin Lub n sunshine like rose petallz all over da place 😉
      me doez feel reelaxed….bettur den beein all crunched up feelin pawfull me can tell ya.
      Pawz crossed me iz on da rite road…
      Much lub to all frum me Nylablue n Mum too xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Hey girl furriend! First concats on receiving that pawsome Sunshine Award…this is a different photo than the one I received last year so I will be sure to share it tomorrow!! Thank you for thinkin’ of me sweet feet…and you know something…Mom Linda and I have decided that you and I share a very similar shape face and head…maybe we are really sisfurs after all! paw hugs, Savvy

    • 😉 Savvy me haz alwayz beelieved we are Sisfurz!!! We are so alike n so beeuteefull n so full of cattitude 🙂
      Me bemembered da other Sunshiney award frum last year (me got it too) so me wanted to share diz new one wif ya n Aunti Linda….
      We lub ya so much (as much as tuna-tuna so DAT IZ ALOT!!)
      Nylablue =^,,^= N Sherriellen Mum too 🙂

    • 2 pawz up Aunti Rebby!! me iz feelin much more like meself….not eatin alot cause de meddycashun iz werkin butt me can get sum Mirtazipine on Tuesday when me seez Dr. Dave.
      Let NS haz ALL da snow!!! WE iz so dun wif Winter here butt it iz so so cold out still…oh n it snowed this afternoon…like we need more MOL….
      Much Lub to ya n McDuff frum us here ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Eeeoww Aunti Toby: Me did enjoy it fer 30 minutz n den it started to snow!!! *FLOUNDER*…
      So ya iz hazin Sunshowerz?? Dat iz a grate song by Journey 😉
      N rain iz bettur den snow…
      Lub Nylablue =^,,^=

  • Congrats on your fab award NB, and thanks so much for sharing it with me:-)
    I haven’t been by Bacon’s for a couple of days and looks like I’ve missed some news! Will pop by soon to catch up

    • Yow me pleeshure to share wif ya Misaki me sweet poochie furend!!! Yah dere iz sum newz frum Bacon…me let ya go reedz hiz bloggiez….
      Pop by anytime…Da Purrfect pad iz ALWAYZ open fer biziturz!!
      Lub Nylablue =^,,^=

  • Beautiful award. So glad you found a sunpuddle. Those are wonderful. Love seeing your pictures. Especially love the one of your beautiful face. Hope you and your mom can have a relaxing week. Love to you both.
    Sue B
    Charlie, Cashew, Garfield. Tubby

    • Yow Miss Sue Phankz fer da compleemintz!! Me iz feelin a bit more like meself n not a *bag o fur*!!
      Pawz crossed fer a reelaxin week..me doez have to see Dr. Dave on tuesday butt dat iz okayz….
      Lub to ya n Charlie n Cashew; Garfield n Tubby too frum Nylablue xxxxx

  • Miss Nylablue, thank you do much for the update! Thanks also for the lovely photos of you in the sun puddles — the camera adores you. Love to you and Mum, and to Dr. Dave.

    • Yow Miss Susan: Nice to see ya here today! Da Sun waz here fer 30 hole minitz butt me enjoyed it while me cuud! 😉
      Phankz fer da compleemint…me lubz da cammyra when da flash not goez off..
      Lub Nylalbue =^,,^=

  • hello nylablue its dennis the vizsla dog hay oh no not the bowel dizeez agin!!! that is wot we went thru with tucker and it wuz no fun for ennywun!!! i am glad yoo ar feeling better now we wil send yoo lots of tail wags for yore kontinyood rekuveree!!! ok bye

    • EEoww Dennis so lubly to sse ya here!! Yah dat stoopid freekin smelly pawfull Bowel Disease sneeked up on me n Mum again!!! Me waz ok at Vet on Tuesday n den AFTER me came home it started up?? Me n Mum were like “WHAT DA KAT IZ GOIN ON HERE???” So me went back on Fursday n gott treeted wif 2 Antibiotickz….
      Yer poor deer Tucker…diz illness iz turrible izn’t it??? *sighz* n dere iz no happy endin….
      Butt we stay pawsitive wif guud furendz like ya tail waggin fer me!!
      ~~head rubz~~ to ya sweet poochie boy frum Nylablue xxx

  • You deserve that award our Sweet Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen!! Glad that Dr. Dave was positive today. You looked very content in your sunpuddle. The last picture showed off your beautiful blue eyes. Nap well and let your Easy do it’s healing best. Purrs, prayers and luvs.

  • Congrats on the very nice award sweet Nylablue and I’m so happy to see you enjoying the sunshine. Thanks for sharing with us too! You always brighten our day sweetie.

    • Yow Brian n Mistur Terry: ya britten me dayz too ya nose!! Ya iz pawsum to me n mum n we not furget dat! 😉 We wanted to share da Sun wif ya today too!
      Much lub to all of ya dere frum us here, Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Nylabluewoowoooo I sing fur youwoowoooooo: you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray, I wills wuvwuvwuv you, furever my kitty, keep shining your sunshine over my way! Woooowooooooooo!
    From Mama: Hi Nylablue and Mum too, we got your wonderful card today. I showed it to Ku and he took it and chewed it some (he had never taken any interest in paper ever!) and now is cuddling with it! He knows it’s from his love Nylablue! 🙂 I’ll email a couple pics to you.

    • A Roooo wooooo oooooooo me sweet n blue Ku….me shinez fer ya Ku…me hopez ya iz havin a guud weekend n sum Sun dere. me iz on da mend butt still bery week. Beein so sick iz bery hard….butt me lubz ya Ku…yer Nylablue xxxxx
      Over to ya Mum:
      Hi Julianne: S-E. here. I am glad & relieved the card arrived today intact 😉 I actually rubbed the card & envelope all over Nylablue so her scent would be on it, lol….I would LOVE to see the photos for sure!!! Kuruk & Nylablue forever eh??
      Hope things are well there. Much love, Sherri-Ellen xoxo

    • 😉 Dey shure are Archie n Oscar n Henry n Miss Michelle!!! Just get comfy cozy n den Mr. Sun iz gone
      😦 HHRRMMMPPHHH!! We hopez da rain haz stopped where ya are n all iz well dere too.
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too xoxoxoxo

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